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i don't see myself eligible to talk assertive in foreign politics but what i understand so far s. 400 missiles do not comply with the pact turkey is in as 100 software detects nato defense systems as hostile or enemy so now they are discussing ways to adjust this is a diplomatic and military topic but when our government says it is a done deal the turkish lira loses value when they say there may be another solution deliver against back value to this topic oppresses the lira like when turkey arrested american pastor andrew bronson. if they want to do a favor to the turkish businessmen and industry they need to sort this problem out one way or another so the business men are able to see ahead and take risks link you gave them the emma. if so what can do that to turkey or russia relations. understand the situation i believe the government is caught in the middle of 2 powers they are not as comfortable as they are seen from outside thorazine or.
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that's why even if russia gets its money in the event that turkey doesn't install the s for hundreds to the bitter end russians would use the leverage it has that fits in the national interests turkey market harmed the former governor of turkey's central bank thank you very much for your time this is my position i think you. have a trade spread between the united states and china has been rumbling on for almost a year now the us hike existing tariffs on $200000000000.00 of chinese goods to 25 percent in may china has retaliated as talks to end the trade war of stuart but economists have been running the numbers to see what this all means according to bloomberg if the united states slaps tariffs on china's remaining $300000000000.00 in exports it could cost the global economy 600000000000 a year by 2021 the new york federal reserve bank estimates the new us. round of
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tariffs could cost american households $831.00 a year added s. and nike were among $173.00 u.s. footwear makers who warned consumers would pick up the cost of tariffs which could be $7000000000.00 annually the investment bank nomura expects inflation in the u.s. to rise by 0.5 percentage points over the next 12 months. apple c.e.o. tim cook recently estimated that if i phones were made in the u.s. from start to finish they would cost consumers up to $100000.00 that's partly due to higher labor costs but also a shortage of manufacturing expertise and infrastructure well reynolds went to find out more. we have right now the number one and 2 and 3 m. for up to 9 to leave isaac lair in those toys he's the c.e.o. of m.g.a. entertainment one of the most successful toy makers in the u.s.
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now which of these toys here on the wall are made in the united states now no one made you know none of the nano if you make the beef 23rd for 14 you know it's called a lower growth the number one selling to you know america if you made the from the u.s. because you would pay $40.00 for they will buy it for $40.00 for kids would not have beef toys you can possible to make a log of toadies andy you would think as the u.s. china trade war heats up president donald trump gives companies some simple advice last september he tweeted make your products in the united states instead of china start building new plants now exciting but trade experts say trying to replace china's factories isn't an exciting idea it's a bad one we have so many strengths that we should be working with
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rather than trying to duplicate the industry of. the past today's us economy is based on providing services and ideas not heavy industry and china's advantage isn't just in lower labor costs from toys to television sets to technology the u.s. simply lacks the manufacturing infrastructure and expertise to produce many of the items which are now made in china c.e.o. isaac larry and gives one example i've been doing for 40 years. hair grooming and the tool ease and routine even the skid can not have been here is the shortage of expertise do you want to wait for 30 years 40 years for america to become the biggest dollar manufacturing you would say in the world in philly it's silly but there are hundreds of highly paid workers at larry and company headquarters the
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design to creativity is coming out of their brain and they are paid a lot more for that the moral of the story of toys tariffs and trade is that the u.s. economy runs uncreative brainpower not industrial brawn robert oulds al-jazeera chatsworth california a chinese tech giant huawei has stepped up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the companies filed a motion in court to have bans on its business is deemed unconstitutional adrian brown has this report. few companies could withstand the assault but why ways now and part of its response has been to open its doors to the international media in corporate china but these are unusual and uncertain times for the country's biggest technology company now effectively locked out of the us market we believe this
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sets a dangerous precedent. that they it's can it come and our way tomorrow it could be your industry your company your consumers on wednesday the company announced it's pressing ahead with legal moves to try to scrap a recently passed law that prevents u.s. federal employees from using weiwei technology the trumpet ministration says it could be used for spying because of accusations the firms in the pocket of china's government the u.s. government has provided no evidence to assure that highway is currently threat there's no gun no smoke only speculation u.s. politicians he said were using the entire strength of the u.s. against one company while we had anticipated being placed on the u.s.
