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a city in the city center it's the latest action that demonstrates demonstrators say is intended to keep the momentum going over the china extradition bill activists held a crowd funding exercise on wednesday to pay for advertisement in newspapers around the world they raised more than $800000.00 in just 9 hours sarah clarke has more now from hong kong. this is one of a number of rallies held by those opposed to hong kong's extradition bill at this particular rally they're targeting concerts more than 10 all of europe canada the united states and japan are included and i'm at this particular international exposure and campaign for those countries to support i think very important for us to express our team and all of the major countries in the world to show we need their support to our freedom our human rights will have been a number of protests over recent weeks it's an attempt to keep the pressure on the government has suspended this bill but these protesters want to dump for good. a
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photograph of a father and daughter who drowned in a river on the us mexico border is highlighting the dangers migrants for years trying to reach the u.s. oscar alberto martinez run nero's and his 23 month old daughter were leiria from el salvador died last weekend the photographer says the father tried to cross with illyria on his back while his wife returned to the mexican shoreline but he became tired and the pair were swept away by the currents their bodies were recovered on monday the journalist who took the photographs has spoken about those images. well you can make one more your in extent in what it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by the shots but also in that embrace in which they passed together and today is not an area people choose to cross because they know they're easily caught but it's understood and his family had arrived recently and did not know this which is why they attempted the crossing in desperation this case in particular touched us
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because of the circumstances a father embracing his daughter and in their last breath both ground dying together . the u.s. house of representatives has approved a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 package of aid to help asylum seekers coming across the border from mexico the bill includes money to help shelter and feed migrants in custody and improve standards for their care but president from posts written to veto the measure meanwhile the acting head of the u.s. border protection agency has announced his resignation more than 100 migrant children have been returned to an already overcrowded detention center in texas despite reports of appalling conditions there lawyers who inspected the facilities children didn't have access to soap or toothbrushes and haven't showered since they crossed the border 250 children were moved away from the facility on the outskirts of el paso a few days ago. president from past delayed raids that would remove thousands of undocumented immigrants from the u.s.
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but officials are still arresting those who show up at court the routine appearances kristensen limit so to one pregnant woman whose deportation order was put on hold just hours before her removal was jus to take place. the family of alamo centeno santiago anxiously awaits word the pregnant mother of these 2 american born children has been in jail for about 3 months and is scheduled to be deported to her native guatemala the following day. i saw media finally a call. and it's expunged on. she says she's had severe stomach problems while in custody at a facility dealing with a mumps outbreak she just went to the doctor but missed a meal in the process her mother is distraught so it's lower than most i could but i don't know what will happen with the children it's sad that they could deport her
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because they need her we all need her a deportation order was issued for santiago because she missed a court appearance the 34 year old crossed the southern border 15 years ago and filed for asylum claiming she faced violence and threats back home. neither immigration and customs enforcement nor the jail would comment on her claims of in adequate medical care. found to jago was arrested outside a local courthouse where she appeared to settle a domestic dispute according to the immigrant defense fund federal agents have made more than $200.00 courthouse arrests in new york in the last year that's a 17 for the increase since donald trump became president in 2016 the stepped up enforcement comes as the trumpet ministration pressures congress to make it more difficult for immigrants to obtain asylum but some do ya those lawyer says she's entitled to due process she asked the court to stay her deportation until her
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appeal could be heard there's been no allegations that she is violent or that she is a danger to her community mother of 2 and to whisk her away and not give her access to the courts and not have her be able to reside. in forums in which we have a design to resolve these kind of issue is just really an affront to our entire legal process. and it's been hard on the children who don't know if and when they will see her again santiago told us she had nowhere to live in guatemala and if deported she would try to return kristen salumi al-jazeera queens new york. now the u.s. special counsel robert muller is set to testify before 2 congressional committees next month he will likely face questions about his reports into russian interference in the 2016 american presidential election campaign. no evidence of
