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bad and actually worse than any other years prior to this to these sanctions and actually these are unilateral sanctions these are not want a lot of sanctions that we think that they have the most harm but we see that they are these sanctions are somehow ending to a war military war because actually these order you cannot make war and own i'm afraid that that situation is somewhat soon to come so i hope it's only my hope that there could be some change in strategy because mr trump is a businessman and he knows how to bargain so in order to bargain you need to somehow increase your bargaining chips and power i think he managed to do that up to now and so he needs to find of a to somehow incentivize iran to come to the negotiation table. russia of course another country the pursues an independent foreign policy on monday moscow said that it would look to counter these these new u.s.
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sanctions and they might be illegal to what extent is russia perhaps key to what happens next in this crisis. well look it's no secret that the russians are a heavyweight at least in regional developments it's more interesting to know that the russians have confirmed that the global hawk that was shot down was in iranian sky also a very influential chinese official was in tehran and a couple of days ago in one of the meetings he said that since iran shut down the global heart now we are holding a very different view about iran because not just because of the corage that iran is shown but also because of the homemade radar system as well as the mesan is that the missile that hit the aircraft it has shown much power and technology therefore we are now thinking of getting closer to iran strategically let me add one more
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point what mr via said was no rejection of what i said i said mr trump is the exercise in the same strategy with different overall busy and inexperienced tactics the fact that he doesn't know the balance between carrot and stick proves the same he doesn't know the tactics and he is a exercising the same strategy and it's no secret let's remember that even president obama defined undertakings under the nuclear deal let's remember the case when he avoided vetoing the extension of i saw or less remember the unfulfilled promises of john kerry with regard to the visa waiver program so many promises he made to miss their eve and they never complied with their undertakings under the nuclear deal because basically the road ahead is to be the same they are not going to accomplish with their with their on the takings no
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matter and it's an obama administration order donald trump it ministration you know these days iran. has wrapped up and has arrived at the count luzhin with regard to how to treat with the united states if there is something good about donald trump it's about the fact that he is showing the united states foreign policy a naked and this has caused iranians to develop a single stance against the united states i believe if there is anyone that needs to go over revise their strategy and rethink their stances that they've taken it's the u.a.e. it's all the arabia they are playing in the same puzzle of the united states they are helping them with the sanctions they are providing them with you know military facilities wrong ways and bases to help them with the aggression against iran this is going to cost the u.a.e.
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and i believe if this such a violation of iranian airspace or an attack on iran ever happens then iranians would definitely show reaction to the u.a.e. sell the arabia and any other nation that would help the united states i'm afraid gentlemen we missed and our discussion many thanks indeed for being with us the stuff. not to go see god see and vegas and as always thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website at i was 0 dot com for further discussion joined us at our facebook page you'll find that at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j. inside story from me adrian fenty got a whole team here until thanks for watching i'll see you like. i.
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the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy joins in miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st us democratic debates. they wanted 43000000 pounds with the weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there is no hope of ending war because there is always a small cobbles people for war really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald
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trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they moved closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the elephant in the room and manama is of course the occupation itself. senior palestinian officials condemn the u.s. sponsored bunkering conference saying it's an attempt to buy off
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a future palestinian state. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the u.n. describes the situation in yemen as and i quote humanity's biggest preventable disaster and the government sees fit to continue selling arms to saudi arabia during the situation arguments in britain over whether it should sell weapons to saudi arabia for use in its devastating war in yemen. president donald trump threatens to veto a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 bill passed by the house migrants detained at the border. also this half hour activists in hong kong continue to pressure the government to drop its controversial extradition bill.
