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the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continued to talk o. real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show a woman freezing as hell from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction vickie's real stories played out on saturday episode 2 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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there is growing concern among environmentalists in the u.k. that the country's desire for brags it could undermine efforts to stop climate change they point to the success of pioneering farming models which dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions but one farm in southern england is trying a different approach what's called wilding leaves livestock to run free or as the reports now from sussex. just an hour south of london you find yourself in the wilderness not long ago this was a traditional farm but the owners decided to shut their eyes and see what would happen if they allowed nature to take it all back through astounded even them the race at which it all grew back now it not only absorbs huge amounts of carbon
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dioxide but is teeming with wildlife species have come back here like the stork in that tree off in the distance that haven't been seen in the u.k. the hundreds of years before that it had been really you know we could see it was it was a typical monoculture of british army and we used to travel the world to look at wildlife and we never once thought that we could get it back on our doorstep and this was where i mean really as much as anywhere we're not going to expect large swaths of being groomed to turn into landscapes but i think this could be used within a mix of other other. other solutions for giving space to nature what is it farming no crops but animals roaming free income for meat sales topped up by camping and large enthusiastic european subsidies it is absolutely impossible to imagine that this used to be
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a wheat field only 15 years ago but it just shows you what happens when you let nature take its course and it does speak very much for the entire philosophy of this place which is that farming obviously has very much in part of the problem as far climate change is concerned but it can be part of the solution as well he said roads have been here you know i've said tree nearby though there's some skepticism about this new model unlike his neighbors david doesn't own all his land and has to make a profit to pay the rents so he says he still has an eye on the environment letting land go fallow letting the trees grow for the kingfishers to nest in but next to all this other crops see grows for sale the modern side of farming blamed for so many involved. mental problems we have over bar diversity with species total dogs on the naughty gals here that you might find on rewarding saw as well but we produce loads of food as well rather than all the money being poured into a very small area the 4 of the farmland or the land of the country would be far
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better to use it to create that makes it so bought a verse and food and farming alongside it the problem is that some environmentalists say the earth may only have 60 harvests left that 60 years before the soil is damaged beyond repair consequently the net estates maintains a lot of visitors from europe and beyond looking at what they've done as the sense of climate crisis grows and people look for radical solutions but british politics are changing even faster and what happens to this place is a model the grand experiment is not at all clear lawrence lee al-jazeera in sussex . lots of sports talk about the sunday his role thank you very much come on the most successful side in the history of the compliment rick a year ago i won't be adding to their 15 tartu this year they were beaten on penalties barred parun the last of the quarterfinals like so many games in the eighty's culpa the video assistant referee played a huge role and this time around year ago i was the team that suffered the ball in
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the net not once but twice but both times the goal was disallowed by the goals in regulation all extra time penalties. learn the striker luis suarez the only player to miss his kick meaning it is flores successful penalty said peru through to the last. side this is the complete 74 in the lineup the hosts brazil return to. the scene of that disastrous 71 thrashing by germany in the semifinals of the 2014 world cup they take on the travels of argentina the other semifinal seize a hold of peru a day later well they've also ricky said the final stage of the women's world cup the european champions the netherlands but their spots in the last 4 were the 2 know when it's a day so we did a little sorry made it through they got there by upsetting the 2 time champions germany. looking to win the title for the 1st time in their best performance previous to this was making the final in 2003 in which they lost to germany. this is what the semi final line up will look like i could tell you to champion the
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united states will face england on tuesday and the following day the netherlands will take on sweden i. sing in the farting the star in contention at the cricket world cup they have to be india to keep their destiny in their own hands in and currently 5th in the overall standings and in serious danger of missing out on the semifinal of india remember the our only undefeated team left in the tournament while england won the toss and batted 1st and they made a reasonable $337.00 for 7 of their 50 overs jonny bairstow making 111 wells mohammad shami took 516 or in india have never won a world cup match chasing more than 300 innings yet to start. well on saturday pakistan hit pressure on england with a crucial when they beat afghanistan in leeds in which was one of the closest matches of the competition sorry faster how much it imports. pakistan needed to
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beat afghanistan keep their campaign on time i and at 57 for 3 it looked like afghanistan would be dismissed people with but the batsman battled hard oscar afghan stabilized and gaining 42 runs. they were restricted however to a modest but competitive $227.00 for 9 i pakistan's chase started terribly. they lost fockers the man in the 1st over was the man and mahmoud hawks teddy the innings they put on 72 runs together pakistan last quick wickets and had to rely on the lower order with it was down to all round in modeless even the hard reality to see them on was the peg guided pakistan to the narrowest of win. overturning afghanistan's total with just 2 balls to spare was with pakistan's dream of the 2nd world cup it's still very much
