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tv   The Gaza Gas Deal  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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what. we believe that on the deep sleep is the 1st civilian. crowds. we are creators. and i'm fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera saddam's military has deported 3 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan it happened on the 2nd day of a general strike called by protest leaders demanding a transition to civilian rule that's a good name reports. yes or armand says when he was released from detention on monday he didn't realize that he and 2 of his fellow opposition leaders were being forced into exile he says they were put onto
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a military helicopter and flown to juba the capital of south sudan against their will to do so i'm. going to write what you write quote me and then when we cross the border battle south sudan very. very big. and if we say the military council is not serious about saving the revolution and implementing its goals we are calling upon all international organizations to support us in resisting the deportations. monday was the 2nd day of a general strike in sudan intended to paralyze the country and force the transitional military council's hand you know my. martyrs have died a lot of things have happened with the civil uprising and a lot of people have been affected for those who say the civil disobedience isn't successful i saw it with my own eyes these are the lies. talks between the
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opposition and the military ground to a halt after a crackdown on a sit in a week ago the central committee of sudan doctors says almost 120 people died the health ministry says the death toll is half that an investigation is underway if one period of time you were a plan was to disperse the area and clean it up without getting closer to the main sit in area but mistakes were made when the plan was carried out not to let the situation let's just take into consideration that our forces never go deep into the city. ethiopian prime minister ahmed met with opposition members on friday he left a delegation behind in the hopes they can help negotiate an end to the crisis but the gulf between the protesters and the military remains why with no sign power will be handed to the people of sudan natasha going to aim just iraq. gunmen have killed nearly $100.00 people in their time on
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a village in central mali houses of traditional deal gone hunters were burnt down during sunday's violence the un has described it as an act of unspeakable barbarism women and children were among those killed and molly's government says it will hold those responsible to accounts. at this moment a thought for those who once more have fallen on the mudras bullets and just how to act in the country germany's foreign minister has visited iran looking for ways to save the 2050 nuclear deal maass says a european financial system designed to avoid u.s. sanctions should be up and running soon the other signatories are standing by the agreement after the u.s. withdrawal from the deal last year dozens of companies and businesses in hong kong say they will close on wednesday to let workers join another protest against a controversial extradition bail the city's leader is warning people against taking part in what she calls radical behavior carry lamb is standing by the bill which
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facilitates extradition to mainland china after more than a 1000000 people marched against it on sunday the u.s. says it's gravely concerned about the roshan of hong kong special legal status in haiti opposition leaders have launched a 2 day strike amid protests demanding the resignation of president maureen's moyes has faced months of demonstrations over allegations of the theft of billions of dollars from venezuelan oil subsidies and the toronto raptors have blown their 1st chance to win the n.b.a. championship losing to the golden state warriors 106-2105 the raptors to hold a 32 series lead in the finals there i mean to make history by becoming the 1st canadian franchise to win the n.b.a. championship those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's al jazeera world stay with us.
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in 1909. re the there were natural gas fields in the eastern mediterranean of the coast of gaza to make pipeline is an ambitious plan to export an annual $20000000000.00 each of the original question you know with all of the other day i think it's a huge immediately and media phenomenon to qatar and more focus to me the less you
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cut the mushroom i think you should try it but i hope you stick to the set the hagerty that's what the obama team immediately back this up with. was that eastern mediterranean area the levantine basin the report tells us it has quite a lot of gas in there and not all that has been discovered yet. but clearly for why the crisis on our plate of which you can be a fools on. top of what also have a. look down the actors of that as a pilot know there was a very you know what i have done a poor let me of the mystics. of the formal announcement of the gaza guys field in 1900 former palestinian president yasser arafat's describe the new discovery as a gift from god to the palestinian people. palestinians actually found gas off their coast. years decades before israel has found its audience so the person has
