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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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which ironically that trilateral agreement is working to curb so the real question is whether or not these tariffs truly will happen whether this is an empty threat or realistic it's the same question we asked ourselves a few months ago when trump had threatened to close the entire southern border in response to the migrant crisis he never did that rather he claimed without providing evidence that mexico had stepped up in its immigration enforcement against central americans and it is telling that in this renewed threat of tariffs on mexico there is nothing in the ultimatum that says to mexico what it needs to accomplish to avoid these tariffs so it opens the door again for the trump administration to claim a victory while in essence still avoiding the tariffs if it so chooses and in the process scoring political points with the base. well republican has the reaction from mexico city. the initial reaction here in mexico from officials to those
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remarks those threats from president trump to punish mexico with more terribly increasing tariffs has been a measured response we initially heard from mexico's deputy foreign minister for north america who had said that such a measure from the united states would be disastrous for the country we heard from the mexican president shortly after publish a letter via twitter to president from saying that he does not want confrontation but going as far as saying quote the america 1st policy is a quote fallacy again president mexico not wanting confrontation taking a more diplomatic approach saying that he wants dialogue with the united states but also not falling into what could possibly be a trap of the united states saying that mexico has not done its part in stemming the flow of immigration we should note that it was only in april that president trump had also made similar baled threats toward mexico saying that the united
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states would close that southern border with mexico of course that didn't happen but it could be one of the reasons that we're seeing such in measured approach from mexican officials who may not want to take these threats necessarily too seriously but it is worth seen how this plays out whether or not the united states and the trumpet ministration is serious about this later about this latest threat for a potential trade war with mexico. still ahead here on al-jazeera the governments of faces one of his biggest challenges to date so you're going to demonstrators are so angry. one father continues to search for justice 10 years after his son was killed in sri lanka's civil war.
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going to the web sponsored by cateye las. the sudden caspian sea has warmed up enough to hint it's a rotation of clad a sort of area of low pressure spot bring a few showers to turkmenistan past iran for example that's not going to be particularly and i don't think the temperatures are in the high twenty's in the low thirty's to the west so some warmth is setting in some a warm summer hot really baghdad's 43 clearly it's not as hot on the coast by reflects that it's 30 degrees but in a leper we're in the highs thirty's you'll notice there is significant change of the next day or so it's still damp enough in places in the air at least to produce a shower for example in the east of turkey maybe further north than that but come sayas you don't see it until the monsoon winds start to blow in now they are doing that already in somalia and that brings a shower to the the horn of africa and eventually that cloud become a bit more persistently i'm on the coast maybe a hint of that on saturday this gray inland might hit
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a thunderstorm more likely on the western side of saudi arabia but look at the temperatures there meccas at 40 to doha as of $45.00 that's going to be a dry heat $45.00 and he would isn't bearable but the mecca are not so sure that cloud around it could be very unpleasant couple of days. the weather sponsored by qatar airways i really want to get down to the reality where on line you have an e-mail that is with global federation and it is really hard to get that or if you join at sunset. their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in history join the conversation on al-jazeera.
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there we are here we go let's update the top stories for you so far this half hour gulf nations are called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other countries internal affairs after a series of emergency summit held in saudi arabia as prime minister has become the most senior country official to visit the kingdom since the start of a blockade 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says the protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation is what action will be taken against so-called elements demonstrators one ruling generals to hand power to a civilian administration one of a story the mexican president is calling for a dialogue with washington after president from financial times all goods from the
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country to push the government to take action on illegal immigration the us president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced as. police obtain the captain of a tour boat involved in a fatal collision on the danube river in budapest at least 7 people died 21 others are missing after a sightseeing vessel carrying south korean tourist was hit by a bigger boat and sank within 7 seconds. india's prime minister narendra modi has been sworn in for a 2nd term after his governing b.g.p. scored a landslide election victory this month people across india are hoping he can deliver rapid economic change as the country struggles with high unemployment. as the story . of a popular and controversial. narendra modi sworn in for his 2nd term as india's prime minister a tight security and thousands of supporters in the presidential mansion he began
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another 5 year term. that is going to dumb down those more doing. this stakes are high for modi his policies have led to mixed economic results inflation is low but unemployment is at its highest level in nearly 50 years jobs are scarse frustration is growing among young people india's farmers are also struggling with high debt and low returns. in the next 5 years the government needs to look after their own cloyd so they don't have to migrate to the city to find jobs now new opportunities arise from events outside of india the trade war between china and the u.s. could leave the door open for indian businesses to profit the united states many companies want to replace their supply chains. india has an opportunity. to be become the best nation. noticed popularity is undeniable but its policies have
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been divisive critics say the prime minister promotes a hindu nationalist agenda. hate crimes against religious minorities increased during his 1st term some opponents are skeptical of modi's party and fearful of how the b j p may use his landslide win the next 5 years the major fear is that they will change the budget in 2 years. for now foreign policy may be at the top of modi's agenda his inauguration guest list could be an indication. to exclude of gotta stand pakistan and china but it right has invited all the people of the big building goal area so i think foreign policy is going to be very key to the movies next door which also will have implications for the domestic side particularly on kashmir a critical time for india with workers hoping for a form so will improve conditions for generations and with narendra modi looking to
