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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and of course this also comes as the diplomatic standoff but when the u.s. and iran is starting to escalate how do these reports of war kind of military activity and attacks in the region and how does this affect tensions. well the cynical view is that the u.s. is drumming up another reason to escalate this conflict for a potential military confrontation between the 2 countries the u.s. view of course is that these are actual legitimate attacks that have been increasing from iran and iranian allies militia members and others that have increased the tensions but as you mention there's been the downing of the global hawk there was this sabotage of 6 commercial ships in the gulf of oman which the u.s. has blamed on iranians u.s. rockets the u.s. suspects that iranians were behind iranian militia members were behind rockets that hit the green zone in baghdad and of course there have been attacks that have
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continued on u.s. bases in iraq the u.s. also suggest that this could mean that a run is closer to the who in yemen than had originally been believed now iran of course denies all of this but whichever way you look at it the tensions are going up thanks very much from washington john hendren. you at the news hour live from london much more still ahead on the program mexico's president announces an economic boost to help thousands of migrants in the country. as money pours into rebuild syria activists warn that aid funds are being diverted to security forces guilty of torture and murder. and then later read faces on the f one track he to has the action from an eventful practice session in austria. it's supposed to unite the world's most powerful economies but regional tensions
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trade wars personal differences of all dominated they won of g. 20 summit in japan china's leaders xi jinping made a veiled criticism of the u.s. president just hours before that meant to hold talks talking about his bullying practices but it's donald trump's meeting with the russian president that has stolen the spotlight as our white house correspondent kimberly alcoa reports from a saka. smiles and even a fist bump between japanese leadership india's narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump even though prior to their g 20 meeting trump criticized both. and at a g. 20 leaders family photo trump was again smiling with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon even though u.s. intelligence congress and the united nations say the kingdom was responsible for the murder of journalist. also notable during that photo op chinese president xi
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seeking out trump in the midst of their ongoing trade war to shake hands that gesture was apparently lost on trump despite she's defense of china's digital policies trump indirectly blame she's government for intellectual property theft and risks to 5 g. security at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperity. the process of paper collection analysis and circulation east but we also need to respect the soldiers rights of each nation. about their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s.
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special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the 2016 u.s. election instead of forcefully confronting pugin issued just a light hearted warning. a white house readout of trump's meeting with notes the paris cast arms control venezuela syria and iran but there's no mention. action interference trumps half hearted word of caution to putin well someone expected is once again inviting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader can't really help it al jazeera osaka or best moment is a senior fellow at the center for international government governance and innovation and a professor of politics university of waterloo in canada and joins us now as we are hearing that tomorrow is going to be a big day for presidents trump and she when they meet the has been hope for some sort of progress on trade but of course complicating this dispute is the u.s.
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blacklisting of all national security concerns all we're likely to see any movement on this trade war. i think it's really difficult to see movement you know we've had negotiations pretty much broken down since april and i don't think that we're going to see a resumption i mean a success may be in fact that trump doesn't leave by slapping on more frankly more tariffs that might actually be a success so no movement might be successful but you know i mean it's a really difficult situation you know the 2 countries are both have their own populous base certainly donald trump has used that china is much to blame for the d.m. dust realisation of the country and certainly for a lot of the ip theft intellectual property being a big component of the sort of technology transfer is being forced on american companies and in china of course this is a government particularly under she who is very much trying to get china beyond
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being a factory of for the world but also 7 with its made in china 2025 high technology and high value added types of production so they need access to the american markets and having was always shut out of american components is not going to help one of these golden you know national champions achieve the kind of success that the chinese want to see in that regard when exactly china needs access to u.s. markets even though both sides will not want to be seen to be backing down domestically or internationally for that matter china does have more to lose in this could that potentially bring about some concessions on their part. well certainly some would argue that the chinese economy is hurting more so than the american one remember i mean one of the things that quite ironically is that the american economy on paper looks pretty good stock markets are high unemployment is low inflation is you know study so there it doesn't seem to be hurting the
