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about wealth inequality and how to make. how to make our economic system more fair so i think you know they will be having kind of you know the polar sides of the debate and we'll get to see that tomorrow night and be very interesting to see how it all pans out thank you so much elizabeth thank you for speaking to us elizabeth anchor's from george washington university. pro-democracy campaign is a staging another mass gathering in central hong kong the demonstrations began against legislative changes which would make it possible for criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china from hancock hong kong andrew thomas reports. for the 2nd time in a week hong kong police were trapped more than a 1000 protesters are angry at how police the time the recent protests swarmed late night around the city center headquarters what's going on here is that the protesters are trying to barricade the place inside the compound they say this is a nonviolent demonstration but they're making their anger with the place very clear
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. many shouted a few did throw rocks at the police stood stoically trapped inside earlier in the evening tens of thousands of people had rallied packing a city center park nearby streets and every vantage point around it was a bit worried rewards in mind that things might be dying down because it's been a while and then the weekday people getting quite exhausted from the past 2 weeks or so tonight thousands and thousands of people. feel that the whole city center so i think the momentum is really right now the protesters are trying to build on a back down by hong kong's goal which i would propose rules to allow extradition to the mainland china the proposals have been suspended protesters want them unambiguously dropped they also wanted investigation into police violence of previous protests the release of those arrested and the resignation of the chief
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executive keri lam but the theme of this rally was free hong kong democracy now these protests are becoming about the way hong kong is governed not just the narrow issue of extradition protesters think timing is on their side wednesday's rally was organized to get attention of g. 20 leaders as they head for their annual summit in japan we think this is a great opportunity for us to force out our minds to all the world leaders who will attend a g atlantis summit as they will all see president season they want their demands put to china's president by the other leaders. in person. earlier on wednesday hundreds took part in what they call the titian marathon taking their demand on paper to the hong kong consulates of 19 of the g. 20 countries all except china we need to towel off and that we need all of their
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support not just us not just u.k. not just any country but all of the country need to support us joining has made it clear there won't be any discussion on call at the g. 20 in japan. sidelines protesters hope will be heard andrew thomas out there on. rome is in the grip of another garbage crisis made worse by severe summer heat bans are overflowing across the italian capital prompting warnings from doctors that people's health is at risk rome has been without a major land landfill site since 2013 and successive mayors from different political parties have failed to find a solution. now one of the most concerning yet least talked about aspects of environmental change is a global collapse in insects numbers insects are vital to the entire food chain and if they disappear altogether so could we now and he tells us more from farming county countries south of london. one of the problems for insects is that humans
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don't tend to notice if they're there or not but if people don't start paying more attention than the consequences could be catastrophic for all of us in country after country in europe and beyond there is evidence of bees butterflies months and other species disappearing that knocks on to the survival of birds reptiles and fish which live off the insects of the food chain it will inevitably affect humans they pollinate 75 percent of the crops that humans grow 87 percent of all plant species on the planet need pollinating. insects would disappear then most plants would go all flowers more or less would die they get rid of chi parts and dead bodies and keep the soil healthy and do a whole bunch of stuff so essentially life on earth as we know it would come to an end if we didn't have insects this part of england is only 60 kilometers south of london yet it looks like a refuge for wildlife but declining numbers seem to be everywhere measuring insect
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numbers isn't that straightforward as a motorway it's traditionally been done is by counting a bug splats on a car windscreen they used to be the case that if you drove around a part of england like this in the summer by the end of the day you windscreen would be cakes but we've just spent most of the day in the car and there's barely a mark on it. the reasons for this are all known no farmers are usually blamed for the widespread use of pesticides in modern agriculture see actually when you spend more time you spend there the more you look and say the 1st rule is no actually everywhere while the u.k. is seen as badly affected farmers here argue this is still possible to protect insects in terms of it's really important have that diversity in the landscape so you can see here we have cattle grazing in fields we have crops and we have lots of different types of crops never have the sign crop in the field twice and then really try and minimise the use of the inputs we use we really try to minimize the
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use of insect insecticides for example because clearly that's going to be good for the environment as we're having spikes around in all the trees in the hedge rows all the margins you say it's all that spice along saw growing food a recent global study of insect decline suggested numbers having every 25 years that suggests it isn't too late to turn things around but in the u.k. at least the reason why people keep protesting is that it seems a priority for barely any politicians al-jazeera in sussex.