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a line so he'll malik al-jazeera. there are crickets world governing body the i.c.c. says it's working with u.k. police and stadium security to investigate what it describes as scuffles amongst minority fans at headingley several people were arrested and evicted after various incidents both inside and outside the group. for the jargon oh that is australia it heaps on going to new zealand north by $86.00 runs which will start taking far to $26.00 new zealand coming to $157.00 all out of a of well that $86.00 run victory for australia means they're already through to the semifinals every team plays each other once in a group stage with the top 4 advancing new zealand losing means they remain 3rd party sounds when sees them jump above england but the host of course have that chance to reclaim 4th you just have to be india. now that talk of it says he's in perfect shape to return here that wimbledon chairmanship just 12 months on from
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these unlikely it's hard to win at the old england club a year ago djokovic arrived at the tournament struggling to shake off a long term elbow injury and in his lowest ranking position for a decade or 2 weeks later he departed with his 4th wimbledon title and since then he's won 2 more grand slams germany's feeling. in monday's 1st round. but this was a huge springboard for me to win and wimbledon last year that would kind of gave me that that push and also a huge relief. that it was all upwards right over you know winning cincinnati from 1st time in years so. you know one grand slam can can definitely change anyone's career. in the women's draw serena williams is seeded 11th the 7 time champion is only played 12 total level matches this year i was last in action a month ago when she lost in the 3rd round of the french open. and have
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a good week and a half. but. then really just mentally training and physically training for that time and here and i'm going to do the best i can. you know to play tennis try to america's most famous baseball franchise is put on quite a show in london the new york yankees took on the boston red sox on saturday with the 1st time a regular season game taken place in europe the yankees winning it 17 to 13 that is the highest scoring knowing inning game this season 2 game series concludes on sunday. cricket takes like all weekend to play right so you know i'm sure a lot of people are used to it. they saw a lot of obviously. great leaders do some great things there are some really really good defensive plays as well and. but we should remind them that they're
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not 30 runs every day as me watching the cricket world cup that is we. thank you rob whole actually i think you'll enjoy this next story because the whole was tweeting about glastonbury the other day british musicians never been shy of expressing themselves with some wading into the field of politics and what with poverty drugs climate change so many of these headaches there were plenty of political issues to sing about at britain's biggest music festival at glastonbury back as more. this is how the world's biggest crime artists took to one of the world's most famous stages and a stop best in plays into the british the work of artists and activists banksy. the 1st black british performer to headline the class to be music festival his lyrics are searing look at the darker side of london life gangs drugs violence is the sound of britain city's resistance. to one of storms these biggest inspirations
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is the celebrated poet benjamin said he was among the 1st black british writers to challenge social and racial inequality i mean when you think of the injustices that are done to people through the banking through and through politicians who or kinds of people in power people in authority institutions i'm surprised that we don't rise up more often actually so when we do free music that's a good thing but i have to say you're talking to a revolutionary and i think we've got to start all over again. music and protests appealing to for generations particularly here at glastonbury off stage thousands of festival goers joined climate change campaigners extinction rebellion and a march the group's lead the fight against what it say's is an impending environmental catastrophe and in another corner of the festival protest is unveiled this breaks
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a billboard featuring boris johnson who's leading the race to become the country's new prime minister in a few weeks' time. also performing british punk band idols the group tackles breaks it racism and toxic masculinity with a visceral intensity. in recent years british society has been focused on breaks and in recent months some internal struggles within the leading conservative party but the old problems haven't gone away and some would argue that they're worse now than they were before talking about things like knife crime social inequality the housing crisis worries about the environment the list goes on all of this and all of this frustration has found a voice on stage. these are turbulent times of britain rarely has the country
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been so divided over its future concerns now at the core of british culture. leave barca al-jazeera. that takes us to the end of this news hour but of course back in just 2 and a half minutes time with the latest headlines right here on how to see. every reclaim. breaking story is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years. they're listening placed as we tend the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they was caught on the stories that matter the most they moved closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera i think one of our biggest strengths that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories
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and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours to get on juries in the rest of central america heard about the same time but more importantly as well those 2 cultures north and south america beat us to teach it like it's a very important place felt there was a big. jordan's native tribes called secure to roughly half the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing economy and concerns over the trumpet administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hashemite kingdom jordan and retry on a just. when the news breaks the protesters and the stanley bands.
