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al jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would love for this job to. china condemns the storming of hong kong's palm and calling violent demonstrations and i'm this guy's challenge. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and i think they're playing with fire. the u.s. president vows to keep up the pressure on the run off that iran announces an increase in enrich uranium. on the frontlines we need the medical workers in libya's capital working on the dangerous conditions. and we look to the skies from
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a small town in chilling to watch a rare eclipse. china is calling the overnight protests in hong kong a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems principle under which the territories run it's the strongest condemnation from beijing since protesters stormed hong kong's main government building on monday night protesters were angry about an extradition bill which would allow suspects to be tried on the mainland. those scenes followed a largely peaceful rally through the streets of hong kong around 500000 people attended that march on monday occurred on the 22nd anniversary of hong kong's handover to china from britain hong kong's me there carrie lam condemned the actions of the protesters and stormed the legislative council. to extreme use soft
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violence and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building over a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope community at large will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for us to condemn it. katrina u. is in beijing with more on how the chinese government is reacting. chinese state media have begun broadcasting reports about the events of last night in hong kong but we're seeing very different pictures on chinese state media compared to what we saw on other channels for example the chinese state media broadcast very much focused on kerry land very much focus on her condemnation of this violence and also
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focused on what the hong kong police have said probably criminal acts committed by these protesters beijing has very much said that they're going to back any investigation in any prosecution in pursuit of prosecution of of possible crimes that took place last night now here in china this is very much of the point of view that beijing is trying to get across that that these are not brave daring protesters who are frustrated these are fact probably just dogs and to emphasize that message what we did see here on chinese state media on 2 papers here english language chinese state media newspapers the 1st in global times an image not of protesters not of a trashed alleged car but of people having a very nice time celebrating the anniversary of hong kong's return to the mainland by gathering in and forming a sign that says i love hong kong and similarly on the front page of china daily we have a picture of some locals joining in with the chinese military officers to celebrate
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the event and to say how happy they are about being part of the motherland so that is definitely the image that beijing would like to convey to the world trying to dismiss anything that happened last night is really nothing more than outliers and that's what we expect to hear more of when china's foreign ministry give a statement later on today let's go live now to hong kong and speak to wayne has what does the day after both those peaceful rallies in the more violent storming of the legislative council look like. you know sam it's been a remarkable transformation really just a few hours ago there were those scenes of absolute mayhem here on the streets around the legislative council building behind me basically hong kong's parliament and it has been an emphasis on the cleanup really so far on tuesday morning because there's the riot police moved into this area to clear the protesters away from the streets and also those that have gone inside the building itself forcing their way
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all the way into the debating chamber inside the parliament building as they fled they left behind a huge amount of debris rubbish all over the street so that has been one of the focuses of tuesday morning is to clear the streets around this building the streets are open to traffic again the building itself though still very much cordoned off by police it suffered a lot of damage throughout the course of monday into tuesday morning as those protesters went in there they smashed through the glass windows and doors to get in there and it didn't end there once they were inside they spent a lot of time vandalizing parts of that building right in graffiti on the walls destroying internal doors and walls so the police are going through that building right now treating it as a crime scene they are building a case they say against anyone that they can identify that was inside that building
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unlawfully so that is very much the focus at the moment and it will be some time before that building can reopen again because of the fairly extensive damage that was done to it a lot of head scratching going on no doubt what's next for the pro-democracy movement. yes i think this period will be a period of backing off to an extent this was such a peak in violence compared to what we've really seen over the past 3 weeks throughout the course of this anti-government movement these proteus on the streets of hong kong it was unprecedented what we saw take place on monday morning into the early hours of tuesday morning so i think both sides will certainly take a step backwards what we're hearing from the protesters from the anti-government protesters or at least pro-democracy politicians and activists is that the fight will certainly go on and the reason for that is that they're not getting what they want from the government led by hong kong's chief executive kerry lam
