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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes surrender of recommendations including to saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i work with i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months they have not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting proves a ranch of recommendations including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to step that. take to demonstrate not a repetition which is a from them and toward dimension of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is inboard not repetition and we mean a more were the things to to treat all of those that are currently and prison or arrested for the basis on the basis of the peaceful expression of their opinions
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and surely a follow up investigation into the the security services and how such an executive could have been carried out by members of the security services so to me the the obligation of non picture shows what i am placing a lot of emphasis on and i'm calling on the authorities of saudi arabia to take the necessary steps to demonstrate to the international community that they are indeed kmita 20 sure that these crimes he's never repeated do you think they are committed how have the saudis been forthcoming with information about this trial that is that is ongoing in saudi arabia as you say of suspects involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi. look i'm not going to make it a personal issue the fact that the saudi arabian government does not want to 2 hours to work with me does not necessarily mean that they are not committed i think
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however that there is a fundamental problem with the way the government of saudi arabia is approaching the issue they are insisting to treat it. only as a domestic questions and they are losing our sight of their international obligations under international human rights law 1st their executive of the stock casualty is an international crime the violation some are to support the violation of the right to life the arbitrary private life the overregulation else of the point be shown against enforced disappearance the possible violation of the convention against torture the violations of the vienna convention on consular relations the violation sound of point against extraterritorial use of force just to name a few that makes a crime of mr cashel get an international issue that requires them to treat it
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their search at the moment the step they have taken are failing to take stock of the real nature of the crime and of their obligation what about the united nations role in this i mean i don't think we can the united nations has somewhat been dragging its feet on whether to launch an investigation into the murder of jamal has georgy they've said that there hasn't been a you know as an official request from either turkey or are another countries what would you like the secretary general of the united nations to do now that you've released this report. so 1st day i should i like that i am an independent expert that has been mandated by the united nations to work on the situation of extrajudicial executions so while my inquiry is not a human rights inquiry it is based on a mandate that was given to me by the member states of the united nation 2nd i
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am calling on the secretary general to to establish to appoint a panel of experts who could look into criminal responsibilities i have done the human rights investigation the next step i cannot do is an actual criminal investigation sen i hope that the secretary general we we will do just that i do not believe that he needs the turkey in particular to call on such an investigation formally more generally i think the united nations as a measure of order to play to ensure that he has the effective instruments and tools to prevent and respond to targeted killings and targeted disappearances than in my report i make arrange every commendations including the establishment of
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a standing instrument for the investigation of power to the killings so that in the future of this kind of problem that we have confronted over war as the order to do what are we not be happening you said in the report that this is an international crime with the universe saw jurisdiction if not turkey what other country do you think could take on this this initiative this push for an international inquiry. sure so 1st i should i like that in my opinion the sick consensus of the killing of mr cashel are so grave in terms of the violations of international law that in my opinion meet the fresh order of seriousness required for universal jurisdiction so that's the 1st point i am making with regard to the responsibilities of states be signed turkey i am suggesting that the united states has
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a stake in india killing nice turk and in solving the killing mr cashel he was a resident of the united states his words a norn and really not one member of the press corps in the united states and in many ways in my opinion the embodiment of for them and tore freedom and principle within the american constitution which is a 1st amendment for those reasons i believe the united states as a stake in person when all means such as the spores or to ensure that accountability is delivered including a trial but the united states says you know or end perhaps i should differentiate here between the u.s. congress and the trump administration the administration of the us president has somewhat been reluctant to point the finger of blame at the saudi leadership over
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the murder of jamal khashoggi they have wanted to sweep this under the rug how how hopeful are you that what you have said today in this report will lead to more action from the united states and in particular from the trumpet ministration look at i think the united states is a country where the judicial system and the judges shoreline institutions remain independent and partial if there are poor seedings initiatives. by individual spy plenty if there i see no or no or systemic reasons that would prevent those complaints to pour sea as. the american system saw mr the president and others for me out there or misgivings regarding a trial and regarding criminal or civil investigation but i do not think that this will impact on american institutions including the justice system or indeed on
