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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and killed by security forces since monday following a meeting of the un security council 8 european countries that condemn the crackdown protesters are projected the military's plan for an election and 9 months time saying it won't be free for. u.s. president donald trump has promised the u.k. what he called a phenomenal trade deal once it leaves the european union he also called for a united front against iran the 2nd day of the state visit. and it's been 2 years in saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain began a blockade on qatar claiming to have i was a supporter of terrorism it's a. strong values. but after 52 years of israel's occupation of the west bank and gaza strip the land remains at the heart of the conflict between palestinians and israelis the palestinians say israeli authorities are denying them permission to build homes and with a lack of land for development their way of life is now under threat may bring reports in the occupied west but low rise buildings were once common in villages in the occupied west bank but not anymore even in older areas that are now how
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buildings that many see are destroying the traditional nature of these villages life in palestinian villages once revolved around farming in single story stone houses in the village of east of jerusalem this is how much things have changed over the last decade. an hour's drive from qatar not seventy's village it's mayor says efforts to maintain its heritage are often hampered due to lack of land in most part of the villages really permission is needed to carry out any construction . of a secure the population is always increasing but the permitted building areas shrinking the mangos up and there's a limited supply of people trying to expand to the areas controlled by israel but they prevent us from building there so we go back to areas we can build on since they also agreement between israel and the palestine liberation organization in 190360 percent of the west bank has been under israeli control and israeli human rights organization been calm says only one in $100.00 requests by palestinians to
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build have been approved in these areas land in the remaining areas falls under palestinian control and as demand has risen so has the price the palestinian population in the west bank has increased 5 times since 1967 while the land that allowed to build on has remained limited and that's frustrating palestinian urban planners this is part of the construction is natural development but the problem is that we're losing them and we're starting to see a mix of elements and the overall image doesn't have a palestinian identity high buildings are built up and wrong places without planning there's random building and random demolish and. but when it comes to illegal israeli settlements critics say the situation is reversed peace now organization says during the past decade i don't 20000 new israeli settlement units have been built here in the west bank illegal israeli settlements are expanding at the expense of palestinian lands and these open areas are off limits for palestinians but some of them are still building anyway even though they don't have
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permission from the israeli authorities. to bring him back when it's taking that risk of building even though many people he knows have received demolition orders or had their homes destroyed and when they should win and we want to have houses what other choices do we have if i build here i won't find other places land prices are very expensive so i build on the rooftop with a growing population in the west bank and limited land to expand into palestinians here are having to adapt to a new way of living and it's not one many of them would choose. the occupied west bank for a force that has more occupied east jerusalem. well the main pres have now taken place and people are starting to come back out from the al aqsa mosque compound in the old city in occupied east jerusalem just behind us here a rare event this year in that there's been some disagreement between the muslim authorities in various parts of the middle east as to exactly when aid should fall
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for saudi arabia and others they deem that it fell the end of ramadan fell on monday night here for the palestinians and for jordan and other areas they determined that ramadan finished last night tuesday night and that is why here this is the 1st day of aids so one extra day of fasting for people here before they were able to get on with the celebrations today and the prayers here islams the holiest site there has been some political background to all of this in the last couple of days of course today it is the 2nd anniversary of what the palestinians call not serve the israeli victory in the 6 day war the 1967 war which began the occupation here and in the west bank but also in the last few days there's been some tension at the site itself sunday was jerusalem day when israel celebrates the the day that israeli forces seized and start of the occupation of east
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jerusalem usually towards the end of ramadan jewish people would not be allowed non muslims would not be allowed inside the alexa mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews for some reason police having indicated that they would uphold that understanding decided instead to allow non muslims in so there were some 1200 jewish activists who went in there was some protests and tensions at the site during the course of sunday today though the atmosphere is very different is a day of celebration for tens of thousands of people here at islam's 3rd holiest site. 2 doctors and a nurse of been suspended in south africa after being accused of tying up a 76 year old patient the plight of the woman is the latest example of what critics say are terrible conditions in underfunded hospitals are tasa reports from pretoria . when martha marie became so sick she couldn't eat her family took her to public health hospital deliver 76 year old would start for a few hours when a daughter stephanie returned she was appalled that the on the floor cold floor in
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the middle of winter no bring that rain started we are in the back. to a still to stay still building for food the legs of us still be in charge you even start doing that. a video posted by a family on social media has gone viral 2 doctors a nurse and a security guard have been put on special leave while investigators find out what exactly happened at the hospital in pretoria. we put up the poles in my tweet a lot of people is responded saying but there's a poem to my date any died a couple of days later and there's a bunch of my mom and we wanted to take pictures in and the nurses screamed if we break out of our phones i will pick it so people are intimidated when they want to do the right thing to expose their. experts say health facilities.