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cement his legacy during his 2nd term consul opus of the young al-jazeera. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for the 2nd time this month against plans spending cuts in education local media says demonstrations were held in more than 80 cities the government wants to partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months critics say it's an assault on education. was at one protest in sao paulo. the government of president job also not all says that the cuts to the education budget are essential if brazil is going to be able to afford what he says is major reform of the pension system coming up while the country is heading for economic difficulties the economy has contracted but many people here say that the cuts will disproportionately affect the working class people at the bottom end of political society and that we. all make life very very difficult for them it's only this imagine such an over the years many people like
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myself coming from the lower middle class have gone to university i'm now a professor in a public university who have the opportunity to study but instead of pushing to improve the education system to have more equal growth in brazil the government sees education as a threat to monitor something suitable i think would say i will never be able to pay for private education i want to be a lawyer and go to one of the best public universities in brasil but i'm 100 that might not happen. although the protests are only likely to get bigger more than a 1000000 people marched across brazil in the middle of may when the cuts were announced many more marching across the country today president himself is unlikely to be swayed by he's accused professors working in the public education system of indoctrinating students with left wing ideas and urged them to report that their teachers to the offshore it is a but many have said this is
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a battle for the heart and soul of the brazilian society or the protests are likely to go on with an increasing polarization of those who support president poso not all and many of those who oppose him. in the garage the government has released 50 more prisoners to st during protests over the past year however a ban against public demonstration remains in place for the opposition the only form of protest is under the watch of religious leaders alexia bryan as the story. police and armed paramilitary forces have spread out across much of the nicaraguan capital to enforce a nationwide ban against public protests or demonstrations that could be considered critical of the country's president daniel ortega a lot i feel pain sadness and outrage because after one year we still don't have justice. i it's mother's day. and protesters have gathered at the catholic church downtown demanding justice for
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the hundreds of men and women who've been killed by pro-government forces since the start of the political crisis more than a year ago this time last year hundreds of thousands of nicaraguan citizens were marching on the streets calling for the government to be held accountable for the deaths of demonstrators. at least 15 people were killed and 200 others injured when pro-government forces opened fire on protesters and what's remembered as the mother's day massacre. i sat there over the past year the government stepped up repression of political dissidents and journalists. processed on the streets of the capital have become quite rare still there are those who continue to speak out and i mean i think you know my own the regime is taking control of the streets we live in a police state where we cannot even lift the national flag or have any sort of public demonstration they want to silence the opposition. and
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a show of good faith for the mother's day holiday the nicaraguan police released 50 political prisoners they will take a government is also committed to releasing all political prisoners by june 18th elixir brian al jazeera several people are reported to have been killed in a series a bomb blast in northern iraq more than a dozen others are said to been injured in the explosions in the city of kirkuk has no immediate claim of responsibility. race hate crimes against children are on the rise in the u.k. according to research by a prominent british children's charity a report found children as young as 10 are trying to change their appearance to avoid being subjected to racial abuse new barker from london. here. this is in one of their chats i somehow punched you know there are things experienced in childhood to that can scoff a life 16 year old christo chris cough was beaten in
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a racially motivated attack and verbal abuse for being an immigrant of both gary and descent the incident was filmed and shared on social media by the attackers all of them children. punched about. 12 times but. maybe because i was. in some way the assaults left christo questioning his right to be british he's even considered changing his name. an investigation by the u.k.'s national society for the prevention of cruelty to children the n.-s. p.c.c. has found that similar racially motivated crimes against children have escalated to a 3 year high that's an average of $29.00 incidents a day some have to experience any kind of racial abuse and. they can feel isolated can feel a sense that they just don't have
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a sense of identity struggle to cope that much feel like they're not wanted at school not want to the families and communities that. investigation has found that some children suffer racist abuse even before they're old enough to understand the hatred was being hurled at them we're talking about toddlers we're talking about babies some children have been so profoundly affected by racist slurs or even using makeup to disguise their appearance. racist insults were sprayed on the front door of a family home in manchester this year the 10 year old boy living here was traumatised the incident shared on twitter led to public outcry when the culprit was caught by police he said bricks it was playing on his mind. britain's departure from the e.u. has turbo charged the public debate over immigration. a spate of attacks
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2 years ago in london a man just have a crude prejudice towards ethnic minorities muslims difference. the p.c.c. hopes the findings will draw attention to a culture of casual racism that starts with adults who filters down to children these are racially charged times british tolerance is being put to the test. london . it's been 10 years since the end of the devastating civil war in sri lanka around 100000 civilians and fighters from both sides were killed among them a group of 5 tamil students who were allegedly executed on a beach the case known as the train crew finds remains one of the highest profile cases of the war and is still being heard in the courts in sri lanka a father of one of the victims is about going to find justice. her.