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a big complaint is that this government led by her is simply not listening to their demands it started of course with that controversial extradition bill that would allow criminal suspects from hong kong to be sent to mainland china to face the justice system there but that was really just seen as the latest example of what the protesters view as beijing's increasing influence over the political system in hong kong they want kerry lamb to resign they want that extradition bill not just suspended as it is now but they wanted withdrawn altogether so far there is no sign of either of those things happening so i think in the long term we'll see more protests on the streets of hong kong all right thanks so much wayne hey there joshua wong is one of hong kong's most recognizable activists who was only recently released from prison after leading the protest movement he hopes the wider public can understand the frustration of protesters. at the same time if the lawmaker of hong kong people critically elected the bill can be so easy. but now. it's just
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a puppet of beijing it's hard to fully agree and it's not good to encourage people to pay their. life and i hope people can have understand understand because when hong kong only 7000000 population 2 minas of then they deferred people to settle down peacefully parents hold the baby costs bring their children join the rallies sure to watch the show the voice of people beijing do you keep silence if the totally peaceful demonstration. how come youngster high school student younger than me they pay to live at recess and might face 10 years general terms even people might disagree i think that blame on them is not the way it's terminated withdraw to be 0 is the way out i strongly q re is
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a run wonder and when people surveyed announce that my universe is small and 70 percent of people are not suspend they are still asking to withdraw it because people have no trust on paging and hong kong government so why not withdraw to be able to solve the political crisis generated by caroline. president donald trump is accusing iran of playing with fire that's after the un's nuclear watchdog confirmed stockpiling more enrich uranium than allowed by the 2015 nuclear deal washington is warning it will never allow to develop nuclear weapons and it will continue its maximum pressure campaign until long changes course. no person should iran they know what they're doing they know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire so no message to iran whatsoever iran's foreign minister
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says that iran has the right to exceed the limits because the 2015 nuclear deal has not been upheld. as i've been informed iran has exceeded the 300 kilogram limit to enrich uranium we had previously announced they said we were transparent in saying what we are going to do we consider it our right reserved in the nuclear deal. per your coffee and. actions by the europeans have not been enough so we will move ahead with our plan we are in the process of doing out the 1st phase of action increasing our stockpile of enriched uranium as well as our heavy water reserves we have already announced a 2nd phase which would be surpassing the u. rhenium enrichment limit of 3.6 percent this will be our next step. john hendren has more from washington d.c. . president donald trump says iran is playing with fire that is after iran announced that it is violating the 2015 nuclear agreement the multi-national
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agreement in which it set levels at which it could store stockpiles of uranium before that happened the white house put out a statement saying in part maximum pressure on the iranian regime will continue until its leaders alter their course of action the regime must end its nuclear ambitions and its malign behavior but responses have also been pouring in through the 280 character format of twitter from the administration we have secretary mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state saying the world's top sponsor of terrorism can never be allowed to enrich uranium at any level john bolton the national security adviser for the u.s. says there is no reason for iran to increase its enrichment unless it is part of an effort to reduce the breakout time to produce nuclear weapons there have also been responses from the democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders says he's pushed us to the brink of war with iran and kept us in the horrific saudi led war in yemen we need real diplomacy any club which our centrist candidate says now iran
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is closer to a nuclear weapon than before trump took office this did not need to happen and we should negotiate back into the agreement that's the 2015 nuclear agreement the us has bailed out of n. joe biden the former vice president and leading candidate in the democratic presidential race says trump's iran policy has alienated us from our allies and taken us to the brink of another war in the middle east everything this president does is backwards this could end in a number of different ways with an agreement possibly between the u.s. and iran with a military conflict like the one that only days ago president trump said he was within 10 minutes of ordering or we could have the kind of prolonged standoff that we have right now. so dan's protested as a value. demonstrations they've called for nationwide civil disobedience later this month they blame the military leaders for the deaths during sunday's rallies 11
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people were killed funeral processions were held for some of them hundreds of thousands of protesters were once again on the streets demanding the military hands over power to a civilian government in the process the they say they don't trust the transitional military council. and it will be made it clear to the ethiopian african mediation that there should be a time limit for the mediation process and it should not go on forever the struggle of the sudanese people will continue with its commitment to its peaceful methods until the objectives of the revolution are achieving are peaceful tools including negotiation will continue until the objectives of the revolution are cheap. well still ahead and i'll just 0. why it's a thumbs down from international monitors for albanians municipal elections and we'll tell you about a foreign invader choking nigeria's rivers and waterways. the
