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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 170  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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yes. well. as long as. you know more about. what's going on and on. what is there was love well i'm going to. look at loneliness and percent. below my shadow a lot of. them as corey is there one in the cinema but i mean the one with the men's ashes had to have their heads out. of the show at the good national fabric. so. they only. know go back there. i see and hear that a new one is be. going
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to school in the stadium. and there has been some kind of quality i do. have about. i just think i'm already. part of that. oh my god i met. steve. i don't
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know. how to be a mechanic is anything i said that he that i. am i but had to become i'm going to soon. about about us that. some thought i'd be. employed. in the business but i hope to the. mother because out of work you look. at the slope. of
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a film over the thing and then. the well. now didn't affect. the stock on. the negative. that would matter that the goal was to give. a gift to me to shift at a good team i had to look at i'm not. an arrogant am however shows that have had the. internet going and been so. great i mean i want to get a lot of activity going to keep the dozen. in the know they should have a list of at the top and i had street i'll be. at because i'm a good bet i'd be going to send a given a low you haven't. been washington to put him to bed. that's a. lie. going to do that.
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but i'm uncertain but then. we want to split up with the new momentum but the student has get the up one of the every man. for the i'd go with the car lift the bike to the gate just a show i get most of them. with done with a shadow what i get i don't know that you from another show must say many times that. young muslim idiot or was it was the financial $1.00 and $2.00 of them not being with us and on top of it i'm those that just reality. from sudden loss and years as an obstacle of getting along different from. management of. the little motherless. instead of some let me say.
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that's. one of us how is this outcome something i'm still a little bit goes. by the could i get a hospital without a leg every oh i don't know about us in an os i don't want to live not how human how dumb we suffer we use the boat to what boy remember which of us the us can be on going to battle when so very rarely use a woman when our i'm out of. a woman i was there through her do we can think. about yemen about an hour was the image of a and very i walk through the launch from a well the only private dog. i remember going for the. machine will put him. there. for the next 2 to know looking to offer the consent of the comes.
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this exhibit the national. identity of a lot of fun but there was nothing like that he must have taken. it. was a no you never smashed the money and mechanical that was the been in the system smash time against my will and i'm making money to some a few chinese recruited. for the civil have done to my real friends i am an. actor not going to do i'd have to do that in which to get better stories if that would add by which i mean with a wife and daughter who are dressed up. and about again i bow to no good and suffers well done only in a set of them if there. be enough in the babies that with any kind need them ties now. above the machine in him and he in a. comic when the medical moment had been hit no way i didn't see.
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anybody is there when the horses. i have noticed that i. used to be used. to metal lately which i was beautiful today but i do not see any not that even a bottom but at one. of them better people enough to have a bit of a had prompted them for the some of the put on but the name of this dish i can. have them. now and then yes. on sunday and. leaf. a lot of that's what i would give us a. lot of. you know i though we love each other. but then that you have
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a lot of. the bits of good in the whole but the bottom of the little of the of them. that is in the other the flesh of all the pressure of the digital shifted over to try to follow. with deval i don't have to have to know about the visit as of all. you what i think you know what i'm going to. have kids i mean little. bit of we got a lot of we'll run here but oh she would've been so full of me we've all heard. about them but to be. kind of how do. you know my son is. now in the 700 when i wasn't asking to see. one of the little bugger but i will
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be in the time listening to. the one of all mom's little innovation. have been then that i. liam wanted yasha matter what to have a lot of on the shelves and then also when i limit his chores self-will to the liberty of the people in this economy and the. softness act human bravery and 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued from being tashan. besieged sorry. al-jazeera won't meets the bosnian women and men who risked everything to save
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their it's inherent change. the love of books on al-jazeera. hello there it's still rather unsettled for some of us across north america at the moment in the east it really has been very soggy over the past weeks and that has brought a fair amount of flooding the latest system is trying to put away from the east coast now but where we come down behind it there's still going to be plenty of heavy showers around so they could be more in the way of flooding this system will
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eventually clear away as we head through friday and then we'll have something of a break just a couple of showers around here but i think the weather will go downhill again as we head through saturday and into sunday further west is looking largely draw it for many of us here she have to will also be fairly warm with a top temperature of $21.00 degrees a bit further towards the south we've got plenty of showers as usual through parts of mexico and all the way down through costa rica and panama we're also expecting quite a few showers over his band yoga and there could be a few showers for the east as well for some of the smaller islands including forest in simonton even further towards the south of course there's been a lot of heavy rain for some of us in argentina and through year ago i recently but all of that has now cleared away instead just getting quite chilly foreseen but as always with the top temperature just of 13 degrees but is warm up towards the west santiago even with a bit of cloud should get to 18 degrees for the temperatures will dip for friday.