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discovered gas and rain in 1990 and at the time the palestinian leader yasser arafat's viewed that as i went to change that could absolutely change the economy within the palestinian territories and that allowed our science to have energy independence and some form of sovereignty. so what twin thronged. at one point yes or arafat had this vision of making gaza into a singapore rate i mean you could see how if if the gas could be produced and it could be exported and i do think it could be exported because there are many ellen g. plants nearby for example in egypt where this gas could be liquefied and then exported the way that israeli gas is going to be liquefied in exported the way that egyptian gas is already liquefied exported it would make a huge difference but it hasn't revenues from offshore oil and gas can be an
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important source of revenue for a future state of palestine they can help in its development by helping to fund infrastructure or to offset the government budget. guzzle of it is that only men in the us of the palestinian side saw what the solar energy this is. the deposit which was 4000000000. dollars so it's a lot of money not in one use but what's in them to 15 used the village moment and life of the food the benefits could have been enormous look at the rest of the region look at qatar and look at israel look at cyprus they've all discovered gas and they're all now sort of thinking they're going to be the next you know wealthy rich gas gas country meanwhile gazan people in gaza just sit with the gas out in the ocean it's exactly as if you were somebody who didn't have any food to eat and you had a feast put in front of you and you were told you're not able to eat the space it's it's it's pretty much
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a leader. press and basically the palestinians in gaza right now are energy dependent meanwhile after coasts they have have gas that could make them energy rich and so if gaza was able to exploit its own gas which is just literally you know kilometers out from the coastline then maybe people in gaza wouldn't have to be intact. i am terminal miss held back and i'm asking why this gas has not been exploited for 20 years and why such a major story has received relatively little media attention. while we were making this film we obtained the comments exclusively that reveal the official and unofficial correspondence between the palestinian authority the be a and the other bodies involved in the negotiations over gaza's guess. the geological
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surveys suggested that this guy was good equality under freo value and was within easy reach of gaza scores line. with. a woman. the them. less than he heard. in 1906 eastern mediterranean countries were struggling to get hold of god as a toy. village palestinian engineer smile miss how was the 1st to suggest that gas under the sea but of gaza.
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elemis has had years of oil and gas experience gained in libya qatar and iraq and conducted surveys into a potential gaza gas field. i miss halle was there be a is there richter of natural and mineral resources and the road to yasser arafat in december 1905 the room was a gas and mineral abridged of gaza. did you really did the gator delmas how to make contact with international gas companies to establish the through nature of the gas resources. in. the fall is the model and what. activity attracted regional international and internal palestinian attention.
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that. it is not. the brand that. the. heck are you. with that that. to develop the guys feed the palestinian authority decided to do an exclusive deal with the british gas. it would have been normal business a practice to invite international tenders to encourage competition and to get the best deal for gaza and the palestinians. say. i asked rami abdo why he thought the palestinian authority decided to do the british gas deal. either to walk in on that. sort of or cannot talk and yet the word. yet if we're not home get it to him where. journalists. call
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also let us on and her and looked up with. my own father started. the project known as gaza marine took this unusual the election right to from the start what's more it emerged that in public is made in this hell was told to negotiate with the british gas but behind the scenes other palestinian authority members were holding syd barrett secret negotiations with the same company but under different conditions. larry that was clear in. that i had no. back then the friend. that we had batted home message yet for now as we go forward i like to have a. while back and know yanni who would get.
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home i can for while they have a shot at your car or whatever up above but. on the 19th of october 1909 the palestinian authority that be a signed a contract with the british gas. but the deal terms it contained for all 4 signatories were quite controversial. the contract said that the british guys would receive 60 percent of the guys that even use the the consolidated contractors company c.c.c. would get 30 percent but verve the palestine investment fund would get only 10 percent. the palestinian authority also give the developers exclusive frights for the discovery exhibition and marketing of the oil and gas in the gaza offshore area. what the 3 got further
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can to oversee was another close. which said that the palestinians were obliged to inform israel of any oil and gas exploration and production in the palestinian territories. this contract was never submitted to the palestinian legislative council or published in local newspapers. but yasser arafat signed the contract. as did my head a muslim then minister of economy and trade and how to be some sort of in a chair. of the palestinian petroleum authority. i don't. know act. which is either that or i called both model muscly and had to be some sort to ask for more details. but.
