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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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31st election was cancelled and even the other party supporters believe that what's happened about the end all month was unfair and mistreatment for economic. so that many thanks data of 07 can see over there in istanbul political scientist sudan bank and is a former advisor to the national movement party or m h p he joins us now live from istanbul because you have you with us is this the beginning of the end a lecture really for the president and his act party or is it too early to write off such a smart political operator. ally think it's it's a bit too early because president has many moves to make for now so for example. just after the 1st elections or the election in march 31st. said that he wanted. he could want a grand coalition to be formed. c.h.b.
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the republicans on the basis of the coalition of turkey as he named it so. opposition leader or college star or would the head of the c.h.p. already. had positive reactions this statement over do ants so i think. even move through he could switch his partners his actual partner the image be the nationalist movement party and try to encompass a greater part of the turkish population of the turkish electorate. combining its forces with the c.h.p. so it's a bit early i think to say that it's the beginning of the end to what extent is this election result in istanbul a reaction to the restrictions on on personal and media freedoms brought in after
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the coup attempt in turkey. yes. of course there's the there's this made you media problem in turkey because. the great majority of the turkish population doesn't trust the actual medias anymore so they. go through the social media channels and the social media sharings you know messages because. turkish media are lost it's. not seen as trustworthy anymore so i think as how i have seen last night i think that the me even in the media there are changes to come i think changes especially in the attitudes of the episode for change in istanbul reflected nationally and if there was a lection tomorrow would i want to his coalition when. i
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don't know this this is a very speculative but stumble represents turkey it's a melting pot of different regions different ethnic groups different religious groups etc so and it is the leading city of of turkey even though it's not the capital city but. i think that. already already lost big in big cities on march 31st such as is made. on talia exeter so this is a huge blow losing for the 2nd time to the c.h.p. candidate and i think. will face harsh criticism inside is party and outside this party and especially when gossips about with all due form are prime minister and above what john the former finance minister of don are
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said to be forming their own parties. so i think we will have a very moment that period in turkey ok or the next next coming months yes good to talk to you so many thanks indeed sinon baker and bacon in istanbul. it with from out to sara still to come on the program fleeing the violence in the democratic republic of congo we'll take you inside a refugee camp the sheltering spouses of families. running away from the so-called deal of the century palestinian activist speak out against the u.s. middle east plan. and in sports a dream come back to 3 time graham slam champion andy murray will be here with all the details a little later in the. ethiopians
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regional attorney general who was shot on saturday during a coup attempt in the old n m r a district has died for other people including the army chief of staff were killed in the attacks led by a high ranking military official al-jazeera straight hotting reports now from his ababa. ethiopia as army chief of staff general sahara mckown and seen here in august of last year he was shot and killed by his bodyguard inside his home in addison abba the general was in the process of responding to reports of a coup in the northern i'm hard region the message this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation as it began on saturday night nearly 500 kilometers away in behind dog one of ethiopia's 9 autonomous areas witnesses reported hearing gunfire the
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reagents president had been shot and killed in his office along with his aide this was the crisis general mckiernan was responding to back in the capital when he was killed prime minister i'll be ahmed appeared on television to condemn the attacks and urged calm. under much. as. the people of ethiopia have proved that it's possible to remove dictators with unified and democratic struggles in past years the people of ethiopia have with a unified voice showed that they will not accept governments that have the attitude of dictatorship. he said a high ranking military official general hossam a new sygate was behind the attacks and that he had used what he called mercenaries might despite. himself because. it so happens that the guy who is accused of looting the cool.
