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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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in the following 4 years so what took on tonight is has no function telling us what will happen in the presidential election 4 years ago in any case it did it will be an uphill battle for president that to go on not is it reenergize your position it's not on your you know joe does not lead you to my eyes it's no longer possible for the chip right to to say we've presented to people and opposition your presence just indeed no you cannot call 55 percent of your population the elite i to also be an uphill battle because of this tradition of the economy are the multiple crises that year want our foreign policy and internal problems of take it partly because you do salts definitely add a ball than people who are such as done with alou and by john former ministers and in that suitcase full of prime minister who are now thinking of finding their own breakaway parties splinter parties from their parties saw president adlon will be
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trying to tackle multiple challenges at this time and yes he's to draw lessons from today's results and take action accordingly let's go now to his such a claim joining us from ancora thank you so much for your time thank you. on to other news in the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei it was heading to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. on an impromptu trip to coordinate with allies and prepare against iranian aggression but before boarding his plane compass said washington stands prepared to negotiate with terror and with no preconditions. i'm heading out today our 1st stop will be in the kingdom of saudi arabia the united arab emirates to great allies in the challenge that run present and will be talking with them about how to make sure that we are all teaching line and how we can go about the global coalition coalition not only throughout the state but in asia and europe that understands
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this challenge is it repaired to push back against the world's largest state sponsor of terror we're prepared to negotiate with no preconditions they know precisely how to find us. following this one from washington d.c. it is interesting isn't it the constant talk about pressure and and linking up with allies to put pressure on iran but talks without preconditions as well. that's right come on those very words were also said by the president himself in an interview that he gave n.b.c. that aired this morning however with the reason that secretary pompei o said he addressed reporters just moments ago he said was to set the record straight in response to iranian dissin from ation he said that he wanted to clarify that president trump had not sent a message through on asking iran to restart talks he said that never happened and that in fact iran's diplomatic isolation continues as well as the u.s.
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strategy of maximum pressure we heard earlier from the president that these new sanctions on iran could be announced as early as this coming monday from pale went on to say that until you run for goes violence and leave diplomacy with diplomacy the u.s. will not engage but when ready the u.s. will be there waiting for iran to come he also said that the u.s. has shown beyond a doubt in the secretary from pales words that this this this this drone that was downed by iranian missile on wednesday was flying in international air space as you recall of course called off retaliatory strikes that have been planned on iran with only minutes to spare that happened on thursday and trump has been saying he did that in order to avoid about 150 iranian casualties he also said that he is surrounded among his group of advisers by both hawks and doves and you can put
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secretary pump aoe as well as national security advisor john bolton squarely among the hawks and the very influential ones at that who reportedly advocated for this limited military strike on iran of course president trump all to milly did not follow that advice but the fact that we're seeing pump aoe now on this emergency trip to the middle east as well as bolton's present. today in israel that's telling that these 2 hawkish advisors have not fallen in esteem at least not in the president's eyes how does your castro in washington thank you and as heidi there talks about doves and hawks there was that nationwide interview on u.s. television where president trump likened his national security adviser john bolton to a whole new aggressive tone comes as bolton warned iran on sunday not to take washington's prudence as weakness to some with the support from western. the u.s. national security advisor has come to israel with
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a clear message for iran neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u.s. prudence and discretion for weakness. no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the usa and not against the world through words welcomed by israel's prime minister standing close by benjamin netanyahu is determined that iran's military presence in israel's neighbors syria is a threat which cannot be tolerated what's new is that now thanks to crippling american sanctions iran is facing unprecedented economic pressure as a result of its aggression so i was pleased to hear president trump make clear yesterday that pressure will continue and that pressure will increase netanyahu has brought together the u.s. and russia for 3 way meetings to discuss the growing crisis with iran on thursday
