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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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to him that he knew he nuclearization throughout the korean peninsula rather than their own country north korea so america needs to gave some diplomatic recreation peace treaty still the army's disagreement that we have today but these things it's going to be a difficult with conservative. republican senate for example. but but to die a little use of very helpful and. by step they maybe move toward each other snatching interests north korea needs most of all positive team of international sanctions in the area it's a basic need in china south korea are prepared to give north korea some basic need it spatially who assistance but international sanction may interfere with their
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process so all the united states the president may be asked to just that in north korea related in my view live greedy to the nuclear arrived in the korean peninsula entirety so that they promise he would have come from north korea but not. at this time does he or me mr pak i want to ask because i believe you have made more than 50 trips to north korea south and you've talked to her a little of pyongyang thinking but i'm curious off to hanoi and now with this potential olive branch being being extended you think that the reason they may accept it and potentially have this meeting this morning is around that being want to just say that's on the international stage that's what this is about this morning. the. day dave experienced both sides the
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bitter consequences of the annoyed me again. so that they would like to avoid every p.d. and dad saw in north korea we'll be prepared to give glean some in 2 or 3 nuclearization. in principle they will look very cool completely you. and americans may agree to actually live the more humanitarian. assistance to north korea and dad which we can expect not much more than dad in this suit if you are meeting. how they're korea analyst and from the center for the study of privacy speaking to us from augusta thank you for joining us on al-jazeera as depok failed to appear. on saturday the summit of the world's biggest economies came to a close with odd leaders agreeing to present
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a united front on pliable trade but the big developments to pass on the sidelines with the united states and china agreeing to restart trade talks our white house correspondent can be how to get reports from eye socket. with fears of further escalation in the trade war between the united states and china chinese president xi jinping issued words of warning to u.s. president donald trump. and the searchers should only china and the united states benefit from. a confrontation. of the united states donald j. trump those words may have resonated following that meeting on the 2nd day of the g. 20 summit trump announced a breakthrough no new u.s. tariffs on chinese goods and a restart of stalled trade talks we're going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make
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a deal but the 25 percent tariffs already on 250000000000 in chinese goods into the united states remains in place the threat of tariffs on an additional $300000000000.00 more in chinese products a potential risk to the global economy have been delayed for now still unresolved the issue of huawei the chinese telecoms manufacturer the u.s. is banned from its markets and accused of facilitating espionage and intellectual property theft we mentioned way i said we'll have to save that till the very end we'll have to see tensions have also been escalating between the u.s. and turkey over its purchase of the russian s 400 air defense system the u.s. warned the buy in from the russians would threaten turkey's role in the f. 35 fighter jet program and could trigger u.s. sanctions on saturday truck blamed his predecessor president barack obama and defended the purchase by turkey's president he wanted to buy the patriot missile president obama's group said no he kept wanting to but they kept saying no no no.
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couldn't buy it we needed it for the feds so he then went to russia it was these types of bilateral controversies that captured headlines during the 2 day meeting of leaders from the world's 20 major economies so much so the leaders final declaration stopped short of what many had hoped it was going to mean. let's take you live to seoul now a president's trump and one j.n.r. about to hold some that level talks been reporting the possibility of more talks with north korea is likely to dominate those discussions they are now making some comments to the media let's have a listen. to everyone and take the call to the korean people and when i was under your feet i didn't really feel that he's going to be. really good. for. the. usual business of.
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the. group who on the local news i think you know it was a moment ago about why didn't you call tomorrow for. the 1st of all i'm. pretty sure that. if you've got the president is going to meet and greet the nation time and have a treat with him i believe that picture in itself with represents a historic event and also this will be a significant milestone in terms of the person. that you are in the peace process that you're trying to achieve the recession and. you're writing that you will. running for office people get
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the feeling. it. will change issued. i thought i knew it was a company through the d.m.z. fence at cidade as if i was the title i will be tonight of course has been a humanitarian camp so i do hope that you will be able to achieve great progress in the battle with 10 of them. he. well i just like to think president will floor the beautiful evening tonight and celebrate our friendship to be celebrated for the new trivia we made but recently whether to accept or jane you are 1st which is a great testament to the relationship of the united states and south korea. i also want to thank you 1st lady she has a tremendous spirit and battalion a tremendous love for your country and they said that to the president 1st thing he
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said was how impressive the 1st lady was in that great woman great woman still i just. know her from the. house. i've got back. congress not a good. idea it would. go if you don't. believe me i can imagine if. i had. time to run. i just had a meeting with the business leaders of south korea these are not only business leaders here they are business leaders who are all there alone good leaders business people anywhere in the world. we went through
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a lot of luck today samsung so many of our or so i ended so many that are so respected and we talk and we hashed it fairly short reading unfortunately i wish you could a bit longer. these are very very highly restricted or matter where you go in the world to remember groupers in the world and you have been worried here in south korea. i don't think you know and i know very next time. you want to. look i'll say look i'm a few. months to. get your own time and. if i think it's an american up. i declare something and. i'll get. i think i can say with great confidence that our relationship with south korea there have been stronger and
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better we have a just a very good feeling there's a good chemistry between the leaders of both countries. secretary powell peo is here secretary of state microgram john breaux is here and john was very instrumental in some of the things we did yesterday some of the meetings we had. and i want to thank you for that and mike i want to thank you for that and mr wrestler have. you live in this country that still have it and that's a great thing so thank you very much you being it will ship i'm. finally going to get on. my. adult home climb out now get back up we'll be. back. live thing happen. i feel like i've. got.