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budget cuts. aren't properly trained to handle difficult situations. last year a judge ordered a provincial government to pay $15000000.00 in damages to families of the least $144.00 psychiatric patients he said. after being moved. it other. government officials say they are trying to fix problems in the health care. is to make sure. to look at. it because i think it's a. problem in. our stuff with.
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relatives of martha my re says she's been traumatized by experience and want justice for what happened how to. trumpet ministrations imposing major new travel restrictions on visits to cuba by u.s. citizens the treasury department says it will no longer allow group educational or cultural travel to the island one of the most popular forms of tourism from the u.s. and also deny permission for private and corporate aircraft and boats is part of efforts by the u.s. to pressure over what it calls cuba's destabilizing role in the region including its support for president nicolas maduro of venezuela under former u.s. president barack obama the white house eased sanctions travel and financial restrictions and established formal diplomatic ties well i white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has more. these are major travel restrictions put in place by the trumpet ministration effectively blocking what was considered to be the most popular form of travel to cuba and that is travel that took place through
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a loophole in existing travel restrictions allowing for those to transit to cuba through organized tour groups as well as on cruise ships not only has this been blocked but the state department with its announcement has also ended travel by private citizens u.s. citizens who were perhaps going to cuba on a yacht or even a private aircraft now the reason for this punitive action we're told is that the united states continues to believe as it has said many times before that cuba is responsible for what it sees as destabilizing activity within the western hemisphere that is propping up governments that the united states does not support particularly in but as well as well as in the now this is a major departure from the actions of the obama white house that of course had eased travel restrictions to cuba not only are tighter restrictions in place but now as well the only form of travel that really seems to still be allowed under the
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trumpet ministration is that of commercial airline flight to support what the united states is calling lawful forms of family travel i mean aside to florida for a police officer has been arrested for failing to confront a gunman during a match shooting at a high school last year the officer that was working as a security guard at the school when a gunman killed 17 people in february and faces charges of child neglect negligence and poser. china has issued a travel warning to its citizens against traveling to the u.s. or working there until the end of the year the country's minister of culture and tourism cited frequent shootings robbery and 5th as a reason for the alert a trade dispute between the u.s. and china has deepened in recent weeks the talks fell apart in early may australian police have raided the offices of the national broadcaster a.b.c. it's over a series of articles from 2017 on killings allegedly carried out by australian
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special forces in afghanistan the a.b.c. says it stands by its journalists that the raid raises concerns of the freedoms of the press on tuesday police into the home of the news corp sunday political editor of a work published last year on plans to expand domestic surveillance. if you're one of the millions of people worldwide obsessed with not telling you many to think about rationing your supplies that's because workers at the world's biggest not in a factory have gone on strike 160 staff members of walked off the job to demand better pay and improve working conditions at the site in france the facility in normandy produces 600000 jobs of the tele every day. part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera sudan's opposition aligned doctors group says 60 people were killed in monday's crackdown in khartoum the opposition has rejected the military's plan for an election in 9 months time saying it would
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be free or fair with the un security council has held a closed door meeting on for them the 2nd general antonio good tears is calling for an independent investigation the polish ambassador spoke following the council meeting on behalf of 8 e.u. states. do you need a lateral announcement to see sniggers houston's appointed government and calling for elections we see no to short period of time is of great concern we support the people of sudan in search for a neck reset and already transition led by civilians and for them to establish the conditions for elections we have to be free and. we call a fanatic greed transfer of power to a civilian led government paid to people of sudan. the us president has promised what he called a phenomenal trade deal for post briggs's britain donald trump held talks with the outgoing prime minister to resign may during the 2nd day of his state visit but he
