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but is the troubled ready decided by a hostile spanish state. the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on a 0. 0. this is the news hour live from my porges in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . a focus is not to enter into a blame game or given responsibility for a collapse of a deal that might come our focus is to keep the agreement in place the e.u. says iran is currently compliant with the nuclear deal but tehran is warning that want. it's
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a must for caroline to step down and to withdraw the evil law just out of prison the hong kong democracy activist tells al-jazeera he is now joining the fight against extradition changes also this hour at least 30 people were killed by suicide bombers in northeastern nigeria we'll have a live report and i'm going to go to sports where we have a 1st time major golf champion american gary woodland wins the u.s. open by 3 shots at pebble beach. thank you for joining as iran's president says time is running out for european leaders to save the 2050 nuclear deal that's after iran's atomic energy organization announced it would breach uranium stockpile limits set under the agreement within 10 days dosage of barry has a report from tehran. a theatrical build up for a final warning to the european signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement the
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message delivered by the spokesman for iran's atomic energy agency that time is running out then i. will begin szell mortician my countdown has started in 10 days time on june 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enriched uranium allowed under the nuclear deal after that's we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically. and there's a nuclear deal iran is allowed to have 300 kilograms of 3.67 percent in which you reign him at any given time inside the country anything in excess of that amount must be sold internationally but since the united states withdrew from the deal a may of last year it has also introduced restrictions on purchasing any material from iran's nuclear program which means iran stockpile will continue to increase the early last month president hassan rouhani announced tehran will stop exporting
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its excess uranium and heavy water for a 60 day period during which time it wants the remaining signatories of the deal to honor their obligations as they announce are not going to break the agreement so there are going to go as far as possible to the threshold because when they break the agreement they will lose the european support and for now this is not the iranian strategy to completely you know go for clear violation and break of the agreement a number of high ranking foreign officials have been visiting to iran in an effort to save this deal including a rare visit by japanese prime minister shinzo who told iran's supreme leader that he had brought a letter from president donald trump. but i it's a lot of the company said trump did not deserve a response harmony who has alternate authority in iran says the government will not
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negotiate any further iran maintains it has kept up its end of the deal 15 reports produced by the international atomic energy agency have concluded that iran is complying with the nuclear agreement iran says the future of this nuclear deal is now in the hands of the 3 main european signatories france britain and germany and president rouhani has warned that the stability and security of the entire region is at stake but many analysts say that without the united states it's difficult to see how this the orca work or such a pari al-jazeera to iran or the european union foreign policy chief federica more guarini address the iran nuclear deal a short time ago she says based on assessments iran is still within the boundaries of the agreement and says the focus is on keeping the deal in place under increasingly difficult circumstances as of today is the compliant and we strongly. hope and courage expect that continues to comply.
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with its commitments under the disappear in full. and i would not enter into a blame game at all you know me the interest we have is to keep the nuclear deal in place it's not an easy exercise we've never made a mystery out of it. and since during the last year it has become increasingly difficult for all to keep the nuclear deal fully implemented. this has been our constant focus as europeans. well it's a big story chalons in london for an story morgan he says iran is still complying with the deal the europeans clearly are very keen to keep this agreement alive but they're going to have to choose sides at some point right. well i think more green is trying to avoid having this framed as some kind of choice between tehran and washington d c really and for the european union they have already made the choice
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and the choice is for the j c p o a this nuclear agreement signed with iran in 2015 but of course it is going to get increasingly difficult to keep that deal alive given that the united states has already walked away from it and tehran is showing signs that it is about to do the same so of course tehran is playing hardball at the moment trying to put pressure on the european union to live up to what iran says are the obligations that it has as part of the chase c.p.o. way to protect iranian infrastructure reigning in facilities the economy of the oil sector finance sector etc from the sanctions that have been imposed by the united states but this is a difficult thing for the european union to do considering of course that it is strong allies as part of the the west in order with the u.s.
