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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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his 23 month old daughter valerie a died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states a journalist who works for a mexican newspaper found the bodies on monday she hopes the photographs she took will focus international attention on migration to the u.s. . it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by the shots but also in that embrace in which they passed together into death 25 year old martinez was from el salvador he was crossing the rio grande with valerie on his back tucked inside his t. shirt when they were swept away by strong currents his wife was waiting on the mexican side of the shoreline and survived. something bad like this happen before you see the river and it appears very calm i think that's why the father thought he could cross but the rio grande has a lot of deep powerful currents downstream. earlier this month mexico agreed to
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tighten its southern border with guatemala after president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on mexican goods critics say the new measures have led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated routes. the page aggressive martinez and his daughter are reminiscent of another tragedy that made headlines 4 years ago the image of alan cody's body washed up on a turkish beach sparked global outrage he was a 3 year old syrian refugee the images of martinez and his daughter may have a similar impact serving to highlight the plight of those fleeing war and poverty in central america victoria gate and be al-jazeera. still to come here in town democratic presidential candidates over 20 of them had a chance to debate why they want donald trump's job on the 1st 10 speak on wednesday night. and find out why hundreds of mine is
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a staging an underground city in south africa. how i was still some rather wet weather across central and southern parts of china think of the southeast not see bad over the next day or so but this area cloud and rain that's not too far away it will bring some what's the weather might need to the north and east of home called wetter weather into central parts will become more expansive heavier downpours as we go on through friday they want some heavy rain there into the philippines some heavy rain to across indochina but for india well the wet weather stays away from the far north we have got some lively showers into central and eastern parts of india the monsoon rains of course very much in evidence of the western ghats we got some rather heavy downpours coming through 42
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celsius in new delhi now sort of the heat breaking and he time soon monsoon a causes lagging behind somewhat that wet weather continues the western parts of india which was in northeast and also into a myanmar but a bit of wet weather possibility to the fos out of saudi arabia as we go through thursday with the many across the arabian peninsula dry sums it up as it should be $46.00 celsius here in doha so little about the seasonal average should be about $42.00 at this time of year so a little bit more cloud just making its way into the western part of saudi arabia mecca with a high of 46. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. provided attempts into someone else's work.
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inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. toughest take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera a u.n. special investigators called for a criminal inquiry into saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man as well as one of his main advisers over the murder of john this jamal khashoggi the saudi envoy at the u.n. human rights council in geneva accuse the investigator agnes kalama of being prejudiced jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul
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last october. palestinians have rejected the u.s. administration's $50000000000.00 economic proposal thousands of palestinians have been knowledge ing in protesting gaza and in the occupied west bank senior adviser jared cushnie unveiled the proposals at a conference in bahrain and called them an opportunity of the century. now food aid has started to arrive for refugees who've been forced out of their homes by fierce fighting in eastern democratic republic of call. but aid workers a still struggling to reach tens of thousands of others who are trapped in areas where rival militias have been attacking villages catherine sawyer reports now from neighboring uganda where many congolese have fled. $7000.00 congolese have come to this calm for safety on the shores of lake the ugandan boda
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they've escaped from fighting in the eastern province of the tory in the democratic republic most of them want to cross into uganda but have lost everything and the johnny is too expensive i don't know round i'm leaving in this camp with my 5 children because i cannot afford to go to uganda my husband was killed last week in jordan and i have to stay here to get food for my children. to date has just begun trickling in his are finding it hard to get help to tens of thousands of congolese still trapped in areas where our talks are still going on so many of these people here both because of the visa ethnic balance they're here without anything that can help them see why this is a fast food distribution 4000 of the 7000 people in the car i'm groups have been carrying out attacks religious a jew group and the lake all but ariel the tour province for more than 2 weeks now