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collusion but declined to rule out with donald trump and obstructed justice funerals to be held in ethiopia for those killed in a field saturday ceremonies are being held for the regional president and his deputy his military chief of staff who were tied general laid to rest in addis ababa on tuesday. food aid has started to arrive the refugees forced from their homes by fighting in the eastern d.l.c. the democratic republic of congo however aid workers are struggling to reach tens of thousands of others trapped in areas where rival militias have been attacking villages catherine sawyer reports from neighboring uganda where many have fled. $7000.00 congolese have come to this comp for safety on the shores of lake uganda they've escaped from fighting in the eastern province of the tory in the democratic republic most of them want to cross into uganda but have lost everything and the
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johnny is too expensive i don't know round one i'm leaving in this camp with my 5 children because i cannot afford to go to uganda my husband was killed last week and i have to stay here to get food for my children. has just begun trickling in his are finding it hard to get help to tens of thousands of congolese still trapped in areas where attacks are still going on. with these people here both because of the ethnic violence they're here without anything that can help them so. this is a fast food distribution 4000 of the 7000 people in the car i'm groups have been carrying out attacks from religious a jew group and the lake ariel detour province for more than 2 weeks now some say they're fighting over farmland fishing rights and minerals. even military offensive against the militias and so far dozens have been killed or captured government
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soldiers have recovered firearms and rescued nearly a 100 civilians who had been taken hostage some of the troops have also been killed . 400000 people have been displaced and those who can are using boats to cross into uganda thousands of arrived and more coming they'll be brought to this reception. where they'll be officially registered as refugees uganda allows refugees to. go to schools and move around the country so both here are luckier than most of the books we've talked to have told us still not. patrick has been here for a month he was a farmer and fisherman back home he says he still was among the fast to be talked. to one pilot will not go back there until even after the situation comes because the violence keeps on repeating itself on every time it is plate and we get closer
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to where we are and who care about what beats back in the democratic republic of congo people continue to flee from their villages this is what they're leaving behind abandoned homes destruction and misery catherine al-jazeera western uganda. australia's 3 biggest media organizations are taking legal action in a bit protect press freedom the australian broadcasting corporation the 9 network and news corps one journalist exempt from national security laws which could see them jailed also demanding the right to contest search warrants like those executed by the federal police of the a.b.c. headquarters earlier this month while it is heartening to know that the government regards a free media as a foundation stone of democracy nowhere is it articulated or entrenched in law the legacy is a patchwork of laws that make it difficult sometimes impossible for the media to do its public duty journalists are increasingly accused of crimes for performing their job was
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a blowers who brave interventions are so important to identifying wrongdoing run the risk of being challenged out of existence or governments and institutions becoming more secretive much too often these days the words national security are conveniently invoked as a manes of shutting down the flow of information and by often spirits grounds. protesters are expected to gather in london in the coming hours to demand u.k. government action on climate change and the environment comes as researches report a dramatic decline in the number of insects they say pesticides worldwide are killing off the pollinators that we can't live without lawrence lee explains one of the problems for insects is that humans don't tend to notice if they're there or not but if people don't start paying more attention than the consequences could be catastrophic for all of us in country after country in europe and beyond there is evidence of bees butterflies moths and other species disappearing that knocks on to
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the survival of birds reptiles and fish which live off the insects of the food chain it's will inevitably affect humans they pollinate 75 percent of the crops that humans grow 87 percent of all plant species on the planet need pollinating. insects would disappear then most plants would go all flowers more or less would die they get rid of chi parts and dead bodies and keep the soil healthy and do a whole bunch of stuff so essentially life on earth as we know it would come to an end if we didn't have insects this part of england is only 60 kilometers south of london yet it looks like a refuge for wildlife but declining numbers seem to be everywhere measuring insect numbers isn't that straightforward as a motorway it's traditionally been done is by counting a bug splats on a car windscreen they used to be the case that if you drove around a part of england like this in the summer by the end of the day you windscreen
