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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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it's for kids venezuelan kids to study the in the ankle won't be asked and for seniors and people who were in urgent medical need so that's what we're seeing right now it's an easing of the situation however as you're saying people are piling got things crossing is not that easy even on the legal bridges because they were blocked with containers by the venice but on government and those containers are still there sort of somehow is colombia handling this influx than. well it's definitely one of the biggest crisis toward the governments here how to deal with it at least for now 1300000 venezuelans that are already inside colombia the 10s of thousands that cross on a daily basis through these illegal crossings are already legally in search of goods goods in search of informal jobs so far what the colombian government has
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been doing mostly to issue a very large number of temporary working permits but colombia has so far doesn't want to recognize them as refugees something that the u.n. says now the international community should do when discussing ways to deal with this extra there is the largest possibly that last you know mike has ever seen now we also know that the mayors and governors of the cities and regions along the border between colombia and business well are asking for more help they say that's the social services are under huge strain extensionally medical services that their hospitals are collapsing and that's because now we're seeing a large number of venice what is that riding with more complicated that the season is. only says that it's very difficult for these small towns in colombia to deal
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with it's a very complicated that is to ation and of course what colombia is hoping for is that a change of regime or at least the beginning of a transitional period going towards new elections inside business whenever we don't see anything happening this ruling in that direction and that the temps now at talks that were started by an international coalition of european countries also seems to be faltering the leader of the elf position which many international countries recognize as a sort of a parallel presidency inside of venezuela one why does that those stocks at least for now are not going anywhere alexandra thank you. just a day after a deal between the u.s. and mexico on tariffs and immigration migrants continue to make the journey between guatemala and mexico the southern border mexico's the point 6000 national guard
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troops to its border with guatemala to try to stem the flow of migrants who are trying to get to the u.s. it is suspended the u.s. had suspended plans to impose tariffs on all mexican goods as part of this deal rob reynolds has more from washington. the u.s. threat to impose punitive tariffs on mexico led to a week of intense negotiations ending in a last minute accord president donald trump announced in a tweet the united states of america has reached and signed agreement with mexico the tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the u.s. on monday against mexico are hereby indefinitely suspended mexico in turn has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of migration through mexico and to our southern border this is being done to greatly reduce or eliminate illegal immigration coming from mexico and into the united states mexican foreign minister marcello said the 2 sides reached a compromise but he said it was i think it's
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a fair balance because the us had more drastic proposals at the start and we have reached a middle point that we agreed to support mexico's proposal to support the central american countries. mexico had already agreed to send troops to its border with what amala to control the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. it's now also agreed the u.s. could send asylum seekers who've entered the united states back to mexico to await legal rulings on their status but the us had to give up on its earlier demand that all guatemalan asylum seekers be deported to mexico and that honduran and salvadoran asylum seekers sent to guatemala the agreement also calls for the u.s. and mexico to work together to improve economic conditions and security in impoverished crime ridden central american countries the root causes of migration the deal is
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a political victory for trump who has made stopping migration the central pillar of his political brand and who had faced opposition from within his party to the proposed tariffs rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. ileum fresco is a former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration at the u.s. department of justice he joins us via skype now from washington thanks very much for being with us i'm not sure if we still if we still have in this at this point i'm told that we've just lost our connection to him and i'm being told we we do have him can you hear me sir yes i can ok excellent our so i want to ask you then. what do you make of the of the legal issues that this throws up now because the this declaration at least as the state department has announced it is saying that mexico will accept an expansion of the trumpet ministrations program to make some migrants wait in mexico while there are saddam claims are heard in the united
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states what sort of legal issues does that raise for you then. well it raises the legal issues of whether the people who are declaring fear from the lot of mylan and el salvadoran gangs that are that they're fleeing from actually safe in mexico while they're waiting for their a phylum playing it's often not they to be waiting at mexico or by slate for months and months they can possibly a to have a claim an immigration court in the united states and it also raises the issue of well who are you going to get represent you in your immigration court proceeding you have to get a lawyer that will be crossing from the united states into mexico with you about your kate and all of the hail will need to be worked out by the drug administration is trying to get it from breathing room because the numbers continue to go up on the other border this would be. something of