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iran shot down a u.s. military drone it's a who's who's flying through its airspace the u.s. denies that hours later the u.s. launched what it called cyber attacks against iran's weapons systems shortly after president donald trump said he made a last minute decision to call a missile strike inside iran the u.s. has now imposed more sanctions these meetings are crucial for the prime minister because he's fighting for his political life he failed to create a government to earlier this year and he's facing elections in september benjamin netanyahu wants these meetings to demonstrate that israel is at the center of global politics because of him russia will also come under pressure at these meetings to persuade iran one of its main allies in the middle east to rein in its strong rhetoric whether russia will be willing or able to do that is still unclear despite the determination of the united states and israel rob matheson. west
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jerusalem with us once again abraham for i had an associate professor of conflict resolution institute so last news hour we started to talk about what might happen with iran you felt it wasn't going to go into all out conflict but you said there are some other scenarios. yes exactly now that we also know that my computer is visiting the region as well and you have. both been in tel aviv and to have. bolton netanyahu in the same room definitely sends a lot about what type of escalation to expect because i think one of the things that we're going to see is that the imposition of more sanctions on iran as. stated already that this is going to start on monday but of course this is not going to play well with iran because this is hell thing going on in economy more
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and more of. iran probably saw when they downed u.s. drawn a few days ago a way out of this continuous pressure out of their imposing on the sanctions on iran so we should expect to see more of it because also now that. did not respond to the downing of the draw. 2 days ago yeah. that is something that sick is expected to attend because otherwise he would have to save his image his way out of the his status as you know that threatening but then b. in. the senate once again the carrot and the stick at the same time you're talking about increased sanctions and donald trump always said that but then he also says let's make iran great again and. says we can have talks without preconditions if you want. what do you believe while the goal of the time but when
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a station is to bring iran to the negotiation table to renegotiate the nuclear deal know how he's going to do this he's definitely trying to avoid a war an actual war a full scale war of that with the with a lot because this goes. and to put him in serious trouble now that he's a preparing actual photo it's not really him is that exactly why through his approach of just increasing these sanctions he's not was in anything it's the iranian economy that's missing and it's the iranian leadership that are being under pressure by imposing these sanctions so while i think he's going to escalate on many levels but i think he will still avoid the full scale war because that doesn't serve his purpose you know and that's especially again that he is preparing for the for his reelections and then that action season is going to start in the u.s.
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that's already started yes exactly how long he's a low voice how long can the iranian. economy and government survive under this sort of pressure because he just wants to keep putting the thumb through that and turning the screws and making it even tougher with mormons actions yeah well that's a really good question and i'm not sure actually tom gets it on this one because sanctions and blockades have never resolved a conflict have never provided the solution there. is definitely have think as a result of this and they're on an economy and the iranian people as well but we saw this experience of blockades in international conflicts many times in iraq they imposed a conflict a tough. on iraq as well and we saw the oil for busy food program run by the united nations and it lasted for over 12 years but that never changed
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the fact that saddam remained in place and it was that you know that you like the people who are suffering so that's now we're talking in this case of iran the elections the american elections as and will be in november 2020 saw almost a year and a half if trump thinks that he's going to resolve the. with iran by imposing these sanctions and imposing a blockade in a year i have i think he needs to rethink the whole approach and also that we have even more extreme cases of blockades actually excessive being excessively think conflict not resolving converts the case of gaza gaza has been the toughest the blockade probably in the world since 2007 and where the same thing over 12 years but never dissolved the problem i think he needs to be realistic about what to expect or void you know this. useless approach of just more escalation and to make the whole region and all. the while all the time and then
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nor. expect in return for help pleasure as always thank you for joining us thank you we have got more coming up for you on this news hour the day our seas battle against militias that are forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes . and later on the sport with it and it is those house and continues to set the pace in formula one that's coming up about 10 to the hour. if you abuse military is trying to reassure the country after its chief of staff was shot dead in the capital and then attempt was made to seize power in a northern state prime minister says the move to take over her was led by a high ranking military official there the country's military chief psion mckernan was killed at his home in addis ababa was shot along with another general by his
