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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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reporter the new york times says the u.s. state department is investigating how american made weapons got into the hands of fighters loyal to the libyan warlord how the pfaff top several anti-tank missiles were found on friday forces of libya's internationally recognized government city which is south of the capital tripoli the 2 sides of been locked in conflict of a sense have to march on the capital in april libyan media ed these images showing the american made weapons branded with the u.s. as the recipient an inquiry is now underway. to seize the weapons and ammunitions have been sent to the specialized experts said to have been documented the military commanders and the political leaders are now fully aware of these weapons and ammunitions to make the right decisions that will be announced. it is in the libyan capital tripoli. the 80 missiles these are jervy missiles anti tank misses were found dozens of them were found by the government forces as
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the recaptured the strategic town of it again about 80800 kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli but we know that the united arab emirates has according to the government spokesman today the united arab emirates has supplied those weapons and other weapons including drones and. fighter jets to the world family for half that we understand that the united arab emirates has been providing have to do with weapons ammunition and fighter jets since he launched his military campaign not only to recapture or to take control of the capital tripoli but in 2014 when he 1st launches his military campaign known as oppression dignity in the east of libya our time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back the raid before the rally sudan's miniature rosewarne protest leaders have complete responsibility to any debts damage. the captain of
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a rescue boat is arrested for defying its government by bringing thousands of refugees on that status. hello again welcome back we're here crossing 8 states we're still dealing with a very intense heat situation going on and that's going to continue over the next several days and millions of people are still being affected in at risk for excessive heat watches that are in place right now take a look at the forecast map and you can see where those temperatures are quite high we are talking with a pick at 30 minneapolis at 33 and all the way down into the central plains in the southern plains there what's going to be happening though as we go from sunday and into monday. that he's going to extend over here towards the east as well so we're talking almost a half of the country dealing with temperatures over 30 degrees as we can see some rain showers are going to cool things off
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a little bit up here towards the north but really for most of the southeast and also the east it is still going to be quite a hot day as make our way down here towards the caribbean we are looking at some nicer conditions across much of the north as well as the east fairly dry what we are seeing the rain is mexico cozumel the yucatan peninsula heavy rain few here on sunday extending all the way down towards guatemala as well as into nicaragua a little bit of a break from mexico here on monday mostly cloudy conditions across much of the peninsula but over towards mexico city and into mexico those showers will be quite heavy with the tempter at 22 and guatemala a temperature of 23 as well. welcome
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back a quick amount of the top stories here the u.s. president donald trump says north korean leader kim jong un wants to meet him at the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea later on sunday. who would accompany the u.s. president to the border as back to the potential meeting saying it would be historic. so much of the world's top economies ended in japan g.
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20 leaders put up a unified front on trade but failed to reach consensus on climate change. and the u.s. state department is investigating how the libyan warlord and leave after us forces obtained american made. forces loyal to the u.s. government said they found the weapons up to retaking a city in the capital tripoli earlier this week back to the possible meeting now between trump and came at the demilitarized zone that's looking pretty likely. because a career analyst and founding director for the center of the study of global issues he says the disappointing previous meetings both sides may be willing to make concessions. they gave therians both sides the bitter consequences of the annoyed meeting. so that they would like to avoid them repeating that fall in north korea really be prepared to give glean some tour of the nuclear
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a day sion. in principle they really look very cool completely new there is a shouldn't and the americans may agree to partially live to be more humanitarian. assistance to north korea and dad which we can expect not much more than that in industry if you are meeting for more now on the g 20 summit and the us has once again rejected calls for a joint fight against climate change 18 nations and the e.u. pledge to keep working towards reducing global warming by recommitting to 2015 paris climate deal a communique issued by the leaders says they've made progress since last year's g 20 but urgent action is needed to tackle the climate emergency but the us reiterated its decision to withdraw from the agreement saying at didn't work for american taxpayers and work has a lot hasn't stopped other leaders from doubling down on their commitment to the fight. the present 3 d. connected us to the moon we are more and more disconnected from the world
