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tv   Cahier Africain Part Two  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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to create a civilian government that is nationalised competent and independent under the leadership of a prime minister that has the same qualities. the talks broke down in may over who would lead a transitional government. and the crisis deepened days later when security forces stormed a protest camp killing more than 100 people forces led by mohammad. known as timidity were accused of orchestrating the attacks on protest of rio we would like to reassure all the political forces and military movements as well as all the youth the men and women involved in this transition that this is a comprehensive agreement that doesn't exclude anyone and reflects the aspirations of the entire sudanese people. some say there will be no accountability while he make these involved there are always late fees we are ration we should it is not in the right it's not. it's not our sharing it's not our. muscle
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and this is how this is you know and it's going to be really hard. to any sort of government anti-government demonstrations began last year with protesters calling for longtime leader or morrow the she to go the military took over in a coup but protest is argue the ruling genter is a continuation of the she's demanding a transition to civilian government. 2 c opposition the to say they hope this deal will be the beginning of a human era for saddam got them out to see. whether some next then. the battle for the syrian opposition is last stronghold grinds on as government forces back spy russia failed to make a breakthrough. america's cold a state struggles to cope with a heat wave and wildfires. the
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wedding sponsored by a cat i am. going to welcome back to international weather forecast well the rains continue across much of china and you can see here on the satellite image how they extend from west over here towards the east really not looking too bad towards the north so for shanghai as well as to holland here on saturday you can be seeing some dry conditions where the heavy rain really straddle across much of the central part of the country towards the coast and down towards the south it's going to be the clouds as well as humanity we do expect to see hong kong at about $32.00 degrees there taipei you'll be seeing some rain as well but for joe the rain will be quite heavy for you we do think at $27.00 degrees over the next few days well for the philippines it's not looking too bad particularly in luzon it's going to be mostly cloudy not too much in terms of showers we do have some showers down here towards
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malaysia but in terms of the forecast here on saturday attempt are in manila at about $31.00 mosul's on will be seeing partly cloudy conditions so a break there that malaysia is not looking too bad but we are seeing some rain showers down here across parts of java and those rain showers could be quite heavy at times and then very quickly across parts of india we're going to be seeing some more rain showers here across much of the central regions but for new delhi expect to see some clouds in your forecast and some rain attempted there of 36 degrees in kolkata a temperature of 31. the weather sponsored by cateye always. referred to problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a v another moment over the democratic process these companies they just want the
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money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera quick rise over top stories this hour the u.n. security council has called on libya's warring sides to commit to a cease fire are it's also condemned airstrikes that hits a migrant detention center near tripoli on choose day at the 60 people were killed . because of a course in japan alter has extended the detention often a rainy an all time care by 14 days versus forces since the ship on thursday i suspect it was taking all to syria in breach of the new sanctions if iran sensed
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the seizure is a maple. and opposition leaders in sudan are holding public meetings to explain why they signed a power sharing deal with the military judge into on thursday they agreed to pull tate's leadership between the genders and civilians until elections can be held. by thousands of algerian zaw returned to the streets once again they say their target of corruption and what those they call the ruling elites to be removed from power the mass demonstrations took place on the anniversary of independence from french rule as a torah gate and reports. a day of mixed emotions for algerians celebrating independence from france in 1962 but also demanding the complete overhaul of the of stablish mn that's rude ever since my dad
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got the shuttle sucked up on algeria's independence day we see the police helping the clonie was the power of the special. asian we ask for full freedom. many algerian say they feel betrayed by their political elite and have lost trust in the government they will say doubt the interim president is the right person to run the country at this critical time. on thursday abdel cuda ben salah called the national dialogue about arranging a presidential election but didn't set a date for when that might be on the streets the discontent continues and union then there you go i think it you who learned by ukraine i did you come out to my opinions of the origins most ingenious. are we doing to sacrifice their time in force for the future of their country the same protesters who forced out president abdelaziz bouteflika in april. as
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a member of the same elite accused of corruption vote rigging and for governance the problem is that there is a procedure laid down in the constitution the election should have been held yesterday but they weren't because of a no suitable candidates and that means that the army guaranteeing the constitution and the protest standard daggers drawn. the. 57 years after independence many algerian say they're still fighting for freedom they want to clean sweep of the political establishment and a national unity government to lead the transition to democracy victoria gating be al-jazeera. genesee as president has called presidential and legislative elections for later this year. the subsea signed the decree says he made his 1st public appearance since i think this charge from hospital that because been concerns that