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bodyguard and then elsewhere the leader of the on her region was also killed in a gun attack on his office along with an aide and the attorney general was reported to have been wounded. in the light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there's nothing within the. military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation here is a moral state on the map one of 9 or thomas regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in the state capital which is around 500 kilometers north of on saturday evening the u.s. embassy also issued warnings for. after reports of gunfire so
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a lot of challenges then facing the prime minister ahmed remember ethiopia is home to around 100000000 people but also more than 80 ethnic groups and various communities are demanding their own states under the federal system tensions between some of ethiopia's ethnic groups of fuel violence for decades but it really increase this year with hundreds of people killed in attacks and this is an amazing statistic last year nearly 3000000 people would displaced internally which is actually the highest number in the world it is more than syria yemen somalia and afghanistan combined this update now from harding. 4 government officials have been shot and killed and ethiopia and attempted coup 2 of them were in our and 2 of them were here an added mackinnon was one of them he was the chief of staff most notably the head of the military here in ethiopia we have information that he was actually shot by his bodyguard inside his home another
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general was also killed and added mackinnon was trying to stop the car as i mentioned he's in charge of the military there and he had been told by the prime minister to the troops to try to stabilize the situation and and it was then that he was killed the prime minister says that those who are responsible are mercenaries now in behind 500 kilometers away from here and added to regional leaders were killed including the regional president his name mckinnon some of those responsible were arrested but some of them are also still at large now we believe that the game is the one who is behind this attempted coup interestingly he was arrested 10 years ago for another attempted coup and it's been the last 10 years in prison and was only just pardoned when president the prime minister rather met. office and was pardoned by. now in
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a televised speech the military intelligence said that the purpose of the coup would try to create a division in the military along ethnic lines we've got them are with us now and scott from atlanta is a lecturer of political science at georgia college and it's great to have you with us. what's happened today specifically in ethiopia multiple events in different parts of the country 500 kilometers apart but can you sort of thread them together for us and show us how it all comes together how it's linked. yes definitely a very sad day. but also on the internet and shut down on the living look complication. i mean obviously government has been slowing down so you don't know might about how are so easy to locate. the prednisone or say yes or. you know i went winning that race the nation that these 2 incidents as he saw her
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car which is a cocktail of ready the i'm hard line of. them are of the. forces who are in an isolated incident this. is a chronic that however that is only if that at the weekend and it's in the you know i'm not like that from you and we're expecting this and or terrorists mentioned this could be a way it's out of the you know. to incite some kind of division you know it's an it lands within the army but we do not have so much. it so much or mission but the prime minister sorry to interrupt or promise to describe it as you know a regional coupe which was stopped is that. it was it in your view looking like a and if it had actually happened what sort of difference would that have made to to how the prime minister could rule how much of a of a challenge would it have been for him. ok you know we we have an antique
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that our audience met in the country and that i bought ny you know the united states and in every the united states that is or it's in a political party that administers the state and within the political party that a little be somehow i mean i'm of the leadership of what kind of approach is that leadership of that's what you want us to take in terms of its relations with other regions of waves in the arms of the the the waste of the concerns of the people so there are some whole computers there are samples of the artery and very much you know if you absolutely have to work with everyone including the government to solve some of these crucial summit roosts critical problems that so that individuals face . that the kind of problems that you see i really cannot
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imagine let's say if the school was successful you know modern medicine what would be the you know the city well who would be well in that individual and with that in order luck who. happens to be successful is you're going to see was that i think that it's unlikely you know who are not you know something that we are used to you know i believe in that is the level at the unit of a given figuration but it's what i am i want to ask you is this is really a great attack against you know the people of iraq and of course the entire country and that this really shows how crocodile the for loop of our project that they've become and how much you know despite their promises of the leadership of prime minister of yemen that how much he and his theory of trying to. really consider me and so you know. it's