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scientists remind us of our duty about climate change and biodiversity every day our youth in a lot of countries every week remind us of our duty and we are still debating whether we deserve the right to use the name of the paris agreement or going to interview climate change the future of mankind so our generations must make the right choice and a wave of extreme weather in europe is highlighting just time porton tackling climate change is 8 people have been confirmed dead as a direct result of the heat wave of the past 6 days in spain firefighters are still battling wildfires in catalonia and close to the capital madrid where temperatures are now believed and begin to fall on sunday fronts at a record national high of $45.00 degrees celsius and special cooling measures and put in place in the capital paris. well another talking point of the g 20 was the meeting between president trump and a saudi crown prince despite questions over the murder of washington post
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journalist. from praise mama bin samana said it was doing a spectacular job reports thank you all very much for being here thank you another meeting between friends as u.s. president donald trump down with saudi crown prince muhammad ali said a man for breakfast in a cycle and stock today the true leader is demonstrating just how firm they are of each other and with you mr president we did a lot of great achievement in the political side screwed you side. military side and economical side specially if we never of them before we saw believe that will contribute in a war both country good for g.d.p. growth job creation and more safety for both countries trump who has consistently been asked by u.s. politicians to sanction saudis implicated in the murder of journalists. try to focus attention on other issues instead crown prince of saudi arabia a friend of mine a man who. has really done things in the last 5 years in terms of opening up saudi
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arabia and i think especially what you've done for women and seeing what's happening it's like a revolution in a very positive way journalists however insisted on raising the issue of the murdered colleague each time they did know trump ignored them and thank you all very much appreciate. it very much and. thank you very much at the start of the g. 20 summit the crown prince made a point of demonstrating that he still had a place at the center of the international community the u.s. president's fared no effort to show how much he supported the saudi heir apparent widely believed to have been behind push will she's killing a recent u.n. report slate blamed for the murder with the saudi states and called for an investigation of involvement at the highest level despite both u.s. and saudi attempts to ignore last october's murder in istanbul turkey as president roger tabor to one raise the case of the media conference during the summits insisting that the international community has
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a duty to bring those responsible to accounts we she may be going to receive. they don't need to look elsewhere for the perpetrator in fact there are the lies that the former foreign minister said and the lies they made in b.s.a. it's so clear what else should i say they need to reveal this the documents are there the recordings are there 1st and foremost a human was killed. asked again later in the day and president trump this time trolls not to ignore the question saying he had faith in saudi arabia's criminal justice system did you raise the killing of jamal can show he went in and why was there yes yes i asked him what was happening and he was telling me that i think he said 13 but it could be more and i think he said more in the works that there are a large numbers of people being prosecuted he's very angry about it he's very unhappy about it despite the photo ops and the warm welcomes there is still a great deal of stigma associated with mohamed bin said man who many believe is
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responsible for the killing. unless an international investigation is carried out questions will continue to be oscar especially who gave the order to murder the journalist and what happened to his corpse. or soka so dan's military council has warned that no damage or destruction will be tolerated at mass rallies planned for sunday protest leaders are calling for a 1000000 man march to keep up their demands for civilian rule rights groups want officials to guarantee the safety of the protesters but a sudanese professionals association which has led the protests says the security forces raided its headquarters earlier and stopped it from holding a news conference. as soon as possible a government that is accepted by all sudanese people who want to say to those who have called for more massive demonstrations that we are not against the people and we are not against peace but we have to understand that infiltrators is there and they're willing to upload their hidden agendas we don't need troubles and don't
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need to repeat what a spokesman for the sudanese professionals association and some here are barak says security forces are blocking communication to the outside world. internet services are being blocked any form of communication between the a. the what if you be out the stop this is not a show of goodwill in any manner it's obvious that 9 7 they are worried about people wanting to watch. 9 0 but we are confident that the mars marches to be a big march d. our confidence. to the people the problems that they're trying to build up that are going to get out to the world and prevent any form of communication now the captain of a charity a rescue ship has been arrested in italy off to directly defying italian government orders by docking on the on in the lampedusa counterattacks he has been accused of the liberty of running a police boat that was trying to stop him from entering the port is in his far right interior minister has called it an act of war 40 people on board the ship
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after being rescued from the sea more than 2 weeks ago understood as this report. judging by the welcome that she received on the italian island of lampedusa corona rickets 8 was seen as both a hero and a criminal. the captain of the sea watch 3 was arrested after defying the italian government and bringing the german charity rescue ship into harbor she could face up to 10 years in prison for defying military orders. 40 migrants were finally allowed to disembark 16 days after their rescue off the libyan coast 13 others had earlier been allowed to leave the ship for medical reasons the rest were left marooned in the mediterranean during a fierce heat wave there's a lot of chairs sleeping and made to throw into it came up every morning and realize you are still in the middle of it was. the story italy's far right interior minister condemned the ship's crew as outlaws accusing them of people trafficking