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sanctions don't seem to be hurting the american certainly the farmers american farmers with soybean restrictions is one area but on the other side china seems to be hurting more it's nearly not doing as well 6 the reported you know 6.4 to 6.9 percent g.d.p. growth may not be achievable next year they to keep getting downgraded and of course there are lots of signs of ghost cities and other types of economic stagnation that is making people worried but again i think china's a little more resilient and i think more determined frankly to achieve the goals it has and being that high tech at least high value added production center so i don't think they're going to turn away from their demands and i want to ask you about comments from president in that liberalism has become obsolete to be the. donald tusk was quick to respond to that but you know today we've been covering a story about that the right wing government in a city refusing to allow a ship with migrants and refugees to dock when you look at what is happening in
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europe president putin has a point when he when he cites the rise of nationalism and populism and the impact that it's having yes but you know what's ironic and i think the financial times article of this interview with with putin you know it's exactly what i think the populist nationalist right wing agenda proposes i mean it is clear that russia and putin very much supports this ideology and i think he may say that there is a challenge or frankly he may say that populism exists but one of the things that he's not mentioning is how frankly he's supported he's funded clearly i think any and italy has some. oh apologies for that technical problem there but that was that mani a senior fellow at the center for international governance and innovation speaking to us of course we did mention that boat full of migrants and refugees that are
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currently stranded at sea just ne italy i want to tell you more about that because the captain of that rescue ship has been refused the mission to dock in italy they've said that conditions are worsening for the 40 people on board who were rescued from the mediterranean sea watch 3 skipper is being threatened with arrest and her ship impounded if she enters harbor on the italian island of lampedusa and the haywood brings us this report. the sea watch 3 is the latest symbol of the refugee crisis on europe's open front. the standoff continues over whether to take 40 migrants who were rescued from the sea off the coast of libya more than 2 weeks ago their stock on the charity ship refused permission to dock on the italian island of lampedusa italy's government adamantly refuses to accept responsibility. by the european court of human rights this week and so the migrants continues so
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close to land. sleeping on the. stories. we've engaged with it's only at the close those days of safety but we also have engaged in sex trade with germany the small time it was probably. mostly european commission it's been made very clear that none of these actors actually have any interest in mind you know something to migrants were evacuated for medical reasons in the early hours of friday but with the mediterranean sweltering in a fierce heat wave conditions are deteriorating for the remaining people on board italy's right wing interior minister is unmoved by their plight. this is an outlaw crew and now a captain must be stopped arrested and expelled but this is
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a ship that's 3 times ignore the rules and common sense they're using 40 human beings as a bargaining chip so i expect to find seizures arrests blocks explosions and i expect the european union to wake up. salvini has said the migrants can disembark but only if they head straight to germany or the netherlands on the ship bases being impounded and it's kept him prosecuted for assisting people smugglers koehler potentially face charges of 50000 euro amongst with criminal investigation that have just started by now even though she exactly followed international law rescuing people at sea and bring them to a place of safety so we are really proud of our captain that does not hesitate to even take personal consequences for doing exactly the right thing for following the law of the sea and for bringing these people to safety the e.u. in brussels says it's trying to coordinate a relocation plan and the italian and dutch prime ministers met on the sidelines of
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the g 20 summit in japan the challenge though is not confined to this battle despite sob in his hard line stance nearly 500 migrants have landed on italy's coast over the past 16 days but not least not yet i mean he would al-jazeera. has the cultural mediator on board the sea washed 3 ship near the coast of lampedusa and joins us now and we appreciate you taking the time for this can you tell us your precise location at this point in time and who is on board with you. this point in time we are about one not to pull my last post it's not to teach us what we are intellectually want to do and who we have on board to 40 rescue people . but so the sorts of remaining because 13 have to survive on medical grounds and then we've got 22 crew members and 5 fundamental areas it's not the apartment to.
