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getting to the truth as it was that's because just. al-jazeera. back to go this is the news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east senior white house advisor jarad push no lays out an ambitious and fiercely criticize economic plan for palestinians the war of words builds between iran and the u.s. donald trump threatens obliteration also this hour brazil's supreme court turns
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down a request to free former president lula from prison and a prime minister in t. is ethiopians mourn the loss of military leaders killed during saturday's failed rebellion. thank you for joining us jared has launched the united states to $50000000000.00 for me now for peace between israelis and palestinians the u.s. president's son in law and senior advisor opened a conference in bahrain on palestinian economic development part of a wider initiative to end decades of conflicts on a senior leaders still have already rejected the plan and are boycotting the gathering in a moment rob matheson will report from gaza where palestinians have gone on strike in protest against a meeting in bahrain wise in a harder has spoken to refugees living in lebanon whose message is palestine is not
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for sale and need abraham is in the occupied west bank where people say money alone won't solve their problems for jordan outlines what jared has announced. shows business leaders and government officials are in mahna mahna to discuss the us his latest effort to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict a $50000000000.00 economic overhaul for the palestinian people and the region the us president's son in law has been working on this plan which relies on both private and public funding since 2017 this effort is better refer to as the opportunity of the century if leadership has the courage to pursue it this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east if implemented correctly and competently the economic plan i will go through now will lead to growth and better lives cushion or end other u.s.
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officials say this could be the solution to decades of war occupation and mistrust the palestinians disagree they're not at the conference the white house plan ignores a strategy supported for decades by the international diplomatic community negotiated borders and land swaps a guaranteed right of return for palestinian refugees an agreement i'm a legal status of jerusalem and security guarantees for israel even so repeated u.s. brokered talks have not succeeded in 2 states living side by side in security and peace by direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you. the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity is the gathering worth it if only to
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highlight its importance ultimately everything will have to be settled between the israelis and the palestinians but what is important is that this meeting illustrates regional support for dist process in other words the arab states are unified. in their support for the. peace plan the israeli palestinian conflict once again is getting attention but it's not clear this latest effort will be the way to peace for the palestinians and the israelis rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington struck because of the palestinian authority and its rival hamas have both denounced a u.s. plan accusing trump of trying to buy them off in return for not having their own state amasses senior political leaders says the whole thing is a fox. the conference held at the moment in bahrain is a political conference with an economic coverup it is totally
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a political event with the financial and economic camouflage simply for the reason that this conference and the deal called the deal of the century is aimed at achieving the following 1st to lay the foundation for terminating the palestinian kohls sake and giving the green light to the zionist enemy to extend its occupation and control over the entire west bank al-jazeera as rob matheson has more from gaza city. it's estimated there are 2000000 people living in gaza at the moment that's about 5600 every square kilometer but the streets of gaza city are quieter this tuesday morning because there's a general strike which is opposed to the economic part of the u.s. plan to try to find a solution to the israeli palestinian crisis according to palestinian official figures in 2852 percent of gazans didn't have jobs gaza's infrastructure is struggling on tuesday morning israel said it wasn't sending any
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fuel to gaza's only power plant and they said it was because gazans had been flying balloons carrying flares into israel in the hopes of setting fires. under the u.s. plan that gaza would be entitled to a share of about $28000000000.00 in fasting that would be designed to rebuild the infrastructure and it hopes to create about a 1000000 jobs but people here in gaza say that's not the point the main priority for them is a political solution gazans say that the u.s. plan is designed to distract from the main political objectives the right to return to land which they say is theirs and the removal of controls put on them by mainly the israelis now the israelis say those controls and necessary to stop weapons coming into gaza that could be used against them but the gazans say those controls are at least in part responsible. for the poor state of gaza's economy be safe remove the controls and the economy will improve for the people of gaza the
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important point is to find a political solution to this crisis i don't need them with the start talking about the money in lebanon the palestinian political goal fatah organized protests in the refugee camp in southern beirut more than $9000.00 palestinian refugees a cramped into the camp which was set up by the red cross in 1949 as in a harder has more. the children of the $948.00 palestinian refugees now living in lebanon they're taking part in this demonstration to protest the conference taking place in bahrain which is this causing the trumpet ministrations middle east economic peace plan people here are angry because they believe the trumpet ministration is pushing for a peace settlement that does not involve the right to return these refugees have been living in exile for 17 years now and they believe any solution to the israeli
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palestinian conflict the power to involve the rights to return like this very difficult here they live in urban camps in very dire conditions and so the feeling here or the message from the path to follow stein is a not for sale no matter how much money you offer us we are not going to give up our rights to return home. but the palestinian president has expressed in terms of the rejection to the bahrain summit echoes the folds of every palestinian in the diaspora we stand behind the palestinian national leadership and its decisions we say no to the deal of the century palestine will not be sold we cling to our right to return to palestine we cling to the land of our ancestors but this is our right to the end of time. the deal of the century is not new for the palestinians are 5 who continue whether they agree or not we don't care about what's happening we have men and refugees in europe and all around the world and