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at the moment is not being drawn by these ultimatums from iran and she's not giving much away in terms of what's european response would be if iran does breach the terms of the j.c. does go beyond this 300 kilogram limit of low enriched uranium she is also suggesting that she's going to treat iran's comments with some skepticism says it doesn't matter what iran actually says until the i.a.e.a. rules that iran is. in breach of the deal then the european union position will be that it's still compliant thank you for that really really challenges lie for us in . london not moscow sorry let's explore this further now with simon mabon who's a lecturer in international relations at lancaster university his ally from there thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera so iran says it is speeding up production of enriched uranium they have this 10 day old tomato i'm not why do you
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think this needs a european say caylee and a increasing pressure thing this time for them to save this deal can they find a way around the crippling u.s. sanctions but i think your report set it up quite nicely the europeans a cope between a rock and a hard place here they would think credibly hard to actually get the nuclear deal in place the british the french and the germans worked incredibly hard exerting a great deal of diplomatic capital and energy trying to get an agreement between iran and the united states to try and get this nuclear program and so there was a great deal of concern what it all seemed like it was falling through but of course london and paris and berlin ok also concerned about relations with the u.s. and ensure they want to see increasingly fractious relations with iran or do they want to see increasingly fractious relations with the united states and i think want to turn is trying to do right now is put
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a bit of pressure on the europeans and say look you have 10 days right it doesn't have to go the way that washington wants will this pressure when it work though i mean what will the european countries britain france and germany what will they do if iran openly breaks the accord in 10 days you think. i think that's what we were just hearing from from the europeans from the report that you just played that there is going to be a bit of patience but it's going to be sort of calm heads that it's going to be patience and cools to wait for the reports from the i.a.e.a. the international compact on the energy association and so i think got will try and get more assertive in a bit more patience and a bit more calm in what is an increasingly hostile and hates the environment it would also give the europeans time to actually conceive of a strategy and to figure out where its strategic aims lie when through it is with regard to iran where the roots will concerned about its continuing cause its
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relations with donald trump in the united states and this of course as you mentioned is coming at a time of rising tensions in the gulf region after a series of unexplained attacks on oil vessels and infrastructure in the region we know the saudis and britain have backed u.s. claims that it was iran that was behind these incidents but what about the rest of europe and how these tensions affected relations with the united states. well i think you're right to say that that a number of states of falling in line behind the u.s. position well in the case of the saudis i would imagine that they're also trying to drive the u.s. position of these of iran but i think that the other europeans they saw or again. patients waiting for more and more information about who is actually responsible and many into iran is saying look at it if we wanted to do this if we wanted to cause all turmoil and hostility in the gulf we would do it openly we have the ways
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and means of doing this that doesn't reliance of the few so i think it's still a it's a bottle that public opinion it's possible for information and trying to shape the strategic landscape within which a range of different actors are involved now of course europe is traditionally empty conflict in the middle east for a range of different reasons and i would certainly hope that the european powers will come out and say we need more evidence we need more information before anything like this can happen because then we have cool calm heads for more reflection and more retrospective consideration before there was any hot headed moves towards conflict salmon may been very good to talk to thank you very much for joining us on not just their. now iran's military has denied being behind attacks on oil tankers in the gulf of oman last week and its chief of staff says if they decided to block the strait of hormuz it could do so straits
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a vital gateway for the global oil industry and tension is being rising there over a series of attacks on tankers in the region. as long as no one causes problems for the security of the straits of hormuz we will preserve its security and as long as the islamic republic is exported the others will be securely exported to. if we decide to the largest groups of hormuz will do it in a way that even a drop of oil well past the street. yemen's houthi rebels say they have targeted a saudi airport with a drone for the 4th time since wednesday saudi authorities have not confirmed the attack on airport close to the border with yemen have warned they will continue to target saudi air force a retaliation for the kingdom's actions inside yemen meanwhile the united nations envoy to yemen has expressed concern about the deteriorating situation monograph it has just brief the security council warning that the violence is threatening
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a fried dry un led peace initiative sanji arabia blames iran for supporting the whole season causing instability in the region while the who the rebels argue they have the right to defend themselves said speak to our diplomatic editor james space at the united nations or as james what else has come out of this u.n. security council briefing on yemen. this is the monthly meeting where the security council is updated on the situation in yemen and it really isn't good news no progress really on the political solution in who data there supposed to be that redeployment of forces is still not taken place as it's supposed to and remember that deal that was done in stockholm is now more than 6 months old and what's making things even worse right now is the tension in the region just listen to the un special envoy the council has recently expressed concern at reassess collating violence across yemen and the attacks on civilian infrastructure in the