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the american congress or senate to proceed with what they see to be their their key function just coming back to the child that is ongoing in saudi arabia do you think that those on trial right now and of course we have very little information information about what's unfolding inside saudi arabia do you think that the people responsible indeed for the murder of jamal khashoggi are the ones on trial right now. look based on what i have been able to gather. the 11 individuals that are currently on trial. include those that where in the room during the killing of mr cash shogi and in the vicinity of the room. so they were involved in the commission of the crime the question i am of course is about other individuals then could someone that has
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been often mentioned as having incited and altered the crime that can turn you that has been identified by the saudi prosecutor and was indeed the object of administrative measures since he was supposedly of fired from his position but he has not been indicted there are number of other individuals that have not been indicted thus far so this hour raises a ranch of red flag but importantly are not transparent though the trial is being at held behind closed doors it is their identities it is not the identities of those on trial has not been made public by the authorities even though all it me and sister again even though the executor of mr casualty is an international crime and it is
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a crime for which the international community as as much interest and has a role to play misc alomar one last question before we let you go and we do appreciate your time thank you so much you've done this investigation now you've made recommendations to the international community but are you hold for are you optimistic that there will ever be accountability in the murder of jamal khashoggi . i am hopeful because otherwise i will not be working in human rights but i am also realistic and pragmatic. i believe that that culpability for mr cashel he can take many forms judicial accountability is of course the highest objective and something that i am hoping we if we lap and but beside judicial accountability we also need to look for other forms of accountability they can be diplomatic they can be political they can be
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symbolic in my report i make a ranch of recommendations such as the establishment of special forms to support press freedom in the new don't least the the the creation of the establishment of different symbolic. ever conferences anything that would be based on what mr cashel you stood for at the end of these life so that we ensure that his commitment to democracy commitment to human rights commitment to press freedom to find a realisation through the actions of individuals states and civil society and the media. my colleague talking to un special rapporteur. about a $101.00 page report into the motor of let's take this on we might kind of is
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standing by washington d.c. with all the action for the united states but 1st let's go to hashem borrow who's stumbled and how should before you talk about the turkish reaction we have now heard from the saudi administration. indeed nicholas saadi statement is so far enough as i village where hit back at the final report issued by the special saying that it contains clear contradiction is and baseless allegations insisting that the saudis are suspects who are being. prosecuted in saudi arabia are being prosecuted under the sod the law and this is an international not an issue of national sovereignty and i think one of the reasons assad today are very upset about the findings of the inquiry is because he's talking about the implication of. personalities of the highest levels
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of the of the government and number 2 it is. also questioning the proceeding to saudi arabia saying that they don't comply with international stand so that society perspective but what about the turkish government. is clearly a report that is going to give impetus to the turkish government when it comes to putting more pressure on the international community and the size of government in particular to launch an international investigation turkey has been saying that. saudi arabia is stalling the investigation size arabia is undermining chances to figure out who gave the order to kill. the whereabouts of his remains today this turkish but it's awful enough there's more to show. said that his strongly endorsers the findings of the inquiry and particularly the call for the
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perpetrators to be prosecuted and i think now the next move would be is most likely turkey is going to wait for any signal from the saudi government that if he is willing to further cooperate if that doesn't happen i think that we push ahead for the need to start a criminal investigation and for the united nations to move forward or how should thanks very much to my habit of in istanbul let's go to washington d.c. mike hanna joins us from there and mike how much pressure if any will this report put on the u.s. administration to actually take a lead in this. well certainly nic it's going to ratchet up pressure between congress and the trump administration congress has been attempting to block any arms sales to saudi arabia for example because of its involvement in the war in yemen and because of its human rights record including the murder of jamal khashoggi now congress has passed a series of laws blocking arms sales for example however president trump has vetoed
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these laws he's gone even further in fact and he's declared an emergency in order to circumvent congress to put through an 8000000000 dollars arms bill to solve the now this is absolutely infuriated congress they indeed have struck back there are some 22 resolutions in congress waiting to go blocking u.s. relations with saudi arabia so certainly this is going to ratchet up the tension between the administration and congress congress absolutely insistent that there must be accountability a potion for the murder of jamal khashoggi now right at the beginning of this whole series of events the senate sent president trump a formal letter insisting that he investigate and apportion accountability for khashoggi is murder the president simply defied that he's never formally responded to that senator request now this latest report is likely to up the senate's efforts
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and congress as a whole to aid find out accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi remembering of course that he was a u.s. resident but also intensify its efforts to block those arms sales to saudi arabia as a punitive measure certainly clear that there is a need for some kind of investigation the intense investigation indeed what about the u.n. once again more traction though no. well a possibly could particularly where you had the investigator actually now making a request to the secretary general to formulate some kind of criminal investigative body she made very clear that her investigation has already human rights basis she is unable to be able to go down the criminal investigation that it would appear she's indicating it's up to the secretary general but the secretary general's position has been very clear to he says that they have needs to be some 3rd country parties such as turkey or another state to make that request to the u.n. to make the request to him to conduct such an investigation now the investigators