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a climb down though by. president chummed i wouldn't because this is this was one of the reported key demands would was to get mexico to take in asylum seekers. who were coming from guatemala and other places heading for the u.s. and process their claims on that on their own soil soil from the beginning they didn't get that did that correct what they wanted originally was something called the say 3rd country agreement which is that mexico would be considered a state 3rd country that if you arrived in mexico that's where you have the phylum that the united states and mexico just simply doesn't have the infrastructure to agree to that and so even if you place power from mexico there was no way mexico were going to agree to accept hundreds of thousands of people in mexico in order to process for filing claims now the complication is need be of get reached every few months between the united states and mexico but at the end of the day the question then becomes ok well what happens on the border do they end up not really caring
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and they're letting the people cross into the united states and that's kind of what i asked. every month when we reach mexico it's very rare that you actually get congress and the problem i get result from the devil is going to be at the detail here how are they that they like to reimplement what do you say to those who argue that this. this kind of sending sending so many of these migrants backed 2 or at least a certain number of them back to mexico where they asylum claims will while they wait there for their asylum claims in the u.s. is a violation of their rights because once they enter u.s. soil they can claim they can legally claim asylum and stay in the united states while the case is is being heard a while back that that certainly is a claim that right now is making its way through the courts the 9th circuit court
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of appeals has allowed that practice to continue although it waiting it while waiting on the for the issue while it's letting it continue and the question is to be decided by the court which is are you violating a file of law if someone is thinking of phylum in the united states and you're reporting back to mexico and the crux of it is is the person actually have a claim that they were in mexico while they're waiting for a filing in the united states because the theory is well if they win their case they're still going to be given a file of the united states just a matter of where will they be allowed for wait while they're playing the and that and i think they're going to have to work out that they these you number one and they're going to have to work out the attorney is. going to be very very hard fact that from attorney if you're for the way that mexico or your claim but ultimately going to be heard in the united states so i think those 2 issues will have to be litigated through the courts and we'll see where the court than but the court the
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supreme court is now a conservative court this possible that that generate would be a. all right good to speak with you leon fresco. the palestinian leadership has condemned comments by the u.s. ambassador to israel in which he said the israeli government has the right to annex part of the occupied west bank the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to begin annexing israeli settlements in the territory that would violate international law in an interview with the new york times david friedman said under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank and he joins us live now from ramallah in the occupied west bank so i need a how have palestinians responded to these comments from the u.s. ambassador. we've heard 1st from the p.l.o. secretary general has him who says that this should send
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a clear message to anyone who is planning to go to the nam a conference that is expected to be held in a few weeks he said that the u.s. is going to support israel's an exception of occupied territory which is considered illegal and a war crime under international law we've also heard from p.l.o. those executive men but hannan who says that the u.s. is justifying land theft we've also heard from a statement by 1st a boy which is the ruling party in the west bank in which they said that they don't know if the u.s. ambassador is representing the view of israeli settlers or that of the u.s. administration. and this is happening in the same time as well not least not long after the palestinian leaderships decision to boycott this economic summit that's going to be taking place in manama what's what's happening with that tell us about the. so palestinians have been boycotting this conference that is expected to be
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held in a couple of weeks in beheading they say that they're not looking for an economic solution to the palestinian israeli conflict they're not looking for a better life under occupation they want any solution to the palestinian israeli conflict to include a political component they want an end of the occupation and not a better life under it they say that they want to measure the lateral approach in which the u.s. is not just the sole mediator of any future peace process need abraham in ramallah thank you are plenty more ahead on this news hour more than 22000000 children out of school in pakistan we look at what the government is doing to change that. army welling's empower is the biggest women's sports event of our reason why the women's world cup and the house national started well.