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southern saudi arabia i must echo these concerns including the recent drone attacks on our part i have repeatedly warned that war can take pieces of the table and in the context of wider regional tensions the risks to the to the political process have never looked well stuck naturally i call for steps to be taken to deescalate tensions for the benefit of the yemeni people as well as for regional security. mr griffiths has been having difficulty with his own diplomacy in recent weeks because the government of yemen has not wanted to deal with him they feel that the who things are being treated equally with member state of the united nations and they don't like the way he's handling the diplomacy since things have not been going well on the political front on the humanitarian front it's not going well either marlowe cock the humanitarian chief of the u.n. was also briefing the security council he made it clear yemen is getting more
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violent not yet not less the conflict is getting worse not better he talked about a dark humanitarian situation across the country he talked about the who think he's not letting aid in nor taking aid in certain places and it was suggested by the head of the world food program that they may stop food supplies and food deliveries in some areas one last speck to all of this and it's actually an environmental aspect mr local referred to an oil tanker the say for oil tanker in who data with $1100000.00 barrels of oil in it and they fear that that could rupture any time and those barrels of oil could cause an environmental disaster in that region so really a pretty depressing picture james spader that the united nations thank you james. there's plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including dying for
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a drink with a child or to marry him india where residents are going to extreme lengths to find out what lasts for years after donald trump became u.s. president will look at how the business cycle and won the support of americans and the republicans and said he was unfit for office and in sport can shake things up and become merica action from their fight back against power and why coming out. but in other world news 1st a well known member of hong kong's pro-democracy movement has been freed from prison joshua wang is vowing to join mass protests against a controversial extradition bail the government has put on hold but demonstrators want it dropped altogether sara cock reports from hong kong. after 6 weeks in jail joshua emerged to face the media the political activist served time for his role in
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the occupy protests in 2014 on hearing the news of sunday's mass rally in hong kong he only had thanks place for millions of hong kong people joined the demonstration and protests were in the hospital weeks issue of the spirit and dignity of hong kong people. on sunday 2000000 people marched in the streets against a controversial extradition law the government plans to introduce in hong kong critics argue it would allow china to extradite political opponents and activists to the mine land to face trial the city's chief executive kerry lam has suspended debate on the legislation but that's not enough to calm the growing public opposition in hong kong what hong kong people are still. poggioli draw extradition laws. and i hope people get aware that now there's a new white after that and umbrella movement. on arrival at the city's
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parliament joshua wong received a hero's welcome. where hundreds of protesters continued to hold for each carried nam has apologized to the people in the wake of sunday's protests but the organizers of the demonstration say i don't plan to give in just yes what we need is not a media talking we need action when will we withdraw we need real apology. that is why. i believe that until we see a real apology he will withdraw it's done. will not the extradition though may be suspended but kerry lamb has said no deadline for when the bike was in the city's parliament the next major rally in hong kong is on july 1st marking the handover of the former british territory to china and 997 these protesters will be using that gathering to keep the pressure on syria al-jazeera hong kong or the demonstrators
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want hong kong's leaders to resign for failing to listen to their concerns over the bill by the chinese government has reiterated its support for kerry blaming foreign interference for the standoff with pressure as to whether there are foreign interventions to what's happening in hong kong i believe we have seen a lot of facts in the past days ever since the hong kong government announced that it would make amendments to the extradition law in february many foreign governments and politicians have been making inflammatory statements on the issue. there is adrian brown has more now from beijing. well publicly china's leaders continue to offer support to carry hong kong's embattled leader but privately say some analysts are beginning to have serious doubts as to whether she should remain in office beyond one term these analysts also say that you know china's leaders have been left angry and also embarrassed not just by the fact that the police used tear gas and rubber bullets against student demonstrators in june of all months but
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also by the fact that more than $2000000.00 people took part in sunday's demonstration a reflection of just how people are feeling in hong kong right now and of course a lot of that anger is directed not just at the hong kong government but also at the central government there's no doubt the president xi jinping does not need another distraction right now especially as he's preparing for his meeting that's juda happen on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in osaka with president donald trump and also chinese leaders now believe that the trumpet ministration is attempting to draw a line between the the hong kong protests and also the current trade dispute between china and the united states and president xi jinping does not want to give president from another stick with which to hit china which is why i say analysts he's been pushing for hong kong's leaders to show maximum tolerance in the face of protests the could yet continue as a green mention there xi jinping is spanning to visit north korea this week the 1st
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such trip by chinese president in 14 years here except at an invitation from north korea's leader kim jong un back in january the meeting comes a week before she is expected to hold talks with the u.s. president donald trump in japan negotiations between champ and kim jong un have stalled sensor fail summit in vietnam in february. to africa now at least 30 people have been killed in a series of explosions in northeastern nigeria 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up in a crowd in can do get near the regional capital my dougal in. who is in a butcher for as i made this attack as i said was not far from the regional capital of my degree what more do we know about what happened. well basically a. certain number of people i think about 50 of them or more a sudden even in football match on t.v. as they were watching some suicide bombers approach them the 2 devices were dropped
