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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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he wins here in sticky conditions they are set to persist some really heavy rains here into the far southwest of china northern parts of vietnam also seeing some thundering downpours with the risk of widespread flooding for me. across the country in 1999 a boeing 767 took off from new to cairo. everything no one survived the journey 20 years on al-jazeera world to revisit the case of the fatal egypt air crash flight 990 what really happened on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now france is condemning the air strike on a detention center in libya's capital tripoli at least 44 people were killed 130 others injured the u.n. recognize government has blamed a strike on forces more oil to the altar before half the. whole gandee has resigned as leader of india's all this political party the indian national congress gandy says he's morally responsible for his party's poor electoral performance says he's giving it to others to nominate the party's next president. iran's president says if its partners in the 2015 nuclear deal do not fulfill their promises its nuclear reactor will return to previous activities rowhani says after july the 7th it will
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go to whatever level is needed. the united nations special investigator examining the murder of journalist once world powers to reconsider holding the next g 20 in saudi arabia. here agnes cullum are announced her findings last month telling al-jazeera she wants the u.n. to investigate further she wasn't able to determine who authorized the killing but did find credible evidence pointing to crown prince 100 been salomon's responsibility i've now realize that the next year of the g 20 will be taking place in saudi arabia politic or accountability for mr cashel he will mean that it doesn't happen or it's more elsewhere or something is being done to ensure that the party to call it as. in the us and in other countries does not become complicit of that international crime and of the narrative that saudi arabia is
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trying to sell fairly effectively in some quarters well for the 1st time a woman has been nominated to lead the body that oversees the affairs of the european union the decision comes after days of disagreement over who should get the most senior jobs in the main institutions german defense minister. and was nominated to succeed john claude young girl as president of the european commission belgian prime minister sharon's michel is slated to be european council president taking over from donald tusk spain's foreign minister has been nominated to be the top diplomat he would succeed for that income or any and the i.m.f. chief christine lagarde has been put forward as president of the european central bank should be taking over from mario draghi they now need to be endorsed by the european parliament. they barbara has more from brussels. after days of wrangling it's a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel who's got the nod for what many see
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as the most important to you joe. germany's defense minister and a self-proclaimed federalist is the leader's nomination for the post of european commission president even if germany up staying on the commission president. their government coalition. support the whole package 1st and foremost we have chosen to wean and for the 4 key positions a perfect. i am really happy about it after all europe as a woman child michelle the belgian prime minister is nominated to be the next head of the european council with spain's foreign minister josep burrell as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief while the international monetary fund boss christine lagarde is nominated to head the european central bank you know had 6 in the tide of course we all had to give
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a bit we all had to move but once again the european council has approved the fact that it is capable of doing so and given the disparate conceptions in europe and the monks the various party groups and families and the various prime ministers i believe it to be an athlete. the dutch labor leader france timmons had been seen as the front runner for a commission president as the talks started on sunday but there was a big push back from countries including poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia the so-called visit for the hungary ins and poles have been strongly criticised by simmons over their record on the rule of law throughout these negotiations donald toast the president of the european council has been wary of putting things to a vote prefer him to reach consensus however slowly the process is highlighted not just national divisions but the struggle for influence between europe's political families the top appointments are meant to take into account the results of the recent european elections the group that did best the center right the p.p.p.
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insisted one of its candidates should head the commission but the lead candidate of the greens has denounced the package as a back door deal and old europe at its worst is not a certainty that the parliament will approve the names i'm going to merkel says the e.u. could explore new rules to avoid repeating the squabbles we've just seen for example direct elections and transnational lists whatever happens the calls for greater transparency are likely to get louder nadeem barber al-jazeera brussels. oh beatrice real says with the e.u. policy network you're active she says some of the best candidates were overlooked in favor of internal politics one we look of the names we see the worst is struck we're struggling to achieve a balance in between kerry toria representation denver balance and political representation dot that the horses and some when we all have the feeling that they were on a log and they needed to reach an agreement before the european parliament would
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have for their president now we are seeing the boat taking place here in a stress free so day needed to reach an agreement no matter watched so eventually they just would names of the table that were able to get that consensus that donna was what started well i don't see that they are necessarily the best for the job we've seen that we had candidates particularly coming from the parliaments for the rest of the european commission that could bear for glee have done the job so i think that when we've been talking so much what they need to represent the vote of the people in the selection and when we've been talking so much about the need to point the right candidate with the right reporter with the right c.v. the slang not necessarily be the case it's more i'd say that i agree with the view that this is more a question of political balance that again it's about being who is best for the actual job probe aging politicians in hong kong say could cost around $1300000.00 to repair the legislature building which was run by protestors police have declared it a crime scene as the cleanup continues
