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again he was the commander of the libyan army who at that could chat and did have a can chat and he was defeated in chad and was in britain didn't shed. a death even this isn't difficult nice that he had an army in chad or he has to have that in chad so he disowns general have to be sold them he used think looking back now that episode might have been quite important in the psychology of general have to and how he's acting now i think so because in some of the conversations i had with after he said he was so mad about get deaf is denial of them being imprisoned in chad because in those days if the chad is have killed all of them nobody would say and you weren't he made the consideration would get deaf in the last 7 years and with that his life. death he. made approaches
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with many people according to him he gave him money he gave him a palace for his children in cairo he even bade wishing for his children to study in cairo so there was a good relationship between him and get their feet and define their years of good that is let me just go back to chad he and his troops were imprisoned in chad eventually was the u.s. brokered his freedom i believe to what was then known as zaire now the democratic republic of congo then on to kenya and then to the u.s. to live in virginia the same place the cia based begs me to ask the question do you believe general hafta was working for the cia i think the narration of the situation goes back to where the national front for the salvation of libya has a program to attack libya and to liberate libya from get their feed from jet and
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they did the deal with the americans and with the chad is that if they let the libyan prison there is a war in chad at least they can be starting the libyan national army but as part of the an f s l the national front for there's a division libya when this to be. was successful in his coup against or send anybody these are these are the charlie and leaders will have to leave the area he thought was him down with the help of the french the whole project failed and the americans help but the prisoners of war who were in chad and transported them to the united states so general have to is living in the u.s. as an exile from libya you are living there too that you know each other. before we did not but we knew each other when he came to virginia and we lived for many years together as acquaintances friends in the northern virginia city of
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fairfax and as far as they know he was with all the libyans who came from chad. if you jesus who want to help and who want to rebuild their lives there. after many years with the national front of the vision of libya he decided to break away from it and he stablished would some other be another movement. or another a position movement away from the national front and since then he became by himself working on his own projects from the conversations we had together he is a man who believes that he is worthy of you know. controlling libya and he always speaks about libya needs a strong force to point towards you said you were a friend at the time to you consider that he could be
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a ruthless military leader then i never had that idea in my mind. i thought that. since he was you know suffered the from the ruthless regime of get there feel that he should not be the same rootless that mentality or attitude and when he decided after the revolution started in 2011 to go to libya you were there his side take him to the airport i believe yes and it was you know really. in an effort to help the a revolution and when he went back to libya he started to build his own you know and to raja here on special forces his aunt's ego status i realized that this is not a person that i will continue to have a relationship with because he went to pain garci besieged part of benghazi went to
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another city in the east of besieged erna he's been accused and some of his those working within his forces of war crimes could you for seen any of these things never never and by the way these are there is also of later on at the beginning he was supposedly working with the revolutionary forces and to get that he was troubled but then he started working on his own. and in 2014 he made. you know acquitted. on the t.v. but still i think he was able to amass some support for himself in the eastern part of libya and started in the in the end debate text of fighting terrorism and being i.z. fighting against the revolutionary forces there. he said it will take 2 weeks it took 4 years to fight against powerful 40500 forces there after the the submitted
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bingos he did the same thing to there are the 2 centers of civilization in the eastern part of libya and then he went on through the south of libya he had quite a bit of international support we think we'll come to that in a moment but i just want to complete the story which is in april when he launched online and announcement the time has come on april the 4th an assault on the capital tripoli and he did it remarkably at the time when the u.n. secretary general was in tripoli the u.n. had a plan for a national conference some good dharmas and then eventually elections to make that announcement at that time with the top world organization leader in the capital fairy or dangerous just not very and it's very shocking. because. he showed complete disregard to the united nations to the secretary general and to
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the representative of us and said emma whom he was with a week or 2 or 2 before in abu dhabi making. between him and said raj he basically had said he would sign up to the un plan but he was here everyone he did but because the man doesn't want to share power of the anybody he alleges that if you went to the damask conference he would only have part of the power and he decided to appropriately. blitzkrieg the conference and activity and control the power himself has it worked you know how of his forces surrounding tripoli like 2 pincers do you think he can move further and take the capital i don't think so because his attack on
