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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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cute after the morning's incident. a few meters away outside damascus gate the marchers were arriving many of them circulars many of them teenagers all of them here to make their presence felt for the participants this is a commemoration of a great victory a reclaiming of religious and national capital for the palestinians who live here under occupation it's an expression of power and of ownership that many find deliberately provocative are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. in other developments israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has sacked 2 cabinet ministers ministers ahead of general elections this september both the education minister enough tally bennett in justice minister islet shock at a libel to netanyahu on the right of israeli politics no reasons have been given for the sackings but the vacancies could give the prime minister leverage when negotiating a future coalition government that got parliament to dissolve itself and call israel 2nd election this year after failing failing to form
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a coalition within the 42 day deadline still ahead for you on the program. and out of control cruise ship collides with a dock in venice prompting renewed calls for a ban on bigger vessels and we report on the brand new mega schools which aim to stop nigeria's evil from children forming into the hands of book her around. hallow it's too remarkably cold considering how far north we are in times when the clouds are coming down from the north that means it should be warm there but by day the high temperatures are to be around the 22 mark and sunny 79 springs look at the breeze on the surface coming up from the south just hasn't warmed up much so tanzan
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in brisbane you share the same temperature if you're in perth again you share the temperature that's a cooling trends of purse with the air of the interior it should be warmer it certainly is going to feel quite warm in contrast to the been standing everett deliberately to save your feelings the rather cold in melbourne and hobart where the resist coming in from the south sunshine yes except here this circulation of rain is going to be pretty miserable on the coast particularly new south wales now includes sydney now the weather has improved through our news even the slow moving very wet depression is going out of the way you should have sunshine but it is winter and i so 1213 is pretty good looking not much of a breeze there is a bit of rain in the far south of the south island but on monday come tuesday that rainsford little bit further north and the clouds bit more extensive it's also a little warmer but this circulation promise is something else to come.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing the glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove it. witness on al-jazeera. welcome back a look at the headlines now the u.s. secretary of state might says his country is ready to sit down with iran with no
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preconditions but will keep up its maximum pressure policy on tap ron after weeks of protests algeria's constitutional council as a council next month's presidential election saying both candidates were deemed invalid and israeli forces have arrested a number of muslim wash up as after clashes broke out and israeli settlers entered the al aqsa mosque compound in jerusalem. all to syria now where state television says the military's ed offenses of deceptive an israeli missile attack on an ad base in homs province which killed 2 people at least 13 people have also been killed in a suicide bomb attack in gaza city in disputed territory in more than a close to the turkish border say a car was blown up with several civilians post by no group has claimed responsibility. when it comes the syrian opposition activists are reporting the use of white phosphorus which is banned under international law in the rebel held town of concha couldn't when you bombing by russian backed government forces in the
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northwest is being described as a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. reports. syrian opposition activists say this video shows syrian government forces dropping white phosphorus on the town of qana shakoor in in southern al-jazeera can't independently verify this footage. but white phosphorus is an internationally banned weapon and incendiary material conclusive ear burns and breathing difficulties. activists say it's part of the strategy to depopulate a particular territory in order to secure strategically important roads tens of thousands of syrians are believed to be caught in the middle of the fighting hundreds of thousands more have moved north towards the turkish border. april 26th the continuous bombing campaigns carried out by the russian and syrian regime airplanes have directly hit 22 medical centers 5 markets and 6 white house
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centers it's led to a catastrophic humanitarian disaster there are more than 300000 displaced people sheltering and all the trees along the syrian turkish border. russian syrian jet civil sabin bombing neighboring hammer provence hitting residential areas analysts predict the latest fighting could have far reaching consequences beyond syria's borders. the displaced people will soon move towards other countries their potential refugees the status quo continues turkey the european union and the whole world will suffer a new wave of refugees. last september russia and turkey reached an agreement to reduce hostilities and since then an armed group formally allied with al qaeda has seized large parts of the area triggering the syrian government's latest offensive and leading to yet another humanitarian crisis victoria gates and be al jazeera.