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initially that killed 9 people instantly and then a 3rd device failed to go off but because of the severity of the injuries since last night the body count has been rising right now a lot of people are talking about more than 30 people died and more than 40 others have been injured some of them with serious injuries and buries expectations by aid workers and health workers but the number could go higher and higher now what security forces and of course. witnesses in that area talking about that these are types of though it hasn't been claimed yet no claim of responsibility but a lot of people believe that it's a whole mark of the book quite a function under the leadership of its main leader abu took over from the founder of the group in 2009 when the former was killed. they said this is an attack that
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was organized by. the been known to suicide bombers and the been known to target civilian the civilian populations in the northeast and this violence has been going on for 9 years now despite efforts by the nigerian government why attacks like this still happening today. well formally in front this this crisis if we take into consideration that it started in 2009 we're talking about one of about 10 years now since it all started . now the nigerian government has successfully to start from controlling least 20 local government areas in borno state over the last 4 years however they still remain a potent force most of the areas that have have their bases been really difficult to access so in terms of accessibility by the military each sort of
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difficult most of the fight is carried out in the air by military jets and of course they send in ground troops however. has a lot of resources at its disposal apart from its local knowledge of the trip to rain it can hire and pay higher than what that terror groups are doing all over the world so a lot of people will when you look at the property in the region in the sale in the west africa sabri do you expect that when white on flushes a lot of cash in front of young people who are idle who don't have anything to do they will easily grab that otherwise they will be sitting there doing nothing but what has that advantage in terms of recruitment and of course they can cross borders if the no i didn't security forces sort of put pressure on them they can cross easily into or come home or charge the public and regroup there so when the security forces think they have gotten the situation under control they will just
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come back so that's a tit for tat stuff that has been going on for a very long time and also remember that in major towns and cities in nigeria but what are basically what it's all sleeper cells so they get the information they do what was necessary for 2 to continue playing the role it's playing now thank you for that for a simple. in mali nearly 100 people have been killed in the latest say fighting between farmers and head is al jazeera is market web rape or sunny who he called. making $200.00 cows walk in the same direction the same time isn't the. 12 year old boy at the i was in moscow with the aunt he belongs to the lonnie ethnic group many of the nomadic cattle herders. and hundreds of whom have been killed in growing into communal conflict here in central mali militia linked to for lonnie
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herders and farmers are behind a series of attacks in each other's communities in the last 3 years. but for buyers the constant challenge of following rains and finding pastures infused with life. changing climate makes it even harder. this new home costs too weak to walk but they can't stop. the work is hard when you don't find enough food for them some of them die so it's not easy to get on. no bias taking this herd on a 6 month journey about 500 kilometers in search of pastures to keep them fed for long the people we've been walking with their cows across west in central africa for centuries historians say rituals that are practiced today are depicted in paintings which are 8000 years old some things haven't changed
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much others have changed drastically. it's with automatic weapons that the militias of the time each other's communities they flooded into the region since libya's civil war began in 2011. that fueled the conflict between mali's government and armed groups linked to al-qaeda from the north. then 4 years ago lonnie preacher amadou koussa formed an armed group in central mali and called fulani men to arms this is his video these fighters attacked mali's army to overthrow the government expel the french army and u.n. peacekeepers and establish rule according to their own interpretation of islamic law that governments accused of arming militia to fight back many believe that to lead to the escalating of violence between the 2 communities army is not doing its
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job. in the center of the mahdi even to a good. proxy war. for generations there have been minor disputes when the felony herders cows trampled on land that the farmers were cultivating but in the past didn't prompt massacres of the summer somare remembers that well he was herding cows when french colonialists left mali in 1960. now he stays at home in the village along with her lawyer women and other older men. before people were very tolerant we would always find ways to resolve disputes with humanity and dignity and today passing through a farm can turn into a much bigger problem fire on hundreds of thousands of forlornly boys like you have to keep crossing the subtle region with their cows while their communities
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caught up in a conflict it's only seems to get worse malcolm webb al-jazeera corrie molly. sudan's protest leaders are calling for more i made a tense standoff with the ruling military they want an investigation into the violent dispersal of their set in khartoum earlier this month which saw more than $120.00 demonstrators killed the european union has blamed the military for the violence and says the ruling council is responsible for protecting civilians still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour as they fled the war drought and natural disasters now thousands of afghan refugees are being sent home plus flying i will be at the paris air show on one of the industry's biggest events and you know i lay down an early maka be called by america here i'll have all the action and sports to stay.
