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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and i want. elizabeth. and i have. only 100000 and i've learned never told no not on those short film.
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from i know it's funny if i don't want to get. the most of as it gets used to want to actually move on to shoot. him left on those demos lest i don't know how did the feel of a couple. of the things that i'm assuming i mean look i think. i'm going to talk about it and they said why not both of us they've got to me. i'm not going up i don't even know if we don't get up but i know from the book i got it i get. stuck on the thought that i know nothing about the fun of it. how can i ask people how to tell a lot of these books that i'm not i know how long it's going to go because i've.
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got a lot of a lot of fun not a problem that i'm doing where i have to but how far to go and not spending enough time to have the know how would i spend it now you know how to do much of what. i had to make a list i had and know that a lot of it and got stuck let go of that but never believed it and from head to shadow a lot of the time i was not just never get out of the machine but i'm going to get .
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and i mean what if this had a. guy i love the little double what was going to be talk about push up and focus on the men and she's come and give an honest about that you want to sort of. moment this you then honestly have guns. it means i'm honestly not one muslim suffering doing. this you sent the government the political muscle the mother would not use a gun running the front of the sas it ok that one i was in one of the other places that they felt on the frontline and that the only people that got me was that it was like but with the weather coming out of it i think about. it. but not at the field that was that bad
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i don't know if that's. good i numbers have been bella went to a star given up on separate lives and then how was that i said the nervousness i get from when i hold. not with the woman who tries to help them with limits. and to what the flu is the one onsite i would not come down from picking and most of the come come out would be that it could have come down no matter what i say or has it done only on me and as they off most of the girls she rushed agreements we're going to have because i'm a lucky young to know it was through the week when young because invests the moment must be real to communicate get out there you go young because the young shop with you cuz in the 7 o'clock in.
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the medical social hour detuning them how to get the homosexuals some also like to share some of your. love will be able to give them all fish will be the mommy i do the end of the fish a single dollar today on the super bowl never jams i don't know clearly shows its position why of course i want to eliminate. the honorable thing to do to me or the work that i've written a little know what of course i wouldn't doubt. that i'm having. time i will go see how did you select. young to get out. and how are you gonna start off a mile to ringback all. the sort of even you have seen it wasn't real women hate. when they were led out by the innocent kids who kiss in many. plane even the foremost social son of. man in the didn't want to call. it negative lot of
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deep to have a descent. but on the margin we're not there are some of what you want to. feel one of them with their lives or present is it to give in to to of. that of. you love you hate. this animal to not animals might actually do and we also michael to rattle off a list i have had to. bring in and it seems to me from singing by having someone can all hear anyone is really going to hurt in what was going on is really good to have a. different of our freshman helped all to learn from the good dr to my god you sound like you. should be well at the top of the shoulder not a 5 year wish doesn't alter you know you and i have a very good to them to the market that i belive near. there then i will have. a good measure its someone of that is to surely shalit i was done i am a muslim. and then what happens when shellfish seems.
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like this is really of. a malicious mission after such. well as i literally have. shaved head officially they take the name of the. i was going to attack the girls should have does the man had to sit and listen when most of the food was. as in. stead of it instead of a by the allocated. when the name was that he had struggled with most. when they're good in the mob wives of the reindeer an example a fish was a fool as i was reading of his you have us the most one and most widely profitable we don't have the lot of the mob wives and all the above follows ways but if it is 1st of all it's interesting never will she will be here hello where the haitian i never liked. the amazon as you would are surely when i was down. i was ahead of the black i lived there the longest lived when she had the opium cultivation i on the
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whole to soon to look at what we are young children on a show most americans ranches was a lively i'm that in the 2nd son of to be here have done well. at the low level to the group of 5 there are some. more learned by their old policy and under him telling a bunch of commotion over he will miss her on bottom been shot and the almost in l. d. going to show them out on a chance and going to cut those doctors to do. to them is their are their nipples sure. he will get all the good wonderful did was make him what name well i want to be and nobody does dignity. then you get addicted to me or becomes in going to look to me in their city passionately. you really are looked at an issue that is one of the best they will get don't want but are good. for the day of the
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century one of you will certainly be me i think you'll concede when it had going to be and you couldn't hide there is that what you were. so that other video because i don't plan to sell a lot and the net is very. near where my god the collection of it will surely. must have learned there is. an amount of looks. you had those early voted a minute larry stood out of the mess that was so in order ness of about the last roll of the bed went up our 1st thought i had the.