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they will never let go of palestine everything that's happening now is nonsense our weapons are pointed at the zionist enemy. palestinians feel the united states is not an honest broker and they believe that its alliance with israel means that any settlement that they propose will be tilted in favor of the israelis and the question they ask here is that if they care so much about our economic conditions that. why don't they lift the siege on gaza and why did the us administration decide to cut funding to the united nations relief and works agency under water which is the only organization providing help to these people 11 on the host country is also not attending the back room of a conference in solidarity with the palestinians lebanese officials fear that the deal of the century of the so-called deal of the century will involve naturalizing and resettling palestinian refugees in the host country something that this country says it will not accept. donald trump has threatened to obliterate iran if it
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attacks anything american the u.s. president delivered the warning via twitter in the new war of words where the iran tehran has condemned new u.s. sanctions as idiotic saying by force from the iranian capital. in his 1st public appearance since iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone last week president hassan rouhani did not hold back he said the latest sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei are the irrational actions of a confused government didn't know it they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted with mental retardation and doesn't know what to do. the supreme leader occupies such a protected position in public life that in iran insulting him is illegal in the u.s. applying her status to someone so highly revered has angered leaders and to her own right but of only your own band a lobbyist not me he is not only the leader of iran and he is the leader of iran and those who love the revolution and all muslims shia and non sheo all around the
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world iran's leader doesn't only belong to ron many people in lebanon syria iraq afghanistan pakistan kuwait and everywhere shia and non shia love him follow him and obey him and someone who has lost his mind does such a stupid and strange thing and for washington's the us. iran is under such sweeping sanctions that the. latest american move is entirely symbolic but later this week washington has said it will add iran's foreign minister zarif to the sanctions list attacking the country's top diplomat is something to her and says permanently closes the path to diplomacy making an enemy go if you're being honest and want to negotiate simultaneously do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you are lying as the u.s. continues its pressure campaign russia has vowed to help iran counter new u.s. sanctions if. iran has been and remains our ally and
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partner and we consistently develop our relations both bilateral and multilateral which means any attempt to portray tehran as a main threat to regional security or to bring it into line with isis or other terrorist groups is unacceptable to us. but some u.s. officials remain undeterred the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminated iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door. on tuesday foreign minister zarif said once again iran's religious views mean it will never pursue a nuclear weapon and he also reminded people that america is the only basin to ever drop nuclear bombs on another country world leaders want cooler heads to prevail
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and washington keeps saying that it wants to calm things down through dialogue but the decision to sanction iran's supreme leader is something so insulting that protect one it might make a negotiated solution nearly impossible. to iran. u.s. special counsel robert muller will publicly testify before 2 committees next month where a shooter reforged in april on russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential election in a statement and statement last month he raised questions over whether donald trump had obstructed justice but said a sitting president could not be charged with a crime patty cohen has the details from washington. some new information coming out that now former special counsel robert muller is going to testify before 2 house committees in open session he's doing this under subpoena now this is all going to happen july 17th and it is going to be run on all of the television
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programs this is not going to be welcome news u.s. president donald trump because after the special counsel submitted his report to the attorney general the attorney general waited a few weeks to put that report out but he did summarize the findings basically saying no conclusion no obstruction in the investigation into russian interference in the 26th election now if you read the report that's not exactly what the special counsel was saying there were muller said he didn't want to do this he didn't want to testify he said read the report but the bottom line is not many americans and not all members of congress have actually read the $400.00 plus pages much less the $45.00 page summary so this is going to be a chance for democrats to set the narrative to put out all the damaging information in the report on camera that can be looped around for the american people to watch over and over again now there are some democrats in the house who have said this report should lead to impeachment hearings the leadership has not wanted to go there they say the american public is not for impeachment this will be the
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democrats' best chance to try and change public opinion and whether or not the u.s. president should be impeached. much more still ahead on this news hour including aids arrives in uganda for people fleeing fighting in democratic republic of congo with nothing but their lies zimbabwe and sphere the return of hyper inflation as their local dollar is revives 10 years after they became worthless and in sport australia a recent cricket world cup semifinals empire the pressure on hosts england peter will have the option come in. saudi arabia's crown prince monod been solomon is arriving shortly in south korea for a 2 day visit ahead of the g 20 summit in japan it's the highest level visit to south korea by a leader in more than 2 decades and it's the crown prince 1st foreign visit since
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a un special investigator said the death of journalist jamal khashoggi was an extrajudicial killing that sound eurabia was responsible for at speak to our correspondent in seoul rob mcbride rob the timing of the visit is significant to what is the crown prince's schedule when he arrives. that's right some have been solomon's visit it is a significant one and coming at a significant time as you mentioned foley his arrival here has been slightly delayed he was due to arrive just over an hour ago he is expected to arrive about now at a military air base south of seoul he'll then be proceeding to the presidential office here in seoul the blue house where he'll be having a meeting with south korea's president in then also signing a memorandum of understanding covering a number of different areas of trade and then an important invitation only luncheon with some of south korea's leading business people from its largest conglomerates among them signing song hyundai motors s.k. and l.g.