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for less than i have a 1st iran says new sanctions on its petrochemical industry show the u.s. is not serious about its calls for dialogue sanctions targeted rons largest petrochemical group which provides billions of dollars to the islamic revolutionary guard corps the u.s. branded the elite military unit a terrorist organization and that comes a week after my pompei o the u.s. secretary of state announced that it was ready to sit down with iran iran's oil minister says it is keeping our oil sales through what he calls unconventional means to circumvent u.s. sanctions also joe body has more from tehran. well this move is being called economic terrorism according to the foreign ministry spokesman up us mousavi this is a continuation of the united states government's policy towards iran of putting pressure on the pressure on iran and the people of this country and that the suggestion last week by officials in the united states that they were willing to talk with the
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iranians is not really a true one it's not they does not what they actually mean they're not true to their words that they cannot be trusted the iranian oil minister has also been speaking on saturday saying that iran has absolutely no plans to leave opec and the gap that's been created in the oil markets by iran being not being able to sell all its oil on the international market can never actually be filled by any of the countries such as saudi arabia and the u.a.e. so he's also reiterating iran's position that all these sanctions they might put some pressure on the country but nobody can actually replace what they're trying to do all the pressure from u.s. sanctions is having an effect on iran's economy with export margins tight investors are turning to small and medium sized businesses like coffee shops that can still turn a profit they must be has more from tehran. in iran oil isn't the only source of energy suffering under american sanctions the threat of punishment has made
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doing any kind of trade with iran highly risky for foreign companies that even in a cup of coffee the plight of iran's small businesses can be found. shyly muscly is a trained lab scientist whose passion for the drink inspired her to become possibly iran's 1st and only female coffee bean roaster we have some trade there is business marketing and there is a kind of like coffee. factories you can be buy from around then but because of the sanctions they don't want to get me wrong they send copies to the body of our territory and we get it from there and we buy them at the most precious time of their life once we get them like 7 or 8 months later the work is delicate timing is everything a bad batch gets thrown out and sanctions have made these beans more precious than ever so people need a cup or 10 just to wake up in the morning for others it's
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a way that you come together for the people here who make the coffee they say it's the perfect marriage of art and sun a coffee roaster from germany is this cafes pride and joy a piece of precision equipment it needs regular maintenance and new parts but the manufacturers headquarters in germany and offices in istanbul and by have all refused to service it in iran after months of emails cafe managers found a technician from friends who wanted to come on holiday and was willing to bring the parts and do the work but going through back channels is time consuming and expensive. but jumping hurdles is the part of running a business the cafe owner most in mudgee the hall likes the best. it's become very difficult but it is interesting for us because we have to innovate it's a challenge. like chodas when i compare myself to people who have businesses abroad i feel i'm doing better here because they can do whatever they want but we mustn't
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be in things here. still sanctions are hurting bottom lines many cafes have already closed their doors. and iran's old coffeehouses or cowboy economy are also under threat losing money could make it harder to preserve the roots of persian cafe culture you know i think about my grandparents my great great grandparents who were hanging out in these kind of places back in the old days a serious concern for employers is also young people heading abroad to find work i mean that sucks i mean that's that's horrible we're losing a lot of these talented. folks just because of that because. they see the future of. coffee business as somehow limited for them in the wrong. muscly says she wants to enroll in
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a new coffee program at the university of california in the united states but a ban on visas for iranians makes that dream seem impossible because even darker green but the create some like senior head trying to show you how some day i will. let you know that they tend not to do as a self described coffee lover cup it seems is cold as half full and part. of the same but the old is hero to her. sri lanka's intelligence chief has left his post after an emergency meeting on friday prayers president might the policy be seen as said he sacked c c it out mendis after he appeared before parliamentary committee investigating the april attacks mendis says he resigned on thursday he told the committee the attacks could have been prevented and said the president should have held more security meetings president city ciena is refusing to cooperate with the
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inquiry. amnesty international is urging saudi arabia to rule out the death penalty for a teenage boy 18 year old more tired. has been detained for the past 5 years for taking part in antigovernment protests is awaiting his next trial session for alleged offenses going back to when he was just 10 years old a prominent figure of the rebellion against syrian president bashar al assad has died fighting government forces. rose to fame as a goalkeeper for a football team in homs but he became known as the singer of the revolution for his balance during rallies against the government he was killed while fighting in northern hanna solutes father and 4 brothers also died too in the room. a group of u.s. politicians has called on secretary of state mike pompei oh to clear up the government's policy on libya they say confusion over the white house position on the issue is being used by armed groups to justify the fighting in libya on friday the deputy
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prime minister of its un recognized government expressed concern in a phone call be over a phone call rather between the u.s. president and warlords in april it took place soon after hafter launched a military campaign to take the capital tripoli patty cohen has more from washington. this is a letter from the democratic members of the house foreign affairs committee it's the secretary of state mike pompei when they're urging him to come out and clarify exactly what the position of the u.s. is when it comes to libya now the secretary of state had said weeks ago that they still back the u.n. backed government and they urged restraint here for syria but then u.s. president donald trump got on a phone call with khalifa haftar hour and the readout of that was fairly confusing they seem to be back you have to are saying that he was fighting terrorism in this letter the congressman and women are saying that that was just confusing and that it sent a message to armed actors that are now using that confusion over u.s.