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we did send text message but unfortunately he didn't reply. 1. 100 plus what. some call for. a letter that sort of but i hadn't been. in a climate of how. it british gas is now owned by real dutch and asked them to comment
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on the negotiations and contract with the b. this is the chill could not advice in our questions above that in 2018 it had reached an agreement with the palestine investment fund the p.i.a.f. to divest its entire interests and operate a ship in the gaza marine license offshore palestine. then you are called has been working at the middle east since to 2014 when i was working on this investigation 2015 the palestinian authority didn't seem to want to talk to me about this topic and i called up several different places i called up the palestinian vestment fund and i tried to figure out who was in charge of this file even i i had trouble even finding out who was in charge of the gas strategy my sense of why they didn't want to talk to me as a couple of sources told me this this topic is very sensitive you know it's very touchy don't touch it nobody's going to want to talk to you about it. but. over the
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course of reporting the story i didn't really get the sense that actually it was it was sensitive it was more that i don't think anybody actually knew what the strategy was and therefore nobody wanted to take responsibility on the record for what they were or weren't doing in relation to you as a married. woman at the had that i. did with the poppy and i think. the. layout of shape. was out of the because of the war and assess. all the animals all of bobbie let alone show for it was that our behavior. having well might have be said. that all of the men had a detrimental young and that had that particular sadness to occur is that i'm a socialist that mohamed morsi. is about wall to her. this is my mother she also known as her. his name is in the british
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gas contract as the only representative of the palestinian authority. this is close in the contract says that rashid who was the economic adviser to yasser arafat was the only person who could act on behalf of the palestinian authority on anything relating to the guys agreement for the duration of the contract. the developers were also blushed to kibera she'd informed of their activities. giving more how mother she the ex occlusal fry to handle everything in the contract was controversial. there'd be a accuses him of wasting millions of dollars money laundering and in busy link public funds while he was head of the palestine investment fund and if then the fact the political party means that the she does know a close ally of the deposed leader mohammed dahlan who lives in abu dhabi in february 29000 the arab interior minister's council issued an international
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arrest warrant for mohammed the sheet but he still moves a freely between. i asked her i mean abdul both mohammed rashid and the split in fact. there are number you know what i have them her mother she had another world does not know her mother she bakiyev use a lot of color for that and i feel that a lady had what i have only. left mom with a burst. and i don't have a deadline or want to have that and. i said betsy a c.e.o. has so much of a lot of you know how do you and will i have the facade how p.t. what and that was so what in the head then left the that what i had gotten her mother she had left what and when i cut the deficit but for us the new year when a woman either and at the end of a lot of you wasn't it luck. or english
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or try to contact muhammad rashid inviting him to respond to the allegations made by the palestinian authority it during his time in charge of the palestine investment fund. she didn't reply to our message. however he did the response to the arabic version of this phone on a palestinian news website. he denied what he called the false allegations made by you. he said. i challenge anyone to prove there was a new corruption that goes there guys deal i was the negotiator and no one else of a concert at the palestinian governments and international organizations couldn't find a single corruption point and the deal. is there and was not a signatory to the contract but seems to have been if it is from it considerably and most if less of what we have it developed the electing who laughed. at the.
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shop and from us to any other. look to solve the you know what we want we have a little. repeating that difficult year in an animal yet don't keep a list except i mean he can muster can you spot and you. can even in the near hear me a philistine your heart is sore with callao off well come on in italy. soon after the contract was signed there were negotiations between british gas and israel about buying gaza from the gaza marine project. israeli guys and energy expert i meet more was among those who advised the israeli government over 30 projects to develop gaza. that was 336 kilometers off shore gaza gaza city. in water depth of 650 meters worth to develop a subsidy but in pipeline. to ashkelon in israel and in ashkelon there is
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an area of a lot of very large area. british girls plan to do a gust treatment facility in ashkelon and they feel it could have been remotely controlled for us because. gas is measured in d.c. and billions of a cubic meters it is important to no. forward. viable development of. the market affectless to b.c.m. period should be. should be developed so because otherwise. there was no thoughts such economic the ability to develop this field no such a market does not exist in the palestinian authority the market even today the palestinian authority is very very small very very limited maybe hasa b.c.m. . perspective power station in jenin in other words. 0 point
