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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 172  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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here are controlling the prices in the do not fear god we have no one to help us by god. the evacuations are organized by the syrian government which is giving the refugees a bad one choice return to government rule or stay in what aid agencies have described as extremely challenging conditions. people are leaving because of poverty but then the regime sends them to the front lines to fight they don't come back they're either killed by the opposition or the assad regime and iranian militias we hope they open a road to the north to rebel areas or to any other country we don't want to go back to living under the regime. the city of government is refusing to open an internationally guaranteed safe passage to opposition controlled territories it has also been preventing the united nations from delivering much needed aid to look bad for the past 4 months the united nations says these people are in need of food medicine and water but it can't do anything without consent from government leaders
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in damascus. the u.n. and the syrian arab red crescent working on a plan off for departures from the us will humanitarian assistance. what's being discussed at the moment and hope hans need to agree on this both deliver a system. called phone. the opposition accuses the government of using a tactic employed throughout the 8 years of war siege and starve people into submission and rock band it appears to be succeeding and yet again the international community is failing to act. beirut hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes in democrats or public of congo because of into communal fighting around 4000 have arrived in neighboring uganda the united nations is trying to resettle zarmina kay and while the refugees doesn't want us to has more from them. it's been 2 days since of noir family and right the child while the refugee
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settlement 2 of 5 children aged 4 and 7 didn't survive the journey from the north east of the sea to western uganda. india when the fighting started we ran to the boat and the panic one child fell into the water and drowned another child died because we had no food or medicine that's when i said if i stay in congo the whole family will die. conditions in uganda are basic but the refugees are grateful. forces have been deployed to fight militias in the area around the town of juba it's an eternity the province at the center of the current into ethnic conflict one challenge the congolese army is facing is that some militiamen are not just with machetes but with more sophisticated weapons too. appealing for help to restore calm. do you can't survive without the presence of soldiers this is why we've been deployed here we call on all communities to support this army so that we can
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restore peace and security. in the conflict between the him and linda groups is about access to farmland as well as gold oil and gas resources. the problem is that number of people who've been displaced is between 300-002-4000 extension 00. because of attacks currently the army is heavily deployed as now trying to secure those areas. back in uganda some of the 4000 congolese who fled fighting this month alone trying to settle into a new country piece by piece a temporary home takes about a day to build the shelter is basic and meant to be temporary they get the canvas from the united nations but everything else is sourced locally in some cases and entire family. the shelters near the road are meant for older people so they have easy access. thousands survived a long journey across the border to get here where at least for now. how do.
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you candy. a fire in the media has killed at least 30 people including 3 children the blaze that gutted a house where matches were being made police in north sumatra suspect a gas canister explosion started the blaze. the european union has issued a warning to turkey about drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus the greek government is urging sanctions but turkey says it's exploring in turkish territorial waters jones reports as more now from nicosia the greek cypriot leaders are not mincing their words they expect action at the european summit underway in brussels yes if one is home or liking it we agreed to prepare the ground at the european summit and take the appropriate decisions even going so far as to impose sanctions against turkey if it is proven that there has been drilling inside the sipri exclusive economic zone turkey says its drilling ship 40 has started exploring the sea floor in an area 45 nautical miles west of cyprus it's far from
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the areas cyprus has licensed multinational oil companies to explore but still within a 200 nautical mile radius where cyprus claims it has the sole right to exploit mineral wealth under the sea. both the e.u. and the united states have called on to key to stop explorations they term provocative and illegal turkey has a different view but i don't. big nakedness warning actors from outside the region that are forming corporations with cyprus do not chase illusions that who yield no results don't participate in an unlawful plans no one will stop turkey from following its path of determination cyprus and turkey haven't had normal diplomatic relations since 1974 when turkey invaded the island in response to a greek term turkey still occupies more than a 3rd of cyprus and talks to reunify the island have so far failed cyprus says it will share the wealth from whatever or oil and gas it finds with the turkish
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cypriots living in the occupied north whenever they reach a settlement but it has provided no legal guarantee that the turkish cypriot share of the money will be set aside until that date. and now the prospect of money is real in the last few weeks stuck to signed an agreement with companies to export that city chip so suddenly is this is not we'll on and said he could end up most of it in tongue softly official estimates is about 0 point one trillion cubic feet that's enormous but it's. the government says it's less 9000000000 all the people say will is but a lot less and not it will help reduce the the big that i say that we have this and it's also a financial crisis a few years ago many greek and turkish cypriots thought the new found wealth could hasten a political settlement there's a danger that they may find instead that it makes that divorce permanent jump several pull us out as
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a nicosia. gyptian football fans waiting to find out if their country will have a team to play against in the opening game of the africa cup of nations. with .