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the 92 year old leader wouldn't be well enough to authorize elections on time. the syrian government has lost hundreds of troops during 3 months of conflicts in the northwest rebels are putting up a fight in the absence of a rainy and backed forces as weakens the government site santa reports from beirut's there is a stalemate on the front lines in northwest syria syrian government forces backed by the russian military have not been able to break the opposition's defensive positions after weeks of fighting it has been a costly battle war monitoring group say more than 700 government troops have been killed since late april but. we tell the a sad gangs on the russian occupiers whoever comes to the hama or latakia fronts will fail hundreds of bodies of regime mercenaries are rotting. the rebels to last hundreds of men defending their territory but they stop the advance their ally
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turkey did play a role by providing sophisticated weapons capabilities it doesn't want to lose its leverage in the province of idlib another me stakeholder iran however has been absent from the battlefield. iran's participation would provoke negative reactions from the western countries especially the united states in terms of kind of military action against syria or something like that and another reason is that iran does not want to prolong the sensitivities because they are working with each other in terms of circumventing the marriage and sanctions against iran. others say iran is sending a message to its russian allies who have not stopped israeli strikes against iranian targets in syria whatever the reason the syrian government is struggling and iran is proving its value in the war effort it live is not the only after front line i still remains a threat in central syria the major problem. and
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even so we. talk about that. basically every day it is. going to. think that. syrian president bashar and i thought has restored control over more than 60 percent of the country but his army is exhausted overstretched and it seems too weak to recapture remaining rebel held areas without the help of iranian backed militias many of the fighters on the frontline fighting on behalf of the regime have been recruited forcefully from count across syria they do not actually want to serve many of them do not like the assad regime some of them live in fought against rebel ranks and therefore their morale their terminations to continue fighting is very low. assad repeatedly says he will recall it lip but the battle for the
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opposition's last stronghold is proving to be difficult to. beirut. now the u.s. states is known for its pristine forests and wildlife but my a record breaking heat wave is causing several massive wildfires dense smoke is covering large parts of the state and people in some communities have been moved to safety while others are being warns to prepare for the worst and gallacher reports from starland. on the can i pin incident the swan lake fire has been raging for a month officials say in recent years these kinds of fires have become more frequent and persistent but alaska is also in the midst of an unprecedented heat wave that shows no signs of abating local firefighters and emergency staff are being reinforced by so-called hot shot crews from across the u.s. conditions are monitored by the hour in order to tackle what is now
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a massive blaze this is a case of prioritizing where people and infrastructure is basically exactly also what's good for the environment and what's safe for firefighters that's always going to be our number one priority. on the ground staff are stretched thin and have been on the front lines of this blaze for weeks videos posted by crews fighting to control these wildfires showed just how difficult and dangerous the work is. we came across the book valley firefighters a crew made up of native alaskans from remote communities who are a vital and highly trained part of this operation we're all here as one when we're all here to do our job to help help alaska and. help save people's homes there was a fire in 2015 in the lotto and there was a lot of firefighters there to save our community and when i get back we're just meters away from the main road into sterling but just look at this scene here
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behind me some of these areas over here are too dangerous for firefighters to go on foot so helicopters the scooping up the water to try and tackle the flames in this one like virus so far consumed almost 350 square kilometers and it's one of more than 80 fires across the state hotspots of flaring up there all the time and experts say these fires may not be extinguished until the seasons change and that could be weeks away. equality across the southern part of alaska is now a big concern with plumes of smoke covering the mountains close to the state's largest city anchorage. forecasters say alaska's heat wave a factor in making the fires worse may continue for weeks for the foreseeable future this is going to hold in place that week window that we work out in time for events like this that i'm capable of forecasting for it looks like it's going to hold for now so yeah pretty hot hot and dry to be continued for sure the role of
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climate change plays is something at the back of many people's minds here the caller just say alaska summers appear to be getting longer and harder if that trend continues shared resources could be stretched to breaking point and it gallacher al-jazeera stilling alaska. donald trump has addressed what many are describing as a glaring historical error in his u.s. independence day speech while resizing highlights from america's war victories the president seemed to suggest that george washington's forces seized airports join countries revolution in the 18th century how to listen. in june of 1775 because of too little congress created a unified army out of the revolutionary forces encamped around boston and new york and named after the great york washington commander in chief of the continental army suffered a bitter winter of valley forge found glory across the waters of the delaware and
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she used victory from cornwallis of yorktown army mandir it read the ramparts it took over the airport just did everything it had to do. asked about it on friday president trying to blame the weather for playing havoc with technology. i stood in the rain the teleprompter went out so i. got the teleprompter went out it kept going on and then to see as it went out when the but so i could have said yeah and actually right in the middle of that one out . that's not a good feeling when you're standing in front of millions and millions of people on television now is truly an surgeons have used nerve transfers to restore movements of the arms and hands of 13 quadriplegic patients the procedure involves connecting
