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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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again. condemnation of the un and of the violence and doctors in the country say the death toll from the crackdown has risen to 60 with hundreds critically injured. hello i'm down jordan this is our 0 a lawyer from the also coming up. i believe it would be good for the country yes u.s. president donald trump says britain has brought days ahead after leaving the e.u. adding he's committed to a phenomenal post brings the trade. division continues in the gulf as the blockade of qatar enters its 3rd year. and we report from a company in syria where thousands of displaced people are facing eviction.
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8 european countries have condemned the violent crackdown on protesters in sudan which left at least 60 people dead and hundreds injured the statement followed a closed door security council meeting on the worsening situation we'll have more from the u.n. shortly but 1st the latest from khartoum on tuesday sydney's opposition leaders called the military attack a bloody massacre and they're rejecting the plan for an election in 9 months time alexia brought reports. they're being called barricades of anger at the latest effort by protestors to pressure the ruling military council to hand over power to civilians. these prayers not only mocking the muslim aid holiday but also remembering those who cannot join them the victims of what protesters say was a brutal massacre witnesses described finding bodies burnt in tents after an attack by security forces on the camp in khartoum that protesters saw as
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a shrine to their revolution they say some of the dead were taken by armed forces and others dumped in the river this video which can't be verified shows crowds gathering as bodies are pulled from the water. the military's being accused of trying to stop the violence being documented and shared by confiscating mobile phones. next week will begin our civil disobedience the military council has cut off the internet they cut off the telecommunication networks to cover their crimes we promise we'll unveil the military's crimes committed on the streets from killing to rape to humiliate to fear we will continue this revolution the crackdown appears to be continuing activists report raids by a paramilitary group on hospitals looking for injured protesters and the medical workers treating them. and one of the rapid support forces came in and attacked me and he hit me here and over here as well may god punish them the doctors union says
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the savage beating suffered by patients and their colleagues a part of a wider campaign of violence yesterday we have not looked as a bit rate. since the women have been raped in one of the nearby. neighborhoods to the headquarters of the military council this it which and cannot carry on. the military judge has apologized for the violence and says it will investigate its called for elections within 9 months something the opposition has rejected when we consider it a statement of a coup and a counter attack on the people's revolution and we were a few to do all from its beginning to the end we refused to call for an early election and reconsider the statement of the military council conforms with the counter-revolution and this linked to the interests of the old regime just weeks ago protesters gathered full of hope that talks with the military council were on the verge of a breakthrough. now their current has turned to anger and protesters say they won't
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back down alexei o'brian al jazeera. and as you mentioned the u.n. security council failed to reach a joint position on sudan in a closed door meeting more on that now from our diplomatic editor james bays. the security council was briefed behind closed doors on the latest developments in khartoum by the secretary general special adviser almost situation in sudan nicholas hastened i'm very concerned about the situation in khartoum and i think that represents a position of the international community i don't want to engage to mention a discussion as to who should do what because we're still hoping to play a role in bringing the parties together we haven't given up hope that a solution is still possible you can just. as soon as i can mr hasten told reporters he'd like to see a common international position on the situation in the sudan but the security
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council couldn't come up with that they couldn't come up with a statement on the killing of protesters by the military i'm told that china adamantly refused the draft statement saying it was an internal matter they were backed in that by russia and kuwait said the draft needed amendments so instead the ambassadors from the european countries gave their own statement we call for an immediate secession of violence accountability for crimes committed and underlined the responsibility of the transitional military council in ensuring the safety of the sudanese do you need announcement to see snickers he sends a point that government and for elections to short period of time is of great concern those are the words i think european ambassadors would have liked to have