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trade blacklist which effectively prevent said buying components on which its technology is dependent it has been stockpiling parts but those parts will soon run out and what's not clear is what happens if the ban remains permanent. when president xi jinping talks about defending china's core interests he means companies like while away whose headquarters he visited 4 years ago another important core interest what's called rare earths special metals used in everything from magnets to missile systems a week ago president xi highlighted their importance when he toured the part of the country with the industry is based yeah a prelude perhaps to a warning that appeared on the front page of a popular newspaper on wednesday quoting an unnamed government official who suggests china might use its rare earths as leverage in the trade dispute with the united states china's currently the world's largest rare earth exporter this and
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the battle over while way further signs of the collapse in trust between the world's 2 largest economies adrian brown al jazeera actions in. mozambique is hoping to secure billions of dollars for reconstruction after the devastation of cycling's it die in kenneth cycling in dialo and left more than $600.00 people dead and about $1800000.00 people in need according to united nations mozambique needs $3200000000.00 for post cycle reconstruction the international monetary fund says growth could slow it turn least 1.8 percent from losses to agriculture transport and communications food shortages in barrow one of the hardest hit cities and surrounding areas could push prices up. mozambique's port of bear is an important hub for the country as well as for neighboring malawi and zimbabwe but it's not running right now and according to the finance rinna street most homes hospitals
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and schools and suffered large scale destruction a debt crisis has complicated mozambique's finances in 2016 it admitted to $1400000000.00 in undisclosed funding that prompted the i.m.f. to cut off support triggering a currency collapse and debt default it has little hope of repaying the debt in 2017 the debt to g.d.p. ratio was 112 percent by 2022 the i.m.f. or cost that it could climb to over 130 percent but the country is resource rich the come the next liquefied natural gas powerhouse by 2025 mozambique is on track to invest $128000000000.00 but it will still be many years before it gets over its debt crisis and begins to reap the benefits of the gas. joining me now from london is aneesh capacity a managing director of a cap energy thanks very much for being with us so in asia let's start with the
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debt crisis there are a number of pending cases plea bargains and so on and i guess what people in mozambique really want to know is are they going to see any of this money or the e.u. going to split into a couple of different different branches you've got some of that that with that was clearly fortunately issued and then you've got the more conventional your obama's that were issued as well i think in terms of that fortunately issue there there there is a good chance that mozambique may be able to get that written off given the issues with. the behind that there in terms of the euro bond issue i think it makes sense for the mozambique government to come to some kind of an agreement with the the the debt holders to move forward because i think the the main thing is is that mozambique needs to be in a position where it can raise further debt going forward to really benefit from the
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huge potential of the l n g projects in the country and the former finance minister was arrested in south africa looks at this point like you'll be extradited to mozambique but the u.s. has also asked for him to be extradited because they want to see him in a american courtroom what do you how do you spect that to play out. think if it's an interesting situation you know clearly there's different number of different actors that been a fall in this situation and i think finally some of them are being brought in for questioning and hopefully they'll be some justice for for the mozambique people give given the the scale and the size of. of the fraud over here there's going to be a number of different. different parties involved and i think it's just going to be a matter of time in terms of who gets called for this.
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and what was actually happens to them and the more importantly is the mozambican the people is. being able to move forward being able to get some of that cash back and focus on the huge growth outlook for the country and as far as their ambitions for liquid natural gas to get to get to that point. where they would be in able to enjoy the win for that they would need to demarcus to raise money and with their debt likely to hit 130 percent of g.d.p. who's going to be willing to loan the money so i think there's 2 different levels where you're going to say that they're coming in. you've got debt that's going to be coming in another project level. if you think about these projects they're huge projects almost. hard to comprehend how large so you're looking at a $50000000000.00 investment for the various elegy projects that should be going
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going ahead by the end of this year. out of say around $30000000000.00 will be funded through there will be up to largely the project participants to raise that there and they'll pledge some of their assets and the l. and g. assets against that. no doubt with the government in that the full situation even for those companies to raise their is going to be more difficult. on top of that the government isn't going to be seeing a lot of the revenues from these projects until the late 2020 s. that's when it really picks up the reason for that is all the spend that has gone in already over $10000000000.00 and the future spend that's going to go in the companies are going to need to recoup recoup most of that before the government starts going pay it out so in order for some of this cash to flow back to the people the government needs to be able to borrow some money to in essence.
