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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 154  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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because you know that the shape of the british government the general election this year so the shape of british politics is still entirely unclear of the ruins and let's just talk about how this day is going to unfold because obviously there's the politics to one side lawrence has a great deal of ceremony certainly in the next several hours. yes yes very much so after lunch with the queen he made other members of the royal family not make a mark will they that trump and meghan markle that as the sussex don't get along with each other prince harry her husband will meet trump then he goes off to westminster abbey to lay a wreath of the tomb of the unknown soldier and then it's t. clarence house with prince charles and camilla charles his wife suggestions that charles who's obviously going to become the king warm day an avowed environmentalist will try to take from poland over the american withdrawal from from the paris climate change agreements so that's another potential sticking point
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on the on the royal level it's not even not even the political level and then after the state banquet this evening they'll be a protest outside buckingham palace in the meantime a public protests and at the state banquets the speaker of the house of commons john bercow a liberal democrat leaders of its cable the labor party leader jeremy corbyn all very senior political figures they're all boycotting the state banquet it is the most peculiar thing you can think of where 2 countries which are supposed to have the special relationship are in this this this very odd situation where large sections of the british policy that there's a whole class simply don't want anything to do with the american president bush is the how about day involves a very interesting one it will be for the moment of course lawrence we'll leave it there for now thank you. and let's get to all of the top story of the day in the crackdown in sadar let's take a look at how we got to the point that we're out at the moment mass protests began
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in december over living costs forced the military jointer to depose president omar bashir on april the 12th but he'd been in power for nearly 30 years the transitional council was then set up but protest leaders weren't satisfied that while a mass sit in outside army headquarters continued they held talks with the council but failed to reach any agreement 6 people were killed in the middle of may when violence broke. near the protest site demonstrators accuse the army of resorting to tactics used under bush's rule well last week the jointer said that the campaign become a national security threat it warned action would be taken against what it called unruly elements it also ordered the closure of the al jazeera media network bureau in khartoum without giving a reason why there is a sudanese political activist in copenhagen he says the crackdown will likely solidify the protest movement this will be a very. he was stern events in terms of what what does the military expect to do
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after doc i mean normally once things like this happens like we saw what happened the rahbar in egypt it's you know it's it's before it there's a lot of propaganda saying that the states ins are full of drug drug lords and there's aren't that stairs and so on and knol this didn't it didn't take that full circle people are was and are with the army on this not doing this it didn't you know in induct bloody way so i think what happened now is that it's maybe the opposite of what the army sought it's the whole people are united again against it and everybody is not all in the same sign so it's very unfortunate what happened but i think it's i think it's in this that this is going to be a great turning point for the revolution nothing we have here only calling for peaceful protesters and peaceful ways of changing the government and this is the only sane dot dot that work is civil disobedience and and because we just we don't
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want we do not want things to turn violent even though this is what what the military seems to be going on. this it was the only way that we make these demands realistic this is the only way that we can say that we are still here and this is all right demands i mean are not leaving until we have a civilian government there was you know not realistic of course is not realistic because if because of what's happening and i mean the protesters are there alone the peaceful protest there is are there alone. and it turns in a sense that transitional military council has the regional powers behind it and obviously they went around the last few months going into international visits and getting greeted by international by by other leaders interviewed and basically asking for support and i personally think this this was the giving them to go ahead to do to dismantle the. while most money is a protester and brother has been injured in the violence she described the scene to
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us this many shows like is not going to stop the massacre is going to continue because the protesters i'm not picking up on they don't pass anyone i see this is like income by people in war you know if you think i'm by support. this is why we need montana we are requesting on real help asking the international community the u.n. . to do to move on this because this is not going to as now them of letting people in on to get out the hospital not only is like kept there you know also they don't know getting the not getting any help from outside they cannot get anything not even injured people that could get inside the house to conduct not physically the process that's what they're doing and if you didn't have them just trying to protect it is a neighbor who goes that broken. roads and the man drove by you know any kind of you know what you call it still * tires and they're bending guy's body
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so this is what they're doing right now i think that those many years they have booked their you know we did dances they come and they move. and they cry i mean they shoot at them they should. look in the road and they take them they catch them inside the city it's a city is going to be accused of war that is the problem then the interest 5050 you know war that is not that's his that's the end of the belief that it will not we know nothing now about negotiation or agreement now we have we have to get rid of those maybe 303-2000 full the trials the challenges of the 10 times in northeastern nigeria the united nations and some of the children took up arms to help the army find booka harami allegations actuals deny hundreds of the full the finances of since return to schools and industry pools not for medical treatment. a ceremony marking the formal disengagement of hundreds of former child vigilantes who the
