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tv   Feeding The Billions  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2019 8:33am-9:00am +03

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to put enormous pressure on the labor party leader jeremy called in to do something to stop the u.k. being walked out of the european union without any trade deal and time is not on his side either lawrence lee al-jazeera london or staying with political movement sarah sanders leaving her position as white house press secretary massada says she'll return to her home state of arkansas or to spend more time with her children she is the 2nd white house press secretary to serve under donald trump after sean spicer was signed early on in his tenure. now survivors and relatives of the victims of the sri lanka bomb attacks have attended the 1st service since the attacks at the newly renovated st anthony's church in the capital colombo laura burton manley as the story. roman catholic worshippers celebrate mass in the nearly reopened st anthony's church almost 2 months before it was torn apart by a bomb explosion some are still overcome with emotion. the
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weapons were down and i lost my sustain lowing be explosion we are live but she's no longer with us. they never told me that she had died i was in hospital and i only found out when i went home. worst parts in tanzania's church the isa sunday service the 1st of 7 suicide bombers launched his attack here was. panic and chaos ensued. within minutes similar scenes at 2 other churches in 3 hotels at least 250 people were killed and hundreds injured. a local muslim group that's been linked to eisele has been blamed the attacks. in the parent reprisal mobs destroyed muslim businesses and homes killing at least one person. the isa bombings had consequences in an already fragile political establishment earlier this month all 9 muslim.
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government and 2 governance resigned it was in solidarity with a politician accused of having links to a hardline muslim group cabinet ministers and state ministers and deputy ministers have taken a decision today to resign from all of a vision and request a government to expedite. any inquiry against anyone among us and bring it to a conclusion as president matter palace or center has fired the chief national intelligence of the suggests that the president was forewarned about the bombings and failed to act a panel of politicians investigating the atrocities has heard how repeated warnings were received including one minutes before the explosions security forces say the threat of more attacks has been contained but this church is taking no risks
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about a manly al jazeera. i still. want .
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a i. am. thanks very much brazilian striker marta has been creating more history at the women's football world cup but her goal scoring efforts koreans save her team from
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defeat against australia martha was on target from the spot to becoming the 1st player to score in 5 different editions of the tournaments it was also a record 16th career goal in the world cup but the 33 year old went off ensuring that have time in australia recovered from a 2 goal deficit to win 32 and the day's other game china beat south africa one nil in group b. that's a 2nd straight loss for south africa and all but ends their hopes of reaching the last 16 brazil's defeat against australia was their 1st group stage loss in 24 years all 4 group d. teams are in action on friday to ply scotland while 2015 semifinalist england take on argentina england are top of the group after a 21 win against scotland while argentina claimed their 1st ever world cup point in their opening game against japan. you've got a country. believe
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a blip. when you look at the reaction of those players when they got their 1st welcome against you that was a special moment for their country you look at they give their kids 90 minutes of school to watch that game against japan the means to that country so it's going to show that same kind of. tens of thousands of fans filled around madrid stadium to welcome the club's latest big money signing belgian midfielder and serve has officially kicked off his new life in spain the 28 year old was signed from chelsea in a deal worth close to 200000000 dollars well i've already spent more than 300000000 in this transfer window and aims to rebuild following a disappointing season. is a different level. i had a lot of success we've chelsea and. i want to win a lot as well leave with mother it so or just to be. is a new challenge but i'm ready i'm ready for lots of police have said that these 6
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men arrested over the shooting of baseball legend david ortiz were offered $8000.00 to kill him this footage shows the moment the former boston red sox player was shot in the back at an open air nightclub in the dominican republic the shooter is been arrested along with 4 others but one other man remains at large 43 year old or tease is in boston recovering from 2 rounds of surgery say at least blues are back at home after winning their 1st ever stanley cup title big celebrations are planned in the city as the franchise has been waiting their entire 52 year existence for this championship they beat the boston bruins 41 in the series decider david stokes has the action. the bruins were on home ice for the winner takes all game 7 but it was the blues who struck 1st in boston thank you guys think fans back in st louis went wild and those
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celebrations got even louder when their captain doubled the lead watch at the end of the 1st period thanks thought was to god boston never recovered there were no goals in the 2nd period but suddenly with run away with it in the 3rd with there was nobody was right thank god i was boston did manage one consolation go but the celebrations were understandably muted this was sent lewis's night i was 352 years in the making it's the longest wait and h.l. history 13 to win their 1st championships thought they had reached the final in their 1st 3 seasons as a franchise but lost every time including to the bruins in 1970 that's
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a distant memory now though and all the more remarkable given that they were dead last in the league back in january you know looking at the names on the stand and to be a part of that group hike you know every most of these guys on her i pretended i was a kid and now to be here on the air with the mets it's an incredible feeling i for the st louis friends the wind wipes out decades of misery they'll hope they don't have to wait another half century to get the next one david stokes al-jazeera the cricket world cup in england has been hit by bad weather again the match between india and new zealand was called off without a ball being ball to the 4th abandonments so far making it the wettest world cup on record. one of the icons asian sport has announced his retirement after a battle with cancer malaysian badminton star leach on the way has called time on his 19 year career the 36 year old has struggled to return to full fitness