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life working nerves to muscles which are attached to their nerves study all the surgeries has been published in the long medical journal says the patients an able to feed themselves or the drink brush their teeth and bright. i kid medical care isn't just about prescribing the right treatments one training center in new york is aiming to improve nursing students communication skills and says christensen reports all the patients are human and how. now is reasoning and coughing his cheeks turning blue the symptoms of his asthma attack may be common but students at columbia university's school of nursing say treating them is far more challenging in a clinical environment than a classroom it's going to help open up your mind. well the textbook i think there's a talk back to you so especially when you're dealing with pediatrics and a child that scared of something or doesn't want to do something. how is
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a state of the art medical training manikin who under the control of a nearby instructor talks and conveys emotions in addition to symptoms his body works with a broad range of patient monitors and sensors while robotics allow him to simulate nearly a dozen facial expressions fear anxiety and anger but i think that what some offers us is like the opportunity to really explore like i'm but the component of health care and treating patients and people in their family as like not just like someone who has been asked asthma exacerbation. birthday one more time actors are also used in simulations here one place house father is just go. away just about. when she comes there and much of this kind of training used to take place on the job but as health care becomes more high tech so has the training of medical professionals. the simulation center has the look and feel of
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a real hospital with operating rooms and even a maternity ward the idea is to better prepare students for the real world so their patients will have better outcomes. the simulation is over students review their experiences afterward. in the board room studies show that simulation improves their critical thinking clinical judgment and communication skills with communication errors one of the leading causes of harmful mistakes in health care really shows the true aspect of what nurses do there were not just the skills base profession but there's a lot of thinking clinical decision making involved which is why more training like this may be just what the doctor ordered christian salumi al-jazeera new york. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the un security council has called on libya's warring sides to commit to cease fire the demands comes as new footage
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emerged showing the moment an airstrike hits a migrant tension center near tripoli on tuesday with up to 100 has more from tripoli the interior minister the government of national accord the government of national accord says that. if 16 fighter jet hit the detention center on tuesday night which killed $53.00 migrants and refugees now also says that at team of experts from the united nations has proved that the detention center was hit by an air strike a german rescue ship has picked up 65 people from an overloaded dinny off the coast of libya the boats had no navigation system and barely any drinking water italy is warning the rescue queue not to dock at any of its ports. according to broad
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has extended the detention of an iranian all time for about 14 days british forces seized the ship on thursday they suspect it was taking all to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions officials in japan are examining the cargo and questioning the crew iran says the seizure is illegal. opposition leaders in sudan are holding a series of public meetings to explain why they signed a power sharing deal with the military genter on thursday the 2 sides agreed to rotates leadership between the military and civilians until elections can be held thousands of algeria and serve marked their independence day by returning to the streets calling for freedom and democracy it was the 20th consecutive friday they've rallies to demand a purge of the willing elites. the u.s. state of alaska is experiencing a record breaking heat wave causing several massive wildfires things of scorched
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more than 27000 hectors well the news continues after inside story do stay with us . an iranian oil tanker is seized by british marines off to gibraltar apparently on orders from the united states what's behind this dramatic move and how can you europe now the gate escalating tension between the u.s. and iran this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm in wrong on an iranian old is that they center of a growing international dispute british marines boarded and detained the ship on thursday as it was sailing gibraltar a british territory on spain's south coast the u.k. believes it was violating european union sanctions by carrying iranian oil to syria spain says it was the united states that ordered the vessel be stopped iran condemned what it called an illegal interception and summon the british ambassador to tehran the u.s. and iran have been engaged in a war of words for months as washington precious tehran to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal this action the rose from information giving the gibraltar government reasonable grounds to believe that the vessel the grace one was acting in breach of european union sanctions against syria in fact we have reason to believe that the grace one was carrying its shipments of crude oil to the ban yes refinery in syria
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. that refinery is the property of an entity that is subject to european union sanctions against syria the u.s. national security advisor john bolton called their detention excellent news a former commander of iran's revolutionary guard is threatening retaliation saying if britain doesn't release the iranian oil tanker it is the or thor is his duty to seize a british oil taga. i. let's bring in our panel joining us from tehran hassan medea an assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran in berlin early for the nature a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center and in washington d.c. jeff stacy a former u.s. state department official under president barack obama welcome to you all i like to begin in teheran 1st the brits have made their move the u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton seems to be positively giddy about the whole thing calling it excellent news what does tehran do next. of course tehran see it in line with the recent you know trends that have been taken by the brits for their guards to run on the j.c.b. array with for instance and for your answer the brits came out of it with out and in. suggesting that iran was behind it while the u.a.e. itself said there is no you know any think that links iran to be incident on other issues that the downing of the u.s. spy jet or a spy drone the brits also endorsed the. u.s. you know rhetoric and narrative a bit and i think basically in recent months london has been you know reflecting