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timbalier was the rallying point of the february a revolutionary forces that came from misrata from the mountains from days in 10 from from leeds in homs many forces have come together to really rallying for support through billy and the militia and thirdly also defended their city and now most of these forces which are supported by the or supporting the government of sabotage is really. they stopped. the forces of have terror and now they are getting them back. so you've given us the situation as you see it the military situation inside libya book the one thing we haven't looked at is the support the general have to has outside libya and that may be his secret card the support of egypt the support of saudi arabia the support of the
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united arab emirates we know when he was operating in garci there were spent french special forces there that seemed to be on his side he's got very strong backers hasn't well the former president of tunisia spoke about the axis of evil the abu dhabi this over these and easy options ad today the french this axis of evil have a mandate to work against the success of the arab spring. they were able to do it in egypt. and sisi now is governing egypt it with his followers as if a new dictator there they tried in tunisia they could not they were not able they found to have terror as somebody who can work with them you know it's amazing that somebody like up there when he said that if these make a decision which is against my interest in libya i will take it. which means
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against even national you know aspirations not only this lately he said even the egyptian send me 10000000 people to live in libya i will accept it something that made all the libyans so angry i mean who are you to give these this you know card that they can invade the country this situation i think the international community have to realize they have supported have started with weapons against the united nations security council resolutions and nobody spoke about it there's an arms embargo no will there is a lot is about of all weapons and everybody knows even in india briefings of the united nations envoy that there are arms coming from those 3 countries or at least up with abby and egypt to. mr have to or he may well though have another even more important supporter general have to have
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a phone call with president trump we know there are some around president trump who may be persuading president trump that what the libyan needs is another strongman and that is general have. i think that it was against the policy of the american administration. you know those who know washington very well they know that their lobbying groups could make such moves and i think the lobbying groups which are paid by the government and by the way i always speak about abu dhabi government the emirates because they are the spearheading of our own of these efforts the rest of the emirates are not part of it they are also supported by. the saudis how do you see this particular moment where we are in libya is this a moment that is done that is dangerous or is this a moment of opportunity and hope potentially there is an old saying that in
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a bit of crisis there is an opportunity this crisis has created an a but unity for all the forces of february 17th to rally together. and even in the east there are tribes now who have come oh believe against have to and spoke that what he did on tbilisi is not acceptable and days are calling for reconsideration with the rest of the country so we are in coming now to a realization that have her base of support in the east is not as it used to be there are a lot of complaints. life in britain because he and in there now is unbearable it's worse than the days of the deft. there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom of load there is there are a lot of killings extrajudicial killings and the i.c.c.
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the international community court has already indicted some of the assistance of have to himself he himself should be under investigation and 10 stood the. you know foreign relations committee of the house of representative in the congress which sent a letter to the attorney general to start investigating the crimes of have there because he is also an american citizen. they also asked the f.b.i. director to open the files for have to or so there are now forces in washington and in the high and the hate to really follow up the war crimes which have been committed in libya and i when i am very clear that the war crimes committed by have to or others should be investigated the libyans deserve to have
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some of those you know criminals be brought to justice ali i was a kook thank you for talking to an agency thank you very much for having my . i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the men who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues who worked on the space suits their designs space suits apollo 11 was his try on more. and the perfectly designed space suits for his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera. in an ordinary week dr event atar at the heart surgeon are the only functioning hospital in town
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in north eastern south sudan and his steam operated on around 60 patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs their war is destroyed or most of the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost all work including mother spittles of stewart living there in the process of you know vision of the mother to work into the capacity that they're supposed to. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have
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a very basic question this is the billions lost their home to leave us alone who is held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not pay and pray for thank the lord the men who still live on al-jazeera. 0. and. the theo b. as army chief of the governor was shot dead but the prime minister says a regional coup attempt has been averted.
