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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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113 state visit hosted by queen elizabeth in her 67 years on the throne she's dealt with every size and shape of world leader but still not much to prepare for donald trump who has made a career out of intensely undiplomatic occurrences he once said he would have happily taken princess diana to bed he's called gnostic meghan markle the u.s. citizen who married the queen's grandson prince harry he was because he's been critical of the reason man who broke that policy and according to the u.s. media at least donald trump sees this visit as an opportunity for 2 royal families to meet not just the one in buckingham palace behind me but his own family all the members of which are here with him on this state visit and really this could hardly be a worse week politically for the u.k. jonah. it could hardly be a worse week to have a state visit that's for sure and if you were the one planning such a visit the diplomatic niceties the pomp and ceremony the photo ops and appearances
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well you could hardly imagine worse circumstances prime minister may just a fortnight ago gave it her gave notice of her intention to resign she'll do so officially as head of her party on friday just after this state visit trying to keep up a sort of thinly veiled pretense that she's still the fully fledged prime minister in front of president trump but undisguised of course the contest to succeed her that goes on all around in her party and donald trump wading. headfirst into that controversy really indorsing the idea of a no deal breaks it on october the 31st indorsing boris johnson the front runner in that race calling him a friend calling nigel farage as well a friend he's the far right leader of the brics it party and tomorrow night at the u.s. ambassador's residence where they'll be a return banquet after this one attacking the palace it is said that both of those men 2 of the most controversial politicians in britain today will be on the guest
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list you'd have to think that if you were one of the planners or any of the planners on this trip you'll be desperately hoping that will to be over ok jonah thank you. still ahead on algis iraq missing and murdered the report on what's described as a can maybe in genocide will also be in a remote part of pakistan to explore what's believed to be the world's largest for if it's. a large in a welcome back to international weather forecast across parts of southern china it is going to continue to be quite stormy over the next few days the stunning storms are really building up to be hong kong. that and we're going to be seeing the ones out here towards the east though better conditions for you those storms are going to be making their way towards taiwan to the north it is going to be sunny and dry
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hot as well with on a high temperature a few of 35 degrees by the time we get to wednesday more clouds more rain coming in and that means dropping in temperature as well over here toward shanghai it is going to still be a nice day at $31.00 degrees well officially the monsoon has crossed over parts of sri lanka you can see the clouds and the rain right there it has not come into india yet we're still behind in this particular area up here towards the north though very hot very dry for many locations they are really waiting for that month soon of rain to come into play so for night per we do expect to see a few of $45.00 degrees and as we go towards wednesday staying the same but over here towards parts of bangladesh very heavy rain and flooding is expected as we go towards midweek and then here across much of the gulf we are looking at dry conditions across much of the area a few clouds down here towards the south but for our dobie a high temperature few of $39.00 degrees 40 here in doha but by the time we get towards wednesday it is going to be about $41.00 degrees here.
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on counting the cost from credit fueled currency crisis how can you fix turkey's economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s. made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the costs on i just did a. terrific drawing that shocked the world 51 people killed at mosques in christchurch new zealand what i want to see best to gay people or could have done more to prevent these massacres on 00. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera at least 13 people have been killed and
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many more seriously injured after a heavily armed troops opened fire on demonstrators and so don witnesses say the violence began when troops tried to break up a protest outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum. protest leaders so called for a general strike a nationwide civil disobedience until the joints are overthrown new barricades have been put up in towns and cities across and on the ruling joins us they will need an invented a will send an invitation to the protesters to resume negotiations. donald trump is in britain for a 3 day state visit in his 1st official engagement the u.s. president and his wife melania attended a ceremony hosted by queen elizabeth the 2nd and other members of the royal family a buckingham palace. so strong towards the u.k. back in washington talks are going on between u.s. and mexican diplomats to resolve a dispute over migration that prompted the prime. event to threaten tariffs it's unclear what mexico can do to satisfy trump's demands to stop people crossing
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illegally and some within his own republican party have warned tariffs on mexican goods will hurt u.s. consumers and the economy i can is joining us from washington d.c. in the mexican president seems to be optimistic that some sort of agreement can be read says that the sentiment that's shared in washington or certainly that sentiment is among his delegation that he sent here and it's a very powerful delegation indeed they had an early morning news conference before beginning meetings that will last over the next few days present the foreign minister the agriculture minister the finance minister and their deputies along with the ambassador so certainly mexico throwing a very heavy weight delegation into talk to their u.s. counterparts over the next few days they warn against the consequences of these tariffs being introduced saying it would be disastrous not just for mexico but also would have a massive economic impact on the u.s.