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one p.c.m. for a power station in gaza all to go it can sum up to about one b.c. and of. so the market for this guy is basically is it. on the 27th of september 2000 palestinian a brazilian yasser arafat gave the green light for the drilling to start of the gaza cost. the next day the right wing israeli politician ariel sharon's a provocative visit to the up some combined it triggered violence which he quickly led to the 2nd intifada. 5 months later sharon was elected the prime minister and the next few years so there's really palestinian relationship deteriorate badly the peace of bruce's stalled completely . but the guys agree she
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continued behind closed doors. the palestinian in the regime minister as a michele one held secret talks with his israeli counterparts yousif but it's. a show as currently chairman of the palace time when a 3 authority. i tried to contact him but he refused to talk about his role in gaza money. and he was nothing and. all the palestinians i contacted whose names came up in research into the gaza marina project declined to be interviewed for this approach. however we did manage to speak to the former israeli minister of infrastructure and energy use if but it's clear he spoke about his secret negotiations with as. i had negotiated with mr i was on the
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show from the family from the tribe a show of very prominent known in gaza he actually risked his life to negotiate with be honest. at the high days of the intifada he came to jerusalem east jerusalem but then at least we consider it as one city to negotiate with me and to keep on developing the field because he thought that it was good politically for him i'm telling he risked his life i have no doubt i i was know it for effect because we have to guard him not from us from extremists in the arab world in the palestinian world and he did whatever he could do in order to develop. but it's good allies is how sensitive this whole subject is for palestinians. we said that we had to try to speak to as i'm sure where mohamed stay here and other
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be a figure is but that they had all refused to be interviewed i think they're free fall from extremists that would extend those to expose the story i think they are afraid . after 7 the rounds of secret negotiations israel and the be a reach an initial deal gas for electricity. i reached a deal with the palestinian authority mind you at that time goes i was ruled by fatah not by hamas and i reached a deal with that we the israeli we shall not pay money for the gas to them we shall use their share a. to reduce the debt they owed the israeli electric company they owed a lot of money i think they still do. for delivery of electricity and b. what we will do is we should build
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a substation near the border of gaza and against the gas will supply electricity. there be a agree to the israeli temps even though they didn't favor the palestinians after all the guns was in their waters but sharon rejected the deal because the palestinians he claimed might use that even you to support what he called terrorism . the british guys realize the deal with the israelis would not be easy. in 2003 a british guys announced that israel was not the only player of the table and that it was also talking to egypt about the transporting gaza from gaza through its ports. but egypt was also holding its own secret talks of the same time with other companies about selling egyptian gas that was rolled. the results
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and egypt israel guys the. i.h.r. on the new blocked all means for the palestinians to extract gus in the gaza mud in project. in 2008 raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can he be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim the be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were days when i can walk to work with no food for much joy because it all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has
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teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries was russian goals help me achieve none and lightnings on air and online. hello again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's military has the 43 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan news emerge on the 2nd day of a general strike called by protest leaders demanding a transition to civilian rule the u.s. is sending a senior diplomat to try to restart talks between the 2 sides gunmen have killed nearly 100 people in an attack on a village in central mali houses of traditional doggone hunters were burnt down during sunday's violence the un has described it as an act of unspeakable barbarism
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women and children were among those killed and molly's government says it will hold those responsible to accounts. at this moment a thought for those who once more have fallen bullet on just how to act in a country germany's foreign minister has visited iran looking for ways to save the 2015 nuclear deal heikal ma says a european financial system designed to avoid u.s. sanctions should be up and running soon the e.u. and other signatories are standing by the agreement after the u.s. withdrawal from the deal last year dozens of companies and businesses in hong kong say they'll close on wednesday to let workers join another protest against a controversial extradition bail the city's leader is warning people against taking part in what she calls a radical behavior carry law is standing by the bill which facilitates extradition to mainland china more than a 1000000 people marched against it on sunday. the u.s.
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president says he's open to the possibility of imposing further tax on chinese imports donald trump is expected to meet chinese president xi jinping at the g. 20 summit in japan this month earlier threatened to raise tabs if he couldn't reach a trade deal with she at the summit. in haiti opposition leaders have launched a 2 day strike amid protests demanding the resignation of presidential anomalies where he says face months of demonstrations over allegations of theft of billions of dollars from venezuelan oil subsidies and the toronto raptors of blown their 1st chance to win the n.b.a. championship losing to the golden state warriors 106-2105 the raptors to hold a 32 series lead in the final. you're upset with headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world continues next with this.