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and jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. iran can never have nuclear weapons u.s. national security adviser john bolton keeps up a strong rhetoric on iran. a miniature fence it was launched against militias in the eastern democratic republic of congo. and polls open in a controversial rerun of the stumbled election to choose a new man. if he has been a chief and a state governor have been shot dead but the prime minister of the country says a regional to attempt has been stopped abby ahmed says a high ranking military official was behind the move to take over a state where i'll be ahmed appeared on television late on saturday dressed in army fatigues he said. was shot by what he called mercenaries the governor of the mara state was killed in his office along with an aide to one of her estate is one of 9
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autonomous regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire the state capital about 500 kilometers north of on saturday evening the u.s. embassy also issued warnings for the capital after reports of gunfire. well the prime minister abu ahmed came to power in 2018 at a time of unrest he quickly secured political and financial support from a number of parties like the united arab emirates the european union and the world bank it restored ties with eritrea after a long time border dispute and improved diplomatic ties with djibouti and somalia they also implemented rapid reforms lifting a state of emergency releasing thousands of political prisoners and giving harveys cabinet posts to women were joining us on certain hours of the war have offended a a professor of politics at the doha institute for graduate studies at the word good to have you back how significant is the killing of the army chief why was he killed
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and who do you think was behind it. 1st of all i think we have a personal condolences to give to the family of him but you mike and in the state president of legion was killed and who personally my loss or collection in my last this year when i saw him in he drove me personally and a friend in his car to our hotel so we had a good discussion about things if you're africa. but i think whoever was behind this most probably. we know that the chief of security is involved but i think. one of the decisions. i made was to allow the militias were in in the rectory and other places to come back. at this year we're told. with. and gave them an amnesty so there must be
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some extreme i'm hala nationalists we know that. have always been the dominant. ethnicity in in the history of. its european and emperors usually be or to great so some of them must be thinking of all glories but i think they're out of touch with what's happening it's you know i just briefly just just tell us what's what sparked all this unrest what's fueled this privately think there has the democratic opening. which was made by. just as happy to join us live in other areas where you are you have a new democracy ethnic and specialty that if you need to be. organized into states which were ethnically based region. they have not been happy with that ukrainian ascendancy in the past now they see that the oromo is for
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are in control they have must have been a separatist as well as. the center because you could not they could not. make a queen at this so they were only trying to separate the region from the rest i don't think that was wise. because it was to have been doomed secondly at the moment and his his reforms are not only welcomed all of. he's seen as a beacon for africa for if and let's just expand on that if we can because we know he moved when he came to power he moved and political repression in the country he released thousands of political prisoners but the ethnic violence has increased across the country how big is the security economic and political challenges facing up and a very big challenge is i think. unfortunately some of the regional militias and
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powers have abused the democracy opening under the luxation of central authority to set to settle disputes with rebuilding so in the somali region they are fighting the wrong war and are far also are fighting their neighbors everybody is fighting over borders if you will use fighting over resources and so i think. this was an unintended consequences and maybe it's a price to pay for opening but i think in the end people will probably we have seen this in sort of it after the. soviet union. in somalia i think it will settle down and hopefully the reform will get there will have let me get a final thought from you just on saddam. we know the ethiopian prime minister abu ahmed has been mediating in the political crisis in sudan and we've heard today that the opposition groups have now accepted his proposal for this transitional
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government although the transitional council hasn't yet agreed to it would that change anything on the ground do you think i think it might take years i think a little bit for a while but i don't think it will it will take the momentum out at the. initiative is one of the few rays of hope in the situation where it has come to a standstill and a stalemate and he is determined to press on and i don't think you might be distracted for a few days but he's a representative is on the ground in. the african union and you've got the international community behind his initiative so i'm sure that it will be maintained as well and i would hope it will be a success. thank you very much indeed for your time and your thoughts thank you. now the army the democratic republic of congo has launched an offensive due to