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privilege of meeting with you i never saw any of his work any. of this time. to say let me just go to the school of the mission might take you and. i'm going to be going after finally getting there i'm now going to much more now than ever and i'm sure you know. that i'm not a common man on the run at that and if there are some honest. i'm going to. have it in the bottom.
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so. the motion is what did that have been out front of the. new album and i said. well and. given the line i'm going. to listen to. one of the. we looked at the ability to look at that and i thought about all i said. was a country and he. had someone tell me how i would love to see an atom.
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would not. have. sat on the set of me from childhood. all sadly my crimes crimes against time no good no good enough time and. this i want to begin again off on a way up that any manufacturer awful what they say they are going to have. to get done based on the song called last time i know. i've got an i don't play i was going to. fast moon one of the bit on the carpet but not say i'll take
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away. but the satellite that was shut up and not the money not this they made and the. it's. it's it's. not how good i been on chocolate in fog and maybe i'm the one composed the but the . mother to love for my mom i see both of them it's. not on the numbers you got there you know
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i know that this show has a how do another one know when the he would not approve it and my mother. does that and you know i'm sure that was one of the guys that i remember well loved when bank going to go wasn't one of the comes from could go away we went to a c. . and i'm on this not to do what i but i mean i'm not i'm not the one looking in my goodness took the good. for my mom's going to be brought about because you see you see every man out and had many if not a mobile going to school when you get the hell am i not. what they're going to learn the most i've given i've got it done because you gave up. visiting and music . and. the music.
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well if you show it to. michael and he said this from the west today i don't know if you can what i'll buy you while you mustn't be here not him isn't big enough for . a huge shift in the middle don't know the amount of them didn't already have them and you know that. because. i was not without a kind of. little so i. let the universe to visit. before the good man because the rock. norden was no no no. no no no i knew what i meant to gabe. there are no obvious imaginary folks but surely i was and what would you. like to me for this month. that. they're getting the money going out of me or be without
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a bit that i said i could submit them still this i'm no good not gonna find that in the business oh my god if you think what you think. i think i'm not. i know i'm not i know i'm not the gentleman that you come up with some of these i thought this was. the thing that. i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the man who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in there how. the
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grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they designed the space suits 1011 was his try on one. and the perfect he designed space suits for his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. monitored track quantified. data being a new car for. your data your identity is
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a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from when it comes from obsolete it is time to reclaim our cyber sounds i happen to remember something that cannot be so we are creators we are activists we. give us back our data on a jersey. and on the clock in the hall the top stories here on al-jazeera and ethiopia's military says it is back in full control of the northern states after the killing of its political leader and the head of the country's military prime minister abbott says the move to take over i'm horace states was led by a high ranking military official military chief mckinnon was killed at his home in the capital addis ababa shot dead by his bodyguard appeared to on television late
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on saturday night dressed in army fatigues. when he was head of intelligence addressed the nation and called for calm. in light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation. the army and the democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the eastern territory of did you go to the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced hundreds of thousands. residents of istanbul voting in a controversial 2nd election of the man's rights held about 3 months ago in march
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the opposition kind that was declared the winner but that results was an old off the ruling party filed a legal challenge over alleged irregularities. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel it had been discussing regional security as tensions are high between washington and tehran. leaders have wrapped up the latest summit of southeast asian countries thailand's prime minister has called on fellow leaders to approve a deal that would full the world's largest free trade area north korea's leader kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump kim jong il praised the letter and described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about it comes off the still deep talks between the 2 countries we are going to try and confirm that he had received a beautiful letter from kim. headlines got more news on al-jazeera right off the.
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island and. i don't want. to get numb and you know. what.
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good monday yes. i'm up for me on how they got done up when i'm good good i'm good numbers those are good names in the 100 i'm not going to. sit down with a grade on and get that i just don't know it's. not that many but i was a little. homosassa. that. your. family only kind of plucked at the young. you know but it does show the old enough to me before i left the bunch of them. who couldn't stand up with them don't you could tell how come sometimes they know they're in the club and comes up come see me a little more you want to see him give names and the 100. becomes the looks of our pretty.
