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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 175  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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so the democratic republic of congo about $300.00 people have been killed in fighting between rival militias in it province thousands have been fleeing to neighboring uganda seeking shelter and safety cambodian police have charged 7 people over saturday's building collapse that killed at least $28.00 people prime minister hun sen visited the side of the she will on monday search teams continue looking for trapped construction workers and 2 babies a toddler and a woman have been found dead near the u.s. mexican border in texas due to sweltering heat that's as border officials moved more than 30 migrant children being held at a remote control center following reports that they've had inadequate food water and sanitation those are the headlines here on al-jazeera but with more news in half an hour next it's inside story do stay with us. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun the 1st televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy join
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is in miami on june the 26th and 27th the 1st u.s. democratic debate on al-jazeera. a major defeat for turkey's ruling party in istanbul's rerun of his mayoral election the country's biggest city will now be ruled by the opposition for the 1st time in a quarter of a century so what are the consequences for president earlier one and b a k party this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program busy i'm peter dalby it took a quarter of a century but opposition finally worked out how to defeat president wretch up typer the one republican people's party candidate. has snatched election victory for a 2nd time and is mayor elect for istanbul
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a city that is long being governed by mr irwin's a k party the president considers it decisive in shaping turkish politics and it's kind of personal for him too it is his political base from where he began his career as a mayor and missed him alone who is now seen by many as a rising challenger he struck a positive message during his campaign with the slogan everything will be fine but is that really true if we're getting into the meat of our discussion reports now from istanbul. he stumbled changes hands for the 1st time since 1994 the main opposition c.s.p. candidate. has been elected mayor of the city in a controversial run that has put a. rise the nation the 49 year old mayor was relatively unknown but has managed to win the backing of crucial allies such as the kurdish people's democratic party the
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s.d.p. stand. i'm ready to work with the turkish president in harmony and i aspire to do that i am announcing that in front of all the residents of istanbul once the legal process is completed after receiving the men date and assuming the office i would like to visit and as soon as possible to present a road map and opinions and listen to his views. remember all those weigh in is a major setback for ben ali yielded and former prime minister and a party's candidate for the mayoral election gilder is loss is widely interpreted here as an indication of a party's waning influence. according to the results as a now my competitors in the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. all march 31st. defeated his wife will by a narrow margin a party contest of the outcome claiming that some of the results weren't ratified
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by election officials the higher election board ordered a reelection undeterred by the decision it. held multiple rallies reminding his supporters the victory was stolen by our party. because none of the democracy has won justice has won people care about democracy i congratulate the future president of the country who told our papers we increased our gains by having more votes from the uk party supporters which means they're also describe. the new mayor faces the delicate task of running the country's biggest wealthiest and most populous city but his supporters already see him as the right person to run against president reza they have done in the 2023 presidential election although this is a local election it's all to come as likely to shape the future of a party which faces a deepening crisis loyalists and people across the country all agree ad dollars
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ruling party has failed to fix our economy in tatters. it's the board. so what is the republican people's party well it's the oldest party in turkey it was formed in 1923 by the founder of the turkish republic most of a kemal ataturk opposed to the conservative party the c.h.p. promotes itself as a secular center left and social democratic movement the c.h.p. mainly defines itself as a defender of so-called kamala's principles of republicanism and nationalism the c.h.p. has managed to position itself as the main opposition party in the turkish parliament its candidates modern in she was president the ones closest rival in last year's presidential poll. ok let's get going let's bring in the panel today here on inside story joining us from berlin is gallup alive visiting scholar at the university of oxford from
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ankara more of a member of the republican people's party the c.h.p. and from brussels we're talking to mark purina formally the e.u. ambassador to turkey gentlemen welcome to you all more or at in ankara if i can come to you 1st mr ima moon who is on record now as saying this is a new beginning that sounds like a very big promise. will seem so. but the thing is you know as a matter of fact. getting 54 percent against be not a young veteran. who has been supported by all the turkish state media. the state establishment the bureaucracy and everything and especially backed by by the president is really a huge thing you know it's a wonderful. threshold i would say and the political