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in 1900 yards was the sky over in the eastern mediterranean of the coast of gaza. the palestinian authority there be a sign the contract with the british gas for the company to exploit and sell they get in a project called gaza money. untamable miss how to fill jazeera arabic and i'm asking why this gas has not been exploited for 20 years and why the subject has hardly had any international coverage. one possible market for the guys was israel but the prime minister ariel sharon it looked the deal because he was concerned about the palestinians making it even you out of it. vinod to go to more complicated. a british guys to try to do a deal with egypt to distribute the gaza gas via pipelines. not knowing that egypt
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was doing a separate deal to sell its own guys to israel v in gyptian deal quote unquote was presented as a one time deal the prices were very low and the quantities were actually unlimited which was. looked unrealistic at that at 1st place. mobile it was a little vessel for us leni. a sort of if not heard he allowed really on many of the fold of can with. masai possibly to as they are south of the e.u. and in general you saw even one home for him feel very can look at mumbai the office the new obama not offered only in one act the will bomb a candle i'll be more plain yaml he opposed the advance of phyllis leni of with area leaders but they. i miss a lot of. the ministry for them. it
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was now that the british guys and they be realize that they had gas that they couldn't sell. if you don't have as long as you don't have markets for this golf so the value of this. mill is almost 0 and the fact is that we are sitting you know 18 years following that discovery and this field was not discovered. in world war and was this is the model for the world but you can pick him up for the meeting. in january 2006 or a sharon suffered a stroke and went into a coma. you had olmert became acting israeli prime minister. meanwhile amassed one of the palestinian legislative council elections and formed a government this complicated things on the international stage. how mass was asked
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to recognize the state of israel and all the peace deals done by the b. . but how mass refused and israel and egypt and both sanctions on the peace in the west bank and gaza. and there was a previously a palestinian unity government in gaza and the east back from march to june 2007. use a film and see was communications minister and i asked him if he was told about the guess the i look at look. at. the mirror and then i remembered. who they are. saphir ready. were you could go. along with.
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the palestinian unity government ended in a split in the in june 2007 and how must took full control of gaza. and israel you would almost popularity fell as israeli prime minister but on the gaza front he decided to hold his own negotiations with the british gas without any involvement of the palestinian authority. in the u.k. british guys was experiencing it's only frustration with the gaza project it was entitle to a 60 percent share of revenue under its deal with the p.a. but was not expecting any gas and israel had no ban except of the gas field. almost irish talks with the british gas via the u.k.
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government under tony blair. but the talks failed and the british gaza closed down its offices in israel. when the british and us thought of he says that israel has the palestinians have been on the gaza many universes that would have meant there was a freedom of information act that was submitted with their u.k. government by an organization i think tank called a shop aca which is a palestinian virtual think tank the freedom of information documents that have come out actually showed that israel had commercial reasons and it said that they would not allow palestinians to access their resources until the palestinians can guarantee that they would sell gas to israel at about a 3rd of the price of gas on the international markets so they were essentially
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seeking or trying to force a passing about $2.00 per hour and then b.t.u. rather than $65.00 to $7.00 which is where was the price of gas at the time and for b.g. which is a private company that wouldn't have been profitable so essentially there was no commercial. viability for the project anymore because of the restrictions that israel put on. with a change of government in egypt in 22 all its borders with gaza would open this enabled how must reform its 2nd government and revisit the gaza guys project. these pictures which are made public for the 1st time. in 22 by a local gaza company attacks applauding the guys feet using the list of liberty of technology.
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divers spotted these bubbles under the sea but. they believed they were from the gas field so samples were taken for further examination. he was involved in this a project and says that the local company got hold of maps and other data about possible new guys feeds of gas but this was why this really blockade of the 30 was tightening. most of. us out of. almost all the.
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rubbish. story in. the community and. what american. this was the equipment used to try and tap into the guys field. services just said that gas lay at around 600 meters below the sea but. the weather announcer has no more clout than of a thought of you know i'm just local to the internet and my to do that she didn't know before that was young couldn't she couldn't afford her so her know her with her they had no how or. not so in. the caribbean. many emitted it was the most wonderful for me automated well as officially the only one. in
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a couple of hours. could it hurt at all of course we. had for his nerves. these attempts only lasted for a few months as israel and egypt tightened the blockade on gaza even further. at the mother teresa. the man had the worst going to theatres than. going to put on the. iraq war. for more of a tosser you can to get a bunch of the homeowners. brother nor that an affair and. that look in her. business very. early. look in how they learn.
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the matter and not a. 1000000. more recent research suggests that the number of gas fields and the quantity of gas in the gaza field could be greater than the official figures. as. us then you are caught if she thought there might be more fields than those in the original gaza marina project. so you're asking is it only the 2 hours yet no it's possible there could be many other wells i've read in places from experts that it could be up to $88.00 wells and the pattern is that the area can't be explored at this point given the the limits that the israelis put on the maritime territory for the palestinians.