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policy as justification to continue the conflict further jeopardizing prospects for a political settlement and threatening regional stability now what these congress men and women are trying to do is make this issue that gets covered because this is an administration that tends to react to what they see and read in the media and right now the conflict in libya is really not being covered at all. all right still ahead on al-jazeera the rebels in yemen released new video they say shows an incursion into saudi arabia. by turns for australia's preparations for the upcoming cricket world cup game take an unexpected turn. hello we settle down to gently rising temperatures over the plain of iraq the cloud
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that shows just the north. seems more likely to do so on the high ground just over the border in iran and certainly near the coast north of tara now we see it's a very high tension in southeast iraq even yesterday some are reported $56.00 still to be verified but more typically were in the high forty's maybe the low fifty's it is that time the year after or so showers are very unlikely except where you got close to a water source which means the coast mediterranean you could if you're lucky but sunshines in the forecast for monday 27 in beirut sasso this increasing humidity seems like to do showers in the mountains of yemen or west and saudi in particular is a possibility you see something in that in the forecast it's clear blue sky at the moment is quite high 44 in dire hot spot hard not in in land in a band certainly the empty quarter is about the same atrocity mecca as well i'm also not a cloud in the whole of africa if you come further south it is that time of year
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when tonight it's quiet most the time with any stormy weather just rushing across the far south so in the forecast we find the most probably showers in mozambique. she was black gay i'm from rio de janeiro's havana's i don't think she was also an elected outspoken councilwoman. until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil's security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left behind the murder of mario franco on out using it. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other that we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held i want you to refugees since over 700 miles wide
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here are some of the remotest losers on the planet earth here or they think the could be plastic here. i'll just hear it into the show from recipients of the new crystals gold coast of the year lord of the say. hello again you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour sudanese protest leaders are accusing the military of rejecting mediation after 5 members of the opposition were arrested they were detained just hours after taking part in talks led by ethiopian prime minister abi ahmed. that has weighed in president nicolas maduro has reopened
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a border with colombia where international aid has been piling up thousands of people are crossing into the top to buy food and medicine because of shortages of high costs in venezuela the border had been closed for nearly 4 months. the u.s. ambassador to israel told the new york times the israeli government. has the right to annex part of the occupied west bank palestinian leaders say david freeman is trying to justify the theft of their land. and the united states is warning turkey there will be consequences if it moves ahead with a plan to buy russian s. $400.00 defense missiles to nato allies or sparred for months over turkey's plans to buy the weapons from moscow c.n.n. consoler has more from istanbul. relations between the u.s. and turkey have been strained for some time but these russian made missiles are making that all worse the u.s. is threatening to impose sanctions on turkey if it doesn't cancel the deal for the f. 400 missile defense system
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a threat that some are warning could be counterproductive the united states needs especially in the middle east if you if the iran issue is taken into consideration . and i extract compromise because the united states in the middle east is dependent on trial jewish territory turkey support in terms of. when the war in syria escalated turkey complained nisar sold by its nato allies were too expensive and in 2015 its partners withdrew their patridge missiles from southern turkey turkey it then turned to russia to force its missile defenses now some say moscow is exploiting the situation here or the overriding variation on the side of moscow is really to trigger a political escalation between turkey in the night and states which will have a very negative impact on the cohesion of the western alliance and they don't
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particularly turkey and russia say they are deal will go ahead and they will join the produce the next generation miss our last 500. but in retaliation the us is threatening to one agreement with turkey to produce f. $35.00 jets something that benefits turkish companies buy after $12000000000.00 with a struggling economy that's hard for unca to ignore while some fear possible u.s. sanctions on the turkish defense industry could cost billions of dollars others believe the u.s. is triggering the tension to stop turkey from buying the s. $400.00 missile system but the common concern is that if there is a crisis with washington it could cause a recession and force the liver out to lose its value even further see memphis all of al-jazeera stumbled hoti rebels in yemen have released new images showing what they say are saudi military positions they've captured near the border the rebels say they've killed dozens of saudi soldiers near the southern city of magic on the
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media released video appearing to show weapons seized from the saudi u.a.e. coalition and the wreckage of an american may drown the coalition which backs the yemeni government has not confirmed that. often also is a yemeni journalist and editor in chief of the sun a review she says the who the strategy same more structured this is not personal i'm there are there are views attacks or there are. occupying some space there since the beginning of the war there have been many attacks from along the border so all of them that we know about. who he spoke with. and some of them that. the saudis deny and some of them they are burned but this time it's a very special one because it seems like there. are more direct you to please. because right after the 9 act by the police
