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tv   Renga For The West  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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a surprise birthday party when he turned 66 last week and she can be assured of another warm reception in north korea he's been once before in 2008 when he was a vice president but this will be the 1st visit by a chinese head of state in 14 years and it will provide one important message says this analyst i personally don't think the united states or president trump can't achieve any meaningful thing involving the denuclearization issue on the korean peninsula or without. major contribution by china. as china's relations with the united states worsen juta their continuing trade war she's forging new alliances with other leaders who've fallen out with the u.s. president she has met the north korean leader kim jong un 4 times in the past 15 months the last occasion in january shortly before kim's summit in hanoi with donald trump where they failed to agree on a nuclear disarmament deal
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a few weeks later trade talks between u.s. and chinese negotiators broke down president xi is confronting a number of urgent problems right now street protests in hong kong the unresolved trade dispute with the united states and the stalled nuclear diplomacy on the korean peninsula it is likely to be the latter that will feature prominently in his discussions in pyongyang. commentators say china's leader is worried the stalemate is creating a dangerous vacuum china does not want this thing to escalate and happen our nuclear arms race throughout asia that would be extremely dangerous for the area and also for the world. if she is able to help revive the nuclear disarmament talks that might be enough to buy him some goodwill in his shed your meeting with president trump next weekend but analysts warn if those talks falter
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then china could decide to soften the united nations sanctions it's been enforcing against its neighbor. china and north korea remain allies with a long history for weeks now chinese state t.v. has been glorifying china's role in the korean war when the people's liberation army fought on the north side against u.s. forces in a war that started almost 70 years ago adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. the u.k.'s ruling conservative party has just held another round of votes to pick their next leader with one more eliminated there is for the race so the front running program m.p. boris johnson has continued his resoundingly the getting 143 votes the foreign secretary jeremy hunt is next with 54 the environment secretary michael gove is just behind him with 51 votes then there is the home secretary who scraped through
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with 38 votes. was eliminated or the former french president nicolas sarkozy will stand trial for corruption after the country's highest court rejected his final bid to have this case thrown out so cozy accused of offering to help a judge in return for a leaked information has denied any wrongdoing the case came about after investigators used phone taps to examine allegations that the late libyan leader moammar gadhafi funded sorry cozies 2007 campaign. u.s. president's nomination to become washington's new about to the u.n. is facing some tough questions over climate change kelly craft has previously said she believes both sides of the climate debates which became a key focus of the senate committee which will vote on her nomination by kana reports. kelly craft is the wife of a billionaire coal executive and like her husband as being an influential donor to
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the republican party she served as an alternate delegate to the un for 2 years under president george w. bush but until becoming ambassador to canada 18 months ago most of her career was in the private sector but the u.n. post has been vacant for the past 6 months with the deputy ambassador jonathan cohen serving as acting permanent representative action again very much under the direction of the secretary of state today have instructed our u.n. ambassador jonathan cohen to raise around the tax in the u.n. security council meeting i just finished briefing the security council as secretary upon pales request. the previous ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley initially appeared to act independently of the state department and from her 1st moment in the u.n. building signaled a new and tougher diplomatic posture by the u.s. this is a time of strength this is a town of action this is a time of getting things done there appear to be little consultation with the then
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secretary of state ricks to listen ambassador haley unstring directly to the president. but this all changed when my compost took over the state department and began to play a prominent role in directing the activities of the u.s. mission we think these sanctions would bite as did the new national security advisor john bolton a former u.n. ambassador who was quick to stake his own claim to control we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior i think. it was clear nikki haley's time up for tanami was over and many within the un were concerned about what appeared to be a lack of clarity in the u.s. position what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to the u.n. at present and that is a probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over
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what policy lines to take we will miss you nikki haley resigned was feted by president trump and returned to a home in south carolina. in departing she left an empty seat on the national security council and what's been made very clear is that it's a seat the new ambassador to the u.n. will not occupy. mike hanna al-jazeera washington still had only on to 0 in news our major league baseball player shows why it's important to always keep your eye on the ball.
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halloa. thank you very much kane williamson produced the captain's innings as new zealand beat south africa in the closest finish so far at the cricket world cup with south africans batted 1st age best in birmingham thanks to a half century from hashim amla and 67 not out from a rusty funded person they were able to post 241 for 6 in a reduced 49 over innings because of wet weather beaten bowlers kept the run rate below 5 and over with lucky ferguson taking 3 wickets this is funded this and getting a 6 on his way to their top school for the proteas have a scoring was slower in reply as well martin guptill made 35 before he was out in unusual fashion by hitting his own stumps press morris gave south africa hope with 3 wickets but it was williamson who fired an unbeaten 106 to steer new zealand home by 4 wickets and with 3 balls to spare as they go top of the group table.