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basically shuttle debating between the pick a woman these are claiming a loose because a ship of hundreds of tons has round and down. to be investigations you know and away from to from a big loss patrol boat with policemen on board so we're forced to get down to escape to save their lives this is a criminal act and i act of war the captain was arrested she's in the house arrest now the 48 hours for italian justice to decide whether she'll remain in prison or not. italy's government had told the ship's captain to take the rescued migrants to mull to tunisia or anywhere else instead the german charity that operates the watch 3 says the captain declared an emergency but was ignored by the italians captain rick said she had no other choice because of the worsening conditions on board i'm not. cards well recognize that. it's much more important right the people to safety and their lives. and
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that's really it's more important than the right especially territorial waters the migrants are expected to leave lampedusa soon other european countries including france germany luxembourg and portugal have agreed to allow them in. the sea watch 3 is the latest symbol of the refugee crisis on europe's southern front here but the challenge is much greater than one ship and its defiant captain hundreds of other migrants landed on italy's coast over the last 2 weeks despite cell beanies warnings to stay away and are schapelle al-jazeera about not just one but 2 erupting volcano causing a state of emergency and putting a guinea rescue workers say they don't have enough resources to help thousands of villages forced to move to safety on a one shot a cloud of ash 18 kilometers high of a west new britain province forcing flights to be diverted well since that eruption on wednesday another to volcano in manama and has begun to erupt. it's at least 15
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people have been killed after part of a wall collapsed in the western indian city of food and the wall fell on 2 tin sheds trapping people under the rubble rescue workers later recovered the bodies building collapses are common in india during the monsoon season is made worse by the use of poor construction materials japan is very into resume commercial whaling after a gap of more than 30 years tokyo says some species have now recovered enough that it no longer needs to comply with an international ban but as member of the home reports the decision to hunt whales for food may neither be palatable more profitable at home. for more than 30 years the international whaling commission has been locked in a fight its job is to protect whales pushed close to extinction its 3 countries norway iceland and japan have pursued the right to hunt them late last year japan argued there was scientific proof some species had recovered enough to allow sustainable hunting and it pushed again for the $9906.00 ban on commercial whaling
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to be lifted when the whaling commission rejected japan's proposal japan withdrew and its whaling fleet is preparing to presume hunting minky as well as big whiles but when the fleet returns to the water some things will be different japan says it will only hunt in its territorial waters not the open seas of the antarctica north pacific where it has until now been hunting for scientific research and it's not clear whether they'll even be a market in japan for the whale meat the ships bring to shore consumption in japan has plummeted from around $200000.00 tonnes each year in the sixty's to just $5000.00 tonnes each year over the last 5 that could be due to the changing tastes of a new generation but changing attitudes to hunting whales a likely affected tune and things at the international whaling commission will also
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be different japan's departure has arguably lift it weakened but after more than 3 decades fight of the commercial whaling it's now free to concentrate on what it was originally formed to do commercial whaling is now back on the list of threats to the world's whales but there too is a climate crisis that's already adversely impacting the oceans and marine life within them a looming 38 that could well eclipse them all. well that is of course on our websites but there it is on your screen the address al jazeera dot com. part of a quick check on the top stories here on al-jazeera talks of a possible meeting between president trump and kim jong il and have dominated a summit between the u.s. and south korean presidents speaking in seoul president trump said north korean
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officials want to take up his offer to meet at the demilitarized zone later on sunday mungy and he will accompany the u.s. president to the border as banks the potential meeting saying it will be historic there is a possibility that it will be really. and there's a possibility that. it's going to be very interesting really they want to do it. to me give me wants to do or i'm going to do it's very complicated from the standpoint of just fix insecurity for the reason. both teams are working very hard in. south korea is working also on trying to implement it where i think would be good for the summits of the world's top economies has ended in japan g 20 leaders put up a unified front on trade but failed to reach consensus on climate change. yemen's who the rebels say they once again launched drone attacks on 2 airports in saudi