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well across the eastern med we are seeing still very heavy rain showers particularly across parts of turkey those are seasonal daily showers that we see some of these are heavier than words seen earlier this week and that is going to really continue really across the northern area well as on the southern coast across the med now as we go towards tuesday and into wednesday not much of a change there we're going to see more heavy rain showers across much of that area for baghdad though your temperatures are coming down to about 40 degrees but for quite city it is going to be the wind then bring in the dust as well we do expect to see a high here of about 44 degrees on wednesday well here across the gulf winds are going to be a problem particular here in doha we do expect to see windy conditions as well as a temperature of $46.00 degrees relative humidity is down to about 10 to 15 percent so very dry across much of this area over towards moscow here on tuesday at $38.00
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degrees maybe dropping down to about $36.00 degrees by the time we get towards wednesday and then very quickly crossed. parts of southern africa we're going to see a lot of dry conditions across much of the area some clouds may be coming into parts of us south africa with cape don't see a high of 1000 degrees there up toward johannesburg getting into the high teens at 18 and durban at 23 degrees. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who brave there will concur that it's no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera.
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mexico's money. is changing society by tackling women's social issues. in its 1st episode so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces state the hardships facing the mothers of disabled children and statements by the good cast even the well. the nudges ear. you're watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the rain in atomic agency says the country will
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exceed its uranium stockpile limits set by the 2050 nuclear deal in 10 days but the european union's foreign policy chief says iran is still complying with the deal and that the focus is on keeping the agreement in place the united nations as expressed its concern over the escalation of violence on yemen's border with saudi arabia this comes after host the rebels repeatedly targeted saudi infrastructure with drones and missiles in recent days and a face of hong kong for democracy movement has been freed from jail joshua wong is not joining mass protests against proposed extradition changes that would allow people to be sent to mainland china for trial. at least 6 people including 5 fighters belonging to the kurdish y p g have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in northeastern syria the explosion happened in the kurdish controlled city of commission near the border with turkey and the united nations has condemned the deaths of hundreds of civilians in rebel held areas of syria in
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recent weeks as the government steps up its offensive the un has called the conflict a crime against humanity but there's still no sign the warring sides are close to reviving a cease fire then a harder has our report from beirut. the civil defense answers another call for help most of the fire and nasir book who are our frantic and desperate their house was hit by an airstrike and their brother khaled is under the rubble. it's been more than 6 weeks of relentless russian and syrian government billboards meant across southern at lib and northern have a 3 year old was pulled out alive but in a nearby village 4 children didn't survive they were playing in the streets of eldara village when the bombs fell down stop them articulate the moment that we are 30 kilometers from the front lines civilians live here yet they dropped bombs in
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the center of town the regime kills children. in the past 6 weeks at least 400 civilians have been killed in the offensive in northwest syria a quarter of the victims were children you know that a number one cause of distress in children in there is the fear i shall hear strikes and we're trying to continue to see those planes overhead and cannot society the russian backed syrian government campaign is similar to past assaults where the deliberate striking of population centers is about forcing a surrender around 300000 syrians have moved north close to the border with turkey but there are those who don't want to leave their homes and there are others who just can't then how many. we are innocent people and we can't go anywhere because we don't have any money we were targeted even though there are no armed men here. there is no sign that a ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey last year will be revived instead their
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proxies are engaged in fierce clashes along the front lines it is believed that up to $1200.00 men died fighting in the past weeks according to organizations that monitor the war at least 550 of them were government and allied forces and they haven't been able to take any significant ground from the opposition it is proving to be a costly battle. but the impact has been devastating on the civilian population many here have already been displaced from other parts of syria because of the war . the world knows what is happening here but they're silent what's happening is a barbaric attack against innocent people the government justifies the indiscriminate bombing by describing all of those who live in rebel areas terrorists but the u.n. calls the systematic attack on civilians a crime against humanity words of condemnation that haven't been enough to prevent more bloodshed that. beirut. officials from iran
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afghanistan pakistan and the united nations are meeting in islamabad pakistan to talk about how they can better help afghan refugees who are being sent home laura byrne manly takes a look at the numbers afghan refugees who fled war conflict drought and natural disasters often found themselves in neighboring iran and pakistan more than 2000000 afghans left in the last 6 years 1500000 went to iran and nearly half a 1000000 to pakistan but since the beginning of this year more than 2 100000 people have come back from iran about 70000 were deported this year the un agency for migration expects a return of more than half a 1000000 people to afghanistan the u.n. says demand for afghan labor in iran has drastically foreman and that's largely
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because of political and economic problems and just over $20000.00 afghans have come back from pakistan the un warns more than a 1000000 may face deportation this year in 2018 these were recorded as the top 5 regions that afghans returned to they included. herat and just the capital kabul and that's despite continued conflict and the worst drought in more than a decade. well i speak to anthony neal who's advocacy manager at the norwegian refugee council he joins us live from kabul afghanistan thank you so much anthony for being on al-jazeera so this meeting is a reaching a roadmap for the patrie nation of millions of afghan refugees from pakistan from iran but it has done stand ready to welcome them back.