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seemed to ignore friction of dealings with chinese telecoms giant who are way believing that the major placement it's been 2 years since saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain began a blockade on qatar claiming doha was a supporter of terrorism an accusation that qatar strongly the now is doha said dialogue can bring about a peaceful settlement of the dispute the trouble ministration is imposing major new travel restrictions on visits to cuba by u.s. citizens the treasury department says it will no longer allow a group educational or cultural travel to the island it also deny permission of a private and corporate aircraft and boats if the u.s. is latest move to pressure have honor of what it calls cuba's destabilizing role in the region. and china has issued a travel warning to its citizens against traveling to the united states or working there until the end of the year the country's minister of culture and tourism cited the frequent shootings robbery and theft as a reason for the alert
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a trade dispute between the u.s. and china has deepened in recent weeks after talks fell apart in may for those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream stage and then so much by fire. al-jazeera. problems of besides the instability is corruption we listen because i hadn't been so who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. how are some of the world's most influential women leading the charge for gender equality melinda gates julie a large and winnie the any amount joined the stream live from the women deliver conference and then convert canada. today will discuss their leadership their careers and the importance of mentorship have questions tweet me not
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a stream. women to labor the world's largest conference on gender equality and the health rights and wellbeing of girls and women is expected to bring more than $6000.00 participants together from more than $160.00 countries the conference kicked off in vancouver canada with canadian prime minister justin trudeau sharing some opening remarks individuals and interest groups are trying to roll back women's rights and politicians are giving into the pressure shamefully campaigning to undo women's hard won victories. that's a daunting reality to face my friends we are powerless it's up to us to fight women. and gender diverse people. neighbors and communities all of us standing together all of us standing strong.
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we're thrilled to have with us 3 powerhouse women leading the charge for gender equality from the women deliver conference melinda gates is co-chair of the bill and melinda gates foundation she's also author of the moment of lift how empowering women changes the world when he be any amount is the executive director of oxfam international she is a leader on women's rights democratic governance and peace fielding she has served 11 years in the ugandan parliament the african union commission and us director of gender and development at the united nations development program and julie a large who served as an australian prime minister from 2010 until 2013 and is currently board chair add global partnership for education and the chair at the global institute for women's leadership at king's college in london welcome to the program everyone i'm so excited to have this chat with you today and so is our
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audience so we've got so many comments and questions from people online who are young female leaders themselves i want to dive right in starting with a tweet we got from someone named. she says i joined youth leadership in my country and one of the most devastating challenges that i face was electorate expected money and there were powerful men interested who asked for sexual favors in turn for financial support i refused and i lost you goes on to say i lost the election but not my integrity from that i learned that there is a price for ambition and as a young person if that price involves your integrity it is too high of a price to pay. i'm now offering leadership in other ways like mentorship she goes on to say subsequently in another tweet when you are her role model so i'm going to direct this one to you when it comes to there being a price to pay that involves your integrity has that happened to you in your life
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and what would you tell someone like a hammer. thank you when they cut yes it's happened to me i grew up in here gunda like a hernia at a time of conflict. a grew up seeing the worst excesses of a dictator india mean killing people rape of women kidnappings and so on but one thing i learned from my parents was this is not normal saying no resist stand up for your rights be safe don't get killed but don't surrender your rights and i didn't there was a price i fled my country at the cameras she gee but i channeled that anger that i heard it is injustice to movements human rights movements a joint others where fight he gives colonialism that against apartheid women's
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rights organizations and became an activist serious activist learning to organize with other people to create the world i believe in that's what i say to our media join others joining a movement youth organization women's rights are going to raise nations and fight for the world you want you could do it alone join others stand up for it is right moment i can see you nodding there how has your own personal trajectory led you to where you are well i've been lucky enough to be around her of the bill and melinda gates foundation and i've been traveling for 20 years and i think one of the things that.


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