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tv   Putting Man On The Moon  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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in bangkok and these southeast asian leaders shake off a wave of regional tension plus. as brazilian police get tough on crime the poor in the end it's not get caught in the crossfire. the web sponsored by the time and ways. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well the rain continues across parts of china and it has been over the last several weeks causing extensive flooding and many provinces the biggest concern over the next few days of what's going to be happening here and one don as well as fujian province over here towards the south in the southeast very heavy rain is expected in these areas and localized flooding could be a big problem there up towards the north though in ruhani here on monday not looking too bad but by the time we get to tuesday the rain showers begin to make
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their way back up here towards the north and shanghai is going to be seeing some rain as well over towards taipei the rain is going to start to ease the time to there of $29.00 degrees down across the philippines not what you bet for you over the next few days it is going to start to increase though we do have a disturbance just to the east and that's going to help to increase those rain showers over the next few days there for monday manila not too bad most of the heavy rain chose will be to your south but by the time we get to tuesday the heavy rain starts to make its way in with attempt to there of 31 degrees and then very quickly towards india we are starting to see a more rapid progression of the monsoon particular over here towards the north in the northeast we have seen the monsoon push more towards the west and that is good news here for kolkata down to a so that we are seeing some very heavy rain as well and bengaluru will see a temperature of 27. the west. and lays. out a 0 well to meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen and
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wayne. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street sound as on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera has reminder of the top stories turkey's opposition party has won istanbul's mayoral race it is the 1st time in 25 years of president roach of pipe order was ruling party has lost power in turkey's economic capital. so
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military gentle has dismissed an ethiopian plan for a transition to civilian rule the opposition has backed the proposal but the military says it doesn't match up with another blueprint from the african union. government says it is back in control of the northeastern sedaka mara after a failed coup attempt the country's military chief and the leader of the morrow were among 4 people killed. iran says there is no going back from its decision to withdraw from parts of a nuclear deal unless european signatories intervene against u.s. sanctions tehran has accused the european powers of not being committed to the 2015 deal over their failure to shield them from economic pressure it comes as donald trump's and 2 top officials to the middle east for diplomatic talks before leaving said washington is ready to sit down for talks with the wrong with no preconditions . i'm heading out today are or stop will be in the kingdom of saudi arabia the united arab emirates 2 great allies in the challenge that iran presents and we'll
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be talking with them but out to make sure that we are all teaching really a line and how we can go about a global coalition coalition not only throughout the gulf states but in asia and europe that understands this challenge is it repaired to push back against the world's largest state sponsor of terror we're prepared to negotiate with no preconditions they know precisely how to find us john hendren us more from washington d.c. . u.s. secretary of state mike pompei always on his way to the united arab emirates and saudi arabia to drum up a campaign against iran with u.s. allies this all follows the shooting down of a global hawk surveillance drone on thursday the u.s. contends that that happened in international waters iran contends that happened over iranian territory and therefore iran was within its rights to shoot it down on its way out to those meetings secretary pompei o said iran was guilty of pure and
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blatant information who accused iranian leaders of selling false information he said to a map tweeted by the foreign minister of iran whose child like that map purportedly showed where the drone was when it was shot down so this means a couple of things this means the u.s. pressure campaign is gearing up along with those allies it also means that saudi arabia is pretty much out of the penalty box the u.s. and particularly president donald trump had been criticized for not distancing ourselves from saudi arabia after the killing of jamal khashoggi in turkey the washington post journalist and united states resident president trump was asked about that over the weekend and he said quote i only say they spend 402450 1000000000 over a period of time all money all jobs buying equipment and of course those numbers are very much disputed by the president's critics but he went on to say i'm not a fool that says we don't want to do business with them so the pressure campaign
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goes on and mike pompei o heads out to the middle east. as a former french ambassador to iran he says pulling back on that next from the nuclear deal is the only card iran has to play against increased pressure from the u.s. . well we're all part of the it's best you know but the best is very little indeed because the governments don't. don't command their companies and international companies all of a sizable companies in europe have the main interest in the united states you know and when they have to choose between iran and the united states i mean the choice is easily made i mean there had to have to to abide by the by the u.s. rules and u.s. regulations and so this is the world the point where we are today the iranians and then that they don't intend to to to to go back on into to the back of some sort to