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well i think that's the important question what we saw last year is if anything an increase in the conflict in afghanistan under the what the record numbers of civilian casualties who were killed last year we also saw as well an increase in the amount of afghans who are actually leaving the country through regular channels and seeking asylum in europe so essentially even afghans in afghanistan don't see a future here anymore we also see that there are many challenges to receiving return is. what we found in our cities own research in 2017 showed that about 3 quarters of those who are returning to afghanistan end up displaced here they are unable to return to their homes or upon return by them further displaced because of the conflict so i think a simple answer to your question is that in essence afghanistan will struggle to receive these this amount of eternities iran we know has expelled tens of thousands
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of refugees so far this year because of u.s. sanctions but i understand that many have also returned voluntarily to afghanistan what sort of assistance is being provided to those so we turn are they able to find jobs do they have any financial support from the gaza. so essentially the especially with those returning from iran who've largely displaced or have returned given the economic and political pressure that they now experience in iran there's actually very little assistance available to those what we call undocumented the tourney's or the or those who are not registered in iran i don't know what we call spontaneously returning all choosing to return because the economic situation has got gotten so but in essence it's quite an ignored busy humanitarian issue. i know that i.o.m. is the international organization for migration really struggles to raise funding
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to meet those needs and essentially only able to provide assistance for around 5 percent of those people returning across the is them cholera border in herat and in the borders around jinnah indian ross very little assistance is available outside of the humanitarian community i.e. government assistance and in essence their very own able to provide cash or any other livelihood support old jobs to help afghans reintegrate all start to normal life when they return and a lot of the people who are not of the afghans who are anyone who has been in pakistan have actually been working in these countries and they send money home back to their families in afghanistan so what impact is there a pattern nation going to have on an afghan society itself. it's having already a massive impact we saw especially in the west given the drought that the lack of money coming back for those family members who were working in iran or in pakistan
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. led to an increasingly difficult economic situation for those people who were also then affected by the quite substantial drought in the west of the country. remittances or the money coming back from afghans living abroad used to make up 6 percent of the afghan g.d.p. and the afghan economy senshi that has almost been wiped out so the it is a real struggle for those families who are still in afghanistan it's also quite a struggle for those again who've had to return given who have not been able to access livelihoods in iran essentially what happens is people families saying one individual a kind of take a gamble on one individual to go and earn a living abroad when they were unable to do that the stigma and this psychological pressure that comes with that is also quite substantial and it's often something that we as a community or is not really well addressed by the the system the humanitarian or
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the government systems in place and i'm very desperate situation indeed thank you so much for speaking to us anthony had the manager at the norwegian refugee council joining us now from kabul thank you for your time and insight. people in large parts of india are experiencing their worst drought in decades is forcing many to leave their land and shelter in relief camps as they wait for monsoon rains out there is elizabeth raanan reports from the hardest hit region of beat in maharashtra state in western india. they walk an intense heat sometimes for kilometers in search of water getting down this path has been dangerous and all they found at the bottom of this well as a puddle of muddy water. we have no where in humans for water we keep getting it from whatever source is available. my daughter fell in will when she went to fetch water a possible risk huge hole when she heard her scream. ashley collects 5 parts of
6:44 pm