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tell us about the conditions on board. making decisions are at an all time low it is to hear that after a rescue at sea people are in a state of emergency and it must end as soon as possible and that is what the little also states and it's getting more and more desperate people are anxious about what is going to happen and it is very clear to all of the guests on board and to the crew that we are caught up in the political games when in fact what our captain has done and what we are proud of and what all the crew has done is to uphold international maritime little and humanitarian little both at once so what we are doing we know that we're on the right side of the little here but we are surrounded by vessels from the coast guard and the guardia if you can on stuff and there is. our threat there is legal action and of our ships getting. and if the situation stays the same i mean obviously the government is refusing you
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permission to dog will you just have to find a way to come ashore anyway when when will you make that decision. i don't know when that decision is coming and it's appalling that it's taken 16 days for it that's all for google's political solution to be on the table what we would expect is that the european member states would score snakes between themselves and follow the law just in the same way that we did but all we know whatever may happen next is that these people cannot stay on the ship for ever and in fact there must be responsibility taken by the authorities and bring this rescue to its proper and sits in the rest cubicle little until people are actually safe to be on that. and so very difficult to know how you know what's going to happen next and your situation now but are you going to continue with these with these journeys because
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. you're being put in a very difficult position aren't you your your obviously rescuing these vulnerable immigrants and refugees but then you end up stranded at sea because you're not allowed to come ashore and really very is no mechanism in europe to to to facilitate that beyond just called for this to end and called for governments to allow migrants to come ashore which go ignored. while there is a mechanism. by which they can sustain. and as mentioned we're simply has been. responsive civility as well as transfer to the so-called libyan coast guard so the aim of thing the buck going on here where it's only will ask for responsibility pirates lactate and the actual point someone else but the
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whole e.u. level the responsibility is being pushed further and further away and european border externalize so what that means for us is actually yes the family and ups are becoming more and more common but that doesn't change the fact that the rescue is acutely it's a legal obligation and the rest who are volunteers to go up to sea and do that in the absence of our governments who are terribly falling short in this responsibility i mean the alternative is that people continue to drown the death rate is rising even though the absolute numbers of arrivals in a lower point than ever. i mean you know that's the intimidation problem like mention and the lack of full of political will is not meaningful. well thank you very much for speaking to us heidi joining us from sea watch 3 which is currently just near the italian island of lampedusa with some 40 people on board have been refused permission to dock well now mexican president has obrador
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has announced a plan to provide $40000.00 jobs to migrants as they wait for their u.s. asylum cases to be decided factories in northern mexican states have been struggling with labor shortages lopez obrador has doubled the minimum wage is still lower than the pay in most of the central american countries the migrants are fleeing the president says he is confident the jobs will bring relief to thousands of destitute migrants at the border. on john heilemann joins us live now from mexico city john what more do we know about this proposal for migrant steen at least be allowed to get some sort of work perhaps even on an income whilst they wait for the u.s. asylum request to be processed. where we don't know very much because what you just talked about the president saying about
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those 40000 jobs he actually said that in a response to a question from us in the morning press conference and we are fact question about him what's going to be done about these people who went to the united states crossed over asked for asylum and were allowed to stay in the united states while they waited for their asylum requests to be process but were instead sent back across the border to mexico we asked that question of him because so far there's been very little done by mexican authorities we just got back from 21 or that's on the mexico u.s. border there's 5000 people there 5000 asylum seekers most of them from guatemala honduras el salvador that have been put back across the border we spoke to some of them and there was really little for them there were no government shelters that have been put up to receive them that's all been taken care of by churches or private organizations there were no job programs for them there were no health benefits for them because president had actually promised into one or itself that
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those things would be provided for them so we had trouble getting any government ministries to to actually respond to our interview requests or to our questions about what was going to be done we finally got that from the president himself about the full 2000 jobs but that's yet actually to happen this is what he actually said. regarding employment we are going to sign an agreement to give jobs as mike lead us the factories in northern mexico are offering us to open 40000 jobs they can employ 40000 migrants we are going to sign this agreement there won't be any legal issues we are solving the issue so they can be hired without so much paperwork and house. so the situation for these people for central america is that most of them have their next court hearing in the u.s. many months from now up to 6 months away the question is what are they going to do
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in mexico without the shelter without these benefits and without the jobs in the meantime the mets can president seems to be indicating that metzger would at least take steps toward providing that says to at least one of those questions. from mexico city john holland. well still ahead on the program. racist and now prison for life the u.s. court hands down its verdict tamanna nation's most notorious race hate crimes. a explosion of violence in mali that's forcing u.n. temp its peacekeeping mission. and then later feeling the heat why the dutch are having to cool off wild caught.