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when people need to be yelling at him you know like as if you don't have rights. and the story needs to be told. al jazeera has teams on the going to bring you the world with documentaries and lightning. on air and online. what happened today i think is great for south korea i think it's great for north korea and it's great for the world. steps into history becoming the 1st sitting u.s. president in office to cross into north korea. but
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once again from doha everyone come out santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera answering the call to protests people in sudan have returned to the streets as part of a 1000000 strong march demanding military leaders hand over power to civilians. also albanians vote in disputed local elections that have split the country pitting the president against prime minister. i'm going to see a new man in front of the chilean consulate in papua parole just near the border with chile in the desert and this is becoming the latest flashpoint in the venezuelan migrant crisis. france really committed the united states to starting up or restarting the nuclear talks with north korea after a historic meeting with kim jong un trump met kim at the demilitarized zone on the border of north and south korea where he became the 1st u.s. president to set foot in the north while still in office our diplomatic at the
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james bones reports now from. the demilitarized zone in south korea. this went just the way president donald trump wanted pictures that will make history and potentially reinvigorate peace efforts waiting for him the other side of the line separating north korea and south korea kim jong il on a handshake on the 3rd. meeting and then. trump became the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil. the 2 then walked back into the south underdressed reports stepping of course that was agreed on a lot of rhetoric. a lot of friendships and they didn't particularly a great friendship so i just thank you very quickly notice that i want to thank you chad i believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to
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eliminate the unfortunate past and begin a new future. then what sounded like an invitation that would invite him right after that way that. the 2 leaders of nations still technically at war a peace treaty was never signed when the korean war ended 66 years ago then went to what's known as the freedom house on the south korean side of the d.m.z. that is equal here i've always wanted to meet you at this place as a symbol of the separation of the north and the south and a reminder of the unfortunate past meeting at such a place shows that we are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and also open a new future to provide positive opportunities in the future. of the end of 15 minutes of talks president trump announced that detailed negotiations will soon begin steve is going to do a fantastic job he's going to be representing. us in the talks and. will
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be we will be dealing with south korea will be dealing with president moon and his people but pretty much it's going to be the initial dose will be between the united states and with north korea this is now the difficult bit the devil is in the detail there now need to be complex negotiations involving military scientific and nuclear experts western diplomats who've been involved in diplomacy with. young yang in the past say on previous occasions north korea has lied and cheated as he left south korea president trump seemed very happy but it's worth remembering the challenge ahead north korea's not yet given up any part of its sophisticated nuclear program the international community has not lifted any of its crippling sanctions jamesburg al-jazeera south korea. and south koreans are all of course very important in all of this robert bride has more reaction from seoul this
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is being seen as a major personal achievement for president moon j.n. of south korea who's been under increasing pressure since the failure of the hanoi summit both here at home and also from north korea throughout the events of sunday he tactfully remained very much at the sidelines allowing donald trump to claim credit for this historic day in reality though he is seen as being the instigator of this process of reconciliation if the day's events of stepping across the border is seen by the end of this year as one of the news highlights of 2019 then it will be remembered the moon j.n. did exactly the same last year becoming the news highlight of $2800.00 starting this whole process that has led to donald trump crossing over the border but has he always has done throughout this whole process of south korea very much giving full
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credit to donald trump. or want to have you know what we really want is permanent peace on the korean peninsula mr trump will be going down in history as the president who made peace on the korean peninsula and i would like to give my appreciation to donald trump and kim jong un. if this does turn out to be a historic day for the korean peninsula and the people of north korea have yet to hear about it as always state run media in north korea needs time to edit and process these images into a form that 6 double for the north korean leadership especially given a subject as sensitive as the leader of the united states stepping over into north korea while the networks of the world have been broadcasting live the zone holding events throughout sunday the state run broadcaster in north korea has been broadcasting the usual diet of propaganda documentaries and poetry arctic karaoke