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weather sponsored by cattle and ways. we got much cooler now pushing it across northern parts of europe really is a case of normal service has been resumed you can see the law in a fun behaves in that marks the boundary between the cooler air the fresh air and the really hot air which does still remain in place across many southern parts actually so we're still getting into the thirty's in rome in bucharest but on the other side of that live we back down where we should be around the low twenty's in celsius that killed of fresh air northwest the wind will feed its way across many parts falling dry in london and also in paris and choose to go on into wednesday and the thought of the way will sink further southwards and eastward so bucharest what about 33 system of the warm side big thundershowers coming in here further
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north as you can see that fresh air and will continue to feed this way and further south into northern parts of africa well it's fine dry warm and sunny as well but especially largely blue skies there so temperatures getting up to well into the thirty's for a car a 37 celsius here low to mid twenty's there across a good part of north africa 27 in algiers over the next couple of days also warm sunshine coming through quite conditions for many karo on wednesday afternoon with a high of 38. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. this is a dialogue reading about it for nothing on international media and on t.v. why should we stop this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are really taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just huge health join the global conversation on out to 0
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all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. welcome back you're watching out just here a time to recap our headlines now china is calling overnight protests in hong kong a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems principle that the strongest condemnation from beijing since protesters stormed the city's main government building. the u.s. president says iran is playing with fire down trump is warning to iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons the u.n. watchdog confirmed it has stockpiled more enrich uranium than allowed under the
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2015 nuclear deal sudan's protest leaders a promising to step up demonstrations they've called for nationwide civil disobedience later this month they blame the military leaders for the deaths of 11 protesters since sunday to. the battle for libya's capital is making it hard for health workers to do their jobs they've also been caught in the line of fire several have been killed and injured forces loyal to the wall of the haftorah fighting to take control of the city from the un recognized government mahmud i'm going to have reports from tripoli. these ambulances are on their way to the frontlines of southern tripoli. a tough task for medical workers here who face gunfire while trying to do their job. the 3 months battle for control of the libyan capital has taken out all.
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forces are aligned with the you and recognize the government in tripoli accuse those loyal to the warlords really for have to of targeting health facilities as well as residential areas this new field hospital in solid d. neighborhood in southern tripoli is one of 4 health facilities hit by airstrikes or shelling 1000 ambulances were struck by rockets and 2 health facilities had to be fully evacuated medical workers have moved here to this new field hospital to treat those who have been injured but they're worried that their location could be targeted by have to as warplanes at any time was a life even if the said will be human. several of our colleagues were killed and several others lost their limbs or were injured this left us in a panic and could derail our work. it is very tense here in this field hospital which is not far from the front line doctors here say they continue to receive
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cases although there is a shortage of a staff and medical equipment medic middle seat leads a team of red crescent workers some of them work on the front lines while the others is standing here ready for casualties he's calling on the warring factions to go into the safety of his staff. we've confirmed to the rival factions several times that we are providing humanitarian services to everyone equally we have no political affiliations the battle for control of tripoli has killed more than 700 people 41 of them were civilians including several medical workers the world health organization has warned against targeting health workers and facilities it says it's a violation of international humanitarian law the medical workers here say in some cases health that its forces have deliberately fired towards their ambulances and
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as the fighting goes on they'll continue to put their lives at risk to save others . tripoli iraq's prime minister has ordered the country's powerful paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces are the law of the land he wants fighters to comply by the end of the month the prime minister says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down most of iraq's paramilitary groups are believed to be backed by iran. opec has agreed to extend all the oil supply cuts for another 9 months to bolster global prices the block of oil produces made the decision as a meeting in vienna the extension still needs the approval of non opec allies who are meeting on tuesday opec has restricted our production since 2017 along with russia but in that time the us has become the world's top or producer. a u.