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saying no that is not the case contradicting the secretary general's position saying that her recommended should be enough for the secretary general to initiate a full investigation into the murder of a criminal investigation we'll wait and see whether the secretary general does mike thanks very much my kind of reporting there from washington d.c. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. egypt accuses united nations of playing politics over the death of its former president mohammed morsy. i would not support coming up to frustration with a host brazil of the couple america peter has the details of a controversial match against venezuela. have been some big wandering thunderstorms in turkey recently i think they'll be
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some mormons to move the monster gentle circulation but beyond that you don't see very much in the point of view of clouds building this from space and the forecast the reflection is much the same the far east of afghanistan running up the high ground yes. through iran again but in the sunshine 36 in tehran baghdad has seen a drop in temperature in the forecast in the last 24 hours because the wind has picked up generally means you don't get such high temperatures so we keep. for friday wondering thunderstorms in turkey and not so hot but dusty in dry conditions to the south that extends all the way down through the arabian peninsula was temperatures probably knocked back a bit we're talking about middle forty's not high forty's not just because that dusty breeze which is persistent there probably will lighten by the time we get to friday and then through the wet bit into the dry but again opposite season of course for all of southern africa is lacking in rain this time of year this is
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correct it should be every now and again you get frontal system going across. time will see the cloud return. breeze. 19 degrees. al-jazeera some extraordinary women. who are making things happen their way. to survive. for their families to thrive. on al-jazeera. mexico's money's poppy a soap opera is changing society by tackling women socially she just can't own in
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its last episode soap box discovers the drama behind the scenes as it produces stayed behind cheap space in modest to disable children and confront social stigmas by broadcasting them to the well. challenged and not just 0. but again you what she does are a reminder about top stories this. is an extrajudicial killing for which saudi arabia is responsible but it's according to a damning report by the un special rapporteur $101.00 page report details taped conversations about disposing of a body in the moments before because
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a ride to the saudi consulate in istanbul last october well the special reports says that the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction she's the u.n. secretary general and 10 you could terrorist to launch a criminal inquiry into the case but saudi arabia says only it has you authority to look into the case and describes the reported full of clear contradictions and baseless allegations. so we have it let's speak now it's roger's or a senior political analyst mark bashar who joins us now from london so i'm all in a case it seems as being built where do we go from here. well certainly it's good it's good a good place to start is by one of their commendations from the report which is imposing sanctions on the crown prince mohammed once a man of so with jerry before his responsibility in the premeditated murder of a saudi journalist of course whether that would happen or not that remains to be
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seen i doubt it because one of the main obstacles today to holding the saudi leaders responsible accountable for what's going on is of course the white house the american presidency as we heard earlier because of the close relations between washington and saudi arabia at this point in time and because again as we saw in the in the pictures you just showed earlier the united states continues to sell beautiful weapons to the kingdom and hence really no one is able to date to hold mohammed and samantha sponsible as the reports requirements now i'm wondering who then is going to pick this up and run with it i mean the secretary general of the united nations antenna could tear as he's said previously that a 3rd party country needs to call for an investigation but now in this report by the special reports by kalama she says that's not necessary in fact that he can authorize an investigation into an international crime which has universal
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jurisdiction. absolutely and i think the the precious but then go on the secretary general's add on others to start you know doing something about it now that there is this very important report that's able to show the responsibility and the evidence of what is sponsibility and the evidence that this was deliberate and i think one of the most interesting bits of it is that it establishes a pattern before and as we know now after. a pattern of planning for the murder and a pattern for mystifying the responsibility and the planning for the murder it's really unfortunate that until today the saudis leadership would not come clean on what happened we've heard from the special report earlier that if there were if there was an accident as the saudi leadership claims why no one in the room dry to
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help. clearly as the investigator underlined once and again that this was a planned premeditated murder of a saudi citizen overseas and has it falls under international law domestic need for investigation my guess is nic that the soldiers will now try to refocus that tension elsewhere but will they be able to and will mohammed the cement be able to attend the g 20 or once again with them or not can now take the lead in the hope that this storm would wither away and we want to as you yourself have said previously a donald trump his administration wants to maintain good relations because of a possible confrontation with iran but meanwhile congress is on his case that is the pressure ratcheting up at all or is he just going to ignore all this. i think the building blocks are important here and i think this report is another phase.