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want. thank you very much pakistan have put themselves firmly in contention for a world cup semi final position of the ending new zealand's unbeaten run at the tournament new zealand battered 1st stage bastien in birmingham and were in trouble in their innings they were $83.00 for 5 at one stage including the loss of influential captain kane williamson. but they recovered to post $237.00 for 6 thanks to james nations $97.64 for cullen the ground pakistan suffered a few wobbles in their chase including the only loss of the man. but played by a superb century and 68 from harrison hale they would get across the winning line by 6 wickets and with 5 blues to spare. so offers are made struck the winning runs to
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score big celebrations from the largely pakistan supporting crowd ah. it means pakistan join bangladesh just one point behind england with 2 games still to play in the top 4 qualify for the semifinals india are now the only unbeaten side at the tournament hosts egypt or in seville last 16 of the africa cup of nations mohammad was among their scores in a 2 no when over the democratic republic of congo uganda took the lead through emmanuel zimbabwe before come a 1000000000 at equalized that game ending 11 but zimbabwe's knowledge most owner was guilty of some crucial missed chances are geria of also qualified for the last 16 with a 10 win over guinea kamath almost all got the only go 17 minutes from time. pfieffer have begun disciplinary proceedings against cameron following the game with england at the women's world cup several players remonstrated at length with
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the referee and that one stage refused to restart the last 16 match after a v.a. or reviews wins against them cameron's coach. called their 3 nil the feat a miscarriage of justice the controversy of a video reviews has overshadowed busy many games at the tournaments as referee panels say the system is working as they intended but concede it will never be perfect. when at the end of the match the result. is a fair result is a correct result then you can have still discussion on interpretation but this is part of our sport this is part of football we have not all the decisions are black or white extreme there is room for interpretation the 8 to remain in sides are preparing for the quarter finals which kick off on thursday temperatures in france becoming extremely hot but the england coach doesn't think it will affect his
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players in their match against norway actually like it i really do the players like it being how we feel good in the heat yes it's going to be a factor but we plan for it with the 2 weeks at st george's park where they virtually lived in a sauna. and that literally was the sauna not not that there was no air condition at st george's park it was just we plan for it norway are looking for revenge after losing to england at the same stage of the last world cup the other quarter finals see italy face the netherlands germany versus sweden and the stand outside hosts france taking on the defending champions usa. the international olympic committee has voted in major changes to the way games hosts are picked as they try to reignite the appetite for cities staging the event there was a choice of just 2 candidates says the i.o.c. selected milan court to host for the 2026 winter games on monday the cost of
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betting has discouraged some cities and referendums have been lost when seeking public approval for the games future battles will be required to use existing and temporary venues and will be steered away from expensive construction projects candidate cities will now be recommended by dedicated i.o.c. panels for the summer and winter games to determine if a vote for the host is required at all. so here's how the sharp decline in interest has been for cities bidding to host the olympics for the winter games in 28 cities went into the official i.o.c. candidature process 9 wanted to host the summer games in 2012 so if she and rio had 7 but as but it was down to a choice of just 3 for the winter games in $28.00 scene the drop continued for the summer games as well they were just 5 official candidates for 2028 it was just 2022 in the same again for the winter games that have just been announced or paris and los angeles were the only bidders for 2024 and so it was agreed that paris
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would host with a awarded the next summer games in 2028. advantage of the new procedure that. we are flexible it can. also again come to work competition of several candidates. but it can also come to. a point where there's only one candidate being proposed. rafael nadal was already upset by his demotion below roger federer to number 3 in the wimbledon seedings and now he's got something else to worry about it of next week's tournament the french open champion was well beaten by marion shalit shimbun up events at the hooligan club in london adele losing 6363. 3 former world number ones or into the quarter finals of the east all international summer to help needing 3 sets to be flown to hertzog for the credit in the 1st 2
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were inseparable. and that's where we'll leave it for now more sport coming up again later p.j. thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera to stay with us and we've got plenty more world news coming up after this very short break stay with us. july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on
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individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolds on witness 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be long been detroit july on al-jazeera. to. the to. talk to al-jazeera. we ask problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen because i hadn't been so who are pushing the united states and president