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father of late son can go for. one of her. i like to call this my son son's murder 2006 general the 2nd really very quiet son is the court of table tennis association is going to be a doctor but everything is parted down the boys as healthy help me help us help us like that then suddenly they're open fire after that i heard in my own message that there were 2 boys safely and the other 5. lost their life. is. when there are certain visit to the hospital they
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were. more to. open the door. worries my son's body in sri lanka can't get the proper justice. i want a hybrid quote the international criminal court in it that i'm never dressed this along and some of the goddess i am about as with any repeat think brady from sri lanka i wanted justice only. i only did mr justice with my son skids. otherwise. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are the headlines gulf nations have called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other countries internal affairs as after
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a series of emergency summits held in saudi arabia. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security because 3 prime minister attended the summit in saudi arabia after an invitation from king solomon it was the 1st high level meeting between the 2 governments since the start of a saudi led blockade on carter 2 years ago sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in khartoum is posing a threat to the nation has warned action will be taken against so-called elements demonstrators want ruling generals to hand power to civilian mexico's president calling for dialogue with washington today after donald trump announced he will tax all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on illegal immigration the us president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june the 10th the
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police in hungary have arrested the captain of a tour boat involved in a fatal collision on the danube at least 7 people are dead and 21 others are missing after the vessel carrying south korean tourist was hit by a bigger boat and sank within seconds. several people are reported to being killed and more than a dozen injured in a series of bomb blasts in the north of iraq 2 shopping malls were targeted in the attacks in the city of kirkuk. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil of rallied for a 2nd time this month against planned cuts to the education budget the government wants a partial spending freeze in public universities over the coming months. india's prime minister narendra modi has been sworn in for a 2nd after his governing party the b.g.p. scored a landslide election victory earlier this month more than 50 ministers and deputies also took office at a ceremony watched by 8000 people including south asian leaders and bollywood film
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stars up next it's the stream i will see you straight after that. as politicians and washington fights over the border war we talked to the people at the center of the story many of them just said oh no it's very dangerous because since many guns are there and it's not it's a very safe place migrants smugglers and people who live along the border. are all just 0. welcome to the stream drains africa we look at botswana to once again allow the hunting of elephants somewhere discuss what the detention of 2 prominent bloke assess about freedom of expression. i think and i'm really going to send your thoughts on those stories via twitter and you tube but 1st a symbolic way where millions of people are living with the daily disruption of power cuts the country's state run utility recently imposed hours long blackouts
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after a drought left a hydroelectric plant short of water when nearby dam the cuts have had a major impact on zimbabwe is already struggling to meet the rising cost of petrol and diesel. i mean what is important is you can use our guide and i don't know i keep a fuel jerry can here because anytime the power goes i have to close the shop and go to the patch will station to buy diesel for the generator so that i can keep the business running diesel is also expensive and not readily available which is another challenge i only powered up the generator at night so that the fridge is a cold enough to stall me that's the situation in this country. joining us to discuss. a freelance journalist and by the way and marshall gore is the chairman of the u.k. branch of zimbabwe's ruling party is that he joins us from london welcome both so let's get started with our community because they have a lot to say about this i want to start with this tweet this is from someone who
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says putting it very clearly here and magine living in a situation where half to 3 fourths of your salary goes towards transportation that is our reality now and so for a little deeper taste on that reality we got a video comment from a student who's a master student and he talks about what life is like for him now have a listen. to these are competing for the. talent to teach which is a fusion of his need to continue. with. this is. the course of transport business. this is easy to transport is most probably. forcing people to. the government is so to me.
