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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 22  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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i i don't. mug. mug. challenge or the brazilian dictatorship or the democratically run flipper team playing the cliff you must change the course of. the center was a revolutionary foot. known to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates in the corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera.
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let me take. my place on the. wild west the rain. and come. rain the strongest fosdick stalinists. nation comes to get its. recent. stadiums with iraq's not. incredible. to cover the one tis of a news destination. the women's world cup. 2019. i
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really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth was that i would love for this job. i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve things. as foreign minister to washington is donald trump brighton sanctions over immigration. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we've been
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pretty clear about trade with iran the items that are sanctioned in their items that are not. about trying to bypass sanctions to conduct trade with iran. to dance military council calls the protests outside army headquarters a threat to the country and shuts down al-jazeera spiro in khartoum. as the new york unveils a new memorial honoring those killed 191-1000 still suffer from their injuries. that some foreign minister is due to travel to watch. on friday to meet with u.s. officials he's called the treatment of his country unjust and says it doesn't make economic sense this president donald trump posted this video on twitter which appears to show a 1000 migrants trying to cross the border trump says he'll impose tariffs on goods
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from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration has warned that the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june 10th then will be increased every month until something is done so let's take a look at how these tariffs will impact us mexico trade a number of industries could be hit with the auto industry looking most vulnerable automakers shipped more than $52000000000.00 worth of vehicles to the u.s. from mexican assembly plants last year another $32000000000.00 in auto parts flowed to the u.s. from mexican factories and some of the most popular vehicles sold in the u.s. are made in mexico including general motors chevrolet and bell swag so we have 2 reporters covering this developing story rosin jordan is in washington d.c. were mexico's foreign minister as had 1st been all rob lowe joins us live from mexico city metro what is the reaction been there in mexico in official dialogue has yet to take place between officials in mexico and in the united states until now all of the dialogue that we've heard has taken place mainly
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on social media fully those statements on on thursday evening by president trump those threats to impose tariffs on mexico there was a letter sent via twitter by mexican president lopez obrador calling for a renewed dialogue we once again heard from president obama there during a morning press conference on friday take a listen. sit on the side of i believe this measure will be further analyzed by the united states government i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve things i think that there will be a correction if not right away at some point because these measures are neither in the interest of mexicans nor united states citizens us and at the moment the mexican foreign minister marcello dodd is on his way to washington d.c. to continue that dialogue to begin dialogue both on trade and on the issue of
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immigration now one thing that does seem rather counterintuitive is that the united states canada and mexico are on the verge of signing a trilateral trade agreement so it almost seems inappropriate the timing of these threats by the american president saying that he will impose tariffs on mexico if the do not do more to stem the flow of migrants making their way north toward the united states while we continue to hear president trump going to twitter blaming mexico for taking somewhere around 30 percent of the auto industry away from the united states blaming mexico for the migrant crisis saying that mexico is not doing enough the president the united states is also not saying exactly what more he wants mexico to do to stem the flow of migration or shot in iraq will live for us in mexico city thank you it's going to roslan jordan now who is in washington d.c. so has there been any more information coming out of washington out of the white house about this. well and certainly there have been conflicting messages about
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what the whole point of imposing tariffs on all mexican goods coming into the u.s. would do the president had tweeted that this was about dealing with manufacturing but then his aides are actually suggesting that it has to do everything has everything to do with what they have called the crisis on the border between the u.s. and mexico that it's about it migrants coming from central america trying to reach the united states and trying to make mexico actually do more to prevent these people from trying to cross the border into the united states this is what sarah sanders the president's spokesperson had to say to reporters earlier on friday. we've been giving them advance warning for months we've asked them repeatedly and told them they have to do more let's not forget that the average individual that crosses over the southern border of mexico it takes $21.00 days before they reach