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last month. the statement saying that there will be a great career military to target $300.00 military planes. and united and so there seems to be accidents to be part of a larger. light to. send the message that one day they will invade they will occupy it. just as some of this i would be. speakers would say that they were. free or deliberate so it's part of that kind of game that every side wants their military strength and the tension that they have and occupying the other side. while mobile payments continue to grow in
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popularity so is the dominance of the tech giants who helped drive it the head of the international monetary fund says that's bad news for the global financial system christine lagarde says it's given tech companies too much power access to cheap payment systems as been growing especially fast in emerging economies where traditional banks can be scarce the guard was speaking on the sidelines of a g 20 finance leaders meeting in japan tech firms very large ones that will eventually be disruptive in the financial landscape because they will be using a lot of the. ample resources as well as massive access to data in order to actually penetrate a field where there is market share that is for grub. the russian investigative journalist charged with drug dealing is being treated in hospital iran lawyer says he was severely beaten while in custody galloon of is accused of
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drug possession with intent to sell but his supporters say officers planted the substances on him to stop him from reporting on corruption there were protests against the rest outside moscow's police headquarters on friday pakistan's prime minister is promising to step up efforts to get more children back into the classroom millions of kids from poor families don't go to school as commander reports many families rely on children working to support them. these boys should be in school but instead they're in a few extra troops being looking at deeds local guard. for 90 year olds. getting back i want to go to school but what can we do my parents can't afford my school see i work here at this other workshop to earn money for the family. it employs a director of the fact that if you're going to be deprived of an education why do
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you really making money they're learning youthful skin. a majority of parents can't afford to send their kids to school now families need extra hands to help with the expenses so they send their kids to work but they also get training here which might help them secure a life lee had later. although paused governments have promised to ensure that every child didn't try to do free schooling they have been unable to encourage poor parents to send their children to school. on education and basic right but modern printer 2000000 children are out of school and that numbered likely to increase. projects than spend a small fraction less than 3 percent of its budget donate. some say added in order not to cater to the needs of an expanding population more than 20000000 children
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out of schools in pakistan. and this is a product of concern for president gore and the mint and the man the reason is the population will grow to one of the yes in the solti issue the 2nd is the lake of resources we don't hold that much ado source. critics say if the new government led by moran karna serious about getting more children to attend school it needs to matter to work redaction. islamabad a muslims in athens finally has their own mosque they want permission from authorities to build a place of worship after waiting more than 180 years the city has not had a recognized mosque since greece won independence from the ottoman empire in 1833 chancellor office reforms. the education minister's arrival to open the athens mosque is a moment a quarter of a century in the making and we are trying to have our soul named many years some in
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about 25 years we had many dangle misted even try to love me and we saw much meetings for much trying very hard and you tried to convince kind men can mend and 10 god we are now its. mission is complete muslim immigrants have gradually acquired official community organizations green cards and even citizenship but their religion has been kept quiet by opening this mosque weeks before a general election the city's a government is actively courting the muslim vote yet the plan and. athens now has a dignified place of worship for muslims whether they are citizens or migrants refugees or visitors the right to pray to the god you believe in like the right of a child to go to school does not depend on the circumstances under which someone arrived here everyone has these rights they are non-negotiable human rights only the dignity of the afghans mosque is
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a far cry from what muslims have been used to makeshift places of worship in basements like this one which filled the overcrowding cities and is careful to maintain that low profile here there are no loudspeakers to call the faithful to prayer and no minarets to form landmarks the building barely resembles a religious structure and the compound itself is part of a navy facility surrounded by a high wall and barbed wire and with a round the clock police good citizen understands that although greeks agree to a mosque in principle there are also sensitivities greeks remember that the ottoman empire ruled greece for 4 centuries until the early 18 hundreds the saudi government offered to build a huge cultural center and mosque in 2001 and libya's moammar gadhafi made a similar offer a few years later but both sank under popular disapproval. and pressure from the church and local government then in 2006 parliament decided that the athens mosque would be built at public expense and further tin years later it is ready the mosque
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isn't big enough to absorb all of these underground worshippers and such unofficial places of prayer may well continue but it's a 1st step towards religious acceptance in this overwhelmingly orthodox christian society jumps are all from us al jazeera africans. are still ahead on al-jazeera and i we have to trust that own judgment fast advice from astrologers just a 2nd opinion. it's all in the stars we explore the deep cultural roots of astrology in thailand. and later in sport the toronto raptors are just one win away from clinching their 1st n.b.a. title details with and coming up. in 2008 travelled across the united states discovering what it was like to be
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both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villagers traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with age of. we'll follow the journey of these people as they get to survive. risking it all. on al-jazeera.
