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tv   The Men Who Stole The World  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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because the security situation remains volatile. the. hundreds of thousands displaced people and come we have more than 80000 still in some conflict . but. it's very difficult. to rescue them. back in uganda prepares his bed for the night he's safe for now but worries that his family has to escape to. this is a transit center and all this people have been processed there heading to our reception area about a one and a half hours from here what we're noticing is huge families coming in many children some of them unaccompanied and that boy we spoke to james up and he says that he's very concerned that the father he goes away from the border of elect information he's going to get about his family. still ahead here on al-jazeera.
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as brazilian police get tough on crime the poor and innocent get caught in the crossfire. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across china the flooding situation has been a major concern and will continue to be as we go into the new week heavy rain is going to continue across much of the south some of our concerns though are going to be just to the north of hong kong here on monday and tuesday the threat makes its way a little bit more towards the south now in terms of the cumulation over the next 3 days well we could be seeing anywhere between $250.00 or even more up to $300.00 millimeters of rain anywhere from hong kong up to fuzhou oh and then over here towards taipei so localized flooding is going to be a major problem there as are make their way over here towards india well the
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monsoon has been late we're talking about $10.00 to $15.00 days late in some areas we are picking up a few rain showers here across the interior sections but not of lot and terms of accumulation for new delhi your temperatures are on the rise from monday to tuesday we do expect to see a high there of about $36.00 degrees and then here across the gulf humid it has been a problem we are seeing not too much of a break until we get towards monday temps are coming up to about $45.00 degrees but the minute he is going to be coming down as well over here towards abu dhabi we do expect to see a high of about $38.00 degrees and then clouds across much of southern saudi arabia as well down towards yemen though sun it is looking at a time for there of about $28.00 degrees. every reclaim you cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during the listening paste as we. the cameras on the media donald trump
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should be the one deciding who is a journalist and who is to focus on how they was caught on the stories that matter financed they move closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. we get you what she does your a reminder the top stories this hour. and ethiopia's military says it's back in full control of a northern state after the killing of a regional leader and the head of the country's military chief it say on the kind of was shot dead by his bodyguard in the capital addis ababa the leader of the northern i'm heart region was shot and killed in his office along with his. iran's
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foreign minister says he's in negotiating military treaties that would allow the country to bypass u.s. sanctions to iran is reportedly in talks china india and russia and dozens of other nations to ditch the dollar in trade transactions such a currency agreements could weaken the u.s. dollar in the global market. polls of just plates of istanbul where people have been voting in a controversial 2nd merril election in march the opposition counted it was declared the winner of the 1st votes but that result was an old after the ruling ak party filed a legal challenge over alleged irregularities. u.s. national security advisor john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel that you have been discussing regional security as tensions are high between washington and tehran. iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the usa and not against the world. and as he made clear
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yesterday referring to his earlier remarks the president said i just stright stop the strike from going forward at this time when iran insists the u.s. trained it shot down on thursday was within its airspace president hassan rouhani is calling that a violation of the start of new tensions in the region he's judging world leaders to take action the u.n. secretary general meanwhile is appealing for calm on all sides do you see the. goals today it's very important i said it's 2 days ago everybody must keep nerves of steel it's absolutely essential to avoid any form of escalation. as senior white house advisor george bush that has laid out the 1st part of his so-called deal of the century that's the middle east peace plan he says is based on $50000000000.00 worth of investment. would be spent on palestinian infrastructure if it 10 years the rest would be split between egypt and lebanon jordan one of the
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main projects is a $5000000000.00 transportation corridor to connect the occupied west bank and gaza nearly 2000000000 would also be injected into the palestinian tourism industry because there is trying to drum up support for the 179 infrastructure and business projects ahead of an international conference in bahrain this week palestinian political leaders are boycotting the events they've refused to talk to the u.s. since it recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in 2017. the plan would invest about $50000000000.00 in the region that would create a 1000000 jobs in the west bank and gaza take their unemployment rate from about 30 percent to single digits it would reduce their poverty rate by half if it's implemented correctly it's a 10 year plan that would double their g.d.p. we've had a peer reviewed now by about a dozen economists in a dozen countries and we're very excited to put it forward of thousands of protesters in morocco come out to march against the government's plan to attend the upcoming peace summit in bahrain these are the scenes in the coastal city of robots
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a u.s. official has said that morocco along with egypt and jordan has confirmed it will attend the meeting. at the king of morocco in robot last month but officials denied that they had received details of his peace. well as tension between the united states and iran builds in the gulf iraq kids watching with growing alone over the threat to its oil exports and how its economy could suffer. from. these tankers are being loaded with iraqi crude oil it's being pumped from iraq's biggest shore platform in waters close to the maritime borders of kuwait and iraq oil experts in iraq are increasingly concerned about how a rising tension between the u.s. and iran could affect the country's economy that's already struggling to recover after decades of war and political instability. iraq must avoid getting involved in any conflict in the region we don't want to be embroiled in other countries of
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payors we are focused on trying to secure our country's economy. the u.s. sent warships including an aircraft carrier and b. $52.00 bombers to the gulf region may. it's also sent around $2500.00 additional soldiers a patriot missile system and surveillance planes iraq exports around $3500000.00 barrels of oil a day much of it from platforms like this one but with recent us iran tension and attacks on all tankers here on the arabian gulf there are rising security fears because around a 5th of the world's oil policy is along these waters and the strait of hormuz the u.s. has accused iran of attacking 6 or all tankers in the region in recent weeks iranian leaders have repeatedly denied responsibility describing the allegations as dangerous security fears for tankers like these increased further on thursday.
