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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al jazeera. santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems policy those strong words coming from china over the storming of hong kong's parliament. also france's president calls on iran to reduce its stockpiles of enriched uranium to save the 2050 nuclear deal and deep divisions in a new politics on show the new european parliament is meeting for the 1st time. to
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over who gets the blocks he posts on in sports 15 year old curry golf eclipse is venus williams wimbledon it's the 5 time champion in a stunning 1st round upset. it was the planned extradition law which spawned the protest movement but now hong kong's unrest is about so much more and it's drawn the harshest words yet from the territories ultimate rulers in beijing it's called monday's takeover of the hong kong legislative council a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems bottom line and they say we express our vehement condemnation against the scenes getting the attention while it was this sort of thing a british flag being on filled in the parliament in the defacing of the official seal of hong kong symbolic as well because remember it was 22 years to the day since britain handed over control. of hong kong to china that anniversary also
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marks by yet another huge march this one was the 3rd in the matter of weeks around half a 1000000 people filling the streets protesting not just against the extradition bill but also the government's response and overall really what they see is the increased control coming from beijing and we'll be in beijing in a moment with a correspondent to train you for reaction from there but we're starting with wayne hay superb reporting yesterday when from inside that chamber from you now you're outside what's it like. this whole kemal slowly but surely the streets around the legislative council building have returned to normal on tuesday after those chaotic scenes that we saw unfold on monday evening into the early hours of tuesday morning as the riot police stormed into this area and in very quick order to clear the streets of those protesters who had occupied this area for the entire monday and also they cleared the protest is out of the building behind
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me the building is still very much cordoned off it is a crime scene now the police are going through that building looking at some of the damage that was caused extensive damage to the building as the protesters went in they have vandalizing many areas of the legislature as they went they are no doubt trying to piece together some of that evidence building a case against some of those protesters who made the decision to end to the building and debate kemal only really just beginning about that decision was that the right move for that core group of protesters to go in there and ultimately will it turn broader public opinion in hong kong against this and a government movement even some supporters is all the anti-government protesters who took part in the rally on monday don't necessarily agree with that decision but they do understand and support the motive. it's true. and
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it's not good to anchorage people pay their. life race but i hope people can have understand understand because when hong kong only 7000000 population tuman as of that the deferred people are settled down peacefully parents hold the baby cars bring their children join the rallies show the want to show the voice of people beijing they will keep silence when of course there were 2 very separate events yesterday there was the chaos where you are and then there was that huge peaceful protest going through the streets the more things like that planned to resign sort of quote unquote back to normal at the moment. it's getting back to normal for the moment i think what we'll see now is a bit of a cooling off period simply because what we saw unfold just a few hours ago was such a major spike in activity and intensification compared with what we had seen over the past 3 weeks and more of these anti-government protests on the streets of hong
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kong the much larger rally that you were talking about the organizers said some a 1000000 people took part in that march some of those people did come here to join in the core group who are around this area but that particular. area is something that happens every year on july 1st to mark the anniversary of the handover of hong kong from great britain to china albeit this year it was a much larger protest because of the rallies that we've seen over the past 3 weeks because of this extradition bill that has really seen an intensification of this anti-government movement i think there's no doubt we'll see the protesters back on the streets in the medium to long term because they are not getting the chance is the responses from the government that they want the demands aren't being met they want that bill withdrawn all together not just suspended. and they want kerry lam the chief executive to resign and so far there is no sign whatsoever that those 2
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things are going to happen while in haiti reporting live from bangkok bangkok hong kong invent you for that he mentions carry land there of course hong kong's embattled leader who condemned the actions of the protesters who stormed the legislative council level isn't the extreme use of violence and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building over a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope community. will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for us to condemn it katrina you know in beijing to talk us through some of that carry land there talking with her usual sort of measured tones almost like softly spoken i imagine the feeling in beijing will be far stronger than that.