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arabia with the media report they targeted airports in the southern cities of. the saudi led coalition says it intercepted a drone launched. meanwhile 8 people have been killed in yemen in air strikes led by the saudi u.a.e. coalition 5 of them were children warplanes struck a residential area who the control part of city. fighting in southern yemen also killed 12 yemeni soldiers and 8 who the rebels united nations special representative the children in conflict says the yemeni people are being held hostage by the war which is now in its 5th year the u.s. state department is investigating how libyan warlord elissa have to us forces obtained american made anti-tank missiles forces loyal to the u.n. but government said they found the weapons after retaking a city near the capital tripoli earlier this week an inquiry is now underway so the military council has warned that no damage or destruction will be tolerated at
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mass rallies planned for sunday protest leaders are calling for a 1000000 man march to keep up their demands for civilian rule rights groups want to fish bowls to guarantee the safety of the protesters well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the costs. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move in school or even their behavior one i want to investigate china is the violence crackdown on how does the . hello i'm adrian finnigan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week trump's deal of the century a $50000000000.00 plan to kick start a moribund israeli palestinian peace process but not
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a single dollar pledged. i'm dominic kane at the german compound where the electric revolution is driving petrol powered people's cars to the end of the line. and we find out if there's enough lithium to power the world's ambition to go electric. president trump promised the deal of the century to bring peace between israelis and palestinians his son in law a white house adviser jared kirshner delivered an economic roadmap he called the opportunity of the century the proposal was roundly dismissed by palestinians and many others the plans called for $50000000000.00 in investments over 10 years 28000000000 would go to the palestinian territories in gaza at the israeli occupied west bank the rest to be split between jordan egypt and lebanon it's hoped the money would help to double the palestinian economy creating $1000000.00 jobs in the process that should reduce the palestinian unemployment rate to nearly single
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digits and lower the palestinian poverty rates by 50 percent so who's writing that $50000000000.00 check well question i had hoped the gulf states and private investors would see the benefits of the $179.00 proposed infrastructure and business projects including a 5000000000 dollar corridor all to connect the west bank and gaza but the plan was never going to fly without a political solution longtime campaign to hand ashrawi was typical of the pushback against the proposal saying the palestinians were capable of building a vibrant prosperous economy as a free and sovereign people for his part in an interview with al-jazeera offered a glimpse of what the political process could look like. i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position and we need to think about what are the fundamental things that are underlying important number one is security right i think the israeli population
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and the palestinian population and the broader middle east right now cares a lot about have security the more you have security the more you could have for your flow of goods for flow of people i know that's a very big issue for the palestinians as neda abraham reports from the occupied west bank promised to me and say that financial incentives alone console's a decades old conflict israeli restrictions of palestinian businesses those so tight even sold can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman believes his company's problems cannot be solved by economy incentives on the military area so we are restricted in getting anything permits. to. expand what with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually business opportunities not only does the company need israeli coordination to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the
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factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the shores of the dead sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes that it took 30 years before they go ahead was given to. the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian business is the owner of this business says profits. if he had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use that 85 percent in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government or 6 palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to build factories or anything else in. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the
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palestinian authority gay sions of the people in yaki territory has been transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy is or is the tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis that says palestinians coupled with reduced aid from foreign donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the road to economy progress joining us now from ramallah across mawson's for economy minister for the palestinian authority a business but he currently serves as the chief executive all. syn across global group welcome to counting the cost one of the main criticisms of the proposals put forward by jarrett push to was they presented in a glossy manhattan real estate brochure style that lifted ideas from usa the very programs pulled by trung the world bank and mckinsey reports as
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a former economy minister but more importantly as a businessman what did you make of it well let's that i too want to speak about somebody and it is but a stein actually has an infant small economy a lot of g.d.p. is less than $14000000000.00 a year it's actually like the size of a medium to large company in the u.s. or in the gulf region. or international and local studies have stated very clearly that that actually palestine economy has been very what identified by these and the missional agencies and companies from outside and from inside but it's fine but everybody agrees that such kondo of economy can hardly grow under occupation because the obstacles have been identified the constraints have been identified and in imitation and and very limited kind of those are margins for us to grow has been also very limited so we believe it's not only to do a study of the studies have been made in $100.00 it's by these international