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to to to go back from the position they intend to to to pull out progressively of. of the g c p a way of the nuclear deal it would be very progressive but in fact this is the only card they have in hand you're good to resist the american pressure to resist. the growing sanctions. dis is their only non-lethal we have to reciprocate they know that in any lead will eventually we'll cross the red line us and this we know very well so there has to find other ways the only way they have the only call the only way they have really it's to do to reduce for aggressively their commitments within the just superior way the nuclear agreement itself prime minister s.s.l. gave the us peace plan for the middle east their consideration at the proposal last
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and criticised by the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas he says it's bound to fail it's all present the plan of a conference and bahrain's capital manana sick and all out of the water. i don't think it will be any results from the minimum. workshop because it was built on wrong foundations which is built on falsehood is false the minimal workshop came to solve the problem but what problem you cannot make problem but there is a political problem it can omit problem with who for example when they say they want to give the palestinians an amount of money to the palestinians they should have an insidious statehood so you need to 1st recognize the state after that you can save this state needs this and that thousands of protesters in morocco have come out to march against their government's plan to attend that peace summit in bahrain these are the scenes in the coastal city of herat a u.s. official has said morocco egypt and jordan confirmed they will be at the meeting. met with the king of morocco last month but officials denied they had received
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details of his israeli palestinian peace plan saudi state media says an attack on our airport in the country south has killed one person and the rebels say they targeted the facility using a drone it's the 2nd attack on an airport and less than 2 weeks. hundreds of thousands of protesters have rallied in the czech republic demanding the prime minister step down it's a way to trace a name the toppling faces a criminal investigation over alleged fraud some say this is the biggest protest there since the fall of communism in 1989 or a challenge as more. organized as say 250000 people came to this demonstration whether or not that's accurate the demonstration was certainly large and it shows anger at the prime minister in some sections of czech society isn't dissipating. because of the. prime minister because of how.
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shamed by. just. agree with. yassin. publish a billionaire businessman turned politician is facing a criminal prosecution for allegedly using e.u. subsidy money to build real estate a decade ago the e.u. suspects there are conflicts of interest with his businesses he denies any wrongdoing but appointing a new justice minister shortly after police recommended a prosecution is what triggered the protests for now he's refusing to step down the problem is that in parliament. really isn't any majority for. fish so it's really kind of moot point whether these demonstrations can be can be successful some comments it's not even saying that actually the demonstration
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increase the support for. this is just that or plans no confidence vote in parliament next week is likely to fail but the street protests against him which began as a small student movement are getting bigger and bigger. protesters in georgia are keeping up the pressure on the government for a 4th straight day they rallied outside parliament in the capital tbilisi demonstrations began after a russian politician gave a speech in parliament and russian that sparked a mass rally and hundreds of people were arrested and injured relations between the 2 countries have been strained since the 2008 war over south ossetia. leaders of southeast asian countries have agreed to work together on the region's economy in the face of the ongoing trade war between washington and beijing economic concerns and territorial conflicts dominated the summit in thailand scott heiler reports in bangkok. a collective handshake of the 10 aussie and nation's
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leaders at their summit in vanko but there is no clear voice from the collective on any of the key topics with the trade war intensifying between its 2 main trading partners the united states and china they need to navigate a path to keep their economies growing though also want to strengthen their partnership an immediate product of that they will jointly tackle marine pollution usually because. the meeting has adopted bangkok declarations against marines ways in the region it shows our determination to sustainably solve the marine pollution problems. even with a population of more than 600000000 people some feel that geo political position is weakening mainly because of political changes within member nations like a rise in the for terrorism and a growing reliance in either the united states or china. is
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a claim to fame has been able to you know maintain regional autonomy. these are be the major powers not allowing the super powers outside powers to dominate to overwhelm and overtake the region that's been the 52 years it's us but now that old challenge is back again and existential myanmar has brought negative attention to the region with the rich. u.g. crisis that saw more than 700000 people flee to bangladesh in 2016 the un has called it ethnic cleansing some of the human rights community feel that much more needs to be done to push the government myanmar to do more in the region go refugee crisis and that push needs to come from os young members many human rights groups such as the international commission of jurists has actually been repeatedly calling on the myanmar leadership including she who has been who has benefit that in the past on the. human rights groups speaking on her behalf to free her and now she's the one and she is one of those leaders that is actually keeping quiet human