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as well and the delegation making very clear that some point of agreement must be reached at the next few days to prevent these terrorists from coming into effect this is what the foreign minister had to say mexico has already made greater for us we mentioned with the few years that you listen. what if we have a common vision boat how to solve this this is a question here because although we if there are only 22 of action which is not going to work so then is there a chance that the u.s. administration and trump is going to back down from the threat to impose these tariffs. well the key is what president trump wants to do he's introduce these tariffs unilaterally or says he's going to introduce them and it's actually up to him to stop those tariffs from coming into effect that certainly there has been
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some blowback from his own republican party for example chuck grassley a very important senate on the finance committee who's a very strong supporter of president trump has been very vocal in rejecting these tariffs as has another more of republican senators so certainly there is resistance in congress from republicans as well as widespread resistance from democrats the key point here though is criticism that president trump has confused the idea of trade negotiations which had been going on and everybody thought had been concluded along with immigration his spokesman contends that the issue of introducing terror of stetsons have anything to do with trade it has everything to do with preventing ongoing immigration the mexican delegation insisting that of course tariffs are all about trade and asking how they've already got an agreement that appeared to be agreed agreed on and now it's being undercut by this new unilateral terror of being
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threatened by president trump right tom i can offend you after more than 2 years of inquiries they can nady and government has just received a report on missing and murdered indigenous women the reports already been leaked and it calls the disappearance and murder of possibly thousands of women can a d.n.a. genocide she have written see as more from gets you know in the back. the final report is just as unequivocal as we were led to believe it would be from the leaks over the weekend these violations amount to nothing less than the deliberate often covert campaign of genocide against indigenous women it says this is not what calendar is supposed to be about it's not what it purports to stand for and commissioners in the ceremony this morning have been saying look if you're bristling if you're a canadian you're bristling about the use of the word genocide read the report this is 1200 pages about evidence of the genocide and violence in the brutality that has
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been visited the poem the indigenous community read it before you get angry about being accused of genocide but what happens next is now the question will this lead to any change there are all sorts of recommendations in here and what we're hearing is look at the very least even though there's great skepticism as to whether whether any of the changes actually actually will be put into action at the very least have indigenous grassroots oversight of the process of implementation at least that will show some good faith muslim ministers and regional governors have resigned in sri lanka following protests led by a hardline buddhist monk on a hunger strike after pharaoh is also a member of parliament he and his supporters are accusing muslim politicians of enabling the easter sunday attacks allegations they deny 258 people were killed when a friend as has more from colombo. the feinstein to death launched by the venerable
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after the leave after an affair or was very much in frasier in the president and the government essentially to remove 3 key figures the minister of trade and commerce as well as 2 governors that who is serving in the eastern province as well as a province of the governor in the western province all of these 3 muslims and these nationalists sort of can't be in the buddhist monk. and those who supported him said that all of these 3 figures had been associated with the terrorist the deed basically accused them of being involved with extremism and having helped or aided in terms of extremism that ultimately led to the easter sunday carnage or since then we've had the collective resignation by all muslim ministers deputy ministers and state minister serving in government the have basically taken this decision
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because they see that the culture of impunity deep with relation to hate speech against the muslim community has reached a level that cannot be accepted that in terms of a decision that they have made that scene or option but to get this decision to allow law enforcement authorities the space the time to essentially investigate anyone among them for the links that they have been accused of links with terrorist and terrorism what was nearly 35 kilometers long historic run ecarte ford in pakistan is believed to be the world's largest but it's a jungle why it was built or unclear and now archaeologists are working to find out and get the recognition they say it does or it's come up high there are reports. d.t.h. druck chair in the middle of barge dry heat dated ronnie called
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a fortress it was straight more than 36 kilometer why it was built a agent clear but their sheer size of the $48.00 m. brick cave the world's 5th smallest country san marino would fit within its walls but its true potential has not been realized and some say did the same stack case as other globally recognized historical site. mentions. the growing. technical assistance but. the locals to realize that this medicaid state can change their lives it was all included to ford on 3 sides and it's predicted by