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some congolese say they're fighting over farmland fishing rights and minerals. even military offensive against the militias and so far dozens have been killed or captured government soldiers have recovered firearms and rescued nearly a 100 civilians who had been taken hostage some of the troops have also been killed . but 400000 people have been displaced and those who can are using boats to cross into uganda thousands of arrived and more coming they'll be brought to this reception center where they'll be officially registered as refugees uganda allows refugees to assess all work or go to local schools and move around the country so both here are luckier than most but most we've talked to have told us just still not home. patrick has been here for a month. fisherman back home he sees his village was among the fast to be attacked . by now it will not go back there until even after the secretion comes because the
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violence keeps on repeating itself on a return is played and we get leaders of that are closer to where we are and who care about what we see back in the democratic republic of congo people continue to flee from their villages this is what they're leaving behind abandoned homes death destruction and misery cathy zoi al-jazeera western uganda. gunman and a suicide bomber in egypt have killed at least 6 policemen and seriously injured 8 others the attackers targeted 3 checkpoints in the city of el arish in the northern sinai peninsula and choose evening no group has claimed responsibility there are reports that the authorities in egypt gave former president mohamed morsy an ultimatum before he died morsy and other detained muslim brotherhood leaders were told to disband the organization or face the consequences the middle east is
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reporting the group was given a deadline to decide but morsi refused morsi was egypt's the only democratic elected president he collapsed and died in a cairo courtroom last week. ok let's go back to geneva now way you can see agnes cullum are there the un special rapporteur who has represented her reports into the murder of jamal khashoggi to the human rights council let's hear what she is saying was not able to do which is to really determine with certainty individual liability for the crime including at the highest level in. caddyshack in a statement which was undoubtedly the most powerful of these serve for i wos ask who ordered the crime who turned a blind eye to the crime who are inside to the crimes not those questions have been
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and so where is the body that too i've not been and so that's what the criminal investigation should do that's why i've asked for the security in general gerald to put in place such an international team of criminal investigators in my view to take a strong stand now to demonstrate that the international community will not tell the blind eye toward a crime that has been denounced repeatedly that has attracted the attention of boards and media of many countries in the world not to me turning a blind eye to a crime that involves some of one of the most powerful country in the world that would be the most. effective and strong signal that. killing john only just cannot be tolerant to whether mystically or extract territorially and that killing or john anything by and by
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a powerful state will not be tolerated that is why i am calling on member state the security the secretary general and or those to act now thank you. thank you and that's the 1st question is from catherine from france from. i would like to. ask the question about what you put on the head of your command asians regarding an action of the un secretary general mr dennis. to conduct an international i mean ask for an international. investigation with a group of the experts he stalks persons mr do you see that it was not in the power of the un as you could innes do saw. that it happened i think 7 times in the past with the other a un s g what is your reaction to that thank you liz so my my reaction to his spokesperson for the spot my own spokesperson. was
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a disappointment i was disappointed. it is a great area of the united nations and of the prerogative of the secretary general and i am absolutely not suggesting that it is written black on white that he has the prerogative to do that however when i am suggesting give them that it is in use power to interpret the role as they are. to give himself the opportunity and the power to establish these panel of experts in 2 years in my view or oh not required for a security council resolution to for such an investigation to take place i'm not even i do not even believe that you need a member of state or fish or demand these being said i certainly call on member states to proceed with artificial demarche so that the secretary general will not
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be able to to just create more fire walls between him and his responsibilities to take action against impunity. but your story. from the japanese newspaper as i hear him going. i have a question about the g. 20 meeting in osaka idea of this week. some country may. be killing this issue during bilateral meetings. and i couldn't you would actually know what your country do on the occasion of this summit given that the saudi crown prince will be presence. well i have made a number of commendation seen in my reports regarding measures the member states could take i am. stunned that the killing of mr casualty is a state killing it is not a killing by rob he sure as the country of the government continue to do to pretend
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at least under international human rights law it is therefore important for the country that will be present during the g 20 sure sure and sees on the. 26th that the state of saudi arabia to take its full responsibility for the killings i have suggested that individualized sanctions are not to not and that it is now important for the international community to take the full applications of the nature of the crimes which is a state crimes that's what i'm hoping they will be able to talk about i have among other things suggested a moratorium on the export of surveillance technology to saudi arabia because of a else technology course nobody else of important point 2 episodes 50 abroad is a violation of their right and b.