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seen in a common security council statement but now sudan has become the latest country where the security council is divided. the u.s. president has promised a phenomenal trade deal for a post brags that britain donald trump held talks with the outgoing prime minister to resume made during his 2nd day of a state visit but he seemed to ignore. chinese telecoms leaving that some made replacement john a whole has more now from london. what in other circumstances would be a significant meeting was on this occasion far more low key the u.s. president alongside a british prime minister on the verge of stepping down for the past 2 and a half the president and i have had the privilege of being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries there was no avoiding breaks it and opposed trade deal between the 2 countries donald trump is a big fan of both i would say i would think that it will happen and it probably
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should happen this is a great great country and it wants its own identity it wants to have its own borders it wants to run its own affairs is a very very special place and i think it deserves a special place on the top line point of contention between the 2 sides the role of the chinese telecoms giant in building the u.k.'s 5 g. network president trump seemed to brush the issue aside there will be an agreement he said not to worry he seemed to imply leave it to mrs may's successor on which point the president has made his views very public indorsing top contenders boris johnson the former foreign secretary and the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt . environment minister michael gove also a front runner he said he didn't know very well there was talk of a one on one meeting it was as if the former reality t.v. star was back candidates this time for the job of british prime minister at the
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business end of this state visit donald trump was most at home around a table talking deals. besides the glamour of a state visit the lavish attention of royalty great britain wants a valued and strategic partner is to this president it seems a deal waiting to be done. al-jazeera london well it was a major concern in the u.k. of a trump's comments about the nation's public health service being up for negotiation in any future trade deal but just hours later he appeared to step back from those comments i don't see it being on the table somebody asked me a question today and i say everything's up for negotiation because everything is but i don't see that being that's something that i would not consider part of trade that's not trade or several 1000 demonstrators marched through central london in protest against the u.s. president's visit but turnout was below expectations prompting trump to snow said
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as a small protest when it was that. it was billed as a carnival of resistance and the demonstrations certainly included elements of performance as well as protest costumes and fancy dress one group dressed as characters from the 100 maids tale some placards were simple others. many simply too profane to show on television or even trump impersonators we have reached a deal to. the 6 meter tall trump baby blimp was back after 1st appearing in 2018 of the republican effigy titles dumped trump made its debut this year i do respect him not to see but i'm ashamed of this country for inviting him and treating him with pomp and dignity i think that the british didn't think you'd be able to kind of. fascist a short distance from where the president was meeting the prime minister the stage
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had been set up to host several high profile speakers. we are young we are old we're why we disabled and. where the hollow wonderful mosaic of diversity and inclusion that we represent on this demonstration today i. know there were isolated confrontations between protesters and some vocal pro trump individuals but they were quickly contained. protest organizers had anticipated a degree of outrage for teagan certainly the numbers on this protest are a fraction of the 250000 the turned out when president last came to london in 2018 on the last visit to the us president has succeeded in uniting a kaleidoscope of different courses from pro-feminist the fascists. when he was
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asked by journalists about the protests outside president trump claimed to have seen only cheering supporters as the demonstration he said was a small protest in the media attention obvious fake news i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say but you saw the the people waving the american flag waving your flag it was tremendous spirit and love for the most part the public is being kept well back from the president and his own but if president trump was really oblivious to the chorus of booing his motorcade left downing street it can only have been because of the remarkable sound proofing of his official limousine. brennan al-jazeera central london. spent 2 years in saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain initiated a blockade planning doha was a supporter of terrorism it's a claim that kept on how strongly refuted the crisis affected many areas and created further instability in the region the reports. a handshake between saudi
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king salmon bin abdulaziz and the qatari prime minister but if anyone saw this is a sign of warming relations between the 2 countries they'd be wrong that was a week ago and despite the most high profile meeting between the qataris and saudis in 2 years is the g.c.c. is still in crisis and very much divided and also we had reservations about many parts of the statement these elements include 1st the issue of only condemning iran and the escalation against in the absence of any moderate policy to engage in dialogue with iran. the statement also mentioned the united goal whereas the night of the gulf war we have 3 gulf states blockading another gulf state ever since saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind and egypt imposed a land air and sea blockade on cattle in june 2017 the gulf cooperation council has been at olds. the g.c.c.