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let's go straight to the chairman without walking 20 to 30 kilometers no electricity marshall what would you say to these 2 gentlemen who shared their experiences. well 1st of all want to say the park. to get a bow and unfortunate to circumstances beyond everyone's control we have recently had a drought and on top of that again we have. but i think the president and the government is taking this very serious this is led to some changes within the seat of the energy minister we have now a new energy minister going to fortune just it was now looking at all of these matters in detail to see how best government can tackle the situation and make and make no money to retain without any further delays it's unfortunate that we are going through the situation we have gone but what i want the message i carry to the citizens is that we are going through massive reform of our economy and in the
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middle of this we have done fortunate drought in the cycle so i just want to say to the citizens we need to also be patient and bear with our government as they try frantically to resolve these challenges they are unfortunate regrettable but they will be resolved. tendai tell us about the reality down on the ground nationally as in the u.k. right now officer he's very involved in. ruling. government in zimbabwe but in terms of what people are experiencing we're seeing one traumatic picture of video something with no power but it's not. yes it is a situation that we're seeing across the country even in been central parts of the city you know you would find that there are blackouts even during the day you know for a couple of hours it affects the restaurants that have faith offices where people do work also face health centers as well you know i think the situation in the
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country is quite critical and you know the problem is that you know the government is trying to reform the economic situation it's something that people are asking a lot of questions about because they're not being the turnaround that they were promised when the country how the elections last year in july. so there is a sentiment here from prosper and twitter who says that the citizens are justified for their frustrations at this economic malaise but the government is also right in implementing economic policies with short term pain but long term gain what is right it's not always popular and what is popular is not always right so marshall what is the long term game here. i think the long term gain is that the economy is on the mend we've just had what i would call it with transition subluxation program being implemented. huge changes within our economy you know and we have already started to see some games with fiscal consolidation that is up and we've already started to see the government deficit being reduced with website to see government
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operating with more economic responsibility there's more accountability in terms of fiscal accountability we now have new law. which is obviously helped in some way to stop the lies domestic trade but by and large we need more production we need more foreign currency while he ate all these short it is that we have it's not it's not it's not an event but it's it's what is required and we have to work towards that everyone has to work towards that we need productivity we need a new instead approach in how we look at things we need to be more responsible with the few resources that we have we have to focus more on infrastructure development projects so that we can raise the dead the economy so yes it's a period of pain but i envisage this being a short term the longer term. as a period of paying for it as described the last year how did that sort of how do
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you see that of the chronicle tangle reporting we obviously have right now but what else has the pain like happened describe. what we've seen is. there also shortages of certain basic commodity is the price of bread has fluctuated but. even though the government has promised that it would try and keep the prices of certain goods down but you know we actually haven't seen that on the ground if you will shortages that we can experience saying it's been an ongoing . things since last year despite the fact that the price of fuel has gone up the need to still be and they are still shortages and also the country still facing the same problems with the. physical flow of cash you know just simply being able to find cash in the banks people are still lining up pensioners still
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laying on the 13th and 14th will be remind you see long queues outside the banks of people waiting to get their money so this is the persistent situation and you know the question is when does the pain end and community here on you tube gives us a little perspective on that question of where is the pain and he writes in live this situation has been building up for over 2 decades the president needs to act and act decisively but we know that the results won't be overnight so that's one person who has limited patience another person maybe not so much just on twitter saying as we face where power cuts our rulers are losing their power to lie and intimidate us they can't provide basic things like power water or transportation as we like candles in the dark so is their power like a candle fighting against the strong winds of change tendai do you see this turning into mass anger from the people that you're talking to. and fortunately there is a lot of resentment and there is
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a lot of anger and frustration so even though people are told by the government to be patient and to try and hold on and to wait i think the worse that things get and you know the less that people see in their pockets you know people start to get very impatient and the danger of that impatience is that it becomes you know. a dangerous kind of anger you know which could lead to other things but fortunately for now we are not you know people are just content and you know they are still willing to hold on and you know hope for the best for you know for their families but you know it's a tough situation. marshall final word in these last few seconds how would you respond to that. when the final with the start we have to work together as a country we have to come together and call for solutions to the economic problems that we have we went through a challenging situation but my view is that this is not going to last it will soon be over the inflation will go down probably by the end of the year the economy will