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a new tension if. you want to get ahmed joining us from atlanta to talk ethiopia thank you for your time. thank. still ahead of you on this news hour. as brazilian police get tough on crime the poor and the innocent they get caught in the crossfire and we'll take you to india where a vital source of food is turning to dust as years of drought cripples villages sports news and after a rare setback we'll find out what possible south steph curry has to say about the future of his team. hello again to welcome back across we are talking about dry conditions for many areas now we do have a few thunderstorms up here towards turkey but those have actually been decreasing
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as we have gone through the weekend to though we are looking at very warm temperatures across much of iraq baghdad at $46.00 degrees here on monday as we go towards tuesday it could even go up to about $47.00 degrees there kuwait city 47 degrees but we are talking drier now we had been seems to me minute the across the gulf those values are now going down here in doha as well humanity is going down and by monday we do expect to see attempt or even though it comes up it's going to be feeling drier at $45.00 degrees and abu dhabi is going to be reaching about $39.00 degrees there down across the south those santa is going to be picking up some clouds possibly a shower too where the temperature of $28.00 and messy conditions along the cape down here across much of southern africa the winds are also going to be picking up anywhere from cape down poor little of us as well as over here towards durban temperatures into the mid teens across much of the area up towards durban though it is going to be a windy day here on monday maybe getting a little bit cooler and rainier as we go towards tuesday but johannesburg is going
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to be seeing a clear day at 16 and enter the repo it is going to be rainy the temperature of $22.00 degrees there. this is a dialogue reading about it for us and staying at it on international media and on t.v. a pressure to stop its competition with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we're a small community without any network just each health join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in the street. when the news breaks the protesters and the steadily building that's. when people meet to be you know in need it must be a new way of getting home plate to move. on the story needs to be told. al-jazeera
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has teens on the ground to remove the old women documentaries and light names on air and online. this is the news from al-jazeera these are the top stories turkey's ruling ak party candidates has conceded defeat in the mayoral rerun election in istanbul that yielded i'm told his followers he hopes opposition candidate claiming the more you serves the city well unofficial results show he received over 53 percent of the vote and won even more districts than in the n.l. to vote in much u.s.
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secretary. to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. on an impromptu trip to coordinate with allies and prepare against what he calls iranian aggression peo says washington does stand ready to negotiate however with terror around with no preconditions and ethiopia's military chief and the regional president of the northern state of them have been killed in 2 related attacks the prime minister's office says the killings were part of an attempt by a high ranking military official to overthrow the regional government of heart. to europe now and hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the czech capital against a prime minister. in what is being called the biggest demonstration in prague since the velvet revolution that brought the end of communism here is. in london with more. thanks very much kemal yes incredible scenes we've been seeing in prague of really mass protests calling for the czech prime minister to step down over
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allegations of fraud protests against andre bobbish have been ongoing since april with nearly half a 1000000 people signing a petition demanding he resign is facing a criminal investigation for allegedly misusing european union subsidies worth millions of euros the businessman turned populist politician denies the charges and is refusing to step down david is the director of the transparency international organization in the czech republic and joins us live from prague via skype so these protests have been described as the biggest since the fall of communism i know that you are spending some time in amongst the crowds what can you tell us about who was out on the streets today and why they were there. thank you for having me well it was really like because really since 89 since the end of communism so-called over devolution. it was
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a very peaceful great mood and but the message was very clear people are fed up with political corruption of our prime minister bobbish they demand he does it nation and they really want to keep the democratic institution rule of law and not the country multi-party system in place and they believe that the current oligarchic prime minister really danger to this establishment and it was also kind of a wake up call for opposition because what we are facing now is a kind of bet was going to type of politicians the biggest oligarchy in the country 2nd richest person in the country who is who is a warning media and at the same time he's either of the top of all of the group there are made controlling large parts of the governments and he's milking again saying that noise can i ask you just when he was saying about the country's institutions we know that babbitt is under investigation for alleged abuse of a huge subsidies are the country's institutions like do you judge the judiciary