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trump into conflict we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter does era. al-jazeera where ever you are. libyan forces opposed to warlord honey for have tossed say they've recaptured a town from his fighters south of the capital. i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up a drowning of
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a father and his little girl found dead in each other's arms spock's more outrage over u.s. immigration policies that the palestinians when substitute freedom and dignity and so determination for this for the dollars palestinian say the american economic proposal i'm veiled by senior white house advisor jarryd push it all wrong and 10 democratic candidates get a chance to state their case the 1st 2020 u.s. presidential debates is barely an hour away. forces allied to libya's u.n. recognized government say they have retaken the town of got a on more than 80 kilometers south of the capital tripoli from forces loyal to wall otani for have tar but after fighters say they still have control of gary on which says as one of their main bases of operation losing it would be a big setback for their 12 week campaign to seize shipley have ties allied with an
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unofficial rival government base in the eastern city of to brooke. has the latest from libya's capital. the city of the about 80 kilometers to the south was from the capital tripoli has finally fallen into the hands of forces loyal to the you and recognized a government of national accord the city of that is very strategic as it has been used as a supporting hub alongside the city of the horn for have to his forces fighting the government forces in southern tripoli forces loyal to the warlord 24 have to have taken control of the city for the past 3 months and now after losing that was drawn to the town of us harbor which is in the west in the south of the very end military sources with the government say that dozens of have forces were
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killed in the battle for you today while also say that they have taken control of us throughout egypt locations in cite the city of libya and including the central command of have to his forces that has been used to run the battles in southern tripoli we know that the battle for tripoli the military campaign launched by have those forces to take control of the capital tripoli started from the city of mosul from the city of horner it seems to be a measure of a setback for have to as forces as they now have only one city and the worst of libya supporting them in the military campaign to take control of the capital tripoli meanwhile in southern to paly have to us forces have been losing strategic locations in civil axes including in active international airport and also in neighborhoods in the southern the west and in the southern the western part of the capital and also in the eastern and southern part of the capital tripoli including
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. a little bit journey where hood's jonathan winer is a scholar at the middle east institute any former u.s. special envoy to libya he says both sides have been locked in a stalemate and have talk is not interested in a political settlement. of the forces have been frozen in place with no one winning or losing territory for several months so if true it's a very big development baryons a major us as a population of nearly 200000 if it's not a small place it should hugely been significant so it's a big loss for general after his forces if that's what's happens but what's always been his has been he told me this more or less when i met with him in 2016 is that he wants to take the be a part of western nation he doesn't really want to participate in a political deal it doesn't want to be subject to anyone else he wants to be the 1st as i understood him you tends to be
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a dictator subject to no political force of any current whatsoever without any politicians having any power that's his vision it's the kind of in his super khadafi to duffy had a coup after which part of duffy will his family was slated to rule after and i think us weekly after was for himself and his fellow i think people have been trying to convince him for a very long time to a group political arrangement in which he was part of a unified a national libyan force with others participating in some kind of military council under civilian authority and he has repeatedly rejected that form and has used the political negotiations to elevate his status is stature and for libyan families in the united states is suing have tough for alleged war crimes they say their relatives died in attacks carried out by his forces have ties a u.s. citizen which makes him subject to american laws on war crimes the families are demanding $125000000.00 in damages and compensation in other world news shocking
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photographs of a father and his young daughter who both drowned while attempting to enter the u.s. have spots anguish and outrage around the world i wanted john homans report contains descending images from the outset. a final embrace that's a trick to international attention to the dangers that central americans face on their way to the united states this is also teenagers and he's 23 month old daughter valentina they died last weekend in the rio grande the river that separates mexico in the united states journalists who dearly duke found their bodies. in extent in working it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by the shots but also in that embrace in which they passed together and today martinez was from el salvador he was crossing with his bike tucked inside his t. shirt when they were swept away by strong currents his wife was waiting on the mets
