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then entirely for them lawrence just said about the growing opposition to these arms sales within the us i think we the fact that senate and congress have taken a line against arm sales to sage arabian support for the sages human for war in yemen is historic and it's very important but it's also the case that these weapons should never have been sold in the 1st place their safety regime their immorality regime they had appalling characters before the war in yemen they have appalling characters know they've always been death parts and dictatorships and they should not be have been receiving weapons in the 1st place specifically with reference. to . would this have happened with this weaponry that's got to him via the u.a.e. if donald trump hadn't made a phone call last april we've already touched on this but last april there was a phone call where the perception for i have to was donald trump is edging towards indorsing me. well they've had they made
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a big brouhaha about it and in libya the phone call there that ties it all off for all there are communication channels as an indication of the u.s. support for the 5. the m.r.i. it is probably thought thought that if we had hume that they delivered these weapons after the phone call but the image that you support. is not new to highly 5 they have. built a an air base and near benghazi they have been delivering arms to after since 2040 so this would continue and i think they might have basically think they can get away with it and they have got to a gotten away with it for a long time not only libya but then yemen and other parts of the world lawrence in washington so many countries so many people who buy these weapons now seemed to
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just more recently than than the time scale that sila is referring to they seem perfectly comfortable with breaching the guidelines with breaching the restrictions so has any has anything shifty or changed within that calculation that those people are making well known fact it's got worse because president trump has bragged about the arms sales that he sells to countries in the region he's made this a centerpiece of his foreign policy and every time the congress said well wait a 2nd those weapons are ending up in the wrong hands he'll say no no no i'm just creating a lot of jobs here in the united states it's what we president eisenhower called the military industrial congressional complex the fact of the matter is these 2 create jobs american arms trade is about half of the whole world's arms trade and so when you have a president who embraces it these countries feel even if we violate this. we're still going to be able to buy them because the president is so concerned about
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american jobs and unfortunately most people in this country are not paying attention to what's happening in libya or yemen right now the focus of the whole question of iran will come onto iran in just a 2nd perhaps but andrew picking up on that point from lawrence is it a help or a hindrance when the relatively new as he was when he said this donald trump u.s. president talks about the beautiful weapons that the united states makes and also to pick up on that percentage that lawrence was using 50 percent i think i'm right in saying lawrence 50 percent of the u.s. arms sales go to specifically the middle east. i think it's not helpful when donald trump takes that tone but donald trump as a particularly appalling front man and that sense but foreign policy he's following regarding arms sales doesn't feel distinctly different from bottom as peter says i was under the obama administration under clinton the u.s.
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government was by far the largest arms dealer anywhere in while and there was no shortage of dictatorships and human rights abusing regimes but it was continuously arming and supporting donald trump might be more obvious and his rhetoric might be more distasteful and his commitment to freedom and human rights might be slightly lesser but they all these presidents have forward actually very similar sorts of policies and the end results have seen u.s. political and military support for human rights abusing these eams and dictatorships across the world for decades and just so happens that donald trump is even more a verdict and open about it but just to be clear. in tripoli these weapons that we're talking about branded you a weapons they are also being described online as being game changes does that make this more important more significant and therefore more of a worry because if these people carry on getting their hands on these weapons it means the conflicts never end that means more people die of course in the
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introduction of such weapons will invite introduction of more weapons by the other side these weapons and the have to our forces who are using poor neath. in armor are more. rockets and now they have the javelin so this would be the would increase the pressure or no or other forces to increase their or their weapons and you know weapons are plenty around the world and there are measures that would be very happy to supply as long as you have money and. libya is both sides of the money so that this is a very dangerous situation and we don't see any political moves on the part of the u.s. or the europeans to do anything about it since the immoderate is and the saudis and the egyptians are needed in the larger scheme of things in the middle east anderson
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is in london is this a double edged sword if you will when it comes to culpability i mean the surtees used cluster munitions they're banned in syria we've seen chemical weapons being used as well of course they are banned i'm going to read from an amnesty report from february of this year amnesty saying the following states recently supplies the emirates is with arms australia belgium brazil bold the area france finland germany south korea turkey the u.k. and of course the united states i could go on the list is longer we don't have time to list all the countries involved so those awkward questions will just be ignored or will somebody deal with it sooner or later. what you've underlay into of the list is the need for strong multilateral action because this is the arms industry is a global industry its impacts are felt globally and sellers exist all across the world in fact many of the weapons which leave the country late for u.k. will have components which are made in other countries as well so it is definitely
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a multilateral global need for multilateral global solutions and regulations but that doesn't on the other hand up to cait individual nation states of their responsibility and when we look to the u.s. has played a particularly strong role in arming the world for decades and decades when we look to russia it's been doing the same with a particular increase over recent years when we look at other countries range units are doing much the same but in reality we are of an equally long list published by amnesty was a list which republished in 2015 of countries who had produced weapons which had been seized by isis and it wasn't that isis had bought these weapons directly from france and beauty and other european cunt. that was because they had seized them and battlefield for the large part of the point when we sell these weapons the lifespan of the weapons very often longer than the lifespan of the government and will almost always be longer from the lifespan of the political situation it sold into but tickle context change but weapons can change hands and they can do