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has held 2 summits in saudi arabia and one in kuwait which has led mediation efforts at the 1st summit since the blockade began a catalyst to mean been hammered out that he attended but his adversaries said the foreign minister is their absence was seen as a snub to kuwait's attempt to heal the rift throughout the dispute catto has strongly denied claims made by the saudis and generalities the doha supports terrorism or is too close to iran. be groups have been engaged in cattle's foreign ministry has arranged meetings with representatives from dozens of countries with the i'm a and foreign minister touring the world. riyadh and abu dhabi will say been busy with media campaigns against cattle including one targeting the 2022 world cup yet both have been dealing with crises of their own the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in istanbul and accusations that it was ordered by crown prince mohammed bin salmond have damaged the kingdom's image. so has the war in
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yemen and the humanitarian disaster it's caused. the amorality s. and saudis have been accused of committing human rights violations there and cattle says that's the real reason it's being targeted by its neighbors but the blockade appears to have had little effect in the past 2 years trade between cattle and the rand has increased and qatari media outlet al jazeera and others are operating freely despite demands by the saudis and them are artie's for their closure qatar is a country that is immensely grown and has a lot of positive developments since the crisis because they have a lot more freedom to maneuver freedom to choose their suppliers choose their partners in the region without being hamstrung or tied down to saudi dictate as the g.c.c. crisis and does its 3rd year division and distrust between the councils members appear to be becoming the norm and if people in the gulf begin to accept that
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reality that could make changing it more difficult in the long run victoria gate and b. al-jazeera will the national human rights committee in qatar says it's received more than $4000.00 cases of complaints from qatar is who've been affected by the blockade have been 661 complains about family separations and lengthy procedures to obtain visitor visas 525 in the air of education with qatari students being asked or forced to discontinue their studies 1300 complained they have no freedom of movement of what is an analyst on the on the gulf cooperation council based in washington d.c. he says the fact that qatar sent its prime minister to last week's g.c.c. summit is a good sign. the invitation came after extensive u.s. diplomatic pressure the united states had initially wanted all the g.c.c. leaders including emir to me to participate but for dictatorial stay would only participate once the blockade has been lifted and sensed that it was not in the
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cards this time they decided to honor the american request by sending a senior official but still one level below the head of state absolutely the united states consistently called for g.c.c. reconciliation and the way that the diplomatic game is played us that it is officially spearheaded by kuwait who has a long tradition of mediating within g.c.c. disputes bought wit american backing in. india back what is important to understand us that. caught their face an existential military threat 2 days into the book. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back as the west bank and gaza as the mark 52 years of occupation we look at the issue of land at the heart of the conflict. come a trumpet ministration moves to reimpose some of the sanctions on cuba eased by
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barack obama in that state. hello the thunderstorms now and in the forecast throughout the u.s. for principally the plain states are still big still bay will bring hail and slight wind damage and huge amounts of rain but tornadoes are much lower risk at the moment his typical early summer weather now doesn't help very much that down the mississippi the missouri in the arkansas 3 major river systems it is still flooding in many places and that flood is moving downstream so if you add more to it well it just gets worse as it were that's a general picture warm humid and quite a few thunderstorms around for many many states further west you are and part of the further north you are the better it is and the point of view of sunshine of what's happening in the skies and francisco about 18 degrees denver the 26 but here you've got prone to a few showers in the east coast too was fairly sherry but toronto's in the sunshine
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slightly warmer at 19 on thursday so the caribbean we've seen weeks now of fairly frequent showers it's clouding up again the lesser antilles up through haiti going to republican further west with big showers of possible what was a mass of rain over mexico does not like develop into very much there's always a possibility it would but the bin big showers recently was some local flooding they're going to i think become rather less over the next couple of days. a $150000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from cycling to safe it finds the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans. to conserving the well when dealing with. 8 year olds global bird migrations life intersects right where we discovered
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a treasure try it is one of the most special that lands on the plate after ice ecosystem it on al jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera a doctor's group aligned with protesters in saddam says at least 60 people have been killed by security forces since monday 8 european countries have condemned the bottom crackdown following a meeting of the un security council protesters object to the military's plan for an election and 9 months saying it won't be free and fair. u.s. president donald trump has promised the u.k. a phenomenal trade deal once it leaves the e.u. he also called for a united front against iran on the 2nd day of his state visit. now after 52 years
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of israel's occupation of the west bank and the gaza strip lambing remains at the heart of the conflict between palestinians and israelis the palestinians say they're being denied permission to build homes by israeli authorities with a lack of land for development their way of life is under threat maybe abraham reports now from the occupied west bank. low rise buildings were once common in villages in the occupied west bank but not anymore even in older areas that are now how the buildings that many say are destroying the traditional nature of these villages life in palestinian villages once revolved around farming in single story stone houses in the village of caught on the north east of jerusalem this is how much things have changed over the last decade. an hour's drive from qatar not seventy's village it's mayor says efforts to maintain its heritage are often hampered due to lack of land in most part of the villages really permission is needed to carry out any construction. of