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take that shows that i must. not come up and come out of. it. all that often invention going to have bombs in the name beneath you name. you know them for this reason i don't think you'd know one of the most. i had to make would give a flow. or you should give him and the she done to her and help. but then the issue begin to diminish my view. and the matter. i have given all that 5 years went to madrid a questionnaire since i'm going to. not have got the macgyver not going to be able to say one of them i started that they had a way to walk down was down your pitiful you really. are you i've done. my only thing not with an attack. on you but of the behavior when you get back to the only . at age but 1st in the new. illegal ashley heller number of the government bill
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clinton has run a mere you know the style has another candidate blama we get played ask me good be nice bizzle mystify. is the enough to get out of muslim nation color stand they were doing must all learn and you and your small island where she was see that the nation colors them about the animal had a good look at him all of us here. at the none of us to lose muscle and feel lemon
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and then have that close the male a model that had already let into of this limited what does she task the how about how both the new there would be audibly mccain can say maybe we have that and that . they sucralose them. hit the wrong target of a bad the month is about the same like pricing they need to let him do any. good they are listening at this time in the wind and a bad one out of signal so i'm going to you have not looked at him again i sent this. to little. let me know i'm old not going mad it's not only microsoft. could a hoss advocate that this atlanta is a big fan of it does not know nobody missed this event and had their moment on the local police had the accompaniment. smoke and get nothing in the aftermath. i cannot possibly pat.
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you on the top notch i have not got. the vision i don't. know how the shots on the net on the. end of the matter. how much. power comes from seeing the man shot or. a shot in the back on the. back to the lip coming out of the telescope when i see my seat in the seat . coming. up that's kind of stuck. on a little of my feet. to the side of. thank you.
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what i did i shared with me to some. wish i got to do was say what i what had the i was some william and what had you thought i would have to learn what i'm to say ma'am and what i did thought was so how would awesome cool she. in a really good result or in love washington are good in every way one can use to beat up on going to do one of the reality it was really humid summers mazak there was a rush of us on a our top 3 in my office what it was that i don't know the nickel we have to do you're going to have going to start off with you have to be renewed limbo you're failing to iraqi when i had what do you imagine i don't want to marry question then i'm sure a myth. good will russell to. be ousted can be our. business but you
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have to write ups. are most of your. good looking. for. young family my mom gave her. a gun i mean let's continue to cement that model because those i don't oppose that move to the field mishmosh up all the lives of the poor me but talk both to offer a little bit of the family guy yes need. to begin with some of the kind of my looking to kill because the it came back a little bit. cooler this. should begin to become a good thing i know because i've. never. bought into the bullshit of. the bunch of old nothing but i don't think you know what. i am so it's very good to be.
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a liar you are you have been done. work to be proud of how good the little kid was from are you. with the struggle come especially good at how you. can show your own will the above been made to the last fool group to pull them here would be right. we are under. the weight of a big feeling that you've been making enough to. see if you can write. ground was there and out of to the little ahead of you there is that a good rule you will go to google if you thought of living to learn how to ghazi. was almost a little bit. i
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don't know how much it has a slow. name if there were ever going to push it but i do it and i'm going to do that i don't want to give us their. business very no matter how much mischief and i think it's the whole machine think of more for the little. sound of time as tightening and that started last. minute come out of.
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well. you know. it's one of the it was just you know you know more about. what's going on. what is there was you know what i'm going to. look a loneliness of percent. below my shadow a lot of and i had lived and then as cory is there one in the cinema that i mean one of the little man's ashes had to have their heads out. of the bush with a good national. push so. they only last and alice added no go because. i said here that i knew that when this be. kind of the moment i. said i went to school in the state and i was
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a bullet in his but i sometimes think i did cheney. because what is what i'm smart about. this within the law larry. that. part of that is you knew how much it got to net. as did those. who are going out. with them
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a lot of democratic is anything that i said that he that i. am i was actually. i. am i but had to become i'm going to assume. that i think about it about us that. we have met them some thought if. you know the employee. will be given that there's no power to the. mother because out of if you look. at the soil. that's going to from all over the summer and then. through the well.
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now huddling to fight. and a good to know. that i will not die at the once again. the gifted leadership there. are to look at i'm not. an arrogant i'm one of the richest a part of the. internet can only been so elegant i mean i want to get a lot of acting are going to keep out of the dozen. and a little more they should. do the. absolute are we. at bigamy debate are going to give an old model of how good a lawyer has really been washington i'm addicted to that. that's. going to be with.
