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tv   Renga For The West  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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he before he arrived at the consulate in fact on the 28th of september when the 1st time he went into the consulate to inquire about paperwork for his forthcoming marriage as soon as he left the consulate they were already talking to officials in riyadh those conversations started and then she reveals that the tapes say that just hours before he arrived at the consulate on the day he died the 2nd of october there was a conversation between maher here move through who is a security official who's often accompanied the saudi crown prince on his travels around the world and dr sala took begay who's a forensic scientist who is one of the 15 saudis who arrived and we believe the team that carried out the murder and that conversation talks about how heavy the body would be it talks about separating the joints it talks about plastic bags and leather bags in which to dispose of the body and that is before jamal khashoggi
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arrived in the consulate it goes on and it really is pretty horrific so to give details of exactly what happened to the struggle the sounds that were heard the saudi team say did he sleep keep pushing pushier do not remove your hand the sound of movement the sound of heavy panting and then the sound of a sore and of course james you know you detail very dramatically for us exactly what's in this report i've got a copy of him myself and only some of it we can really relate to our viewers but what it what we do have to us perhaps is what is actually clarifying in the report that perhaps we didn't know before because she's only working with the evidence that perhaps we knew was in the public domain. yes i mean she has had great limits on her inquiry she's not been able to go to saudi arabia she
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doesn't seem to be in how much help from the saudi authorities she's relying on tapes that turkish intelligence gathered although she has only been able to listen to 45 minutes of those tapes and it's believed there are 7 hours of recordings having said all that what she's found is very very damning and very damning about the saudi involvement whether the very highest levels of the saudi authorities were involved in this isn't clear but she does say it's part of a campaign by the crown prince and that was because shoji was very fearful of the crown prince and so although she can't show that he directly ordered this killing it was his campaign against mr bush orgy that led to his murder well there's more. investigation in terms of what more delivery of this report on the 26th of june in front of the human rights council james what one does know where you go with a report like this because now surely the pressure is on the u.n.
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is on perhaps the secretary general and perhaps in directly on turkey in the u.s. office turkey's been calling for an international investigation it's wanted international traction on this this is perhaps the document it's been waiting for. well turkey's position is interesting because it has been talking about an international investigation and saying that would be a good idea it hasn't actually written a letter to the un saying we wants an international investigation so will turkey now take that step according to agnes color martin it's worth telling you a special rapporteur is an independent expert and she really has pushed her mandate as far as she can go setting up this investigate geisha and she believes that the u.n. don't need a referral from turkey they don't need as the secretary general has said a referral from one of the main organs of the u.n. the security council the general assembly or the human rights council she believes
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the u.n. secretary general himself can set up a criminal investigation into the case and she says it should do it right now has made no she's not certainly minced her words certainly in this ng in blaming the saudi crown prince directly and yet if we look ahead in the next few days we've got the g 20 summit in osaka where many of the world's leaders will be including the only arab nation saudi arabia and indeed she will be presenting this report to the human rights council of which saudi arabia is a member. yes i think the saudis had been hoping they knew she was doing this investigation they knew that there would be published the around it but it is so damning i think they'd hoped this was slowly going to die down certainly this is going to put fresh pressure on the saudi authorities is going to put pressure pressure pressure in washington on the trumpet ministration because we're finding all this out they knew they'd seen they'd heard these tapes they'd
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read all of these reports this is intelligence has existed so they've known all this all all along so expect fresh pressure in congress now fresh pressure on saudi arabia at a time where they'd hoped to put this all behind them as you say in 9 days the saudi crown prince expected to travel to a soccer tokyo he'd been shunned in the past when news of the khashoggi killing came out is anyone going to shake his hand at that g 20 summit very bad news and bad timing for the saudis indeed or will be following the story throughout the day here in algiers there with you jane certainly the u.n. thanks so much for your time let's cross over to our other colleagues who's live for us in istanbul turkey and hashim of you've been listening to james the law contributors in the last hour since this news broke let's just move this forward in terms of the men to now for turkey and where they stand you heard jane's saying that turkey has made any formal request of the u.n.
