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tv   Crimea Russias Dark Secret  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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hello i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera saddam's opposition alliance doctors group says 50 people were killed in monday's crackdown in khartoum the opposition has rejected the military plan for an election in 9 months saying it won't be free or fair u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an independent investigation the polish ambassador spoke on behalf of 8 states following a closed door security council meeting that failed to reach agreement diplomatic editor james bays has the latest from the u.n. . the security council was briefed behind closed doors on the latest developments
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in khartoum by the secretary general special adviser almost situation in sudan nicholas hastened i'm very concerned about the situation in khartoum and i think that represents a position of the international community i don't want to engage to mention a discussion as to who should do what because we're still hoping to play a role in bringing the parties together we haven't given up hope that a solution is still possible you can just. as soon as i can mr hasten told reporters he'd like to see a common international position on the situation in the sudan but the security council couldn't come up with that they couldn't come up with a statement on the killing of protesters by the military i'm told that china adamantly refused the draft statement saying it was an internal matter they were backed in that by russia and kuwait said the draft needed amendments so instead the
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ambassadors from the european countries gave their own statement we call for an immediate secession of violence accountability for crimes committed and underlined the responsibility of the transitional military council in ensuring the safety of the sudanese do you need announcement to see snickers he sends a point that government and calling for elections to short p.d. out of time is of great concern those are the words i think european ambassadors would have liked to have seen in a common security council statement but now sudan has become the latest country where the security council is divided. the u.s. president has promised a phenomenal trade deal for a person that person donald trump held talks with the outgoing prime minister to resume a in the british capital during the 2nd day of his state visit but he seemed to
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ignore friction over dealings with chinese telecoms giant while way leaving that's the maze replacement and now china has issued a travel warning to citizens against traveling to the united states or working there until the end of the year the country's minister of culture and tourism signs of the frequent shootings robbery and theft as the reason for the lads the syrian government's ally russia has blocked the un security council from issuing a statement on attacks in the province the member states were expected to sound the alarm over the possibility of a humanitarian disaster because of attacks by the army on rebel controlled areas government forces launched an offensive to recapture it in april. the attack in southern yemen has killed a child and wounded 6 others the rebels launched rockets their rocket attacks on areas around thais there's been fighting between yemeni government forces and the
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who sees east of the city in the u.s. state of florida a former police officer has been arrested for failure to confront a gunman during a mass shooting at a high school last year the officer was working as a security guard. douglas high school when a gunman killed 17 people in february scott peterson faces charges of child neglect negligence and perjury 2 police officers in ukraine have been arrested on suspicion of murder they're accused of drunkenly firing their weapons and injuring a 5 year old boy last week he died on monday hundreds of people protested where the shooting happened about 80 kilometers from kiev they want the entire police leadership to resign well those are the headlines join me for more news here after crimea russia's dark secret.
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yes i never thought of nationalising as a battle it was only at the last watching that. bit of superiority you haven't asked. to show to me or fargo i live in there but diner where she's near where i showed. us how many slots to get to go to delia was a while at the partition energy beast what. bush ordered was thrown for an emotional secure floor of the lower courts who was her loser scored to live political political political system the more rational critic.
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the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea. for news of her missing son timor. i'm here for you but you my story were more than a little but i was the was there he. was a store or a sailor but there are losses that are many but you have. to more openly opposed russia's annexation of crimea in 2014. though his mother refuses to accept it it's likely he paid for his opposition with his life. here is that i wanted your boss to me was that almost like at that point that you would have had a will to transfer us. at that at the best the i would say it's she's not alone in her grief. numerous young counterman have disappeared following
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a rest. of the person or a brother or her or his sugarbush or are some sort of cretaceous your school records are going to read super sort of church near you do not search the doors were words. were summarily do which. was 1st and then the prepared through. the person put on a bit of. a suit that is the room for. russia's determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in 2014 . as the only indigenous group still openly opposing that occupation
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russia sees this muslim minority as a threat well as was just my piece in the kristof that that is i thought that's that's that's a start as i said going to get that in the budget or there's a. family near capitalism at issue and i see his leg game on this and this is the way. before the invasion of 2014 crimea was a part of another country ukraine reformed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including their president vladimir putin were unhappy with this russia had retained important military bases in crimea and there was also substantial ethnic russian population in the black sea enclave. fact is that made the kremlin determined to take control of crimea. but in the final months of 2013 things were staring in the ukrainian capital kiev.