water that's about 100 liters a day for herself and her 4 children the government sends water tankers but ashes says they come only every 4 or 5 days elsewhere and beat farmers have left their land and moved to nearby believe camps where the government provides fodder and water to keep their cattle alive through that i list members and decide that there is no water left in the area it used to rain by the 7th of june but there are still signs of rains last year we had a drought situation this year is worse if it doesn't rain again this year we have to leave our village. now not cut them has already spent 4 months at this camp this is the worst drought in maharashtra in 47 years and that's as the country suffers its lowest rating for before a monsoon season and more than 6 decades and that lack of rain along with the rising demand for water mismanaged resources and climate change are being blamed
6:45 pm
for this drought. and vajra mentalist than a shiver has been warning about india's water crisis for decades the water famine we're facing is a result. of about 30 years of ill advised by financial institutions and that ill advice on the one hand mind the ground water diverted river waters destroy the soil moisture but also is the single biggest reason for climate change prime minister the morning has held a meeting on the water crisis and promised to pipe drinking water to every household by 2024 but for those who don't know how they'll survive if the monsoon rains don't come that is a very long way off elizabeth. boeing has apologized to families of victims after 2 fatal crashes within 5 months its executives were speaking at the paris air show one of the industry's biggest events
6:46 pm
french president emmanuel luck or was among those attending the french manufacturer airbus has announced several sales worth billions of dollars but rival boeing has seen interests as it tries to win back trust from customers. has the latest from the air show in a war just northeast of paris. well what we're seeing is boeing executives very much in damage control at the paris air show we heard from for boeing executives earlier at pains to say how sorry they were over the 2 fatal 737 max crashes the lion in october then the ethiopian airlines crash in march $346.00 people in total died in a boeing said that of course safety is their priority but at the paris air show it's one of the main aviation events of the year normally the u.s. plane maker would be here launching and celebrating some of its new planes talking about some successes but the mood is very different they are talking about trying
6:47 pm
to rebuild and regain trust they want the 737 max to be flying again but rebuilding not trust will be easy because it has become apparent in these investigations that boeing was aware that there were problems with the 737 max they didn't inform pilots about the new piece of software that they placed in the 737 max to make it fly very much lighter than usual 737 plane the reason they did that was so that pilots would have to retrain because retraining pilots is extremely expensive the problem is boeing didn't inform the pilots about this new software so that when there were problems in those 2 planes the pilots going to have the tools or the capacity to overcome them so what we have here at the paris air show is burn really battling for its reputation. and donald trump will announce his running for president again in the coming days it's been 4 years since a business tycoon use his profile as a reality t.v. star to propel him to victory in the 2016 elections and while many of his policies
6:48 pm
and proclamations are odds with traditional republican positions it's now solidly the party of trump alan fischer reports from washington. come century into politics was predicted to be brief but spectacular but he swept away a field of more experienced campaigners when he accepted the republican nomination not everyone. was convinced he had well it takes to be president i think he's a kook i think he's crazy i think he's unfit for office but it's a sign of his political strength that trumps past critics and among his strongest supporters what the republican party as a whole began to recognize is that within the party president trump had a very impassioned core base that loved him more than republican party ideals more than ronald reagan more than conservatism broadly understood they love donald trump and because of that now republicans have had to hitch their wagon
6:49 pm
to the president for their own political survival. he has delivered on key right wing demands appointing conservative judges to the supreme court for example and is tax cut from early in his administration was hailed by republicans but it threatens to blow up the country's debt in years to come he's distanced himself from traditional alliances imposed targets rather than promoted free trade key republican ideals that have been a few voices of criticism from republicans they seem to have forgotten all of their convictions things that they have been going for for the last 30 years back into the reagan administration things that seem to define the republican party they're no longer with that they go with whatever donald trump. promotes. donald trump is already facing a challenge to his nomination this time around but realistically it has little chance of success he enjoys 90 percent support in his own party a party he has remade in his own image and will carry that legacy for elections to
6:50 pm
come. al-jazeera washington.