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rights abuses in the region so for now like much of the world members are looking for answers to keep their economies growing and which superpower or free trade agreement can help them achieve that scotland al-jazeera bangkok thailand is banning pig imports from laos for 90 days after it recorded its 1st cases of the deadly african swine flu although not harmful to humans the disease has so far killed nearly a 1000 pigs in laos china took a similar step on friday banning imports of pigs wild boars and related products from laos are seen as a ruling party has declared victory in presidential elections the party's candidate mohamed old was on a has received more than 50 percent of the vote according to the election commission but the opposition has warned it will challenge that result zani says he'll maintain the economic progress made under the current president. brazil's president swept to power earlier this year on
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a promise to get tough on crime. has demonstrated that in his home state of rio de janeiro policing there has been checked has a checkered reputation in the battle against drug gangs with innocent people sometimes getting caught in the crossfire and reports the situation is getting worse. and the power has been fighting for justice for more than 5 years since 1000 year old son jonathan was killed in a police raid for you we often hear that that was the worst day of my life i would never imagine even in my worst nightmares losing a son i didn't believe it was happening i thought i was dying with him. so much it was just one of the thousands of mostly poor young black men killed by rio police in recent years more than 1500 in 2018. the number of killings has increased since president bush took office this year. the reason given is always that the victims fired 1st jonathan was not armed this is what i demand it doesn't matter if
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i'm black poor or if i live in a poor neighborhood i am a citizen i pay my taxes like anyone else so i demand the state gives me an answer for this murder and the answer is justice i will accept nothing else and the power alone knows the name of her son's killer he was found to have killed 3 times previously he's been assigned administrative duty is still in possession of his piece gone bad although the statistics are shocking they only hint at the full scale of the suffering the daily violence that engender is grief and fear hidden away out of sight infidel as well shanty towns such as this one. campaigners say sending the police into the furbelows with guns blazing has been proven to only increase crime shows of force by the president and ex-military or part of the ideology that got him elected that a few poor neighborhoods register. around 80 homicides per 100000 residents rates
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from work countries it seems like in the same city we have 2 different countries one rich developed and car the other one in constant war. also has an ally in the rio state governor wilson with who has suggested using missiles to blow up criminals. a charge for set up to investigate questionable police killings is underfunded and understaffed and no rio police officer has yet been convicted and jailed. and the power has been awarded for her work with the mothers of other victims of police operation in these. sukumar. i have spent the last 5 years fighting for my son's memory. still kumar's 5 years asking god for health so i can stay strong and keep going because so much hoping that justice for jonathan's death will bring some relief for
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her and thousands of other breeds brazilian mothers. and their al-jazeera rio de janeiro italy's deputy prime minister material salvini says he holds the netherlands and the e.u. responsible for the fate of a group of migrants that rome has blocked from italian ports the dutch flag rescue boat has been stuck in the mediterranean since rescuing $53.00 migrants drifting and inflatable raft off the coast of libya last week 11 of those were allowed to disembark including 2 pregnant women but the vessel was denied permission to dock in italy and has refused to return those rescued back to libya. take a look at the headlines right now on al jazeera turkey's opposition party is one istanbul's mayoral race it's the 1st time in 25 years that president raja type are the ones ruling party has lost power and turkey's economic capital sudan's
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military general has dismissed an ethiopian plan for a transition to civilian rule the opposition has backed the proposal but the military says it doesn't match up with another blueprint from the african union i want to up we have received 2 separate proposals to study from ethiopia and another one from the african union but what we've agreed with. is one combine proposal to be presented to us and to narrow gaps between points of view. his government says it's back in control of the northeastern state of m r after a failed coup attempt the military chief and the leader of or among 4 people killed iran says there is no going back from its decision to withdraw from parts of the nuclear deal unless european signatories intervene against u.s. sanctions tehran is accused european powers of not being committed to the 2015 deal or their failure to shield them from economic pressure saudi state media says an