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stabilize yes we have come out of i.c.t. you will just have to brace and continue taking medication but i think very soon maybe soon it will turn out on we turn around the corner we need to be patient as a country we need to work together problems we have been there for the last 90 surely the government has been only in power for less than 8 months so it would have been haitians would have. been sure all these things to go on with more in 8 months thank you so much for that i hear your point patience as he thank you to marshall and to tendai for their thoughts on zimbabwe. now we move to plus one where elephant hunting has resumed for the 1st time in 5 years after the government decided to end the ban on the practice the government of president to muck with the mistakes he says at the go hunting will safeguard rural communities that often face herds of elephants but conservationists say allowing hunting or herd afeard to provide a refuge for the animals but swan is home to at least 130000 african elephants but the species remains vulnerable according to the world wildlife fund for more on
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this we are joined from nairobi by portico who she is c.e.o. of wildlife direct that's a conservation organization erich for a night is a wildlife veterinarian he joins us from botswana's capital governor good to have you here both i have to show our audience this this is a media invitation have a look here my laptop the date is the 22nd of may 2019 and a surprising announcement later invitation a press conference listing off the hunting suspension in botswana want to get so many compliments around the world for actually implementing a hunting bad eric what happened. well just part of the challenge that we hear the world complement. about this is. what we didn't take in consideration the fact that the screen was on the wall kokomo communities and then it was basically done in
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a way without consultation. and it lived up to communities taking away the only power they had because it was part of the bigger policy of civilization of walt resources to promote the photographic safari industry and incidentally puts one necessary to even call work for elephants which uses the blocking strategy but in the end this is the communities were left out we had influx of ellison's in here is where they usually didn't. and we ended up with a situation that we have created to save enough $160000.00 elephants in areas where they share with farmers where there is no photographic tourism income and he is no such a saint ability to and we received we got to this stage we more than 90 percent of people consulted during the social dialogue reported to decides on the way that to look the hunting suspension or not we're actually in favor of lifting the hunting suspension but not only that is they were actually in favor of killing. well here
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is one such person who is in favor of lifting that suspension this is to make a who just tweeted and as someone living in botswana elephants have become a threat to human life this year alone more than 50 people have been killed by elephants there is a crisis of overpopulation and elephants and this is due to good management that my country is well known for and while we can't verify that number that he gives us apollo what do you make of the concerns of residents who say we need this ban to be lifted. personally i think it's heartbreaking that people of the swan i think that this is a good idea i come from a country which also has challenges of elephants and human others and conflicts but it's never been something that the communities have turned around and said well let's shoot elephants let's let rich people come to our country and shoot these elephants in order to save them stop doesn't really make much sense at all in fact what quanah like kenya has an enormous amount of income from tourism i mean kenya
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the tourism money is what is used to support those communities so i find it hard to believe that if the hunting previously only generated a tiny proportion less than one percent of the money back to those communities then i don't see why there's going to be any difference in opening up hunting now and the tourism dollars that are coming into the country why aren't they helping those very same communities of true elephants are a major attraction of visitors to boats one us i don't think counting is going to stop the movement of elephants moving south this is happening for ecological reasons it's not happening because there's no one seems so i think about china needs to get very creative there are very many other options to deal with elephants especially when they're moving into areas where there are people we use fences there are clever and innovative ways of keeping elephants out to people's farms. i mean we don't have to kill these animals i think that hunting is a very. very barbaric practice and we've seen this all over the world people are
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reacting and we're trying to can't pretend that there isn't a global heartbreak at this decision erica had well yet the problem is the the funding that we're talking about the growing in the photographic industry didn't reach these communities well until ban was well one thing to why not the communities actually i don't know want to us are the previous administration but appointees that we have in our you know we are going to we we have a huge area with i mean is there is no tourism income we all lease co-existing i was because we have a number of organizations that are doing it in the job in trying to promote coexistence between wildlife and elephants and and the problem is when we simply fighting against numbers that is where it come in it's very easy to say they are a number of other issues but we have tried to i mean as we have tried a number of these and i think it's very important to realize that the elephants are
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not the obvious is the hunting is not supposed to be a population control but the elephants are the 2 like photographic safari in the city as sustainability tools to conservation to restore the state of the communities in a system that that they were taken out of it's all over the will we have seen now is that the movement to involve communities is very important and the same time is where you are asked the question is why not as i can say is that why is it that 90 percent of more than 90 percent of the people of ports one and decided against it i mean it is again stunting so so i think the important thing is we had 2 singers in place you. but i think that one of the challenges we face is that you have opens which are moving into areas where there are communities there is a certain number of people who are being injured some problems that have been raided by elephant but are unlikely to be the elephants that will be hunted so what