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that he was in prison when he came to power for the school he was he tried at them to the 2009 and he was in prison so. security in the region trust him maybe in his in his loyalty there was an assassination attempt against the prime minister himself exactly a year ago 2 months after he came to power a grenade was thrown into a crowd to a large rally for more than 100 people were hurt ethiopians had braced for a government crackdown which had been the norm during previous governments but it never came i think the government in the. remarkable. it was an assassination attempt against the prime minister. and you know significant. going to be here africa's youngest head of state
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has brought in sweeping reforms during his 1st year in power he ended a 20 year border dispute with neighboring eritrea released thousands of political prisoners opened up the media and gave half of his cabinet posts to women in recent weeks he's been mediating the crisis in neighboring sudan but some have argued he may be moving too fast they certainly is an attempt to hold back the forms of. bring may be back some of the old guard. joins us now live from out of sight about what's the mood in at is today leo. plagiary if you weren't aware of the headlines you would know that anything is happening here that by the way that the city is bustling today it's a stark contrast to sunday yesterday when it was quite very quiet and rather here people were asked to stay inside and they did but it's totally different today it's
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a bustling monday the start of the week the only real lingering effect is the lack of the internet the government turned it off on saturday night in the wake of the attack and internet is still off people are relying on state television and on the radio for their updates there's still a military presence and added and badar and some of the roads are closed here in the city most notably around the prime minister's residence but not all the roads are closed you can see behind me i mean this is a busy highway leading to the airport regional light that are are operating as normal especially most notably the one between added and bashar where the 2 attempt happened about 500 kilometers north of here it is a national day of mourning flags are at half staff and people are talking about the funerals for some of the generals that are coming up later on in the week but for now it's really business as usual banks are open transportation is operating as normal the only real difference i can that is keep won't be able to surf the web
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during their lunch. they have many thanks indeed me holding their lives in at this time of the will prime minister ahmed has brought in widespread political reform since taking office last year as you heard despite his successes at home and abroad he's struggled to end tension in ethiopia some of the problems can be traced back to ethnic federalism which is in try and in the constitution the amar region with sunday's attempted coup happened is one of 9 self-governing areas that are more than 80 different ethnic groups within ethiopia the larger ones have battled for influence including the oboe seger. amata and somali communities and recent violence of the land has displaced only 3000000 people since came to power hundreds of been killed in the southern cities. and soto jordan madison is not honest with the africa country risk team at i.h.s. market he joins us now live from london jordan was the promise the rights to instigate reforms and free so many political prisoners given the un rest that has
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been unleashed since he did so well one of the key concerns that we're now going to how following on from this attempt in ethiopia is really concerns about the internal cohesion and coherence of the ethiopian military itself which is stork lee in recent years has been known for its strong command from the from the top strong centralized command however the fact that we've seen these 2 probably coordinated sessions nations in this coup attempt indicates a general seagate was likely drawing on parallel informal chains of command within the military that are coming at the expense of the formal chain of command and this isn't just a worry for this kind of violence or this kind of attempt but it also raises fear that as we move towards elections as we move around looking for it at the national census which is upcoming in ethiopia that we're going to see different elements of the national and the regional security forces being drawn into the increasing political competition it's only been about
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a year that we've seen ethiopian political space growing up and it's looking increasingly likely that we're going to see elements of the military being drawn in any political role rather than their previous role of being more a political more strongly controlled by the central government so how does that the prime minister and his government how do they solve the issues given that it's much to do with ethnic and political rivalry at regional levels within the country. and there's also the complication the due to the ethnic federal system much of politics and you feel the overlaps with the best in this ethnicity in a way that makes it easy for them to be conflated actually replacing the assassinated chief of staff of the military is going to be one area where we're going to see these political and ethnic crossovers coming to the fore as the promotion of an a romo chief of staff at this point would still some of the fears of the so-called or romo dominated state which general seagate was exe was playing on in the recruitment of hora militias in the lead up to this coup attempt similarly there would likely be distrust of n n horrible meant to the military
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chief of staff at this point over fears that he would have connections to the network or and when formal command around c. day there would also likely be distrust if another ethnic to grind was appointed to the role from the other ethnic groups so it's going to be very difficult for o.b. off meant to navigate this at this point one avenue he may choose to take advantage of his recent legislation that would theoretically allow him to appoint civilians to high ranking military roles to sort of bring in individuals possibly from some of the smaller ethnic groups in the country and who aren't already integrated into the military command you talked about forthcoming elections in the country should the prime minister should the government deny those elections or is that going to exacerbate the problem well there's a lot of pressure on the government to delay the elections the national census which is legally meant to be held before the elections that in term and constituencies has not taken place and has been delayed by at least a year becoming quite soon before when the elections are scheduled next year but i