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and it is very much about trade but as you mentioned there this does come several days after the report by the special rapporteur from the u.n. concluding that saudi arabia is responsible for the death of gemayel who showed she so this is seen as very much also about about saudi arabia's rehabilitation of its reputation and that of its crown prince in the world busy as you said a very important curtain raiser coming ahead of the g. 20 it remains to be seen though with this report being submitted to the u.n. today wednesday where just how much of an impact that is likely to have whether it does overshadow the crown prince's appearance at the g 20 as indeed it did in the crown prince's appearance at the g. 20 at the end of last year coming just after the show when it was being realized just how much the crown prince was being implicated in that or
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a number of world leaders distancing themselves from the crowd prince during those photo ops and so on thank you for that rob mcbride live for us in seoul well let's not speak some more about this too andrea abraham ian who's the current fellow at stanford universe. city enjoin despise cut from sunday in south korea thank you so much for joining us as rob mentioned there at the g. 20 meeting in argentina in november last year the saudi crown prince face outrage of over the death of jamal khashoggi he was isolated do you think it's going to be the case again this year how will will he be received in asia. well there are a couple of issues hanging over the g. 21 of the protests in hong kong which the chinese are going to be reticent to talk about on the other perhaps is this un report about jamal khashoggi as for how the prince will be received here in seoul frankly this is not of very it's not a high priority issues for south korea so if you look at the front page this
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morning of the major newspapers is it doesn't appear at all and if you scroll down the web pages of these newspapers it's maybe the 25th or $26.00 top story so it's pretty low key as far as the korean public is concerned if it if it's low key then what can mom had been some hope to achieve on this trip to south korea and to japan made teddy think he'll be able to reestablish his credentials as a world lead. well it's it's unlikely that south korea will be a springboard for his reputation globally i think it's more about trying to establish a trade relationship or an investment relationship that aspires fairly limited but the south koreans were very spooked by a series of chinese sanctions that were imposed on them a couple years ago and they've recognized that they need to diversify their supply chains and investments outside of china so they'll be looking to the saudis to provide a platform into the middle east for
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a broader range of investments as for the political relationship and human rights i imagine that will be generally ignored and saudi arabia is also very keen has been keen to deepen its economic ties beyond the west as we saw him on a been summoned visit india and pakistan earlier this year as the kingdom it seems turns towards asia and tries to diversify also its alliances how do you see the region's geopolitics and the geopolitics of the world as a whole plane to this. well for korea saudi arabia is the talk or oil supplier and especially given that the united states has ended a waiver that south korea had to import iranian oil that relationship becomes more important than ever so the south koreans can't really afford to make a big issue of to show g. or any of saudi arabia's other activities that we academics or the international
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community might find disturbing so really this this this meeting will be i think kind of the beginning of a relationship as i understand it there won't be any concrete deals signed there will be a memorandum of understanding and and these conglomerates leaders business leaders of these conglomerates we pitching ideas but i think very little concrete will come out of this visit ok thank you so much for talking to us we appreciate your insights. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a 4500000000 dollars aid package sure address surging numbers of asylum seekers coming across the mexican border the package includes new standards for people held in custody following reports of children and during appalling conditions the democratic controlled house voted 232-1952 pass the measure but its future is uncertain donald trump says he'll veto that legislation kyra long is a senior researcher at human rights watch last week she visited it's i visited