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would be cakes but we've just spent most of the day in the car and there's barely a mark on it. the reasons for this are all no no farmers are usually blamed for the widespread use of pesticides in modern agriculture see actually when you spend more time you spend the more you look and say your 1st try is no actually you know it's everywhere while the u.k. is seen as badly affected farmers here argue this is still possible to protect insects in terms of crowd rights action is really important how that diversity in the landscape so you can see here we have cattle grazing in fields we have cropped so we have lots of different types of crops never have assigned crop in the field twice and then really try and minimise the use of the inputs we use we really try to minimize the use of insect insecticides for example because that's going to be good for the environment as worse having spikes around in all the trees in the hedge rows well the margins you say it's all that spice along saw growing food a recent global study of insect decline suggested numbers having every 25 years
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that suggests it isn't too late to turn things around but in the u.k. at least the reason why people keep protesting is that it seems a priority for barely any politicians largely al-jazeera in sussex when we come back on the other so the break i'll have the news hour for you 60 minutes of news and comment on al-jazeera i will see you very soon. the web sponsored by qatar airways. harlow is looking a little chilly in santiago at the moment pardon the pun we've got some cool air pushing its way up from antarctica then a bit of cloud there some mountain snow coming into the end this 10 celsius for santiago 12 celsius of what is there is both of these cities should be around 16
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celsius at this time of the year and with a long way shy of that over the next couple of days much of brazil will be dry a few showers across the western side of the amazon pushing up towards the carry on a few showers in place here but for many it's going to be fine and dry largest area cloud as you can see just bulging away there across the western side of the caribbean so some wet weather on the cards same for nicaragua costa rica maybe down into panama scattering of showers across the islands here but essentially a lot of fine in fly with a much he wanted to showers around his banjara pushing towards southern parts of cuba we could there was some wet weather to the southeast of the u.s. here it does stay dry and settle for the time being funded as bring across the central plains they'll make their way further east was this is a scene in the everglades shippey west coast but this is a wildfire that has been burning away here for the past few days caused by a lightning strike you can see it stays dry here as we go on through the next day but showers make in the way through the plains. the weather. and
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ways. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in
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the next 60 minutes. does. one further investigation. the u.n. . final report on the murder of the saudi journalist. and calls for an investigation into the saudi crown prince his role in the killing. it's. absolutely foolish to believe you could have economics without politics the former british prime minister tony blair weighs in on donald trump's plans for the middle east. the u.s. president threatens to veto a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 bill passed by the house migrants detained on the border. and we look at the collapse of insect populations and how that could threaten the entire planet. all the sports including the latest from. new zealand and the cricket world cup australia become the 1st team to qualify for
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. england these aren't hard by a thread. our top story the u.n. special investigator agnes has in the last half hour called for a criminal inquiry into crown prince and one of his main advisers over the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi she's been delivering her final report on his killing it found saudi arabia responsible and that there are legal grounds for the u.n. chief. to launch an international inquiry a shock she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the 2nd. excellences state trust sponsibility begs the question as to whom is ultimately liable for killing the inquiry was a human rights inquiry not
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a criminal investigation it has nevertheless found credible evidence warranting further investigation of the high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown prince of saudi arabia and of his key advisor saudi. for the news hour my colleague is live for us in geneva just take us through what else the special rapporteur had to say. what she's depicting a damning fortress about the situation surrounding the case of just basically saying that the extent of the planning human resources the death squad that was sent by saudi arabia gives her a strong indication that this was a premeditated killing this is number one number 2 that the investigation is now revealing that or pushing for the need to investigate possible war crime
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prince mohammed bin salmen being given the order to kill him out of houses and then she says that the international community should step in i mean from the perspective of on this kind of my view not additional special report that there needs to be a criminal investigation triggered any time soon but it remains to be seen whether the united nations would be able to move forward and start that criminal investigation but from being quiet from the findings we're talking about an inquiry that took months talking about information that was shared with the team of and is some of the. some of the intelligence she had access to parts of the recordings of the moments the final moments of similar. and upon that she managed to establish the facts that she's telling now the united nations human rights council. what would they like to happen as of now.