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when iran shot down a u.s. drone because it did into the rain the u.s. says it was flying in international airspace unlist say iran is trying to use regional and global security fears about maritime safety to its advantage. but one of iran's biggest means of defense limiting oil exports through the strait of hormuz would affect the iraqi economy hugely given that about 95 percent of its oil goes through the strait the situation is critical president trump says the u.s. military was cocked and loaded to retaliate against iran following the attack on the u.s. drone but he said he changed his mind install to 10 minutes before missiles were sent to launch. those iran and the u.s. say they don't want war. but iranian leaders have previously said that if they can't export their oil on the u.s. sanctions the nor can anybody else and that's a concern for the operators of ships like these as they transport millions of
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barrels of oil to markets around the world if we take a chance try financial sirrah off the coast of southern iraq a joint west african military force says it's killed at least $42.00 i still fighters they died in fighting on an island in lake chad according to the multinational joint task force that's made up of soldiers from nigeria niger chad and cameroon address has details now from nigeria capital bridges regional forces say the 42 were killed in an operation i don't believe that area especially in brooklyn ny or. as well as by got these are areas that were previously attacked several times bible quote i mean even occupied before you were there were chased out by military forces from the region now there is are not operation that was held at all there was carry arsenal tenuously on the communion border where a number of quantum fighters have been killed on the nigerian side too. as well as
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i still i feel it had been quite have taken some hit but they also on their part have launched military attacks on military targets as well as civilian targets in the region recently we've seen how the book quite an especially the chicago function has renewed its suicide mission in the northeast of nigeria so this is a continuing operations that has been going on for a very long time and we've seen over the last few years how despite the losses but quite nice i still i feel elated groups have been able to adopt restricted days and launch attacks not only on civilian targets but also military forces in the region . leaders have wrapped up the latest summit of southeast asian nations known as in thailand economic concerns dominated the meeting as members feel the effects of the ongoing trade war between the united states and china a response leaders of the regional bloc have promised to work closely together and scotland now reports from bangkok. a collective handshake of the
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10 nations leaders at their summit in vanko but there is no clear voice from the collective on any of the key topics with the trade war intensifying between the 2 main trading partners the united states and china they need to navigate a path to keep their economies growing though also want to strengthen their partnership an immediate product of that they will jointly tackle marine pollution . the meeting has adopted bangkok declarations against marines ways in the region chillis our determination to sustainably solve the rain pollution problem. even with a population of more than 600000000 people some feel that geo political position is weakening mainly because of political changes within member nations like a rise in the for terrorism and a growing reliance in either the united states or china. is a claim to fame has been able to you know maintain regional autonomy. these are be
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the major powers not allowing the super powers outside powers to dominate to overwhelm and overtake the region that's been the 52 years it's us but now that old challenge is back again and it's existential myanmar has brought negative attention to the region with the reaping the refugee crisis that saw more than 700000 people flee to bangladesh in 2016 the un has called it ethnic cleansing so when the human rights committee feel that much more needs to be done to push the government myanmar to do more in the refugee crisis and that push needs to come from os young members many human rights groups such as the international commission of jurists has actually been repeatedly calling on the myanmar leadership including she who has been who has benefit that in the past. and also in human rights groups speaking on her behalf to free her and now she's the one. and she is one of those leaders that's actually keeping quiet human rights abuses in the region so for now
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like much of the world austrian members are looking for answers to keep their economies growing and which superpower or free trade agreement can help them achieve that scotland al-jazeera bangkok. north korea's leader kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents preselection described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about it's come off to denuclearize ation talks between the 2 countries stalled only this week kim said he was waiting on a positive step from the united states confirmed a week ago that he'd received a beautiful letter from kim. the brazilian president swept to power on a promise he'd be tough on crime also nor has demonstrated that most strongly in his home state of rio de janeiro it has a long history of police abuses officers have battled drug gangs with innocent people getting caught in the crossfire as tell us why reports now from rio the