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678 months later. into ratcheting up the pressure on the saudis and on the international community on the journal of the united nations and i think congress like the american media and like the main mainstream american media is really building up the pressure on the saudis and i think you could even tell both now that it is the american president that's isolated on this question in the united states because democrats and republicans the mainstream media the general public in the united states as well as of course in europe and elsewhere you know is quite alarmed by what happened and for the rest of us nic journalists i mean when will this stop until last week a former editor in chief of a soldier paper close to the all thought of these there in riyadh was inciting i guess the bombing of
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a network next door in doha so really something needs to happen something you know got to give so that the on growing. incitement against journalist stops or ahmad thanks very much a speech to it no doubt is even goes on thanks for much more on bashara. all right moving on international arrest warrants have been issued in 4 suspects charged with the murders of 298 malaysia airlines passengers and crew dutch investigators say 3 russians and a ukrainian closely cooperated in obtaining the missile launcher that shot down the jeanson ukraine 5 years ago the kremlin is again denying any involvement. even though they have not pushed the button themselves their suspicion they closely cooperate to obtain the missile of position to launch site with the goal of shooting a plane therefore they can be considered suspects together for shooting m h 17 in dutch criminal law persons who weren't present for
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a crime played an important organizing role or just as punishable as the person who committed the crime. and has more from mr. well it's quite a breakthrough nearly 5 years after the downing of and age 17 on july 17th 2014 they are now names there are suspects there are international arrest warrants and there are there is a trial they march 9th 2020 the trial will start against these 4 suspects who are 3 russian former military former intelligence officers and one ukrainian national the 3 russians are believed to be in russia at the moment and the ukrainian is believed to be in ukraine there hasn't been any active extradition order because the russian and ukrainian constitution doesn't allow it but the investigators have said that they want to send. it meant to russia and to ukraine to make sure that the russian government hands over these individuals for questioning and also has
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ordered these individuals to come to the trial which will start in march 2020 but until now of course the russians have still denied any involvement in the downing of made shaphan teen which has of course caused so much loss 2 thirds of the bason just came from then that they were all mostly all on a holiday to south east asia the fact that now 4 names have been named and also a trial date has been set is quite a relief for it is relatives of the victims who have been waiting for such a long time for some kind of justice the investigators those said they don't expect any of this auspex to be there at the trial that they will still be tried in absentia in kenya 3 men. and have been sentenced to life in prison for the gun attack on the university 4 years ago a 4th man was acquitted the men were charged with conspiracy to commit the attack and belonging to the somali somali based on group 148 people mostly students were killed in the siege
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a gunman opened fire indiscriminately before freeing some muslim students and then killing others identified as christians accountants lawyers in nairobi covering the trial for us catherine the verdict is in what was expected. well it is somewhat what was expected and this is quite a significant ruling and a case that many kenyans have been following quite closely a since it began a few years back that has the judgment has been postponed 3 times and today the chief magistrate is supposed to come in and give his that picked. 7 g.m.t. he only came into court 12 jim to say that this is a sensitive and it is a sensitive matter because it's the fast conclusion of the 1st major case involving a terrorism incident any does set precedence to other such related cases that are in court so he the ruling itself was about 2 hours long and he recounted all the
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evidence that was presented to him and the hiring testimonies from witnesses and in the end he concluded that the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that 3 of the men are indeed guilty of conspiracy to committing terrorist acts committing terrorist acts and being members of a terrorist organization which is al-shabaab the somalia group that has also carried out several several attacks here in kenya and he has sent a sentencing date for july 3rd the prosecutors are saying they're going to seek the maximum penalty which is life imprisonment. in the week and they were expressing skepticism if you like about how this was all going to turn out how might they be feeling no. well there was some relatives of those who were killed in the reason we've also been speaking to some of the survivors of that incident that happened back in 2015 and as you mentioned