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high heels to dariya yet there are a few clues to explore push ronnie corded the largest fortress and a worried belt and a bridge of nowhere it all go nor not a wall of rain the only water supply here is a street running through the fortress which it's believed supported early settlers yeah today along with a warder for all of their dancing fairies it supports the residents of a small really generations of these go border tribesmen ever lived here for hundreds are feared in grayling's made of drop greatly in ward they say ronnie cord needs attention. when your he does the government is least interested in preserving the sites this for has a lot of potential in attracting local and foreign tourists but there are no hotels or restaurants around here they facilities really even the road is in bad shape. gages about the fortress origins the local folk lore hare there are stories dating
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it back to the persian empire i daresay it marked the outer reaches of the roman empire on the west bank of the mighty river in death whatever the truth it said myra said ronnie court is good true feat of architecture but only court can become the best example because it's a very significant site if it is developed by development if it is preserved and facilities built around it it can attract a lot of tourism and that tourism can help. the communities there you're right there's a lot of poverty the this way into a game of italian archaeologists is planning to starting work on dates for traits they hope their soon be able to reveal the 1st group into its origins and true age something people here hope will help put ronnie court on the word map and help lift
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them out of poverty to come i'll hate it i'll jadar ronnie corkin pocket. nearly 2000 former child vigilantes have returned to their homes in northeast nigeria think united nations some of the children took up arms to help the army fight boko haram an allegation officials deny. reports from my decore. a ceremony marking the formal disengagement of hundreds of former child visual and jews who the united nations says took part in fighting. in nigeria. they're now returned to their families 6 years after dropping out to join the mohammad is back in school the last 5 years have been traumatic for the 16 year old. after boko haram fighters killed u.s. parents he joined the local vigilante group called the civilian joint task force at the age of 12. j.g.
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and one of the patrols which i spoke with the elders although i carried no weapon there was no fear in me i wasn't afraid of death so thousands of volunteers are helping the nigerian army fight a 10 year old conflict that's killed more than 30000 people and displaced over 2000000 among the my children that the united nations says should not have been allowed to take up arms and allegation seen every july and to commanders deny. the on that involve in any fight. because we check make movement if you are not on the part of us. is not a quarter it. is voluntary organization everybody i join you for 7 years these vigilantes half kept away boko haram fighters from my degree and other me to towns and cities in nigeria and used the help of the military in dismantling local cells forearm fighting patrolling i mean television is gathering.
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more than 1500 children in border states have now left vigilante groups. unicef has been worked has worked on identifying the to the children working closely with the c.g. to identify the children we do trauma healing and psycho social supports. we do back to school support education supports and then for kids for the children who are 14 years old we do. enterprise training business skills training some of the beneficiaries are supported with small growth like. our female vigilante who joined in her early teenage years. the skills training has changed my life completely i am very happy. there are an estimated $24000.00 visual interest in both of the states along. the epicenter of the boko haram crisis it's not clear how
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many children have joined in other parts of the northeast but the united nations want the disengagement process to help children caught up in the violence and allow them a chance to a normal life. by degree nigeria. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour at least 13 people have been killed and many more seriously injured after having on troops opened fire on demonstrators in sudan witnesses say the violence began when troops tried to break up a protest outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum. protest leaders have called for a general strike in a nationwide civil disobedience until the gents' are overthrown new barricades have been put up in towns and cities across sudan and the ruling say they will send an invitation to the protesters to resume negotiations. muslim ministers and regional
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governors have resigned in sri lanka following protests led by a hardline buddhist monk on a hunger strike. farrow is also a member of parliament he and his supporters are accusing muslim politicians of enabling the easter sunday attacks allegations they denied donald trump is in britain for a 3 day state visit in his 1st official engagement the us president and his wife melania attended a ceremony hosted by queen elizabeth the seconds and other members of the royal family of buckingham palace well as trump tours the u.k. back in washington talks are going on between u.s. and mexican diplomats to resolve a dispute over migration that prompted the president to threaten tariffs it's unclear what mexico can do to satisfy trump's demands to stop people crossing the border illegally after more than 2 years of inquiries the canadian government has received a report on missing and murdered indigenous women the report calls the disappearance and murder of possibly thousands of women can nady and genocide those are the
