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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 170  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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the united states has really been at the epicenter of a flurry of diplomatic activity as of late in may you had u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all making a surprise visit to write off in which he discussed with officials the fact that america was claiming that american interests and personnel were under threat and off by iran also in the last few weeks you had a visit by the foreign minister of germany and the foreign minister of a month just in the last several days now in those visits you had been discussing also ways of trying to deescalate the tensions that are going on right now but of course with the arrival of the emir of kuwait who is considered to be one of the most highly respected diplomats in the region it was clear that at the top of the agenda what was going to be discussed most importantly was ways of trying to figure out how to deescalate these tensions between the u.s. and iran now by the time that the emir had left of that not many details had
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trickled out we know that he met with these officials we know that it was discussed how to try to how to try to increase the trade relationship between both countries how to try to increase bilateral relationship also that it was discussed ways of trying to deescalate the tensions but as far as how they are going to try to do that how they're going to try to effect that we're just not sure yet but it is expected that in the days to come we will be getting more details about efforts by both kuwait and iraq to try to deescalate these mounting tensions. turkey's president wants egypt tried in an international court for the death of the country's only democratically elected president mohammed morsi recep tayyip erdogan pledged to do everything in his power to ensure justice most he died in a car recall during a hearing on espionage charges earlier this week rights groups say his poor treatment in prison contributed to his death. will take his president ones egypt tried in an international court for the death of the country's any we've just read the story i believe simcoe has more now. turkish president reject
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a parent on has been very vocal about mohamed morsy is prison time and now about his death he believes this is not a natural death he believes because he spent 20 minutes after the courthouse and no one helped him this is an actual murder he was in the home of mercy was martyrs that's why he he calls he calls the organization of islamic council to take an initiative and he believes the gyptian government up to fatah has since his government is should face some jurisdiction on the international level in a way prisons are gone empathizes with mohamed morsi because when he was a mayor in the late ninety's he faced prison time because he just recited a power and in the early 2000 years even though he was the prime minister and his party risk to risk the period that it could have been shut down and present the then prime minister and current president out on political life could come to an
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end that's why he always repeats that the main opposition in turkey is similar to up to fit the system government because back then when mamma morsi was put in jail . his opponents that that would end up like mohamed morsi you know wait just a few of these before the mayoral rerun in istanbul it is seen by our party as a chance to console that it's on voters as well who are actually offended and who didn't vote for the ruling party in a run on march 31st chinese president xi jinping will begin a state visit to north korea on thursday the timing is significant as it comes just days before she's planned meeting with president donald trump brown has more now from beijing. president xi jinping has spent part of this month in the company of leaders keen to toast friendship with him among them russia's president vladimir putin who feted she with a surprise birthday party when he turned 66 last week and she can be assured of
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another warm reception in north korea he's been once before in 2008 when he was a vice president but this will be the 1st visit by a chinese head of state in 14 years and it will provide one important message says this analyst i personally don't think the united states or president trump can achieve any meaningful thing involving the denuclearization issue on the korean peninsula without. major contribution by china. as china's relations with the united states worsen juta their continuing trade war she's forging new alliances with other leaders who've fallen out with the u.s. president she has met the north korean leader kim jong un 4 times in the past 15 months the last occasion in january shortly before kim's summit in hanoi with donald trump where they failed to agree on a nuclear disarmament deal
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a few weeks later trade talks between u.s. and chinese negotiators broke down president xi is confronting a number of urgent problems right now street protests in hong kong the unresolved trade dispute with the united states and the stalled nuclear diplomacy on the korean peninsula it is likely to be the latter that will feature prominently in his discussions in pyongyang. commentators say china's leader is worried the stalemate is creating a dangerous vacuum china does not want this thing to escalate and happen our nuclear arms race throughout asia that would be extremely dangerous for the area and also for the world. if she is able to help revive the nuclear disarmament talks that might be enough to buy him some goodwill in his shed your meeting with president trump next weekend but analysts warn if those talks falter
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then china could decide to soften the united nations sanctions it's been enforcing against its neighbor. china and north korea remain allies with a long history for weeks now chinese state t.v. has been glorifying china's role in the korean war when the people's liberation army fought on the north side against u.s. forces in a war that started almost 70 years ago adrian brown al-jazeera beijing opposition politician. hong kong pushing for a vote of no confidence against. the she apologized for trying to rush through changes to the traditional members of the council for the 1st time since huge protests forced the government to suspend the bill that was trying to say they'll keep full letting the streets until the extradition changes all scrapped altogether . resigns. and.