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well remains to be seen whether the united nations and the secretary general and china the terrorism the united nations security council will heed those calls from agonist come on to start a criminal investigation about a week ago with the u.n. spokesperson post person said that the secretary general does not have the mandate to launch a criminal investigation and that the boys down to whether the united nations security council would be able to launch it or any other country like turkey and press ahead for the need to start a criminal investigation investigation when you look at the latest developments you have the sound is critical of the find it saying that basically they were inaccurate and they were full of contradictions you have the united states of america which is very busy at this particular moment to rally regional support in the gulf region against iran to the point where of course that secretary of state by company when he was inside of arabia didn't raise the issue of somalia with this
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side of the authorities it could be an indication this is not really a top priority for the trump administrator and this explains why. this is really a frustrated over the lack of inaction from the united nations security secretary general and a while ago i spoke with editor john king is the final say of the mile high city and she reiterated the same consensus and she said that it's about time for the international community to take action to bring those responsible for the killing of jamal has to face justice between signs arabia or elsewhere else where the bottom line those who killed him must be. facing justice passionate one point as well she seemed also to be talking about a framework of jew diligence if you will but the reality is surely that the choreography that led to the death of jamal khashoggi even if that framework had been in place then it wouldn't have stopped the killing it couldn't have stopped
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the killing because you had state actors in another country allegedly doing what they did. indeed and because of those shortcomings she is now saying that there needs to be a new mechanism to prevent such incidents from happening in and chilling to be it from happening in the future she saw the pattern of killing and targeting journalists all over the world and she said there. governments intelligence agencies have the obligation under the charter of the united nations to share some of the intelligence they have and send some advanced warnings to different countries to prevent such a case from happening because if you go back to the 2nd of a. told peter. was told to go to the sergeant consulate and that he would be received by saudi officials and that they would give
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him the documents he needed for him to start to unite and know we had these are jenkins he was not aware of the fact that at that very particular moment preparations were made of the highest levels in saudi arabia just sound hit squads to be there at the consulate to kill him and from the findings of the united nations special report to agonise kalama there are some shortcomings there are questions that need need to be unsaid about what should have other countries done talking basically about the u.s. turkey very intelligent governments should have shared information they should have . you know what it seems that we might be intercepting some some information that is just to mental to your survival therefore we don't want you to go to the consulate or stop. them thank you ok let's get more on the other significant story here on the news the 2nd day of a u.s. sponsored conference in bahrain on the economic development of the middle east it's
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part of a bigger plan to solve the israeli palestinian conflict but palestinians reject the plan the boycotting the gathering in manama they say financial incentives can't rule out a much required political solution. the elephant in the room and man is of course the accusation itself and there is the israeli occupation which was never mentioned not once with all its manifestations including land including theft of resources and theft of palestinian funds and system of dirt of. control. and of course the steps are violence on demolitions the siege of gaza the constant. vests well the former british prime minister tony blair is attending the event he says the u.s. initiative can solve both the economic and political issues between the israelis
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and the palestinians this is an economic plan that if it's implemented is obviously going to do enormous benefit to the palestinian people. number 2 obviously it isn't a substitute for the politics and this is got to be said very clearly because of the way people misinterpret things there will be no economic peace there will be a peace that has a political component and an economic component but the economy can help the politics and the politics of course is necessary for the economy to flourish senior white house advisor jerry vale the $50000000000.00 economic blueprint on tuesday he called it quote the opportunity of the century for palestinians by direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will
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lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity you can change your course for the positive if we are willing to try new things and think outside of the traditional box. al-jazeera is in a bit of him joining us following developments for us illegal settlement be it near ramallah what's the palestinian reaction to all this today and. so the palestinians have been saying that economy alone is not enough or any economic solution should be going in parallel with a political process we've heard from senior palestinian official had on our show we who says that the idea of economic peace is not new it's just being recycled now in this conference and being presented to the palestinians we've also heard from. palestinian ambassador to the u.k. for some zone look who says that what's happening now with the u.s. deal as a whole not just the economic part of it is that they're dealing with the whole issue as a state issue where the palestinians will take the cash and israelis will take
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their property and even politically we've heard many palestinians and palestinian officials saying that the u.s. has already started imposing facts in the ground by its of nies in jerusalem as the israeli capital moving their embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem so they say any political future political process even should not include the u.s. as the sole mediated it should be an international conference with many parties dick part of that and not just the u.s. and when it comes to a political solution the palestinians are clear that's got to predate that's got to come before any any idea of an economic project. and that's what the other peace initiative talked about to talked about having a solution to the palestinian cause before having economy progress before having relations between the arab countries and israel palestinians do not see that the solution to as it is show is just by money although they need the money now that