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attack on our airport in the south has killed one person and state the rebels say they've targeted the facility using a drone in a 2nd attack on a by airport in less than 2 weeks. hundreds of thousands of protesters have rallied in the czech republic demanding the prime minister step down it is the latest administration aimed at toppling this who faces a criminal investigation over alleged fraud some say this is the biggest protest there since the fall of communism in 1909. and people in georgia are keeping up the pressure on the government for a 4th straight day they rallied outside parliament in the capital tbilisi demonstrations began after a russian politician gave a speech in parliament in russian that marked a mass rally sparked a mass rally rather and hundreds of people were arrested and injured relations between the 2 countries have been strained since the 2000 war. so the
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headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have more news for you and sad story is next. ruling turkey's powerhouse the a cave party's dominance is put to the test in istanbul rerun of its mayoral election but what does that mean for the country's democracy and also for the president mr herder one this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby the turkish president wretch up
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time to one has always been keenly aware that politically speaking what happens to turkey's 2nd city could have a major and last impact on his own political future the city is crucially important as the nation's business hub but it dealt a blow to the president's ruling justice and development a k. party during the merrow lections in march the ruling a party contested that result over counting irregularities and turkey's electoral board up held the complaint so turkish voters went back to the polls many saying they're concerned about unemployment and the rising cost of living mr owens critics blame him for the economic recession and the vote is seen as a referendum on his policies al-jazeera is hasham alba sets up our discussion today from istanbul. president roosevelt said many times that whether winds winds turkey the city was the starting point for our party's political rise and dominance in recent years it was when of the mayor ship obvious tumble in 1994 that
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catapulted him on to the national stage and helped launch the party which has managed ever since to win general elections and secure comfortable leads and this explains why when they lost the city in march it came as a major setback for john for the party and for his supporters and although this is a local election but the rerun could be a crucial moment for a party if they lose it could be an indication they are losing popular support or a need to reinvent themselves or the public sentiment in turkey is shifting to words supporting an alternative to a party. for inside story. ok let's hear how some turkish voters feel about this rerun this 2nd. sin i think is going to solve. most of the problems remain for still political.
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and atypical issues in the room everybody's opposed to the high alexion board's decision to rerun the istanbul election like nobody thought this was ordinary hopefully this election will be held within the last. we are taking part in this election but with qualms this cannot be denied it's a fact we hope that irregularities will not happen in this election. ok let's get going let's introduce our panel today from istanbul metamath chelate managing editor of the daily star newspaper from london fadi a quarter manager of the turkey project at chatham house and from ankara yusuf conley formerly the editor of the how to get newspaper welcome to you all met in istanbul let's go back to march and start our discussion there those claims of irregularities there was only $13000.00 votes in it but those claims how was that received by the voters. well i think there is there is 2 side of the story there is
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those voters who say that this small margin should be analyzed and should the claim should be taken seriously and the fact that the party side took it to supreme election council should be taken serious the fact that there is more than 10000000 voters in a stumble this small margin should be taken into consideration but on the other hand there is the opposition voter base who says that you know this small margin and irregularities are seen as. you know like an escape from the losing side but at the end of the day it is the supreme election counsel who is eligible who is able to make that decision whether or not the claims were you know worthy of taken into consideration and the fact that they were you know one day decided to nullify the march 31st election by you know 7 in favor of the party
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poll i think it's significant i mean this was a judicial process that our party had a right to appeal to and they did that this is part of our election process and election laws and you know there is the tiredness from mia from the elections by by the voters at the same time so you know it there is 2 side of the stories in this whole canceling of the march 31st elections thought he had cooler in london what's the central message from the voters of istanbul to mr to one. i think the the voters in istanbul are deeply unhappy with the curating state of the economy food inflation is over 30 percent unemployment is in double digits the turkish lira is plummeting against the us dollar and the euro the debt burden either by the felt by the turkish private sector and or consumer is becoming
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increasingly unbearable for the number one issue for the stumble voters is the state of the national economy also we see now the majority now over 50 percent of all turkish bank deposits now are denominated in a foreign currency which is an indication of growing impatience by the turkish public over the state of the economy use of cammy in ankara if that growing impatience translates into the political sands are shifting underneath the a k p does that mean that those same san's are shifting as well under the feet of president to one pair of course we can all say dissolve so he stumbled the engine of and or the 15000 difference between the 2 contenders or the 1st drug was in a moment one ward is enough to even or lose the election that was what is the.
