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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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calls for an investigation into the death of egypt's former president and. respect in his hometown. al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also. expected to announce his bid to be reelected to u.s. president. my most sincere apology. hong kong's leader. there won't be any. soaring high. for
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a new generation of supersonic passenger jets at the paris air show. fellow the un has demanded a thorough independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi there was a high security presence as he was buried at a cemetery in cairo rather than in his hometown essence family had requested journalists were kept away from the burial service that was held a day after he collapsed and died in court aged 67 rights groups complain that most he was tortured after being held in prolonged solitary confinement and having access to medicine restricted mourners gathered. to pay their respects hundreds of residents prayed amid tight security in a village. morsy had been in jail since he was forced from power in a military coup in 2013 rights groups complained that he was held in solitary
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confinement and had medicine restored to the un human rights office says any inquiry into his death should examine how he was treated while in prison these statements went on to say as former president mohamed morsy was in the custody of the egyptian authorities at the time of his death the state is responsible for ensuring he was treated humanely and that his right to life and health were respected any sudden death in custody must be followed by a prompt impartial thorough and transparent investigation carried out by an independent body to clarify the cause of death. of thousands of people throughout the middle east have been remembering mostly with funeral prayers politicians in tennessee held a prayer for him despite concerns it could be seen as a political gesture elections are being held there later this year hundreds of people also gathered to remember him in libya's capital tripoli and in turkey president attended prayers that it is double mosque where he raised concerns about
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how to see dives sit across a row glue has more from istanbul. oh. this is a special food all service for egypt's former president mohamed morsy hundreds of people gathered in a stumbles far to moscow to honor his life and straka. gyptian is here already agree. i was something to change egypt after you and we're not going to forget him because he was a good leader show us oh people here believe despite the loss of the leader the revolution will continue history shows that they are not the leaders created their leaders is walking are not their leaders will continue or. a lot of the words are millions in the capital ankara hundreds gathered outside the egyptian embassy in protest. talkies opposition leader criticized the charges morsi had faced and said
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the former leader should have been buried with the presidential honors earlier to say mosques like this one held prayers for deposed president mohamed morsi tricky soft religious body had called for the nationwide special service many people here to part to remember the egyptian leader and protest against his treatment while in prison former politicians and morsi is cabinets believe the egyptian government's neglect of more so while in prison left to his death they had their mind there on the force of the words of the surrender and the knowledge that otherwise they were killed also they. we could for years you know killing him through a process of medical negligence were the words right again basic as having dependents version of a transparent investigation on the circumstances of these that. this is the least the international community should do after
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a very many years of negligence. of the good did you suppose for taking care of him he. took his present treasure typepad john attended one of the special prayers in istanbul he said there are doubts about this case and blamed egyptian president up to 560 for moshe's death and that of other dissidents. really. i do not believe that morsi is death is a natural one such cowards that they are they did not hand over mohammed morsi is body to his family baton has spoken out strongly against each of stew 1013 military coup that toppled morsi especially after turkey's own failed military coup nearly 3 years ago. al-jazeera. we'll take you live to florida where the vice president mike pence is speaking right now to supporters there because the u.s. president donald trump is expected to kick off his reelection campaign any moment
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now so this is the scene taking place in florida tens of thousands of his supporters are waiting for him to take the stage as pence addresses them and florida you'll recall is crucial to trump's victory in 2016 and will be again next year if he hopes to retain the white house 0 scarily halkett has more on why florida is so important in the upcoming presidential race. what. meet up voter 2020 u.s. presidential candidates will want to win over radio journalist william diaz is latino undecided and most importantly lives in florida the crown jewel in american politics republicans they are doing an excellent job in florida and to me they beasts are. and you know what a moderate democrat he says republicans are simply more engaged he is came to the
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united states 30 years ago from venice wella despite president trump's hardline immigration policies he is considering voting for trump but he'll need to do more to support those suffering in venice wella more from the adoring. tribes record over the past 2 years will be front and center i will build a great great wall trump's biggest 26 promise to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration has proven to be a challenge he was unable to secure funding from congress so he declared an emergency to start construction that's being challenged in the courts a recurring theme throughout his 1st 2 and a half years as his opposition uses legal means to oppose some of his biggest policies those challenges included his travel ban on people from 5 muslim majority countries and although it faced widespread opposition initially trump managed to successfully implement it it also helps that he appointed 2 justices to the
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country's highest court as a candidate trump promised voters america 1st policies he made good on that pledge and angered u.s. allies and now saying he would withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord and pull out of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program still the u.s. economy remains steady even as trump has picked fights with china mexico and europe accusing them of unfair trading practices expect to boast about a strong u.s. economy and historically low unemployment even among voters of color despite persistent criticism traumas policies hurt minority voters we know that florida is a state that's becoming increasingly. and i think that's a that's a state where he's going to have to. addressed that issue another problem for donald trump trying to convince voters to look past at least 15 investigations in 3
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states looking into trump's business charity and campaign and even with the muller report behind him democrats in congress are still investigating generating problematic headlines for a president trying to win re-election can really help get al jazeera orlando let's talk to david paul you logos he's the director of the suffolk university political research center he's joining us from newton massachusetts thanks very much for speaking to us david on al-jazeera so as that rally takes place in florida right now some of the polls the latest polls that is show that the president is behind the main democratic presidential contenders nationally as well as in florida how significant are polls at this point in the race. well they're significant in that those particular pose you're citing are outside the margin of error and one when you have poll data that's outside the margin of