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can side of the shoreline and survive. something bad like this happen before you see the river and it appears very calm i think that's why the father thought he could cross but the rio grande has a lot of deep powerful currents downstream earlier this month mexico agreed to tighten its southern border with guatemala of the president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on mexican goods critics say the new measures have led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated routes but there's also something else that's happening in the last year or so we've seen a wreck or surge in the number of people traveling with children to the united states to ask for asylum a many of them of doing that because they've been told that if they ask for asylum as a family there's more chance that they'll be released well into the you know ited states at least while that process plays out but things have now changed and people that
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are all skiing for asylum in the united states and now being put back into mexico while that process takes place. traveling with children be an advantage in this word spreads may mean the migration. but the most desperate to escape poverty violence in the home. coming. home and. meanwhile the u.s. senate has approved a bill to provide 4600000000 dollars in emergency funding to assist with a surge of asylum seekers at the border a day earlier the house of representatives approved a bill a separate one but similar which the senate rejected castro has more from washington. in washington the race is on in congress to provide emergency funding for this border crisis before money runs out according to the troubling astray by the end of the month and already with the money they have there are
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reports of deplorable conditions now where children and families are being held along the border lawyers who visited a border patrol facility last week reported that shoulder in where they're behind bars in soiled clothing without even as much as toothbrushes or soap caring for each other while armed border patrol guards stood by wearing masks to counter the stench those types of conditions are what congress people are hearing about and in the house of representatives earlier in the week congress people passed a 4600000000 dollar package for this emergency funding for the border crisis but it comes with several strings attached that require more oversight of improved medical facilities as well as nutrition and sanitation now the senate version that passed earlier in the day is the for the same 4600000000 but does not have as many strings attached and notably it passed with more bipartisan support and it is the version
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that president donald trump will most likely support so what where we are at now is another stalemate in congress these 2 versions of the emergency funding bill that must be reconciled and and again pass both chambers of congress all of which is a tall order given that congress next week will be in recess due to the july 4th holiday. and the 1st 2020 u.s. presidential debates begins in just under an hour with 10 of the democratic candidates participating in miami 10 more will meet in a similar debate tomorrow is it warren is the biggest name of the opening debate while some of the other favorites like bernie sanders and joe biden will take part in the 2nd debate let's speak sandy gallegos i foresee in miami so and the 20 candidates in total from various backgrounds how will they make themselves stand out in such a crowded field. that is
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a great question and something i've been thinking all about let's put this into perspective for our international audience we've got 20 candidates from all sorts of different backgrounds some names that are fairly well known like elizabeth warren will be taking the stage here in just less than an hour but some are really all known at all and to give you an idea of how this is going to work and each candidate will only have about 7 minutes to talk on each night so they have a very big challenge as those whose names are known have to work stop which themselves those who aren't don't have to introduce themselves to american voters whether they attack each other is another question people are being asked because that's a double edge sword but this is one of the most crowded fields in democratic history you've got all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds has a certain names that are well known and some of those candidates who aren't so well know and may go after people like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren who are doing well and joe biden who's doing the best of all because they've got nothing to lose democratic voters i've spoken to would like to see
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a much smaller field so that we can get on with this process of picking the candidate which we're not in the until next year but nonetheless this is an important moment for the democratic party this is a chance for many of these candidates to introduce themselves to the american public for the 1st time thank you for them and the gallic in line for a scene miami. palestinians have rejected the trump administration's $60000000000.00 economic plan saying they won't give up their rights for money the proposal is part of a peace initiative the u.s. is calling the deal of the century it was unveiled by senior white house adviser jared at a 2 day conference in bahrain reports. because your senior white house adviser jared questioner gathered arab dignitaries israeli businessman investors and politicians from the wider world to discuss how to kickstart the palestinian economy over the next decade or 2 reaction when he called his plan the opportunity of the century.


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