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looked at ibrahim's safe is a former jordanian minister for energy and mineral resources. he was a member of the official team that helped talks with the palestinian authority about buying and importing into jordan. and the had the fear i asked him if he thought there were more gas fields waiting to be discovered because it can really afford the time of the family have. a new team is. plagiarism and i like to show. you love so much a matter with an egypt when the bill doesn't. exist we have a few months of lie to me to have it on the field should it get out of here and.
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have. it going to feel it was the 2nd or. so we know not there are at least 8 gas fields of gaza but no one knows the exact number. is there as currently takes all the guys available and the international community appears to take no action. there is evidence that by 2012 israel extract it 42000000000 cubic meters from the muddy b. fields leaving it severely depleted. that would have supplied the palestinians with enough gas for 15 years in may 2017 the center for social multinational corporations saw more based in amsterdam published a report about the activities of noble in energy called beneath the troubled waters . noble in the regime is based in houston texas and is extensively
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involved in the development and exploration of israeli licensed off shore gas fields in the eastern mediterranean very port is extremely detailed but one of its conclusions is that the company has potentially contributed to a violation of the collective right of self-determination of palestinian actual gas was indeed drained from the border field due to gas extraction from the noah field it could be argued that noble energy participated in an act of pillage in violation of international humanitarian and criminal law which could also incur criminal liability. al-jazeera asked nobody in the regime to respond to these allegations. very blight saying their very operations comply with their own code of conduct and the laws of the united states and the governments where they operate we
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are confident we have not extracted gas from outside our israel easy license areas or had an adverse impact on the ability of others to develop their resources what kind of report. i can give you any report you all very well. you know why by the way. you look at the geological lier. now let's assume here is the geological layer ok full with gas now i pump here this is my territory and the palestinians are here now when i pump here of course the layer begins to dissolve now gas begins to move from this side to that side because if i pump here then this side is getting deployed do i pump. palestinian gas or at the gas good question depends who we are asking
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the parents what kind of answer you want. if you're a palestinians of course it's another part of their of the occupation of the terrible things in the horrible atrocities we committed against them if you're an israeli of cause you don't people. geological layers do not know borders borders do not exist in geological layers i mean you play you play geologic you play geology and geology is you know they don't know borders. this map was drawn by jim sister in the department of international affairs editor in t. washington university in the us it shows the authority of the waters of the coast of gaza and israel. since 1909 the palestinians have only been allowed to explore the small the green area area. istook or argues that the international
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maritime you know gives the palestinians that i took the border they're much bigger area and that. this potentially contains further gas fields which would be of huge benefit to the palestinians if they were allowed to exploit them. the mary b. field is an example of why it is important for the palestinians to take steps to declare an exclusive economic zone it isn't that could possibly allow it within the palestinian exclusive economic zone. however because the palestinians did not make a claim to it israel was able to start production and essentially deplete the field if the palestinians do not take steps to claim an easy it's possible that other areas of enormous economic value could be innocence claimed by israel and once the resources are gone they're not coming back. coming from so going to be.
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part of the electorate one thing and one completely minor thing now as well i mean . really. if you're. even getting the. speed to campaign i mean you do a lot for us then you have to have to shovel for the thing if you had a bit of a levy is there will be a 2nd coming. and so i mean you have to hold the vessel for this we needed to be a shuttle for this we need think about was that had been going on but what it had done became you could get a shovel full of any well you modest and probably have a ship with. a shovel for the fleet if you could. live in sin is a large natural gas field in the military of the cost of israel it used to come online later in $29.00. and what would have been an extraordinary deed in the $24000.00 the palestinian authority announced a plan to buy gas from. so back in
9:51 am
20152014 before that the p.a. had agreed to buy gas israeli gas from leviathan which was an interesting prospect given the gas that was already in gaza marine and the deal was eventually called off under i think i believe under pressure from from the b.d.s. movement who were quite upset that the palestinians would buy israeli gas when they had their own gas just sitting off the coast. i think it was something that the p.a. decided decided against because politically it just wasn't palatable and it put them in a bad light and other the jordanians did and find catherine a riot and so and why did why did it happen i think public say that he was under pressure from the israelis to buy what it was it called after b.d.s. movement pressed against it. i think the issue is very sensitive. for the palestinians to discuss. i think it's.