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leaders are hoping they'll finally be able to choose a new president when they meet for a 3rd time in little under an hour ago she have so far failed to agree on who should succeed john claude younkers european commission president eastern european countries object of friends to moments a dutch socialist politician who has the backing of germany spain and france the french president a man you might call has criticized the way. i believe in the long term we must draw all the consequences of such a failure our credibility is deeply damaged by these long meetings that lead to nothing we give an image if you will but that's not serious international observers of albania's local elections say it's become a political fight which isn't benefiting voters the main opposition parties boycotted sunday's poll over accusations of corruption and now legal challenges might be on the way under serious drawn softness reports from in albania.
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the mayor of chicago is tallying voter turnout in sunday's local election it is pitifully low which is good news for the incumbent told me because the democratic party she represents boycotted this election so she wasn't a candid it people if you lost it is and this is wonderful this is not political this is being a citizen so because of that i think that it is there and because of that they feel . the democratic party accuses the socialist government of corruption it is demanding the resignation of prime minister and the general election president who is sympathetic to the opposition claims declared the local elections cancelled and rescheduled them for october to give the parties a cooling off period but the government under held them anyway. has been a democratic party stronghold since the fall of communism in 1990. but on sunday
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a socialist party candidate stood here unopposed according to the municipal tally fewer than 7 percent of registered voters turned out to vote and many of those apparently in protest. and some of those are workers in state services who told me it would then mean they were ordered to vote in resulting political disagreements international monitors blame the 2 main parties this is 30 years of june collections held with little regard for the interests of the electorate in the climate of the political standoff and polarize ation thirty's did not have a meaningful choice between political options. in february the democratic party opposition walked out of parliament this polarization has left voters confused and disillusioned. the politics of the last years it's very very
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confused you know for all the people and the people are so so tired honestly we need an opposition even if it's maybe bad without any organization or anything like that. a demi's term officially ends in august since she doesn't recognize this election as legal she is refusing to give up hope post as a 23 other opposition mayors prime minister rama has invited the opposition to talks unless the political parties reach agreement it will be up to rome whether to initiate legal proceedings that will put a demi and the other opposition mayors in jail jumpsuit al-jazeera. germany's foreign minister has called for the immediate release of the captain of a rescue vessel who defied italian authorities to darken lampedusa carolla rackets he was detained after she hit the police boat that was trying to stop sea watch 3 was carrying dozens of migrants and refugees rescued in the mediterranean brackets
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he appeared in court on saturday and faces 10 years in prison if convicted fishermen in nigeria say a non-native plant species is choking rivers in restricted trade the water hyacinth is native to the amazon basin of south america but it started appearing in nigeria in the 1990 s. and quickly spread reports from lagos. on land hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks clogged the streets of lagos. and for those people who have increasingly turned to the water for transport an invasive weed is making life difficult there. because of how enormous it is is the governments the us will kill more machines to be sure that we're able to tackle it appropriately the spread of water hyacinth is heading inland covering small streams and rivers at least $26.00 out of nigeria's $36.00 states affected it is actually reaching the buildup of silt
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at the bottom of rivers and choking about aquatic plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen. what to herself was 1st noticed in nigeria in the early 1990 s. since then the invasive plant has disrupted not only transportation but also hydro electric generation and fishing in several regions efforts to control it have so far field. yemi a model who's been a fisherman all his life says the job is now getting harder. to stop by law taliban presence of the plants makes it difficult to part of a court and cast or net the catch is decreasing in fact the work is becoming shallow. but what he sees as a nuisance others see an opportunity. they have is the plan to create an artwork out of it for sale but importantly scientists say there is a lot of potential of water hyacinth including electricity generation. scientists