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a texas detention center where hundreds of children have been held a situation that we found in the clint border patrol station was that all of the so-called unaccompanied children in that region in that area were being concentrated in this one detention center and when we arrived there we got a roster that said there were over $350.00 children in the facility and so we started asking to see children you know we don't have the right to see the facility under the terms of the agreement that we were inside the facility on but we could speak with them so we started calling the young children we started calling children who appeared to have been there for a long time and what we found is that kids were living in overcrowded cells they were eating the same food they were not allowed outside for significant periods of time there was nothing to do no no sort of child friendly activities at all. and they were dirty they didn't have access regular access to showers or toothbrushes
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they were wearing the same clothes they had been wearing for weeks and then you know most worryingly there was no there appeared to be no provisions for childcare . police in mauritania have raided the headquarters of 2 opposition parties following a disputed presidential election offices of infighting with protesters who denounced the victory of ruling party candidate mohamed old guys want the government says it's also arrested more than 100 foreigners accused accusing outside forces of trying to stir up the unrest. mickie them with the but they declared a preplanned conspiracy to undermine the security and stability of the country they recognize the $28.00 parliament and local elections which were organized by the same commission that organized this presidential election but they don't recognize it and want to go to the streets i want to make it clear that this is a pre-planned agenda by foreign hands. in brazil the supreme court has rejected
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a request to free former president. lula da silva from prison you know his lawyers say the judges convicted him of corruption was biased that judge sergio morrow is not serving as justice minister under present day across a narrow maze monitoring developments from when a size. this latest appeal to free the former president of brazil lula da silva from prison was inspired by revelations in the us online newspaper the intercept that the judge who put him behind bars sergio model was undermined was compromised by colluding with the prosecutors in the car wash or lover shuttle case which accused of corruption has denied those charges all along he said the case against him has always been politically motivated to remove him from the presidential race last year opening the way for a job also now to win an overwhelming victory and take over the presidency earlier
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this year defense team newly himself in prison has said he will continue to fight against the case taken they will continue to question the impartiality of the judge now justice minister sergio model they will do everything they can to keep their case alive intercepted due to release further revelations in the coming weeks about what they say is the case is that the problems with the case against lula in the meantime the last thing the president both sonar would like to see is lula is a free for as a free man he was ahead in those opinion polls during the presidential campaign he wants to see him remain behind bars and will do everything to ensure that's the case lula and his team will keep fighting. the united nations says the world is on course for what he calls climate apartheid where the rich buy their way out of the effects of global warming while poor people suffer in a report it says climate change strains to cancel 50 years of progress in poverty
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reduction the u.n. special roberts or an extreme poverty philip alston warns hundreds of millions will face worsening food insecurity and disease. all regions will actually be affected but within any regions it will be the relatively poor people. their concern is that there will be some form of climate apartheid where the rich will be busily prying themselves out trying to secure protection etc people who are less well off and absolutely all regions of the world will bear the brunt of climate change so really a major issue in terms of poverty and the need to try to promote a comprehensive solution to the challenge it's not really a fight against climate change that we should be looking at what the problem is that if there is going to be any. repenting or if they are
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warming we need to be undertaking dramatically measures now the sort of things that have been doing in most countries not doing currently. affair in terms of the scale of the need obligations are not focused on what needs to be done and not focused on the extent of the challenge all of the change that needs to be brought about we asked all of sleep or going into our climate change horror story among the stories we have coming up crackdown in egypt will tell you who's being arrested and what the government is calling a counterterrorism operation and the wimbledon champion looks ahead to defend his title or has as.