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error it takes. it has a huge impact obviously one of the shortcomings of that polling is that the election for president in the united states is in a binary decision it's not democrat versus republican which is how those questions were posed in that 3rd party candidates although they don't get a lot of publicity and attention really do matter in u.s. elections in 2016 for example 13 states had more people voting for 3rd party candidates than the margin of victory between donald trump and hillary clinton so they do matter so are you saying that polling right now is somewhat flawed. no i don't think the methodology is flawed but i think if you pose who would you vote for a democrat versus republican it doesn't give you a complete picture there wasn't a ballot on any state in the 2016 election that had 2 choices hillary clinton
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donald trump most of the states had numerous candidates including 3rd party candidates i'll give you a perfect example donald trump won michigan 511000 votes but 250000 votes were cast for all of the 3rd party candidates wisconsin the margin was 23153000 people from wisconsin voted for 3rd party candidate so you have these really close elections that a lot of these states but you have this big block of people in many of these states that do matter and so in our polling and there's no perfect solution by the way poll wise but we try to include 3rd a 3rd party candidate as an option because when we were polling in 2016 there were a lot of people who hated donald trump and would never vote for donald trump but they really didn't like hillary clinton and so the 3rd party candidacy are a vessel for people who are upset at both political parties or who can't vote for
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one party and won't vote for another i see and david apologies but just as you're speaking to us we are looking at the life picture right now from orlando in florida where donald trump and his wife the 1st lady millennia have just walked out onto the stage so we do expect to hear him speak momentarily david and i have to cross over to that when trump speaks but i'll stick with you for the time being. what do you think what can you tell us about his mindset right now when it comes to polling numbers because the reports coming through say that he in fact fired several posters after internals polling numbers showed that trump was lagging as we were saying behind the democratic presidential candidate so the sounds like he's worried about the numbers. you know it's a classic case of shoot the messenger look he he should be worried i mean no
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incumbent president should be trailing anyone whether it's a 2 person ballot test or a 3 person about by 10 points so i think that's a significant finding but you do have fluctuations in the polling he's now in in a state florida which was another one of those 13 states where votes cast for 3rd party candidates well exceeded the margin of victory between donald trump and hillary clinton so you know i think democrats can't be focused on this 3rd party issue quite yet 3rd party candidates get excluded from the national debates but they are a vessel in a lot of people of voted 3rd party in the united states not just ralph nader tipping the election between al gore and george bush in florida many many years ago but also ross perot and others so there are a lot of dynamics in play but 1st democrats have to take care of business next week kicking off with the democratic debates we've got polling data coming out tomorrow
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that are going to inform us about what democratic voters who say that they'll vote their state's primary a caucus is saying they want to scott's as the major issues and then from there we'll have a democratic nominee and there might be a viable 3rd party option or they may not be but it's certainly in our history that many people do vote for 3rd party candidates in some of these states where they exceed the margin of victory between the major party candidates all right we thank you very much for speaking to us from newton in massachusetts thank you. and once again what you're looking at right now in florida is that campaign rally taking place donald trump walking up to the podium is expected to announce and kick off his reelection campaign right now. let's listen and i was
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i. why we had such luck in our land there we love big you know lando thank you thank you orlando want to turn up was i you know i said this diverted big arena president trump speaking right now in our land florida let's bring in kimberly halkett she is missing and joining us from there so as we're saying kimberly the president has just started speaking to officially announce his reelection campaign. yeah he hasn't actually added those words it just took the stage all right not certainly there has been one meant to that has been building throughout this was that in fact this is the beginning of a very long more than 16 months till election day the official story was actually
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the president of the united states in 2020 that throughout the night will have heard later it's been the president signs are even the vice president was evidenced by the number of people attending the stadium some $20000.00 thousands who was there this is the start of the growing conservative movement that will really like dollars from somebody like that who has kept his campaign promises all building a wall getting tough on immigration and freezing the number of jobs in the united states and lowering unemployment and they say this is a reason to talk about on should be wasn't carried throughout the speech and we also expect that he will try to play down as you have. the social media his poll numbers seem to show he's struggling to get above 44 percent something that he's
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dismissed as fake news pointing to the media as not reporting the real story so these are some of the themes that was watching for me as he and now since his reelection campaign. so i can really i'm going to stick with you even though it's a little loud where you are as expected to talk us through the significance of florida self because it's quite important as he states for trump oh. it was absolutely a moaning is really it is difficult for the president because it's not even possible but this is the state that was in 26th you were declaring his election victory and it's one thing to realize would like to win again it's an interesting state because the state of idaho to fully all those in between democrats and republicans democrats take concentrated in the c.b.c. you know far more of the conservative voters supporting donald trump is trying to appeal to siphon state democratic voters with his message be successful at least
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one of the cities the city of tampa florida is hopeful that it will happen again and also hold on to the energy that has been evident here and it is possible as it will build momentum for what is still a very good on the road ahead as your guest was speaking just before it was there is a democratic race that is going to capture a lot of the headlights with donald trump is hoping is that we've done this if you can use this time you see incumbent to start moving ahead with this campaign capture the oxygen which are the lead him to election day but again a very long road to a king can really house but thank you donald trump speaking at that rally in florida where he's expected to announce his bones for reelection to the presidency. still ahead on al jazeera. through us. secretary of state steps in to block saudi arabia from being added to another blacklists.