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that's right since this afternoon china's foreign ministry have said that they they strongly condemn the actions of the protesters in terms of their take of the of the takeover of hong kong's legislator saying it was completely unlawful and that they were trampling on the rule of law not strong language versus similar to the kind of woods that kerry has been using and that's perhaps reflective of the fact that beijing has said that they fully support kerry lam's government they still support her efforts to to bring peace back into the city and they have also said that they support any possible prosecutions criminal prosecutions of lawyers involved in monday night's protest interestingly that they've also raised the fact that yes in this this afternoon's foreign ministry conference that is an autonomy it's a region but it's a region under china and therefore this is china's internal affairs and warned any
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other country basically to back off from from meddling in this now they didn't name many countries in particular but those comments were clearly pointed at the u.k. the u.k. foreign minister jeremy hunt made some comments in an interview earlier today saying that there will be consequences for china not abiding by the terms of the handover that britain and china agree to those 22 years ago and these these comments have infuriated china as well as the u.k. support of what these protesters have done katrina to the way you explain beijing's position there makes me think that there is no immediate solution is there because as long as beijing is saying yes we support kerry laminates a hong kong as you but also saying it's a china she was well there is this the sto metal ones do. in a way i think from beijing's point of view this is all part of the this is very much hong kong is still part of china and it's still the responsibility in
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a way of china but because caroline has the backing of the hong kong government they're not going to quite into fuel yet they're going to wait and see how she handles it respect how she handles it but they'll certainly be watching very closely certainly what they've seen these past few weeks these these protests since the initial purchase of the traditional starting 2 to 3 weeks ago this is not been something that beijing had been happy about this is something that they've found humiliating it's it's challenging their credibility challenging their legitimacy as an authority or of a hong kong and certainly the scenes that you described earlier in the bulletin that the hanging of the british colonial flag in hong kong seat of power they would have found that humiliating definitely so at this point i think what b.g. has decided to do is look let's just play it down you know we're not going to take this too seriously because if we take this too seriously then we're going to look like were alarmed that we're not alarmed it's under control now and one interesting
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point that i've seen here in state media when they talk about the protests they're very careful not to show the masses of people who are involved in these protests they were very careful just to point out that the amount of police involved so in that sense china also trying to tell at least the people inside the mainland look at this these are a bunch of troublemakers some bad eggs causing trouble these are radical protestors this is not the mainstream in hong kong mainstream hong kong are still happy with the situation at least this is a message that they're trying very hard to convey to the world whether or not the world believes that is a is another question for us nick situation isn't it a concern to you in beijing thank you. analyze all of this chris chang is with us tauriel director of the hong kong free press he's on skype from hong kong today good to have you with us look just reflecting now that everything's had a chance to come down after the chaos of yesterday what do you make of the decision of the protesters to step things up in this manner all the protests had been
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notable for being so calm and then it not only ratcheted up they took over the parliament. i think the most important fact june is today it's chosen says at least in their minds thing that they have tried everything a 1000000 people march then some other process then 2000000 people march and then they try to sit in outside the justice department in the government offices to police headquarters and then the most important turning point just a few days ago was sent 3 protesters who were involved in the truce has died and left a message against shouldn't you know so that made a lot of people very sad and angry at the government now that they have tried everything and even people die for it this is more the 1st time protesters in hong kong see people die for process and they really angry they don't know what to do and probably that's one of the reasons why is legislative counsel because they fall
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back to be the only thing they could do to show their anger so if that's what they're willing to do what do you think will be the way forward for the hong kong government i thought it was interesting yesterday the way the right place actually kind of disappeared almost let the people go into the building and then they came out and clear the place they still taking a not softly softly approach but they're not going in all guns blazing yes and i just wonder what the government can do next. i was on the scene at that moment and i saw them actually debate when that issue leave or stay and all of the people actually sit publicly i'm going to die here please don't take me away and then some on the process who actually already went outside came back in again to just grab the limbs and. there's sort of sense of unity solidarity among trying to says that they sent no one left behind so even if this. didn't really achieve anything in terms of their demands to government will not be
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responding to demand anytime soon. i feel like. the recent protests has created serious problem for the government and you have been very unified. determined even to death a group of protests and it will be a serious trouble if the government did not consider it really. to assent to some of the demands if not actually be for them to consider universal suffrage that maybe. what about just quickly and this is might seem a little odd but i'm just interested in the symbolism you know we've had umbrellas and we've had some we've had hot heads and then yesterday this this colonial era flag came out i found that quite fascinating to watch in process i mean it's obviously symbolic on the day of the handover but i mean is there a feeling among people that they would prefer being back under british rule or going back to a time where it was at least different. i think it's complicated it did different