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situation is getting worse. and the power has been fighting for justice for more than 5 years since 1000 year old son jonathan was killed in a police raid for you we often hear that that was the worst day of my life i would never imagine even in my worst nightmares losing a son i didn't believe it was happening i thought i was dying with him. so much i was just one of the thousands of mostly poor young black men killed by rio police in recent years more than 1500 in 2018. the number of killings has increased since president bush took office this year. the reason given is always that the victims fired 1st jonathan was not armed but this is what i demand it doesn't matter if i am black poor or if i live in a poor neighborhood i am a citizen i pay my taxes like anyone else so i demand the state gives me an answer for this murder and the answer is justice i will accept nothing else and the paolo
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knows the name of her son's killer he was found to have killed 3 times previously he's been assigned administrative duty is still in possession of his piece gun and badge although the statistics are shocking they. the hints at the full scale of the suffering the daily violence that engender is grief and fear hidden away out of sight infidel as well shanty towns such as this one. campaigners say sending the police into the furbelows with guns blazing has been proven to only increase crime shows of force by the president an ex-military man or part of the ideology that got him elected and that a few poor neighborhoods register around 80 homicides per 100000 residents rates from work countries it seems like in the same city we have 2 different countries one rich developed and car the other one in constant war. also has an ally in the rio state governor wilson witsel who has suggested using missiles to blow up
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criminals. a task force set up to investigate questionable police killings is underfunded and understaffed and no rio police officer has yet been convicted and jailed and the power has been awarded for her work with the mothers of other victims of police operation in this. soup was look i have spent the last 5 years fighting for my son's memory. still clark 5 years asking god for health so i can stay strong and keep going because so much hoping that justice for john with his death will bring some relief for her and thousands of other bereaved brazilian mothers. and their al-jazeera rio de janiero. says he will postpone mass deportation raids against illegal migrants for 3 weeks to work with democrats on immigration issues. the raids were
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expected to target up to 2000 families facing deportation orders in 10 u.s. cities on sunday in a tweet trump says the deportations will begin if a compromise cannot be reached to close immigration loopholes. to the will nudge in the direction of website al jazeera dot com it's the dress all the stories we're covering plenty of comment and analysis. so this is out there these are the top stories and ethiopia's military says it's back in full control of a northern state after the killing of a regional leader in the head of the country's military chief mcmullen was shot dead by his bodyguard in the capital addis ababa ethiopia is head of intelligence called for calm. as in light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain
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calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation as iran's foreign minister says he's negotiating monetary treaties that would allow the country to bypass u.s. sanctions tehran is reportedly in talks with china india and russia and dozens of other nations to ditch the dollar in trade transactions a move that could weaken the u.s. currency polls have just closed in istanbul where people have been voting in a controversial 2nd maryland auction in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner but that was not old after the ruling ak party filed a legal challenge. the army in the democratic republic of congo has begun an
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offensive against an group in the eastern terry she of did you i mean the chief spokesman says they've killed 16 members of the militia and captured 7 more the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced hundreds of thousands u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel to have been discussing regional security opens visit also comes just days ahead of a planned summit in bahrain to discuss a u.s. peace plan between israel and the palestinians both grizzlie to has received a personal letter from donald trump kim jong un praised the message and described it as excellent stopping short of saying what it was about that's come off to denuclearize ation talks between the 2 countries told trouble confirmed a week ago that he had received a beautiful letter from him and that is the headlines got more news coming up here
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on al-jazeera right after the listening post. sri lanka's sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one o one investigates it is the new front line in sri lanka on al-jazeera. an estimated people taking to the streets because that last night the activists continue to press for he left the show a controversial. thing and that is just part of the think or maybe more because people think that everything about college that makes him. take hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the historic protests in hong kong we break down the coverage within mainland china and beyond. straight out of chang do supported by the state the chinese rappers talking trade war trash to
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donald trump. the death of the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsy one last chance for the egyptian news media to show their true colors on his story plus film as apartheid era propaganda and the south african movie makers were calling the shots the world is watching that is the chant on the streets of hong kong as images of mega protests are beamed around the globe 2000000 people in a city state of just 7000000 out to stop the passage of a law that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to mainland china last saturday hong kong as lead politician the beijing backed kerry lam announced that she was suspending the implementation of the legislation but that was not nearly enough either for the demonstrators or the local reporters covering this story because hong kong journalists know that should this bill pass beijing could extradite them one day as well as their sources communist party leaders on the