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well that's good all sport now here's andy thank you so much as well after another day of rain delays be fun have a couple of big results at the french open in the 2nd men's semifinal of a joke of it missed the chance to win a 4th strike grand slam title dominant saying knocking out the world number one in 5 sets will face rafa nadal in the final the 2nd straight year the pair of reach the top of the side 12 months ago no doubt the austrian and straight sets for joke of it but he said the weather is terrible to play. i mean obviously when you're playing in the curie came good kind of conditions you know it's hard to perform your best you know it's really just kind of surviving in these kind of conditions and trying to hold your serve and play you know. one ball more than your opponent
12:39 am
in the court that's what it felt like playing yesterday to be honest and in the last few minutes australia's ashley barty has clinched a 1st major title beating checkmark at serve under sort of in the final at roland garros both players were making their 1st final appearance in a grand slam tournament bassy winning this 16163. elephants are up things are just one win away from saving their 1st ever n.b.a. title they beat the defending champions the golden state warriors as i got 31 seriously for a small reports of a waterfall can be the raptors were hoping for the improbable be the warriors on home turf for the 2nd game you know but. going step in their way though curry who had golden state. joining. him in that mission the return from injury of clay thompson 3. times and again was. i was told was.
12:40 am
toronto had their work cut out for that leonard putting them back into the game and with back of raptors pull over a big gap. in showing such poise here is still missing no matter what 3 legs or death was drawn to winning 105292 pushing the defending champions to the pouring of elimination is not over yet so consider we're better. you know just a kid tonight when i was pretty much all you guys know playing defense and you know towards a 2nd now he started to make some shots and we just pretty much stuck into the stadium. is that this whole series on his head and and. he had no one game it's august sounds cliche and for us. that's literally the only way we're going to get you know back in a series is give everything we got for 40 minutes every biased as well on the floor
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in game 5 were the raptors went into this series as the underdogs they're now the favorites to win the championship the series returns to canada for game 5 it's pure gold bar a smile out is there and i want to talk to favorites germany have bates in china one no on day 2 of the women's world cup in france the hosts beat south korea and that's one of the open a 4 new assault up upon stadium in paris on friday 24 teams taking part in this event for the final coming up in leone on july the 7th our correspondent leigh welling saw the hosts michael winning star. well this is a comfortable indeed in fact think we're in for france and i think it's really important that the host nation start for women well because it gets the public on side not just the people who are going to watch the matches or many of them are sold out but the people who are watching on television that we're talking about talk about warning signs in french team ran on. through the start of the film and
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really have a chance of lifting the trophy on hard thought of course though by a big challenge from the united states there are other trophy holders that very strong. they will find through their chances but dots the strength the women's problem one of the reasons this is going to be the biggest women's sports event i like before where 3 more games on thought that i threw a grenade into my car the right guy goes we've covered now we've lined up a special world cup match against brazil many stories around this time when so much excitement. off to the best possible stalls. a century from jason roy has put hosts england in a pretty strong position in a cricket world cup match against bangladesh scoring a 153 a single hit 386216 cardiff that is their highest ever total in this tournament bangladesh they remember have an england in their last world cup in council
12:43 am
afghanistan when they've lost their opening 2 games in a 7 they're struggling against new zealand passing 1st afghanistan 129 to 6 australia batsman david warner hospitalized a local net after hitting him on the head with the ball during net practice the incident halted the session while the ball was taken to hospital as a precaution the defending champions getting ready to play india on sunday. ok i say sports is looking for now great stuff thanks andy now when thailand's king was crowned last month people went into a frenzy of forecasting ties have a long a fascination with astrology and it touches every part of daily life scott haile reports from bangkok booths lined up waiting for customers but what's being sought here cannot be carried away in a bag. these are fortune tellers who use the ancient practice of astrology or the study of stars and planets to advise their clients on their future by tapping the
12:44 am