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bring some money in it's going to earn in the future in 10152020 years time but obviously it's not the fault of the creditors they want to see this money back what was a compromise can they offer in terms in terms of the euro bond this is clearly not not the fault of the creditors. i think it makes sense for. mozambique to for the government to. give a little over here because the size of the size of the prize in the future you're talking about tens of billions of dollars of revenue. that there's this huge potential there relative to the current size of the loans that they're in the fall and he's capacity and good to talk to you thank you and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me at has and do use the a.d.c. t.c. when you do or drops an e-mail account in
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a cast that al-jazeera dot net is our address there's more for you on line as always at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on. so that is it for this edition of counting the cast and has a secret from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by
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the soviet union. to the kazakh people you lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind silent. amount to 0. at least 13 people are killed and so don where security forces fired live ammunition to break up a protest camp. the secretary general strongly condemns the violence and reports of the excessive force used by security personnel leaders and diplomats
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around the world react with shock and anger demanding answers. watch al-jazeera lie from a headquarters in doha i'm daddy in obligate also ahead to donald trump begins his u.k. state visit with royal engagements but away from the ceremonial niceties the u.s. president's getting a hostile reception. most. ministers and governors resign in sri lanka following protests led by a hardline it buddhist monk. hello protest leaders say they've cut all contact with sudan's military gentile after a brutal crackdown on a long running running sit in outside cartoons army headquarters. witnesses say heavily on members of the paramilitary rapid support forces charging
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to the camp early on monday morning firing bullets and tear gas and the child is among at least 13 people who have been killed more than 100 others are injured well troops later surrounded 2 hospitals doctors committee says personnel stormed one of them and fired guns inside the military jointer has been in charge since ousting longtime president obama in bashir in april the generals have resisted protesters demands to put civilians in charge until elections are held priyanka gupta reports . a raid at dawn when the protest is least expected it. to be transferred to dance mounted support forces. backed up by the police. shots were fired as unarmed protesters dived for cover. for more than 2 months that protected the sittin outside the on
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the headquarters. there symbol of defiance and give you should. try it. reagan like that that gathered in front of the army. because when life will be in the perimeter of the army great the army had the right . weren't going to pick who wanted to be here but now we have been shot right. coming from different sides streets like there were times. where we were being attacked by rockets pretty pointless and the police. the minute you just to say as the city and was not the target the protest to say that's a lie. has been done by the joint security force in khartoum was aimed at the columbia district the columbia district is quite close to the city an area the columbia district is attracting all those who have negative impact on society and
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represent threats to security and safety in khartoum and i'm not going to believe that a return to negotiations is the quickest way to resolve the problem. but protests to say there be no more talks. instead they return to the streets in their thousands in khartoum neighboring on their mon and several parts of the country. after monday's violence they're calling for civilian rule has changed into a demand for the removal of the entire military leadership. this is pretty good and you can have an arsonist there you are not the end of the military council. and the end of the. show. you are to go. protest as a q saddam's notorious paramilitary group known as the rapid support forces headed by general to make the scene here on the left of ordering the violent crackdown has
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made the is a deputy leader of the transitional council that has been in charge says omar bashir was deposed in april. 24 hours earlier he was filmed making a veiled threat to protest as we want to see civilian drew. we must firmly stand up to the ongoing chaos and build a true state as for the civil state the protesters are demanding to be truly a civil role with no individual is above it it must be built on the rule of law it must be ruled by and no one is above the law talks between the military joined to unprotesting was suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead during the transitional period. the military judge does says if no progress is made it will call elections before the end of the year a move rejected by the opposition many analysts think the military rulers are being influenced by power was outside sudan the latest this collision in what is already
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a precarious situation came after the head of the military council of the deputy head and i'm done visiting saudi arabia since then there is significant is collusion both in terms of the toric against the protestors monday's attack and what's been the most potent symbol of sudan's resistance has made a more intense face off between protesters and military rulers who are likely. to see or also dan's military says civilian casualties were an unintended consequence of action against what they call dangerous groups in a statement they said large groups of these criminals to craft huge in the sit in square prompting the field commanders to pursue them resulting in casualties and injuries the transitional military council expresses its regrets over the development of the situation in this manner confirming its full concern for the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens the military council plans to