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songs let's get reaction out of the u.s. now with hydrogen accounts in washington d.c. this of course all happened overnight heidi so i imagine the morning shows were full of pictures of donald trump and. they certainly are kemal but it's interesting that timing of this most of the invited political commentators have been democratic presidential candidates in the u.s. here were still reacting to the recent debates among those candidates and as you can imagine most of the comments were critical of trump's a spontaneous meeting with him. early on castro one of the democratic candidates said that this was all for show not for substance bernie sanders one of the front runners want to step further and said that this actually harms the u.s. state department but as for donald trump himself who is now flying back to the united states i'm sure and his sarah guys have been applauding this latest
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development as historic and as we all know trump enjoys making history he enjoys doing it publicly and he always has stress that this close relationship that he touts with the north korean chairman is his special ingredient a sense to stop. this log jam of negotiations to get a denuclearized korean peninsula but it is also notable that prior to this meeting his very own advisers have cautioned against it saying that the united states needed to be firm and demanding something substantial from north korea before this meeting could even be scheduled something concrete to say that they are serious about denuclearization which up until now still there has been no evidence of that mall because the other thing the trial will donald trump himself and the administration will be pushing when they get back is the fact that he did it he's the one who actually makes these meetings happen even if it's just through
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a tweet which 2 days later results in a historic visit. right and he loves to contrast himself with previous u.s. presidents even saying earlier in korea that obama had never been able to secure a meeting with a north korean leader while it's notable that obama really never wanted one never asked for one and that is why some of these state department officials are saying that this type of meeting is in a sense dangerous because it does award north korea with that same type of positive publicity that trump himself is now reveling in and if you look back to the beginning of the trump administration we should not forget that it was the rhetoric of the fire and fury retaliation for those intercontinental missile tests that got up the tension in the 1st place and then trump set up the meetings in singapore and in hanoi trying to take credit for them bringing down those same tensions that he
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played a part in rising in the 1st place and the most important part of all of this is that really nothing much has changed since these talks began yes nor korea has suspended nuclear testing but american intelligence shows that its nuclear arsenal is in fact even higher now than it was before and now trump is saying that this most recent encounter with the north korean leader of his historic steps as the 1st sitting u.s. president into the country of north korea may make the difference again he's asking the american public to put faith in his confidence there even though his last 2 attempts at this personal diplomacy really hasn't yielded much tangible results come all the q 100 in washington. to other news uncertainties protesters have defied threats by security forces to round up your cross the country this is the 1st major demonstration since the military killed more than
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a 100 people at a sit in an earlier this month protest leaders called for a 1000000 strong march to demand the supreme government and i want demonstrators to march towards the presidential palace so here's her morgan now who is reporting for us from juba in south sudan of course because al-jazeera has been banned from reporting in sudan itself bring us up to that with what you're hearing from sudan hippa welcome over spoken to activists who've spoken to people who have joined part of the protests and they're saying that saboteur not as much logic the next day as expected but they're also reporting the news of tear gas gladsome initially and stun grenades in many parts of the of the of the cup not just the capital but of the states as well they're saying that they're expecting the military council to suppose just like to use force to attack this and not and change their area this month now let's remember that the military council imposed
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an internet blackout and as as well as anyone there let. me just repeat it for that that happened at the steps and but protesters are saying that they're very determined already one person has been killed. and it's. the activists are warning that one person was killed and all but arms and as a result of a gunshot wound to his chest and they're saying that there could be sniper explode targets people tests that they say they've already determined and that they're going to try to make it to presidential palace to demand not just a civilian government but also accountability for those who are to launch a 3rd. is this a nationwide phenomenon i mean we focus so much on how to him and what's happened with the big protests there how much is that spread through the country. well look we're just there all day earlier. in the northeastern state of present higher up but a specific age there are also protests reported in the east is a cut off as i said as well as the west nature of our force let's not forget the
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comment that the cult what's happened nationwide not just and the response in light of. a lot of. the soldiers and i'm going to jump in just now because i'm being told that the deputy head of the transitional military council is speaking in qatar much understand. really good differences there is. about one man a 1000000 people demonstration we have said the fall of. the protector the still of the last but you know we can't do anything when it comes to infiltrators because we need to make sure that. 5 or 6 people right in the right of the citizens have been hit and we need to go there quickly to show the problem you know we need to know you have to know that there are. there are people who you.


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