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united nations says took part in fighting. in nigeria. that are now returned to their families 6 years after dropping out to join the mohammad is back in school the last 5 years of been traumatic for the 16 year old after boko haram fighters killed us parent he joined the local vigilante group called the civilian joint task force at the age of 12. j.g. and one of the patrols which i spoke with the elders although i carried no weapon there was no fear in me i wasn't afraid of death so thousands of volunteers are helping the nigerian army fight a 10 year old conflict that's killed more than 30000 people and displaced over 2000000 among the my children that the united nations says should not have been allowed to take up arms and allegation scene every july and to commanders deny. the
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on that him off in any fight. because we check make movement if you are not. part of us. is not. is voluntary organization everybody comes and join it for 7 years these vigilantes half kept away boko haram fighters from my degree and other militants and cities in nigeria and used the help of the military in dismantling local cells. fighting patrolling i mean television is gathering. more than 1500 children in border states have now left vigilante groups. unicef has been worked with has worked on identifying the to the children working closely with the c.j.d. have to identify the children we do trauma healing and psycho social supports. we do back to school support education supports and then for kids for the children who
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are 14 years old we do. enterprise training business skills training some of the beneficiaries are supported with small grads like mary i'm up over a female vigilante who joined in her early teenage years. may never tell the skills training has changed my life completely i am very happy. there are an estimated $24000.00 visual interest in both in the state alone the epicenter of the boko haram crisis it's not clear how many children have joined in other parts of the northeast but the united nations want the disengagement process to help children caught up in the violence and allow them a chance to a normal life but degrees. by a degree nigeria. protesters have toppled a statue of a soviet military here in ukraine's 2nd largest city kharkiv the bust of marshall. was pulled down during a rally by far right
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a nationalist groups which is to say the statue violated ukrainian. banning communist symbols sickles commanded red army forces during the final assault on berlin and the 2nd world war. with walls nearly 35 kilometers long the historic attorney called forth in pakistan is believed to be the world's largest age and why it was built is still unclear now archaeologists want to ensure the 4 gets the recognition they say deserves to report snow from the guitar motive range . a giant d.t.h. druck cherry in the middle of barge dry. dated ronnie called a fortress it was straight more than 36 kilometer why it was barricaded in clear but their shared stage of the $48.00 m. brick caves the world's 5th mall is country san marino would fit within its wallace but its true potential had not been realized and some say did that shape stack case
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i don't globally recognized historical site. or pension site. sponsibility of the government to protect the site or. technical assistance but based on. the locals to relate their dates headed gates state game changed their lives it was included to fort aren't. and it's predicted by high heels to dario yet there are a few clues to its book bush. ronnie courted the largest fortress and award belt in the bridge of no where it all go nor not a wall of. the only water supply here is a stream running through the fortress which it's believed supported early settlers share today along with the water for all of their dancing fairy it supports the
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residents of a small really generations of these good border tribesmen ever lived here for hundreds are feared in grayling's made of drop greatly and ward they say ronnie cord needs attention. and i'm telling you he just the government is least interested in preserving the sites this for has a lot of potential in attracting local and foreign tourists but there are no hotels or restaurants around here they facilities really even the road is in bad shape good about the fortress origins the local 4 clore hair there are stories dating it back to the persian empire i daresay it marked the outer reaches of the roman empire on the west bank of the mighty river in texas whatever the truth it said myra said ronnie court is your true feat of architecture but only court can become the best example because it's a very significant site if it is developed by development if it is preserved
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and facilities built around it it can attract a lot of tourism and that tourism can help. the communities there you know right there's a lot of power to the. this radar a game over galley an archeologist explaining starting work for drugs their goal is soon to be able to read the 1st group into its origins and true age something really care or will help put ronnie court on the world map and help lift them out of poverty to come i'll hate it i'll tell you there are ronnie core clean bucket. let's just recap the headlines for you here on al-jazeera at least 9 people have been killed and many more seriously injured after a heavily armed troops opened fire on demonstrators in sudan witnesses say the violence began when troops try to break up a protest camp outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum protest
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leaders have called for a general strike a nationwide civil disobedience until the general overthrow the ruling and to say that they will send an invitation to the protesters to resume negotiations and donald trump has arrived in britain for a 3 day state visit the u.s. president's already sparked controversy with his recommendations on breaks it and who should replace prime minister to resign me that's new so far more news in half an hour with ali do stay with us here on our self. on counting the cost from credit fuel plume to currency crisis how can you fix turkey's economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s.