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usually an early warning for much greater harm. here thank you very much gary last time i got a mexican or process on a on account of any deal if there is no international investigation and with the evidence of your report are there or there are ways to obtain justice i'm thinking about peanuts. for example. at your investigation do you think that the government of the united states could have known that demagoguery was in danger and could have warned him i mean they know that they were under surveillance thank you for your questions so they are at least 3 or 3 options for. sure. one turkey. saw i have suggested public inquest out of turkey because the turkish authorities have a great deal of information about the killings it is important for this information
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to be made in the public comment and for everyone there is to take the you know the implication somewhere which has not yet been put in the public domain to the united states the as i have called it in my. in my report for an f.b.i. investigation it does amend it under the u.s. law for undertaking an investigation into any issues that concern the american interest or american people and well in that case and the american interest i have requested such as suggested such an investigation but you know addition there will be. there we'll be complaints made in the united states at some point because of the interest of many people in the u.s. including. people who knew him his friends his colleagues families and his
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employers so that's the 2nd option 3rd option is universal jurisdiction it's a complex issue and i don't think i'm going to get into the details now in my report i detail and i explain why in my view the killing of mr cash meet the criteria to be treated as the an international. i'm calling for universal jurisdiction that in my view point b. and then to show no law option and force here of course we can always hope that. we'd be prepared to invite international norms to point to an assistance to more headways a try that we meet international guarantees if you're a lawyer who's who for. you know last year was with newsagents for question on the scenario of an official demand by the states. for now after the report was released one week ago or since then and even in the in the debate today was no sign from any
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states to or lounge or support for. a call to the s.g. for a criminal investigation nor afford a more permanent instrument your like to be your launch on the broader term tonight are you pessimistic about the visibility of that scenario. there were a lot of distrust these recent years around collective international justice you think this case will fix the future of collective international justice. so we counting the the international law can use them that suggested i am not to get. the mystic. i think these are complex questions i i i didn't hear as much as you indeed the rejection of moving forward with the formal request i think
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a couple of states may have hinted to it. so on that front i am walking that a few steps will be convinced 20 may at least a panel of criminal expert to identify the foreman need chauvelin ability for that killing with regard to the standing in strong. it is not going to happen overnight . the establishment of an instrument for syria has a triple i am or for the investigation into the use of chemical weapons i've taken many of forte's what i am suggesting is basically is equivalent for the investigation of targeted killings if you twitter to happen overnight i will be only on b. to. a totally surprised and. funded so i think it's up to us now to you including you because the media has a big role to play since one of the the primary victims of targeted killings right
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now are on a list. human rights defenders as well and yours or of course i have a role to play in convincing the international community that the some most effective way of moving forward the palace is that we are witnessing the ping-pong games between who can do what. p.v.t. of the secretary general to determine whether or not he can more we something all of thoughts things will be solved if there was a stunning instrument who could just take upon itself to investigate this kind of of crime so i think it will solve a lot of issues including the ongoing crises the killing of mr cashel giri present and we'll continue to carry present. my my report and your presence there is just. a moment in time i have no doubt based on my many conversation that there will be
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more such moment coming up and therefore it is really important for the international community to try to put in place make can use them so that we can end all that far more effectively and with justice in mind for us just a couple of more questions on the other side for. this moment you. those who prefer to help or. die. markets are poorer for trip or prefer this gives a very easy up or escape valve something describes it to describe with a bit in the last pastor of a piece of scum emma i can't be judged to be called to laugh it's good. for love it but. it could be a point to start her. knee problems you do not want to get burned in manassas of defect among her own is kalar ma is understandably now replying in
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french so we'll take this opportunity to go to our correspondent has my home buyer who will reply to me in english he's live for us in geneva and has been listening to what she's had to say something that really struck me actually has him is that in her comments in her answers to journalists there she's actually been rather critical of not just the office of the secretary general but also the man himself she suggested that he could actually do a lot more with regard to setting up this international criminal inquiry which she says is essential. indeed martin by the way the last question she was asked by swiss journalists in france about how whether she feels safer after the report that she issued and whether she was receiving she has been a concern but she might be getting any threats from the saudis in the near future and she said that for the time being she just. everything should be fine and the
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reason why this is quite a crucial moment as you said martin once she made the report she started to say things for what they are she seems to be frustrated over the united nations inability to launch the criminal investigation. when she was asked about the united the spokesperson of the united nations general secretary general when he said that it's not within his mandate to launch the investigation she said well nothing is set in stone there's always these gray area and the united nations secretary general could find his own ways around this she doesn't seem to be really impressed with the track record of the international community saying that it's about time for the international community to send a strong message to the saudi government there's absolutely no way a nation whether it's a strong nation or one of the nation can go away with a crime without being punished and that ultimately the international community
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should convene and around the idea of a mechanism of an international panel of experts for criminal investigation that should be launched to give reassurances that no one would be harmed in the future no journalist would be targeted by a government just because of his thoughts just because of his opinions so i think from our own words i mean this. is using very strong words about the international establishment and architecture saying that well the u.n. is there. to move forward with actions don't just for the sake of talking to work bitter cold months of extensive work but now she's looking forward to see action meet right and rather interesting these she also suggested that the turkish authorities put all the evidence that the hate they have with regards to the murder
