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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 185  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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a model i. may give them the vanity of us a. 1000000 and a good damn them on out of for short of both and. will always have a lot of an issue for. me and then i want them. so. it's. the end of a long journey. it's winter 2015. jamaal has moved on to other war the post-war areas to toe commit crimes against humanity in behalf of the i.c.c. . and from our lead the last we've heard is that she fell whilst fleeing from gunshots and at the wound on her knee
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a split open again. and the slim exercise book filled with so many photographs and fake. it still waiting for this mission. which will either be big when presented as evidence before court or it will be forgotten in. a file memorandum on a never ending list. he
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lived in brazil's largest for valor. one day the police came for. like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross united states over the next few days it is going to be quite wet as well as warm here for the central and eastern part of the country now we're talking a holiday weekend from the 4th of july all the way to sunday and that means a lot of people are going to be traveling the airports are going to be full and we could be seeing some airport delays because of all the storms we're going to be seeing across much of the major cities so chicago do york washington atlanta and from friday to saturday we're going to see more of that actually up towards canada anywhere from toronto ottawa as well as into montreal we're going to sing some heavy rain as well notice the temperatures though for new york 28 degrees washington at 32 and atlanta at 32 degrees as well well here across parts of haiti we did see some rains that cause some flooding as well as mudslides and those were deadly now we're going to be seeing some dry conditions across much of western has been yola but over here towards the east it is still going to be running over the
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next few days with center domingo city a temperature of about $31.00 degrees and then very quickly as we make it way down here towards south america well we're going to be seeing a front finally push the rio that is going to drop your temperatures to about $22.00 degrees we could be seeing some thunderstorms as well for voters out as it is going to be a chilly day for you with a temperature of 8 in ascension at 15 degrees for you. jordan's native tribes called security roughly hof the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing economy and concerns over the trump administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hushed my kingdom jordan and retried on just 0.
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the lists the lists the lists. lists. this is al jazeera. ellen malcolm to be gopal and you're watching the news hour live from doha it is good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes saddam's military joins her and the opposition reach
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a power sharing agreement according to mediators at their talks. donald trump praises the u.s. military in a rare independence day speech as fighter jets fly overhead but his opponents accuse him of politicizing celebrations. britain seizes that iranian supertankers saying it was taking all the. syria in breach of sanctions a few years iran declares the action illegal. and the un says it's been told libyan guards shot at refugees and migrants as they fled airstrikes that killed 60 people . certain agreement has been reached between sudan's ruling military genter and a coalition of opposition and protest groups to share power joining a transition period leading to elections mediator from the african union says a council will be set up with for teaching leadership between the military and
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civilians this will last for about 3 years and also launch what's described as a transparent and independent investigation into recent violent events well here's a reminder of how we reached this point after weeks of protests against his rule the military removed president omar al bashir in a coup in april 11th the generals then set up a transitional council while a mass sit in continued outside the army headquarters protest leaders held talks with the jointer they agreed on a 3 year transitional period to democracy but talks in broke down over who would lead the joint transitional government the military wanted a soldier to be in charge protesters demanded it be led by civilians and on june 3rd security forces raided the protest camp outside the army headquarters killing more than 100 people and injuring hundreds more all contact between the 2 sides shut down talks finally resumed on wednesday after intense mediation by ethiopian
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and african union and voice. shami is a sudanese american human rights advocate and she joins us via skype from alexandria in the u.s. state of virginia good to have you on this particular point can you tell us a little bit more about the agreement that's been reached any other details that you would know off. apparently know not much oh i know that a few less than what we had to read it on prior to the mets are up there. quite disappointed and. i don't know all i have there hard for me to trust this is a power sharing especially that the military wouldn't have the 1st in years. heading this interim government and also that we have had it for high and as part of the sovereign concept so this is what we know so far as we know it at the 3 years the military is going to have to meet yours. so they have to will have
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a year later so to start with the military and. then they're still talking and discussing the legislative. body which has not but it read upon what we have is just 5 by most one. that the military experts we're going to for a year ok you sound pretty disappointed about this agreement or at least what we know of this agreement how do you think the protesters are going to fail and do you think it's likely to appease the protest movement we've seen so far. i don't think so this time it would mean it couldn't have been accepted. prior to what happened on july 3rd because at that time people had a little bit more trust in the military institution actually whom it. was actually seen as an ally but after what happened in july 3rd it's too soon for us to see the
