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tv   Big Wata  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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one muslims have been the target of riots by singhalese buddhist nationalist groups then like last year the runs followers were accused of retaliation by singing buddhist statues. the police investigation uncovered a large cache of explosives which shocked ralph hakim and other thing in muslim politicians intra lanka's government we ministers brought it up in the cabinet wife . in front of the president and prime minister that all of us believe there is a very sinister force at work and we need the government to take quick action to prevent. something that could be my traverse and food. but he says nothing was done it was only after the easter attacks that security forces descended upon cost including a muslim enclave on sri lanka's east coast with the run found the in teacher.
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the all thor's he's arrested 100 people affiliated with the group and seize weapons and other materials which they say indicate the n t j were well organized and planning further attacks. because special forces have into this building because they suspect a member of the empty chair with building bombs here. some local muslim leaders say the raids a truthful to life because they've been warning the author about zahra since 2016 when we knew that his top down preaching and propaganda and the company. the youths. some of us we have believing he's going to live didn't mean extremism you know he's thought to do that in his speech. do we do these did you report him to the palais yes of course everyone knows they intimidate people no police no
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everyone no one my question is why you did not ask him. muhammad subfield leads an association which oversees $56.00 mosques in tottenham could he he says he was concerned about xerox all month which called for the killing of nonbelievers. but mohammad couldn't stop him building this religious sentiment downtown. i strongly believe you i did my part. but the police. and i want them to conduct the programme then they did the programme so the security personnel must take all the responsibility in terms of this time mr as i have on activities. mahmood hizbullah was the governor of this region at the time of the attacks
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a political ally of sri lanka's president he's been accused of not doing enough. before the in-store attacks did you have any knowledge of the him t.g.i. and their role in iraq if in this area of course they're there they're functioning . indeed the as as exactly this group. not terrorist we don't know about the terrorism as a religious group they're functioning but only think that it's on the religion when . they norm using nothing in the white could be a tux a photograph surfaced from 2015 showing his blood shaking hands with zahra as to other easter sunday suicide bombers the gong. to his school law and some polity. really new one we knowingly or unknowingly supported the stifle extremists you had these groups without you know concerning the consequences of this
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a number of politicians have accused you of being involved in the n.t. before the attacks is that a fair accusation how involved did this come. i am totally denying the allegations. of the count to 10 percent of sri lanka's population and most practice if yes but in recent years conservative interpretations of the faith have taken root at towie. gradually within the 2025 years that this community have a very very keen interest to practice islam as a saudi arabia as the middle east you know because within 15 yes they have changed the muslim community they have changed the address. critics of the law say as governor he allowed too much change to the social fabric of cutty. to this town
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have a problem with radicalization. this ridiculous situation and specially extreme is we had some issues before. 2 years ago and they're taking their people and. their mind from that there is. that extremist religious group. that national but we expect that they are the terrorist groups. say yes a lot of. muslims that conservative mosques say they follow peaceful teachings and now being unfairly targeted. at one of these mosques we meet mohammed. who taught when the suicide bomber was in his light is that her darling. and was identified as though he'd from the beginning so we say and because he committed
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suicide people are looking at does suspiciously or not that we have thought of but not although he'd sent does follow his line of preaching. none of us in sri lanka who are align ourselves with. his action has affected all the muslims in sri lanka . he'd also feel good. mohammed says as ron became more radical he lefties months and started delivering his own hardline sermons alienating across scotland. then in 27 tane he when he the hiding after a violent clash with a group of sooty muslims or any of the artist. he has antagonized politicians and also antagonized islamic groups who were against his teachings or who didn't follow his teachings so he accumulated enemies on all sides because of his actions he says clerics now educate youth year about the dangers of extremism but he fears
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islamophobia and new aggressive security measures who discriminate against members of the muslim community. they were would buy this so they get out there checking every house and the muslims are welcoming them and are prepared to identify the perpetrators. but if this situation continuous it's natural that the muslims will feel victimized by the money going down so these actions have to be stopped if we want to stop a lot of people legs a head on being brainwashed then we need to unity and cooperation among all the risks. under the state of emergency. 10000 soldiers have been deployed across the country and as during sri lanka's civil war the been given powers to search interrogate and arrest anyone without a court order so they've been sweeping the same houses in this neighborhood for the
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last guy searching again and again and again. some muslim politicians fear a whole community is being demonized for the actions of a few. that needs to be education among security forces so that they will not. over do overreach them and it and. certain produce has to create a sense of grievance among minorities certainly governments should not become regulators of lifestyle. but the government has imposed a temporary ban on muslim face coverings islamic schools and sermons by clerics and now subject to tie to monitor. conservative members of the government also want bans on foreign islamic teachings and burkett's all things solutions islamophobia
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no peepers identity in their faces. and i said you would not ask them mostly i say human we all human should you know that. this is muslim i didn't. read the clampdown we hear reports of attacking shops in homes owned by muslims we head to a town hours north of columbus where there's been an outbreak of communal violence and inflammatory social media post by a local muslim has reportedly triggered the mobs fury apparently a curfew has been parsed and papal i'm allowed out. we're going to see if we can get close to the site but there's some damage over there you can say there's some damage over there and it appears as though someone is throwing rocks into the shops . when we begin filming a story owned by