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following a noah's cancer diagnosis last year we won 3 a lympics silver medals. i regret is 100 percent that i could not get the olympic gold medal the malaysian team gave me the chance to go to tokyo 2020 that was my dream but now i cannot i hope malaysian athlete can one day get a gold for malaysia and that's all your sport for now more later a new exhibition has opened in london helping refugee artists tell their stories sink without trace features work by migrants who made the dangerous journey to europe is johnny angela. a pair of jeans a child's shoe a life jacket fragments of lives lost at sea this is sinking without trace an exhibition bringing together artists response to the migrant struggle some of these works come from personal experience 7 of the 18 artists are refugees themselves
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including mary one whose dark pictures evoke his time drifting at sea in clay boats by refugees from sudan. these concrete sculptures resembling body bags submerged in the mediterranean by danish artist and to the some 30000 migrant deaths in the last 30 years on the surface of the sculptress you can see all the bruises and cuts that. after having been rolling around on the bottom of the sea for. their reinterpretations of tragedies that made headlines like the death of alan curdie others tell stories that never made the news like that of these identical twins one died during the journey but their mother refused to let his body go when sleeping the traffickers took action but when she woke she found only her dead child a living child had been thrown into the sea and then lied this whole sort of you
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money terry in compassion approach what do you worry when you get angry you get frustrated and want to act. and that's exactly what i think i can do max her photographs document the rare process of identifying the bodies which really did for the so called boat of innocence shipwreck of april 2015 which caused more than $800.00 deaths he's frustrated at the indifference to the tragedy for. his to. defy without illusion to change. at least the people who then can see can see i do the norm. this show is not easy viewing and it shouldn't be the curators want to inspire action and its proceeds are going to help fund alarm phone hotline for migrants in distress at sea in the hope that fewer will sink without trace charley and to our
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desire london. and that was when we come back at the top of the hour we'll have 30 minutes of bang up to date al-jazeera well i'll see that. we're making millions per month offshore accounts something taxes i was losing. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars and it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your old capitalist who was in the eye of the storm and drove millions of workers
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into unemployment i said. we need a movie which i mean truth is the men who stole the world coming soon. germany's birth varian helps us stunning scenery play host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. share a common room. and together dream of a german future. welcome to german café vald left a witness documentary on al-jazeera. well look i know. and i do. know some of the like. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power away use technological endeavors to counter
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humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment to ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. this is only the latest in a series of attacks instigated by the islamic republic of iran and its surrogates. the us points the blame for 2 tanker explosions in the gulf of oman but gives no evidence to back its claim. hello and welcome on peter told me you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up sudan's military jointer admits it ordered the dispersal of the sit in
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outside the army headquarters but claims protesters for violence and the breakdown in talks. the man accused of killing $51.00 people in the new zealand mosque shootings denies the charge. and secretly crossing into mexico will tell you how central american migrants of dodging border security. the united states is deploying a naval destroyer to the gulf of oman after explosions hit 2 tankers washington is blaming iran for the incident the us secretary of state mike pompei o gave no concrete evidence but says it's based on intelligence britain has backed the accusation from washington however iran says the allegations are unfounded mike hanna has more now from the united nations in new york proceedings at the u.n. security council were dominated by the news of explosions on board 2 tankers in the
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gulf of oman the session was shuttled to discuss cooperation between the league of arab states and the u.n. but most speakers reacted to events in the gulf including the un secretary general facts must be established and responsibilities clarified. and they for that is something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region. a thinly veiled accusation of responsibility was made by the arab league secretary general. of a moderate some parties in the region are trying to instigate fires in our region and we have to be aware about. the russian ambassador insistent that this is a conscious strategy to undermine diplomatic moves aimed at reducing tension in the gulf and you know pretty much what it's a little loosely would it would there is a need to come together to achieve one of the most important goals before us today you know launching regional dialogue into the stablish in a security architecture in the persian gulf we're currently according to our view
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the tensions are artificially fueled and inflamed around iran if you rejected at the u.s. state department where iran was directly accused of responsibility for the attacks this is sesame this based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar raining attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication working the acting u.s. ambassador to the united nations was osce by the secretary of state to call for an meeting of the security council and law enforcement. as not just the latest attacks that were in discussion behind closed doors the overall king question is whether all parties to the longstanding dispute with iran us and syria in their publicly stated preference for a peaceful diplomatic resolution. iran rejects the u.s. accusation that attacks on shipping lanes are part of its widest strategy in
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a regional power struggle if so then the question remains who is responsible mike hanna al-jazeera united nations understood pearl looks at how the incident unfolded. 2 tankers badly damaged in the gulf of oman raising tensions and oil prices iranian t.v. has been showing what is believed to be the tanker front all tear which had $23.00 crew on board carrying petrochemical products from cats are in saudi arabia to east asia the other japanese own ship the kuta courageous with $21.00 crew was shipping methanol to singapore its management says it suffered whole damage but is not in danger of sinking both when the gulf of oman the entrance to the strait of hormuz where much of the world's energy supplies are shipped through every day. the initial report was all time cast sailing from the straits of hormuz to asia came