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then president viktor yushchenko vids well known for his sympathies towards moscow rejected closer ties with the european union in favor of placing ukraine effectively under russia's waiting. resulting protests brought hundreds of thousands into my down square in the center of kiev as well as other cities across the country. the russian media called all the protesters neo nazis and pro-government militia supported by snipers were ordered to put down these protests with brute force. 121 demonstrators were killed hundreds more wounded. the qana to quickly turn the tide against unocal the church and he was forced to flee eventually turning up in moscow. on
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february 26th 2014 crimean tatars clashed with their russian neighbors outside the parliament in the regional capital some for are convinced the crusher was planned to grow crime. and that it had the judges just didn't like it it was up to them but the most of which are not built up but you know the school system those that died. just like you got the rest of us what you. got. to. sit. in the early hours of the following morning c.c.t.v. footage captured armed men without insignia on their uniforms the parliament building. the next they took over the airports and blocked ukrainian military facilities. this was just the beginning.
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next week this is the truth which. could assure machine on the oppression of the new nuclear into the scriptures cooper new for the. pressure. that is going there who are. moscow claimed they were liberating crimea from right when you mists they said a taken over ukraine. russian troops and to tear it out of crimea to protect crimean people. to roar. near on that sea reach our why. so it was. a good ration protection of people. here we. couldn't move we. see it on the dollar store. only some years ago but
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there and then asked us. if we did our thing. ideally because they. thought as a given in the. grass and the green of our well you can skip us but they are violent. because a movie in time to one of my daughters. well it's there for the could in the deceased's district where you. stiff new face of sea meeting what's the stick in grozny of either me or you could go but stockholm cover season baby d.j. let. the russian forces have the right if they claimed to protect the people it was not on the station of claim it was enjoying crimea and we saw russia it was disjointed for the russian government to support crimean people because crimea people appeared to be on better sarette or chair are.
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coming. out of. the world watched impotently as russian forces took control of the entire peninsula. veteran human rights activist and crimean tatar leader most of jimmy live received an unexpected uproots from the former president of the russian republic of other stuff. meant to mean who was acting as a go between for moscow russia and nirvana near are. risky version of crème one person here reported your memory of his authority from which they were personal regarding their. nick with your scottish the rooms here for sure that emerges. in mid march to me live was us to receive a call from my little group of your own. killer one spiritual.
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you do. look stupid sped sort of going to use and i should talk with them simian is just the bottom of the shit their community gives around the world of the. brotherhood them citizens goodness they're on you know 0 but i was at the little. round order of things and it can be of interest. when you discover the. card when it. comes to grams can do better in person because in your gramma chrissy and. there up to the score is there it is in the hood of the herschel marshal in order to refute a richard really serious case russians are. not only did put in have no intention of taking his troops out of crimea he had another insurgency plan. similar taney asleep as most coups troops began arriving in crimea pro russian protests broke out in an area known as adama us in eastern ukraine. it would soon lead to an all out
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war and a surge and supported by russian troops and military equipment pushed ukraine grabbing town after town region after really. one of the key aims denied by mosco was to establish land access to crimea and in the process create a great to russia. initially the ill equipped ukrainian was pushed back but no one in the russian military had anticipated the determination of ordinary ukrainians who volunteered in their thousands to counter insurgency. put in stream of land access to crimea had been swapped to. back on the crimean peninsula with most schools forces in total control a referendum was hastily arranged which the pro russians easily won. it was.