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there's been a setback for india were putting better than chicago on ruled out of the tournament it fractured his thumb in the match against australia stand by batsman the pants take place in the squad india's next match against afghanistan on saturday v.a.r. controversy reared its head again and scotland were dumped out of the women's world cup by a large and tina the scots were cruising with 20 minutes to go and leading 3 nil but argentina fought back and at $32.00 were awarded an injury time penalty of the v.a. our review florencio. spot kick was saved by keeper leon xander but another v.a.r. review order to retake with the goalie moving off line too early once again scored this time and the game ended 33 scotland were further angered at the referee from north korea added little time for the considerable v.a.r. delays and the draw means they go out. england finish top of group d.
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with a 2 no victory over japan ellen white school both goals for the lionesses to make it 3 wins out of 3 it's the 1st time england have won all their group matches at a world cup another day and yet another new signing has been officially presented at rail madrid this time it was the turn of frenchman fill in the mendi the defender who has joined from leon for 54 $1000000.00 he's one of 5 players to arrive at madrid this transfer window spent close to $350000000.00 as they rebuild after a disappointing trophy this season the spanish national team coach luis enrique has been released from his position he's been absent from his duties since march when he cited family reasons for needing time off and quit so after less than a year in the job he's been replaced by his assistant roberto moreno the man who's been in temporary charge of the team for the last 3 matches. and ac milan of name
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them out of code jump our low as their new coach the italian has been in charge of fellow city our side sampdoria for the last 3 years jump our replaces general good too so who left milan at the end of last season. so is doubt for wimbledon as the top tennis players continue their preparations at grass court tournament in the u.k. the former grand slam champion was in action at queen's club in london on wednesday the 3rd seed beat tennis shot problem of in straight sets but later withdrew from the tournament due to injury. stand by brink a proved too strong for wildcard entry dan evans also winning in straight sets most of the matches to be completed through the rain. and the women's french open champion ashley body want to 1st match since lifting a maiden grand slam title you're straightly and beat donna vecchia chin straight sets of the burning and classic only 6 women have won the french open and wimbledon
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double in the same season. and there was the surprise of the push of a 20 faced off for the 1st time at a w.t. a tour event qualify christina beat her sister and 3rd seed catalina the match went down to the deciding said tiebreaker. the international olympic committee has outlined plans to run its only boxing program at next year's tokyo olympics the governing body of amateur boxing is currently suspended by the i.o.c. amid a financial and governance crisis they plan to triple the number of women boxes from rio 2016 up to 100 weight categories and qualifying standards have also been agreed . the planning is moving forward for books in tokyo that they cannot plan with the national federations in their own or seize their timing of their own preparations and the their participation in those qualification events a major league baseball star suffered a rather unusual mishap during training keep an eye on washington nationals and
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better max scherzer clearly practiced doesn't always make perfect sure that ended up with a broken nose and it looks like he will miss these teams next game against the philadelphia phillies. and that's all the sport we have for mel more coming up again later on we're back in a moment with much more news right here on al-jazeera see you in a minute. al-jazeera well to meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive.
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for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as an al-jazeera. cultura downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the india capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient such a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible.
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but for afghan traders who brave the will concur a door that is no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. a killing by the state the u.n. special investigator says there is credible evidence linking the saudi crown prince to the murder of jon mann. and calls for a comprehensive inquiry. you're
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watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm sorry navigator also ahead a diplomatic push the u.s. sends a special envoy to the middle east following the latest build up of tension with iran. kenyon court finds 3 men guilty in the guerilla university attack that killed 148 people in 2015. an electric car great air race so we look at the challenge to go green in our sky. the state of saudi arabia is to blame for the murder of journalist. that's the clear conclusion from a lead thing by the un special rapporteur i guess calmar who's calling for an international investigation her report describes hostile she's deaf inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october as an extra judicial killing she says the
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individual responsibility of saudi officials at the highest level including crown prince mohammed bin said a man needs to be investigated and the report details taped conversations about body disposal in the moments before she's a rival at the consulate she says the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction and she's urging a criminal inquiry by the united nations or earlier my colleague folly about to both spoke exclusively to agnes callum our. the state of saudi arabia is 1st and foremost responsible for for the murder i think it's important to and cyst that the executor of mr casually was a killing by as a state we have focused extensively on the identity of various individuals that where involved in the commission of the crime but 1st and foremost we must insist
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in putting the responsibility of the killing tools the state of saudi arabia it must bear responsibility for that killing and we must take action as a state to repay over killing what did you learn in these recordings about the way jamal has showed g.'s body was disposed of because his remains have still not been found the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story. why towards dawn to use body i cannot deduct probably the sounds i have a hope that i can infer from the sound that something was done based on the technique or. knowledge of the various people i have consented to it is when possible that mr cashel greenwald's 1st put that he was 1st injected with something and then that he was actually asphyxiated weezer plastic bag this is