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habitations some people we're not that it's a process we're not even born jr days. it's hard to know whether they want to return to present some do of course but i think it's a reminder for some people that. hong kong was going in different direction during the brief stays it was mostly going to be. 3 some sort of freedom autonomy it saw through democracy at least in some venues behind you and last days of government when they tried it on conned into it maybe this is childish government but after 22 years if you say on the head no today is seeds go in a different direction and worse worse in terms of human rights press freedom in terms of the other ptolemy. so i think it's a sign of protests but we don't know whether people are really want to go back to britain because they weren't even born. here. christian great talking to
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really really interesting thank you for your time today. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour burying the dead in a spirit of revolution the latest coming up from sudan also we'll tell you about a foreign invader choking the rivers of nigeria. and in the west indies could shine bright in front of one of their biggest fans actually for the cricket world cup coming up a little later. on the iranian story president emanuel macron is calling on iran to immediately reduce its enrich uranium reserves the un's nuclear watchdog confirms stockpiling more enriched uranium and was allowed out of the 2015 nuclear deal. so
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we've got zone in teheran and we'll be with you in a moment sir and i do want to start though with natasha butler in paris natasha what exactly has the palace said. yes release is put out this statement saying that the french president emmanuel markhor is very concerned about the fact that iran has decided to exceed its uranium limits also says that the french president calls on tehran not to take any further steps that could be seen as breaking its commitments to the 2015 iran deal or the j c p a way it also says that the president mark paul will continue in the days to come to do all that he can to try and maintain the deal and the statement pretty much reflects what we heard from the british foreign minister jeremy hunt on monday when he reacted to the decision by iran he also called this a deeply worrying but clearly the focus among european art powers is to continue to try and support and maintain this deal that they say is so essential for peace and
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regional security and to try and prevent iran from doing anything that could be constituted as completely violating this 2015 deal because they've been fighting so hard to save it and that could signal perhaps the deal collapsing and it would also signal a in a way the fact that you powers their powers of diplomacy had also collapsed along with it so what sort of options then the chance to do the europeans have. well that's really the question they're in a very difficult position because since the u.s. pulled out of the 2015 deal in a year ago and we imposed sanctions on iran the european powers have been scrambling to try and find ways to protect the iranian economy from the full force of these sanctions they've set up a payment system called in stakes that allows for some trade between iran and
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europe but so far that's only for very small goods humanitarian aid food medicine that kind of thing what iran wants is for this system to be much wider perhaps even allowing trade of iranian oil to europe but you know if the europeans it's very difficult indeed they know this system is never going to persuade big multinationals like french or john total to risk u.s. penalties so they have so far failed to come up with anything that is convince tehran that they will be able to protect the iranian economy from the full force the u.s. sanctions and that is why they are seeing this latest move by iran as tehran really upping the pressure but it remains to be seen what they can often return and talk about as in paris with that update thank you so in basra of course is in teheran zain an update from you than what the iranians were saying we've heard from the likes of president trump saying that they're playing with fire. yes
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that's exactly right i think we would iranian officials here in to her are saying they will basically be sending the message to their european counterparts that the same alarming language being used about iran's reduction of cooperation with the joint comprehensive plan of action that iran maintains is in line with the wording of the deal itself will say that the alarming language that many of the world leaders are using with regards to ron's production of cooperation should also be applied to the united states for its unilateral pullout from the 2050 nuclear deal iranian officials have said over and over again that they've been patient long enough and the moves they're taking now are not only to stress test the deal itself but also to take back some terrain take back some autonomy with regards to the deal saying that they're the only ones that have been implementing it iranian leaders are frustrated the latest remarks are being made by speaker of parliament ali larijani he was speaking during a ceremony to commemorate the 988 u.s. shoot down of iran air passenger airliner 290 people died when iran air 655 was
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shot down 31 years ago and when the 2015 nuclear deal was signed it went a long ways towards bridging the trust gap that exists between iran and the united states formed by decades of conflict and events like this shoot down and in the remarks that he made today mr larijani is remarkably illustrated how what was bridge the trust gap that was bridge the work that had been done by the administration and u.s. president barack obama a lot of that has been undone by president donald trump's administration. more should be. america's problem is that they don't know the middle east and the iranian nation and they think if they deploy some warships to the region they can suppress the determination of a nation but iranians have shown they have unified will trump should realize that a civilized nation is more united when they believe if they understand that many problems will be sold to the understanding it needs wisdom. now the i.a.e.a.