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history of of the last 25 or 17 years from wherever you start whether it is the 1994 or 2002 when a.k.p. stepped in but the thing is stumble has been or had been in the hands of. the aam and his party members for the last 24 years the 1st mayor being himself and now it has changed hands and as you may remember he was saying i mean the president of the republic was saying. is stumble represents the whole of turkey. the overall population in turkey therefore whoever marry whomever wins istanbul will be ruling turkey is extremely important and actually exam day. extremely moment has done exactly that so he won
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a great great victory a great victory there is a 9 percent difference between himself and be 90 of them so this is indeed a threshold a new beginning. for the turkish politics paul politician political life i'd say to lie in berlin it is a huge pledge a huge promise can mr deliver on what he promised during 2 election campaigns. well it's best that we promise that we're talking about you know or he is being elected as a mayor of is them will obviously not as many is not just is not confined to be the mayor of istanbul he has gotten a political meaning that is beyond is the will but nevertheless at this stage at an executive role that the role that he has of the liver the task that he has the
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liver is very much related to the istanbul so this is what we are going to see strong because i think the government will source the activities that the government might do is to try to work undermine him at the polls by increasing the power of the when you spoke chancellor by increasing the power of the government appointed governor reserve is the mayor so this is like you know what we need to see but at this same time the question is what was it trying to model represent at this stage. his meaning as i said is what goals i'm trying to the mayor of the stumble he clearly demonstrated that there is a growing back to looking back to the country the question is is it the candidate that will fill the vacuum or is it the candidate that opens the gate for the others to feel this vacuum as well too because i think with the election really wrong with the decision to rerun the election the governing party the president obama has taken a great risk by you know by turning this election as in
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a sense iraq run them on the government's policy completely and therefore what has been the feed lot yesterday in istanbul is not giles attendance which is the benoliel that i'm. one of the 1st thing that in this regard the government has to do is 1st correct to define what was defeated yesterday in istanbul obviously it's not just and that for the to become the mayor of istanbul what has been the fit is more than this is a style of of all this is the nature of the governance that the country has been with has been experiencing it is the populism that has been nationalist populism that the country has been experiencing so do answer would be well for the government will withdraw will draw the right lessons from this and also not only draw on the right lessons from the government or force the right responses to these at today's defeat as well true because reducing this defeat to last or municipal
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will be mis understanding of it from the start ok let's put those points to mark here in brussels mark if you were still ambassador ping pong in between ankara and istanbul would you be telling your bosses in brussels and strasburg look politics in turkey has changed changed for the better and perhaps changed forever. i would tell them that things have changed but i wouldn't go too far and too soon essentially what we've seen yesterday's number one democratic resilience in istanbul and number 2 they sort of. reluctance to continue is autocracy what has been defeated he's basically literacy so it's a local election 20 percent of the population and one set of g.d.p. it's no small thing to be the mayor of istanbul if. my a.k.p. into look at those in my days in opera would tell me older dime if you compare you
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stumble to a european country this is somewhere in between the netherlands and belgium that is position number 9 so that is a big win for mr he mumbled to himself he probably didn't expect these big a win but moving from such 100000 team 1000 vote margin to nearly 800000 is a huge thing and this says essentially been engineered not so much by mr amano to itself but but by president ed on who as it was just said sort of transformed these municipal election into sort of referendum now i'm watching 2 different things and i'm sure the e.u. here i'm sitting next to the european council building in the back of me you see the open commission building they're watching 2 different things one is that is the leadership in ancora going to let the municipal council of these them will work
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properly all will they invent new limits new financial regulations on public dentist for example things of that so that could genuinely limit the powers of mr number 2 and the 2nd thing is given the rejection of president add on's style of politics which is going much further. the stubble election will the president draw some lessons in terms of economic policy in terms of rule of law in terms of front policy and that we still have to see of course ok let's put that idea of economic policy tomorrow in ankara the economic policy to date as far as mr erdogan has has been concerned when he's turkish president has been you leverage your debt in u.s. dollars that's always going to have a big impact on your currency a negative impact which it's done you've got unemployment running at 19 or 20
