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auto parts and machinery which are both vital to the manufacturing sector of u.s. workers which trump has said he wants to support it's startling that on this day when the white house sent to the congress a plan to ratify the new nafta agreement now called the us mexico canada agreement which took years of negotiations to work out that it appears the white house also unilaterally on the single day may be tearing up that work with these threatened tariffs which ironically that trilateral agreement is working to curb so the real question is whether or not these tariffs truly will happen whether this is an empty threat or realistic it's the same question we asked ourselves a few months ago when trump had threatened to close the entire southern border in response to the migrant crisis he never did that rather he claimed without providing evidence that mexico had stepped up in its immigration enforcement
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against central americans and it is telling that in this renewed threat of tariffs on mexico there is nothing in the ultimatum that says to mexico what it needs to accomplish to avoid these tariffs so it opens the door again for the trump administration to claim a victory while in essence still avoiding the tariffs if it so chooses and in the process scoring political points with the base eric phones with his vice president of the council of the americas he says the trumpet ministration is wrong target mexico. it's only bad news for supply chains and for their culture and sector and for the business community generally which depends on certainty between the united states and mexico and indeed that's been one of the primary rationales for trying to replace nafta with the u.s. m.c.a. is to put in place for the long term a certain business environment if that can now be scrambled through unilateral tariffs that's going to cause
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a lot of people to reevaluate perhaps some of their investments in where they put their money and look at the u.s. stock market futures are already falling quite dramatically the peso that's fallen in mexico this is having some negative economic impacts already the net migration from mexico to the united states is about 0 the migration issues with the united states right now are coming from central america but the tariffs are targeted against mexico so you almost have to ask the question is the united states shooting at the right target now the obvious response is well if we punish mexico and unquote maybe they'll take greater steps to prevent central americans from using their territory to transit into the united states and stop these migrant caravan stomping migrants before they can get to the united states but you know you really have to wonder if this is the right tool to be employing to try to get to that result still to come here on al-jazeera we'll have the latest on the investigation into the sinking of
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a budapest tourist boat in which $27.00 people died plus sputtering economy is posting it's of these once booming color industry. hallow the sudden caspian sea has warmed up enough to hint it's a rotation of clad a sort of area of low pressure spot bring a few showers to turkmenistan past iran for example that's not going to be particularly since i don't think the temperatures are in the high twenty's in the thirty's to the west so some warmth is setting in some a warm summer hot really baghdad's 43 clearly it's not as hot on the coast by reflects that it's 30 degrees but in a leper we're in the high cities you'll notice there's significant change of the next day or so it's still damp a lot in places in the air at least to produce a shower for example in the east of turkey maybe further north than that but come
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sayas you don't see it until the monsoon winds start to blow in now they are doing that already in somalia and that brings a shower to the to the horn of africa and eventually that cloud become a bit more persistently i'm on the coast maybe a hint of that on saturday this gray inland might hit a thunderstorm more likely on the western side of saudi arabia but look at the temperatures now meccas at 40 to doha as of $45.00 that's going to be a dry heat $45.00 and he would isn't bearable but the mecca are not so sure that cloud around it could be very unpleasant couple of days. al jazeera while goes on a roller coaster journey in the wrong and discoveries how funny how a refugee community self belief and identity. i'd
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like to prove to the world. cup. i will be able to prove myself to my accounts from friends and myself. able to recycle chop afghan united on al-jazeera. welcome back you with al-jazeera my name's peter told me these are your top stories so far gulf nations have called on iran to respect international law and to stop interfering in other country's internal affairs and suffer a series of emergency summit held in saudi arabia as prime minister has become the most senior country official to visit the kingdom since the start of the saudi led
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blockade of qatar 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation is want action will be taken against so-called quote unruly elements demonstrators want william generals to hunt power to civilians. one of the story the mexican president is calling for dialogue with washington after donald trump announced he'll tax all goods from the country to push the government take action on illegal immigration the u.s. president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced starting on june the tense. $21.00 people are still missing after a tourist boat carrying south korean tourists capsized and sank in the hungary in capital budapest at least 7 tourists are confirmed dead as the search operation continues and repel as more. a final voyage of a sightseeing cruise and the moments before disaster c.c.t.v. footage shows 2 boats colliding on the danube river the smaller vessel just ahead