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did confirm yesterday that iran had breached a stockpile limit of 300 kilograms have been and. that i can keep in the country the white house issued a statement the same day that said iran had been violating terms of the j c p u a much before now in response iran's foreign minister zarif simply tweeted seriously question mark and that one word question really does illustrate how frustrated iranian leaders have become with what they say is an effort by the republican party to undo an obama era legacy project on foreign policy and iran is simply caught in the middle ok in tehran thank you. so the protest leader has to step up that demonstrations that now call for nationwide civil disobedience life of this month is under chapelle reports they blame the military leaders for the 11 deaths during sunday's rallies on the mind of the manipulation that you are you i mean you may not have them doesn't want to naming the latest victims of the
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fight for civilian rule in sudan killed as security forces broke up some of the largest demonstrations in weeks. but once the funeral processions began some cried out blood for blood and down military rule. despite an internet blackout that curbed their ability to organize hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in the capital khartoum and other cities demanding an immediate handover of power to a civilian led government. sent a message i think maybe. we don't trust the military council this is something we're not hiding we have doubts about them and we will not put down our weapons which is the crowds of people to just follow the road of negotiations alone and move. the african union any theo be our mediating between the 2 sides last week the military junta said they were ready to resume talks on a transition but there are already plans for more street protests next week. 3
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months after the fall of president omar al bashir after nearly 30 years of rule those calling for complete change in sudan say there is still a long way to go and a chapell al jazeera abraham mughal is with us now a political analyst and assistant professor at the community college nice to have you with us i'm interested to see the protest leaders calling for civil disobedience because everything's always been about peaceful protests is this. represent an escalation from the from the side of the protests you know. i thank you and we need you again and even this division is getting more complicated now by the way when you look at what is happening in sudan now i put on the language of military council you can see many many different faces of the protectors. for the protest that then said that we are part of the
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not and then after the. protest that is and then we started to. even create a new body is what is. the tradition about these contacts the extra d.m. part these all these give you the sense that they are very thin it in and they will not go through. to give. up at him and. then after that the. alliance. the traditional. professional version such as they started to mobilize people and they called for the 1000000 much so. and while the military council behavior it is the different and the input of is this a good evening is there any negotiation going on there because if you've got
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protests on one side and the military i'm on the other side still thinking that it's in charge. of the military council they started to use a dejected mediation of this you again and here again that's right they did but after the. successful of 1000000 mobs they started to back again they said we can't accept. then it isn't but. the professional bodies they don't want to. directly. negotiate with killing people and shooting people in the street now should. government be injecting itself more into the process trying i know it's not easy to bring sides together because you know the idea is that there is regional forces now.
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this is a problem so i think the idea that this professional bodies they have to have their own mr ready not just mobilizing people they have to have their own is that it is they have to go into the international bodies to reflect what is exactly happening now and they have to press on this military council because their behavior lives that they don't want to you know to to. remain. optimistic that they can accept that but the president will come now even though there is a civil obedience will be. 40. by the. military council will accept the mediation and every month great to talk to you thank you thank you very much now in
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a few moments we're going to have the weather with everson you stay where you are just one moment and i'm going to tell everyone else sort of coming up. we've got the hidden remnants of war looking at the dangers of landmines this is in iraq and we'll look to the skies as well from a small town in chile to watch a rare eclipse. and semifinal time of the women's world cup defending champions the usa taking on england and he has the sport. the web sponsored by cats. we got the weather freshening up nicely now across northern parts of europe looking good for the woman's world cup actually there in paris we'll see temperatures about where they should be in fact across northern parts of europe as temperatures there for a little bit pleasantly warm rather than searing heat this cold front the blue line
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that i've drawn chart here that marks the boundary between that cool fresh air rather more comfortable there and the stifling heat that we have to the south of that city still going up to 36 celsius there for bucharest behind a cold front as you can see we're near the the low to mid twenty's 25 there for paris 21 in london as we go on through the next few days that that funder of downpours will make their way further south was in freshen things up further here's our line of thundery showers you can see just around southern france switzerland pushing across the alps through austria right the way up towards that northeastern corner of here 2124 there for warsaw and then the $36.00 in bucharest a line of thunder is showers they are heavy they have been producing some flooding in places they sink further south which you can see signs of the fresh air started to talk its way in really getting up to around 19 or 20 celsius there for warsaw and for berlin still around $3633.00 celsius there for bucharest and the