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you know. here's how they run. so as most of you know are still rolling in the car though as it gives you and me doing what you do left compendious today are the g. 20. members driving to defend testing jet up president was there also and they really did a great and a lot of the lead. there's got together i was with many leaders from different countries and great relationships with all the very interesting meetings i think was with china and were will be able to or a. reciprocal trade deal a fair trade deal we'll see where that goes but we are very very good feelings with president xi of mice and. i've. not yet. ready for.
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obviously a lot of things. that will happen like oh oh oh no no no take. me away from that you. will not stop with. i get up early and. so we got here late rest night and we've been working from that time forward and i will say the treatment they've been given by president bush the 1st lady and as been absolutely fantastic and as you know a long planned visit to the d.m.z. i'll be doing that in a little while. and i look forward to that and there's a possibility that we'll be meeting kim jong un really and there's a possibility that. that it's going to be very interesting i don't know that they
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want to do it. chairman kim wants to do it i'd like to do it it's very complicated for the standpoint of logistics and security for much of the reasons but both teams are working very hard and. south korea is working also along trying to implement it what i think would be good kim jong un has been. somebody that we've got along with when i 1st became president what was happening during our previous the previous administration was very bed where south korea and very bad for north korea frankly there's a lot of beer things happening and it's changed very very rapidly and it's very positive for a lot of positive things going right now. well it's air coming back. and you know. i just kind of i didn't let it go back to how that was how i got the ok you know that not
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a lot of focus on this team got me on america and. you know got him urine you know my natural kind of. what it sounded man. had i'm. hoping to get a good place up on natural you know less end up. yeah 200. dollars for the trip out asked me. how i got back off i know that i'm not a rap couple that offer up his no i don't have one of them get it done got who he was. then just interesting over here you can say with great conviction that . north korea and south korea of both and much better places right now than they
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were 2 and a half years ago when i became president. there was tremendous danger tremendous danger and you people know it well you know better than i do because you have to suffer through it for a long time a lot of progress has been you know what some of the new spirit is it's only faked instead they said well what's been done well it's like the difference between day and night our ambassador there was saying of the way in is that when you 1st got here there were sirens go off and testing me and everybody was practicing for obviously a horrible event it was really scary and he said the difference is so great so what i hear there on some of these figures some of these people that are on. 3 quarters say well what destructive we've done a lot or a lot safer today to south korea is a lot safer north korea is a lot safer it's good for growth and it's really great to be just as important it's good for the world. and so we're very proud of what we've done and i are plenty of
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time and we're going to rush but it's a lot different than it was 2 or of years ago it's a difference like few people could even imagine so it's an honor to work out it's a great country where thanks again president moon and really. we're very proud of the things we've done together and the growth of the military and peace but also going to trade and other things the relationship has never been stronger thank you very much. that presidents try and mourn j.n. speaking to the press there on the side of a summit level talks from seoul we did him one day and say that if trump and kim jong un do manage to meet in the demilitarized zone that that would be a historic event a significant milestone in the peace process and president trying for his part said that both of those men kim jong un and he would very much like to do it but it's
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all dependent on the just stakes well let's bring in correspondent robert cried his live for us now in seoul rob it does appear that the 2 men kim jong un and president trump have clearly been in touch. that's right and we assume that this meeting will indeed take place but donald trump seems to be the very well versed as we know in teasing these things out presumably he and president moon of south korea do know for sure that it's going to take place but they seem to be keeping us guessing as we heard there he says he hopes it will take place kim also hopes it will take place there obviously has been an awful lot of dialogue overnight going back and forth through all sorts of different channels the local media here in south korea has been making very much of the fact that the special advisor on the u.s. side on north korean of affairs stephen begon and also john bolton the national security adviser they were conspicuously absent last night saturday night so reception here
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in seoul and all the speculation has been that they have been very much on their devices talking to their staff talking to people on the northern side to try to make this happen so it may well very very well be the case that we are anticipating meeting which will be historic meeting we've had many historic sin the past year and a half and this will be it seems yet another one a serving u.s. president meeting. the border with north korea with the leader of north korea as j.n. said in his opening remarks there in very flowery terms talking about the flower of peace blossoming on the korean peninsula and all stemming as he put it from a tweet on saturday morning indeed robin so i mean this is clearly ordered south korea's interests and so do you feel like south korea has been getting involved in