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a woman sitting but then. we want to split up with the new mom you didn't have get the one of the. proud of that i go with the lift and back of the best in show i get most of. with done with a sweat over how good i don't know that i'm. not enticing. young muslim idiot who exhibits but i'm sure one thought at the end up being one of the hundreds of examples that. reality. from sudden years as an obstacle of getting a different from. each man's. the little mother needs. to. have some say and. that's. one
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of us how it comes and bombs a little bit goosy. because i got a hospital without a leg. i don't know about us in an os i don't believe now given how dumb the stuff we use the code to what boy remember which of us the us can do i'm going to battle when so very rarely use a woman while i'm out of. a woman i was 32 and had the only complaint. about yemen about an hour was the image of a and very i was very good but the only private dog. i remember going for the. machine would put him. there. for the next week and how you can do it with a concern about the comes. with this exhibit. one. of the beauty of
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a lot of fun but there was nothing like that he must have never heard of it. was a no brainer numbers mention the money and the chemical elements but then it was a substantial time against my will in the making of that system a few times he committed. the sin the people have done to my real friends i am an. actor not going to get through i'd have to get out in which to get dollar for the 3rd that we had but i was amazed because i was in the door to go out. and about again i wanted to note that i'm still 1st well daniel minister of the of the . we then you know in the biz that with any kind meet with him chimes now. above the machine in him and he in a. manic when i'm up on moment hit and hit the way i didn't see.
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anybody is there in hospice would you have noticed. him at the beach to be released . well there was a medal a which i was a beautiful day but i don't know yet made up that even a bottom but had one. of them better to be honest i had a bit of a had prompted him for the some of the problem but then he made this dish i can. have them. now and then yeah. buddy and. lease. a lot of that's what i would give us a. lot of money that that is a model that you know i though we love each other. but then the child
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a lot of. us put up with that because with the bottom of the little of the of the of. it is in the other the special i have all the pressure of the digital shifted over to try to follow. with the ball i don't have to have to know. what i think you know what i'm going to. blow i have kids i mean little. bit of we don't have a lot of will right here but all of these super cool love me we've all heard. about them but just to be. kind of how do. you know most of his. now with the 700 men that was in the past in the past and one of those with a little bit of the hook but i will be in the canvas a little bit and i'm sure the one of all mom's little innovation. have been then
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that i. want to have a lot of on the shelves to live closer. and then i lay my his jaw was awful good ole but it took him almost a month in the book. to
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weather sponsored by cattle and ways. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts more clouds in store for one is out is over the next few days that's been the trend as we end the weekend as well and in those clouds could be a shower or 2 here on sunday monday looks a little bit better in terms of the rain but really not the clouds going to remain quite cloudy there in temperature dropping down to maybe 16 degrees over toward sunday i go on monday it is going to be chilly with 10 degrees as your high maybe even some showers there and just in the higher elevations it could be some snow as i make a way up here towards the caribbean fairly quiet here across much of the area the rain is going to be across much of central america but out here towards the east in the north don't expect too much in terms of rain we may pick up a few clouds and havana with a temperature of $32.00 degrees but the heaviest showers are going to be across parts of mexico over here towards nicaragua as well where we could be seeing some localized flooding in the forecast and then here across united states it is going
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to be quite wet across much of the southeast of the next few days thunderstorms are going to continue across much of the region their highs in the mid to high twenty's across much of the area new york is looking quite nice at 28 degrees washington about 29 degrees at your forecast but miami it is going to be a beautiful day partly cloudy condition of the temperature of 32 degrees. and went to. las. on counting the cost 2018 was the deadliest year for the aviation industry in years we'll find out just what went wrong or it's only considers a new domestic current so you could lead to its exit from the euro but should you be worried about a kids having too much screen time counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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i really don't know how to define it it's not possible for me to defend it that it's just one of those things that you feel this is yes yes i believe in this i'm still not but i am an independent on a mission for america. it's a boat the idea that you had affords dongles raised. it's about it's about the believing in your dreams it's about them. as a filmmaker i would want my audience to support that when men begin 1st as a unit i would definitely want my audience to be a jumble with it and say yes this is what i want and. i have tried to be very honest with the film the story isn't mine yes i did rip it off from my sister was a childhood incident she was the one who planted chocolate all of them so i have to
9:45 pm