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keep your eye on the ball. and the rest of the sports.
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let's get straight on this paul put it all right nick thank you very much and new zealand have beaten so africa the cricket world cup in a group stage game played in birmingham at age best and so the south africans they batted 1st then a 670 down from resi funded doesn't help them to get to 241 for 6 in a reduced 49 over innings because of with with what the black caps captain came
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williamson playing a captain's innings he scored a century it was also a 60 from 47 balls by calling the grand home to help the new zealanders get home by 4 wickets as they take the top spot in the overall table now there was also a setback for india with their opening batsman shikhar dhawan ruled out of the tournament he fractured his thumb in the match against australia stand by batsman the pants takes his place in the squad india's next match is against afghanistan on saturday another day and yet another new signing has been officially presented at real madrid this time it was the turn of frenchman further than many the defender who has joined from leon for $54000000.00 he's one of 5 players to arrive at madrid this transfer window along with edwin hazard you could you have each other to go and many tell rather spend close to $350000000.00 as they rebuild after a disappointing trophy season in which they finished 19 points behind rivals boss
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alone. and it's an honor to be at this club the greatest club in the world thank you to the president for your trust and thanks to the club come in madrid. even the emperor strictly it is again a great day for this club we welcome a player who's been named the best left fullback in the french league for the last 2 seasons a man and a football player who knows what it's like to fight adversity to come gaze dreamless now we welcome ferland mendieta real madrid. the spanish national team coach luis enrique has been released from his position he's been absent from his duties since march when he cited family reasons for needing time off and recreate quits after less than a year in the job he's been replaced by his assistant roberta mariano the man who's been in temperature of the team for the last 3 matches and ac milan have named mark could jump our low as the new coach the italian has been in charge of fellow say our side some doria for the last 3 years jump out replaces janata gattuso who left
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milan at the end of last season problems for hosts preserve the corporate america after they were held goalless draw with venezuela the home side actually had the ball in the net 3 times in salvador but on 2 of those occasions a or came to venezuela's rescue controversy number one this one here seeing gestures as if it ruled out for offside. then with 3 minutes to go for the protein you looked like you got a late winner for the host but once again v.a.r. intervened this time roberta for me though i judged to have handled the. draw in their final group a against peru to qualify for the quarter finals. speaking of the peruvians there was less controversy but more goals in the group a game against. true coming back from a goal down to win $31.00 of the american in rio level on 4 points with the brazilians in group a but have an inferior goal difference. getting ready for their
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2nd game of the copper against colombia the asian cup champions have one point off to a great comeback from 2 goals down to draw with para by coach felix sanchez since the spirit in the camp is good. group of players is very strong very united they've known each other for years and have a very clear goal to challenge the 2022 world cup and to represent a very good level so the country can feel proud of them doing what they like and in a great competition they are enjoying the experience to improve to grow and to compete. so the women's. group the on wednesday england and japan are doing battle to finish top the english league at the moment and have already qualified for the knockout japan trailed by 2 points because of a disappointing draw against underdogs argentina in their opening game. we still know them is to japan and one more cooks you know you said that they got the love
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inexperienced players but they've got a lot of players still who have won a world cup who have been to finals who have won a lot of trophies you know their howl of world class players and and we know how and we have the most respect for japan with wimbledon on the rise on the top tennis players are continuing their preparations at grass court tournament in the u.k. former grand slam champion one martin del potro was in action at queen's club in london on wednesday the 3rd seed beating dennis scheib in straight. and the french open champion ashley barty won her 1st match since lifting a maiden grand slam title the australian beat donna vacates in straight sets at the burning in traffic only 6 women have won the french open and wimbledon double in the same season. all right let's move on to something that you don't see every day this one coming from major league baseball star or a star from major league baseball who suffered a rather unusual misstep during training keep an eye out for the washington
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nationals better max scherzer clearly practice doesn't always make perfect ending up with a broken nose and it looks like he will receive the team's next game that one will be into the philadelphia phillies. ok well even if an almost well coming up for me a little bit later nick but only for to see you later thank you very much indeed that is it for me because of this news lauren taylor is in london and she'll have more of the day's news in just a couple minutes from. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who
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brave the will concur that it's no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other that we've been told that we constantly hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held to refugees since over 700000 here are some of the nicest losers on the planet who fear for them to think that they could be put to him. i'll just erupt into the crowds recipients of the new christos gold coast to. the south. sri lanka's east to sunday bombings reverberated around the
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world with religious and ethnic tension rising 101 east investigates it is the new front line in sri lanka. 0. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the executor of mr cashel you was a killing by the state a damning report by the un special investigator finds saudi arabia responsible for murder and credible evidence the saudi crown prince was involved.