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door mr benoliel do said before the election and indeed just a case in these double rerun is indeed iraq being the cause of it is all the people in the lewis is there in the country and it is ruining the image of turkey as occurred to capable lower holding in fair and just elections there's one tour of course the odd couple of these double action movie will be dominated really way the result of people users and i just into. stop you there for a 2nd just for a 2nd that's not quite an answer to my question my question was this are we in effect seeing mr erdogan on not displaying the political dexterity that he has displayed since 1904 since he took istanbul himself is he beginning to lose his political grip and people are reacting to that of course in
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a certain extend is that it is stumble and just by be the beginning of the end of him there is an expectation are there you know in. politics you cannot be sure oh editing as every election is. i go i did have a particularly you know it is it evades double but hopefully this will be the end overtone tonio. heavily ody in the country 30 her career in london there are already existing fissures within the a.k. party could this rerun of the mer alexion make those fissures bigger make them more acute and therefore make them damaging for mr the one. i think that if i can just
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add one point to your previous speaker when leaders nationally distend to stay too long in politics normally over 10 years they become increasingly they become increasingly centralize too much power in their hands we saw that with market thatcher in the united kingdom we saw that with helmut kohl in germany where national leaders and now we see it with angela merkel in germany again so i don't need to stay too long in power they tend to they tend become less more inflexible and try to centralize as much power as as possible and measurements in istanbul i guess that's a fair point i mean the voters of istanbul are just tired surely they've heard what 6 votes not 56 votes in 5 years they're just exhausted when it comes to having to go and vote for somebody again. well that is wait in fact the rerun decision was not a decision that our party initially demanded they want they demanded the recount of
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votes but the c.h.p. unfortunately stood against that and then our party had to take them take their appeal to supreme election council and the decision was made by the supreme election council. with regards to the previous points made i think if there is an exhaustion of the election is there is that perception that has taken a blow by using let's say on qatar and some of the other big cities and and the fact that a position has been able to consolidate its voter base against him in istanbul but we should not forget that it's been 17 years nearly 2 decades of a party being in power and entering elections and winning every single one of them in fact they warn i mean they received the most votes and they were the most popular and people student stood behind them by by far in the past in
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march 31st elections to there is that however fatigue in our party that our party has been able to renew itself in the past elections and i think this election was one of them and they have to take some of the points people try to make. into consideration and economy is one of them economy has to be a getting better and i think if the fact that it is one of the indicators and one of the factors affecting people's decision the government has to take that into consideration and president add on has said that they will focus on economy in the past you know nearly 4 and a half years of nor lection period that's what this one of the 1st thing he said right after the march 31st elections but there is a rerun of. the decision that was made this was not made by our party nor that the our party demanded this but there were regularities that had that our party had
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appealed and the decision was made by the supreme election council you safe enough for this agree just to stop me there gentlemen it's want to put that point to use of cannily and ankara did people go for mr m m o 2 in march granted there was only 13000 votes in it but did they go for him because he had genuinely attractive logical policies or did they go for him because he wasn't the a.k.p. . was the people went in a mood because diesel in him. the whole. people still hope the justices were going to move everything will be far better is indeed deflective will work even will offer to turks people who just were turkish team of a smooth running democracy rather than one man show that mr erdogan going to turkey
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over the past 17 years 40 in london just to be clear for those of us who are not totally across that the tapestry of turkish politics is stan bull is the jewel in the political crown of turkish politics if you lose is stan bull your prestige is dented surely so what's your direction of travel if your the president even if there is a distance between you as an a k p president and the party itself. there's not doubt that it's stumbled extremely important in turkish national politics and present their demands victory in istanbul with isn't is a very important or loss that is it's an important psychological. important psychological value but i think the president erred on made a strategic error by exaggerating the importance of istanbul what is important in turkey now is not istanbul but the state of the national economy if the economy continues to deteriorate his hold on power will get weaker and weaker but if the