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trying to mediate and make the sneezing happened this morning. i think there's nothing to be lost by either side in this beating happening it is obviously both in the interest personal interest of donald trump and also kim jong un and moon j and of south korea would see it has further advancing the stalled dialogue as south korea or moon j.n. his credibility has taken something of a hit ever since the failed summit in hanoi to certain extent it seems north korea has been blaming moon for maybe raising expectations for not getting the the american side enough on board and so snowe south korea will be looking for some way of moving this forward and one of the constants in the relationship between north korea south korea and also the united states has been the personal relationship between trump and kim that as things have gone up and down as north korea has
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returned to some of its hostile rhetoric against the u.s. administration that relationship however genuine it may be has remained a constant in this meeting between these 2 men at panmunjom on the border between north and south korea would be very much in line with that in that same vein as those you wanted our correspondent rob fried across all those developments for us and tell thank you for. tele head on out as there ferrari instead of pain said head of the austrian campaign details of. the weather sponsored by cattle. you know welcome back to international weather forecast for here across parts of china the rain is still going to be a big problem and we have seen totals anywhere between 10125 millimeters
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a day in some locations and you can see here on the satellite image anywhere from the east coast all the way down towards the southwest has been the biggest problem over the last 24 hours we're going to be seeing some scattered showers really laying out across much of the south of the next few days for joe at $35.00 degrees so a little bit warmer a few there over here towards hong kong the rain is going to start to ease in you had been dry but humid with attempted there of about $33.00 degrees as we go towards monday heavy rain here across much of the south central areas now ending is going to be seeing some very heavy rain with a temperature of 33 degrees we're also going to see a big problem here across the philippines where heavy rain has been a big problem that is going to continue we have a disturbance just to the east which is a hansing the rain over much of the philippines over the next few days we will be watching that you can see that circulation starting over here towards the east but for manila the rain will be quite hard at $28.00 degrees there maybe getting a little cooler by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly over here
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towards parts of india it is still quite dry across much of the north and for new delhi we do expect to see attempt a few of 40 to kolkata at $34.00. the weather sponsored by the time and always the news year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport through people in power troubles to our good days to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants were choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know just leave the money going back to the wild life but i don't believe that. europe migration on a just. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and the chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go home but
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thousands of all have been staying gone from around the world sacrifice he said what have to be fair the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about. while watching al-jazeera reminder about top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says north korean leader kim jong un once to meet him at the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea they said on sunday but that the details are still being worked out young on its nuclear program is likely to be the focus of talks between trump and south korean president one day and currently being held in seoul. on the summit of the wilds top economies has ended in japan
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and g 20 leaders put up a united front on trade but failed to reach. consensus on climate change. the u.s. state department is investigating how libyan war khalifa huston's forces obtained american made anti-tank missiles forces loyal to the un backed government said they found the weapons after retaking a city near the capital tripoli area this week well let's go back now to our top story in that proposed meeting between kim and trump diplomatic editor james spaces live for us in podger in south korea near that demilitarized zone james we're now hearing from president clearly saying that he and kim would both like this meeting to happen and they're trying to make it happen to have any idea where kim jong un is right now and what kinds of logistical preparations would need to take place for this to happen. we don't and it is a bit of a journey from pyongyang if he goes by road it takes a couple of hours on quite
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a rough road out did that journey year ago not a particularly smooth road or although it is a highway it's a pretty bumpy old highway that takes him down there clearly though the north korean leader if he wanted could travel down to meet president using other forms of transport he could use a helicopter for example we're expecting president trump to make his way from seoul to the d.m.z. by helicopter we know how the crossing probably would be stage managed because we saw something pretty similar last year with that historic meeting between president moon and kim and you saw kim cross over into the south korean side they sort stood either side of the armistice line and then both went back and forth across now i suspect we might see something similar because president trump was asked at his news conference before he left japan if he was prepared to step into
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north korea and he said he would now of course that would be most historic as historic as the handshake because that would be the 1st time a sitting u.s. president has set foot on north korean soil since the end of the korean war that is some 66 years ago in fact 66 years and 3 days we've just had the anniversary of the signing of the armistice remember there was not a peace treaty to end the korean war so this place that both it seems a lot lead to be at and meeting at is still in effect an active front line worth telling you that although president trump would if that happened and it's still a big if be the 1st u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil to u.s. presidents after they have left office have this a. it pyongyang bill clinton and jimmy carter but it would be the 1st time