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in a welcome back to the national weather forecast well we have been talking about that he waves here across parts of europe but there's one place that is not dealing with here rave right now and that is up here towards north western russia they have that storm system moving through temperatures from moscow only getting to 12 degrees over the next few days and for parts of eastern europe you're lucky seasonal right now but as we go through the rest of the weekend temperatures are on their way up you can see here on saturday we're looking at paris at 34 degrees berlin at 30 even london is seeing 30 degrees as we go into the weekend as well dry conditions across much of the area of course we are dealing with while far as down here across parts of france as well as into space but the temperatures keep on climbing for berlin on sunday we are talking about 34 degrees and even warsaw at about 32 degrees there where across the northern part of africa things are fairly quiet not a lot of rain a lot of clouds we are talking about heat though in some locations as well algiers here on saturday at 30 degrees over here towards tunis it is going to be
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a hot day for you at about $35.00 but as we go towards sunday we are going to see a break a little bit here across parts of algiers but along the coast in over here towards the east we are talking about temperatures into the high twenty's for cairo it is going to be a hot day for you at 38 and also one at about 43. on counting the cost trump's deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more about this ready palestinian peace process but those a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric called make up about to take all the lights of the job an auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera. in the year 1271 and a gun to tell it matched set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from
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the pope for the great kugler con marco polo traveled through war torn region following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow on the professor shallowest top of china's events with searching questions of how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. welcome back just a quick look at the headlines iran has warned that european powers have not done enough to stop it from breaching some terms of the 2050 nuclear deal senior
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european diplomats of held 4 hours of talks with iran's deputy foreign minister in vienna as they scramble to save the deal that's been on robin since the u.s. withdrew. united states government believes last month's drone attacks against pipelines in saudi arabia could have been launched from iraq rather than yemen according to the wall street journal a report says official u.s. sources claim groups backed by iran operating in southern iraq are responsible but the iraqi government denies it. and donald trump has given a tongue in cheek warning to vladimir putin telling him not to meddle in u.s. elections meeting between the american and russian president stole the spotlight at this year's g. 20 summit in japan. the syrian government is taking aid money meant for reconstruction and funding groups guilty of torture killings in arbitrary arrests that is the warning from human rights watch which says that western donors need to make sure that the money doesn't fall into the wrong hands a 3rd of syria's infrastructure has been destroyed the government estimates it will
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take 200000000000 dollars and 15 years to rebuild that president bashar al assad's forces now control 60 percent of syria and are looking to revive the battered country but human rights watch says the government diverts reconstruction aid to loyalist often depriving rebel held areas vast sums of money end up in the pockets of pro assad security forces that are behind detentions and torture. what the report assumption is found is that the syrian government has actually implemented a series of policies and legal frameworks that we had seen coming since 2011 essentially to co-opt the aid that's being that's being fed into government held syria but now as the syrian government is retaking the territory all these policies have sort of gained in importance and there are strictures that they're applying on humanitarians have gained in importance so that what human rights watch are saying essentially with this report is that this is the time now to take a stance before it's too late the syrian government has essentially adopted what
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you would call a divide and conquer approach against humanitarians where it negotiates which with each one of them unilaterally and sets up the system so that it can win at the cost of the rights of the population what human rights watch is calling for with this report is the creation of a unified front of donors and organizations and investors where they take a collective approach to the bargaining the report does not see stop funding or reconstruction efforts in syria we have 13000000 people in need in syria who need this money what we're saying is that donors and organizations can really do much better i to making sure that these investments reach the people. and for interest the donors or stakeholders who do want to provide this kind of money it's on them as well to raise these issues with the organizations and with the syrian government and be honest about the challenges that are being faced with in this humanitarian
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response. in yemen tens of thousands of people have been protesting against an economic plan for peace in the middle east on veiled by the u.s. in behind this week yemenis marched in solidarity with palestinians who have rejected the 50 $1000000000.00 proposal presented by senior white house adviser. who is also president donald trump's son in law demonstrators say a political solution to the conflict with israel must be reached 1st. demonstrations are also taking place demanding a clean sweep at the top in algeria they've been going on now for the 19th friday in a row tens of thousands packed the streets of the capital algiers the protest started in february and helped force the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika demonstrators want other leaders linked his regime to be prosecuted former prime minister ahmed oh yes we are here is one of several officials who are being investigated for corruption. ethiopian police have arrested more than 260 people as part of