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clear and fair that 85 percent of. operation was falls like i knew a great joy in russia. despite world condemnation russia now claim crimea as its own. and in the seek that it sees here and you look. to see what that fits in they didn't look at is this the middle watching got a deemed national but if it didn't that lead didn't like him simpleton. the formal a good start but usually the start of last year the want to kill it but those nights like. it was not in the foot and it was holy day for the people people go towards a polling station we tears in their eyes. but not all shed tears of joy for most ukrainians and thought i was living in
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crimea it was a dark day. for giving it. a life long as. they normally have followed with. this ambition appears to be echoed by the man himself in his speech to crimean russians. look at us going back you never will. keep my together for. a month putin's 1st orders was to begin working on a bridge spanning over 1000 kilometers from the russian mainland to crimea. with the annexation of the peninsula now in full flow russian strategy was about to take an ominous direction against the us who had opposed the referendum and occupation. there to reserve bonus. the printer mark the store.
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a mentor for racial regional strength and emotional. lower grants who. were survivors ascribed clearly. to that that year is near. the negro or secure open or police or. russian with the. thank you ms person should you wish the news. why. what. was. today's most affords me live lives in exile and the ukrainian capital kiev under strict warning from moscow he would be arrested
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immediately should he ever attempt to return to his home life and i am. told by. his wife sufi know remains in the family home defiant and determined that the towers will not be driven from their homeland. quite in some ways yes my a new man but am i as they did to zambia hyde's but the most they had the religion the national. my track and the law and my soil and they. and this is the land of their people the crimean tatar capital harare has been their home for centuries but since the annexation by russia tens of thousands have fled north to various parts
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of ukraine. now a muslim minority with fewer than 300000 remaining they live under the constant threat of arrest should they dare to speak out against the occupation. in the middle of the 19th century they were the majority today they make up around 20 percent of the population of crimea as 2500000 inhabitants as more and more russians are encouraged by moscow to move here. national guards this was real ritz mir and i should steve nestlé yeezy mia. totters though are distrusted by many russians they have lived here since the 14th century when various turkish tribes invaded. but their wealth depended mainly on the trading of slaves who they captured in regular raids across the region selling them on to autumn in slave markets and cost on to noble now is tumbled and
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elsewhere in the middle east. this trade was eventually brought to an end after conflicts with both ukrainians and russians and the crimean peninsula with a valuable trading post on the black sea was an extent and $783.00. since then try man ta tas have been repeatedly buffeted by their neighbors and driven from their land. in 1944 as portrayed in this drama by crimean ta-ta director when they were suspected of collaboration with the nazis joseph stalin ordered that the entire crimean tatar population be given just 15 minutes to leave their home for half. an act of ethnic cleansing which lives in the folklore of the tarnation to this day
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. was stuff a jimmy live was just a small child time. created in french period of bedsores. remember the china matter and he said there it is going to shatter and they're going to be bronze corregidor and they're going to north korea or that and russia's 3 of them. there that are over. there parachute is not assured her it's an ounce and it's care less to. her than it will hear from. the national it is the latest detail. and i put them all in the direction which room but i. no scripts for war but a. marker for the work of her
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son. thomas dancing yet more typical. is for the arts there are some restaurants are strictly on your own preventive conditioner appears here in tuscany us there are literally groceries for. parker put his can there in the portraits here. most were sent for resettlement in his book stand and over 100000 are said to have died either joining the deportation or from the diseases of famine that followed. we prefer musharraf inserted more bread in our person of a pollutant. persian wrote in part of my answer scrivener they moved for president had. read word it carried our growing person the part of principle which over the
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super for sure is preparing for this native nor. a return of their power but it's the worst part of her. murder is that the good stories and concerns are ephemeris there's a difference if appropriate courage there's an air here and i don't know. this where footage shows tarzan exiles celebrating the festival of aid. always there was just one thing on their minds. the most lot of. people i see the nationalist want us we would. then in the late 1980 s. taking advantage of mikhail gorbachev's introduction of greater freedoms in the soviet union a small number of startups led by my stuff a jew
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a live made the move back to their home without waiting for permission from moscow . it was just. didn't come up with. the bill of office. and she wanted city. hall door snick you nasha beside city i need not room cooks thank you i only have them. i kind of thought school yum yum like that about the release of been as reasonable to shasta. and 991 the
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end of the soviet union provided the opportunity the rest of the crimean thought nation had been waiting for. with the agreement of the newly independent ukraine over a $100000.00 made their way home as russia wrote a memoir doris your prayer and your group christabel sharga shergar who wrote a reverse search for mr. shriver her worst moments were. that subject it's my pleasure really so what do i care a new kenya. willing story night loads of pressure well of palatka really see me on a really that of can you start a growing list susteren laxative really if tiny it was a starter no you did wish as the way i knew when the sleighs you mean.