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the united states border that gives them 3 weeks in which to break up particularly these large groups just this week we had over a 1000 people that moved is a massive group through mexico and came to our border untouched. now of course the business community doesn't like any surprises and so it might not be a surprise richelle to find out that day the dow jones industrial average has been down it's been coming close to being 300 points below its closing value from thursday that's not a good sign there are reports now suggesting that major or business groups here in the u.s. are contemplating perhaps suing the trumpet ministration because of what these groups are calling a hostile environment for u.s. businesses to operate within and there's also a real concern about whether this idea of using tariffs to try to punish
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mexico not for its economic behavior but for an unrelated purpose might be used against other countries for non-business related reasons if so that injects and a whole new level of unpredictability especially if the president has said in this case he would be using terrorists to deal with matters of national security and not with matters of the national economy. jordan live for us in washington d.c. thank you. secretary state is an borland trying to ramp up the pressure on europeans to support its policy towards iran and its 1st official visit to germany might pompei own chancellor angela merkel discussed the rising tension with tehran germany is party to the 2015 nuclear agreement that the u.s. pulled out of last year european leaders have sent set up a framework for trade with iran to avoid u.s. sanctions. we will have plenty of issues to discuss today the world
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is in unrest indeed 1st and foremost is iran how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons how can we prevent further aggressive actions on the part of her. visit comes on the day of the u.n. nuclear watchdog reports iran has stayed within the required limits of its atomic activities international atomic energy agency says tehran has been abiding by their restrictions set on a train in richmond by world powers meanwhile urana said back in accusations made by arab leaders that it's a threat to global security tehran describe their condemnation is baseless and said saudi arabia was dividing the entire region the leaders attended emergency summits in mecca saudi king solomon call for arab states to confront iran iraq with is to sign a separate communique urging action on tehran warning aggressive rhetoric could make the situation worse the palestinian plight was also on the agenda with president mahmoud abbas calling on leaders to reject president proposed peace deal with
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israel. we called for an end 2 days of. this time under stop. me an independent state on the borders of $967.00 with east jerusalem as its capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine international law with what is called the deal of the century to abolish the principle of a 2 state solution and got our prime minister attended the talks it was the 1st high level meeting since the 2017 blockade on this nation andrew symonds reports. this is the 1st high level contact between cattle in saudi arabia for nearly 2 years the qatari prime minister shaikh abdullah bin nasa being funny and saudi king salamander bin abdel-aziz the saudis are trying to show they have wider backing in their effort to counter what they say is iran's growing influence the qatari prime
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minister here briefly shaking hands with the king of bahrain kuwait zimmy or trying to encourage some dialogue as he has done since 2017 he's been attempting to mediate in the dispute between cats and the blockade in countries of saudi arabia bahrain the united arab emirates and egypt. what the saudis want to do is to try to project a united front that the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but iraq objected to a communique attacking iran issued later which supported the rights of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to defend their interests following what they say were attacks on shipping and oil installations and i quote any future when you have as in what proper what are my brothers in the midst of this tense time and the quick developments and
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a tense regional and international environment full of threats we are watching before our eyes the escalation of a regional and international crisis which can turn into a war that will engulf assault. the saudis may have the support of the united states but some observers think their tactics are high risk when the g.c.c. is so divided instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they are actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see a reference there to the blockade of catarrh after allegations made by saudi the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt but the country backs terrorism accusations firmly denied by cats are we leaders saudi arabia isn't giving the impression any breakthrough is imminent. cats are participated in previous summits so it is not new
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it is true this time they were represented by the prime minister of the saudi stance like the other countries is that we are looking for a solution for the cause of the problems and the crisis between these countries and qatar hopefully there will be a solution if qatar comes back to the right path. but the issue of iran dominates the thinking and talking saudi arabia may regard support from the g.c.c. and the arab league as a diplomatic advantage but with opposition led by iraq that message isn't warn of all arab unity andrew symonds. still ahead on al-jazeera. this is probably been one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years for american farmers start by donald trump's chinese tariffs are not backing down from their support of the president. and a new memorial in new york to honor those who responded during the 911 attacks.


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