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a crackdown following an attempted rebellion in the northern am horribly gente offices of also arrested the spokesman of a party linked to the am hora ethnic group along with 3 other members dozens of people were killed in a failed coup last week including a military chief and 3 senior regional officials meanwhile the head of ethiopia's national intelligence and security service the mohammed has been appointed the new head of the army the united nations security council has renewed the peacekeeping mission in mali violence has surged in mali this year with more than 160000 people displaced by ethnic fighting well that's putting pressure on the un mission there as nicolas haq now explains from bamako in just a warning that his report does begin with some distressing images. disturbing and graphic mobile phone footage of mutilated and burnt bodies found in the aftermath of the massacre either shot or had to death $160.00 people on the villagers died in a matter of hours. the international criminal courts are investigating what
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possibly constitutes crimes against humanity. it is a massacre the survivors believe could have been prevented. we knew that it had to be doggone hunters no one else but them they are the only people who could attack us when. done. is a dog or a militia they have declared war against the full on the people they queues for monies of supporting the armed groups like the struggle the slum well mostly mean and the group islamic state in the greater sahara active in the region where these for loni's live. there was shooting everywhere in the village 3 minutes into the attack i called the brigade commander telling him that the town was being attacked and i asked him to deploy soldiers he said that soldiers were on their way 10 minutes later i called again the soldiers hadn't left then i called the captain his name is diarra i told him again that our village was being attacked he told me the soldiers were leaving soon some moments later i called him again asking him if the
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troops had left but they were still in their barracks and while their barracks were a short 20 minute drive it took them 6 hours to get to glue sagal they arrived to after the attackers left. not able to call for these reports. of his that's a missile defense will send over sports to coordinate forces action in the villages and between villages. to appease the situation to get stability between villages for 6 years the money an army of backing the doggone militias 1000000 forces with dogan militias have conducted joint military operations in the past in so as barry was hiding while his village was torched and his family killed he called the un peacekeepers known as me use my for help. i
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called minutes mark i talked to the people of the united nations human rights office mr baca york all he told me that is under control he was trying his best to solve the situation and said that for sure there would be a solution and then i switched my phone off these villagers say the un came but a day later the un peacekeeping force me news my says it sent battalions and helicopters on the day of the attack this is. the head of the mission have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population there. and among the optics undersea we do have a mandate to protect civilians but if you see the agreement if you see the mandate of the minutia it is 1st intended for the north the south came after and it is now being contaminated by what is happening in the north. violence is spreading faster than it can be contained and caught in this spiral of destruction for the people of
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mali nicholas hark al jazeera by michael. it's francis hottest day ever as europe's wealth has in a wreck or breaking heat wave the southern town of years he'll hit 45 point one degrees celsius breaking the record set in 2003 in spain more than 600 firefighters and 6 water dropping aircraft are battling a massive wildfire in the catalonia region temperatures are also high in north africa with serious concerns over the wellbeing of players in football's african cup of nations which is being played in egypt and the united nations world meteorological organization says the year is 2015 to $29000.00 are on course to be the hottest 5 year period on record world wide well earlier we spoke to claim knowledge from the u.n. world meteorological organization she says the on usual weather is the new normal we expect that heat waves will become more frequent more extreme intense and they
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will start earlier and they will finish later and so what we're seeing now with you know temperatures of $45.00 degrees in france it's june you know that this is we shouldn't be seeing temperatures like this in june it's too early in the year you know there's a direct link between climate change and precipitation or rainfall doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get more info but we're seeing more of it in very very very heavy episodes and we're seeing less of it when we when when when we really need it. thousands of residents in flint michigan still remain victims of one of the worst tainted water scandals in the united states many have been exposed to dangerously high levels of lead in drinking water for years charges against government officials have recently been dropped leading to more mistrust and anger from the public i did your castro brings us the story. the line of cars waiting to receive bottled water stretches for almost a collage.


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