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temperatures here they are going to continue freshening up over the next couple of days so by the time we do come to work thursday $27.00 celsius or rather more comfortable $27.00 celsius for bucharest wanted to showers there you can see into bulgaria pushing across towards switzerland further north we're still out around the low to mid twenty's over the next few days further south on the other side of the mediterranean little push on the northerly winds there will see temperatures pick back to around the mid twenty's here so plenty of heat but dry and 5 percent from africa life showers. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. they wanted $43000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission. play there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we
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this is the news from al-jazeera these are on top stories china is calling the overnight protests in hong kong a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems principle that is the strongest condemnation from beijing since protesters stormed the city's main government building the french president is calling on iran to immediately reduce its enrich uranium reserves the un's nuclear watchdog confirms teheran is stockpiling more enriching uranium than is allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. protest leaders are promising to step up demonstrations they've called for nationwide civil disobedience later this month i blame the military leaders for the 11 deaths during sunday's rallies let's go back to hong kong our top story of course the protests there the extraordinary scenes in the past 24 hours we're going to talk to david wade about that professor emeritus at hong kong university he's joining us from there nice to have you with us david i'm interested in the university of science
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and technology hong kong university of science and technology got it thank you. so i'm interested in what you think about beijing's position here correspondent was telling us earlier about how publicly and probably privately beijing very much supports kerry lamb and says this is an issue for the hong kong government but the more things happen like this i imagine would be hard for them to to stay in the background. well you know they they what's actually necessary probably is for them to stay in the background and part of the problem i think has been over the last 4 or 5 years there's been a tightening up here and you know 55 years ago we had a major issue here in occupy central where the young people took over the downtown section of hong kong in concerns about the format that was going to be used for an
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election and they held the place for $79.00 days and they got no response the hong kong government gave them no response beijing gave them no response and then actually what we've seen since then is an increased tightening young people have people who are elected lost their jobs a party that i've made leigh was somewhat close to trying to call for independence that was closed down so so you know can can can say that this is a real challenge to one country 2 systems but you can make the alternative argument that both hong kong government and beijing have really not responded. in in a good way to people's concerns economic and political concerns here and have kept moving towards one country and have not been you know they should just stop and stay where they are it's a it's an ok system or it is now could get better but but if they continue to tighten then they're just going to have more trouble but the thing is it's all it's
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all heading towards the twin on a still a few years away but heading towards 2047 when it when it all changes again you know 50 years old we don't have that i'm sorry. campbell we don't really know there's nothing that says in the bay in the basic law that the system cannot be maintained after 2047 it just means that beijing promises not to change it before 2047 and you could make the argument that they haven't really you know they were pretty good for a number of years and now they've they've been they've been credit you know croce in encroaching on the on the promises of greater or maintaining the level of autonomy and i think that people would feel a lot better if they if the there wasn't a sort of slowly step by step sense that it is getting tighter down here i think that that that's a serious problem. yeah you were saying go ahead of what i was just going to ask is about caravan as well she's such
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a central figure here what does she do now in this position where she is you know representative of hong kong but also beijing's woman in hong kong what more can she do. what was she what more can she do she can back off on what she did i mean she's in many ways the source of the problem here you know since 2014 as i said there hasn't been much progress and then she introduced a new law or was going to introduce a law that was going to allow for the extradition of businessmen and people here potentially political dissidents from here to beijing. and a 1000000 people marched she ignored that and then when there was violence was the only time she did respond so she in fact can be was you know she she showed that if you use violence maybe we'll listen but if you don't use violence we're not listening at all i think she sent a really bad message and why and why raise this issue at
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a time when you know the the issues that beijing wanted to control and want to control over like the discussion of independence here they were winning on that so so she's really i think this is her baby i think she's just made a huge political mistake and and she won't fire anybody from her government i mean most governments around the world if you had 2000000 people one quarter of the population marching and then you do nothing i mean that's ridiculous fascinating times isn't it. great to talk to you that it's like from the hong kong university science and technology thank you. now a new european parliament has been inaugurated in strand's book politicians will submit their candidates by the end of tuesday they will elect a new president for the parliament on wednesday but many leaders say they'd actually prefer the election to follow the appointment of the european commission's presidents just to explain to you what is at stake here and how it all works the
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presidency of the european council which is elected by the council itself that this man donald tusk the council presides over the $28.00 member states of the european union then you've got the european parliament which elects the president of the european commission. who will replace john could you in addition the jobs of a you foreign policy chief and the head of the european central bank are up to be decided as well and the e.u. parliament also chooses its president its new session was inaugurated on tuesday as we say after the elections in may. not easy to keep up with but we have got 2 men to help us out here in a moment we will talk to lawrence lee in strasbourg but starting with. in brussels tell us about the situation there the the difficulties in electing the leadership. come out of immense difficulties are reflected in the fact that the resume meeting between the leaders has been delayed it was supposed to start an hour and