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think this violence that we've seen these assassinations are also going to be seen as a pressure on abi ahmed to stick to his agenda of delivering elections delivering some of the democratic reforms precisely because it's made him aware of the power of some of the other political forces that have come to play since he came to power in 2018 still too many thanks indeed joe madison that in london thank you very much. the army in the democratic republic of congo says that it's killed 16 militia and its offensive against armed groups. in the eastern province also captured 7 fighters including a former soldier who become a militia commander fighting in the region has killed at least 300 people in forth hundreds of thousands to flee into neighboring uganda. catherine soy is there. a show of might as soldiers from the democratic republic of congo became the offensive. against tribal militia groups that have killed more than 100 people in
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the past 2 weeks alone and displaced hundreds of thousands in the eastern province of tory. the groups say to be hiding in a forest in the jungle area. this is what the congolese government wants to stop carnage in many villages this footage was filmed on saturday when armed people banned homes. most of those fleeing are going to cause for displaced people in other parts of the region some are heading across to uganda. this group arrived as a transit center and is now heading to a reception area father inland. we met up on saturday who told us that he was separated from his mother and the last time she soha she was running from a man with a machete he still has no word about what happened i do not hiding anything about my mom one doesn't tell me. that my grandmother is now on my
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life. already. i cannot see her. more than 4000 congolese had made it to uganda in the past few weeks. of those yet. there i've safely in the reception area just in time for lunch bins and amazed pop commonly known as golly she was met and he says she's just glad that she managed to get some of her children out. we heard gunshots and then saw the men shooting those they caught they slaughtered we are skipped into the forest i took 2 children and my husband the other 2 they still have not arrived eventually they'll be settled in an area with about 100000 other
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refugees most of them congolese who have over many years fled from the same conflict. catherine joins us now live from the reception center in could in neighboring uganda where many people have sled catherine tell us more about some of the challenges that the military are ceasing across the border. yes we spoke to the military spokesman in the hours the and he said that the big challenge now is the rain that's been clearly that forest huge and densely thing that movement has been quite slow he's also saying that they're dealing with groups that are quite well equipped and organized he says that it seems that they are being supported by external forces he also said that it's not clear what these groups are fighting for or. forces this power behind them are also important to note and i think the military is is quite of a stretch and it's important to note that it 2 or province is as you mentioned in
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if than the r.c. we can itself is quite problematic when it comes to security we have according to reports more than $100.00 rebel and militia groups roaming the countryside hiding out in forests and everyone going to arsenal park harris thing villages and attacking religious villages in remote areas controlling some of those villages collecting taxes very little government president in many. areas we have u.s. . and people in the r.c. in fact the r.c. has one of the largest u.s. peacekeeping mission in but because of all these complexities again and i think also because you know how or how large the country is how large the are he is because of all this it becomes very difficult to effect a plea deal with the security we can with castro many things transferred some of the reporting live from uganda. in a few minutes on the news our robot is always here with
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a weather update for us and still to come on the program. children born to iceland fighters return to a country that some of them have never seen. a constructive new approach to battling plastics pollution in the philippines. and in sport pakistan revived hopes of reaching the semifinal of the cricket world cup details coming up later it's. the weather sponsored by cattle and. hello june so far in the u.k. to reporters cloudy often wet and rather cold in contrast to much of the rest of your central eastern europe in particular where it's been pretty warm even hot was circulating slow moving in pretty heavy storms like this one in the northwest of hungary which only gave water in this case has been producing big hail and even
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occasional tonight as in the reports of the last couple of weeks and this is the setup this is all cloud free an area of high pressure and this in the west low pressure on the 2 have been sitting there for weeks now it's a persistent sort of pattern which is why you get this temperature variation near the 70 mark some times higher and yet lower to the left now i don't think it'll change hugely the next few days but what will change is the warm but it will increasingly see temperatures of rocky's and that's largely in western europe that for france for example that's also been fairly disappointing and even spain and portugal terrorism not been that are i did next couple of days will see temperatures really rocky a proper heat wave $35.00 in paris is the show here and darren in spain $37.00 in madrid let's take part example of a couple days 1st that was a record standing at $37.00 it could be reached on both wednesday and thursday.