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recent fighting that's killed at least $100.00 people and displaced hundreds of thousands troops have been deployed to the east in the town of job. i reporter katherine sawyer has more from lake albert in neighboring your ganda where many of those displaced sheltering. what we're hearing from across the border is that this offensive started this morning and the aim is to flush out 5 militia groups that are hiding out in the forest and attacking this villages to clear roads that have been blocked create a humanitarian corridor to aid to get to those who need it most and also to try and rescue some 80000 people who are still trapped in conflict areas now we've been speaking to some officials of the military who think that they're facing a huge challenge because they're not just fighting individuals with bows and arrows and machetes but very well organized well equipped militia groups who have guns and we've also spoken to the governor of the tory province who say that it's not clear what these groups are fighting about some 400000 people have been displaced most of
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them are in the r.c. but some of them are heading to uganda across. james has suffered no child and a shoot has just arrived at this refugee transit center in uganda after escaping an attack on his village in the democratic republic of congo the 14 year old who separated from his 7 siblings and mother who he last saw running away from an attacker with a machete who was running by go with. my mother or. my mother. just. for me to just get. on. with was in my mom. i don't know when he came to my mom. the village attack is just one of many many years of conflict between the lendu and hamad groups defined by tribal militias need to province is
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of a family and mental reach is some see their rivalry has been politicized ok and his father was killed in another round of violence last year. gara has also just arrived in uganda the 15 year rules also can trace his parents he's one of about 4000 congolese who have recently fled to uganda mainly from villages on the shores of lake albert which. the u.n. refugee agency says a large number of children are arriving. there we have a different way of. it is the informing. and then i thought we were in there. across the board at any tory region local government and catholic church he does
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are appealing for humanitarian help. 100000 internally displaced. aid agencies i guess to get to those who most need help because the security situation remains volatile. besides the hundreds of thousands displaced people and come we have more than $80000.00 still in some conflict areas in. this situation is bad and so. it's very difficult. to rescue them. back in uganda prepares his bed for the night he's safe for now but his family able to escape to. this is a transit center and all this people have been processed they're heading to our reception area about one and a half hours from here what we're noticing is that huge families coming in many children some of them unaccompanied and that boy we spoke to james up and he says
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that he's very concerned that the father he goes away from the border the last information he's going to get about his family. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel the 2 have been discussing regional security as tensions are high but in washington and tehran iran matheson joins us live now from west jerusalem rob so what are you expecting to come out of this meeting with john bolton. well as you were talking there about the press statements that were made by john bolton and benjamin netanyahu vote an hour ago and we started to get a sense of where at least the u.s. and israel were going to stand in these discussions which are also of course going to include the russia prime minister benjamin netanyahu very keen to stress that it was important to also include they the need to get rid as he sees it of iran's
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military facilities that are currently in syria just across the border from israel out of syria and away from threatening israel but he was also keen to stress that this meeting that he has pulled together is very significant moment for israel and it should demonstrates that israel is taking a significant role on the world stage but it's also important to note as well that from a political domestic point of view this is important for the prime minister to benjamin netanyahu at the end of may and was unable to form a government and he is facing elections in september so this is a very key moment for him in terms of how each perceived by the israeli electorate and as a on the good the global stage as far as u.s. national security advisor john bolton was concerned he was very determined to set out the case for why the u.s.
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is taking this stance against iran that it is iran's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons. its threats to exceed the limits set in the failed iran nuclear deal in the coming days its continuing build up of menacing could force capabilities in syria and iraq its supply of sophisticated drones missiles and other advanced weapons the hostile surrogate forces in iraq syria lebanon yemen and afghanistan and its continued threats and acts of aggression against israel our allies in the arabian gulf and against u.s. personnel and assets across the middle east are not signs of a nation seeking peace. has unveiled more details on donald trump's cycle date of the century this middle east peace plan and how the palace.


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