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we're going to see is rich people coming to the twana and the people who are going to make the money the big dollars are not going to be made by those communities that's a fact. oh look i'm going to going to be killed are. intelligent thinking caring animals that live in families like human beings nobody would dream of opening up hunting of chimpanzees gorillas whales or dolphins other scented animals that are very much like humans it's just unthinkable that this is something more than a modern day paula and erica hill i want to just for a moment because i want to bring in our viewers and others online because this is a hot topic online so this is a tweet from go for this is circulating online he pulls out a quote from someone who talks about this issue in another article he says we simply cannot allow another mass extinction on our watch what's what i was a haven any sustained that way and his comment on that is those people refer to as the we are welcome to come and take pictures of an elephant killing their child or
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relative and still promote elephants over population so that's one side of the argument and then the other side we got a comment on video this is audrey and she talks about what conservationists think about this. what's wanted to distance infants hunching and has seen shock when struck to conservation world we're losing 35000 to coaching. elections are going to find a sea change beings that have lashed long bonds and the. hunting is not only morally questionable but. in the face of international issue it's to protect these giants and undermines consumer. illegal trade in our hearts. so you hear that take right there unfortunate that's all the time we have for now but i know this is a hot topic that we will continue to follow this issue or thanks to eric and paula for being part of this conversation. finally we move to mauritania way to block us have been detained for more than 2 months after writing facebook posts electing
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corruption among government officials including the country's president under him and with that they and shake only did though are being held on charges of malicious accusation amnesty international and human rights watch are calling for their immediate and unconditional release them and facebook post cover property scam that defrauded thousands of mauritanians and allege that president mohammed these a stood to benefit from it press freedom watchdog reporters without borders sent this video comment their detention clearly bears a political signature it also sends a very chilling message among the jungles in the community just a few weeks ahead of the presidential election and for a report is weasel borders it also highlights defects press freedom is significantly decreasing in mar a tiny country as those to 46 places in orissa spread freedom index things
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2016 it's one of the biggest faults organisation has reduced to in recent years joining us from cincinnati to discuss this insight to wayne he is a human rights activist and blogger for about mauritania website citing thank you for joining us i'm just looking at the campaign the release campaign the amnesty international is waging right now the 2 bloggers but the headline mauritania bloggers languish in detention 2 months after their arrest for condemning corruption how dangerous is it to do what they did to actually talk about corruption to block did they know that they might be incarcerated after doing that . thank you for having me it is indeed a dangerous. operation that these 2 journalists engage in the government of mauritania as we all know has has no qualms about committing criminality to protect itself to tighten its grip on on the power and these 2 have been in the
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opposite opposition in the past they've been this gate of journalism and this these arrests signaled that the merton in government is avoided by the upcoming elections which are high stakes just imagine exposing here by the corruption and criminality in the highest spirits of government being exposed right before the elections that could have an impact on what's going on what's coming up soon there's a there we got this tweet from seen it and he says i'm against their detention and i asked the president to release them on the eve holiday that's coming up i think though they should not made public by sharing fake news with we don't want our country to be a chaotic country where you can publish whatever you want we want responsible freedom what did they do and why are there people online who say its fake news quote unquote. this issue goes out to
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a core of one of the fundamental to much democracy that the more than and the more it in doesn't have which is freedom of expression these 2 individuals were investigating corruption. allegedly from the general busies the president himself and they should not be just arrested. it is in this manner without due process. i see what's wrong and some who still with us. yes yes i'm sorry i had a yep it's please continue i'm just wondering about who is paying attention to these because the tension. inside more time al people aware of it. saying that this is not a good for him or it's hang up and is anyone paying attention yes in mauritania the public opinion in spain attention but as with many other issues there is
1:44 pm
a difference if there is difficulty in exposing this in the end on the international scene so in mauritania right now in there it on facebook and all of the platforms people are sharing in trying to get the story out but it's it's they're reaching many news outlets. yours is an exception so say do we got a comment from nasr with that the pretty prolific online in the west and he's the brother of the man here's what he told the stream. free speech is under threat in mauritania because of my brother is the best proof that states of affairs all of them are to government claims that the country has one look why this space is for expression in the arab world in fact. that is not the case ultimately my brother sitting in jail in a blatant case of violation of rights as he worked tirelessly on exposing in the
1:45 pm
public interest one of the country's biggest financial scandals in history. and. the reality is that the mauritanian government for all of the ready talk about free speech does not tolerate it because. ultimately free speech has become costly to the regimes image so in a sentence what do you want the world to know. this case is not isolated these kids fits in the patter which is that the mauritanian government engages in violating freedom of expression freedom of assembly just just recently. a few months ago a group of wheels and all friends from their ethnic cleansing 30 years ago were trying to leave here
1:46 pm
a journey of 4 geneva. 4 to witness this case the way they were thanking for shedding light on an important story monotonic already appreciate you joining us in the strain of all of our guests today. thanks so much for being here next i. just say. every war leaves a devastating impact on. earth rise explore some of the efforts to recover those lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant comes to conflict on al-jazeera.