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under attack after that apparently another boat was attacked so all ship tried to maneuver but 3 hours later it was attacked again it became too dangerous to stay on the tanker so our crew members abandoned it using a lifeboat. both iranian and american ships responded to the tankers distress calls sent within an hour of each other on thursday morning each rescuing crew members who have banned and shipped. japan's prime minister happened to be meeting with iran's supreme leader in tehran trying to reduce tensions with the united states the iranians say the timing is certainly suspicious rather than coincidental. today the issue of security has a special importance either in the state to the breach in of the persian gulf or middle east and all around the world and we have been making if it's to protect the peace and security of the region and over the last few years practically we have proven that week here about the security of our neighbors and all other countries
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iran also denied accusations of involvement in the saudi led coalition at war in yemen has attributed blame for thursday's attacks without providing evidence i think it is a major escalation if we look to what been declared then and now is by the iranian regime. lately about how they will close the. strait and if we look to what's happening in the bubble meant that and also in the south and. see how the i hope the there are 3 thing the line of sees and the international trade and we could nick those terrorist act we can say yes they are connected and there is a huge. of course there is this cliff and by the. as experts begin investigations to find out exactly what happened in the gulf of oman it could take some time to establish who is responsible but washington appears to have already made up its mind and chapelle al jazeera. well gregory gause is
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a professor of international affairs who specializes in the gulf at texas a and m. university he says even if we exclude iran's government numerous act within iran cannot be ruled out. we're dealing mostly with speculation the united states intelligence community is very leery about revealing its sources and methods and thus i think it will be unlikely that will get much hard evidence in terms that would compromise how the united states received this information so i think that we're going to be dealing in a in an atmosphere of imperfect information going forward on this and it comes in the wake of similar attacks on tankers earlier and so it seems to me that this is a much more sustained operation and i think we shouldn't rule out the possibility that that there are actors within iran who there are numerous actors in iran this
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might not be the iranian government as we understand it the president the cabinet there are actors in iran that report directly to the supreme leader like the islamic revolutionary guard corps that have acted on their own in foreign policy in the past and so none of these neither the iranians nor other actors in the region state actors in the region are completely united in terms of their policy actions either sudan's ruling military council has admitted it did or did the dispersal of a sit in protest outside on me at courses these are pictures of the violence and caught in the that have just been released to the internet blackout there now the operation to clear the protests has resulted in dozens of deaths hundreds wounded the military has expressed some requests over the incident that he does ship of the joint has resisted calls to hand over power to a civilian government saddam's military has again blamed the protest groups for the breakdown of the talks on a transition to civilian rule based on improper. what is delaying the
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negotiations is the false understanding for civilian led government that this is something that even you in the media have been wrong in identifying and we are not classified as civilians because we were military close there are screaming civilian civilian in my view civilian is the thirty's is the ruling is the task which we agreed on after we agreed that government ministers and the legislative council would be civilian led they are still screaming civilian civilian they said the military will only work in the sovereign council the declaration for freedom and change said they agreed to 95 percent and there was a disagreement over 5 percent or 5 percent all those blessed souls were lost that 5 percent was how many civilians and how many military would be in the sovereign council and who would lead we believe the majority should be military and the leadership should be military and they believed otherwise we insist that the military is the sole guarantor for peace and stability in the transitional phase ok
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let's take a look at where we stand as of today in sudan there has been a stop in the violence after protest groups called off the civil disobedience movement which led to more clashes earlier this week the return to relative calm is largely because of mediation efforts by the ethiopian prime minister and days after a visit a top u.s. diplomat for africa at the head of the t.n.c. on thursday. has called on the military to withdraw from khartoum and to stop attacking civilians is an independent investigation into the crackdown on the city and by the army headquarters. he omar is a member of the u.s. house of representatives she told al-jazeera sheil that washington has shown its double standards by failing to engage with saddam. this administration. is handling our foreign policy that i think is where you notice these extreme hypocrisy that that have existed and might have existed but now are
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very clear they're they're not gray anymore it's very black and white and so in the case of you could see black and white between our reaction in to so than and then our reaction to venezuela. where we have a developing story for you here on al-jazeera who see media in yemen saying they've carried another attack on an airport in the southwest of saudi arabia the 2nd time this week who these say they've used drones to target the airports near the town of hummus machette it's about 100 kilometers away from the yemeni border. we'll get you more on that developing story just as soon as we can. the man accused of murdering 51 people in the new zealand mosque attacks has appeared in court by video link and denied all the charges he's brinton tyrant he faces 51 counts of
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murder and 40 of attempted murder on march the 15th back to back shootings took place at 2 mosques in christ church under thomas is the latest from the courthouse . brinson tyrant was not herring caught in christchurch he's being held in oakland and appeared via video link with the world more than 100 family members of victims in court to see him and to hear formally the charges put against him family members and indeed people who were shot themselves on the 15th of march they watched as bronson tyrant stood there saw island throughout but at times he smoked at one point he winked at the camera his lawyer on his behalf here into the plea of not guilty to all $51.00 charges of murder all 40 charges of attempted murder and one charge under new zealand's antiterrorism rules.


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