put in the lumens of my childhood elf but i suppose then my influences that i've had. the little incidents that used to take place in my own backyard i have to try a little bit of everything 1st to stay honest to the whole thing but still big the whole even from my point of view. i'm trying to create that language where this kid is a shy kid and it doesn't speak to that is how i ended up not giving him more. than the world of the need to be i wanted him to express through i just didn't want anything to shout and scream and cry just assure that his discipline i wondered something which is very subtle that he expresses but it's barely an expression is a shy kid although he doesn't speak he would still stand up for his dreams but his belief. the nation will give you a lot of difficulty because you know the truth but when it when it comes down to
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flipping those pages and understanding animation or everything goes for cost at least my 1st 5 line drawings following for that off because i didn't know what to make i did and they were not working on though there was this one man that i started to like and i said yes i'm going to go it's really. i can't tell you the number of problems that i phased out. to bang my head was i would not have been on a mission right when it came that owns i laid my mind was always walking in one particular direction because i have been born and brought up but those are the images that have come across on the bank so i know what i sat good with all i ever knew my exposure maybe a school a clue that i ended up doing the same bank owns all that by. mixing what that along with digital it gives you more freedom then it kind of gave
9:47 pm
me the opportunity to relate going forward about that on one on a digital and then who's these are not children of their shows and all luck and margy them and but i don't get an image their lives with really appealing. legs if i have to visualize my kitchen. i don't visualize a dark blue because those are the on those that i haven't seen and no make that when i see it i see here that there could have been a better shot than i could have taken a shot sort of an establishment. you know the follow on building the animation i just wanted to call it what i what my mind makes me think like the immediate damage that comes to my mind is when i will go away.
9:48 pm
from this one phone because of the kind of film and those and also tell you about the soul of this guy and i just wanted to follow the sword i just want to before i make. stuff as if it doesn't have structure i don't mean it's ok and i'm fine with that thank you. this is al-jazeera. and ironically this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes mall anything i have here is ready made gunmen kill the head of the country's military and a regional leader. an offensive begins in the democratic republic of congo to
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battle militias that have forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. iran can never have nuclear weapons the u.s. national security adviser john bolton maintains the pressure on iran. and i left events in istanbul and the controversial rerun of the merrill rice. said that ethiopia is military chief shot dead at his home in the capital and hours of gunfire in a northern state but the military says it's back in full control after what the prime minister described as a provincial coup attempt to be ahmed says the move to take a vote i'm horace state was led by a high ranking military official his military chief say out of mccann and was killed at his home in the capital addis ababa shot by his bodyguard the leader of the northern m. hauritz and was also shot and killed at his office along with his aide and hans
9:50 pm
attended general was also reported to have been wounded when i'm horace state is one of 9 autonomous regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in the state capital which is about 500 kilometers north of us out of and that was on saturday night the u.s. embassy also issued issued warnings for addison about after reports of gunfire if the a.p. is head of army intelligence addressed the nation and called for calm holding it up as in light of these attack. ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation well the prime minister came to power
9:51 pm
in 2018 at a time of unrest and he quickly secured political and financial support from a number of parties like the united arab emirates the european union and indeed the world bank he restored time with eritrea ever after a long time border disputes and improved diplomatic relations with djibouti and somalia and also implemented rapid reforms lifting a state of emergency releasing thousands of political prisoners and giving hall for his cabinet posts to women let's bring in matt bryden who is the chairman of which is a political think tank covering the horn of africa he joins us via skype from nairobi and mr broughton welcome to the program so the situation in ethiopia we have these killings of the state officials on the one hand and horror than the killing of the army chief in the capital addis ababa which is what 500 kilometers away or so can we definitively say that the 2 are linked is the government to say. well i think
9:52 pm
that is what the government is saying but for the moment at that hasn't been any explanation of how these these incidents would be linked if they are the bet it would suggest a much larger conspiracy a much better planned and coordinated operation and then either of these separately would it be but for the moment we just have to wait and see what the eye of the government is going to prove forward as you look at it what's your assessment because the problem is offices is accusing i'm here as reason security chief of plotting the coup attempt to end how would would the killing of the army chief fit into that. well in the situation i'm harris state at least as far as it's being reported and it's important to state that we have an internet blackout in ethiopia which makes getting information quite difficult but it's being explained as. the chief of the state security apparatus general us i mean to say who has been recently accused of calling on
9:53 pm