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other face they can now they're hard to trust now and as we speak not as they were signing that really you know like there are some people who were killed on the ferry it's jubilant as we were signing nectarine that their forces were attacking civilians in separate cities as they were signing neck movements of the people who are part of the negotiation delegation are arrested so it's very hard i haven't seen any act of building or showing to change of heart on the part of the team and what i've seen through the dynamics of power is that. steve has been forced to accept something that in cedar must act. other stakeholders out of us ok stay to stay with me for a minute here so we can now hear what general mohamad the galo who is always
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known as i have met a that's the deputy leader of the transitional military council had to say about this agreement in the hood and here we would like to reassure all the political forces and military movements as well as all the youth the men and women involved in this transition that this is a thorough agreement that doesn't exclude anyone and reflects the aspirations of the entire sudanese people. ok what about your reaction to that they say that it's something that's going to appease the interested in these people and. is it likely to have that kind of it effect that enough of a wide reaching effect or could we say that this agreement is just the 1st step in the long process where it is going to be a 1st step in a very very long process. is not a state that is not a state this is not his this is not his to me what he's trying to do is his
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78 hour as light as he can so really it's time for him to be obsolete or not needed by some online is the thing he will have a place to go to and the problem is like he's real gratian a lot of information and it's not to look it's not. it's not power sharing it's not that it's not flexible muscle to use and that this is how he acts and this is where you know this is the language here and that it's going to be really hard to get to any sort of governance at another and yet the military the which is an extension of the officiating any better but he is also an extra layer of the church in this process we can see you know his forces there in the city now they're not acting in any way let the national army there is no any. and what really worries me is that they're not going to be in accountability as long as humanity is part of any power
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structure oh this is not going to ok well given that then how confident are you about the investigation into the crackdown on the killings we have seen seen by the military or are on the protestors during the protest do you feel like it will be transparent and it will be able to unfold fairly. no i don't think so this is a whole this is a whole this is a deal this is just a way to cool the problem and make it less that conflict and make it less not i rest my words just now or less and that will go back to the same cycle you might see some other places who are just like this where the camera. already arrested let's just put an already this is. all the international community wanted to do and other leaders is to have something that looks nice and simple for a press office and addict but come on look at the media and what is it that or
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the t.v. which is an extension of the muslim brotherhood open the shoes the snow hat ever ever ever commit if a war how can you trust them to do any transparency when we know that to do serious system this or that it's not independent so it's just talk it's just promises this is just for p r this is just to tap the mediators on the shoulder until it was so much lead not from here and then we're going to vote that again but the only difference this time is that this is an agreement this is what the people have agreed to and now it's going to be less likely for people to really get in will and we just going to be at the mercy of the tutsi ok i'm just glad we could get your reaction to that power sharing agreement that's coming out of sudan thank you thank you. donald trump called it his salute to america
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in the pen and steak parade in the capital complete with tanks fighter jets and military displays has divided opinion from gave an address in front of washington's lincoln memorial it's the 1st speech of its kind since $1151.00 opponents have accused him of politicizing the holiday saying they vent was designed to boost his reelection campaign. it is the spirit daring and defiance excellent senate trencher courage and confidence loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before it is its strongest now. she had her town see with about perry and them don't trump stuck to the script giving a history of the united states and its achievements since independence from the british especially in talking about the military wrapped himself up on the
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treatment of the military something that we see democratic politicians do all the time too as they talk about american exceptionalism how the us is better than the other nations will do the mainstream politicians in the us do that the differences don't stop was doing it here at the lincoln memorial home today the fruit fly by 2 armored personnel carriers and that's about 70 people but this base nabbed it and you can bet that attempt will be using this is part of his campaign even though this isn't explicitly a campaign event all of it presses will still be asked whether this is secret a campaign event dressed up as a national event western congress may expect and there's still the question how much of this cost how much of this cost the taxpayers but all attempts to salute america and be seen saluting america. and steve clemons is editor at large for us political publication the hell he says trump's speech would have made many americans an easy. i think the only thing that was unexpected is that anyone would have thought this would have been anything but just pure donald trump this is this
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is a president of the united states who is grabbing the trappings and the you know the the drama of political power and showing america's power to americans in a way that most american presidents in the past haven't done it since 1951 and i guess harry truman then but you know in that you know in this time you sort of see the president using this as part this is part state of the union speech and this is part campaign rally and it's very uncomfortable for a lot of americans but there are a huge number of people who love this kind this brand of nationalism that donald trump is bringing and he highlighted leaders of the civil rights movement he highlighted the person who took the united states to the moon and so it's a very nationalist speech in front of the lincoln memorial and americans aren't used to seeing this and now the news iran has condemned what it describes as the illegal seizure of the supertanker by britain of this.


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