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i really don't know how to define and it's not possible for me to the feeling that it's just one of those things that you feel this is yes yes i believe in this i'm still not. i'm an independent on a mission for america. it's about the idea that. affords dongle raised. it's about it's about the believing in them it's about them. as a filmmaker i would want my audience to support that when men begin 1st as a unit i would definitely want my audience today jumble with it and say yes this is what i want and. i have tried to be very honest with the film the story isn't mine yes i. repaired off from my sister was a childhood incident she was the one who planted chocolate all of them so i have
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put an element of my childhood off but i suppose in my and through and says that i've had. the little incidents that used to take place in my own backyard i have to cry a little bit of everything to stay honest to the whole thing but still big the hole even from my point of view. i'm trying to create that language where this kid is a shy kid and he doesn't speak to that is how i ended up not giving him more. than the world of the need to be i wanted him to express through the i just didn't want anything to shout and scream and cry just assure that his discipline i wondered something which is very subtle that he expresses but it's very early an expression is a shy kid although he doesn't speak he would still stand up for his dreams but his belief. the nation will give you a lot of difficulty because you know the truth but when it when it comes down the
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flipping those pages and understanding animation or everything goes for cost at least my 1st 5 line drawings following for that off because i don't know what the book like i did and they were not working on though there was this one moment that i started to like and i said yes i'm going to go it's really ok. i can't tell you the number of problems that i phased out. bang my head was i would not have been on a mission right when again making baghdad on the lake my mind was always walking in one particular direction because i have been born and brought up the those are the images that have come across all the bank so i know what i sat there all i ever knew my exposure maybe a school a clue that i ended up doing the same bank owns all that by. mixing what that along with digital it gives you more freedom then it kind of gave
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me the opportunity to relate going forward about going on one on a digital will and then lose these not their shows and all luck and margy them and then get an image their lives with really appealing. legs if i have to visualize my kitchen. i don't visualize a dark blue because those are the on those that i haven't seen and no make that when i see it i see here that there could have been a better shot then i could have taken a shot sort of an establishment. you know the follow on building the animation i just wanted to call it what i what my mind makes me think like the immediate damage that comes to my mind is when i will go away.
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from this one film because of the kind of film and those and also tell you about the soul of this guy and i just wanted to follow the sort i just wonder before i make. stuff as if it doesn't have structure i don't mean it's ok and i'm fine with that that are. coming. up. this is al jazeera. this is the news hour life from our headquarters in doha i'm dead you know coming up in the next 60 minutes. first and foremost responsibility for.
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the u.n. special investigator blamed saudi arabia for the murder of journalist. and says there's credible evidence linking crown prince mohammed bin to the crime. historic trip she jumping travels through north korea the 1st chinese president to visit the reclusive state in 14 years. a diplomatic her the u.s. sends a special envoy to the middle east following the latest build up of tensions with iran. 3 russians and the ukrainian are charged with murder over the shooting down a flight i made 17 in 2014. hello the state of saudi arabia is to blame for the murder of journalist. that's the clear conclusion from a lengthy inquiry by the un special rapporteur i guess kind of maher who is calling
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for an international investigation her report describes her death inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october as an extrajudicial killing she says the individual responsibility of saudi officials at the highest level including crown prince mohammed bin needs to be investigated the report details taped conversations about body disposal in the moments before arrival at the consulate she says the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction and she urges a criminal inquiry by the united nations or earlier my colleague folly about you both spoke exclusively to agnes kind of march. the state of saudi arabia is 1st and foremost responsible for for the murder i think it's important to and cyst that the executors of mr casually waltz a killing by as a state we have focused extensively on the identity of various individuals the 12
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involved in the commission of the crime but 1st and foremost we must insist in putting the responsibility of the killing tools the state of saudi arabia it must bear responsibility for that killing and we must take action as a state to repay all the killing what did you learn in these recordings about the way jamal has showed g.'s body was disposed of because his remains have still not been found the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story. why towards dawn to use body i cannot deduct probably the sounds i have a hope that i can infer from the sound that something was done based on the technique or. knowledge of the various people i have consulted it is well possible that mr cashel greenwald's 1st put that he was 1st injected with something
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and then that he was actually asphyxiated weezer plastic bag this is the possibility the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of these bodies i cannot comment upon it's not possible allow me to add one thing when at least this was a recording is concerned that i have heard when mr cashel loses consciousness there is no evidence of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him attempting to rescue him to tell. to do something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an accident that the next didn't happen doesn't quite match what i have heard there is nor tent to to do something and there is no scream so or.