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all in all the stories are following forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government say they've shot down a drone bearing the flag of the united arab emirates in southwest tripoli al jazeera can't independently verify the footage but the u.a.e. has been supporting libya's a symbol of her life after they launched an offensive to take the capital in april so called mega schools have been opened in northeastern nigeria to take in around 50000 children orphaned by the ongoing conflict in the region. fighters have destroyed classrooms killed teachers and kidnapped students in 10 years of fighting as the school system is rebuilt in borno state experts say children need other help too as ahmed now reports from my degree. how much or more most of us saw her father killed by both coral fighters who also took away her mother now the 11 year old is fighting back challenging the ideology
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of our father's killers by getting an education. that. i won't. and does today and. taken from a displaced people's camps she joins 200 others who are being looked after this school in the state capital. the number of orphans on the streets and the danger they potentially post of recruited by criminal gangs or to fight for boko haram is forcing the government to take action 50 of these bigger schools have been built in borno state the epicenter of the book war on crisis the country thousands of children were never had a chance to go to school or was educational has been cut short the government here hopes that they will help counter the extremist ideologies of the group and akubra
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children with knowledge and education problem thrive. the state's governor says the priority now is to get the children into a safer environment we did. we cannot actually intend patent on. so my job now is in to show i did i mean 10 days. in this school and then intend to school in a fast general manner. but education experts say the often sneak more than just new school buildings where they need is more than education there are little them and when you are a lady in towns really. you see that the player their requirements for such a journey is much more high in terms of resources event in a normal child book or armies fighting to create an islamic state in northern nigeria it's also opposed to western education and launch its schools bombing
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campaign and kidnapping of goals in 2009 schools teachers and students were targeted in a region that was already like him behind in school enrollment. 10 years on boko haram still has killed more than 30000 people including hundreds of teachers or the crisis is still far from over many predict the needs of children orphaned by the conflict will continue to rise and that the government needs to do more to care for them how to grease al-jazeera by degree geria. china has defended its actions during a tournament square crackdown in a rare comments acknowledging what happened in $1009.00 several people were killed when students and workers staged a mass pro-democracy protests at the iconic aging square china's defense minister says the government's actions were justified. sergers understood then. everybody is concerned about them and after 30 years throughout the 30 years china under the
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communist party has undergone many changes do you think the government was wrong with the handling of the incident on june the 4th there was a conclusion to that incident there was political turmoil that the central government needed to quell the government was decisive in stopping the turbulence that was the correct policy the final preparations are under way here in the u.k. where the us president is set to arrive on monday donald trump can expect both pomp and protester in his 3 day state visit last year hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against him this time trial has been formally invited by the queen will be treated to several displays of royal pageantry john hall has more now from london. thank you very few let me. rehearsals for the sort of welcome donald trump could expect if he joined the audience at the king's head theatre in london's arpa street and this is a flavor of the welcome the u.s. president will actually get on his state visit to the united kingdom so i think
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people are really sick and finally the 1st state visit. with the queen like this who really friends the core values of our society be. definitely for bigger numbers than last time. almost 70 percent of britons have a negative view of donald trump and during a visit last summer trump avoided central london where hundreds of thousands took to the streets in protest he met the queen at windsor castle instead where he sent off in front of her in a breach of royal protocol that forced the monarch to overtake you. with the country now in political turmoil new off script moments lie in wait are you going to tell your secret plan king nigel farage of england he's invited to visit buckingham rome to run palin from paris yes of course the new hotel. president trump will be denied some of the traditional privileges of
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a full state visit bilby no address to both houses of parliament he's too divisive says the speaker he won't be staying in buckingham palace the room renovations going on nor will he join the list of other heads of state to be enjoyed a good old movie carriage ride along the mile too but others decide to flee reportedly because of security concerns or because the mel would likely be lined with unflattering placards not flag waving fans. and water talks between the president and the british prime minister who less than a fortnight ago gave notice of her intention to resign the disputes at the top of the headlines of the moment between the u.s. and u.k. around while weigh in the question of 5 g. networks and whether all will be allowed to build those in allied countries to the u.s. and around the questions of iran with the u.s. having dropped out of the chase c.p.o. is pressuring european allies to do the same and those are the major issues but