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the web and sponsored by cattle and. alligator welcome back well cross parts of china we are still seeing quite a bit of rain and flooding that's going to continue over the next few days as you can see here on the satellite image we're seeing rain all the way from the east coast down here across much of the southwest now the showers have been heavy we are looking at saturated ground sort doesn't take much rain to continue the flooding situation across much of the area as you can see here on wednesday not a lot of rain but the problem is we're going to be seeing a lot of humidity across much of the region as the the air comes in from the south that's going to bring those temperatures and the real feel is going to feel even higher than the numbers we have here on the forecast map we are going to see in hong kong with the tempter there on thursday of about $31.00 degrees but heavy rain towards the north torching high where the temps are there of $27.00 degrees as well
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well cross much of the south in southeast asia we're going to simply rain across parts of malaysia as well as western indonesia to the south though fairly dry across much of java as well as into bali over the next few days the forecast map looks like this jakarta is going to be a nice day at $32.00 degrees up towards middle of though we're going to see a break in the rain but the clouds are still going to be a problem $33.00 degrees as your forecast high but over here towards bangkok expect plenty of rain in your forecast we do expect to see a turn for there of 32 degrees. 20 sponsored by cattle anneliese after decades of being programmed with instructions data on greek computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. official intelligence can monitor. picture. the world according to ai. inside the machine
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to. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera. has demanded a for independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi he was a rather than a. request to. the u.s. president donald trump is expected to kick off his reelection campaign any moment now and this is the scene right now in orlando florida where trump is addressing
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tens of thousands of his supporters. the u.s. secretary of state has stopped saudi arabia from being added to a list of countries that recruit child soldiers. decision goes against the state department's recommendation based on news reports and rights groups assessments they say the kingdom hired sudanese children to fight for the u.s. coalition in yemen for militaries on the list are banned from receiving u.s. trading weapons. the former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the cia he says reflects washington's changing alliances in the middle east in recent years. there is a long tradition in the united states that the standard position for many years of u.s. policy has to side in these sunni shia tensions the saudi iranian tensions in the middle east with the sunni president obama change that policy it was an historic
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shift it's debatable whether it was wise or not i personally think that it was but that's certainly legitimately debatable and trump has gone back and then some to aligning with the sunni and the saudis now there's an added fillip or twist to this which is that it's less on principle and policy by trump as it is apparently. for a personal enrichment jarrad his son in law who's handling the issues has clearly been seduced by the saudis and the alignment is is with saudi there's another reason to that that's happened in that is the u.s. policy is closely aligned with the release mimics that of the likud party in israel which. is very hostile to around it i think there will be pushback from the democratic majority in the house of representatives and the democratic minority in the senate but the senate is remains controlled by the republican party and the
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republicans have almost literally to a person sold their souls and align themselves with donald trump so congress cannot do too much here as police have seized over $1000000000.00 in cocaine from a ship at the philadelphia ports it's the latest drug seizure in a series of cocaine busts in the u.s. east coast drugs were stored inside a cargo ship that sailed from chile to the us via panama and the bahamas members of the crew were arrested and face federal charges. canada has approved a plan to expand the controversial oil pipeline the $7000000000.00 project will link canada's landlocked oil fields through a major port it's faced opposition from indigenous communities and environmentalists construction is due to start next year but it's expected to be hit with several legal challenges gunmen have killed at least $41.00 people in
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separate attacks in central mali the attacks took place in 2 different villages ethnic violence has surged in the area in recent months the victims were mostly ethnic doggoned hundreds of people from the dog for lining communities have been killed in fighting over land and water hong kong leader kerry has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's under increasing pressure from protesters who demand her resignation problem bride reports from hong kong with anger still festering in spite of a statement apologizing for handling of this controversy hong kong's leader kerry tried saying sorry in person i personally have to shoulder much of the responsibility this has led to controversies this bill is and psyches in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so
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all people of hong kong the controversial extradition bill has provoked some of the worst scenes of violence involving police and demonstrators in decades and some of the biggest protest marches ever critics say would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters have been demanding the bill be withdrawn and for lam to quit she did neither but said that suspending work on the bill would effectively kill it at least for now i have announced that we will sub spend the legislative exercise and immediately that afternoon we put a stop to the legislative exercise by informing the legislative council that the bill will no longer proceed to a 2nd reading debate but what caroline is offering still falls short of a complete withdrawal of this bill that it seems could be too much of