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economy improves then his his his tenure in an office will be solidified so i think it was a strategic error on present part to exaggerate the importance of istanbul rather than remaining laser focused on the economy but surely ferdie he's played a clever game with this particular election not the election in march this particular election he kind of has been very hands off he's been very standoffish he hasn't been out there campaigning. he has not present there don has decided this time around to take a more backseat role in the elections but ultimately for the voters of istanbul it's going to it's really it's really a competition between present era the one and the c.h.p. candidate republican people's party candidate. him or look i think at the politics in turkey is deep is a very is very personalized of individuals are much more important than parties. is
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present aired on the and present aired on is that it could be if you were to lose power then i think like in the past in previous parties you'll see that i think over time will disintegrate and disappear so what matters is really it's really present at the one who is on the ballot box rather than the official. be candid it been of you there met mick coming back to mr ball the opposition group ings the small opposition group in some kind of reinvented themselves a little bit in as much as they got behind the c.h.p. can they stay there can they stay united and present a can they can they coalesce around the c.h.p. as a national opposition to mr. well right now i think your position has consolidated its voter base around one thing and that is being anti add on and i don't think
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that the fact that they come from various ideological backgrounds various social backgrounds and they have different. motives and goals in their political stances and in turkish politics i think you know of course everything is possible but it is very difficult for a very conservative let's say felicity party to stand with you know c.h.b. or the fact that although they are not they are not officially part of the alliance but let's say the h d p which is which which receives a lot of votes from the current we i mean which receives most of the votes from the kurdish voters it's very difficult for them to be in an alliance or supporting a candidate who also receives. a vote votes busy and support from a very nationalist far right good party this was a strategic game they have been and the ultimate aim here is to
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eliminate out on from the political sphere of political arena in turkey it whether or not this is a long term. strategic. alliance i don't think that it will serve 2 parties long term interests however in the short term they have been successful and we can see that through. mystery men will lose votes which was nearly 50 percent you know and he was able to surpass nearly all the rooms votes if this this alliance wasn't there i mean we know the traditional voter base of c.h.p. . being iran oddly 30 odd percent and our party has been. close to 50 percent in the past few years or. the fact that this alliance has brought them a result in the short term i don't think we can say that this will stay like that
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unless they come to serve some sort of other ideological compromises made it within their bases or they are they come to a consensus on how they will go forward and. just and to err on ism is not enough or that for them to stay together i'm sure a lot in it and stick probably to interrupting their measurement use of cannily in ankara mr in effect during this campaign surely tried to try to straddle 2 stools he was almost similar pitching himself as being a victor who wasn't given the victory but he was also pushing himself as being a victim was that a canny political choice on his part or do you think that long term that may backfire. you know it is politics being weak dem always paid off and now earn or not only mama look but the government is throwing to play the role of
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victim as well and i believe. will is the real victim in this current case and it will pay off i expect personally between 4 to 6 per cent difference between. the 90 years that have been the into this election just because. of debt but also all our party while on the one hand. playing rather dirty in accusing him of war being a picky candidate itself a gauging in a very. dirty campaign or getting or more. imprisoned in after those on in latest efforts therefore. as my friend from somerset yes indeed it's very difficult for the. automation of this group tuesday in the same board. separatist terrorist therefore