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both the u.s. and u.k. have fairly hardened positions and i don't think that it's particularly likely that this visit especially with the lame duck prime minister is going to resolve this. for donald trump and the family members accompanying him they'll be pumped they'll be ceremony and at the king's head in london's up a street there'll be a musical chorus line to the religious faith here or the lift that's jonah how al-jazeera london. for war. a cruise ship in venice has collided with a terrorist but injuring at least 4 people a massive ship was coming into dog. when it crashed into the wharf and the small about local residents of long voiced concerns about large but sating too close to their floating city and the hayward reports. of that the m.s.c. sounds its horn but it is too late passengers on board the tourist boat below to
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scramble to safety as the cruise liner threatens to go the smaller best. of the terrifying the passengers on the top day. and from what ever angle you watch the collision is scary but the cruise line simply walking there at the boat. several people were hurt as they tried to escape. i was on my terrorist i live on the 4th floor and i can see the deck a canal very well from the i saw the tip of the ship that was rapidly approaching and it seemed like it was coming here and in fact it ended up squeezed i had this deafening noise coming closer the sound of the horn we were very lucky because it could have been much worse i thought the ship would reach my house the accident happened on the canal which is
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a major thoroughfare into the city built on water. bennis is one of europe's most popular tourist destinations 20000000 people visit every year but the number of large cruise ships traveling through this u.n. world heritage site has alarmed many here fearing the impact on this delicate city and the lagoon surrounding it. you know. it's a shameful situation but despite what happened we have been lucky given the circumstances it could have been a lot worse and it is a problem but half of the city earn thanks to these cruise ships before they said they will send them away slowly now this is happening they will do it immediately. was was as people left the embassy or they were greeted by protesters was the cruise ships owner says
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it was about to dog when it encountered a mechanical problem it's reported to towboats tried to prevent it from bombing into the river about. an investigation is underway to find out what happened and why he would al-jazeera. pope francis has asked for forgiveness for the mistreatment of the roma people during a trip to romania the head of the roman catholic church apologize for the discrimination they've suffered particularly in italy it follows comments by italy's deputy prime minister any that will close the country's role in the camps the roma are the biggest ethnic minority in europe with a population of up to 6000000 people. personally to be taking. my heart is heavy it is we don't by the many experiences of discrimination segregation treatment experienced by your communities history tell us that christians too including catholics are no strangers to such evil i would like to ask you forgiveness for
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this when i ask forgiveness in the name of the church and the lord and i ask forgiveness of you. honest and just follow a story on place called developments in germany the leader of the country social democratic party has resigned casting doubt over the future of the ruling coalition s.p.d. was due to vote on under now his position on tuesday after she chose to stay in coalition with merkel's conservatives and he was criticized by the party's left i've parties in germany's ruling coalition suffered heavy losses at last week's european elections. critic at the top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state might pompei or says his country is ready to sit down with iran to discuss its nuclear program without any preconditions in a softening of the rhetoric after weeks of escalating tensions and threats that the
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u.s. is ready to talk but he insisted they would back down of what he called iranian aggression . we're prepared we're prepared to engage in a conversation with no preconditions we're we're ready to sit down with them but the american effort to fundamentally. reverse the moment activity of this islamic republic this revolutionary force is going to continue meanwhile cattles foreign ministers told al-jazeera they have reservations about the statements on iran that came from these summits held in mecca last week the country prime minister attended the events despite the ongoing in his country by several of its gulf neighbors. in other top stories after weeks of protests algeria is constitutional council has canceled next month's presidential election it says the only 2 candidates who put themselves forward were both in valid protest as want a complete change of the ruling elite after the removal of president abdelaziz
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bouteflika 2 months ago. israeli forces have arrested palestinian muslim worshippers at the al aqsa mosque compound in jerusalem firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them they barricaded themselves in to prevent jewish nationalists entering the compound on jerusalem day which coincides with the end of ramadan. syrian state television says the military's ad defenses intercepted an israeli missile attack on an ad base in homs province which killed 2 people at least 13 people have also been killed in a suicide bomb attack in as a city in disputed territory in northern aleppo close to the border with turkey. and forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government say they've shot down a drone bearing the flag of the united arab emirates in southwest tripoli al jazeera cannot independently verify the footage but the u.a.e. has been supporting libya's eastern war $35.00 to who launched an offensive to take the capital in april that brings you up to date with all of our top stories this
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hour there will be more news from doha later on after witness which starts now say without is there. cricket's biggest total is has come to england somewhere else 6 weeks tending to 11 venues. can also join your good friend to try for a good farm and win a world cup play with al-jazeera for the lightest of the 29 so you cricket while call. it for.