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they are in a financial crisis after israel has deducted part of the taxes it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority and as well as that the declining aid from the international community having said that they say that they're not looking for a better life under occupation but 3rd looking for ways to end it there thanks very much. ok let's take a closer look now at the political solutions the palestinians want well 1st they're demanding an independent state as part of the 2 state solution agreed in the 1993 oslo accords that deal also called for contentious issues to be discussed after a period of 5 years those include the status of jerusalem final borders illegal settlements and restrictions on in gaza there were further efforts to bring peace to the region over the years but mistrust between the israelis and the palestinians stalled the peace process during that time the building of illegal settlements continued and the us president donald trump declared jerusalem as we've heard as the israeli capital last year much to the anger of palestinians and the
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international community let's put all that in context for you let's talk again tomorrow and bashar he's our senior political correspondent joining us live from london marwan if indeed the 2 state solution is dead what's next. well of course it depends as it were the short answer is a part of hate although the israelis don't like the word a lot of number of israeli and american officials have already said that in the absence of peace it's a part of paid a part paid and meaning in south africa model was separate but not equal 111 part of that one part of the population dominating the other part of the population in this case israeli jews dominating the palestinian arabs living more or less in the west bank in separate communities a privileged one for the israeli jews and the settlers the illegal settlers and
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a unprivileged one if you will a dependent one it bend to stand for the palestinian population now if this initiative fails to bring about whatever it wants to bring about which we don't know yet because as you know there's no political official political document out but clearly as the palestinians rejected it i think you would see that the americans will will be supportive of israel eunuchs ations of part of the west bank . and you will see that the israelis and the americans will be demanding arab normalizations with israel without consulting the palestinians because they will justify that by saying that a scene is rejected our proposals and hence we can have to move forward in normalizing relations between israel. and the arab world or at least the gulf states while at the same time israel grabs more land with american legitimacy
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so all of this will lead to a major explosion another uprising of sorts certainly a collapse of whatever order there is in israel palestine today and that could potentially within the what we see in the region lead to you know more escalation if you will within the immediate and the middle east and mowen as well what do you make of those comments that we've heard from tony blair the former envoy he seems to be going down the road of jerrold couche now which is to say look conventional wisdom hasn't worked therefore we jettison conventional wisdom but you can get an economic prosperity situation too in an unforced way almost to dovetail with a political settlement even though we don't know what the political structure or the political agreement might be at some point after the israeli elections in september. what it just just to
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clarify you know the palestinians reject even talking to tony blair tony blair that was the quartet there or the special court that envoy to israel palestine of course has taken the israeli position so much the that the palestinian officials called him israel's poppy. and he has been behaving like israel's poppy but also as a as a as a financial a bit of credit motion and he's also been consult them to a number of the spot that krege ns including some in the gulf region and hence he's been really taking the position of saudi arabia and they're not there are them or it's as well of course the united states and prop and mr asian on this question so what did he just tell us what i think and then ethically speaking he lied and because he knows all too well that while economics and politics have to go along we know that the the palestinians of all of the given up on that and mr asian because that up in the mistaken for the last at least one year have been totally and
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utterly humiliating the palestinians by confiscating much of their rights by recognizing jerusalem as capital of israel by recognizing and legitimizing the israeli illegal settlements and their land even nudging them to an extent of their own land as well as of course sidelining the entire question of palestinian refugees and undermining the 2 state solution so tony blair knows that the throne by mr asian and its allies have already torpedoed every possible illegitimate decent minimum type suit you shouldn't for the palestinians and the economics are only meant to be a bandaid to be put on the issue and that palestinian warns and that is of course money coming not from israel or the united states but from the gulf countries in order to calm palestinian pain that is seen as of course are not accepting this do you have any sense at all marwan that what we think this plan might be even if they
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get the $50000000000.00 us dollars of financial pledges coming in to to get it all going to get any sense at all that it might work given that there seems to be. a d.n.a. level assumption as far as the palestinians are concerned from jericho and is this this is the status quo this is where we are you have to accept it and make the most of it. yes i think that is the american israeli plan is that you need to accept the balance of power not international just immature international law it's about power it's use and abuse not justice and its implementation so what jeb bush has been saying all along is forget about what they told you in the past forget about what their leaders tell you forget about what your own instinct tells you this is the reality and we cannot simply bestow some certain legitimacy on the reality which is called occupation of palestine but with
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this you know you asked from the beginning if we get can give a certain context but i would really like to give this context to you and or viewers around the world and i would like to connect that with just the previous story you see the same people who are now sending this. plan are the same people who are basically we have behind the killing.


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