6:51 pm
most that has been said probably thank you very much new u.s. open golf champion gary woodland has jumped from 25th to 12th in the new world rankings following a 3 shot victory at pebble beach in california on sunday woodland clinched these
6:52 pm
1st major in style with this 30 foot birdie putt on the 18th he finished on 13 on the par that's 3 shots clear of 2 time defending champion brooks kept the 35 year old take some 2250000 dollars in prize money you know i've worked hard my whole life i've been surrounded by amazing people and i always just wanted to be successful i didn't know what it was what i was going to do. phone love with golf and it's transcended to day. woodland's victory was followed closely by this young lady seen here in the purple back in january a video of special impugn amy baka states went viral after she played a whole during a practice run with woodland ahead of the phoenix open in arizona standing over a difficult part to make par the pro offered some advice only for the 20 year old to tell him i got that positive mindset helped make the parts and made a new you tube star as a video receiver 5000000 views since then the 2 have become good friends is amy and
6:53 pm
her family are certainly celebrating us our country. have shaken things up but the cop america with a dramatic fight back to draw against paraguay the asian cup champions are playing as guests in south america the 1st group game was at rio's american our stadium and it wasn't looking good one pair of why win 2 in the 2nd half but. who scored a record 9 goals in the asian cup pulled one back for qatar. and they secured the point with a scrappy go from paraguayan defender getting himself in a bit of a tangle 2 to the final school carter who host the next world cup are still to play colombia and argentina. ahead of the coach felix sanchez spoke to al jazeera at the aspire training academy in doha he said it's easy to motivate the players with a home world cup on the arisan knowing that you have
6:54 pm
a world cup that you know you're going to have the chance the possibility to play i will cup for the 1st time in the story for your national team and your country is a big motivation but also the players is a long term plan also they know that they're for the bill they have to do a lot of steps. to reach this target of course now they are closer than. 9 years ago by the still they have a few years to keep keep working out now the issue there is getting closer and closer and sure the motivation is even more than 9 years ago but of course knowing that there was a world cup it was a good for. everyone in qatar year ago i made it to reflect start of the copper as they chased their 1st title since way to live in a lovely piece of school and finished by their all set them on their way against
6:55 pm
their could all in belo horizonte ecuador head of course 2nd ted all saints off before another spectacular finish from edinson cavani double the lead it was swat is fired in 3rd goal before the break. and go from a to the moon or something to the full rats. the cricket world cup bangladesh are chasing a target of $322.00 to beat the wasting disease at taunton in somerset show hope top scored with $96.00 after the west indies posted a total of 321 for aids in reply bangladeshis have made a strong start there 166 for 3 of the 25 overs and the merry returns to tennis this week after what he described as a life changing operation on easier the former world number one has been out for 5 months and wants to play singles eventually famille though he's teaming up with spaniard feliciano lopez in the doubles at london's queen's club i don't know how i
6:56 pm
was going to feel really. if i won at the operation but it's been it's been brilliant completely like life changing for me really but ultimately all you can do is give your best of my best and i might not be the same as what it was when i was 25 in terms of what that looks like on the tennis court. who knows maybe it will be and a few months but right now it certainly is i can't it can't be expecting to put in that kind of performance. meanwhile a man who is no stranger to coming back from serious injury is 20 time grand slam champion roger federer the source is hoping to pick up a 102nd career singles title at the hello open in germany this week the grass court season is extremely short there's not that much i can do to get into it as well other than just have that point for point mentality that the focus needs to be you know crystal clear and that's what i need to have from the get go here. the
6:57 pm
city of toronto has come to a standstill as the rep to celebrate their n.b.a. championship one of 1000000 fans are avoiding monday at work and skipping school to attend a parade it hasn't actually started yet but already the city's streets are packed with people the rafters became the 1st comedian franchise to win the n.b.a. title last week when they beat a golden state warriors. oracularly we'll leave it there thank you so much peter some breaking news to tell you about now coming out of egypt where state television is reporting that former president made morsi has died in court this is according to egyptian state television the information coming just about 10 minutes ago morsy according to egyptian state television has died he served as egypt's 5th president from june 2012 to july 23rd before he was deposed by the military and the current president of egypt abdel fattah will have more on this breaking news story
6:58 pm
in just a few minutes here on al-jazeera bacillus. in a war torn city in iraq a magic documents the stories of the survivors recording their hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdraw. but the conflict is far from over . he turns the camera on himself when i see take control and his family are forced to flee nowhere to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. one of the really. special things about
6:59 pm
working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging liberally but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior we're good audiences across the globe. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one hour one east investigates it by is the new front war in sri lanka on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
7:00 pm
that matter to you. al-jazeera. or focus is not to enter into a blame game or given responsibility for a collapse of a deal that might come our focus is to keep the agreement in place. says iran is currently compliant with the nuclear deal but tehran is warning that wants last. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead. it's a.


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