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mainland are watching the situation closely to. their public are far less informed state run television has either ignored the protests or echoed the party line that there is some western conspiracy at play here our starting point this week is the semi autonomy for now special administrative region of china hong kong. at 1st the hong kong authorities played the waiting game hoping that with time the surge onto the streets of the city state would subside that the opposition to the proposed extradition treaty with china would fade that the story would go away then hong kong's chief executive realized that wasn't happening prior to deciding to suspend the passage of the new law carry lamb went before the cameras she chose to do so on t.v. be a government friendly chat. but if she thought she was heading into
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a softball interview she was mistaken t.v. be did not broadcast the question she is about to answer but one can easily surmise it had something to do with selling her people i. know. what are you doing. no i talked to god she decided to pick one television station to give her interview to rather than sit give a general press conference at that stage and she picked hong kong's only remaining main free terrestrial t.v. station known to be pro-government no to exercise self-censorship what stands out is actually how tone deaf replies.
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your dame we. all are. insecure i want to mostly. young. saying you know. why it is quite ridiculous for a achieve executive officer to be referring to herself as a mother of spoiled children she just cannot give us whatever we want no that is very chinese of her you know i might say you must listen to me because i'm a parent but of course that is not an appropriate stands for someone who is governing our city and actually she is paid by our taxes. the protests are occurring in a place that is in a preplanned state of political limbo lasting half a century. when britain handed hong kong back to china in 1997
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the one country 2 systems framework that came with the force promised citizens of quote high degree of autonomy for 50 years which explains the lack of an extradition treaty with mainland china. but there have been plenty of signs that beijing is already influencing politics and the state of the media in hong kong the south china morning post long considered the newspaper of record was bought by the chinese e-commerce giant alibaba in 2015 and has since seen a mass exodus of staff complaining about soft coverage of china but that same year another paper ming power was criticized for killing an investigative story on the tiananmen square massacre and replacing it with a piece on alibaba as a role model for young entrepreneurs and on the current protest story ming pao journalists posted an open letter critical of the paper's biased reporting in favor
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of the authorities and police and taking issue with editorials that called the protesters rioters is not just about the bill but about. the china's attitude towards press for their own and this understanding of judicial independence journalists and editors from hong kong they have been rest or even sentenced to jail by. charges that have nothing to do with their report hong kong being a key information hop for journalists not just in hong kong but the around the world to report on china so that extradition bill will expose each and every of them to risk we've seen creeping self-censorship we've seen. businesses withdrawing their advertising under pressure from needing to do business with china so all those things are very real threats but at the same time compared
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to the press in mainland china the hong kong media is far more vibrant is out there exposing scandal and people are very proud of that and the fact that the media can report on these demonstrations is very. point to the people of hong kong home home situation has been taken up by the international media almost uniformly at stake say the demonstrators is nothing less than hong kong status as an island of rights and freedoms in a one party state and over the years beijing has been gradually exerting more and more influence over on college and for those who marched enough is enough saying that hong kong is you know being threatened they say you know this is a david and goliath story coming here that well china's to the mainland justice system is a pay it's not fair their brutal use torture all of these things but i don't know
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that you can deal a generalize an entire country because of a few examples. the examples go well beyond a few beijing has little tolerance for dissent either in the mainstream news media or on social media where the major chinese platform sign away bow and we chat both censored the protest story social media in hong kong was also affect the founder of telegram and encrypted messaging service popular with protest organizers said the platform came under cyber attack from the mainland initially state controlled media outlets in china turned a blind eye to the story in hong kong but as the protests continued and grew that policy changed. they had to give it some coverage and given the growing trade war between the trump white house and president siege in ping's government in beijing the notion of foreign interests inciting the unrest got