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any expression of of fear over what's happening you will be presenting this column are this report i understand on june 26th to the un human rights council which saudi arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes a friend of recommendations including to saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i work with i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months they have not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting producer rancher every comment issues including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to step that saudi arabia should take to demonstrate not a repetition which is
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a from them and told to mention of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is involved or saudi arabia as minister of state for foreign affairs has rejected the reports are those are a bit absurd that was full of baseless allegations or unclear contradictions he serves only the kingdom has the or 40 to look into the case and that riyadh retains the right to take legal action in response to the findings are similar but a has more from istanbul on saudi arabia's response. sandy reaction to the final report issued by the united nations special rapporteur. was expected the government does not seem to be pleased with the chilling details that were presented in the report and also about the fact that implicates saudi officials of the highest level in the murder of. on the other hand the turkish government seems to be pleased
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turkish foreign minister. said that he fully endorse the content of the report and the need for the perpetrators to be prosecuted as soon as possible turkey seems to be now waiting to see what kind of next step that the saudi government will take if the saudis are willing to for further cooperation with the turkish government that could be a new chapter of the saudis decide not to cooperate i think the turkish government is going to press ahead for the need for an international criminal investigation to start as soon as possible and turkey's president roger tabor saudi arabia will pay a price for these murder. in the report the u.n. says saudis are definitely guilty and they definitely had knowledge about this matter they also see this how the stance in turkey was wrong pay the price for this they will be held accountable. fiance has spoken to al jazeera she says the
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world has been left in the dark about saudi arabia's investigation. when it comes to the comments from ship beer and other saudi officials that the un report did not come with anything new i would like to ask them why they didn't put the perpetrators on public trial and why you didn't hold them accountable why can't the saudis be more open and provide us with details of the investigation and the so-called trial that is happening behind closed doors john yearwood is an executive board member of the international press institute and c.e.o. of the year with media group he says the report is an important 1st. now i think it's up to the human rights council it's up to the security council and indeed it's up to the security sector general himself to now move the ball and have a proper criminal investigation and then move the whole the the various
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individuals in saudi arabia responsible for the execution of a very very good journalist i don't expect a tremendous amount coming in the short term from the white house but i think that there is an opportunity for members of congress to weigh in and they can then pressure the white house to act in this case because if the white house does not do anything the saudis would think that what they did was was normal and what they think what they did was justifiable it's incredibly important that everyone from even as high as the crown prince be held responsible for the execution of jamal conservate well the u.s. state department says it's looking closely at the report and that it supports kalam mars mission to investigate extra judicial summary or arbitrary executions. has
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more from washington d.c. . well the statement from the u.s. state department that was just released said that the saudi government should continue to ascertain all the facts and hold those responsible for the murder accountable and that if additional facts come to light the u.s. will consider further measures what's left out of this though is the international of knowledge but of this trial happening in saudi arabia as lacking transparency the 11 defendants are not even named and so it's unclear exactly how these additional facts would come to light and that has led to frustration which is a continuation of what members of congress have been expressing since the cia concluded that n.b.s. ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi senator lindsey graham who is a supporter of donald trump has broken with the president on this issue. well here's where on that lot of this is classified i've been briefed by the agencies
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involved there's 0 doubt my mind this was orchestrated by the n.b.a.'s inner circle approved by him done with his knowledge and it's part of the way he does business. and in december senator graham was among those who pushed through a senate resolution that named n.b.s. as responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi but as far as sanctions go no tangible consequences have been suffered by m.p.'s or saudi arabia over the killing of jamal khashoggi with trump so far still mom in response to the un reports continuing with the defense of saudi arabia as an important u.s. ally and the relationship based on commerce and military strategy between the 2 nations too valuable in the view of the administration to jeopardize over the killing of the sternest well the u.n. secretary general agrees there needs to be
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a full transparent investigation into across oceans killing but a spokesman says to terrorise those who have the oath already to launch it himself james bays has more from the united nations. special rapporteur agnes kalama says she's not happy with the progress of the saudi investigation she says one of the best courses of action would be through the un secretary general and tonio get terrorist to set up a criminal investigation that's not going to happen though just listen to his official spokes person the secretary general as we've been saying does not have the power or the authority to launch criminal investigations without a mandate from a competent into a governmental body. the special rough water is an eminent legal expert the secretary general is not a lawyer there are other lawyers who agree with her he has the power to do this what is icing this is his no one doubts.


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