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a great deal of damage lawrence korb in washington is there another imperative here we're talking clearly about libya but no matter where the proxy conflict is taking place weapons as currency because if you're the guy that sells arms the quid pro quo is you are buying the loyalty busy from the person you are selling those arms to so whether it's the us a to the u.a.e. and then from the u.a.e. to libya there's a chain reaction of loyalty there well there's no no doubt about it and what happens is that these countries will say to us well if you won't sell it to us will buy in from the russians or the chinese just recently we found out the saudis are getting you know ballistic missile technology from the chinese and the other point that we need to make is with those very sophisticated american weapons end up in the wrong hands countries like the russians will be able to negate our strength in europe or in china in the pacific so not only is it
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a human catastrophe but it basically is a national security catastrophe we know that a lot of the weapons that ended up in the hands of the hodes that technology went back to iran and so that that basically is a point that has to be made because right now unfortunately people are focusing only on the economic dimension and as my colleague said it's got to be a multilateral because if the country says well if you won't buy in will buy him from phil in country x. then in fact you know you can't go ahead with this and you can stop this problem we've been just for. talking about salary is there another issue of culpability here or accountability the purchasing countries the middleman countries in this case allegedly the u.a.e. they never go to the original manufacturer slash supplier with literally a blank sheet of paper and they don't list off the countries they are going to bomb
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in they are going to kill in let alone getting to the stage of having a blank sheet of paper from after who is going to give you a mission brief a statement of intent how he's going to use these game changing weapons. well you know the problems with the end user certificates are well known for decades but just to give you. a view of what the situation is look how leave after attack tripoli 10 days before a. national conference sponsored by the united nations it's a gender was approved in abu dhabi 20 days before that the secretary general was in tout and highly for have at dak the europeans on their own the europeans and the americans and the russians and the chinese could not even tell half the world that's that wasn't nice so let alone taken a stand or making
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a decision about sounds fair or weapons so i think the problem is very ringback big and i afraid that there is nothing that can be done about it right now. it's not clearly a one size fits all andrew when it comes to the kind of embargoes that are deployed against specific countries would it be better or would it be faster to stop this happening if the embargoes turned into an embargo and it was standardized i mean the embargo of which egypt at the moment is the subject it is the subject of an embargo is weaker than other embargoed that are being applied around the middle east but then of the back about one's also got to say well the people are just ignoring or breaking the embargo who cares whether it's weak or strong to start with. the strength of him fired was often depends on of our geopolitical considerations and because a lot of the large arms suppliers consider egypt to be an ally despite the utterly appalling human rights record of the regime there then it's not
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a surprise that it's a significantly weaker embargo but actually this comes to point of influence which was raised a couple of questions ago because actually been flint's works both ways it's not so much that if we're sitting around the table selling weapons to despotic regime we can try to influence and very often these regimes know that they're not just buying weapons but also buying political support and crucially but also buying silence and i expect that's a big consideration for a savior for example at the moment who are understandably under a lot of international criticism because of the merger of jamal khashoggi and because of the terrible war v of which and yemen and so by buying weapons but also buying allies but also buying support and i think that played a crucial role in shaping the ever changing message from the trumpet ministration about for merger of the ever changing message of countries like the u.k. have the need for a peaceful solution in yemen lawrence if there is to be
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a change in this legislation if the embargoes are to be tightened if the final use declarations are to be enforced properly will that dynamic come not from the president and the prime ministers in the manufacturing countries not in the selling countries but from the voters because people will people will voice an opinion on this perhaps at the ballot box. well you hope so basically maybe with a change of administrations i know that the obama administration while they did sell things to them they were very careful about making sure they didn't up in the wrong busy hands but that's got to be in other words it has to be i think the leading arms banier factors who have to recognize that the short term gains that you might get from selling these things are far outweighed by the long term problems that it's causing as i mentioned both strategically as well as morally and i think that's what the united states has to get back its moral position in the
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world where it stands up for a lot of these things unfortunately right now we're letting off control agreements expire we're getting out of the j.c. p. o. way with with iran we are getting out on august 2nd the intermediate nuclear forces agreement so we're just not doing what some previous administrations have done and it's got to the i my view the united states has got to take the lead because we're the world's leading arms exporter of arms around the world gentlemen we have to leave it there thanks to all our guests they were under smith lawrence cope and thank you too for watching you can see the program again anytime on the web site dot com and for more discussion goes my facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also tweet us with a.j. inside story i'm at pizza don't be one for me peter don't be on the entire team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see you very soon.