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the same problem that he mentioned about you but will is exists for the government flag is valid can we say now given the strength of feeling that mr erdogan is safe for now but you know events dear boy that's an expression about european politics there may be something further down the line if this does not when once the dust has settled if this doesn't play to his strengths if it plays to his weaknesses we're talking about the economy and the a.k.p. also meant that they're taking ideas out of the c.h.p. playbook they're talking about literally bread and butter issues lowering the cost of public transport mr bull that's a vote winner shorty. well you know what i think is stumble elections are very significant for either side's political future in turkey at the end of the day this is we should not forget that this is also just a municipal election however if the government you know if the opposition wins
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istanbul and the government does not take that loss into consideration and answers demands of the people when it comes to the economy or other demands they may have or they have i think it is only normal for any government or any political parties power to erode and diminish in time if they fail to meet people's demands but a party and i'm only saying this looking at their past if they are able to readjust themselves if they if they are able to. you know strengthen the economy if they're able to play their diplomatic moves efficiently and successfully in international politics and if they're able to. somehow get back to their connection and their communication with the public i think is dumb or election that significance from a stumble election will be diminished at the same time that's i mean dick's theory
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t. we talk about when it comes to our don mr ed on and i think he's you know he's a political genius that we have seen for the many decades in turkey if he's able to make that shift even if the stumble is lost and i think the political. party will still be there however if people do not see that readjustment as success it's only normal for any political party or any government to not get the same supports as the previous elections and people will make that choice you know turkish took us voters are very aware and very educated when it comes to that ok fadi in london clearly it's impossible to get into mr one's head but once this chapter has been completely written you know and we're viewing this through the prism of miral elections in istanbul does mr de one need to tilt
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a little bit does he need to come out not fighting but come out visibly changing changing himself changing the party and change in the country. i think that if assuming that the ruling party were to lose the were to lose the elections in istanbul i think the president erred on should become should adopt a much more conciliatory approach to politics rather than this very confrontational robust and in some and many ways ideological attitude to his opponents but i suspect that present the one will not adopt a conciliatory approach i think he will double down on a very assertive and aggressive. posture towards his opponents i doubt i don't think that there is many easy fixes easy fixes for the turkish economy any changes are going to be have to be structural and that will not be easy for president or do want to undertake and i doubt that there will be undertaken so
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i says my my expectation is that you will see that present air don't continue with his current approach to politics rather than. rather than taking their lessons and trying to reverse course to maintain his hold on power gentlemen we have to leave it there but thank you so much for such an interesting conversation today here on inside story thanks to all our guests they were. for the a quarter and use of currently and thank you to you tube for your company you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion do check our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also follow the conversation keep it going on twitter handle is a.j. inside story and i am at peter davi one for me peter dhabi and the entire team here in doha thanks for watching we'll do it all again tomorrow.
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every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they will cause a recall search of a tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks 10 chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from it to go how but thousands have been staying dog from around the world sacrificed he said when up to. bear the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is of a state of crisis i have a very basic question is this where millions lost their homes in the u.s.
9:48 am
. who was held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will pay in price for thanking all of the men who still live on al-jazeera. also this is opportunity to understand you know very different way where there this thing happens and we don't leave. and richelle carey and other top stories on al-jazeera turkey's opposition party has won istanbul was my all race it is the 1st time in 25 years the president rajat thai party wants ruling party has lost power in turkey's economic capital russian reports from istanbul. they stumbled changes hands for the 1st time since 1994 the main opposition c.s.p.