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the wetlands sponsored by cattle and weighs. in the year 1271 and a gun tell it much to set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from the public for the great kugler cop marco polo traveled through little meters following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shuttle along professor shallowest top of china to venice with searching questions of how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. when the news breaks these protesters and the stilling a bill that's the way people need to be to be edited it must be a low budget and if you don't have rights mclennan the story needs to be told. al jazeera has teens on the plan to win the world when the documentary is under
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lightning. and online. i don't again this is the news from al-jazeera everyone from going to hear the headlines u.s. secretary of state by compare us arrives in saudi arabia to deal with the escalating dispute between the u.s. and iran donald trump is threatening to impose new sanctions on iran russia says it will take steps to counter those passions calling them illegal. turkey's opposition parties one istanbul's mayoral race it's the 1st time in 25 years the president wants party has lost control of the country's economic capital. in ethiopia the
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government says it's back in control of the northern a model region after it failed after a failed rebellion that the country's military chief and the leader of a mara were among 4 people killed. in syria the devastation of continuing asterix on it is being laid nearly 500 civilians many of them women and children have been killed since the russian backed syrian government offensive began 9 weeks ago on the ground syrian forces are facing accusations of conducting a scorched earth policy of destroying crops al jazeera saying the heart of reports now from beirut. it will be a long recovery but family is thankful he survived the 3 year old was injured in an airstrike last week. they will never forget how they almost lost their younger brother who was. desperately trying to pull the rubble before rescuers arrived.
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to be dropped by syrian government planes destroyed their house in. an opposition controlled town in southern. the 1st missile hit while he was playing outside with the cat and the 2nd missile hit next to our house our house was destroyed and we couldn't see anything in front of us we removed some blocks and found he's had that is when the ambulance arrived . was. the russian backed syrian government offensive in the north west is entering its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed in air and ground bombardment that has been targeting rebel controlled towns in northern hama and southern over $300000.00 syrians have fled the area and moves closer to the turkish border. this is can change one town in south and people have fled to due to intense bombardment by assad's terrorist regime and that terrorists russian occupiers 120000 people used to live here excluding the
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displaced syrians. the world food program says it is helping 200000 displaced syrians but its operations have been interrupted in some areas because of the violence it is home to 3000000 people half of them already refugees from other parts of syria that if he is racing against the clock to support all people at the ready to eat food that doesn't have to be cooked. in the camps and wherever they are while we continue our regular operation and scaling it up to some $800000.00 people every month the demands on aid are expected to grow thousands of acres of farmland have been destroyed in recent weeks many blame the syrian government for deliberately targeting the fields as they have done in past offensives to punish those who live in rebel areas and force a surrender. the opposition has not surrendered rebels are holding ground hundreds
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of fighters on both sides have been killed along the front lines 8 weeks of intense bombardment and the pro-government side has taken little territory. the united nations is warning the offensive is creating a humanitarian disaster it has been calling on turkey and russia guarantors of a cease fire to help revive the agreement but for now their proxies engage in battle to gain political leverage. beirut 8 children born to iceland fighters with australian citizenship are being returned home the children were rescued by aid agencies in syria taken to iraq it's a serious 1st organized repatriation of its citizens from the conflict hundreds of foreign fighters and their children are being held in camps across syria after the defeat of isis last. people are gathering across the palestinian territories to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century a series of protests in the occupy bank the occupied west bank i'm sorry will
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coincide with this week's summit in bahrain that's where the senior white. is expected to reveal details of the peace plan israel's prime minister says that he'll give consideration to the palestinian leader. that briefing let's go live now to ramallah the west bank. for us the palestinian president says the deal is bound to fail. people are pretty angry there about his. yes people here were their. friends were just going in line with the official palestinian position they say that the road to peace and doesn't go through money but. we've heard them talk about that the u.s. peace plan is not going to pass we've heard even. before that occasion some of them will help caskets showing workshops. that the u.s.