1:38 pm
a half ago it's now going to start in roughly half an hour's time behind the scenes donald terse the man you were talking about the head of the european council having a series of meetings with those e.u. leaders to try to find a compromise and that's something that's in short supply right now what we've seen in the last few days is basically a push back against a plan that was hatched at that g 20 summit over the weekend which would have seen dutch m.e.p. france timmermans a socialist take the top job of the head of the european commission the legislative body which proposes laws which oversees national budgets and so on there's been a push. back against him just in the last few hours poland's prime minister has said that it's going to be very difficult if he's if he is still seen as the leading 3 go check the czech republic's prime minister says that his appointment would be a total catastrophe where do we go then we don't know the center right grouping in
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the european parliament the european peoples party all along nominated a man called man for a german m.e.p. is their candidate but he fell out of the running over the weekend so it's not clear there have been a series of alternative names put forward by the p.p. and some people are now saying that germany's defense minister funday lay and is being proposed as a little turnitin from the center right but it's really hard to say how long it's going to take ok. in brussels with that news as we say lawrence lays over at the european parliament in strasbourg maybe lawrence you can pick up on that point that nadine was describing about the stalemate and tell us how parliament could play a role in breaking that. yeah you see what the thing that's really interesting is what usually happens is that they there's a proposal for a new commission e.u. commission leader has made in brussels and it always gets rubber stamped frankly by
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by the parliament here. is what's happening now because everything in europe is up for grabs because the euro the council of europe can decide who is nomination is then the european parliament thinking well look if you can make your mind up then when we come to elect sol european parliament president tomorrow maybe we can start to tell the european commission what to do instead of them telling us what to do and that's when things been really important because because people think the european parliament is powerless people don't even over there i mean is hot half the time and all it is is seen as a sort of rubber stamping operation so consequently you have this friesen of excitement and a welter of nominations for the head of the european parliament job from people ranging from a polish guy on the populist right to a spanish socialist and the co-leader of the green scar keller that will put themselves forward because they think this might be all movements to make the european parliament a bit more relevant and instead of them telling us what to do all the time we're
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not going to start to set out our own rules and so in that sense it's actually quite an important moment of course if it him over in brussels when a team is if they choose someone today then probably would that's where we always always are but it is one of those moments where you think the european parliament does have an opportunity to make yourself feel a bit more important than it sometimes seems to be so how does that make up of the parliament after these new elections how does that sort of change the balance what is the domain. well i mean i mean clearly that sense of them feeling a bit empowered obviously is completely telescope's and magnified by the new makeup of the european parliament for the european elections last month where suddenly you have yes you still have the european peoples party the center right still the biggest block but decreased the side you are the liberals in the greens rising up in the in the populists in the hard right you have the spectacle of the brics it policy from the u.k. which now the single biggest political party inside the european parliament they all turned their backs inside the chamber when when they started by the european
1:42 pm
anthem you know the catalans protesting outside because boojum on isn't being allowed to take his seat because of the spanish objection you've got all these different groupings that are now basically saying we're not representing exercise here right we're just not going to do exactly what they tell us to in brussels and that more regularly seems to me to reflect what what's going on inside european citizenry and society and so you know the people who had a career here don't like change because they like really like things as they are but you could absolutely argue that you know this more noisy aggressive confrontational european parliament is really good for democracy good stuff that's lawrence lay have the european parliament in strasbourg thank you. fishermen in nigeria say a non native plant species is choking revisit and it's a result restricting trade the water hyacinth is native to the amazon basin of south america but it started appearing in nigeria in the 1990 s. and then spread i did use has our report from lagos. on land hundreds of
1:43 pm
thousands of cars and trucks clog the streets of lagos. and for those people who have increasingly turned to the water for transport an invasive weed is making life difficult there. because of how enormous it is is the governments the us will kill more machines to also show that we're able to tackle it appropriately the spread of water hyacinth is heading inland covering small streams and rivers at least $26.00 out of nigeria's $36.00 states affected it is accelerating the buildup of silt at the bottom of rivers and choking other aquatic plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen water herself or 1st noticed in nigeria in the early 1990 s. since then the invasive plant has disrupted not only transportation but also hydroelectric generation and fishing in several regions efforts to control it have
1:44 pm
so far field. you mean a model who's been a fisherman all his life says the job is now getting harder go through mind to stop our band presence of the plants makes it difficult to part of it and cast our net the catch is decreasing in fact the water is becoming shallow. what he sees as a nuisance others see an opportunity. they have is a plan to create an artwork out of it for sale but importantly scientists say there is a lot of potential of water hyacinth including electricity generation. scientists at . the water and they're in the process of my research using the educational metal. plants of what i see. it in water and is. dislodged from roots now use it for their research work. and use it for.