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a special task force has been set up to look into mass protests most of which were peaceful were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china. russia's defense ministry says 14 sailors have died in a fire on a navy submarine russia says it was a deep sea research vessel based out of survey of a mosque which was doing a survey of the sea floor near the arctic russia's president summoned the defense minister for a briefing on the fire and expressed his condolences to relatives of the sailors. a man wanted by police is blowing himself up in the capital the man detonated the explosives after he was confronted by a group of officers syrian ministry spokesman says no one else was injured or killed it's the 3rd suicide bomb attack in the past week sort of highlights as more from the capital to. the explosion happened in a neighborhood intern is here known as the interlock part of the man was wanted he
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was in his early twenty's and is known to the police they've been following him for hours they finally surrounded him they say they shot him and that's when he detonated himself he's the only person that has died there were no other casualties other neighborhood has been known in the area to have young people going and joining i saw in other countries as high unemployment there's a lot of discontent that's been happening in that part of the capital now this comes just a week after a double attack that happened last thursday that happened one of them would was near the french embassy where police were targeted one person was killed and a few others were wounded and on that same day the president himself was taken ill he was taken into hospital he's in his ninety's so many people weren't sure what was going to happen then he was released just a couple of days ago and he is said to be in a much better condition now but it's come at a time where it's and this is the height of the summer there's a lot of tourists arriving already it's going to be a busy season 14 is it for
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a country that relies heavily on tourism so far the government says it's not had an impact these latest attacks well yet to see what happens but there are also elections due to take place in november and with the latest with the president being hospitalized people aren't quite sure where the country is heading just yeah . and. let's take you through some of the headlines here an al-jazeera now france has condemned the air strike on a detention center in tripoli at least 44 people were killed 130 others wounded the un recognized government has blamed the strike on forces loyal to warlord holly for half the the african union has called for an independent investigation and an immediate cease fire. role gandy has resigned as the leader of india's old this political party the indian national congress 48 year old ladies party's campaign
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during this year's general election but faced major defeat against the ruling b j p and he says he's morally responsible for his party's poor electoral performance he says he's leaving it for others to nominate the party's next president. iran's president says its partners in the 2015 nuclear deal do not fulfill their promises its nuclear reactor will return to previous activities hassan rouhani says after july the 7th will go to other level is needed european foreign ministers say they're extremely concerned iran has exceeded limits on its stockpile of low enriched uranium germany's defense minister sort of on the layer has become the 1st woman to be nominated to lead the body that oversees the affairs of the european union she will head the european commission who comes after days of wrangling in the united nations special investigator examining the murder of journalist jamal
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khashoggi once world powers to reconsider holding the next g. 20 summit in saudi arabia agnes announced her findings last month telling al-jazeera she wants the u.n. to investigate further she wasn't able to determine who authorized the killing or did find credible evidence pointing to crown prince mohammed bin sandman's involvement. probe aging politicians in hong kong say it could cost around $1300000.00 to repair the legislature building which was ransacked by protesters police have declared it a crime scene as the cleanup continues a special task force has been set up to look into mass protests most of which were peaceful and were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china. headlines its inside story next.
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the hunt for whales japan has resumed commercial whaling in its waters despite global outbreak but is the practice commercially sustainable and course of the cultural roots of boiling in japan and is culture a justification this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dopy whales were hunted to the brink of extinction until 1986 when a group of countries agreed to temporarily stop whaling for profits which turned into a semi international ban however conservationists are now worried the species might
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be facing a similar threat many countries continue to hunt whales for what they say are scientific purposes and japan which is one of the leading commercial whaling countries is now resumed that practice in its waters it says whaling is part of its culture and can be done in a sustainable way but as mariana honda explains japanese pilots and tastes of moved on. for more than 30 years the international whaling commission has been locked in a fight its job is to protect whales push close to extinction hit 3 countries norway iceland and japan have pursued the right to hunt them late last year japan argued there was scientific proof some species had recovered enough to allow sustainable hunting and it pushed again for the $9906.00 ban on commercial whaling to be lifted when the whaling commission rejected japan's proposal japan withdrew
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japan says it will only hunt in its territorial waters not the open seas of the antarctica north pacific where it has until now been hunting for scientific research and it's not clear whether they'll even be a market in japan for the whale meat the ships bring to shore consumption in japan has plummeted from around $200000.00 tonnes each year in the sixty's to just $5000.00 tonnes each year over the last 5 that could be due to the changing tastes of a new generation but changing attitudes to hunting whales a likely affected tune and things that the international whaling commission won't be different japan's departure has arguably lift it weakened but after more than 3 decades fight of the commercial whaling it's now free to concentrate on what it was originally formed to do commercial whaling is now back on the list of threats to the world's whales but there too is
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a climate crisis that's already adversely impacting the oceans and marine life within them a looming threat that could well eclipse them all. ok let's get going let's bring in the panel joining us today from southampton in the u.k. ken collins senior research fellow in ocean and earth sciences at the faculty of environmental and life sciences at the university of southampton in tokyo michael. when presidents of japan sing at sioux newsagency and in bristol also in the u.k. mark simmons senior marine experts at the humane society international welcome to you will michael penn in tokyo 1st time in 31 years more than 3 decades what's the point well the point basically is to keep a political constituency happy. there are some small towns along the coast in japan where the economy is is largely based on whaling and these small towns have