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to whether sponsored by a. hello $100.00 millimeters a day or $200.00 millimeters a day is not atypical for this town the if it china and of course it produces flooding of a crime he's going to be increasingly was a lot now this mass is a cloud here no obvious pattern to it but this is roughly speaking the line of rain this in the forecast yes it covers hong kong once again sucks back up to northern you now occurring to sichuan but this whole area in the middle really across the shanghai looks fine again not as humid as it was but the rain will develop and move his drifting slowly eastward still leaving behind in the sunshine look at this massive cloud than here all over southeast asia generating some quite big showers or longer spells of rain sunder of course it makes its gave it give the pretty good wetting to lose all over the last day or so and just the east the philippines the potential development of a tropical cyclone but in the forecast this massive grain is drifting slowly west
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woods and your lots of a sudden vietnam parts of thailand that green tongue that is indeed more rain wish as far south as singapore south of that very few most into these it looks fine and dry and and the monsoon as yesterday is officially leaping forward but not leaving very much rain. the weather is sponsored by qatar airways. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonians out if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threat works and that's why you're on par rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera also
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one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america or about the same time or more born these were those 2 cultures north and south america beats of strategically it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be. here watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to remind our top stories senior white house advisor jared bush now has unveiled at the economic part of the
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u.s. middle east peace plan he says is the opportunity of the century for palestinians but they have rejected the plan saying a political solution is needed 1st the war of words between iran and the u.s. has escalated again donald trump is threatening to obliterate parts of iraq if it attacks anything american and iran's president says new u.s. sanctions could kill any. hopes of diplomacy and u.s. special counsel robert morvillo will publicly testify before 2 committees next month he issued his report in april on russian interference in the 2600 presidential election which raise questions over whether donald trump obstructed justice. more now on our top story the u.s. economic plan for palestinians a proposal depends on $50000000000.00 from donor nations and investors more than half of that money would be spent in palestinian territories the rest would be divided between lebanon and jordan any chips the plan aims to create a 1000000 new jobs and improve living standards for palestinians within the next 10
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years and among 179 proposals infrastructure and business projects a 5000000000 dollar transport cord or to connect the occupied west bank and gaza but is need even reports from the occupied west bank palestinian say financial incentives alone cannot solve a conflict that's lasted decades. israeli restrictions on palestinian businesses are so tight even salt can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman who believes his company's problems cannot be solved by economy incentives only the military area so we are restricted in getting any type of permits to. expand with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually business opportunities not only does the company need israeli co-ordination to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the
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factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the shores of the dead sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes they never get it it took 30 years before the go head was given to. the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian businesses the owner of this food pickle in business says profits could triple if he had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use that meaning 85 percent of former economy minister for the palestinian authority and businessman. says that economy prosperity needs to be in parallel with the
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political process so we don't believe in cosmetics surgeries here and there we believe in lifting occupation but that means lifting the siege on the west bank. on gaza this will give us the space to grow the space to work in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government restricts palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to be. factories or anything else. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the palestinian authority the gay sions of the people in your territory has been transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy. is the root of the doctrine of tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis that says palestinians coupled with reduced aid from foreign donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the route to economy
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progress in. the occupied west bank. amnesty international says egypt is using counterterrorism as a cover for crackdown on its opponents it follows the arrests of 8 people including human rights lawyers journalists politicians and activists they're accused of having links to the band's muslim brotherhood group they're also accused of plotting protests during the upcoming anniversary of the military coup which deposed president mohammed morsy in 2013 morsi died last week after collapsing in court when i speak to diouf amina who's an assistant professor at long island university and a member of the gyptian rule of law association she is via skype from north runs week in the u.s. thank you so much dalia for being with us amnesty international says the egyptian authorities have intensified their crackdown on opposition and civil society what is fueling this what's the reason behind the renewed crackdown. so there are several reasons amnesty international actually declared today that egypt has become
5:36 am