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like me at. the water i think and then the process of my research using the educational metal. plants or what i sing. in water and this is my dislodged from roots and are now using it for their on their research work innocently using it for. something that might prove beneficial to nigeria as it struggles to generate electricity to power its factories and homes. back on the river you mean a model which is the weed will just disappear so the fish can return in numbers how much greece al-jazeera lagos. now stargazers are flocking to a small town in chile what they hope will be an exceptional viewing will be looking out for a total solar eclipse which is set to darken the skies over south america later on tuesday it will travel across parts of chile and argentina in
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a journey lasting about 6 minutes our latin american editor lucien newman travelled to live where in chile the best place to see the rare event. the transparent skies of northern chile especially the cold kimble region have turned this into the world's astronomic capital. but scientists aren't the only ones rushing to witness a cosmic event that is drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors here to see a total solar eclipse people say well what's question without a why do you want to travel so far to say. after you see the eclipse you will know that this will be the american couples 16th have been chasing solar eclipses the world over in a full solar eclipse. the position of the moon appears to fully cover the sun turning day into night it occurs somewhere on our planet roughly every 18 months but they're all different depending on the new cation the position of the sun and
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the clarity of the sky and maybe this french family just arrived from paris and says they expect this their 5th eclipse to be the best one yet yes it's an expensive hobby but once you see a full eclipse. you get addicted actually you want to see the next one. accommodation in tickle kimball and at the comma regions have been sold out for more than 6 months this is like a get up population $4000.00 where almost everybody is renting a room or their home or even just a little piece of land where people visitors can camp out and the reason is that this remote place has some of the best views of the stars of anywhere in the world and which according to astronomers will also give you some of the best deals all the eclipse. but for astronomers and physicists who also camped out here it's an opportunity to see elusive stars gather data or demonstrate the theory of
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relativity through these telescopes so you will go to the better if you are able to see weak stars during a total eclipse we will be able to determine if the light is displaced and and demonstrate once again on stein's general theory of relativity and they said it's wonderful that's what sharon and byrne are bill cults have less ambitious expectations so i'm hoping to see stars in the daytime. if the weather cooperates as meteorologists predict she will more than likely get her wish. you see in human like good at chile. well let's have a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera china is calling overnight protests in hong kong a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems principle that's the strongest condemnation from beijing since protesters stormed the city's main government
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building. those scenes followed a peaceful rally through the streets of hong kong around 500000 people attended that march on monday it occurred on the 22nd anniversary of hong kong and china from britain so a clog has more on the clean up operation in hong kong. where the clean up here in hong kong has been underway for hours with the lid to the council building which is hong kong's parliament and stuff from inside as well as police hundreds of place have been deployed to clean up and sort these rubbish piles here and as you can see we have things from the block is not cardboard but the also got its metal blockade you can see the heaviest the metal this metal is extraordinarily heavy but it's those types of devices that we use to smash their way in protest is to smash their way into this building we should see here this is a fence and i have pillars those pillars have all been dismantled and we used yesterday to break in the midst of council building now this pile up and it's
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rubbish will play be played up for days if not weeks but the police have now declared this area a crime scene. the us president says iran is playing with fire donald trump is warning to iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and un watchdog confirmed it has stockpiled more enrich uranium than allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. you leaders are hoping they'll finally be able to choose a new president when they meet for a 3rd time in little under an hour negotiations have so far failed to agree on who should be the european commission president eastern european countries object to friends to movements a dutch socialist politician has the backing of germany spain and france it's the stream now stay with us.
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al-jazeera where every. ok and you are in the stream today have the fiji islands become a highway for drug traffickers we explore how locals are bearing the brunt of the surge in pacific trafficking routes send us your thoughts by tweeting at a.j. or you can leave a comment in the chat and we will do our best to get you into the conversation. my name is tracy. morgan. it's a drug won't fall from international headlines about increased trafficking through the pacific region is creating a david and goliath like problems the police in several cars.


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