past it's a common sight across thailand in markets in alleys the cramped dark corners of cities where rent is cheap and access to people is easy and we have to trust that only judgment advice from astrology is just a 2nd opinion and only give us something to have spiritual comfort but at the end of the day it's us that has to choose our own death and astrology has been part of thai culture for centuries it's mixed into thailand's unique version of buddhism but fortune telling doesn't belong to any specific class it's used by the world family by big business decision makers even students studying for exams. during the recent coronation of king kong corn royal astrologist inscribed the king's official titles and a horoscope of his reign on a golden tablet. astrology has deep roots in thailand one of 600 yes i think that different when it comes to thailand and other countries they have high
12:45 am
respect for estrada just be viewed him as psychologists who sell society. poncy tool is one of thailand's most famous astrologist. he's hired by big companies as a consultant and endorses consumer products like tissues and paint his facebook page is used by millions but he's in kind of a wow i thought the most important thing is that astrology is not the one factor the controls all aspects of your life it's like a map to advisors where we should go part of statistical science it really comes down to who interprets the subject i try to make people understand that it's all about statistics that have been collected over time this one and with the next generation of astrologists embracing technology reaching larger and younger audiences. there's little question that this slice of thai culture will remain alive and relevant well into the future but then they probably already knew that
12:46 am
scott heiler al jazeera bangkok oh that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes to warm the case as they were. talk to al jazeera. we ask problems of besides the instability is corruption we listen because i hadn't been so are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter does iraq. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine cherubs 1st
12:47 am
negotiate 2nd who benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind fi its attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the back door the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird servant of african young people coming together and knowing there was a fort bragg at every time i rolling ball it feel like some of it was because the place became involved and we started chasing they just variables and that created
12:48 am
all narrative in the media at the top and a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crime can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to base cypher i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. sudan's opposition leaders are calling for more civil disobedience after several protest leaders were arrested. on have them speak of this is as you see it out live from doha also coming up on the move crowds of venezuelans cross the border into colombia. pressure mounts on the white house to make it clear the u.s.
12:49 am
does not support libyan war after. saudi arabia faces global outrage after sentencing a teenager to die for attending antigovernment protests. out of sudan's protest leaders are calling for a new campaign of civil disobedience off to security forces detained a number of their leaders they were soon arrested after meeting with ethiopian prime minister abby after men who had been meeting their talks with military leaders more than 100 people have been killed since security forces broke up a sit in near the military headquarters in hard to on monday the tension of the name has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met after mid after iraq and khartoum on friday to act as
12:50 am
a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit and thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released the transitional military council hasn't said whether those demands will be met by the
12:51 am
president of the transitional military council abdel fatah or han confirmed that the council is open for negotiations and reaching a solution at any time and god willing this mediation will have a good result. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support forces they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have a. mission to hand over with
12:52 am
a civil suit billions. d.f.c. . forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clearer view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. every green is a sudanese research and senior fellow at harvard university he says the recent arrests of opposition members show the military junk is not taking diplomatic effort seriously. i think we make sense but only by understanding that the transitional military council is not really serious about negotiating with civilians this could not have been more late thumb in the eye and that opposition and it certainly paralyzes any effort to move forward in negotiations
12:53 am
that transitional military council did however achieve one thing and that is probably there's a division now in the civilian opposition between those who will not negotiate with the t.n.c. under any conditions and the decision by some to reengage the t.m.c. but with conditions that effectively removed t.m.c. from power in sudan it took very confusing situation a very divisive situation not only benefits t.m.c. a venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the reopening of the border with colombia where international aid has been piling up at the crossing there kuttab thousands of people began the day in long queues many intent to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela the border with colombia was closed for nearly 4 months ago said his political opponents wanted to bring aid to strengthen support for the opposition. more on this let's go live now to on
12:54 am