an open air prison because there is no space for opposition or any independent reporting now if you look at who was arrested we don't know the numbers but we do know that there are about 7 or 8 prominent figures but there are also many activists that arrests that we don't know i'm one of them was a prominent member of the social democratic party in the civil democratic movement who took part in the january 25th revolution who is perceived as a viable opposition figure we saw the arrest of an economist who has been critical of the current economic situation in egypt to journalists the former campaign manager of the presidential candidate hamdeen sabbahi we saw a senior leader of the dignity party and the reason why. a coalition of independent secular and left leaning people coming together to possibly contest the coming parliamentary election is deemed a threat now their last meeting was just monday and so for this to happen right
5:37 am
after their meeting signals that they're as their lawyer says that we are not just seeing a further clamping down we used to think of well it was the muslim brotherhood islamist leading individuals who be arrested you would see activist arrests but now any viable candidate for a possible parliamentary or political seat is also being arrested so what precisely then it's a government accusing these people who've been arrested recently off i mean are they going to have a trial what are they accused of. so they're accused of allegedly carrying out possibly planning to carry out violent and disorderly acts and so you have to remember the new egypt the terrorism law is so broad and sweeping that disorderly acts also includes insulting the state or working in concert to for example run for elections or possibly contest authority in the state and so technically in many ways or terrorism charges holdall there terrorism charges are
5:38 am
very broad and sweeping in so you can some of them are accused of having associations for example the muslim brotherhood now again these are secular and leftist activists night and so we are seeing is here we are coming upon a nother anniversary the june 30th anniversary and this is a way to kind of put fabricated charges to spread fear amongst society now this comes on the heels of a word we saw just yesterday to the laws passed they give presidency seek further judicial control over the state where he can choose now judicial leaders so number one you have a rubber stamp parliament these are people attempting to contest the rubber to the parliament and coming elections they were forming a possible coalition looks abroad and within egypt and you see that the judiciary is also becoming kind of consolidated around the president himself right now all of this comes on the heels of the dramatic death of the former president in court last
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night and as i put any pressure at all on the government the death of morsi has it put pressure on the government. well we have seen international human rights organizations amnesty international human rights watch so declare that this was actually a slow killing of the president we saw up until last year members of european parliament so say that president morsi was going to die a premature death because of the conditions but in the past week aside from a few members of parliament for example in germany and in europe and throughout the middle east we haven't seen any western figures stand up and say the president of a nation died and we call for a formal investigation we have seen calls for independent investigation from members of the crew free but no western government has called for an independent this you should have the death of the leader and so all of the sudden concert begs the question of what is happening in egypt and why is the international community
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continue to be silent on increased repression and on what amnesty international call today an open air prison dalia fahmy thank you so much for your insight very good to have you with us on al-jazeera die a funny assistant professor at long island university joining us there from the u.s. thank you for your time. international food aid has begun arriving for refugees who've been forced from their homes by fighting in eastern democratic republic of congo but aid workers are struggling to reach tens of thousands of others trapped in areas where militia groups have been attacking villages catherine sori reports from neighboring uganda way many have fled. $7000.00 congolese have come to this come for safety on the shores of lake the ugandan boda they've escaped from fighting in the eastern province of the tory in the democratic republic most of them want to cross into uganda but have lost everything and the johnny is too expensive i don't know i'm leaving in this camp with my 5 children because i cannot
5:41 am
afford to go to uganda my husband was ready killed last week in june and i have to stay here to get food for my children. to date has just begun trickling in but aid workers are finding it hard to get help to tens of thousands of congolese still trapped in areas where the talks are still going on so many of these people here both because of the these are ethnic balance they're here without anything that can help them see why this is a fast food distribution 4000 of the 7000 people in the car i'm groups have been carrying out attacks religious a jew group and the lake all but ariel the tour province for more than 2 weeks now some congolese say they're fighting over farmland fishing rights and minerals. even military offensive against the militias and so far dozens have been killed or captured government soldiers have recovered firearms and rescued nearly
5:42 am
a 100 civilians who had been taken hostage some of the troops have also been killed . but 400000 people have been displaced and those who can are using boats to cross into uganda thousands of arrived and more coming they'll be brought to this reception center where they'll be officially registered as refugees uganda allows refugees to settle work or go to schools and move around the country so both here are luckier than most but most we've talked to have told us that still not home. patrick has been here for a month he was a. and fisherman back home he sees his village was among the fast to be a talked. with. until even after the secretion comes because the violence keeps on repeating itself own only every time it is plate and we get. to where we are and who care about what beats back in the democratic republic of congo people
5:43 am
continue to flee from their feet which is this is what they're leaving behind abandoned homes destruction and. catherine saw it all just west in uganda. ethiopia has held a state funeral for 2 generals who were killed on saturday the attacks were part of a fair. it's a national day of mourning as if you know pia bids farewell to its military chief general sahara mckown and was killed on saturday shot dead by his bodyguard in his own home mccone and was in the process of stopping a regional rebellion in the northern i'm higher state when he was killed another general was also shot and killed thousands attended the funeral service for both generals including friends of general mckiernan.