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they are all saying that well this is well and good but we do not have the solace we still don't have that piece that we thought would get they that woman that we talked to the mother of a girl who was killed says that look i blame the government for failing my child on that day because of 1st the poor response this is an attack that started at 5 am in the morning and you know it was only contained at 7 pm she said that my dose i was calling me from 5 am to me they frantically telling me mom pray for me and the mother was just helpless she also says that she blames the government for not responding to intelligence reports that were there before that incident happened and she says that apart from this people who have been found guilty that even individuals within government also needs to be held culpable for it catherine thanks very much because from sort of the reporting from nairobi iran's defense minister has rejected allegations that terrine is behind the suspected attacks on 2
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oil tankers in the gulf of amman last week i may have tommy disputes a video released by the u.s. navy the washington says links iran to the incident and tommy says the date and location shown in the footage has not been authenticated and that iranian vessels carried out a rescue operation when they arrived at the scene well the u.s. navy says it's uncovered fragments of a mine used in the tanker explosions which look like mines from iran the navy also release what it says is new video showing the damage caused by the plus 2 vessels with damage in incidents last week near the strait of hormuz. it. was a result of. that was used. to that which is probably displayed in the iranian military parades. distinguishing features and i will let you know that explosive technicians explosive ordnance disposal technicians. in the u.s.
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are all trained to identify identification features which. indicate what type of ordnance were approaching. well under this cloud of regional tension. make his 1st state visit to iraq since saddam hussein's forces invaded in the gulf states in 1900 the arrival of a shake. has been seeing as an attempt to tensions in the gulf iraq has close ties with both iran and the united states. as the latest from. kuwait's emir ships' a bottom of the slow box has arrived in baghdad for his 1st state visit to or at off he has been holding discussions with that office president but i'm sort of headed off prime minister i've been a bit mad the is currently at the palace in baghdad and we're expecting to hear more about how those discussions have gone in the next several hours now this visit
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would be monumental even if it weren't the 1st state visit by kuwait's emir and one of the other reasons for the fact that it's so significant is because it comes as a time of such huge regional tensions at a time when that up is being increasingly squeezed between the geopolitics of what's going on the rising tensions between these 2 main allies the u.s. and iran just when it was announced that kuwait's emir would be coming to both the dad kuwait's news agency put out a statement in which they said that ships about to visit comes amid rising and unprecedented tensions and developments witnessed by the region particularly the acts which targeted the safety of oil supplies through destruction and strikes on oil and commercial vessels now while of course it is also expected that bilateral relations between iraq and kuwait will be discussed obviously the highest thing on the agenda will be to try to figure out ways to deescalate the tensions that are ongoing has really been the epicenter of
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a flurry of diplomatic activities of late in may you had u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo who arrived on an announced surprise visit in which he said that there were threats to american personnel by iran here in it up in the last few weeks you had visits by the foreign ministers of germany and then the foreign minister of oman also in an effort to try to deescalate tensions now on the heels of all those visits comes this visit by the bottom of the somebody who is considered to be one of the most respected diplomats in the region at a time when many people here we're speaking with says the diplomacy is sorely needed. turkey's president is demanding that egypt is tried in international court for the death of the country's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi resit to pledge to do everything in his power to make sure justice is done he says he's planning to raise the issue at the upcoming g 20 summit most he died while facing trial on espionage charges in egypt earlier this week rights groups say his
12:36 am