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all right let's get on to the spot with andy thank you so much nic will host single have suffered a surprise to fate against sri lanka at the cricket world cup as a result that puts sri lanka back in contention for a semi final spot cellmark reports.
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there have been few surprises in the cricket world cup so far and it didn't look like this game would provide thanks england had sri lanka 2 down in just the 3rd over. the sri lankan did recover somewhat i vish the fernando one through so many put on the 3rd wicket stand of 59. after fernando fell mendis continued the rebuilding job with angelo matthew but mend the style with sri lanka on $133.00 with 20 overs to go because we could spell sri lanka's progress slowed they collapse to 200 for 7 matthews off with some resistance 85 from 115 boards but sri lanka looked well short ending on 232 last week milingo who got 4 kids on the day bailed them out he took jonny bairstow for duck and then got out james even i. joe root an england captain on morgan attempted to
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get things back on track however they were thwarted when morgan fell for just 21. and when luke was caught behind for 57 england looked in real trouble at 127 for fall but they collapsed a 18609 was and were eventually bowed out with 212. likely winning it by 20 rise and was the biggest upset in the world cup so far so real money was al-jazeera god but all the teams play each other once in the group stage for the top $4.00 advancing into the semifinals and the now have matches against australia india new zealand to look forward to sri lanka 5th in the table to south africa next up for them. the africa cup of nations is facing a bit of a crisis before it's even kicks off the zimbabwe teams threatening to boycott the opening game against hosts egypt due to a pay dispute they're demanding to be paid their allowances for this event along
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with match fees still owed to them from a regional tournament last month is about when football association says its confidence its in well quite. well a huge security operation is under way ahead of kickoff at the current international stadium the venue has rarely been used in recent years since strict controls were imposed on football crowds in the country is the 1st time the event has been held in june and july and has been expanded to include $24.00 rather than 16 teams that start. well the timing of the tournament means it won't clash with major domestic leagues in europe it gives maximum exposure to the events and its star players liverpool striker in suits on african player of the year mohamed salah will hill lead egypt's challenge egypt was to cameroon in the final suit years ago is that liverpool teammate ceremony will be a key player for senegal senegal group with algeria tanzania and kenya rockeries i can see ash was one of the stars for i.x. in their runs the champions league semifinals last season the 26 year old has
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called 14 goals in 25 games for his country and then we have nigerian striker or d n a god he plays is called football in china now a 30 year old who is the top scorer in african qualifying with 7 goals and one of the most talked about young players in college basketball has found out where he'll be playing in his 1st season as a professional. in the 2019 n.b.a. draft the new orleans perkins. of the there we go college player of the years on williamson on his way to the new orleans pelicans the draft sees n.b.a. teams getting the chance to choose the best available college and international place. you know a little q you say you want to go. you know people b.c. say you got a late have a plan b. because it says no one is little. for me to be slow to number one
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i mean our kids. follow on officials have rejected ferrars attempts overturned a time penalty which cost sebastian vettel victory at the canadian grand prix a couple of weeks ago vettel was found to have been guilty of rejoining the track in an unsafe manner or for ari made their case during practice for sunday's french drawn pray but were told no new significant evidence had been presented it means ferrari a still looking for their 1st picture of the season with vettel 3rd in the championship he's behind the same pair of us and title leader lewis hamilton. and one of the best riders in world superbike says facing surgery after a horror crash during practice at the masonic circuit in italy markov on the market just set the fastest lap time when that happened the dutchman suffering several injuries including concussion cracked ribs and a fractured right wrist. ok more from
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a terrible night but that is it for now i mean thanks very much thank you that is it for this news my colleague mind mozzie will be back with another 4 half hour of news in just a couple of minutes with me nick clarke unformatted it's by. monitor the truck quantify i'm value to see data being a new car fold up and your data your identity is a commodity and we have to understand where i'm from i come from outside the us it
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is time to reclaim our cyber selves happen to him a something that can all be sold we are creators we are oculus we are geeks give us back our data on just. examining the headline scientists i find that we have just 12 years to make i'm past a little changes unflinching genuineness and i am totally totally innocent absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we've seen people make the sacrifice this is what i want to look to see explore in abundance of world class player banning the world is watching on al-jazeera. voters beaten on polling stations storms 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence their political opponents in the prosecutor's seat for a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is