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whatever the white house had to say this incident i think is in line with that shift in. london's you know policy with regard to iran because up until now ever since the sanctions have been in place the e.u. sanctions on syria there there hasn't been any incident but now so the iranians basically the general mood here is that the brits are doing what the united states wants and it's in line with their policy of bandwagon with the united states against iran but you know you heard sending the journal is you serious against e.u. sanctions you're not supposed to do that. that's of course that's either you sanctions not iran sanctions they the e.u. is now or the britain the brits are doing what the united states the trump
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administration has been doing that the administration has been imposing unilateral sanctions and penalize you know pressurizing others to abide by them the e.u. is imposing sanctions and you know. forcing other or trying to force others to abide by them which is it self the e.u. and clued in the brits have been criticizing the united states for let's bring in washington d.c. here and stacey jeff you worked on the original j c p o a deal you know a lot of the players involved this deal has now almost completely broken down is there any way back for the u.s. on this is any way back for iran on this do you see this as being a a moment where there's an opportunity or a view given up on this deal ever being same through again. we're not fully given up on the deal and the europeans aren't although this is certainly a signal to the iranians that they probably are and so we've got all sorts of
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perception problems here and the likelihood is that the deal in terms of iran's adherence to it on enrichment levels and these sorts of things they'll probably push the end even more file a few more provisions but the real concern is what's going to happen right in the region with the different. capacities and pieces of military equipment that are in place we're probably going to see now another move by iran to lash out and target someone either directly or with its subsidiaries in the region such as the who teaser others and that's where the real danger is here that the red line that this administration has out there could be moved right across and then an exchange takes place and then a rapid escalation that's the real danger here where more and more boxed in so the
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agreements that's not really the greatest concern here that can be gotten back in line with relatively quickly the real problem with the military assets in the region and how close to each other they are and the difficulty now in terms of any kind of military exchange targeting of another piece of either u.s. or allied military forces that is the real issue at this stage it is a very serious issue but you decide ministration they did put those military assets that the iranians were sticking to the deal according to your own sources you know the white house itself under president obama they were very happy that the way the iranians are sticking to the deal then this administration changes everything and suddenly we have those assets in the region this is war mongering classical mongering. sholay it is i mean the drug administration is guilty of starting this entire crisis so there's that fault and there's plenty of it lying around the
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difficulty now is that the europeans do not want this deal violated and the iranians are pushing the ante here by essentially aligning the europeans with the americans because they're really out of moods everyone is boxed in here the us is boxed in iran is boxed in that's why the danger level is going up and the tensions are going up the sources of this quite rightly are entirely the fault of the us but now we're in a really dangerous situation right there in the gulf with these assets and that is the problem there red lines on both sides we need to get back to discussions and obviously sanctions lifted and moving to a new deal except rick cetera let's bring in the fatah and i said who's a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center he's actually and then right now do you see a way out of this of both sides is there something is there
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a way of backing down. well and the interest situation is very difficult and so there is not. i mean the only way out would be that both tehran and washington become more flexible so that for example washington announces that to iran beyond you know the signal that they're actually willing to talk without preconditions as president trump recently said to signal to iran that they would be willing to stop some of the sanctions and this would send a positive signal to iran and maybe give them some courage to enter into negotiations because so the iranian perspective for the last few months was that they were in a position of weakness and there is no. there is no reason to engage in talks with the united states although the debate is much more multifaceted entire on surely but for now we don't have the green light from the supreme leader of iran which is
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an absolute necessity so we see at least rhetorically finale more willingness to talk from the american side than from the iranian side but bes as it may we might say a different dynamic if iran decides to go beyond to go to move towards 20 percent of low enriched uranium in the next few days and this my create a new dynamic inside of which the europeans will find it very difficult to continue the kind of political and diplomatic support to iran so all this kind of. play of brinkmanship from the u.s. and iranian side of the last few weeks and months is now entering a critical stage let me bring in her son here in tehran you heard what our guest in berlin had to say is there a way for the iranians to come back to the negotiating table and turn this around
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or is it simply too late. i think iranians have never left the negotiation table they have been there it's the united states that a got out of the know from the negotiating table and try to bring iran on its own terms to another negotiating tables so this is clear the united states violated the deal then imposed the sanctions that were lifted as part of the deal and then forced others to you know abide by those sanctions and now is in a ratcheting up the pressure the maximum pressure and i'm in the the point that your guest from washington brought up that everybody's boxed in i think that's correct but the party that is suffering is iran it's not the e.u. it's not the united states so iran sees the way that the e.u.