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made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the cost on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. kidnappings and murders in crimea says russians forced an extension of the black sea peninsula. i don't understand why. schools of crimea into toss have been arrested and tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. which if you. are. fully back to go with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera at least 9 people have been killed by security forces opened fire on a protest camp outside sudan's military headquarters in caught to the crackdown began early on monday when members of the paramilitary rockets support forces started to break out the camp witnesses say they were heavily armed and fired live
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ammunition and tear gas. security forces surrounded 2 hospitals and stormed one of them the sudan doctors committee says troops fired live ammunition inside the east nile hospital the declaration of freedom and change forces the alliance that's represented the protesters in negotiations with the military has declared a general strike and for civil disobedience to continue until the job is overthrown . one protester in khartoum made a personal appeal to security forces to protect the protests i'm not going to harm a shot i will rally for the military to fire live around bullets on the protesters and on our nation and you stand and watch this is the scene i can't even describe our people came to the square for a sit in because this is our country and it's cowardly for you to watch this
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happening and do nothing we're calling on the security forces to move without instruction from their seniors do something about this to protect this nation to protect our people we will not go back we will not give up i don't think that this peaceful sit in isn't protected the nation stands with us we will not leave our beloved country to be run by corrupt people this is our country and we will have a democratic future do not give up or lose hope the military had a history of protecting the sudanese people don't let us down another news donald trump has arrived in britain for a 3 day state visit the us president has already sparked controversy with his recommendations on breck's it and who should replace theresa may ask minister and see has more from london. he's going to have lunch with the queen there's a state banquet this evening of which he's going to give a speech in various forms the royal family through the course of the afternoon he's
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a great fall he keeps saying how much he loves britain and his scottish roots in his golf course in scotland and all those sorts of things so i'm not level the protocol looks ok but you know the road they're a little hungry knaves going off as of in saying all over the place he's in an ongoing row with meg and the duchess of sussex they don't they don't like each other at all there's the potential for a round with prince charles over the over the environments various very high ranking politicians who've been invited to the state banquet so now it's here are boycotting it's the opposition politicians taking to twitter saying that the whole thing should be counseled and that's even without the public protests like this there's banners going up on some of the bridges around london saying stop from prince there's going to be a process outside buckingham palace here this evening as well so the whole thing is really more with rancor and a lot of people saying that it's that this is totally inappropriate for him to be here at the washington post has obtained an audio recording in which secretary of
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state my own pale seems to take a pessimistic view of the trump administration's long awaited middle east peace plan but white house adviser jared kirshner has expressed optimism about the proposal he told the h.b.o. program that palestinians would make a decision based on the facts and whether the plan would give them a chance of a better life. cut off foreign minister has told al-jazeera he has reservations about the statements on iran that came out of summits held in saudi arabia last week a qatari prime minister attended the events despite the ongoing blockade of qatar by 3 of its goal gulf neighbors including saudi arabia it was the highest level of contact between the 2 sides since the crisis began 2 years ago. and protesters have toppled us statue of a soviet military hero in ukraine 2nd largest city cockades the bus to. hold on during a rally by far right and nationalist groups protesters say the statue violated
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ukraine's common is simple those are the headlines we want sauced now. hello and welcome once again to rewind i'm kemal santamaria. we launched al-jazeera english back in 2006 and in the more than a decade since then we've built up a library of award winning documentaries here on rewind where revisiting some of
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the best of them and looking at how the story has moved on. today the threat of nuclear war is once more on the table with north korea carrying out a series of missile launches in recent months and back in september news emerged of an underground nuclear test in north korea which registered the equivalent of a $6.00 magnitude earthquake kim jong un's north korea is the only country to have carried out nuclear tests this century after the u.n. passed a resolution banning testing back in 1906 but the terrible legacy of testing is still being felt more than 5000 kilometers away beyond mongolia and northern china over a 40 year period we're talking $949989.00 soviet union exploded 460 nuclear bombs in eastern. about 200000 villages living near the test side were exposed to high levels of radiation often deliberately and the effects of the testing program
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have been passed down and intensified in generations born decades later today we are rewinding to 2009 and silent bombs a film by jerry sperling who traveled to council to document the human cost of nuclear tests. for centuries the course has been being loved by the catholic people. very simple really on the central asian step. but for decades now a dark cloud has hung over the spirit people. between 19491990 the soviet union exploded on this 500 nuclear bombs only miles from their villages and a test site called the polyglot. leap. for him.
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well. that's going to. wipe out a lot. so little that cook is among that. chuck frequently the new comedy. that has come. up. so what. good. is. the times. that. i was on the stand or not i've not seen bush tax cuts be chopped. one piece hahaha i'm not sold. on the lawyer.
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better sound just for the one see on tickin premiums. shafts. question court. it was inevitable that the health of the people who live so close to the nuclear blasts would deteriorate doctor saw dramatic increases in low blood pressure miscarriages skin diseases breast cancer throat cancer new system diseases memory loss mental retardation and physical deformities. you said you would do a new kidney or were. early he would. be good at. picking what you want your career.
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astounded that you are to some of those on the ground there in the country. one more. question as that's when we put. it on the whole chain you sits in the. east. palace that's a chest the.


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