1:47 pm
i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations has little so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us bankruptcy us the ability to identify people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. i don't believe in the world where everything is designed in california made china the cutting edge is in the hands of the corporations the only way to be some diversity is to be able to control the technology but my simone benz he has built a chip that anyone can use to build anything. he needs to cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology. part of the rebel geek series on out to 0. the latest news as it breaks local communities here
1:48 pm
importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night with no people who flocked to see this struggling to make translates and just want a better life from around the world has been offered to those who again state government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crime. arab leaders meeting in saudi arabia to discuss regional security as tensions between iran the u.s. and its gulf allies escalate. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up as
1:49 pm
prime minister is the 1st high level meeting with leaders of saudi arabia and other nations since they began a blockade of the gulf states 2 years ago. she dons military rulers say a protest camp outside the defense ministry in khartoum has become a threat to the country. mexico calls for dialogue after president trump announced his new tariffs on its goods over immigration. there are signs of division between arab leaders over how to deal with iran after emergency summit in saudi arabia the final communique has condemned tehran accusing it of threatening regional and global security however iraq is against the statement warning that aggressive rhetoric could make the situation worse carter's prime minister was among those at the summit in the 1st high level meeting between
1:50 pm
the 2 leaders with nations which imposed a blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago. in a rare moment between qatar and saudi arabia with. qatar's prime minister said how the lebanon. greeted by saudi king solomon binocular in mecca the kingdom is hosting emergency meetings of the gulf cooperation council they organize a show of the islamic conference and the arab league to counter what they say is iran's growing influence but the saudis who are eager to show they have wider backing face a daunting task and of the blockade imposed on sr 1017 the thai prime minister is seen here shaking hands with the king of bahrain another blockade in country and then the kuwaiti emea steps in trying to bring the saudi king and qatar to prime minister to engage in further talks that might ease tension
1:51 pm
and bring harmony to a d.c. in disarray king said man made it clear in his opening speech that he sees iran as the biggest threat to stability in the region. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and developed ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but for the saudis to build a coalition against iran they need to and the impasse created by the to see a crisis the diplomatic spat started with saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with qatar imposed a land sea and blockade the blockade in water accused qatar of supporting extremism accusations strongly dismissed but the target government kuwait is mediating in the conflict and the u.s.