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of jamal khashoggi bearing in mind it was committed in saudi territory but within the jurisdiction of the turkish authorities all of that she said should be put in the public domain that the turks have been reluctant shall we say too to do just that they've they've been empowered seeing their knowledge of this crime drip by drip and through unofficial sources. indeed i think i. was hoping to see different countries different different agencies come forward and provide the public with more information about what happened to be including the turkish government and i think she was hinting to the fact that the government should deliver more details about that would you a recording that patently has the final moments of see and see if things that those information the moment they are made public they could be conducive to an
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international movement to words and you mechanism to prosecute those perpetrators to the point where she was saying that she asked also the f.b.i. to launch an investigation about that people and it seems martine that we are having now. is going to talk to us and to give us more information about what's next for the international what should be done and thank you very much indeed for being with al jazeera i really appreciate your time. this last time you spoke with al-jazeera you gave us all the details about how this is a this was a premeditated thing that the sergeant government was in for and that you think that they need to be more investigation into possible order for crown prince the big question is now that's we know what you told us. the problem is how to go forward yes that you you really did out very well you know for the
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last phone 4 hours member states every acted the vast majority in a very positive fashion to to the report to the findings and to their conclusions whether or not they will be prepared to do the next step which is to call for an investigation into the determination of individual liability i think i really don't have an answer to that i haven't heard some. you know interest into that next steps but i think the next few weeks are going to tell whether or not we do see you know these panels being put in place the 2 countries which have painted a possible launching no no no a few countries. but then when you when you see the news cycle through states michael was in saudi arabia and publicly according to sources with him he didn't
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raise the issue of hostile with the saudi king to another not that i was because give you an indication that this does not seem to be a top priority for the. trumpet the inspiration look i think at least of the the. you know they they are very direct tell you have to recover night is that true president trump and they are not trying to hide the fact that for them financial. commercial interest and strategy key issues should be driving their party seaways saudi arabia what i am suggesting though is that impunity for human rights violations is never a good basis for partnership including in this very unstable environment one of the key findings of your report is the need for further investigation into possible wolf compris one of the servants of the chemical. how direct is this involvement
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you should be having some idea about no no no whether what i have said in my reporting is that the. the state is responsible ok we tease a state crime something that the saudi authorities have yet to recognize once you have determined that the state is responsible where does that mean what tees the state so what i'm saying now within the category of the state there are high level of fish show us that are criminally responsible for the crime it does not necessarily mean that they are responsible because they all do the crime they can be responsible because they directly or indirectly incite to the crime because they failed to prevent teton because they failed to stop it and these are the kind of scenarios that i would want the fall or criminal investigation to investigate along with the question of was told that i just listened to a press conference who don't seem to be really impressed with the united nations secretary-general particularly come to this idea that he does not have the mandate
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to launch a criminal investigation have been working very hard on this issue for months you've got the extensive but tell you about the circumstances surrounding the killing of them. why is the u.n. saying the cannot do this i love you i think this is something that you have to ask the secretary general i don't know i have. undertaken this inquiry so that the u.n. could be seen told me i'm not to un person i am an independent expert but i am so called me to to multilateral instrument and to the the role of the u.n. in that kind of setting that i want to show that the u.n. has a meaningful role to play i am hoping that the secretary general will find the findings of my inquiry strong enough that he can now move with the next next step this is going to be my last question do you have any concerns that your reports could be shelved for the simple reason that we're talking about one of the saudi arabia
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which is one of the wealthiest nations of earth was strong. the relations with some of the powerful countries in the world and that many countries key players in the international arena are not really willing to move ahead to particular when it comes to prosecuting when investigating someone like compress violence and i know i have no doubt that there will be. incentive for countries many countries around the world to shelve my report what i can only tell them are the following day my report is only one report i can assure you that after my report there will be more coming out there will be your work there will be movies there will be documentaries there will be more arty course in the newspaper there will be more reports by other bodies the committee against torture of the committee against and force these appearances so it's not the end of the journey in our search for justice number one number 2 our kept past city as international community to all hold to
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account to powerful state such as saudi arabia to do that credibly to do that constructively. ease. is a reflection of our capacity to protect human rights to protect stability to protect peace and multilateralism so i think it's it's a challenge but it's a challenge we've got to meet if we want to move forward thank you very much indeed united nations special rapporteur and it's got to mark thank you i really appreciate your time thank you thank you thank you thank you martin so as you can as you can see from. the highlights of once an is common sense she really thinks that it's about time that the international community is shows the world that it's genuine about the need to prosecute those who are involved in extrajudicial killings those who target journalists and that's ultimately for her
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and from her perspective this is not just about when doing. justice to an individual who was killed on the 2nd of october in istanbul it's about sending a message of peace to the international community and to the people all over the world that there is an institution or people or agencies or organizations. willing. to look for those responsible and bring them to justice is called going to be. heard by key players powerful people in the international arena here remains to be seen. at the u.n. in. geneva thank you very much indeed. still to come here as al-jazeera hong kong democracy campaign as they gather once again outside police headquarters they want to keep the pressure on its leaders.


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