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certainly a sitting u.s. president were to do that and certainly the 1st time that a u.s. president has met a north korean leader at the demilitarized zone although trump already is has the historic position of being the 1st u.s. president sitting u.s. president to meet a north korean leader at the summit a year ago in singapore and again earlier this year in hanoi james we heard korean president one day and just now just minutes ago in fact say that this would be a significant milestone in the peace process if this meeting did take place talk us through the optics of what this might look like from the north korean side in the significance of it all. yeah i mean i think it would be a an important and historic picture and that in some ways in diplomacy is important when people see things people certainly on a divided peninsula like this it creates a spirit and it creates
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a momentum and certainly for the people of south korea they will see it live on their t.v. because whatever happens even if it's just trump on his own at the embassy it will be broadcast on south korean television they will all the channels will be broadcasting this live and of course north korean t.v. and state media and state newspapers will cover this too although they will probably not see it live and they'll see carefully edited narrative of what's happened so yes very significant picture in terms of the substance does it take us any further certainly it shows that both sides if we do see this meeting again are willing to keep this process going but have we seen any concessions from both sides a reminder what the 2 wants very basic terms the u.s. wants north korea to give up its nuclear missiles
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a nuclear capability the north koreans want the u.s. to give up or drop all the sanctions that it and the international community have put on north korea that's what both sides want neither side though is prepared to give up to march to early and that i think was the problem at hanoi certainly the north koreans wanted a lot in terms of sanctions reduction for a little a little as far as the american source in terms of denuclearization and that key term remains problematic whether the but 2 leaders actually agree on what that even means and how to fanatic as a james bay is there live for us on the edge of the demand has been talking 10000 a day thank you for. well more now on the g. 20 summit and the u.s. has once again rejected calls for a joint filers against climate change 18 nations and the e.u. pledge to keep working towards reducing global warming by recommitting to the 2015
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paris climate agreement a communique issued by the leaders says they've made progress since last year's g 20 summit but urgent action is needed to tackle the climate imagine sea but the u.s. reiterated its decision to withdraw from the agreement saying it didn't work for american taxpayers and workers but that hasn't stopped other leaders from doubling down on their commitment to the. convicted us to we are more and more disconnected from the world scientists remind us of our duty about climate change and biodiversity every day our youth in a lot of countries every week remind us of our duty and we are still debating whether we deserve the right to use the name of the paris agreement or ritual beyond what you know if you climate change concerns the future of mankind so i'll generations you must make the right choice and a wave of extreme weather in europe is highlighting just how important tackling climate change is 8 people have been confirmed dead as a direct result of
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a heat wave from just the past 6 days and spain firefighters are still battling wildfires in catalonia and close to the capital madrid although temperatures are now believed to have peaked and will begin to fall on sunday fronts to hit a record national high of 45.9 degrees celsius and special cooling measures have been put into place in the capital paris well let's speak to rina shot here is a republican strategist and consultant who is joining us now live from washington d.c. rena talk us through the thinking here why does the u.s. want to be the one member of the g. 20 who doesn't want to commit to climate change action. well that rest clearly on president trump shoulders he really wanted to be different and he wants to frankly throw some red meat to his base who like toral base the people who put him in office largely unholy in the republican party are climate deniers and these people have felt like the u.s. is place is not to be part of
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a group that wants to see standards raise so high that companies find it unbearable to keep up and actually present trumps words today said just that so i really think we should look no further than his words today telling us that it is all about the threat to corporate profits he's not trying to ignore the climate emergency or the crisis rather but he just doesn't want to take action because of the corporate threat well let me ask you a little more about corporate threat because one of the issues that president trump has raised is that this would not play out well because there would be job losses etc but various different agencies and experts the u.n. the wealth and the ilo all say that switching to a green economy will actually create more jobs than sticking with fossil fuels 18000000 more jobs globally by 2030 i believe the latest report says and so what would president trump's base i'm saying is that. you know this b.s. that put him in office and will likely reelect him i i stand firmly in that i
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believe president trump chances that reelection are very very good because he goes out there and routinely tells lies and he's convinced the electorate i'm not saying that those who didn't vote for him and who marched against you know his administration's actions those of the e.p.a. people he's put in at the e.p.a. i'm talking about the people in places like west virginia a state that i was actually born and raised in where the coal industry is pretty much dead these people have believed president trumps lies that he will bring back coal jobs frankly you know he would do better if he went there and he said i have a plan to bring renewables here and to talk about how we can create jobs that rely on renewable energy and let's talk.


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