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a lot of play. well for sure you know some people they have really been completely brainwashed into thinking that all these protests initiated by foreign influences but that's just ridiculous like 2000000 people on the street view of course that this is not true and but that's what they're trying to tell the public in china chinese media is not going to win a shouting match in the international community anything that is said it will be say oh well all the state run a state influenced whatever they say is propaganda so there is a very difficult position when it comes to these types of things now on the other hand donald trump has drawn the biggest target on china the western press has a duty to try to figure out what's going on what are the forces that are playing
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out here not just within beijing but also with. the numbers on the streets of hong kong are considerably higher than the last time mass demonstrations occurred in 2014 over proposed electoral reforms because the stakes have grown larger with the passage of time the city state is now 5 years closer to losing what autonomy it still has the remnants of a democracy the semblance of a free media 5 years closer to 2047 and direct rule by beijing if hong kong was in control of its own future those 2000000 people on the streets would amount to real political power a force to be reckoned with but it's not and there is a country of 1400000000 next door with a government in beijing that like the media it controls is treating this as a non-story.
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we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers not sure ravi minima hammad morris egypt's 1st and only democratically elected president died at a court appearance this past week that's big news by anyone's measure but one would not have known that judging from what egyptian newspapers did with that story you wouldn't have richard and even by the poor standards of a lot of egyptian journalism this was embarrassing virtually all the papers buried the story on the inside pages and the publishing word for word a $42.00 word paragraph reportedly whatsapp to editors by a government official now only one paper the privately owned and muskie uloom actually put the news on to their front page now morsi and the muslim brotherhood have long been treated as punching bags by egyptian talk show hosts who are very popular in that market what they have to say about this story let me start by showing you a clip that's not from a talk show host but from a news anchor she had her copy ticking for her as well but that is that and has
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samsung it was a copy and paste job onto the audi q and if anyone had any doubt that last line sent from a samsung mobile gave it all away now talking about talk show hosts let's start by looking at one of the most prominent ones. well pretty soon our dogs here are admin mona how it goes as unfrocked although there's this form factor there are many home there is a reason mussa name checks al-jazeera following the 2013 army led who that overthrew mohammed morsy the government of a. crackdown on al-jazeera in egypt accusing them of supporting the muslim brotherhood now the bureau in cairo was shut down 3 jazeera journalists were jailed and eventually freed but one jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has been in jail for more than 100 days now and has yet to be charged across egypt media conditions under sisi are grim their record numbers of journalists have been jailed and off
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the 180 countries rank for press freedom by reporters without borders egypt is at number 163 ok moving on now last week we reported on the iranian activist has a writer and a productive one dozens of articles published by mostly us media articles that advocated regime change in iran than al of a is exposed by the intercept an american news outlet as a fraud a nonexistent person a creation of a shadowy iranian opposition group known as the army k. but i take it that's not where the story ends is it apparently not richard now after the intercept published that article twitter took down account however the person or people behind this persona continue to write via a blog in which they said he would never reveal his identity and attacking twitter for caving in to his critics now we tried to get in touch with. but the comments be posted on his blog in which he requested for an interview just never got through
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they disappeared into the ether but the story doesn't end there is now back on twitter his account has been reinstated so we got in touch with the company to ask them what had reassured them of the accounts authenticity now twitter came back to us with quite a shady response they said that they would only share information with us as. long as it was not attribute to twitter for a company that advocates transparency this is a curious position to take so we continue to pursue the matter with twitter and wade in touch with the intercept that remains on the study ok thanks mina. we're going to scroll back now more than 4 decades and look at a slice of history filmmaking in south africa during the era of apartheid like many governments south africa has offered subsidies to the film industry and the subsidy we're looking at was known as the b. scheme in order to qualify filmmakers who were mostly white back then how to produce films with black casts for black audiences in a black south african language such as zulu costs. from around 19 173-2898
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number of those films were made but in many cases there was a prevailing theme and a larger message one that would explain why the apartheid government with its policies of racism oppression and segregation would help bankroll movies that were made a stance a play for the entertainment of black south africans listening posts and your head now on the rise and the fall of the beast scheme film subsidy. this is the year to cinema and switch to the 1st black and cinema in south africa it's boarded up and abandoned now but in its day it could see more than a 1000 people and it was much more than just a cinema it was a focal point during the struggle against apartheid a place where subversive films were shown where activists could meet international musicians could bypass the boycott on