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headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next. with. a law and has and seek and they say is counting the cost on ads it a your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. from credit fuel boom to currency crisis as turkey's economy unravels we ask what can be done to stop the rot. trump says more products should be made in the u.s. we find out how much consumers would pay. and gas rich cash poor find out why
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corruption and debt in mozambique are making it harder for the country to invest for the future. by stamboul plays an oversized role in the turkish economy and politics it is the gateway to the presidency and represents a 3rd of the country's economy after a quarter of a century president early one lost the battle to control the financial capital but another vote to elect the man has been planned is just one of a number of issues that has many people and businesses musing faith in the country after a credit fuel boom led to bust many are switching to the dollar foreign exchange deposits and funds rose to a record high this month the lira has fall in about 37 percent since the beginning of 2018 pushing the economy into recession the central bank has stopped short of implementing capital controls that's the way governments limit the flow of money in
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and out of the country during the boom years delivered mostly through property and construction corporations borrowed in dollars and are now finding it difficult to repay those loans meantime unemployment has jumped to a decade high 14.7 percent and inflation has also soared to nearly 20 percent of the turkish government has promised a series of financial reforms to revive the economy but for now many consumers are struggling to pay for imported goods need barker has more from istanbul. turkey's troubled economy is affecting what people can afford to buy. onions a mainstay of turkish cuisine of almost doubled in price in the past few weeks consumers are feeling the squeeze quota. told me the prices all things i wanted i had to give them back they were too expensive for me turkey is heavily
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dependent on foreign imports on everything from food to building materials the national currency the lira has plunged by a 3rd in value causing costs to saw for the past 3 months the government has been trying to control the soaring cost of food by buying goods directly from farmers and selling directly to consumers by cutting out the middleman they hope to push down prices they've also lifted some tariffs on certain goods as well but many are now questioning how long this manipulation of the market can really last overall inflation is now at 20 percent last year the economy went into recession for the 1st time in a decade some analysts fear there's more to come the country deliberately focused on. industrial production and services and for the last decade or so on services so i grew culture has been neglected and as a result obviously became more dependent on foreign imports turkey's finance
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minister insists the worst is over the government to promise to inject billions of dollars into state banks and support turkish exports. turkey's main focus now is on reforming the economy in order to achieve the goal of a big and strong turkey it's necessary to introduce structural change. the impact of the economic downturn could be seen on istanbul skyline it's a city of stalled building sites for the past 16 years present turn construction into a vehicle of growth new developments have gone after breakneck speed but with the lira falling the cost of importing raw materials and servicing foreign loans have sought last year the u.s. double tariffs on turkish steel and there are many and amid worsening relations for $2.00 countries over the odds over an increasing number of issues including turkey's growing ties with russia and plans to buy
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a russian missile defense system president said the u.s. tariffs were a big obstacle to turkish trade rising prices were a major election issue for many turks the ruling party's popularity for so long built around strong growth and improved living standards now depends on creating a road to recovery neve parker counting the cost now a turkey correspondent cynicus solo sat down with the former governor of the country's central bank scene and began by asking. where it all began to go wrong for the economy is in their. all in 2008 our g.d.p. per capita was above $8000.00 and it raised up to $12000.00 but today we are below the 2008 numbers the reason behind it is the chosen growth model you can't be a big economy with the skyscrapers you build in istanbul ankara or izmir but they can be your prestige projects turkish will never capitulate them all infrastructure
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canal railway fast train projects must continue even with foreign subsidiary because these are the essential as of an economy however substantial part of foreign money received has been allocated to the construction sector that feed 750 different subsectors this created a boom in the economy but at the end your cash flow is in the local currency but your debt is in foreign exchange so we are stuck now turkey has had some long term economic issues such as over reliance on overseas money which require lots of money what can be done to mitigate this it's thought of. as our internal savings assured we need external savings while attracting these foreign savings to turkey a model doesn't prioritize industry sector that would enable you to supply to the international markets so i don't have. it rather prioritize as a construction sector which has foreign exchange input but national currency cash flows there was abundant liquidity for 12 years the economy instead of modernizing