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was carrying more than 30 south korean tourists every telekinetic now total we can see on the footage that the small boat the mermaid is selling north as is the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the fighting touches the men made it gets turned on its side and within about 7 seconds it sinks in. the mermaids wreckage has been found on the river bed rescue teams are facing high water levels and a fast current the result of a month of heavy rain but are the most we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be resuscitated. the captain of the larger vessel has been taken into police custody accused of reckless misconduct. the mermaid was a $26.00 metre boat used for sightseeing that could hold 60 people the south korean tour agency which organized the trip says relatives of the tourists will arrive in
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budapest on friday south korean president mungy and has sent foreign ministry officials to hungary to help. control law i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with the hungarian government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible and if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment or abuse. the search for survivors has been extended far downstream into serbia as hungary and police continue their criminal investigation and are schapelle al-jazeera. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for a 2nd time this month against planned spending cuts in education local media say demonstrations were held in more than 80 cities the government wants to partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months critics say it's an assault on education the president has dismissed the student protesters as naive
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saying they're being manipulated by their teachers or is it one of the protests in sao paolo. the government of president job also not all says that the cuts to the education budget are essential if brazil is going to be able to afford what he says is major reform of the pension system coming up while the country is heading for economic difficulties the economy has contracted a bit many people here say though that the cuts will disproportionately affect the working class people at the bottom end of political society and that will make life very very difficult for them you don't have this imagine such an over the years many people like myself coming from the lower middle class have gone to university i'm now a professor in a public university who had the opportunity to study but instead of pushing to improve the education system to have more equal growth in brazil the government sees education as a threat to monitor something simple i think it's
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a thing i will never be able to pay for private education i want to be a lawyer and go to $1.00 of the best public universities in brasil but i'm $100.00 that might not happen. although the protests are only likely to get bigger more than a 1000000 people marched across brazil in the middle of may when the cuts were announced many more marching across the country today the president was an hour himself is unlikely to be swayed by he's accused professors working in the public education system of indoctrinating students with left wing ideas and urged them to report their teachers to the all corot is a but many have said that this is a battle for the heart and soul of the brazilian society or the protests are likely to go on with an increasing polarization of those who support president bush so not all and many of those who oppose him. separatists in indian administered kashmir are calling for mass protests on friday tensions escalated last week after indian forces killed the leader of unarmed al qaida affiliate on weapons day dozens of
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protesters in the city of santa were injured in confrontations with government forces india and pakistan have competing claims over parts of kashmir the muslim majority region has been contested since partition in 1947. the wiki leaks founder julian our soldiers missed a court hearing in london his lawyer says he was ill the 47 year old is fighting an extradition request from the u.s. over charges related to leaking government secrets he had been due to appear at the hearing via video link from a high security u.k. prison a soldier serving a 50 week sentence for skipping bail but faces decades in prison if convicted in the u.s. courts wiki leaks says it has grave concerns about his health and you efforts underway to identify more than 100 victims from the 1992 mass killings during the balkans conflict in bosnia herzegovina the chinee cliffs massacre for more than 200 civilians shot dead and dumped in
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a ravine by police units it's taken nearly 3 decades to uncover many of the remains and return them to their families for proper burial here's paul brennan. in the garden of his home in term napoleon 78 year old madame passes his retirement in silence his 2 sons emin and amir were in their early twenties when they were both killed at college chani cliffs after 27 years has now been told that their remains have finally been found. burials and origin at your bone was found 10 or 12 years ago but they didn't know which of them it belonged to now the full remains were found in that musgrave i mean and they were exempt from ascites known as the stone mass grave the corpses were hidden under a thick layer of rocks in august 1902 a group of more than $200.00 bosniak men were transported to the edge of the ravine made to kneel and then shot dead by police the corpses are only now being recovered