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on the on terror this is al jazeera live from london also coming up 3 russians and a ukrainian a charged with murder in the shooting down a flight m.h. 17 in 2014. guilty verdicts for 3 men charged over the gun attack on kenya's derisive university. and opposition politicians in hong kong ramp up their pressure calling for a no confidence vote against the city's leader. i know saudi arabia is responsible for the murder of the journalist. and the saudi crown prince should be investigated over his role that's according to the un's special rapporteur and yes kalama he was released a report into the killing that sparked an international outcry and demands for
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justice her shoulder was killed and dismembered in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october 2017 his remains were never found a mother has called the murder an international crime with credible evidence that saudi crown prince mohammed bin sunland was involved and suggests that his personal assets should be sanctioned saudi arabia's deputy foreign affairs minister has dismissed the report as baseless saying that only best a geisha is still ongoing saudi prosecutors insist the crown prince had nothing to do with the murder but come out says the crime scenes looked like they were forensically cleaned and that saudi arabia's investigation was not conducted in good faith she's asked the u.n. to launch an international criminal investigation well earlier in this column our spoke to al-jazeera about what she heard on the audio recordings. the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story. what was done to ease body i cannot deduct.
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i have a home and i can infer from the sound that something was done based on the technique or. knowledge of the various people i have consented it is well possible that mr cashel game was 1st put. first injected with something and then that he was actually asphyxiated weezer plastic bag this is the possibility the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of his bodied these i cannot comment upon its not possible allow me to add one thing when at his 1st as a recording is concerned that i have when mr cashel loses consciousness there is no evidence of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him the tempting to rescue him attempting to do
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something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an accident that the accident happened that doesn't quite match what i have heard there is nor tempt to to do something and there is no scream so or. any expression of of fear over what's happening do you think that there is anyone to day who knows where the remains of jamal khashoggi are or yes absolutely and who think that people that were in the room the people that disposed of the body. do you know what they are there where 15 individuals involved in that mission. do you think the saudi leadership knows where the remains are i don't know i mean ninoy love between b. i will just make
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a guess sarah so i really don't want to on to suggest this is not something i have tried to or determine ok you'll be presenting this column are this report i understand on june 26th to the u.n. human rights council which saudi arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes a friend of recommendations including to saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i work with i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months of not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting produce a round of recommendations including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to the saudi arabia should take to demonstrate not a repetition which is
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a from them and told to mention of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is involved. following the story from istanbul. saudi reaction to the final report issued by the united nations special rapporteur. was expected the government does not seem to be pleased with the chilling details that were presented in the report and also about the fact that implicates saudi officials of the highest level in the murder of. the other hand the turkish government seems to be pleased turkey's foreign minister. has fully endorsed the content of the report and the need for the perpetrators to be prosecuted as soon as possible turkey seems to be now waiting to see what kind of next step the saudi government will take if the saudis are willing to for further
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cooperation with the turkish government that could be a new chapter but if the saudis decide not to cooperate a thing the turkish government is going to press ahead for the need for an international criminal investigation to start as soon as possible the end section general agrees there needs to be a full transparent investigation into her killing but a spokesman says antonio terror she doesn't have the authority to launch it himself james bays has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york. well agnes kalam our special ruppert appointed by the u.n. human rights council is an independent expert of the united nations she doesn't though represent the body that is the secretary general she makes a recommendation to him that because this is getting nowhere with the saudi investigation with saudi justice that he should set up his own criminal investigation and he says he has the power to do this he has said no i don't