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our economy and focusing on manufacturing we concentrated on construction that would push for domestic demand but this model doesn't generate foreign exchange earnings while you need to pay in foreign currency this is the greatest challenge turkey is facing now or was the central bank right to prop up the currency ahead of the elections. and i would add is the price stability is an interim goal of the central bank the ultimate judy is the public the growth in it's fair distribution if the central bank doesn't do this and you impose differ responsibilities or if you restrain it's all 30 you can come up with a result this is the top problem turkey faces now. they really are or not that of the us our institutions are not able to perform their responsibilities and the reason for that is the in coordination in the economic decision making mechanism. and the temporary currency controls imposed this thing work and this in present add
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on was right to impose those measures well on the south and alter not on the government told its citizens to sell their dollars and buy gold and then bring that gold and debit to banks following that they told people to avoid investing in foreign currency they auction foreign exchange bonds and bills all these contradict with each other if you can preserve the purchasing power and the credibility of your national currency which is your country's decency your people will and voluntarily go after foreign exchange. ken didn't jenna's in. the government doesn't respect the parliament decisions doesn't follow or internalize the central bank is given authority for liberal instruments liberal administration but the political authority intervenes it abuses of the trust and harms the perception and then people are not able to see ahead which stops long term investments also foreign investors stop coming for long term they come and give a short term shot. we've got it here i do think the turkish economy is under attack
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by the speculators as the government and mainly presence at our market is. absolutely there are foreign powers but they were there yesterday and will be there tomorrow every country's a foreign power to another and there are conflicts of interest the government should maximize our national interests and take steps accordingly. you know to see their well since the istanbul gezi protests of 2013 each time we were cornered instead of taking this as a fact instead of an excuse and fail to make right decisions now we hear you've announced that as the 17th largest economy in the world you are a global player and then you accept the international rules then liberated the capital movements and your central bank in this game you'd like to play there is speculation. how do you go about fixing the economy and seconds. today our job is to follow token economy policies and build up the country's interest accordingly whatever it is as the opposition we and others say the finance
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interest free minister the president's son in law should resign but this will not resolve the problem this is a systematic issue which was most. this system is paralyzed the decision making process in the economy if you monopolize the authority the person manages all. this we have to address the key trigger of the problem which is this new presidential system which is unique. turkey our institutions are now paralyzed we need to rebuild our system by introducing a rule based system in line with universal law separation of powers checks and balances otherwise i believe the current system will self terminate you know what was. wrong with russia do you think there's a deal to be done between the united states and turkey on ankara's decision to buy the russian s 400 inside and system. chill indices or it may i don't
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see myself eligible to talk assertive in foreign politics but what i understand so far as 400 missiles did not comply with the pact turkey is in as 100 software detects nato defense systems as hostile or enemy so now they are discussing ways to adjust this is a diplomatic and military topic when our government says it is a done deal the turkish lira loses value when they say there may be another solution the lira gains back value to this topic oppresses the lira like when turkey arrested american pastor andrew bronson. if they want to do a favor to the turkish businessmen and industry they need to sort this problem out one way or another so the business men are able to see ahead and take risks they run the way our economy. if so what can do that to turkey or russia relations. understand the situation i believe the government is caught in the middle of 2 powers they're not as comfortable as they are seen from outside thorazine or.
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that's why even if russia gets its money in the event that turkey doesn't install the s for hundreds to the bitter end russians would use the leverage it has that fits in the national interest turkey market harmed them some us former governor of turkey's central bank thank you very much for your time this is my vision i think you. have a trade spread between the united states and china has been rumbling on for almost a year now the us. s. hike existing tariffs on $200000000000.00 of chinese goods to 25 percent in may china has retaliated as talks to end the trade war of stuart but economists have been running the numbers to see what this all means according to bloomberg if the united states slaps tariffs on china's remaining $300000000000.00 in exports it could cost the global economy $600000000000.00 a year by 2021 the new york federal reserve bank estimates the newest.


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