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. their dens father ferritin was one of the victims who have now been identified he will be buried in july. even the most part it's all about who is found and who wasn't have the people responsible for the crimes being prosecuted why some didn't get more prison time those sorts of things haunt us taylor fix faces having to say goodbye to his brother all over again he already buried some of his bones found a car a china cliffs now a significant portion of the rest of the skeleton has been identified. it is not easy but this time around stronger still i thought i was done with this 5 years ago i guess this time i'll get actual closure. on 6 umed the burns off forensically examined at this center 112 sets of remains are currently awaiting final identification here the final number of newly identified victims will reach 18180 people whose relatives have spent nearly 3 decades wondering. what their thought we
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have here remains of slain sons and their parents siblings neighbors or kept it together this is in the way a unique situation you could say that this was a family mass grave. each victim has a story who is a senator was a teacher. who teaches senator was killed by one of his former students and there was another one of his old students who found his remains committed the crime and the other one did a good deed. in 2004 the leader of the police unit which carried out the massacre was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 17 years in prison but it's only now that these victims can be properly buried that their families can have closure paul brennan al-jazeera. with an underperforming economy italy is often referred to as the sick man of europe and the outlook is not rosy economists are forecasting 0 growth this year it struggled since the global financial crisis.
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of 2008 governments from across the political spectrum have tried and failed to revive the economy overall unemployment levels have improved but youth unemployment remains high 30 percent and that slump is hurting it in these auto industry which was once the driving force behind the country's economy osama bin jawad went to children in the heart of it's of these motor valley to find carmakers there are coping. almost every car enthusiast in italy has a connection to. the automobile or fia. the car manufacturer is now free at chrysler automobiles but still one of the biggest employers in turin italy's automotive hub was the same. way a. former colleagues to fight for their rights and thousands of other workers in the diminishing auto industry here chrysler has temporarily read off more than half its workforce at this plant for what it calls modernization and. they work very little
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and this is very serious it is clearly the result of no longer having the italian automotive industry rather become a multinational company. representatives have met unions in say more than $5000000000.00 will be invested over 3 years and there will be a return to full employment. in 1939 it has seen the height of production but since then the company's headquarters have moved to the netherlands its financial headquarters. and the bulk of chrysler's production is done in detroit. once home to tens of thousands of workers too in the shadow of its former production of 6000 cars a day jobs the once booming car industry changed talian lifestyles it made them more and more but that's all in the past. it's very difficult to imagine a future for the italian automotive industry because in 20 years the number of
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workers and the number of cars manufactured has reduced tremendously. it's only so-called mortars still produces fewer but bigger price tag cars such as mother audi alpha romeo ferrari and lamborghini. and some entrepreneurs are using it despite italy's skyrocketing public debt and recession fears. this family owned business which used to make seat belts for passenger cars and boats. is now a manufacturer of seats seat belt and motor sports products. founded the company in the 1970 s. but he sees a future only if the government pays attention to it least slowing industrial production would need to. be the big challenge of the country and we have nearly 11 percent unemployment. tony is part of the coalition governments commission for economic development we are nowhere in taxes lower. tax. is not
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sufficient to change it. 3 because if you. job problem unemployment. the real test for europe's 2nd producers will be to endure this economic pressure and then now and industry and rebound. to. more news whenever you want it on the web sites al jazeera dot com. ok let's update your headlines for you so far today gulf nations are called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other country's internal affairs after a series of emergency summits held in saudi arabia. the iranian regime