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a part of south africa and perform for the country's oppressed majority. and on the 1st of january $973.00 it was the 1st cinema to ever screen a groundbreaking film called joe bullet starring a black named. oh . in the townships. or cost so we really like to put more people in the us. is quite unique for the times because of apartheid no one was really considering producing movies with black cast members for black audiences. but. is a kind of. a ladies' man coming to the rescue of. this truth as one of. their investigative and martial arts
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expertise. black character james bond this kind of guy they wanted to join the fun so they can win the cup final and you're. living in a in a nice apartment driving a nice car it's got all the sort of things that government didn't obviously want the majority of the population to kind of the spire to. 20 from the writer and producer of that they premiered the film without approval from the apartheid censors so it was bad off to just 2 screenings they say that. taking the law in its own hands. sportscar stacey there's clearly no like it here. but these are. fundamental says that the decision to ban was eventually overturned but by then it had lost its momentum and would
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never recover. while the film was ultimately a commercial failure the response from black south african audiences convinced from the man and his fellow filmmakers that there was a huge demand in the country for this kind of content however what they also knew was that without the apartheid government's approval these kind of films would just keep on getting banned so they had to make a deal. and there was already a template in place nearly 2 decades in 1956 the part take government created a subsidy to help grow a national film industry for white south africans the films had to have. dialogue in bites of african languages and typically they would promote the white south african way of life. if that criteria was smit then the filmmakers would get money back based on ticket sales they called it a skin film subsidy. 97320 fundamental. subsidy
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films with black costs for black audiences in their own languages. because we get there and there's a reason why the a part take government went along with that. the idea behind the subsidy itself was if we created a vehicle through which to entertain the masses it would keep the minds off of political unrest. time. because if they not occupy and they get up to all kinds of mischief. and. secondary benefit a plastic glass was of course the kind of ideological value that part i could get out of it. partake of and sort the propagandistic value in the. storylines that
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government favor in these films that i would love to put in. the good will always win over the evil as i was a crime doesn't pay. and another thing is i wanted to bring that idea to the black people that you should go to stay that's your place and come to the white. ringback homelands were more similar thomas riccio and the service to end poverty stricken allocated to black south africans in the apartheid era and that seemed once your work is done in white south africa you go back to the supposed tranquility of the homelands are so prevalent in the peacekeeping film that the genre would come to be known as back to the home nation. with. the urban centers what ways portrayed as danes are vying for black people and black people were portrayed as morally weak they always succumbed
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to the evil. of the. the law and. that's the kind of the spin off on the back to the homeland i don't necessarily agree with the notion that this that they were purely propaganda driven kind of films a large amount of produce filmmakers who are just making movies for the sake of making movies and they actually can operate a sound guys they were the performers in. one of cameras will be back. to kind of do a blanket brush across it saying that that's what it was all about i think is not a fair assessment of actual what happened before my cause. catered to what. they knew the things that would would approve of. people modeling. they were acting authority in
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a same for the apartheid state and one can understand that i mean i'm not saying that as a critique necessarily because one can and that they love the part you know and they lived in a particular time when they knew how they wold was bonded and they stayed within the boundaries very few overstate. like they seemed to be steam subsidy was apportioned based and ticket sense however at the time there were only a handful of cinemas that catered for black audiences and certainly not enough to support the industry so the b. scheme filmmakers created their own distribution method my boss in the us but they sent out to the townships and set up in schools churches and fields anywhere they could screen a from the i enjoyed that if someone knew that the. town's it was like mind a circus coming to town that it started one of the side that the kids books like
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that and amazing i think because the father was the short line is a truly i love the time. we welcomed it in that came our way does movies for us it wasn't attainment never said it will because those eyes would open when you know there was the movies coming from only that no where we realize that this. in 1909 crippled by sanctions the cash strapped to partake government abolished. the piskies not least because many of the film makers were inflating viewing figures to increase their subsidies. a part of it would also come to an end today very little is known about the subsidy official documentation has mysteriously disappeared and so have many of the films giving opinion divided the 8 blocks from the south african film industry to pave the way for many black south africans to enter. the film's propaganda their