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the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on a. president trump says he called offer tahlia tree strikes against iran at the last minute to avoid iranian casualties teheran shows off dead allegedly from the drone it shot down but says it chose not to target a manned u.s. spy plane flying behind it.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program as georgians protest for a 2nd day of a russian politician speech in the parliament president putin says he's banning russian flights to the country. spain supremes court sentences 5 men who called themselves the wolf pack to 15 years for rape in a case that sparked mass protests. and protests around hong kong's police headquarters and blocked major streets demanding the scrapping of an extradition bill. hello welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump says he called to offer tallit 3 strikes on iran just 10 minutes before they would use to go ahead attacks were ordered against 3 iranian targets after an american surveillance drone was shot down of the strait of hormuz on thursday but trump says he changed his mind in order to avoid mass casualties
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meanwhile iran says it chose not to target a manned u.s. spy plane which was traveling close behind a drone in iranian airspace several international airlines have rooted their flight paths in the gulf after the u.s. federal aviation administration ordered all u.s. operators to avoid iranian airspace from washington alan fischer now reports. this was the reason the u.s. was prepared to launch an attack the doning of an unmanned military drawn by iran. these pictures are said to be the missile launch which are really in television says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the u.s. said the drone was over international waters a claim disputed by to iran donald trump says while 3 sites had been identified for strikes he cancelled the operation they came in they censor were ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be
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killed. in this case or a means i said how many people are going to be killed. so i'd like to get back to you on that great people these generals they said they came back said sir approximately 150 and i thought about it for a 2nd i said you know what they shut down and on and. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate and terror and the revolutionary guard put on a display of what it said was wreckage from the u.s. drone recovered in a really intended trick the head of its space division claims a manned u.s. spy plane near detroit was not targeted that i will learn at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p 8 was flying close to
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this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members where we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. well secretary of state is heading to the region to talk to. the united arab emirates the u.s. special representative in iran has been bryan who promised the u.s. would continue to exert maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on iran our diplomacy does not give iran the right to respond with military force in iran needs to meet diplomacy with diplomacy and not military force iran's foreign ministry responded saying diplomacy with diplomacy respect with respect and war with zealous defense the rise in tension in the region has led a number of international airlines to cancel or divert flights away from the area
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america's federal aviation administration says in the statement because of heightened military activity it is banning all u.s. carriers from operating in the gulf region a situation it says it's keeping under review alan fischer washington those are your bari has been following developments in tehran we heard from the head of iran's revolutionary guard aerospace division who put on this play bits and pieces that were found there retrieved after this phone went down and they put this these pieces on this play for the needy and this is where this military ever revolutionary guard commander said that they actually had a 2nd plane within the iranian air space that had 35 people on board but it was a military plane and that the iranians gave warning so that plane and that plane did listen to those warnings and turned around and left the iranian airspace there
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is a lot more detail that has unfolded as has come out today let's get more on this now with patty call hane who is at the pentagon and patty of when you learn any more about why president truong called off the strike against the iranians. well the president just said and you heard him right there give the interview and he said that you know he asked right before ok how many casualties are going to be in that he said the general said let me get back to you on that not to put a finer point on this but that's not really how this works it's not as if the military goes to the president with strike options and then says how how many people are going to be dead only get back to you on that but the president says that that's what happened he said $150.00 people were simply too many we believe that they were going to strike the plan was to strike a missile sites missile batteries some radar sites but the pentagon not confirming that here but again the way the president describing the process is not how anyone who has ever been close to this process and past presidencies have said it works