5:44 am
image of a criminal finish telling you all he has done for me my wish for his family and if you people is that they can become missiles especially for the people of the now we are always crying 5 government officials were killed in the failed rebellion 2 were federal generals 3 were regional state leaders the man behind the attacks some a new siggy was shot and killed by security forces on monday and i'm hard a state he was the head of regional security as much as this is a time for the generals family to bid their farewells it's also time for the military to say goodbye we have several different branches of military. present here we also have military attache zip from the embassies around addus to pay their respects we also know that the prime minister ahmed is inside as well this general was one of the most protected individuals in the military his death has sparked fear about the security situation in the country you know to know. when the
5:45 am
country's chief of staff died it was a great danger and a big failure this kind of thing is not good for us in an exclusive interview the prime minister's press secretary told us abi ahmed is in full control of the military this is something that we need to assure in terms of national security as well as regional security and particularly with regards to the incidents that have happened in the tibet the government is 100 percent in control and things have stabilized particularly within the region as well the government blocked the internet on saturday in the wake of the attacks and it's still off as an added security there's also a strong military presence in the capital the country is watching waiting to see what will happen next hardeen al jazeera at us ababa. zimbabwe's government is banning the use of foreign currencies as it moves towards reintroducing the zimbabwean dollar the president says is an important step in repairing the economy but people aren't convinced sermo tassara reports from harare. zimbabwe is
5:46 am
government says a batting the use of foreign currencies will stop the black market money trade is blamed for rising inflation until a new local currency is introduced the government has made the temporaries a bob and donna known as r t g s the only legal tender some might say using multiple cards is was not sustainable for businesses which needed already limited foreign countries for the imports and not to pay the salaries of local employees with some union saying the limp words once one currency before muslim is what it tells you now i also need to inform you can also read i'm able to purchase the choir of egypt for mortgages which are right before the currency. so this is a shift. and should be sustained so that we are able to then focus on for the actions. zimbabwe stopped using it's more than a decade ago off to the hyperinflation exists of printing and shortages people can
5:47 am
still keep foreign currency but they must change it to local money before purchasing goods doing analysis with countries that it will always do the cost and it is taking an average of 30 years for resistance to the stuff used to sit in a physical so people with it are used to stable they tend to become what a great economy addicted divorced people that is it was great to take a long time for people to fully trust in different. other economists disagree i think is no different to the room than a wrist without its own currency current still pretty easy cheap because right now the reason they did not have one trouble one to one is regional banks can move to. control the money so i can be kwame because he is not all in power in these give him an opportunity to control money supply and actually begin to read down written money to productive because when joe and that's going to tell him it's ridiculous which is the probably why union leaders are against the bad and using foreign
5:48 am
currencies if the government doesn't want to be. poor lucy immediately nolens us do alas not have paid means we will immediately mobilize way guys for my sake in monetary policy changes. in zimbabwe this latest one is no different all most people can do is wait and see how the markets react. tell us about the premier league who's going into management.
5:49 am
5:50 am
welcome back donald trump has already kicked off his 2020 u.s. presidential campaign and now it's the turn of his rival the democrats this week 20 candidates will lay out their policies during televised debates and gallagher has been meeting democratic supporters in the key state of florida to find out way they think the party should be having. it was a night the democratic party and its presidential candidate will never forget despite polls and predictions donald trump became the 44th president of the united states leaving the democrats to lick their wounds no you don't donald trump burst lineup of democratic candidates now have their sights set on the 2020 election the challenge will be energizing that base and making gains with white non-college educated voters the organizers say it's about getting boots on the ground an incredibly diverse group you know about 50 percent of them speak spanish about 20
5:51 am
percent of them speak creole and they'll be down in our in our base communities communicating with both voters and registering new voters data from the vote a study group shows that 6000000 voters who backed barack obama in 2012 helped win in 2016 but the next presidential election may be about more than getting those people back president bill clinton once famously said that every u.s. election is about the economy and that maybe the democratic party's biggest challenge if job figures in financial markets is still doing well political analysts say the democrats will focus on the president's behavior making this an election about morals not numbers if the democrats can mount a really good attack on all the stupid things the trump has done professor joseph use in ski says the democrats may focus on the president's temperament not policy it may very well be an election about trump's behavior his morality his rhetoric which is not just decisive but sometimes you know phobic and racist so if they
5:52 am
focus on those things they'll be playing to their strengths. luis a son tosses a small business owner in democratic party activist the primary concern is immigration policy but she also wants candidates to speak from the heart don't drop down like to say what you believe because a lot of times you're getting you did because of we're scared of what the reaction might be and i think what works so well for trump is he was not muted he said. and what he believed in and he stayed behind in the democratic party was selected presidential candidate next summer as things stand former vice president joe biden is leading the pack it in the end the 2020 race may be more about personalities than anything else the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida times forces peter thank you very much australia are the 1st signs of qualifying for the cricket world cup semifinals and their victory of england has put the hosts under a huge pressure at they own tournaments australia made a strong start had loads and never looked back they've been all over the mark of $5031.00 is the leading run scorer this tournament but aaron finch is just 4 runs