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percent on paper mr immoral who has no skill set to run a country he may be able to run a city but running a country between now and when he decides maybe to go for the presidency in 2023 or if the election comes around before then that's a completely different game well let me put it this way. as of today. one of the main reasons. why the turkish people i mean the people in istanbul have voted for. in a landslide slide i would say as it has been 9 percent you know. is the fact that we are also under an economic crisis as you have suggested the unemployment rate is extremely high and you know part from that the exports are down and the growth rate is
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very much down and this has you know all been because of the fact that out of the on has. a president has lost credibility has caused lost credibility in the eyes of ignore a millimeter interrupt you there for a 2nd may dances that is in the manifesto that is the manifesto for the mayor mayor elect the mayoral candidate as was now the merrill act i'm trying to get you to tell us if he rides the wave of a unified c h p and he decides to stand for the presidency between now and 2023 what are his fiscal policies that will reverse what mr erdogan has done which is boral his way out of an economic recession which never works any place in the world never has never will. well the thing is it is too were early to jump
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onto conclusions like that you know just legan besser there mark my dear friend told you but the point is there are 2 very important. aspects that i wish to bring to your attention and one of them is that the people were sick and tired of all the pressures that were you know the oppression of padrón and you know all the limitations on their freedom of speech etc etc and then the 2nd thing was they had lost whole you know they had lost all hope for the future for the 1st time for the 1st time the youngsters who have been you know saying that they would rather like to go to germany or to european countries in order to get a better future you are now seeing inside turkey that they have
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a new hope which has been materialise in the policies of a tram a criminal ok so the hope side of it is extremely important ok i'm going to stop you then because i don't know because you are you are tending towards repeating yourself such want to take that turn it around a little bit and set put that point towards gallup delight in berlin clearly gallup the people in charge of the money the people who got their their hands on the wallets in ankara and istanbul can i suggest to you that if they don't trust mr the one do they trust mr m. i'm older and him being the mayor of istanbul when he walks into the office that's a dry run for something bigger i think at this stage this extra minute speculated discussion that we are what not what we are. we don't know what policy or the
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mother will be because the mobile was elected as a memo is them will he is in no way in charge of it he is in no way is responsible to provide an economy policy or a proposal for anyone who bombs it or truck at this stage because what will be expected from him will be to delivering the municipal services the municipal. minister of activities not like you know providing a new blueprint for the turkeys economy how it would take its economy walls and took his political war so this is not there and at this stage we have not seen we don't know anything or where doesn't imola stance on all these major issues because we are coming all busy and champaign period within all of us could not stop us well there istanbul is much more significant than. a satellite town outside of ankara it is crucially important it is the jewel in the problem we set up this this time yesterday and i know it is the jewel in the crown of turkish politics it is
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massively important. you know that's all like you know what is known about islam and so there is nothing new when we define somewhat the question that you're putting it what i'm saying is at this stage we cannot have a discussion on this a we don't know whether what does is that in any of these policies because they cannot remember what was and are not names under poor months ago so within the present for 6 months or when the election campaign started so he was the mayor office mall in istanbul where he was not responsible or any big questions of the government or governance but at this stage immobile is being sent by many people as a potential contender challenger for underground bunker on the go for a presidential election but this is that you know a big if because we don't know whether the turkish call this will see new actors that is emerging because there's another possibility and now we see we're discussing this cousin of the possibility that the new word is to emerge from within the conservative circle as well to that mayes split from the uk party that