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a loss of face for her by association for beijing but that's exactly what her opponents are still demanding an alliance of pro-democracy and student groups are promising to continue their campaign of opposition carry lamb is actually presenting to the rest of the word that ministration it's going to be a lame duck and ministration because she would have a very hot line governing of hong kong from now on after last sunday's unprecedented march by an estimated 2000000 people opposition groups do not want to lose the momentum but possibly using the expanded ranks of activists in more targeted acts of civil disobedience where more people show that determination i believe this kind of massive mobilization will just force. government realized that it's time for them to respond on public. what seems certain hong kong
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is set for more political turmoil as the government and its opponents continue that back to live with robin wright al jazeera on call. 15 years after the last concorde flight there are plans to build new supersonic passenger jets engineers say they could be cheaper on cleaner thanks to new technology but tell us about the reports from the paris air show. blake shoal is preparing to bring back supersonic flight to the aviation world at the paris a show his company launched a project for a plane that could fly twice the speed of sound 50 years after concorde was designed with wind tunnel slide rules and drafting paper we now have carbon fiber composite vacherot and amex and new engines that allow supersonic flight to be accessible to tens of millions of people and a way that's economically and environmentally sustainable the companies raised more than a $100000000.00 to build a $55.00 seats
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a plane that aide says would be affordable and produce ciro carbon emissions they hope to have a prototype flying by 2020 it's not the only supersonic aircraft project a number of u.s. startups airlines and even nasa are in the race but commercial aviation has been hit before it's been more than 15 years since the british french concorde stopped flying it was a feat of engineering it could only fly over the sea it supersonic speeds though because of the very noisy sonic boom and despite his popularity it never broke even financially challenges all that the computer world has changed as concorde. environment restrictions noice thing around airports have a much stricter so how does that fit in on the other hand compensate structures materials see if the modeling engine technology they've all improved so it could be interesting to see how it turns out if supersonic travel becomes
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a reality again the 7 and a half hour flight between paris new york would be halt and a new generation of people could experience travelling through the sky at breathtaking speed the al-jazeera paris. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera. president donald trump is kicking off his reelection campaign at a rally in florida right now the state was crucial to his victory in 2016 and will be again next year if he hopes to retain the white house. the u.n. has demanded a thorough and dependent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi there was a high security presence and he was buried at a cemetery in cairo rather than in his hometown as his family has requested.
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and a spokesman for hamas in gaza prays most is support for the palestinians during his life in politics the house expresses its condolences to the family of the former egyptian president mohamed morsi who passed away yesterday our people appreciated the national an arab rule that president morsi had with the palestinian cause as a member of parliament and as president of egypt in supporting palestinians rights and refusing these really offensive on the gaza strip especially in 2012. gunmen have killed at least 41 people in separate attacks in central mali the attacks took place in 2 different villages i think violence has surged in the area in recent months the victims were mostly ethnic dog runs hundreds of people from the dog communities have been killed in fighting over land and. they were secretary of state my pump a 0 has stopped saudi arabia from being added to a list of countries that recruit child soldiers decision goes against the state
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department's recommendation based on reports and rights groups assessments they say the kingdom hired sudanese children to fight for the u.s. backed coalition in yemen. canada has approved a plan to expand the controversial oil pipeline the $7000000000.00 project will link canada's land long to oil fields through a major port it's faced opposition from indigenous communities and environmentalists instruction is due to start next year. so over a $1000000000.00 in cocaine from a ship at the philadelphia ports it's the latest drug seizure in a series of cocaine busts in the us. the drugs were stored inside a cargo ship that sailed from chile to the u.s. . the bahamas inside story coming up next.
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egypt's only democratically elected president dies in court and swiftly buried by the government that deposed him what is mohamed morsi is legacy and have hopes for democracy in egypt died with this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm dennis mohamed morsi died in court on monday whilst arguing his defense against charges that many believed were trumped up just to keep him in jail he was 67 and not in good health he needed regular medication that his family and.


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