1:45 pm
something that might prove beneficial to nigeria as it struggles to generate electricity to power its factories and homes. back on the river to which is the weed will just disappear so that the fish can return in numbers how much grease al-jazeera lagos. to iraq now where decades of war of left the country contaminated with land mines and in recent years the battle against isis diverted money away from projects which are already struggling to help clear the explosives the worst affected region is around the city of banda from where charles traffic reports. zahra bit in his late home by her teenage nephew meet us zahra was blinded almost 20 years ago when she stepped on an anti-personnel mine in a field close by. her brother was killed by a landmine 2 years later i thought i would see it has had deep psychological effect
1:46 pm
on my life i often feel like i'm a dead person what used to my to anyone the area we live in is still contaminated with bombs many young people have died zahara lives in the basra neighborhood a better arm in southern iraq its name roughly translates to the place of amputees 150 people have been killed and many more injured in both ran by barrett bombs from iraq. wars over the last 30 years. in a house close by we meet and need his leg was blown off a 6 months ago when he stepped on a mine while searching for scrap metal which he used to sell to supplement his income as a construction worker. now i live off the charity of my friends i survive on their generosity i have no social security or a pension a depression is overwhelming i can work to support my children and that frightens me this is the area where malik was injured it is littered with military debris
1:47 pm
from a war that finished 3 decades ago the iran border is around 6 kilometers in that direction this area was effectively the front line during the iran iraq war a war that ended more than 30 years ago and yet this area remains one of the most heavily mined in the world around 100 kilometers away close to the kuwaiti border unexploded ordinance teams search for cluster bombs dropped by the u.s. air force and saddam hussein's army during the 1991 war there are huge areas like this across southern iraq contaminated from the 2003 u.s. led invasion of iraq to. the tiny fragments of these bomb loads so potentially lethal up to 30 meters. experts say in addition to the vast areas littered with bombs like these. there's more than 800 square kilometers of mine crews that need
1:48 pm
to be cleared around. since the war on ice on the north of the country the international donors and government attention has focused on refugees and clearance of ordinance there but they must not forget arsonists south this region is the most heavily polluted with unexploded munitions in iraq. back in the truong malik sits with his 2 sons afraid for his family's future he says he expects many more people will suffer the hidden remnants of iraq's walls for many years to come at al-jazeera. what's coming up on this news hour including this. 2 time grand slam champion naomi osaka in a surprise defeat in wimbledon. let
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
me say to talksport can you remember being 15 his holster. and i certainly wasn't basing. it on his matches we may just have witnessed the 1st stand out day in what will become an outstanding career 15 year old american curry golf beating one of the tennis is all time greats on women's and they would start triples. a few days after sitting a school science test golf was on a wimbledon show court against a hero and for a time champion venus williams no sign of nerves she looked comfortable but you know i displaying the raw talent that's already seen her get signed up by roger
1:51 pm
federer's management company she took the opening set 6 games to pull i don't want to be pulled would be the 1st one at the all england club but again it was the youngster who made the crucial breakthrough in the 2nd set i the crowd were loving it and they were soon on their feet again to celebrate one of the tournament's most famous victories i already the youngest wimbledon qualifier in the open era go right for a 113 in the world but pulled off a stunning upset i never thought this would happen and literally living my dream right now and not many people get to say that so i'm just happy that. gave me the opportunity just to play even the defeated venus is intrigued to see what happens next in the sky's the limit really. it was a fully focused performance by goal and a score she's concerned she's not finished yet how far he can go and. make those 20
1:52 pm
. 1 woman who won't be lifting the trophy this year is no me osaka. the 2nd seat was dumped out straight so why do you say you were a sucker has struggled such winning back to back grand slams sucking her coach not for the 1st time motions got the better of her in a post match news conference pretty much become a global superstar in the last 12 months my willingness trail you and you'll i. actually. i. am sorry we have to leave that. you. follow sucka heads for the exit corey got marches on into the 2nd round what should be up against the back is like the rain over barack obama they get stoked al-jazeera. will serenely williams is in action this tuesday as is a time men's champion roger federer a couple of his potential title rivals are already outs succeed on his vera of
1:53 pm