11:45 pm
last heritage. by modern standards the films haven't aged well but the story behind it tells us a lot about the history of south africa. and finally back to china the trade war that we touched on in our lead story and a state sponsored rap video that's been making the rounds online the band is called cd red short for chengdu revolution and it's backed by the communist party of china now it is not clear if president trump is a rap fan but this song was definitely written with him and western audiences in mind given that the lyrics are delivered in english and subtitled in mandarin this particular video focuses on the trade war with the u.s. currently being fought over huawei the chinese mobile phone company now it's racking up millions of clicks which is partly down to the size of the huge chinese market and the fact that state run media are big supporters of cd ref and that has
11:46 pm
an effect on the numbers but these rappers are a bit of a joke with chinese listeners many of whom you can find on social media platforms like way bowen uku a vis orating them for a singing beijing's tune we'll leave you now with a little taste of the video and we'll see you next time here at the list. just.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. mexico's most popular soap opera is changing society by tackling women socially she is head
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on in its last episode soapbox discovers the drama behind the scene as it reduces take the hotshots facing the mothers of disabled children and the fun social stigmas by broadcasting and the well. child on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. elephant oh hello everyone i'm come out santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera ethiopia's military chief is shot dead by his bodyguard and a governor is killed in a connected to tack but the prime minister says an attempted regional takeover has
11:49 pm
been stopped also in the news iran reveals plans to bypass the dollar and american sanctions while the u.s. keeps up the rhetoric against teheran. take colleagues on the way it stumbles on right now after matches paul won by the opposition was scrapped because of irregularities. and in india a vital source of food turns to dust. as years of drought cripple some villages. in sport roger federer hits another career landmark with picture it. is just become the 2nd man so when the same top level title on 10 occasions. so ethiopia's military is trying to reassure the country after its chief of staff was shot dead in the capital and an attempt was made to seize power in
11:50 pm
a northern states prime minister ahmed says the move to tell you go was led by a high ranking military official there the country's military chief psion mccann and was killed at his home in addis ababa shot along with another general by his bodyguard elsewhere the leader of the in her region was also killed in a gun attack on his office along with an 8 attorney general was also reported to have been wounded. in light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation. here it is on
11:51 pm
the map on her estate one of 9 autonomous regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in the state capital behave dar about 500 kilometers north of alice ababa on saturday evening the u.s. embassy also issued warnings for after reports of gunfire we'll start with this update from the harding in. 4 government officials have been shot and killed in ethiopia and attempted to kill them were in our in 2 of them were here an added mackinnon was one of them he was the chief of staff most notably the head of the military here in ethiopia we have information that he was actually shot by his bodyguard inside his home another general was also killed and added mackinnon was trying to stop the car as i mentioned he's in charge of the military there so he had been told by the prime minister to the troops to try to stabilize the situation in bahrain and it was then that he was killed the prime minister says that those
11:52 pm
who are responsible are mercenaries now in behind bars 500 kilometers away from here in added 2 regional leaders were killed including the regional president his name mackinnon some of those responsible were arrested but some of them are also still at large now we believe that the game is the one who is behind this attempted coup interestingly he was arrested 10 years ago for another attempted coup and it's been the last 10 years in prison and was only just pardoned when president the prime minister rather. came top office and was pardoned by. now in a televised speech the military intelligence said that the purpose of the coup would try to create a division in the military along ethnic lines a little bit more before we speak to i guess prime minister and he came to power in 2018 of the time of unrest quickly secured political and financial support from
11:53 pm
a number of parties like the united arab emirates the european union on the world bank he restored times with eritrea after a long time border dispute improved diplomatic relations with somalia and also implemented rapid reforms lifting the state of emergency releasing thousands of political prisoners. and giving half his cabinet posts to women so let's talk more about what's been happening martin plante is with us senior research fellow at the institute of commonwealth studies on skype from london nice to see you martin let's talk with you see that i've just talked about what we talk about the challenge to him now i outlined all these reforms all these great things which he done for the country now he faces possibly a big challenge here when it's not the 1st one he's had don't forget that almost exactly a year ago a group of soldiers but us into this office and were apparently attempting to overthrow him and he challenged them would you believe to
11:54 pm