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the possibility the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of these bodies i cannot comment upon it's not possible allow me to add one thing when at least this was a recording is concerned that i have heard when mr cashel loses consciousness there is no evidence of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him attempting to rescue city came the 10. i think to do something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an accident that the next didn't happen doesn't quite match what i have heard there is nor tent to to do something and there is no scream so or. any expression of of fear over what's happening you will be presenting this
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column are this report i understand on june 26th to the u.n. human rights council which saudi arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes a friend of recommendations including to saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i work with i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months they have not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting producer render a very common dish and including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to said that saudi arabia should take to demonstrate not a repetition which is a from them and told to mention of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is involved well saudi arabia's
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minister of state for foreign affairs has rejected the reports of other debates that was followed baseless allegations and clear contradictions he says only the kingdom has the or thorley to look into the case and that riyadh retains the right to take legal action in response to the findings rather has more from. response. saudi reaction to the final report issued by the united nations special rapporteur. was expected the government does not seem to be pleased with the chilling details that were presented in the report and also about the fact that it implicates saudi officials of the highest level in the murder of. on the other hand the turkish government seems to be pleased turkish foreign minister. said that he fully endorsed the content of the report and the need for the perpetrators to be
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prosecuted as soon as possible turkey seems to be now waiting to see what kind of next step that the saudi government will take if the saudis are willing to for further cooperation with the turkish government that could be a new chapter of the saudis decide not to cooperate i think the turkish government is going to press ahead for the need for an international criminal investigation to start as soon as possible while turkish president rajapaksa berto on saudi arabia will pay a price for a hotshot jeans murder. in the report the un says saudis are definitely guilty and they definitely had knowledge about this matter the also see the saudi stance in turkey was wrong pay the price for this they will be held accountable for. her spoken to al-jazeera she says the world has been left in the dark about saudi arabia's investigation. when it comes to the
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comments from beer and other saudi officials that the u.n. report did not come with anything new i would like to ask them why they didn't put the perpetrators on public trial and why you didn't hold them accountable why can't the saudis be more open and provide us with details of the investigation and the so-called trial that is happening behind closed doors well john yearwood is an executive board member of the international press institute and chief executive of the year wood media group he says the report is an important 1st step. now i think it's up to the human rights council it's up to the security council and indeed it's up to the security sector general himself to now move the ball and have a proper criminal investigation and then move the whole the the various individuals in saudi arabia responsible for the execution of
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a very very good journalist i don't expect a tremendous amount coming in the short term from the white house but i think that there is an opportunity for members of congress to weigh in and they can then pressure the white house to act in this case because if the white house does not do anything the saudis would think that what they did was was normal and what they think what they did was justifiable it's incredibly important that everyone from even as high as the crown prince be held responsible for the execution of jamal conservate the u.s. state department says it's looking closely at the report and that it supports kalam mars mission to investigate extra judicial summary or arbitrary executions heightism castro has more from washington d.c. . well the statement from the u.s. state department that was just released said that the saudi government should
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continue to ascertain all the facts and hold those responsible for the murder accountable and that if additional facts come to light the u.s. will consider further measures what's left out of this though is the international of knowledge meant of this trial happening in saudi arabia as lacking transparency the 11 defendants are not even named and so it's unclear exactly how these additional facts would come to light and that has led to frustration which is a continuation of what members of congress have been expressing since the cia concluded that n.b.s. ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi senator lindsey graham who is a supporter of donald trump has broken with the president on this issue. well here's where on that lot of this is classified i've been briefed by the agencies involved there's 0 doubt moment and this was orchestrated by the n.b.a.'s inner
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circle approved by him done with his knowledge and it's part of the way he does business. and in december senator graham was among those who pushed through a senate resolution that named n.b.s. as responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi but as far as sanctions go no tangible consequences have been suffered by m.p.'s or saudi arabia over the killing of jamal khashoggi with trump so far still mom in response to the u.n. reports continuing with the defense of saudi arabia as an important u.s. ally and the relationship based on commerce and military strategy between the 2 nations too valuable in the view of the administration to jeopardize over the killing of the sternest the u.n. secretary general agrees there needs to be a full transparent investigation into the killing but his spokesman says on sunday the terrorist doesn't have the authority to launch it himself things baze has more
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from the united nations special rapporteur agnes kalama says she's not happy with the progress of the saudi investigation she says one of the best courses of action would be through the u.n. secretary general until you get terrorists to set up a criminal investigation that's not going to happen though just listen to his official spokes person the secretary general as we've been saying does not have the power or the authority to launch criminal investigations without a mandate from a competent into a governmental body. the special ruffle to is an eminent legal expert the secretary general is not a lawyer there are other lawyers who agree with her he has the power to do this what is icing this is his no one doubts and correlate with. credentials this is from our. this is the secretary its position this is the secretary general's but they say they stole my.


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