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a muslim man grab your stuff they are stopped the police try to stop it stop they say showing such images make sure lanka look bad. but a day like that there's no hiding the violence sweeping the country. 20 movie which is are a target. hundreds of muslim owned properties are burnt down. the government says the only way to stop such attacks is tougher hate speech laws the while and attacks against the other religion that cannot be accepted we should poorly really get that type of extremist group with dates coming from. their days coming from islam is where those coming from. in recent weeks there were demonstrations by powerful signal of buddhist groups linked to past violence they accuse governor has blocked into local muslim politicians of being involved in the
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attacks the men deny having links to the in t.j. and quit they government parts we had to stop all this ridiculous i'm not totally muslim even saying hello in sola darcy ralph how cute and 7 of the muslim ministers also step down they all insist the government is failing to keep muslim sites from persecution there is a gender fear say causes that is being exploited by certain under nearly mans certain is enough forces out there who survive on propagating their own brand of ideologies. as becomes the new front line in post bush lanka those scarred by the easter attacks feel abandoned and where a future i ask other previously unknown not of us but ya know us some lot of
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people call upon very. mean in the harmony of my message here try your best to keep close to your relationship i'm going to members. though somebody asked this family handles catholics ok stand just be to get into and to work to have the next. i mean tension and heightened security st sebastian stretching new gumbo is slowly trying to recover but the hope of priests like father pereira. yeah i mean that interest to me now with a change he stated in the and i will want my people miss this in the novel. but for many parishioners church will always be the place where loved ones came to
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pride and never came home. a palm tree is investigating the security lapses that led to the easter sunday. but sure lanka's president is refusing to cooperate his. father pereira says the politicians i just as culpable as the suicide bombers i would like to say that it's a terror act by them though and they have done what he would damage to our families i mean it it even to the christan society and these members should know how to resign and. i myself in close family. i'm never going to want them. in future. so you have no forgiveness for what i have done. me how part of the. i am not ready to accept them because they may going to do the thing i mean it is
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a game. laxman says he writes that his family were not high in the easter sunday attacks. but for him true lanka will never be the same again. and i would to family. how to console a family who has experienced it album. in one house the father is alive but the children a dear little died. in another but children are a life full of my to father does not want them wadi in the church there was one abandon charge crying without beatings. who will console the child and the what i've said politicians come and go but the charity will live it to swaddle whatever . in future i hope you can move forward and
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that all religions can prosper together in harmony. for now unity remains elusive in a tiny island nation of many faiths and in the cities. where bigotry often spirals into bloodshed another war with the could to rile the prosperity bilks from 8 years of pace. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and score their behavior one i want to east investigates china's surveillance crackdown on how does the.
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this is an opportunity to understand the very different way where there is little. celebrations for the opposition in turkey as their candidate beats president to one's man in a rerun of the stumbles marilyn lecture. we want to santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera if you have these
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military chief has been shot dead by his bodyguard and the governor killed in a connected attack but the prime minister says an attempted regional takeover has been stopped also iran reveals plans to bypass the dollar and american sanctions while the u.s. keeps up the rhetoric against terror and we'll take you to india were a vital source of food is turning to dust as the years of drought crippled some villages. the turkish president rejected time candidate has conceded defeat in the rerun of stumbles mayoral election been ali eld him of the ruling ak party addressed his followers not long ago he was saying he hopes the opposition c.h.p. party candidate claiming the more you serves the city well the defeat brings the ak party's rule of turkey's most populous city to an end. and these the scenes of
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jubilation at the headquarters of that main opposition party the c.h.p. after a moment hughes victory unofficial results show so far showing he received a little over 53 percent of the vote and won in even more districts than he did in the end now hold election back in march. let's have a look at some of the live pictures as well as people celebrate out in the streets this is a big deal remember the election back in march that was awarded to the opposition candidate but then the protest from the act party who said there were voting irregularities and demanded a rerun they got the rerun and what's been interesting this time is that the concession has come within minutes of those unofficial results coming through there has been so far no contest of the results and as we said a concession from ben ali and the supporters of the c.h.p. party's candidate the opposition party candidate celebrating in the streets of
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istanbul having a great time there this is quite a big blow for the act party we're going to speak to our correspondent in istanbul in just a short time as we look at these live pictures coming out of it stamboul for now let's move on ethiopia's military is trying to reassure the country after its chief of staff was shot dead in the capital an attempt was made to seize power in a northern state prime minister ahmed says the move to take over. was led by a high ranking military official there the country's military chief psion meconium was killed at his home in addis ababa shot alongside another general by his bodyguard elsewhere the leader of the in horror region was also killed in a gun attack on his office along with an 8 and the attorney general of the area was reported to have been wounded. in light of these attacks the ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure
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people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation. there is on her estate it is one of 9 or thomas regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in the state capital which is around 500 kilometers north of. the u.s. embassy also issued warnings for after reports of gunfire so a challenge for prime minister ahmed here is home to around 100000000 people but also more than 80 ethnic groups and various communities are developing their own states under the federal system tensions between some of ethiopia's ethnic groups