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but today that happiness is gone. outside the russian embassy in the ukrainian capital kiev a small demonstration is attracting media attention. yemen's cause all show because i think the me read so much as for tension i'm only in form i guess. a quest to get another crowd in the not media and you my lad almost will need on you someone getting impressed if it's a place for playing in s.c. . russian days yeah that's initially smy meant a shiny it really broke him. says he had no comment or not only it's an able to shed a good his son tony give me such when you could debate is. it a fiend it a game of is an executive of the world congress of crimean taught on us as well as
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a member of but just arise city council. his abduction just yards from his home was captured in the top corner of the picture and it's immediately clear the vehicles were lying in wait. stopping his car pulling him out of the driver's seat and binding his hands takes less than a minute. his bundled towards the side doors of a waiting van. then suddenly makes a desperate bid to escape. his soon captured again and this time he disappears into the van and is gone forever.
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story not generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives. separate the spin from the facts with the listening post. crickets biggest total is his concept england's a wild 6 weeks tell me tell you 11 venues. come australia the friend. will finally win a world cup play with al-jazeera for all the latest from the 2930 cricket world cup . the. whole world of. course of a minister of key missed. a european judge tasked with imposing your new order and a trial testing the nose of a new nation. way on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera saddam's opposition the lines of doctors group says 50 people were killed in monday's crackdown in khartoum the opposition has rejected the military plan for an election that line months saying it won't be free or fair un secretary general antonio terra's is calling for an independent investigation the polish ambassador spoke on behalf of 18 states following a closed door security council meeting that failed to reach agreement. do you need a lateral announcement to see some. appointed government and calling for elections
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to short period of time is of great concern to support the people of sudan in search for an accurate order to transition by civilians and for them to a stop to the conditions for elections to be free and. we call for an agreed transfer of power to a civilian government as the people of sudan. the us president has promised a phenomenal trade deal for a post that person donald trump held talks with the outgoing prime minister tourism a in the british capital during the 2nd day of his state visit but he seemed to ignore friction over dealings with chinese telecoms giant huawei leaving that for may's replacement and now china has issued a travel warning to citizens against traveling to the united states all working there until the end of the year the country's minister of culture and tourism cited
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the frequent shootings robbery and theft as the reason for the a trade dispute between the u.s. and china has deepened in recent weeks after talks fell apart and early may the syrian government's ally russia has blocked the u.n. security council from issuing a statement on attacks and it province the member states were expected to sound the alarm over the possibility of a humanitarian disaster because of attacks by the army on rebel controlled areas government forces launched an event offensive to recapture it lead in april. the attack in southern yemen has killed a child and wounded 6 others the rebels and rocket attacks on the areas surrounding thais there's been fighting between yemeni government forces and the who these east of the city well those are the headlines now it's back to crimea russia's dock secrets.
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49 young men have been disappeared since the forced an accession of crimea by russia on 2014 most were never seen again. the very 1st was revealing it but i came out. today his father grieves for his missing son kidnapped he says i russian security services who at my job yemenis believe that a surprise it's usually you doing so as a geisha if i felt this kind of a shock or a signal to the sheeted cops thought my report is quite amusing i think but heated by ok i mean you don't lose any with incentives for he still made me understand yeah yeah that's the whole zap through it and by he you know if you could yes nice thing i'd. throw up at their little critters ber the 3rd was around where i thought others remembered only sort of the. good or this is good riddance
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arrested the course and that this kitchen is. prettier more was sort of struck the bigger bushel. regrowing a proton is a privilege grooming you look but if you say look at it was that our sure yeah. grab macerator. do what they were good i was here for a burger porter we were there but could i could remember this. praying in a makeshift basement in a ukrainian town close to the border these men fear for their lives. recently a grenade was thrown into the mosque but didn't explode you know. we can't show their faces because many wherever possible slip back into crimea to see their families if caught the consequences can be terrifying.