1:52 pm
is concerned the feud might undermine its efforts to isolate iran and defeat icily in the middle east the strategy is flawed from the g.c.c. states flawed because in one sense. they don't want to talk to iran iran has asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to your own and sort out all the issues that we have of iran on the other hand they are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they are actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization the g.c.c. there are conflicts within between the g.c.c. member states the blockade against qatar so you can't have one group standing against your own if you want to push back in one sense and this and this group is this united and this is this fragment that. king solomon also met with leaders of
1:53 pm
the arab world some showed up while others sent is that representations the libyan government base in tripoli accuses saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of backing his rival the warlord ali for hafter lebanon and iraq reject a tougher stance against iran favoring is that an overture to words to iran the arab league also stressed the need to protect the rights of the palestinians an angry palestinian leader denounce the middle east deal the trump administration is working on and these rallies palestinian conflict. we call for an end to days rail yoku patient palestine and the stablish ment of a palestinian independent state on the borders of 1987 with east jerusalem as its capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine international law with what is called the heel of the century to
1:54 pm
abolish the principle of a 2 state solution at the end of the meetings the g.c.c. and the arab league expressed support for saudi arabia against what they described as iran's destabilizing activities in the region a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia but also a period to more tense in the region. while staring staying with the story let's take a listen to what the iraqi president had to say. if i may have a love. for what i tell you in the midst of this tense time and rapidly changing developments in a regional and international environment full of tension x. threats we are watching before our eyes to escalate and of a regional and international crisis which can turn anti-war they're willing gulf us all to if the crisis is not managed well then we will be faced with the danger of a regional and international confrontation which will bring tragedy to our country is it thomas pickering is a former u.s. undersecretary of state for political affairs he says council's presence at the
1:55 pm
gathering is a promising sign the invitation from king solomon to the prime minister of qatar has opened the door i think more than just a little bit his presence there and the handshake i think is a sign that for saudi arabia at least at this moment unity in the gulf cooperation council and that unity spreading over into the meeting on the arab league will be very important in both during their sense that they must face iran with a united effort the u.s. would like to see the united front the merge but it may be a hard and very serious and perhaps longer term struggle to bring it back i think there is no question at all that it would like to be back but not in invidious terms not in terms of the numerous requirements that had been levied on it in the past that required almost that it capitulate on every in every area and so we'll
1:56 pm
see whether in fact arab diplomacy can bring that about at the moment the g.c.c. is not just you do this you know i did with respect to call her both kuwait and oman have perhaps some serious reservations about how much this facing down if iran will move in how much it will move into the potential for conflict. sudan's transitional military council has declared a protest camp in the capital khartoum as a danger to the country for testers have been staging a sit in outside the ministry of defense for weeks they want the ruling generals to hand over power to a civilian administration the military has told state t.v. that legal action will be taken against what are called quotes unruly elements at the protest site council's also ordered the offices of the al-jazeera media network in khartoum to be shut down without giving any reason out of syria has denounced the closure of its bureau in khartoum saying the network sees this as an attack on
1:57 pm
media freedom professional journalism and the basic tenants of the right for people to know and to understand the reality of what's happening in sudan the network deplores the decision and assures its audiences in sudan and globally that it will continue its coverage of sudan despite this political interference by the sudanese authorities old and young as director of africana studies and assistant professor at drexel university he says the military is feeling threatened. and you seem to turn signals that perhaps the military believes that they can take a very harsh in the face of step against the alliance for freedom and change and i think in some ways they were afraid of the power that we saw recently with the general strike i think they're feeling a very threatened at the moment and i think both the protesters will be allowed to freedom and change or are betting on divisions within the military itself and the military is hoping for divisions within the lines and freedom changes so for
1:58 pm
instance we've seen i'm sorry coma the earlier today talking about this force that is a protest movement and so i think each side is trying to figure out how strong the other side really yes i think in the next few days we'll see especially a bronze comes back from saudi arabia where there are no military and they are a staff are willing to take a willing to commit to violently dispersing the camp but if they do that i think there's a real danger that we'll move into a period of civil disobedience and i think we're very we're in a very dangerous situation spiraling out of control for instance if the military acts we're not really sure if the whole military will support it and there's a real danger of the possibility of a counter coup several people are reported to have been killed in a series of bomb blasts in northern iraq more than a dozen others were reportedly injured in the explosions in the city of kirkuk 2 malls were targeted in the attacks there's been no claim of responsibility the
1:59 pm
mexican president is calling for dialogue with washington after the u.s. president on the trump announced he will tax all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on illegal immigration the u.s. president posted this video on twitter purporting to show 1000 migrants trying to cross the border mr trump says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced as of june the 10th mexico has called the move disastrous and has vowed to respond vigorously hi joe castro has the details now from washington. the threat and terror of mexican goods would jump to 25 percent by october if according to the trump administration mexico has not complied with this demand to deport more central american migrants now that would have a catastrophic effect on the economy on both sides of the border mexico exported $346000000000.00 of goods to the united states last year half of that was accounted by auto parts and machinery which are both vital to the manufacturing sector of
2:00 pm
u.s. workers which trump has said he wants to support it start only that on this day when the white house sent to the congress a plan to ratify the renewed nafta agreement now called the us mexico canada agreement which took years of negotiations to work out that it appears the white house also unilaterally on the single day may be tearing up that work with these right and tariffs which ironically that trilateral agreement is working to curb so the real question is whether or not these tariffs truly will happen whether this is an empty threat or realistic it's the same question we asked ourselves a few months ago when trump had threatened to close the entire southern border in response to the migrant crisis he never did that rather he claimed without providing evidence that mexico had stepped up in its immigration.


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