poor treatment in prison contributed to his death. will do whatever is necessary to persecute egypt in international courts we have the g. 20 summit ahead of us and this will be one of the issues that we will bring up at the meeting in osaka will be standing with the righteous we cannot be with their process we will be again a static scene in kosovo has more now from istanbul. turkish president rejects a parent on has been very vocal about mohamed morsy is prison time and now about his death he believes this is not a natural death he believes because he spent 20 minutes after the courthouse and no one helped him this is an actual nerd or he was in the home of mercy was martyrs that's why he he cause he calls the organization of islamic council to take an initiative and he believes they gyptian government up to fatah has says his government should face some jurisdiction on the international level in
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a way prisons are gong empathizes with mohamed morsi because when he was a mayor in the late ninety's he faced prison time because he just recited a power and in the early 2000 years even though he was the prime minister and his party risk to risk the period that it could have been shut down and present the then prime minister and current president out on political life could come to an end that's why he always repeats that the main opposition in turkey is similar to opt of it that's this a government because back then when mamma morsi was put in jail. his his opponents that that would end up like mohamed morsi you know way just a few days before the mayoral rerun in istanbul it is seen by our party as a chance to console that it's on voters as well who are actually offended and who didn't vote for the ruling party in a run on march 31st to hong kong where opposition politicians are pushing for
12:38 am
a vote of no confidence against the city's leader curry a day off to apologize for trying to rush through changes to the extradition law members of the legislative council meeting for the 1st time since huge protests force the government to suspend the bill demonstrators say they'll keep flooding the streets until the extradition changes are scrapped altogether and resigns. still ahead here a major league baseball player shows why it's important to always keep your eye on the goal. of the details in school college.
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it was born on his piece a big thank you very much another day i mean another new signing is being officially presented at real madrid this time it was the turn a frenchman furlan mehndi the defender who has joined from leon for 54000000 dollars he's one of 5 players to arrive at madrid this transfer window along with aiden has a hard look at your pitch roderigo and millie tell rail of spain's close to 3 $150000000.00 as they rebuild after a disappointing trophy this season in which they finished 19 points behind rivals barcelona. it's an honor to be at this club the greatest club in the world thank you to the president for your trust and thanks to the club come of madrid we didn't . even mystically it is again a great day for this club we welcome a player who's been named the best left fullback in the french league for the last
12:41 am
2 seasons a man and a football player who knows what it's like to fight adversity to come to his dreams now we welcome ferland mendieta real madrid the spanish national team coach lease in the u.k. has been released from his position he's been absent from his duty since march when he cited family reasons for needing time off in the u.k. has been in the job less than a year he will be replaced by he's assistant roberta moreno the man who's been in temperature of the team for the last 3 matches. problems for hosts to preserve a cop america after they were held to a golden straw with venezuela homesite actually had the ball in the net 3 times in 2 of those occasions v.a. are came to venezuela's rescue controversy number one saw gabriel justice is if it's ruled out for offside then with 3 minutes to go philip the team looked like he'd got a late winner for the house but once again v.a.r. intervened this time are better for me no judge to have handled the ball. means
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brazil needed draw in their final group a game against peruzzi qualify for the quarter finals. this controversy but more goals in the game in group a between the peruvians and. coming back from a goal down to win $31.00 at the matter in rio de janeiro their level on 4 points with brazil in group a but they have an inferior goal difference. getting ready for their 2nd game of the copper that's against colombia the asian cup champions have one point after a great comeback from 2 goals down to draw with parable i coach felix sanchez says the spirit in the camp is good. this group of players is very strong very united they've known each other for years and have a very clear goal to challenge the 2022 world cup and to represent qatar at a very good level so the country can feel proud of them doing what they like and in
12:43 am
a great competition they are enjoying the experience to improve to grow and to compete. so the women's world cup and it's all about group d. on wednesday england and japan are doing battle to finish top the english lead at the moment and have already qualified for the knockouts japan meanwhile trailed by 2 points because a bit disappointing draw against underdogs argentina in their opening game. we still know them is the japan that one will cook you know he said they got their love inexperienced players but they've got a lot of players still who have won a world cup who have been to finals who have won a lot of trophies you know they howl of world class players in and we know how and we have the most respect for japan and. new zealand are looking to go top of the cricket world cup table standing in their