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may emerge as new actors so like 3 or 4 years from now or turkish politics from a comic just as a century just look at the last 3 or 4 years what has happened in turkey that you know the things that can be basically confined into like you know 3 or 4 dates in other countries ok so let me bring in our if you very for russel's again dishonest this come down to in the next year or so mr erdogan wants reaction what happens if he comes out wanting to very publicly build more of a democratic turkey as opposed to wanting to kill or neuter or imprison democracy. well 1st i will say the economy crisis which turkey us and sons is very largely controlled by the president that on one is the debt crunch 2nd is nonsensical theories about interest rates and surge the minister in charge of
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economy and finances it's on the low it's a direct and he has 0 credibility on the markets so this is not going to wait until the next presidential election this is a question of weeks and months whether turkey goes to the i.m.f. whether turkey finds somebody else somewhere like china and something to risk you but the economy is on the verge of collapse and this is very urgent said mr immobile who has little to do he has no handle to to to react to these secondly as you point out the wider impact of these city stumbled in action is essentially on rule of law on governance whether mr dog will want on the lot to take some lessons from what happened yesterday this is a landslide it's a landslide on the on on about the stumbled you can be little it to some extent but it's huge i mean 800 cells and votes is huge. it is
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a face full companion of me from a lot of time is the one who has built all these bridges high speed rail ways boards and so on and so forth which where the pride of the a.k.p. until now so the defeat is is there but the difficulty in turkey internally answering the. big half of the turkish citizens that are asking for more difficulty and externally asking for more rule of law if not then in foreign investors will not come well that says this is a real challenge now mr probably will have some messages to the president but the president can fairly we ignore them so the ball in this respect is very much in the president's ad what kind of lessons will it draw from his personal defeat yesterday ok tomorrow to nick in ankara briefly please what if some of the rumors are true
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and there are members of the a k party who are biding their time and they are planning rival political parties and they are we we're being told by the rumor mill planning on announcing this in the next year or so. yes i was i wanted to jump in in order to tell you a few developments in the political arena here and you know the new parties that will be declared pretty soon one is by john which they say is certain and they say is going to be supported by a bloc our former president and i think they're planning to step in into the political realm of this country by by having left us say 3040 parliamentarians from the turkish parliament to join them and which will
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substantially reduce the power of out of the one now the reason in my for former speech or. by alluding to what we have got to wait as as far as a tribunal is. implementation is the following it is a fact that he is going to take steps. towards democracy ok but i want to talk to you never once again i apologize i want to put the last 20 seconds of an answer to gallup delight gallup you have 20 seconds is it fair to say turkey is now heading into a period of uncertainty but certainly it may be instability. well i will feel like it will be a political pluralism that will see more and more and some of the things will be that will be on certainty but these are certain they will not be a bad thing in itself because previous you were at the moral police office you know
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power and it's legal per quarter in a single person over the whole process now there are new worries and that creates uncertainty but also that great cause of the atmosphere to come up with much more creative solution and a much more creative ways to deal with the drug is burgeoning crisis and was ok gentlemen thank you so much thank you to our guests they were gallup july and mark perry and thank you to you too for your company you can see the program again any time via the web site al jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also carry on the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story or time at peta dobyns one for me to don't be on the entire team here in doha thanks for watching. i.
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after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects they're pretty emblematic of the patagonians out if their plan to fall and their calm like this one is then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threats towards and that's why you're on your rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witnessed
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a 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be long been detroit july on al jazeera. the pages of this exercise book cold unspeakable memory compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mercenaries as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further tumult and intricate tale of a people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where everyone.
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i was. thankful. iran's president says the new round of u.s. sanctions against his country or a sign of desperation. when you want your deserved life my headquarters here and also coming up the u.s. administration prepares to lay out its economic plan for middle east peace will explain why palestinians are boycotting the meeting. also mourning in ethiopia as funeral services begin for the military chief and a collie who were killed on saturday. and outrage over the conditions of migrant children in texas facility.


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