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yang us against in the. new way and therefore the members of his now it is not of idea of national and i go losing him in your design to me after the violence and yet but. my reason you are going to. but i'd like. to share in the so you. dosing up with that and also in that order you see the seats in your bill the nurse general you could. mcrae you know. like so many of his fellow toddlers exile for him has been hard to take. his family had been deported by stalin in 1944 and only returned to crimea in the 1990 s. as russia's the so you are in stage school using your storage of books which are
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not a problem. and you put that well adama but they can use up any of them you. get it and you go you is not a boiler nothing but i mean that i bought or nothing but i could be so in a national id to live back i must come back i was comparing smisek story to the maya you don't wish to judge or source. sucker in your will vote at the staying in to sri shoe store store and you get a new lease on a dog but it curve was i just not original. i think i might go yes quiz show your pursuit. of or the whole presumably. becoming your. crematorium. origin or origin of the mama.
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those still living in the homeland know that they and their families and never safe . in will it does abilities it is because they're sure that it was because you want to go it took astronomy doesn't. force one to stone him 10 years mr clean us was he was ok liz dozier. russians are. yes facilitator bush should have a 1000000 but just because and it will no you don't we'll see shouldn't the committee party in the course of austin's but it's a boom of the munich is 18 year old son and his 17 year old nephew said that were taken from the street around 6 30 in the evening on september 27th 2014 he just really got to it for
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a brave inhibition. this the estimate is. suited to the shia street music store citizens it was of the ad is a misleading good that he thought he could more than xhosas just couldn't get up she sniffled us i too used to. get was not a good discussion is the other. good the circuits press when you don't just well did it gets to me seems to look pretty but he was just the host would but with new included stories motions stores not to miss conditions with the ads work or see it unless he did as used to do most of the abuse to the mutant freedom that i think is national when youth league exhibit i moved to me he used to say yes 2020 i said why did scores include that of that she's to get that just because it. up the rashid has started a support group for families of the arrested on the disappeared. when they know of
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court hearings they gathered together in a short of solidarity. when human are stores now but i must say submit a bit of what i was hoping you might have stopped eating but you might be sure to his lap for the courtesy a minute in your near process just more time you will a jury a more general question to ask but if you muslims get consideration maybe if you. just. use the witnesses they just reach put you both are idiots on the street. when you both are at them which it probably is when the suit could. would be jess adapters that assist the dentist with whom you when you must please produce good at their value i should list your kids around you they should put on the top national and state your place will not interest him in his new you. need to have seen him with missives also they put him in a which was
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a big deal mr hanssen data. but he should move the region. but there must be producers that he or she. seems so you've biskit me yes ms knight is saying here is that we need to push into a room with this treaty. and. one man the community rely on for support is lawyer i mean you could have a dino. he spends most of his working life racing between courtrooms and police stations registering his interest in someone who's been arrested before there's any opportunity to disappear them so if you go to those years i was all of. this was always limited to the beach in the world over the ballot or the law. or just a bunch of wild almost it was a new process not. a book reading. where holes lie all through those
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long single drop this is all it was for why those one needs a book up all. of all time if i'm also. missed almost gone. raids by militia supported by russia's f.s.b. secret police have become part of daily life for the crimean tatars. fearing for the well being of their people when taken into custody the community has set up a system of alerts as people rush to the scene to film movie arrests. an unknown number of those taken are currently languishing in prisons in both crimea and russia. plus a lot of the gears if you dig up on a lot of selecting most of the plot holes what. you my doubts i was gus or a touch of the vignette over possible tom became public interest came up awesome personal they're going to go to the bottom of for money or just taught. us that i
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am an upper middle not always just. basically resigning at the ballot what was a lot of the category of. scuttlebutt steadily. this don't rate time to catch their quarry asleep in bed was filmed by russia secret service the f.s.b. themselves national date of only in this ng still if that's best. and usually with most only those in the us the listener must anybody who had novel and nachiketa chats faster than his dull. after securing the arrest they spend 6 hours ransacking the house looking for incriminating evidence. all they found was