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interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. the country's prime minister attended the summits in saudi arabia after an invitation from king's cell man it was the 1st high level meeting between the 2 governments since the start of a saudi led blockade on carter 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation is warned action will be taken against so-called unruly elements demonstrators want ruling generals to hand power to civilians the mexican president is calling for dialogue with washington after the u.s. president donald trump announced he will tax all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on illegal immigration the u.s. president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced as of june the 10th the
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police in hungary have arrested the captain of a tour boat involved in a fatal collision on the danube river in budapest at least 7 people are dead and 21 others are missing after the sightseeing vessel carrying south korean tourists was hit by a bigger boat and sank within seconds police and military crews as you can see there searching the river for a 2nd bite into a 3rd day. several people are reported to have been killed and more than a dozen were injured in a series of bomb blasts in northern iraq 2 malls were targeted in the attacks in the city of kirkuk. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for a 2nd time this month against planned educational spending cuts the government wants a partial spending freeze in public universities in the 2nd half of this year critics say it's an assault on education. the way helix founder julian assange has missed a court date in london his lawyer says he was sick the 47 year old is fighting an extradition request from the u.s. over charges related to leaking government secrets up next it's earthrise to have
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a quick summary for you when we come back in about 28 minutes i'll see that. al-jazeera where every. and conflicts one of the silent and forgotten casualties is often the environment. from the chemical contamination of soils and the collapse of water and food
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supplies to the habitat damage caused by displacement. has devastating consequences. not seen any manmade infrastructure has but also natural ecosystems are destroyed and imo lives are lost as well as human. but even amidst the most vicious struggles through people fighting to protect the world we live in and recover what was lost. i'm tanya a sheet and bangladesh in the world's largest refugee camps where people are working to co-exist with the elephants for which this region is home and i'm happy to talk to lebanon on were group of scientists is rebuilding a seed bank that was displaced by the war in syria. in august 2017 a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing began in myanmar. the military and buddhist
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radicals claimed the lives of more than $6000.00 in a single month. fearing death thousands more fled the country for the forests of bangladesh. the scale of the exodus was enormous. today they are still unable to return home. there are over 1200000 rohingya refugees living inside of the falling cap the bottom of. this is now the biggest settlements of refugees in the world. many of them don't have access to clean water sanitation or even electricity. but after they arrived the survivors faced a new threat wild elephants rampaging through county. i'm meeting on one about who witnessed an initial episode 1st hand it came from their week it. looked and came to
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a cost you know from the jungle over that way by directly after all that and started feeding her how twisted but it struck. this was no one on elephants truck repeatedly throughout the camp killing 13 people in the space of 5 months. can you tell me a little bit about what happened the 1st and last one of them other side of the just sort of the body which it would only hold on to hold on to the little one little bit of a little bit a little bit is out of the way you know what happened after that that i shut it out i will put it out and you annoy him a little worse in the morning a lot of you would only knew go down ahead of it i used to say to the world but i didn't have whole whole the mother that the doctor one of them mother said the whole as if it did i don't recall it it was i love you i got us all the 1. the question mark quite a cooling off budget loom is about a lot less than the full knowledge of the bill called out how to cool bullet holes
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all that i think you will hold over the years lloyd this is. the attack sparked an investigation into what was going on. recchi but i mean from the international union for conservation of nature believes the rapid expansion of the settlement had a profound impact on the natural environment this is the edge of the camp or cave right yeah this is where the forest began yes what's been going on was the cause behind all of these that you see on all camps they used to be forest there seems to be an elephant have habitat. the cap expanded at an astonishing rate over $1500.00 hectares of forests were cleared to accommodate the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees. but nobody realised the devastating impact this would have the growing camps severed a vital lifeline for some of bangladesh's last remaining wild elephants blocking