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strong enough to carry out a free and fair investigation. we hope so we believe that our institution remain strong going to be keep rule of law we have a strong judiciary prosecute those police but unfortunately what bob which is doing is is trying to get to them to over to put a very loyal people to important positions and the people are simply afraid that. investigations of its own economy crimes either previous ones or governor once can be endangered and he can escape with immunity and i believe that's what we want to avoid and that was one of the key messages which brought people to the streets and can i also ask you about some of the other investigations going on because separately babbitt is being investigated by the e.u. for a conflict of interest then now what do you make of the way brussels has handled this . well there was a case that my organization transparency national as
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a watchdog actually brought to light we tried to highlight the enormous consequences that these i think that is all in the business empire is receive is biggest recipient of your money so we brought the visual comp complaint to brussels the european commission basically saying that he is in a such a conflict of interest that these companies should not be in a bite of the receive public funds that you funds and commission actually agreed with us they stop now paying the subsidies and they should issue the final verdict very soon which brings them into very difficult positions either to endanger his own business which he very much wants to protect or to step down as the prime minister and i believe this public brought this actually have mounting this pressure on this oligarch and i'm really the message is very clear we don't want to keep one guy actually running the whole show. european country the democratic
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coalition and we want to keep it well thank you for sharing your views with us today david on that director of transparency international in the czech republic thank you very much about protests also unfolding in russia's capital hundreds of people there calling for all political prisoners to be released earlier this month more than $500.00 people were arrested at an unauthorized demonstration in moscow including opposition politician alex in a valley a protest as were demanding accountability from the rest of an investigative journalist russia's government admitted there was no evidence against event going off and he has since been afraid. ukrainian politicians and foreign diplomats joined thousands of people marching in a gay pride parade in kiev crowds walked along the streets in the center of the ukrainian capital they were flanked by of cordon of police but there was no sign of violence despite some protests it was the biggest and most peaceful pride event
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ever held in the fullness of your country sunday's march was part of pride month celebrated by g.t.p. . people all around the world. now italy's deputy prime minister material salvini says he holds the netherlands and the e.u. responsible for the fate of a group of migrants that run was blocked from italian ports dutch flag rescue boat has been stuck in the mediterranean since rescuing $53.00 migrants drifting in an inflatable raft off the coast of libya last week 11 of those on board were allowed to disembark including 2 women who were pregnant but the vessel was denied permission to dock in italy and has refused to return those rescued back to libya. more from london a bit later on about 20 minutes back to kemal and thank you mariam the army in the democratic republic of congo says it's killed 16 militia members in its offensive against armed groups in the east and the tory province it's also captured 7
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foreigners including a former soldier who's now become a militia commander catherine swords following developments from uganda. a show of might as soldiers from the democratic republic of congo begin their offensive. against tribal militia groups that have killed more than 100 people in the past 2 weeks alone and displaced hundreds of thousands in the eastern province of the story. the groups say to be hiding in a forest in the jungle area. this is what the congolese government wants to stop carnage in many villages this footage was filmed on saturday when armed people banned homes. most of those fleeing are going to cause for displaced people in other parts of the region some are heading across lake albert to uganda. this group arrived as a transit center and is now heading to a reception area father in law and. we met
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a painter on saturday who told us that he was separated from his mother and the last time she soha she was running from a man with a machete he still has no word about what happened i do not hiding anything about my mom one was on tell me. that he got me that my grandmother is now on my life leave already so yeah every day i do not see a lot. more than 4000 congolese have made it to uganda in the past few weeks. yes. they're right safely in the reception air. just in time for lunch. in a maze pop commonly known as. she was met and says she's just glad that she managed to get some of her children out. we had gunshots and then saw the men shooting
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those they caught they slaughtered we escaped into the forest i took 2 children and my husband the other 2 they still have not arrived eventually they'll be settled in an area with about a 100000 other refugees most of them congolese who have over many years fled from the same conflict catherine sorry al-jazeera uganda so that india now where large parts of the country are suffering their worst drought in decades forcing many farmers to abandon their land as their crops fail they move to the cities but their farming life there actually isn't much better elizabeth purana reports now from one of india's hardest hit regions the western state of maharashtra you are. left has 40000 square metre cotton farm in his village 6 months ago he now lives in this cramped rented room with his family. 2 years of dry.


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