losing to a player ranks more than 100 places below and qualify your vessel a 7th seed is the finest sits a pass also eliminated on monday by thomas fabiana i. love a jock which i would he began the defense of his wimbledon title in a pretty impressive fashion the world number one dominates in germany for coal schreiber winning in straight sets 637563 djokovic has already won the australian open this year looking to win wimbledon for the 5th time and played his 16th grand slam overall. and of course you know the 1st. you slipped few times and still kind of finding the right position on the court the right play. overall satisfied. there is a key match taking place at the cricket world cup as bangladesh look to keep alive their hopes of making the semifinals they're up against india they're looking to
1:54 pm
recover from their 1st defeat of the tournament losing to hosts england india choosing to about 1st their currently 117 without loss after 19 overs india well if they win that will guarantee them a place in the last 4. the west indies may no longer be in contention for the semi's but that didn't stop one of their high profile fans making an appearance at the latest match singer rianna making the trip so the room for their encounter with sri lanka the barbarian star looked to be giving the windy some much needed score because they chased a victory target of $339.00. but as it was they fell just short trying to win this one by 23 runs at this point they were in sri lanka also out of consentual for the semifinals. it is a big day at the women's world cup as the semifinals get underway of the home soon goals against france in the last round the usa will be looking so megan rapinoe to take them to another final the defending champions have been dealing with
1:55 pm
accusations their overconfidence going into their clash with england i don't think our team is arrogant at all i think that our team is confident we're respectful of our opponents and i think the way that we respect them is by preparing for each game against as if the point that we're going to play is the bath in the world england haven't conceded a goal in the last 4 games at the sort of that same are looking to go one better than they did 4 years ago in canada when they lost to japan at this stage of the tournament's i think we were all born winners not so mentality we came here to win the world cup and that's still our aim so obviously it would be disappointing and i think as players we would see the potential of a failure. because our mentality has been to win it so anything less will be disappointed in ourselves the sea powerhouses of south american football meet later
1:56 pm
on in the cup or america semifinal hosts brazil go up against argentina and belo horizonte as they aim to win their 1st consonantal title since 2007 brazil were 10 when is the last time the sides met they haven't lost it harms argentina that's 21 years now. argentina have reached for the last finals but they're chasing their 1st copper title since $993.00 so much pressure on the shoulders of lino messi who's yet so when a senior title with his country he's only scored walls in the tournament so far and that was a penalty and by his own admission he's been below pass on for. well the group stages conclude later on tuesday the africa cup of nations algeria made it 3 wins from 3 thrashing tanzania 3 nil all as a and impressive win over one of the favorites senegal in their last game senegal beating kenya by the same scoreline there also wins on monday for morocco and ivory coast and the baseball world has been paying tribute to the los angeles angels
1:57 pm
pitcher its highly skaggs who died on monday the 27 year old was found in his hotel room just hours before the team was due to play a major league game with the texas rangers police say there are no suspicious circumstances the angels game with the ranges was possible for one gene sequence it was moments where you're just coming. to life. you know i personally are just tremendous things about him and. you know everybody spoke very highly of him and just a really sad situation obviously. you know of our go out and worry that we're thinking about him or think about his family. sports throughout the day rafael nadal serena williams roger federer just some of the players in action at wimbledon as the day progressed since we thank you and we will see n.b.a. again at 1300 hours g.m.t. the next news are in 2 hours time i'll be back then too and after the break sammy that down with the latest news and headlines here on al-jazeera.
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marcus 1st.
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when the news breaks piece of protesters and the skilling a bill that's. when people need to be have been to the best in the us know by telling us if we don't have rights in a vote on the story needs to be told. how does the u.s. has teens on the ground to bring you new road when documentaries and lightnings on and on line. the pages of this exercise book cold unspeakable mannerly compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mercenaries as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate 10 other people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part 2 of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as
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a journalist was. going to the truth as i would love for this job. a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems policy strong words from china over the storming of hong kong's parliament. and sam is a down this is our desire alive from also coming up france's president calls on iran to reduce its stockpiles of enriched uranium to save the 2015 nuclear deal deep divisions in e.u. politics on the show as the new european parliament meets for the 1st time with.


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