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a secure the population is always increasing but the permitted building areas shrinking the mangos up and there's a limited supply of people trying to expand to the areas controlled by israel but they prevent us from building there so we go back to areas we can build on since they also agreement between israel and the palestine liberation organization in 190360 percent of the west bank has been under israeli control and israeli human rights organization been calm says only one in $100.00 requests by palestinians to build have been approved in these areas land in the remaining areas falls under palestinian control and as demand has risen so has the price the palestinian population in the west bank has increased 5 times since 1967 while the land that allowed to build on has remained limited and that's frustrating palestinian urban planners this is a part of the construction is natural development but the problem is that we're losing them and we're starting to see a mix of elements and the overall image doesn't have a palestinian identity high buildings are built up and wrong places without
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planning there's random building and random demolition. but when it comes to illegal israeli settlements critics say the situation is reversed peace now organization says during the past decade i don't 20000 new israeli settlement units have been built here in the west bank illegal israeli settlements are expanding at the expense of palestinian lands and these open areas are off limits for palestinians but some of them are still building anyway even though they don't have permission from the israeli authorities. to bring him back when it's taking that risk of building even though many people he knows have received demolition orders or had their homes destroyed and when they should when and we want to have houses what other choices do we have if i build here i want to find other places land prices a very expensive so i build on a rooftop. with a growing population in the west bank and limited land to expand into palestinians here are having to adapt to a new way of living and it's not one many of them would choose. the occupied west
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bank. and how a force that joins us live now from occupied east jerusalem how he saw a big day it is not only a sight. it is yes the 1st day of aid and it's always a colorful scene early in the morning here in occupied east jerusalem as tens of thousands of people make their way up towards the al aqsa mosque compound we've been witnessing that families on their way up there for these important phrase the president to get underway about 20 minutes ago now and so they they will finish reading expect people to start coming out again of course this particular aide being somewhat rare in the fact that there's been disagreement between various muslim bodies in different parts and at least as to when exactly it started so for saudi arabia and others it started on all of these ramadan ended on monday nights
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for the palestinian authorities for jordan syria others iran it started ramadan ended last night and this is the 1st day he'd said people have had to wait an extra day we've had one person from hebron telling us that the restrictions the . checkpoints opening hours between the west bank the occupied west bank and here have made it more difficult for him to get here he had to come the previous night in order to make sure he got here on time but now the people are going up and have been praying at this holiest site obviously a pretty joyous atmosphere and having the attentions at the side on sunday i mean how are things the bag so far. on so far peaceful and things seem to be progressing. pretty pretty normally yes there were tensions on sunday on. the resulin day for israel and for many nationalist activists and religious nationalists. on the israeli side it's
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a day where they march through the old city waving israeli flags and usually towards the end of ramadan such people would not be allowed into the locks a mosque compound itself known as the temple mount to choose for some reason the police having indicated that they wouldn't that people non muslims in decided to do so anyway and as a result there were protests of course this is also as you just hearing from need on the 52nd anniversary of what the palestinians will not serve the israeli victory in the 6 day war the 967 war which began the occupation so there is some sort of political background to all of this but so far most people here are treating this as a religious festival day and they're keen to get on with the celebrations for he'd already thank you. now thousands of internally displaced people at a camp in northern syria have been threatened with eviction some costs and the reports now from in the province. this is one of the many camps that the syrian
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internally displaced people could find refuge after the syrian regime intensified its bombardment in the solve this problem is mainly in this southern cities and towns and there are nearly $1500.00 civilians residing in this camp and that most of them look at this camp in the month of ramadan when rush hour assad and his allies began airstrikes and the civilians here are taking refuge under these all of trees and they they have covered the coward around the trees with the blankets they have and some other materials that they can have they are telling us that when their city was bombarded it was only their clothes and a few blankets that they could hardly take with them and they ran away from their homes to the turkish border here to find refuge the situation is very dire in the camps their supplies are cut the hygiene is the huge problem here as you can see
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here they have water problem as well this water for instance is being used for washing purposes and they are they are short in drinking water as well they're telling us but that telling us that they were delivered aid during only during the month of ramadan one meal a day and which is not enough for $300.00 families living in this camp. the problems are that little look at conditions we will change we want supplies research to get all of growers we are waiting for help from the international community. saying it's very bad there's garbage right there in sex a lot of disease children to seek some women gave birth here are better at the front line so we don't have to monitor this lives because previous properly here the majority of those 1500 people deciding in this camp are mainly women and children and children are suffering because of hot weather they're suffering from.
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and their mothers tell us that they have knocks us to the hospitals and some people die because the ambulances aren't fast enough to pick them up but the worst thing is that here the owner of this land is telling those $300.00 families in this camp to move out as soon as the islamic fees ends and they tell us that they have no idea where to go but we are hearing that the local government here the local administration is doing is.


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