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need a referral from one of the borders of the united nations one of the key assemblies the general assembly the security council a human rights council and a referral from a member state she says that's not the case who's right i pressed the official spokes person of the secretary general. apologies i was into the sound down space interview and joining me now is there is senior political analyst so given that apparent difference between what the tears are saying and what he's saying how likely is it that there will be in the end an international less occasion into this were clearly the words of a sigar general count more than an independent report 3rd and then do the dishes or she's as jim said she's independent and that's why probably she doesn't have to be
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political while the sector general has to be political because and then the day he does answer to a by the called the united nations not over the united nations security council and in the security council the 5 permanent members i don't think have that much of a tie to pursue saudi arabia in fact the trump administration has been quite appeasing and if you remember from the last g. 20 summit in one cyrus there was a lot of back slapping and high 5 between putin she and him had been saddam and also the french and the british have been even putting pressure on germany to stop its embargo of of selling arms saudi arabia's all in oil so uribe it doesn't have many friends but doesn't have enemies among the the 5 permanent members so if there isn't a kind of international appetite to push this any further as you suggest what's the effect of that report like this is that doesn't is there any effect from it i think mainly at this point in time it's the court of public opinion i think if that is
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the media pressure and certainly if you look for example it's. been so money if he's going to go to the g. $20.00 in japan it's going to be even worse for him than it was in the g. 20 in one of cyrus just 6 months ago because this sort of pressure builds up it builds up in the minds of saudis in the minds of arabs westerners and so on and so forth also it's important to note that this is this special report the report intended that the. it would end up being something that somebody would build on we already heard that people in congress whether republican and democrats want to build further in such a thing up the heat on saudi arabia as you mention that congress has said that the distinction is the tradition in its dealings with saudi arabia not want to stop for instance on sales and so on and congress trying to push back against that and where do you think that will lead to you know historically there's always been
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a gap between congress and the white house on the question of saudi arabia generally speaking you could say congress was more critical and less appeasing while the white house was more pragmatic opportunistic because there was a question of oil investment trade and so on so forth and security cooperation with the saudis so congress especially after $911.00 became even more critical of saudi arabia when 15 out of the 19 hijackers of the plane that bombed both the watergate center and the pentagon in 2001 of course were saudis and so congress really have been building up the pressure against saudi arabia the only thing that's sort of been saving the saudis a bit from congress was israel because israel as of recently want to build bridges were saudi arabia against iran so does the white house and so congress so the wasn't as aggressive but with the killing of the with the war in yemen going to defeat here and really with some 100000 deaths at this point in time even hiring
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children soldiers sudanese children soldiers in the war congress is becoming more and more critical of saudi arabia the public opinion in the united states of course is very critical and the u.s. media so you could say that president trump is more or less isolated on this question what about him in particular management soundman them because that when this all blew up it looked as that could threaten his position but in the meantime as you suggest the g. 20 last year 20 he appeared to be we have it. in the eyes of international aid is it any weight does there's any of the kind of stuff that specifically mentions him in this report will that affect his career at all i think it must that would stay with him forever for the time being they're trying to refocus that tension elsewhere like today they're already in i was speaking about why the so called the religious police is going to be banned from exercising its thing so i think they're trying to refocus that tension within the region within saudi arabia even within
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the international community with this question i think they will feel i think the focus will remain on the saudi rulers because the.


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