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a small collection of religious texts but that was all they needed. yes i saw one of our is packing food to deliver to the prison where since that raid her husband so they minus spent a year on remand awaiting trial. but that was it only if. he's charged with terror of fences but for the russians his real crime is live streaming raids from his mobile phone seem to be for life skill level you don't get the show. he's merely just a place when his story and you have to live in the holy day. in the region i'm so sad you physically sort of. since a limb and the rest she's been raising her children alone the youngest sophie who
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has struggled to understand it. is we're putting his life. at his. and i was then i'm. glad. and i asked what he had heard each and that is that the most to me am was more. another day another case for a meal. ticket to. a meal may not be able to keep his clients out of prison but at least he's managed to keep most of them alive. it's meant that he has become a target of the authorities himself. as. the name. of the link you must probably know is mostly known as he said all the world
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doesn't even read his. e-mail believes fear of his land is at the core of russian tactics. of fear delusion. to use the bit of percentage but he goes a little bit but is that is this a huge leap into all their images to dimia domus and whining like a daughter who has the while carli not asking is a good bit of all they. get out of the most amusing as though all evil will be dealing with the me me is not easy but to them unfazed by them that it was all mobile smallest also has a will it will revisit it or include of we can merely because our souls lost and you are the shells. at least those korans were written in russian more than 80000 books written in ukrainian have been destroyed. and for schoolchildren history
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lessons are now drenched in russian nationalism. and minutes apart was recently appointed deputy minister of information in the ukrainian government like so many others she's exiled from her crimean homeland but her family including her 10 year old brother still live there. he told her a simple story about his teacher single lesson she starts with this political conversations kind of she devotes 10 minutes she dedicated 10 minutes for the conversation on how beautiful craney unveil it is within the russian system or russia. when her young brother asked about ukraine the teacher became very angry she said oh stop it stop dreaming on the crane it will never get back here so and she was really annoyed this statue in the center of simferopol depicts
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a little girl thanking a russian soldier for liberating crimea ukraine in societies much more open and much more democratic and one of the fundamental principles fundamental values for the society is freedom is again about the wail of the queen anne's of not to be suppressed something that unfortunately is not in their reality in russia but that's not how russia sees it a majority of crimea but ours was a good stride here to rejoin russia because as a cuban money people waited by a ukrainian are sort of just drink fewer us are seeing more and more see that russian garment are try to respect rights or crimea and others. like so many others jamil calico is unable to return to his home.
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he is the crimean tatars most famous musician and it was he who rediscovered their ancient and for. the locals the good to go on hold and have the option. group them up. my are his honest if there were so there again him lemme see in the millisecond their mother so many years with us was 1st on us is that was only one of them they could have chastised you but i was listening always in my eyes because i have asked them where they are and i will do that today and i doubt there will milligan and he let on as he ever was which among us not only responding today and had complied as then either give us that in the heathen and they were so literal not to. write a t.r. was a total hours on television station based in simferopol. but soon after the annexation
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russian forces moved to close it down. today rather than giving concerts in batches or i jimmy a carrot called plays at a taco restaurant a kid. in the audience tonight is a woman who brought the crime in qatar calls to world attention. singer songwriter gemma lives in exile because a song she wrote upsets russian all 4 of us and strangers a name. oh my yes it was they stood up oh yes has my you are about syria. and the classic semana story of what chad just on the other guys have still over the north . ya spend your gums with that's going on all those as where are they and their
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fine yet. she entered the song for the your revision song contest. the final was watched by hundreds of millions across the world. 1944 a song about the deportation of qatar's under joseph stalin won the competition between the russian entry into 3rd place. young man a if it's all comes because it never will give us one at all that's above cross that. it's a volvo cop it's a vain symbol of the couple of young men's nationals handing out. much of the film with all hair. fall out of stitches saying what a cool matchup door might open all this a case casket the pro store moses do you know she's slim hope she would survive this somewhere norma.