a contest of press ups and then to form a challenger and he won the season but there's also the end of previous attempts were grenade was thrown at him during a rally so this is not being by any any means the 1st time that he space to these kind of challenges let's talk about the events of today then can you piece them together for a certainly bring them together because even as i was sort of reading all the information and we heard leah talking about it as well there was so many parts going on in different parts of the countries can it be threaded together into some sort of narrative. i think it can't it's not that complicated at the end of the day you know ethiopia and in medicine our way as the previous one prime minister really was an ethnic federal state and under prime minister he basically he's taken the tight control that there was over all the ethnic states off east
11:55 pm
basically giving them some kind of federal federal autonomy and that has been almost like taking the skin off an orange the bits of foreign apart and then our conflicts between each of the ethnic states which were created after $991.00 so that is really what is behind all of this there are a lot of tensions and the other thing that one must really not forget is that. her recent changed its leadership in march this year and i think that at that moment really it showed there was a power struggle going on inside our region and that is i think what is behind today's events and remind us of as well about the importance of the military and what they do for me because this is a well militaries in in africa in a lot of countries that's before are very powerful and influential. they are big but it also has to be careful because you know each of the states have their own militias some of them are police force some of them are paramilitary forces the
11:56 pm
only real organization prime minister abbey has to corinth himself is the federal army and that's a very big stick to have to wield against a regional power and all of the conflict that that has been going on in the last few months between various states and they go back many of them decades something as long as 100 years the conflicts really have to do with you know who knows which bit of land who has power of which name and that is cause all sorts of tensions and the. the state militia from each of the states as the need to fight each other just led to something like 2000000 people being internally displaced since prime minister and he came to office and that's something it's often ignored context there from joining us from london thank you so much. now to other news and the army
11:57 pm
and democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the eastern territory of jew group financing in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced hundreds of thousands catherine sawyer is in. neighboring uganda where people are seeking refuge in the violence in the sea and she's been monitoring events from that. reactor refugee reception center here in uganda these are just some of the hundreds of thousands of companies who've been displaced by fighting any to a province in eastern congo and eventually they're going to be moved to another area where they can. settle for the meantime right now they're being provided with food by u.n. agency for refugees and other agencies they can cook for themselves as well what we're being told is happening across the border in this offensive is that the military has captured one day's of the militias it was a bank they recovered firearms there as well as we also spoke to the military
11:58 pm
spokesperson who told us though that the movement has been quite slow because it's been raining heavily you also say they're not just fighting individuals who weapons but very well organized and equipped groups he says that what they're trying to do is a clear roads that have been blocked create a humanitarian corridor where that food can get to those who need it most and also try and rescue 80000 or so of people who are still trapped in areas where fighting is going on iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif says teheran is in talks with a number of countries on using currencies other than the u.s. dollar for trade this move is being seen as a way for iran to bypass u.s. sanctions and perhaps lessen washington's grip on global energy and commercial markets now we've got the. to talk about other issues to do with iran we're going
11:59 pm
to get the u.s. perspective on his workout story in washington in a moment but startling of course the dosage of ari into this is an interesting move and clever almost you would say to get around these tightening sanctions. yes certainly come all the foreign minister says that they are in talks with a number of countries including china india russia and turkey to try and set up a bi lateral monetary channel to get around these u.s. sanctions now we know that the russians have said that they are behind the iranians they will do whatever they can to try and help them because they plea as the iranians do that these u.s. sanctions are very harsh and unfair on the radio and so they we know that the russians are behind this this is something the iranians have been trying to set up for a while and the foreign minister says that some countries are already on board and they're also finalizing agreements with a number of other countries now that's one thing in the 2nd point is we've also
12:00 am
heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson apis mousavi just a short while ago we were anticipating further sanctions from the united states on monday and the foreign minister spokesperson spokesperson said that there is really not much left for them to sanction he said they've already sanctioned a number of entities and individuals in iran and they're really not surprised that they're they're actually surprised what else there is left for them to sanction and that aside who also heard from iranian president hassan rouhani earlier today where he said that the drone that wandered into the iranian airspace according to officials here and that was shot down by the revolutionary guards on thursday morning is an act of aggression and they iranian president is hoping that the international community will act accordingly and not allow the united states government to get away with.


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