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they wanted $43000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continue to tackle real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show a woman freezing as hell from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction
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vickie's real stories played out on saturday episode 2 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. one come all santa maria here in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people are rallying in hong kong again showing their anger over a bill that could allow suspects to be sent to mainland china protesters have also been trying to smash their way into the main government building this all happening on the anniversary of britain's handover all of kong to china 22 years ago hong
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kong's chief executive kerry lamb is promising however to work with the people going on need to seek in the wake up so. up to this incident i will learn lessons and ensure that the government in future will work less and be more responsive to the aspirations sentiments and opinions of the community so the fast and most basic step to take is to change our style of governance to make it more open and accommodates hank will also need to reform the way we listen to public views such we're actually because we've got to lay on will stop with me. more from our correspondent andrew thomas who's been amongst the protests in hong kong. you could have big thumbs going on behind me does the protesters smashing the windows of this ledge cobell do you sense the fault in the center of a phone call and all the time who are old tech to be taken in that to use them as weapons really trying smashed the windows of this building inside their own civil
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right wing think of. things. like the right. side the right kind of come from the outside so there's been a bit of a standoff the some hours now just in the last few minutes things have gotten a lot more right now this is the protest outside let's go to completely separate to this there's a few months going on in another part of hong kong hundreds of thousands of people taking part in that one the crowd tends to be more mainstream feel like a mix of ages from children to older people who are us people wearing these hard hats and to gas in case the right place to let you from a bullet or start using tear gas tends to be younger most people here under the age of 25 but only the protesters and not just want the same thing with her all of this controversy if you will just a suspension that carried out the chief executive will give them that despite this was quite a lot to start. the headlines now turkey's government has announced 6 of its
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citizens held in libya have been released ankara had warned of serious consequences after they were captured by forces loyal to the warlord cut off those eastern administration and to break up all ties with turkey on friday accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in tripoli flights of also resumed the libyan capital is only functioning airport was briefly closed off or it was hit by an airstrike forces loyal to have to say the air attack destroyed a turkish drone sitting on one of the runaways. a gun battle between security forces and taliban fighters in the afghan capital is now over at least 10 people were killed and nearly 100 were injured in the shootout followed a huge explosion smoke seen billowing from an area near the u.s. embassy in the city more bodies have been discovered in sudan after hundreds of thousands of people rallied against the military government on sunday it takes
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a number of people killed at least 10 security forces used live fire and tear gas the protests were the biggest since the military broke up a sit in nearly a month ago killing more than $100.00 people. of the republic of northern cyprus says an object that hit its territory overnight appears to have been a russian made missile the weapon hit a mountain north of the capital nicosia the turkish cypriot foreign ministry says the missile could be an air defense weapon fired by syrian forces during an israeli attack on monday nights and japanese fishermen have left ports to hunt whales commercially for the 1st time in more than 3 decades tokyo has used a loophole in the international whaling commission rules to hunt in protected antarctic waters for what it calls scientific research purposes the government says it will only allow whale hunting off japan's territorial waters but will end the most controversial in the antarctic you're up to date with the headlines here on
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al-jazeera marco polo a very modern journey starts next on out as here. let's take a look at china. damage after. the past i was mustered up as the news. china overtaking us america had to live minutes rather than it did if she really thought.
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she found. limine to. do so you know the. least sure sure show me to do. these salute ya'll shoot out a coolish or joke i believe i meant to you should you had a colorful. google taku
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photo that. your sweet saying. but. perhaps the professor was naive. to think he could find marco polo. but he'd come to the right place. this is where we did all begun.
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venice. the place from where marco polo set out on his astonishing journey. it is the starting point of everything that has happened between china and the west ever since. but where do you begin you looking for someone who's been dead for 700 lives. with the labyrinth of endless streets and bridges. and the damp doors of the churches and plats of those. professor. was not the 1st historian to try to find marco polo in venice. but not many. have come from china.
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or shall be on a. similar. warrior to marco polo do you would. do with a unique fade tony back. come with all why we're sure the should i. was naïve why why. was i. so you go and now you see that he found. your words oh my god your hair. was a curry khandala how does shane. finding marco polo is not going to be that simple. ha ha ha ha you know within the not that there was and i mean even jelani this is
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a oh if if professor chill razor is a chinese specialist and an expert on marco polo. no he decided to go on the bestseller marco polo be arming men tell a module remarkable of the vacuum of a cubicle about about beyond that are in and out not in marco ball ok fine she now are gaffed so i would i gas a calf i did just that dave in downing a primo other than a discreet dog model all the modern day santa the late jetta it causes then to speak with ed the let's see now that it took the. brain the last form to the quest the start up isn't that still it. if marco polo were alive today who would he be.
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maybe a student. a young man from northern italy. from venice. who is she. was high a. good jew should. she intend. mog call will.
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seniority impaired other already. took to call or orchid as either north or better . that a journey that i'm on the a rainy into the last. but in that it was 30 but of it over it there will never leave it on the cement of a little more than the. sea called man marco paulo savill in obvious that the you know. the. marco polo was 17 in 1271. and the world was a war. in the middle east the 200 year old war between christians and muslims for control of the holy land was approaching a brutal and. but the greatest threat to confronting marco polo.


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