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what with all the hopes and dreams of toronto's would go to massive blow in 2018 when vladimir putin's pet project the road and rail bridge linking crimea with a russian made land was opened. it had cost $3000000000.00 and the man himself was there to lead the procession and place his feet firmly on crimea story. a waste of a human issue union because only a few more we're not there yet sheer i knew. you might get out yeah we're british you need it here don't you put in your ladyship but i got. a valuable due here is i will do shear weschler duty. was probably not only because his decision to hold crimean squad been supported by 85 percent of
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kenyans by because he could see that crimean c.y.d. would approach and celebrate more just maybe a greater but celebrated because like europe would in decision save some thousands of cells and lives. it had been proposed to call it the reification bridge but they finally settled on a less controversial meaning simply the crimean bridge. police perceptions. why it was so important. well i think you really wanted to. let's say to leave the trades kind of to have this very physical evidence of this the union because this was something that is about showing putin as the glorious leader of russian federation that is fighting for the security of his own people
4:53 am
which is again not truth. meanwhile for the part are still living in their home things seem to be getting worse not those already perception of his release yet recovering in his post this is what is it that you might give adore him but when it's very displeased here it is if you look at it. but i don't know it's a mature is usually a time when you. shouldn't pull the nearest the fire of a sun server has been languishing in the remand prison for months for the drunken m.p.'s who were back up. here william shockley of sirius there was a myth here that this girl is. that but on much it was the discipline of the daily news just. getting every live thought of in that. bradley will be
4:54 am
highly. moral so ever will be taken to court and his parents are meeting with lawyers to see what can be done. no family members will be allowed inside the court where he faces the usual terrorism related charges. so the whole will only you were what a cook at you go to your machine accused of working as one politician material if you were a new age in britain assume this we nickel they must at least privately will see this. communion use a sheet of work up of interest near me boot of a new my head to the gutter circuit or a new place the lesser game i wish but bold red on broken roller for is a 1000000000 dollar i mean there is yet still is this a good that still yet. we did win simply go was really young is now cut notion of a nice a pretty poor guy would need to win his deal. a number
4:55 am
of thought are men including servants the 5 will appear in court today and supporters of arrived to see if they can catch even a glimpse of the accused. in 30 birthdays just last month news. we initially by did say that when a business such as this to the last name does that as easily. as they enter the story you quite sure they'll issue a list of all of this. one by one the men are led into the court house. and.
4:56 am
the very last to service the 5. year old a smile of the fine stretching across his face. his family at least know that he is alive. others can only wait. but their hope is fading. hello the thunderstorms now and in the forecast throughout the u.s.
4:57 am
for principally the plain states are still big still by well bring hail and slight wind damage and huge amounts of rain but tornadoes are much lower risk at the moment his typical early summer weather now doesn't help very much that down the mississippi the missouri and the arkansas 3 major river systems it is still flooding in many places and that flood is moving downstream so if you had more to it well it just gets worse as it were that's a general picture warm humid and quite a few thunderstorms around for many many states further west you are part of the further north you are the better it is and the point of view of sunshine of what's happening in the skies and francisco about 18 degrees denver the $26.00 but hey you got prone to a few showers in the east coast too was fairly sherry but toronto's in the sunshine slightly warmer at 19 on thursday so the caribbean we've seen weeks now of fairly frequent showers it's clouding up again the restaurants are these 3 haiti going to republican further west with big showers of possible what was
4:58 am
a mass of rain over mexico does not like develop into very much there's always a possibility it would but the bin big showers recently was some local flooding they're going to i think become rather less over the next couple of days. a $150000000.00 strings disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from uk cycling to save the forests the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans. to conserving the world's dwindling wetlands 3 of the aids world's global bird migration of life intersect right where we are the basic discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special that lands on the floor at frys ecosystems inlet on al-jazeera june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst
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air pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and how tom join us for special coverage of the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence as it used to shape our world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in a brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. talk to al jazeera. we ask problems of the signs of the instability is corruption we listen. or push the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0.
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0. where ever you. al-jazeera. i missed your 10 this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes condemnation at the un of the violence in sudan as doctors in the country say the death toll from the crackdown has risen to 60 with hundreds critically injured. they report from a camp in northern syria where thousands of displaced people are facing eviction. 200000 people attend a vigil in hong kong.


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