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take the necessary measures to achieve this goal and renew the call for negotiations as soon as possible let's bring in our diplomatic editor and james bays joining us from the united nations what are we hearing from over there how concerned are diplomats of the situation. deep concern coming from the united nations we've had a statement for the from the high commissioner for human rights michele basher lay who says that she ought to lead the applause the use of excessive force she says the protesters in some of the last few months have been an inspiration by their peaceful actions we've also in the last hour had a new statement from the secretary general of the united nations he's now calling for an independent investigation and for accountability for the killings that took place the secretary general strongly condemns the violence and reports of the
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excessive force used by security personnel on civilians that have resulted in the deaths and injury of many he condemns the use of force to disperse the protesters at the sit in site and he is alarmed by reports that security forces have opened fire inside medical facilities the secretary general reminds the transitional military council of its responsibility for the safety and security of the citizens of sudan he urges all parties to act with the utmost restraint. that was the statement from the spokesman of the secretary general of united nations now also here at the u.n. today the high representative of the european union federico greeny in fact short time ago i watched her leave a meeting she's having a meeting here on venezuela i asked her a question about sudan she didn't reply but her office have issued
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a statement saying that they deplore the loss of life they say there is no justification for the use of force or the transitional military council is accountable for security and rule of law in the country and have the responsibility to act with restraint so very loud calls coming from the international community for restraint the one body we haven't heard from yet is the u.n. security council currently no member is asked for a meeting on this there are 2 reasons i think for that one we're at the very beginning of the month so a new presidency has taken over which is kuwait so it's always a little bit slow when a new president the security council gets going but also i think the security council is keen to work very closely with the african union and i think they want to get the buy in for whatever they decide to do if they're going to have a meeting from the 3 african members of the u.n. security council no meeting as i say called right now but i still think it's
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probably likely we will get one in the coming days ok james baker thank you and the u.k. has rolled out the red carpet for donald trump but he's already ruffled feathers with controversial comments about the london mayor and the conservative leader separates so out on the streets protesting as are voicing their own feelings about the u.s. leader now dean barbour has more from london. he's finally got his state visits but a warm welcome might be too much to expect as president trump's helicopter arrived at buckingham palace the crowds are gathered and the protesters were getting ready trumps getting the full honors including lunch with the head of state queen elizabeth and other members of the royal family the original offer of a state visit at the behest of prime minister to reason may came soon after donald trump took office but now she's on her way out he's already broken protocol by backing former foreign secretary boris johnson to replace her. and is trump a right to use social media to call london's elected mayor city can a stone cold loser of the card accused him of being part of
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a global far right threat there's no doubting the amount of interest this visit is causing among visitors to the british capital but during his visit president trump will be traveling at least part of the time by rote that's when he might get an idea of how unpopular he is among some of the british public when president trump visited the u.k. last year he was met with large protests and the infamous baby polluted he can expect more of the same on tuesday when he goes to downing street and who knows he might actually enjoy it president basically uses the protestors and the statements of people who are leading those protests. in a way to galvanize his support back home his view is you see when i stand up for america people are always going to oppose us we're under siege i'm the only one who really fights for this country and i'm trying to fight for you for your jobs and so on. trumps met prince charles and his wife camilla amid speculation the heir to the road might try to convince the president to take the climate crisis seriously
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he's also some prince harry but not his american wife megan markel he's also criticised via twitter. the leaders of 2 opposition parties and the speaker of the house of commons are boycotting monday's state banquet at buckingham palace of course the so-called special relationship whether it's trade security or diplomacy doesn't depend on the president big popular but this is no ordinary presidency so expect more controversy throughout the week that al-jazeera london or cross arthur joined a hose outside buckingham palace and with all the controversy join us surrounding this trip how have things gone so far. well if you leave aside the blazing row going on on social media now between president trump and the mayor of london city. everything is pretty much going according to plan he made his way from the airport.


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