9:52 am
in the hands of. of. and his the head of the palestinian investment fund so none of the. politicians always of the professionals in palestine are willing to discuss the issue it is a sensitive issue in this respect. in february 26th the real dutch shell the british gas and so technically became the new developer of the 2 gaza marine gas fields. but in marshy 2018 announced it was giving up its stake in the undeveloped gas field of gaza. i tried to get an interview with someone from to ask why they had pulled out from the gaza marine deal. but chill declined my request.
9:53 am
so what next for the guys feel dissed and needed to contain a 28000000000 cubic meters that's the total consumption a frisbee in for an entire here. so it's my understanding that shell had a 55 percent stake in gaza marine so now the palestinians are left trying to find a company to pick up this 55 percent of the guys in marine park. is a kind of like us to what i did you know when i would not do what i would to do list of. what i did i'm just a local supermarket all of your. friendly. if he was over there when he was in an ikea to. show the. liberal book or go me at
9:54 am
least picture well is to give them is to build a value either. you want to be have that in. the or in your woman a pound of women shake out of the hard work to be taken over deliver us from our family that we have it when can we want you to have a few more bits of you have them. this is a palestinian government the comment dated june 2015. it gives the minister of foreign affairs the power to contact the russian and the chinese companies to blur the guns feed. the un in committed the freedom to contact. them while the has it done and to do it in more men must lie or must live on but then after that we have and. left the factory that has woman they have a 2nd can they do like a pot of milk often 1st then you have. michael
9:55 am
merely kabir. and that they would let them get a sham if you do want to hold shock. shock at 1st and so what went on with them at the moment of foresight. simply for the past and ends in gaza if you look at the past 2 decades if that's any anything to tell us what the future is going to be like i think we're in a waiting in a waiting period where people in gaza are going to be in the dark looking out into the ocean at gas flames coming from from the fields that they could be producing on and they're not and that's purely because i don't think that this gas will be produced until there is a political agreement between the israelis and palestinians and between hamas and fatah. that if between fatah and hamas shows no sign of being resolved. as for israeli palestinian politics the picture is no brighter.
9:56 am
in average 2019 a coalition led by binyamin netanyahu the right wing likud party won the israeli parliament 3 elections this is not good news for the palestinians. have a better life now is the you asked me the advisors their approach to the region are based on what we have seen so far. it's hard to see how the dormant in the resource in the east room with the theory and can't benefit the palestinians in the near future anymore than it has in the past 20 years. lebanon was created as a political entity as muslims and christians agree to establish a modern civil state and then religious movement to preserve its specifics. when i decided to get a divorce there wasn't anyone to go with me as i was from
9:57 am
a different religious group. i endured the pain alone but i've broken that barrier and escaped the cage i was trapped and suffered in divorce in lebanon on al-jazeera world. they're making millions per month off for something taxes i was a little. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars and it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your own capital best who was in deep on the story and drove millions of workers into unemployment i said earnshaw we need a media that would find the entry in the man who stole the world coming soon. hello we may have reached peak heat for a few days with little cloud in the sky for the most part with the exception being the high ground of iran and that of northern syria and turkey it's
9:58 am
a wind direction thing the changes he says 45 in baghdad is a forecast we've seen higher than that further cayley's cooler on the coast all this is normal and terran warming up to about 33 possibly helped if you near the coast of the caspian to cool things down a bit but then the wind brings in something a little bit cooler the baghdad down to 40 to 42 here's all relative of course he's still going to be back 46 or 47 further south in basra for example shall sit around in turkey probably increasing their frequency so maybe we'll see by them the way something coming up the lebanese coast says of all this well yes the winds might change things and frankly this is down the hot quiet time so 44 and die hard about the same in mecca to get degrees or well if you like we're waiting for the cloud to gather on the south coast of a mammal this is in a national moment is not persistent this mass here is associated with the runoff from developing soccer in the arabian sea probably heading to gujarat so if they
9:59 am
are ready but instead to possibly released in western yemen and western society is dry. germany's birth varian helps west stunning scenery play host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. i think share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany café vald left a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night though people often struggling to make ransom notes and just want
10:00 am
a better life from around the world and amnesty has been offered to those for revenge against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crime. and not to barbarism the u.n. deplores an attack in central money that's left at least $95.00 people. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program. 3 sudanese opposition leaders say they've been deported to south sudan by the military jointer as a nationwide strike continues. a suspended italian man who transformed his town by welcoming refugees goes on trial accused.


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