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political. politicians who represent them and they are influential politicians so it's more a batter of the fact that there's a lot on one side of the issue in japan but not really on the other and the pro whaling side politically is stronger can call ins is it enough to say it's cultural well potentially yes but. i question that there is the demand no one thing that avoids much attention as a fact there are a 2nd sugar bowl culling all smallish which are outside such as dolphins pole pieces which are outside of any international treaties mark symons in bristol does this give the government a longer term exit strategy because they can get away from the situation of subsidising what is you know when it comes to profit and loss what is a very expensive industry to maintain. this is
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a very strange situation that we're now in we've had decades of argument with japan about its scientific whaling and now it's turned from that to this overt form of commercial whaling and it's stepped outside of the i.w.c. and that's put it in a position where detractors can turn around and say that you're a you're a pirate whaling nation so this is a very awkward situation and it creates sort of poor relations or it exacerbates poor ready lation zx between japan and other nations and raises issues of course about animal conservation and welfare ken let's talk about that idea of signs what is the scientific benefit to whaling if there is any benefit at all i don't see any . one of our problems with a marine environment to today is that we have lost a lot we are losing hand over fist our large predators so i'm not talking just about wild sharks large large fish such as the big kiruna and removing any big
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predators from an ecosystem is is disastrous and so i mean in africa we could rake remove elephants and the lions and that has a knock on system for the health of the whole eco system and i think that her same is true of the oceans you know there is a role for large the large predators wait in the system and we do not need to why oh mate. and japan certainly doesn't and i doubt if this resumption of commercial whaling will increase consumption in japan anyway mark in bristol coming back to you on that point of scientific research what is the research that can only be carried out on a dead whale as opposed to the research that could be carried out on a living whale. well we've now moved beyond a point peter where japan is actually arguing in favor of its research whaling so
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this is in effect forgive the pun a dead issue but what they did argue was that there are things that they can only do with dead whales like examine the stomach contents and there are growth rings within a black sea earplug which would help to determine their age so they made arguments that they needed to have that kind of information for some reason or other but many of us regard the last almost sort of 30 years of research whaling as simply a cover for commercial whaling and now what's happening is that they are going over the earthly commercial whaling so the science arguments of course if you kill animals you can measure things so you can get papers and you can publish things and i'm sure ken would it would agree with that but on that issue of the big predators that he touched on in the 20th century millions of whales were moved by industrial whaling and what is most worrying about japan's move in in many ways in in an international sense is if they go ahead and do this with other countries follow and
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where we then move back towards some unregulated model strum of whaling michael put that in historical context for us because mark is touching on a generally historically accepted fact in the after world war 2 there was a need to have lots of high protein food because people were starving and japan had been at the sharp end of that particular conflict. sure i mean there it historically speaking whaling did have both a cultural and economic impact on the development of a lot of maritime societies i do think that as your other guests have been saying i don't think this really much disagreement among any of us that that in fact you know today essentially it's not it's not something that's a vital and from an economic point of view it's clearly in japan and i think probably in the last remaining way whaling countries are a dying industry but for nationalistic and political reasons it carries on in japan
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for at least a while longer but it's probably on its last legs even here but staying with that idea of that was then this is now for a 2nd michael the reality is according to the latest figures that i've been able to find from the japanese fisheries agency that your average person in japan consumes 40 grams of whale meat per year i mean you know as an as an exercise in profits and loss this is this is a loss leading industry. yes and that's one of the interesting points about this japan is moving back into commercial whaling at a time in which you know i mean commercial means profit it means business but it's a very bad business to move into because the japanese people are not eating a lot of whale meat anymore and it's the extent that they are it's often driven by politics in the local regions not nessus not by the dietary habits of most japanese
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now there are some bars where whale meat still might be served to some customers but it's not it's not something that you know you find in every store around japan or is eaten by every every person can collins in southampton this particular parts of the fishing industry globally in the last 12 months has lost $15000000.00 that's how much it's gone into the red if you will it in its who ailing bank account on top of that the government of tokyo subsidizes it my point is this is that a any other part of the fishing industry any place in the world that is either losing money at that rate or is subsidized at the same time by the relevant government well like i mean i'd like to just bring out. the icelandic experience because iceland is a small. whiting nation and. it's actually driven by the
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curiosity of tourists so half the while scorching iceland is actually eaten by tour a show eating. tour struck here asked what this while meat tastes like heaven and there is today mondo. not for a session today simply. out of curiosity and. they ante whiling a lot be in iceland and say meet. great made 8 me. visiting tourists on wireless are worth a hair care mt more in as. through night nature tourism people people absolutely fascinated by wireless and you know to actually see them several they were shocked pay for fascinated by the big sharks killing them it is a ridiculous weiss the natural resource michael penned in so q is that
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a valid argument in your opinion and does that argument get any traction anyplace in japan i mean the industry the eco tourism industry the king collins is talking about globally is worth 77 $1000000000.00 every 12 months so if it goes from being food tourism you know rather than eat something that tastes like very greasy chicken when it's cooked properly go and see the whales in their natural habitat and they can then swim off and do what whales do right well fortunately that kind of eco tourism whale eating link has never really developed in the case of japan to the extent that foreigners are involved in the whaling issue in japan at all it's as activists.


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