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they don't trust the u.s. and they support that the palestinians. with the u.s. administration ever since they decided to move their embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and have announced to the. capital so what exactly is the official position of the palestinians on the deal. just indians have been saying that. the solution to the palestinian israeli forces should include that but. also talk about ending the occupation having the capital as well as the fineness that this issues by reverting to international legitimacy this is what looks good from the us to the by palestinian president mahmoud abbas as he said that the americans have there. from the international legitimacy and they should go back to it before they consider talking to them they talk to us specifically talked about some parts of the deal that was announced
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a couple of days ago he said that. includes $50000000000.00 of aid to palestinians and then. very countries and that the palestinians if they wanted that money they would be going and asking that a country's themselves because the deal talks about collecting that money from countries it's worth noting that it is also facing now a financial crisis. there are many thanks. nearly $50000.00 people are being evacuated from a town in southern style after a series of explosions at the munitions depo kazakhstan's defense ministry says that it happened at a military base in the southern provinces. there are reports that at least 10 people out. sudan's military has dismissed a plan for a transitional government put forward by ethiopia's prime minister it says that the proposal already backed by the opposition differs from an african union initiative if you're a theo pierre and the a you have been trying to mediate and deal serious for him
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mohamed reports. it was seen as a possible breakthrough but hours after saddam's opposition accepted an ethiopian plan to bring stability to the country with the proposal of the transitional government said by the military and protest leaders the military gentle voice it's reservations i would have had. we have received 2 separate proposals to study from ethiopia and another one from the african union but what we've agreed with you and a few is one combine proposal to be presented to us and to narrow gaps between points of view analysts believe this plays into a tactical move by saddam's military to stall the decision i would characterize this as a classic delay tactics and we've seen this before from the previous regime trying to play mediators against each other trying to buy time trying to have these sort of circular conversations that ultimately end up going nowhere details of the a you
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plan would not immediately known but the ethiopian plan proposes the formation of the 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides in previous talks both parties agreed on a 3 year transition period and the formation of a 300 member parliament with 2 thirds of the lawmakers coming from the. movement but the major sticking point was who will lead the main decision making body the sovereign council and so the talks collapsed. and the brutal military crackdown on sudanese activists outside the headquarters resulted in dozens killed there's been an internet and media blackout since then. weeks later if european mediation began with the prime minister ahmed visiting the country and meeting with both the military and the opposition but he's now distracted with his own domestic issues following a failed rebellion attempt at home. protest leaders say they're still cautiously
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optimistic about the philippian plan but in the meantime the protests continue. talks can still be heard on the streets at night calling for justice and the transfer of power to civilian rule for him mohammed al jazeera 2 people have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in southern cambodia off of the number of dead reached 24 prime minister hun sen visited the site and soon will the search teams continue to look for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building came down early on saturday for chinese nationals involved in its construction of been detained. the philippines struggle to tackle plastic pollution it's estimated that more than 160000000 bottles washed up on river banks and coastlines every day now a constructive way to tackle the problem has been developed and. reports. for the
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last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and help to build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. and this school contains been built with them this school to watch tower was built with the same bricks 2 this is a solution for the environmental problem because we are diverting wastes away from the landfill so we are in effect an alternative to downsize to the landfill some of the bricks are designed to allow rainwater to seep through and that helps stop the streets flooding for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills.


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