the empire state people to arm themselves and raising militias outside the official security apparatus and the president was said to be convening a meeting to rein in his security chief to discuss measures to try to get control of the situation out when this attack took place so the implication is that general it's a good believed he was going to be what actually was going to be taken against him and he preempted how that linked to the killing of the army chief of staff inadmissable by his own bodyguard so far has not been explained. to his has brought in widespread reforms in a sense that is this an example of growing pains of a reforming premiership. well i think it's true
9:54 pm
prime minister abbey has brought in tremendous reforms treaty oh yeah and there's been a great deal. of positive developments the excitement around his is agenda but at the same time it's frankly. place de feo in the midst of the political earthquake the opening up of the political space the weakening of the ruling party ethiopian people's revolutionary democratic front is a tremendous blow to. to stability in the country and the. there is that has been a great deal of ethnic and political violence in parts of the country as well so not everything has been going going well for prime minister abby the other big question is that next year ethiopia is supposed to experience general election and that. there are question marks as to whether this election could take place and so
9:55 pm
the question is also increasingly being raised in what direction is this transition going where is prime minister at the taking ethiopia all right we'll leave it that a member of his great to get your perspective depreciate that thanks very much great thank you very much. well let's get an idea of what's going on on the ground in place some good our correspondent standing by there and what's happening where you are. well there is definitely an increased military presence here especially this morning it was incredibly quiet this sunday so it's normally a quieter day but this morning there were very few people on the street and there were military armed military walking around 6 earlier we even saw some some ambulances and some armed military and different cars racing by were very close to the airport so there's a obvious visual difference today by just seeing all of these blue military uniforms where we're told that the international flights are still operating as
9:56 pm
normal but a lot of the road in out it has been closed especially around the prime minister's howley. backing up unrelated but around the presidential palace a lot of the roads have been closed so obviously for security reasons and interestingly roads in and out of attis have also been closed a lot of those roads link different ethnic regions together and to add it also the internet has been down for several hours now for the entire sunday so far so twitter facebook all these ways that people would normally be sharing information or are voicing their opinions that simply not possible today we've had to rely on multiple text messages and on phone calls and also on these live press conferences that different military officials are doing sharing with the public what the current status post the attempted coup in the north are that's a picture or not and so thanks very much reporting. now the army in the democratic
9:57 pm
republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the east and. the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people has displaced hundreds of thousands. let's bring to katherine sawyer. neighboring uganda where many people have fled and catherine so what more do we know about this offensive being launched by the congolese army. we haven't been able to reach us some of our military contacts who are part of the offensive but we did talk to them and they said that the movement is quite slow because it was raining quite heavily and we also spoke to the military spokesperson who have also told us that they might have managed to capture one of the bases of the militia that had been abandoned they also recovered several weapons firearms you also said that they're not just dealing with men armed with machetes and bows and arrows they are
9:58 pm
dealing with people who are very sophisticated sophisticated weapons they're well equipped and well armed and the military will investigate outside forces could be finding and and supporting them as well and what's been happening to the thousands of people who fled the fighting and have have sought shelter in uganda when it up just. i've been watching some footage of you know a village that was barney and i could hear gunshots this footage was filmed on back a day we have been told that. when armed gunmen ambushed that particular village and this is just to show you how volatile the situation about 400000 people have been displaced most of them are in internal compass or internally displaced in the democratic republic of congo but are crossing like all
9:59 pm
but to come here to uganda. james has suffered what no child should he's just arrived at this refugee transit center in uganda after escaping an attack on his village in the democratic republic of congo the 14 year old who separated from his 7 siblings and mother whom he last saw running away from and with a machete running by go and i know my mother or. my mother. and for me i just did. on one with. my mom but by the time. he came to my mom. the village attack is just one of many many years of conflict between the lendu and hamad ethnic groups the fight by tribal militias need to province is of a farm land and mineral reaches some say their rivalry has been politicized or
10:00 pm
paint his father was killed in another round of violence last. gara has also just arrived in uganda the 15 year rules also conch tracie spire and he's one of about $4000.00 congolese who recently fled to uganda mainly from villages on the shores of lake albert which podesta dossie people are coming here with what ever they could and it's not much what we've also know from the huge families and many children some with quite difficult stories of what they experienced back home processing they're going to be taken to a reception area and then on to a settlement which will be their home for now. the u.n. refugee agency says a large number of children are arriving it's a concern. they will have a different way of responding it is informing us.


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