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usually they go to the president in the situation room a secure room and they lay out a series of options each of the options has the potential casualty count and the president makes that choice from here. the president saying that that's what happened that he asked for a casualty count the very last minute they came back to him said 150 people and he said that's too many so the pentagon obviously not going to dispute that here because again this is a pentagon very much in flux this is the last day for the acting secretary of defense he's leaving there's going to be a new one coming in so this is a building transition and really just trying to keep up with the president and this is a president to has his eye very much on 2020 being reelected he seems to be torn between this need to. be aggressive on the international stage but also wanting to avoid any more sort of foreign entanglements. exactly this is a president who is very clearly caught between 2 factions we've seen the
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republicans the really the more hawkish republicans some of his usual allies come out and say this is ridiculous now he looks weak they're sending him that message constantly on his favorite television news program at the same time you're seeing some commentators come out and say this is just the deep state this is these are the people you can't trust they're trying to get you into a war with iran which will cost you reelection and we know that this president cares about being reelected and it is true he said during the campaign trail that look i opposed the iraq war although there's very much of it is that he did but that was one of his big selling points is stuff for the money in foreign wars overseas spend that money here at home his base and he knows this would be hugely disappointed if he was to get the u.s. entailed in another much more complicated war in the middle east so he's hearing from those close to him that he looks weak which is something he hates he's also hearing from some advisers that if he does this he can pretty much say goodbye to his 2nd term thank you very much with the latest from the pentagon there patty call
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hey well say it is from the department of international politics so i asked university of london joins me in the studio now and so the president has certainly said that he doesn't intend to have a war with iran developments over the past 24 hours suggest that he is prepared to have one how might the iranians be this well. we need to see woman one thing is very important then the military rhetorics military threats of president trump have littered the dialogue between the 2 nations in other words there is one understand the white house in the white house that they can pressurize iran to give more concessions and this means but they didn't read the correct book because. the history shows that wherever iran is on the pressure
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or on the threats they will react in a unified way. having victory by a military victory by united states in other words despite a massive firepower is literally impossible so i assume there is a confusion in the white house about to what extent they can continue this kind of irrational threats how iran will react are they likely but what what might iran the next step be because they have now said that there was a manned aircraft behind the drone that they shot down and they deliberately chose to to leave that aircraft alone does that suggest that the iranians might prefer deescalation at this point in time now that president trump has shown his hand well in the from the very beginning when they were they want they were actually advocating deescalation jacey puree and signature itself shows that iran
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has been willing for the escalations and he did give enormous amount of wristlets a concession the point is even when you read the cultivations from the leaderships in iran you can see they literally say they are not looking for any conflict with any nation one thing is very important this is united states military forces far away from military a far way from the united states soil and perhaps you could say that of course there's a dispute about where precisely this drone was shot down the iranians are saying that it violated their own as space but just the fact that they chose to take that step of shooting down the drone was an escalator tory pleasure no it was a message it was a massive to say iran is powerful is unified. sides and is not bowing to any military threats or hawkish rhetorics so is
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a massive to say they are ready to defend the integris briefly what do they do now because obviously we know that there have been these leaks about a possible military strike that sends a message to the iranians also trump has been in communication with the nominees as well saying that in a perhaps are the 2 sides going to use this sort of window to kickstart some sort of diplomacy in iran's very difficult position because they are being squeezed economically and diplomacy is in their interests well iran have been squeezed season 79 so this is not new the sanctions are not new on iran the point is there are always ready to defend the integrity and actually any kind of military threats will unify the nation what may happen is i see a kind of a confusion the white house so not sure if this is psychological warfare to say they called it off.


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