5:53 am
behind him australia's skipper hit a 100 here as they posted a total of 285 to 7 in their 50 overs. england were in trouble from the 2nd ball of their reply when jason barron doff told the james burns you don't want to take a 5 wicket hole and the wickets kept coming a great catch by pat cummins the end of captain owen morgan one of the 4 victims of mitchell starc only ben stokes put up any real resistance with $89.00 but england struggled to get partnerships together in the end they fell $64.00 runs short a 3rd defeat of the group stage for the hosts has left them in big trouble. so australia's 6th win in 7 games guarantees them a top 4 finish in a semifinal place england remain 4th in the table but bangladesh sri lanka and pakistan below them all have a chance of overhauling them and getting into the knockout stage italy continued to
5:54 am
enjoy their 1st women's world cup for 20 years and or into the quarter finals they were 2 no winners over china in the last 16 tire valentino. and their daughter girlie scoring the goals the last time italy reached this stage was in 1901. there was late drama as the netherlands beat the 2011 champions japan leka martin's last minute penalty clinched a 21 victory for the dutch japan made to pay after failing to take their chances the netherlands who are the current european champions qualifying for the quarter finals for the 1st time so here's how the last 8 stage of the tournament lines up on thursday night norway will take on england friday evening it's the most anticipated match so far as the hosts france go up against the holders the united states of america the round concludes on saturday with italy against the netherlands followed by germany versus sweden at the africa cup of nations garner finished with 10 men as they were held to a 22 draw by i've been in and after
5:55 am
a chaotic build up defending champions cameroon have made a winning start they beat to get me but so to know with goals from yaba now and. then cameron's players were a day late arriving in egypt for the tournament while a bonus of $35000.00 per player was negotiated busy of the captaining manchester city to the premier league title vents on companies it sees more than ready for the next chapter of his career he's been introduced that anderlecht as the club's new player manager company returns to the belgian side where he began his career he believes his experiences in and out of football will help him in his new role of being a manager for most of my career. people don't know i just be managing of the stuff now i get to manage something related to football which just happens to know to be something i know more of than the other stuff i was managing so in reality you know it's. just same old same old a conservative christian group set up
5:56 am
a fresh fund raising drive for australia's busy rugby star israel folau a day after the go fund me website shut down he's page on the site it's raised $1000000.00 australian dollars in less than a day allow is trying to raise $3000000.00 to fund a legal fight against rugby australia if sect him for a social media post attacking gay people he and his backers argue he sacking was an act of religious discrimination. we believe that this is a principle is a principle in this case that's relevant to all australians it's that freedom to be able to live freely expressing yourself without facing you know the cricket bat of political correctness getting you out of your career expelling you from your job and telling you to go to the margins of society will the only way is less than a week away and the top players are making their final grass called preparations in england defending champion of the jacobites was a straight sets win to the trainees christiane got in at the exhibition eventing
5:57 am
buckinghamshire is one of them victory last year started an incredible run of form and success for the world and the. things change you know when you win a grand slam regardless of your ranking just facts your life and your confidence in the way you feel on the court so that mental argument since that it was. afterwards right for me in the last 12 months or. less 2 to be number one in when 3 out of 4 slams so i mean for me i'm playing really good tennis wimbledon is defending women's champion and julie of germany came through a student test to reach the quarter finals of the school international events she beat australia sam stosur in straight. and that is where we'll leave it for now more sport coming up again later thank you very much for that set for this news hour on al-jazeera from me fully back to one whole team here and i thank you very much for watching as is with you next here on al-jazeera just.
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when the news breaks these protesters and the skilling a bill that's. when people need to be held to the evidence to the best in the us now by telling us if you don't have the rights in the world and the story needs to be told. i'll just see you as teens on the planet to when you're in the world when
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documentaries and light meanings. and online. mining is funny but. i'm always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be about transformation. to be transforming western mentality a lot about that and that's very different circumstances right now that why secretary hilda should belong to everyone but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercialized and who decides who owns yoga on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the contrails are fighting each other and we've been told that we can still hear these are still largest demonstrations that's been held i will need to refugees sit over $700.00 you hear some of the emergency losers on the planet all these things are because because of the to. 0 english. recipients of the new crystal ball
6:00 am
comes to. the city. this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east because our senior white house adviser jared kushner lays out an ambitious and fiercely criticized economic plan of the palestinians. hello i'm the star of the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up saudi arabia's crown prince is due to arrive in south korea shortly it's his fast a trip abroad since a u.n. official accused him of involvement and jamal khashoggi is death.


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