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to investigate further in your opinion is this document now that's been researched and of course will be delivered to the human rights council is it enough now to push turkey to make that formal request of the u.n. and is the pressure really on turkey and the u.n. now. so he took his officials are poor over the details of the report. published by the united nations. column on it and they are expected to issue a statement and it's time soon however we've been in touch with a senior government official who told al-jazeera that turkey well comes the reports which indicates the position of turkey since the start of the quizes the whole thing about the killing of. and he says that his country now hopes that united nations secretary general antonio terrorist will take over the issue and move
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forward with action now from a turkish perspective to basically say that they would like to see this become an international investigation into the murder of jamal but the turkish government at the same time is pretty much concerned that the u.s. administration could be using its political leverage you know way out on another to take the steam out of the sentiment which has been building over the last few months about the need to. implicate to go out with an investigation and implicate those responsible for the killing of the i think from a turkish perspective they would waiting to see if it would be possible to solve the whole crisis with assad to contact part when that didn't work we've been talking about 2 things international investigation which was dismissed by the saudi government or the extradition of the 15 members of the hits squad that was sent here to istanbul and which were implicated by the united nations reports was
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reported on the killing of jamal but just so i had to give you an indication about how this is further straining relations between turkey and saudi arabia crown prince mohammed bin said man a few days ago in an interview to the saudi newspaper. delivered a veiled warning to turkey saying that this case the case of the murderer should not be yours by other countries for political gains and that a whether has any evidence should present it to the court of course the turkish government says it has been saying repeatedly from the prosecutor from the government from the mr foreign affairs that the saudi government is stalling the investigation and is trying to undermine the efforts of the turkish government and turkish investigators to said more light about who killed. the well about that whereabouts of his remains and of course are. sorry. that of course the crown prince may very well make those veiled threats in
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a saudi newspaper but the pressure is also coming from the u.s. you have various lawmakers who have been putting pressure on the white house and on reality over the whole case this report in itself officially presented to the human rights council is going to warrant more pressure on the crown prince and he can't make veiled threats to american lawmakers they're much more vocal. it will it will indeed put more pressure and we have to remind our viewers of the case the murder is about has dealt a massive blow to the reputation of calm prince mohammed bin said man who just a few months before the killing of you is widely seen by the west by the international community as an ambitious and foremost a man who's taken his country into new frontiers but just after the murder. the narrative has changed worldwide with more countries asking for
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for a for an investigation to be done as soon as possible and for those implicated in the killing of the to be to be brought to justice you also raise many questions about crown prince mohammed and some not but from a turkish perspective for example their biggest concern is that there is a legal aspect to the story but there is also a political aspect and this is where the turkish government is concerned they say that the trump administration has been turning this i to. the fact that everyone was saying that it's about time to talk to the saudis and ask them those who killed and gave the order should be brought to justice from the turkish perspective they just believe that the trump administration will be using the same leverage to prevent any action taken by the international community all the u.n. in particular in the near future that would move towards implicating crown prince mohammed bin sandman himself so the saudi government for example has dramatically
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shifted its narrative about the nerves about how to from denial talk knowledge in the killing but then. they said this is something that went terribly wrong inside of the building that you can see behind me the star of the concert but then they sacked at the last seat of the intelligence chief they sacked so they've got a top aide to crown prince william and that's the man and the arrested $21.00 people 11 of them are facing charges and 5 of those arrested could face the death penalty however we don't know the identity of the 11 people we have no information about what's happening the proceedings were not made public and the international community the united nations or portrait of the turkish government have been saying that we would like to share some information about the identity of those whether they were related to the government and who gave them the order to carry out the murder. and this explains the legal and the political holders of the case itself but from today from that report that was issued today i believe that turkey is
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going to definitely put more pressure on saudi arabia and of the united nations to move forward and take legal action be it an international investigation one extradition of the 11 suspects and we see what happens for the moment. when we will leave it there of course follow this with you through the day from istanbul thank you let's cross over to bill law he's a middle east analyst and joins us now from london perhaps or heard and read what's been said so far about mars' report just your nissho reactions to her findings and really placing the blame front and center both saudi arabia riyadh and mohamed bin so long. well my my initial reaction is that we're finding out now what what general hospital the cia had knew what senators knew in the united states what the intelligence services here and elsewhere in the world knew what the turks certainly knew it's now out in the public domain and of course the details
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are horrifying and sickening what to mamma going psalm on had hoped would be to put this story behind him just ahead as you've already discussed the head of the g 20 meeting it's come back again and i think that the fact that mohamed bin psalm on is once again held to be complicit held to be responsible this is crucial remember way back in december bob corker a very senior republican senator said. he killed he's responsible he killed them lindsey graham he's responsible he's complicit it's all mine this is a guy we should not be doing business with willy's the 2 senators step up to the plate and now raise the issue again because of course this is also tied into the yemen war jamal how is your view jeff death and the manner in which it was carried
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out and the fact that the saudis denied denied denied before finally owning up tied into america's support and commitment for the coalition bombing yemen dollar trump wants to continue that support but the the senate has already voted to stop weaponize ing the saudis in their yemen campaign i think this will also come back to play again and i and quite frankly i hope it does and how much push them into war is a terrible war indeed a. goal of trying to still message in terms of how much pressure now is not just american lawmakers but on the white house in terms of both this report being officially announced on the 26th we have the findings already and it's been widely reported. now of what happened what sort of pressure is there now on the white house in the sense that this is a 2 pronged you might say attack you've got the un special rapporteur with her report you've got lawmakers as you say like like bob corker and lindsey graham who raise their head late last year about what went on in terms the pressure that
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lawmakers will continue to put on president trump because he has still supporting n.b.s. . indeed he is and of course we shouldn't forget the democratic party this is really something democratic party will pursue with great vigor it's just the day after trump is is that now that he's going to it's a massive rally that is going to be running again for reelection it was supposed to be and was a triumphant statement but this this comes back to haunt him and i don't think the pressure is going to go away i think equally here and and in and in europe that the man should be put after all. and had an interview with an arab language newspaper here in london just on sunday in which he said he claimed that all due process was being followed at the murder was a terrible event it's not in our culture it's not the way we behave we will pursue
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and deal with the perpetrators he was able to say this because he believed at that point that he'd gotten away with it well now this report comes out and clearly he hasn't and this story continues it won't go away it's going to put more pressure on him in terms of the international level of the investigation into the international parameters in which countries can put pressure either on the u.n. or either on saudi arabia as a sovereign state where does this in your opinion lie where does the real traction need to come from a according to our correspondent there in istanbul it seems that the turks once they digested the report may be able to deliver a letter potentially to the u.n. wanting that international investigation wanting that international jurists.


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