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of fuel violence for decades but it's increased this year and hundreds of people have been killed in attacks and last year nearly 3000000 people were displaced internally now that number is the highest number believe it or not in the world it is more than syria yemen somalia and afghanistan combined this update now from about with. 4 government officials have been shot and killed in ethiopia and the attempted coup 2 of them were involved and 2 of them were here in addison mackinnon was one of them he was the chief of staff and most notably the head of the military here in ethiopia we have information that he was actually shot by his bodyguard inside his home another general was also killed and mackinnon was trying to stop the crew and behaved as i mentioned he's in charge of the military there so he had been told by the prime minister to facilitate troops to try to stabilize the
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situation and behave and it was then that he was killed the prime minister says those who are responsible are mercenaries now in baghdad r.'s 500 kilometers away from here and added to regional leaders were killed including the regional president his name mccann and some of those responsible were arrested but some of them are also still at large now we believe that. is the one who is behind this attempted to intercede in lee he was arrested 10 years ago for another attempted to and spent the last 10 years in prison and was only just pardoned when president. prime minister rather. came top office and was pardoned by the us now in a televised speech the military intelligence chief said that the purpose of the 2 was tried to create a division in the military along ethnic lines. back to assemble within literally
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celebrating in the streets the opposition c.h.p. policy. goals mayor elect from the rain. all the election from march which was also won by the opposition but been disputed by the ruling party here is bara following events for us in istanbul a huge blow to the ship. indeed come out usually you would see thousands of people converging. on that side of the headquarters of the arc party but i think earlier today we had a sentiment that this is over and that ben ali needs a miracle to be able to win the election not so many people showed what he did in fact after the results were announced is that the other party candidate benignly conceded defeat and said that he was willing to cooperate with the c.s.p. party candidate. to come out as you said this is a major setback for our party and for president. for our party because this is
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a part of the has managed to win general election when big big cities since 1994 and it has dominated political life in turkey over the last 17 years now there is a feeling that an indication that that public support is starting to wear to wane it's also a major setback for president. because there is a feeling that after 17 years not many people trust that he's party's able to solve some of the crises that the country faces particularly an economy which is in tatters i have to say that even our party loyalists didn't show up today didn't cast their votes and some of them are not really happy with the track record of the party and they have to say this is this is going to put the party and president of the un in a delicate position of the future and i think they're starting to think about the need to invent the party for the future to be able to make some of the gains in the
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near future otherwise the opposition will take over and when you talk about the future and what does that actually hold the next major elections in turkey because if this results happened in stone bowl which acas held for so long in fact i think the president himself used to be the mayor of istanbul didn't he so it's a huge loss and that since and then they have to look ahead to new elections at some point it is. in deed this was the launch pad for a party it was in 1904 that it was a play button and it was elected by a vast events that supported him on to the national stage and he became very popular politician and done pave the way for our party to be formed and for our party to win the general elections in 2002 and president was a play about it and said many times that's when he. wins turkey well you see what's happening today it's. all he's winning and people are now starting to think about
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him as a challenger of president. in the 2023 presidential election so we're talking about a moment that could be a crucial moment a turning point for us there. and also for his party the our party fascinating stuff thank you for the update. in istanbul. to other news and iran's foreign minister mohammad zarif says teheran is in talks with a number of countries on using currencies other than the u.s. dollar for trade it's a move being seen as a way for iran to bypass u.s. sanctions and to lessen washington's grip on global energy and commercial markets more on this when the dosage of power in tehran according to the arabian foreign minister they are in discussion with a number of countries including china russia turkey and india to try and bypass the u.s. sanctions by setting up
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a monetary system where they can trade without having the u.s. sanctions factum this is something that the iranians have been talking about and we know that the russians are behind this idea they said that the russian foreign minister has said that the u.s. sanctions against iran is unfair and the russian government will do everything it can try and help the iranians bypass them the foreign minister has said that he already reached some agreements with certain countries and they are still in this caution with others so it's still in the process but in the foreseeable future this could be something that could help iran bypass those crippling u.s. sanctions now in a nationwide interview in u.s. television president donald trump has likened his national security adviser john bolton to a whole the aggressive tone comes as bolton warned iran on sunday not to take washington's prudence for weakness. do you feel like you were being pushed into military action against iran by any of your advise i have 2 groups of people i have
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dubs and i have hawks you have some i have some hawks john bolton is absolutely a hawk is up to him he'd take on the whole world at one time ok but that doesn't matter because i want both sides you know some people said why did you put your i was against going into iraq for years and years and before it ever happened i was against it going into iraq and some people said oh i don't know i was totally against i was a private citizen never made sense to me i was against going into the middle east to which france 7 trillion dollars in the middle east right now much more to come out of that interview as well he's on each account start with more details. in his extended interview given friday to n.b.c. news president trump said that he was not looking for war with iran however he said if there was one iran would see in his words obliteration like you've never seen before so again this mixed messaging that's both escolar torie and seeking to emphasize the fact that he cancelled the planned u.s. military strike on iran.


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