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way or south africa who have had a disappointing tournament so far south africans bettered 1st and thanks to 67 not out from a rusty funded person were able to post 241 for 6 in a reduced 49 over innings because of wet weather in birmingham the new zealanders of 46 for one that's off the 11 over at edge best. it's been a setback for india their opening batsman shikhar dhawan has been ruled out of the tournament he fractured his thumb in the match against australia stand by batsman the resharpened will take his place in the squad india's next measures against afghanistan on saturday with one of the on the rise in the top tennis players or continuing their preparations at grass court tournaments in the united kingdom former grand slam champion when martin del potro was in action at queen's club in london on wednesday the 3rd seed beating dennis shock problem of here in straight sets. the french open champion ashley barty won her 1st match since
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lifting her maiden grand slam title astray and beating donna vacates in straight sets at the permian classic only 6 women have won the french open and wimbledon double in the same season. the director of the tour de france christie and says this year's race will not be the same without chris froome he says he's become a central character of the tour for the army is breathing a sigh of relief that current champion gerund thomas is fit to compete again he says it's all ok after crashing in the 2 of switzerland thomas required hospital treatment and pulled out of that race staying with the injury theme of major league baseball star suffered a rather unusual misstep during training he put on washington nationals better max scherzer clearly practiced doesn't always make perfect show ended up with a broken nose and it looks like he will miss these teams next game against the philadelphia phillies. ok we'll leave it there to make us go to her business i
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think cider that's it for me macleod for this news are i will be back in coverlets with another full hall of news to see that from the. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who brave the will concur and all that is no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods in isolated areas. we follow their daring
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journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one hour one aist investigates it is the new front line in sri lanka on al-jazeera. thank.
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you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. warrants at key. un investigators find saudi arabia responsible for murdering journalists and says there is credible evidence linking crown prince mohammed bin salman to the crime.
12:49 am
and i mean this is live from doha also coming up a guilty verdict for 3 suspects for the attack at a kenyan university that left 148 people dead. dutch prosecutors charge 3 russians and a ukrainian with the murders of $298.00 people off a missile brought to many lazy lines jet down. there mayor of kuwait on his 1st state visit to iraq since the 1st gulf war as regional tensions seoul. so the responsibility for the matter of saudi jenna's democracy is clear and international investigation is needed that's the conclusion of a lengthy inquiry by a un special rapporteur kalama report describes g.'s death inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october as an extrajudicial killing for which side arabia is responsible she calls for further investigation into the individual
12:50 am
responsibility of saudi officials at the highest level including crown prince mohammed bin salman the report also details taped conversations about body disposal in the moments before because saudis are arrival at the consulate she says the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction and she is a criminal inquiry by the united nations well you have my colleague funny but you both spoke exclusively to agnes kind of ma and asked her about what she heard on the order recording. the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story. what was done to use body i cannot deduct. i have a home and i can infer from the sound that something was done based on the technique or. knowledge of the various people i have consented it is well possible that mr cashel game was 1st put. first injected with something and then
12:51 am
that was actually asphyxiated weezer plastic bag this is our one of the possibilities the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of these bodied these i cannot comment upon its not possible allow me to add one thing when at least 1st as a recording is concerned that i have heard when mr cashel loses consciousness there is no evidence of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him the 10000 to rescue him attempting to do something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an accident that the next event happened that doesn't quite match what i have heard there is nor tempt to to do something and there is no scream so or.