a sunday program p.f.c. who is in bogota colombia for us so assad go what are we to make of the opening of this border now why now. well as this decision obviously comes as a relief for the 10s of thousands of venezuelans who rely crossing game to colombia for food maybe saying that they can spy back home and to reach medical services that the hospitals in their town in venezuela cannot provide anymore why now probably because the situation was becoming increasingly unsustainable for the government then nicholas my daughter has helped them of course to try and reduce social pressure in the border regions where people need to cross into colombia it helps them in their daily needs
12:55 am
a lot of these venezuelans also in colombia however many times informally a lot of business where lines cross the border and call them and it's what i share a very long border in colombia and schools so this is helpful right now for the government in the cause and i'm going to try and keep more orderly situation on the border a lot of people were relying on a legal crossing paths crossing the river that divides the 2 countries had become more difficult doing that rainy season pass are also controlled by criminal groups there had been a number of incidents and finally i think that the governments of my little doesn't see this situation on the border with colombia as much as that as they did in the past month since the opposition. on their plans to try and remove the aid sent
12:56 am
by the united states to the border inside that inside business when. and out of central how is colombia handling this sudden influx again of venezuela streaming into their border. as soon as you know the president of the niger i mean it's i'm i do it all and now with his decision to reopen the borders a number of mayors and governors of colombia regions on the border have called for a national security meeting get fearing an increase of the pace of the exodus venezuelans we know by the un the latest numbers already say 4000000 venezuelans that left the country since 2015 this is the largest exodus in the last year my recent history the majority of them are here in colombia and colombia's had a hard time dealing with this especially on these border regions where medical
12:57 am
services are collapsing for example we're also seeing that more venezuelans are arriving with more complex beasties is that the hospitals on the colombian side are ill equipped to deal with especially as such a high number colombian government so far as a boy the fact that opening a real refugee camps and they think that's too complicated too expensive this with push even more venezuelans to cross into colombia that they're talking with the u.n. and the international community for more help and that the pace continues to increase as we see there's no doubt that in the recent future some new very difficult decisions will need to be made by colombia and the international community to deal with this continuing crisis on a sounder thank you. a group of u.s. politicians is cold on secretary of state to clear up the government's policy on
12:58 am
libya they say confusion over the white house's position is being used by armed groups to justify fighting that on friday the deputy prime minister of libya's un recognized government expressed concern over a phone call between the u.s. president and walter thought in april that was soon off to have launched a military campaign to take tripoli tactical hain has more from washington this is a letter from the democratic members of the house foreign affairs committee that's to secretary of state mike pompei when they're urging him to come out and clarify exactly what the position of the u.s. is when it comes to libya now the secretary of state said weeks ago that they still back to the u.n. backed government and they urged restraint here for syria but then u.s. president donald trump got on a phone call with khalifa haftar hour and the readout of that was fairly confusing they seem to be back you have to are saying that he was fighting terrorism in this
12:59 am
letter the congressmen and women are saying that that was just confusing and that it sent a message to armed actors that are now using that confusion over u.s. policy as justification to continue the conflict further jeopardizing prospects for a political settlement and threatening regional stability now what these congress men and women are trying to do is make this issue that gets covered because this is an administration that tends to react to what they see and read in the media and right now the conflict in libya is really not being covered at all. palestinian leaders have condemned the us ambassador to israel for backing a partial annexation of the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to begin annexing israeli settlements in the territory a move that would violate international law in an interview with the new york times' david friedman said under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank friedman made the comments just weeks ahead of a conference in bahrain where the u.s. will unveil part of its new peace deal more now from nida abraham in the occupied
1:00 am
west bank the secretary general of the p.l.o. cyber part has said that these remarks should send a clear message to anyone who is willing to attend them and am a conference that is expected to be held in a couple is a couple of weeks he says that israel wants to annex occupied territories which is considered a work crime under the international law the p.l.o. executive committee member had on our show we said that the us is justifying israel theft of land for the has also released a statement which is the ruling party in the west bank in which it said that they don't know if ambassador friedman is advocating for the israeli settlers or if he is representing the u.s. administration's point of view now asked or that conference in.


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