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a herd of 40 from their only path to essential grazing brown. just over there is there is a space we call the elephant now the since the camp is completely blocking that coded door elephant cannot pass through this have it in such an office shelter in search of his food essential fizz migration path elephants was trying to come inside the camp elephant came so many times and 13 you know simple life force and lost. and elephant is not necessarily a violent mammal it's very intelligent understands it has uses emotions and is show us that it's loss is habitat is desperate to do this animal migration. it's in their d.n.a. elephant is a genetic memories and then know exactly where they have been growing where they have been roaming generation after generation they take the same part. the elephants of bangladesh are critically endangered there are just $268.00 left and
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they're increasingly under threat. $15000.00 hectares of land are already deforested in the country every year and this camp only adds to the problem. to help me understand what the elephants are up against i've hired a local guy. so the man in front of me. his name means golden boy and he's our tracker for the day i think we're going to have. it's not long before we find clues that we're on the right path. honda had. it out that is if they bought a good one going to space is that they just saw bungalow going to fit the color didn't it out without i would have basic i thought that i believe bunk living is that. we find evidence of hungry elephants everywhere we're just sick of our system it's just guys like the elephant whisperer. tells me that by the end of
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the summer much of the elephants food here will be gone. then they face a nightmare scenario attempt to migrate through the camp to me in march in search of fresh vegetation or risk running out of food. place is a place where they deny me guess if they. were following the actual footsteps of the elephants. elephants have walked along this path every season for thousands of years i'm feeling really excited i wonder for actually going to encounter some elephants were being told that just a few steps away that they're there then against the odds a moment i can't believe. a majestic standing proud on the horizon. it's just quite scary i've never seen an elephant like my own my 1st time.
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it looks so peaceful in its natural habitat it's just really crazy to think that before the caps were put in place that the sis what it was a large for with animals roaming about and now there's a human made crisis at play with sprawling refugee camps and it's just a very sad situation. but a select band of refugees is working to solve the problem with the support of the international union for conservation of nature there formed a group dedicated to safety shepherding the elephants from the camp. they call themselves the tusk force. central to their strategy our $94.00 watchtowers which they built around the camp perimeter. they are manned by a team of over 500 brave refugees ready to intervene and protect both the people
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and. i'm heading up for a bird's eye view. of what. ok so what's going on there simulating what actually happens when an elephant comes and you see the yellow shirts yeah so they have the best possible x'mas so they are using the bible so they know. how to respond and they want to form a human shield and slowly moves towards alison so that the elephant understands this danger i have. down on the ground it's clear how committed the tusk orse are. happening conditional training go to the right. i stand. by the hockey i see me not that i think of that so i thought it was. quite loud and scary i think that would certainly show an elephant off. since the
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times 1st started there has been no loss of life here despite 45 incursions by elephants it's an effective temporary solution until a longer term plan is made for managing the animals migration. the tusk force has motivated the community with over 500 people signing up to join and has supporters throughout the camp. what are you doing over here what is this. i think all these different patterns and colors seems like it's a lot of work to do why go through all this trouble to do it. by that had to be. on one where only one with a machine a 3rd of. my body just learning how to.
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do you feel that there's more danger living on the edge of the forest versus people who live in the interior of the camp. that have. a sort of the look is not on the beautiful. and. not only do people feel more secure they are also more sensitive to the elephant situation saving the animals is now even part of the school's curriculum. you know what you're. doing. the objective is not to build on this momentum. recchi was already taking steps to find a permanent solution to the problem beginning with an in-depth scientific study of the elephants migratory happening. we are planning to put radio collars on that
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listen this will give us a valuable data valuable science to have a better management of the situation once the exact migration route is no the goal is to clear a path for the elephants so that they can migrate unhindered once again of course we want to open the cordoned off from last possible that are so few issues that we need to consider before doing that it will take about 100000 people. people to move somewhere else that would be an m. ments logistical challenge but as human refugees continue to resettle around the world bold moves are needed to reduce the impact on local animal populations what i've seen here gives me hope that animals do not always need to be victims of conflict and that a peaceful coexistence is possible. there over food to armed conflict.


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