12:52 am
any expression of of fear over what's happening do you think that there is anyone today who knows where the remains of jamal khashoggi are or yes absolutely and who think that people that were in the room the people that disposed of the body. you know when they're out there where 15 individuals involved in that mission. do you think the saudi leadership knows where the remains are i don't know i mean ninoy between b. i will just make a guess sarah so i really don't want to argue to suggest this is not something i have tried to or determine ok you'll be presenting this column are this report i understand on june 26th to the u.n. human rights council which saudi arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now
12:53 am
that you've released this report you know my report makes surendra very common the ships including 2 saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months they have not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting proves or render every comment issues including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to said that saudi arabia should take to demonstrate not the repetition which is upon them and told dimension of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is involved where there's been reaction from saudi arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs. so that only the kingdom has your through to look into the case and
12:54 am
describe the report of as full of clear contradictions of baseless allegations some harbor has more now from istanbul. saudi reaction to the final report issued by the united nations special rapporteur. was expected the government does not seem to be pleased with the chilling details that were presented in the report and also about the fact that it implicates saudi officials of the highest level in the murder of jamal. on the other hand the turkish government seems to be pleased turkish foreign minister. said that he fully endorsed the content of the report and the need for the perpetrators to be prosecuted as soon as possible turkey seems to be now waiting to see what kind of next step that the saudi government will take if the saudis are willing to further cooperation with the turkish government that could be a new chapter of the saudis decide not to cooperate i think the turkish government
12:55 am
is going to press ahead for the need for an international criminal investigation to start as soon as possible well let's hear now from mike hanna who has reaction from washington. well the report is likely to record up tension between congress and the administration certainly congress has been incensed at the trump administration's position on the murder of jamal khashoggi its insistence that it regards the matter as closed an issue leave the senate sent the president a letter demanding that he provide accountability for the murder within a set period of time the president simply defied this never gave a formal response to that senate letter then there's been a series of moves in congress blocking arms sales to saudi arabia as a punitive measure both for its human rights record including the murder of jamal khashoggi and for its involvement in the war in yemen
12:56 am
a number of resolutions were passed which was subsequently vetoed by president trump the president then went even further and invoked emergency regulations in an attempt to circumvent congress in terms of pushing through an $8000000000.00 arms deal with saudi arabia congress has responded there are some $22.00 resolutions sitting in congress at present relating to saudi arabia these could be passed as early as within the next few days once again president tram likely to veto such legislation but this report is likely to intensify the ongoing conflict between congress and the trumpet ministration on the whole issue of u.s. relations with saudi arabia well its female soldiers are a senior political analyst more bashar who joins me from london mo and 1st up the saudi response we might expect from the foreign minister saying that the report is full of clear contradictions and baseless allegations. but we don't know which
12:57 am
right because if anything we've heard a very very sound deliberate and careful. report and defense of that airport by the special report target i haven't heard except from the saudis anything close to criticism of the report that's been you know quite careful in the way it worded its entire investigation but clearly i report that shows the responsibility for the kingdom for the killing and credible evidence that the crown prince might be also involved and asking for a criminal investigation now that this report has come out of course cannot be pleasing to those ruling in riyadh so you know if anything you would expect them to default that it borders on those bases but in fact i think they need
12:58 am
a need to come clean and tell us some more about what happened because clearly their story does not hold water i guess kind of clearly wants a full investigation into this it thing is going to come from from turkey from from the united states from the united nations from where. well according to her there is no need for any one independent country to be calling for this that at this point in time the secretary general should be calling for that criminal investigation a special team should be set up in order to look into this and this is important not only because reports showed that there is a responsibility at the highest rank of the so in the kingdom this is important because journalists should not be killed with impunity journalists should no longer be attacked with impunity networks try to reports the facts should not be targeted with impunity and hence this is important and this is
12:59 am
important that it be looked into and i think there should be international pressure also from us journalists on you know on the united nations to go to appoint a special team and to start a criminal investigation into this because at this point in 5 nic the saudis would not come clean they would not tell us what happened and why they would not do it again and what about the trumpet ministration they clearly want to maintain good relations with the saudi in the face of a possible confrontation with iran but meanwhile they do have congress on the case about some cells. you know there's something a bit more sinister about this just for us to recall that for example a person from son in law referred to as a terrorist just sort of an amazing thing considering he was a columnist for the washington post and resident in virginia and want you know around washington and of course there's the other sinister thing about president
1:00 am
trump referring to mainstream journalists as enemies of the people so there is a bit of a cynosure that aside from all the sitting of arms and the investments and the whole you know economic financial appeasement and so on so forth but yes as you said i think the president and his son in law are isolated in the united states on this question on this question not only democrats in congress but democrats and republicans in congress a majority in congress is for freezing the support the myth of support of so davis specially in the war in yemen and looking into the asian markets of jim other likewise the mainstream press in the united states the public opinion in the united states is for looking further into this and for the united states to make its relations with so dreamy a conditional on stopping the crimes where there's crimes against journalists or the crimes in.


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