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you. i grew up in the terrorists. i grew up with soya with people living by seasons i grew up with my grandmother planting seeds and cultivating called. so i think it was an attempt to return to something less so would head club book was authored. before. it started with me trying to collect seeds of things i love that i felt were disappearing. and i started to put them in jars. and so i just would postings on facebook and then slowly people started to become more aware of what i was doing
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and then asking me if i have this either or sharing stories about seeds the their grandmother used to grow or something their mother used to cook everyone had a story. when i sit with farmers who remember this week the oath day of summer is like you're talking about summer now summer and then when the enemy some dark and handsome so many people talk about him as this long lost love.
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we just picked up 2 bushels of heirloom weight this week is called i was somewhat. we're taking it to mrs b. in a village in the nablus area. this is a very unique wheats because it's a weed bed grows with no every geisha and its rain fed. we have farmers who have committed to our plants and this heirloom weeds and we will harvest it in the summer and make bread on our top and kitchen. the idea is to bring this writing back to market and back. to our kitchen table.
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so this. winter i should set out that my 2 9000000000. sure we're not sure. you know what i mean what i've. seen either your company. is doing that is that as a chemist on the other stuff is there or not smug but i'd rather just how did you know i was someone as a i'm a little bit. of yelena could sudarshana centuries and you know.
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we can have. all of it live life. hard also a bit look at me that before me the. people who work the land they really understand certain and spirituality that i think is really beautiful and has a lot to teach us more than religion or anything else so why the. voyage of the commando would visit through and go when there were literally no. when you ask them for example how do you think they're only going to be this year their answer is always the bad depends on my service they believe they are serving the tree and i know this all sounds so romantic in some way but actually it's still
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in the language they call it service. it is a relationship based on reciprocity rather than one person using the soil and abusing the soil to get the crops they want. to sell and.
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on the ground. i use the farmer in the. name of the meat. breeder. keep coming. where i am or am i want my. mate in every spot. we are now instead of growing food was growing poison. so when turned to go forward again. yeah.
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although they did it. well although we share the love of love you know. because we are here. can i tell you thought. about the sun. at the moment but the stock not about an article is going. to follow most of the popular with the coffee. cup of coffee computer the whole how you inserted your gun in the opposite
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i was not designed to get innocently inside the mushroom the phantom can i mean you or some of you know why you feel how you saw fit to mama holly about the sucky football would have to look at. all of any problems in. the marriage in the not motherland mission. into god was that in math and i'm sure she lived the whole in awe in the end you had the. limit is why she barely been to the beach you . can eat well and this wasn't a challenge if you believe the show in. what. buckland is not in love you don't deserve i defy you to just think about the game yet. he thought the ceiling of the syrian people couldn't see you know about the walk noses and the bulk of
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the pump oxygen to myself which starts the minute we have to go on something sure the added pressure better because we have no understanding sure you know if you're just afraid of arizona's going we're going to just have a buffer here the risk you live there should be especially all i can secure well you can see if you're flying out of the 1st or i shall make you look really shaken all the constitution like how that he in fact you know is that in that line that. i'm. in the. president as it were you know better be my last about when we haven't got a bit of a solution that's going to see it that bucket me idea. to let's work nested if we haven't got a bit of view of it we've got a bit of meat with the bottle and i have to digitally be difficult when i have there that you can and with that i would look up and i would just lie in does me make you believe that we defeated vision with good will be a promise of our freedom comes along with the other vote no to handle them janet
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because of the animals that are been doing them a promise made to get a happy dinner she could but that's not going to kill the dish they say with the democracy of the ladders i suppose you can become a very big club ahead of me to simulate a mechanism and get a new community let's build up of here. farmers are always exploring new ways to go the perfect vegetable. and they're always underestimated in the world as these peasants who don't know much but in fact not only are they feeding us but they are also teaching us so much about how we can survive in the future so it's important to keep these seeds alive
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because deceive are the result of this artistic and scientific endeavor that our farmers embarked on 10000 years ago. this beautiful house that belonged to an old family.


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