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our top story so far today it is day 2 of the u.s. sponsored conference in bahrain on the economic development of the middle east it's part of a larger plan to solve the israeli palestinian conflict but palestinians reject the plan and they're boycotting the gathering in manama they say financial incentives cannot rule out a much needed political solution the elephant in the room and manama is of course the accusation itself and it is the israeli occupation which was never mentioned not once with all its manifestations including land including theft of resources and theft of palestinian funds and system of doctors and control. and the steps are violence on demolitions the siege of gaza the constant military and best of all the head of the international monetary fund is insisting any
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solution must focus on creating jobs christine lagarde says growth is shrinking in palestine with unemployment at 30 to 50 percent in the occupied west bank and gaza . you have a very very. quickly growing population about 5 millions at the moment between the 2. territories probably going to double from 5 to 10 millions in 2050 that's the estimate and in 203060 percent of the population will be working age which is great and bad great if the jobs are there difficult if there is no climate nor can patient for those young people coming to the market senior white house adviser general who on will be $50000000000.00 economic blueprint on tuesday called accords the opportunity of the century for palestinians
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my direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity you can change your course for the positive if we are willing to try new things and think outside of the traditional box that abraham is tracking developments for us the illegal settlement near ramallah and it will come back to the program once the official palestinian reaction. the message here from palestinian officials and the palestinians this is clear the economy in itself is not enough any cannot make aid or help or progress the palestinians should come along with a political process that sees at the end of it the palestinians and being the
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occupation removing israeli settlements so any talks about progress for palestinians that is being the main thing that the national workshop is focusing on is being dismissed 3 d. by the palestinians although they are facing a financial crisis that has seen them not being able to pay public servants were a couple of months now they say that even that even in these times when they need money when they need to put in there has been declining in addition to israel deducting parts of the taxes it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority the message is clear politics is at the core of the conflict and it should be dealt with before economy is talked about ok thanks very much mo and is al-jazeera senior political correspondent he joins us from the shard in london and welcome to you too who do you think this is heading because on the face of it so many people who should be in bahrain or not in bahrain. well you know it depends
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how you look at it if you're looking at it from of the american perspective from the throne administration's attempt at bulldozing its way to a solution. pax americana then you do expect him then to mount the pressure and eventually some time before the end of the year to release that political aspect of that plan and hope through as it were carrots and sticks to pressure the arabs into it and eventually pressure that but a stimulus or some sort of a policy the need to ship to go along if you're looking at it from a by the syrian perspective you would say this is a total dead end that you cannot put the cart in front of the horse that discussing . peace some prosperity in palestine without discussing the end of occupation is like firefighters discussing fire fighting without discussing water as it where so
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in the end of the day it's clearly going to depend on the momentum clearly the arab street the palestinian street i would say even out of leaders are not exactly happy with this a lot of them are going along on that american pressure. so much skepticism including from the pro israeli camp in the united states and europe and in the arab world so really it depends on how much the united states is going to put pressure moving forward or how much it concludes that this is a dead start what's the relevance of the way that what we think the 2nd tranche of this plan might be has unequivocally been delayed we think until the israeli elections in september. this is an important question and in so many ways
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if you look carefully or if you're a student of this issue if you don't observe or you would notice that this this has been answered already so while we're waiting for the official document the trump team has already answered this said no to the at a bishop of the talks about israeli withdrawal from occupied territories in return for peace meaning land for peace formula substituting that for new money for peace formula money of course coming from the out of gulf not for israel or the united states as a compensation for the israeli occupation and you would see that jerusalem was or the event recognized as a capital of israel that the refugees are not recognized by the strong team and hence all aid has been lifted to or no to why that takes care of the united nations agency that they scared of refugees the settlements have been has been recognized as legitimate and even that trump team has not just the israelis to even annex
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parts of more parts of the west bank so really the blueprint is already clear i mean they've been talking about it for the last several months i think in the end of the day if my analysis is that at best the americans and the israelis will all for the palestinians what i would call have a state on half of the west bank now what i say how 5 states the americans are not even talking about the state or they said a state is not the solution so in the end of the day half a state owned half of the west bank meaning 10 percent of historic palestine really means that the american team would like to see a palestinian autonomy totally and utterly dependent on the israeli economy and polity something. that is still to be an early an accepted by the
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palestinians and once the dust settles mowen on the workshop so-called taking place in bahrain where does that leave palestinian arab relations because some palestinians seem to be saying the arab delegations that are there should have been bigger wealthier more powerful more high profile and yet there's another palestinian voice saying actually you guys should have boycotted it from the get go to show solidarity with us. you know if this question that's a brilliant question at the by the the answer is so no once let me just try to break it down very very quickly so there are a number of aspects to what is an arab and what is a philistine at this point.


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