9:49 am
candidate who has been elected mayor of the city in a controversial run that has polarized the nation the 49 year old was relatively unknown but has managed to win the backing of crucial allies such as the kurdish people's democratic party the s.d.p. start. a marriage to work with the turkish president in harmony and i aspire to do that i am announcing that in front of all the residents of istanbul once a legal process is completed after receiving the mandate and assuming the office i would like to visit and as soon as possible to present a road map and opinions and listen to his views. lose when is a major setback for ben ali yielded a former prime minister and a party's candidate for the mayoral election. loss is widely interpreted here as an indication of the party's waning influence. according to the
9:50 am
results as and now my competitors in the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. 30 the 1st. 6 defeated his wife will by a narrow margin a party contest of the outcome claiming that some of the results weren't ratified by election officials the higher election board ordered a reelection undeterred by the decision it. held multiple rallies reminding his supporters the victory was stolen by our party. democracy has won just as has won people care about democracy i congratulate the future president of the country. we increased our gains by having more votes from the our party supporters which means they're also disgruntled. the new mayor faces the delicate task of running the country's biggest wealthiest and most populous city but his
9:51 am
supporters already see him as the right person to run against president. in the 2023 presidential election although this is a local election it's all to come is likely to shape the future of a party which faces a deepening crisis. and people across the country all agree with ruling party has failed to fix our economy in tatters. it's the board said and military gentle has dismissed an ethiopian plan for a transition to civilian role the opposition has backed the proposal but the military says it doesn't match up with another blueprint on the african union. if u.s. government says it's back in control of the northeastern state of amara after a failed coup attempt the military chief and the leader of a mara were among 4 people killed iran says there is no going back from its decision to withdraw from parts of the nuclear deal unless european signatories
9:52 am
intervene against u.s. sanctions tehran is accused european powers of not shielding it from economic pressure it comes says u.s. president onil trumps and 2 top officials to the middle east for diplomatic talks saudi state media say an attack on the airport and the south has killed one person the rebels say they targeted the facility using a drone it is the 2nd attack on that airport and less than 2 weeks hundreds of thousands of protesters of rallied in the czech republic demanding the prime minister step down and george vavasor faces a criminal investigation over alleged fraud and people in georgia are keeping up pressure on the government for a 4th straight day they rallied outside parliament in the capital tbilisi demonstrations began after a russian politician sergei karloff gave a speech in parliament in russian relations between the 2 countries have been strained since the 2008 war over south of setia so the headlines keep it here on
9:53 am
al-jazeera we have another update for you very shortly in the meantime al-jazeera world is next.
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honestly when i sign are now i will feel should almost. include when should i go away on my own for almost for lallana little to see this and. for a while what about good for the delicacy if he. doesn't know what a bottle but i do myself what it is that weatherly doesn't put in because she looks good but i don't.
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want to do myself that it was a variation of well it was a holiday that. was what i looked at but i'd bet made as soon as one of them to the arnold. thank you. thank. you thank you thank you thank you and the good sleep i'm not going to be i'm going to be i mean i was sure i mean now and really i knew you had been good we shouldn't be any good we should all down for young women wish it were no sermon on the noise ditch move on alchemy honey in san francisco to be an all 1000000 i'm the son of suicide. that's what the law.
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is the home of the. god of the. vatican says jennifer but we didn't know your disability in fact the foundation of it would. give a good example and it can be of not wanting to get out that we didn't want to i'm not. sure he would i would go with him but i want to give the man known as to what the moment i thought of her of the. time and i'm not about the judgment in . there are going to come about looked at a. little but this had to get done with time and if we're going to just to
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get. you. to do. kind of kind of come come somehow. come when you come to vote despite even. the most vicious that i can become so. what's that if they want to put the bottle to. the good of the fellow no i don't think you can come outside out of it to get it. still on with i think the will be. a smile by divine but by me i'm. not going to give a. good. that
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there. have been overhead. from mexico but. the sense i'm going to have that i.
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don't want to be. here was indicate. that. there's not time or was to the map. but it is there. i think. and what i've noticed most of us am i'm going to sit here. we're going to let me look at my my head that's the i'm a lot about that you know. i want to say what i meant how did the.
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and i want. elizabeth. and i. oh no you have a bow and i am not learn never to go north but should still.


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