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experts around the world and they have been very well identified what's going on so i don't think that we are very much in need for the new studies to be launched now that what they're going to make administration know about that is u.s. idea also has sent some studies the world bank have stated very clearly and their regular reports if the siege on the west bank and gaza is lifted the policy in an economy can get all on 15 percent yearly and if there is that it is will also make access for it but it's the indians to work to expand their businesses and social life and those are done valley we can is it it could it another $100000.00 jobs so at the end it's surely to talk your patient and the measures on the ground by copious so you can have an economic deal without a political one alongside it definitely that's that's through those who do any of these infrastructure proposals actually make sense 500000000 dollars for a university $5000000000.00 to link gaza and the west bank. look i mean for us
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businesspeople and we understand that strategic interest infrastructure projects go in line with the state building if there is no state building measures to ford by the stand to have someone at the on its land on the state authorities what's that easily the main objective of having a statistic projects or an infrastructure project this of from one end from the other hand but a stand today has 15 local universities with 240000 students and they have been doing very well without oaks we are in need for vocational colleges and training vocational students this is something else which i agree about that also the kind of deal between the west bank and gaza but is that is very much in need to tie that you're going to fade the you're going to open a c n n's to get that and there was a study being made in 2005 also by the world bank for this kind of daughter or a town that can get old or a bridge so options were stated but not with this amount of money how do you think palestinian donors countries like saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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feel about these proposals would they do you think try to pressure the palestinian authority at least into giving it a good hard look look you and definitional agencies including some of that up countries are invested as they always seek and back for that investment so they can hardly see em packed and that acute patient and they need to identify the projects they are investing in and they need to come and see and monitor and supervise the projects they would like to do and countries like but it's not but having is there and control of the border that is for those who wants to come in or for those who wants to leave and getting a visa from the israelis usually this is not the way to do business and really to encourage investments from the gulf region for for palestine but it's seen as in desperate they have been trying that up most during the last 50 years or so since occupation in 96 or 7 3rd today i can tell you the amount of money came from princess. and desperate is extremely little and because the policy hasn't desperate
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wealth is exceeding $80000000000.00 in addition to the arabs and others who would like to see that that would like to share the future for palestinians and to really build the palestinian state and to be a part of future building for the for the for the palestinians so as far as you're concerned jared christus plan as it is is dead in the water it's a nonstarter well i don't want to say that it was born of dead but i think it was a good exercise for the bush not who has been you of 4 that he's in it to understand what's been going on and they really watch part of the sessions in manama over and over just life and most of the people have spoken loudly about the limitation for economic growth and that if you're patient and without a political well we don't see that things can happen on the ground so you can hardly decouple politics from economics this should be well known and realized by caution and the kind of american administration so talking about about political
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security prosperity these are the priorities for palestine they should go in order to put it again security prosperity without political will you can hardly have security on the ground nor respond at the under occupation could talk to somebody thanks dave for being with us. thank you. diesel was supposed to be the future but the german car industry has paid and continues to count the cost of promoting the fuel after regulators caught some of the industry cheating on emissions tests now it's spending billions to go electric but the cost could be tens of thousands of job losses the german auto industry employs 1800000 people directly and indirectly livelihoods are threatened because electric cars don't need complicated combustion engines leading to the loss of more than 100000 jobs by 2035 for the economy the german car industry is
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a big bringing in $500000000000.00 annually to keep its global leadership b.m.w. dima and v.w. will spend $45000000000.00 on electric vehicle technology over the next 3 years for its part says its last fossil fuel based car will be released in 2026 but environmentalists say that's too little too late they want all manufacturers to phase out polluting engines by 2028 so how realistic is this now to serious dominic casey has been to a car plant in eastern germany to find out. this is the production line of the folks back in plant in cynical whether robotic and human workforce combine to assemble more than 300000 vehicles every year the decades virtually all the people's cars produced here have been powered by petrol engines but not for much longer now electric is the buzzword.


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