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is dealing with u.s. sanctions as. as a violation of it of its own commitment within the deal so it's basically it's not working against the e.u. it's basically doing what the e.u. and the united states is doing that they basically got back from their commitments they got back to the 1st square where the negotiations started and let through the j.c. a and iran basically is i think is heading back as well to the 1st where to be equal i mean to deal with them on equal footing and i think that's that's a choice that has been made into iran iranians cannot basically the authorities here the ruling elites cannot you know afford to basically woo back and kneel be behind before us maximum pressure they have to create a leverage as to go to and if they are to go to another round of discussions or
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negotiations provided that there will be a willing mess on the other. partly but i think what's important for iran now is the economics of the u.s. sanctions and they are not doing basically it's part of the deal. and is right. rationally so iran is you know pressurizing the e.u. and the other parties to the deal to live up to their own commitments within the deal that's actually a very interesting question let me bring in early for tell and in berlin it's not actually illegal to transport iranian all around the world those a unilateral sanctions being placed on. by the u.s. on iran so it's actually quite legal to transport oil around the world it's much more difficult to sell it and iran does need money now because it's being squeezed so much do you feel that the iranians are now absolutely desperate to get hold of cash and that's why they took such a risky move allegedly by trying to get this all to syria or do you think this is
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just been happening for a long time. well i mean 1st of all. the iranian oil shipment where it's syria i'm not sure if in return the iranians would get back cash from the assad regime so basically what was happening during the last few years is that basically iran was providing a lot of material and other how to the assad regime and not really under turn for money and for cash i mean so this is not the issue. i think the timing of this incident is very interesting because it comes after the european union has announced that a special purpose vehicle which is about a mechanism set up by the european union called instax is going to be operational. and this would of course not be substantive because as it is it stands now. through the instax actually not really massive and significant transactions can be made between europe in iran but at least symbolically this you move is
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is a signal to washington that the u.s. actually circumventing u.s. sanctions. and so when so this is incident in juba tara was. the be asked of the americans and precisely at a time as well when the acting foreign minister of spain missed the bottle is poised to become the next e.u. foreign policy chief and this puts a miss the bar also in a very difficult situation talking about infringement possible infringement of sovereignty of spain by britain on it so if this is a calculated move by the united states to do this at this particular timing this is also a way to drive a wedge among the europeans in this critical juncture. but as such the incident is not that significant it is only significant because it comes within a context of escalating tensions between the 2 sides let's bring in washington d.c.
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had the european union has played a negotiating role between the u.s. and iran in the past it has been part of the a talks it has the iranians have felt for a very long time that they did have friends within the european union that they could talk talk to and they could lean on in times of toughness that we in the last few months what we've seen though is the e.u. not really acting the way it said it would act when it came to the iranians and this deal how much of that is to do as our guest in tehran says is just pandering to washington. well there's a bit of that but the most important thing here is that the europeans can do something beyond just enforcing or not invoicing saying sions including related to this tinker's seizure what they should do in particular france in a menu mccrone is step in and mediate the japanese prime minister avi tried to do
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this but it was at a time where there was no real off ramp for the iranians and so it wasn't really. appropriate in terms of the sequencing but there is now an opportunity right when everyone is boxed in with very few moves to make to save face as it were it's time for france to come in especially because they're not doing what they should be doing over in libya with the support of general haftar there's a grand opportunity here for france and the rest of the e.u. to come in and broker a new deal remember trump has really only opposing this bit because of domestic considerations because this had to do with president obama has signed something as he's done with a trade deal that looks relatively similar to the previous deal so iran can think about that take that i'm bored strategically with the push from the europeans as a real opportunity to get some couple of small sanctions relieved get back to the table iran can think creatively about what else it could offer so this deal looks
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just somewhat different and we can get back to that here in stewart and moving forward into the next chapter of this war in the 3rd phase of this crisis we need to move to the 4th phase where the tensions actually start to come down and they're back at the negotiating table housen in teheran it's an interesting point isn't it surely one with talking about what president donald trump wants is not the j.c. pioli effects of you once the t.c.p. o.o.a. it was the trump card brands and plan of action why don't you just give it to him. well i think. to begin with iran was not happy with the j.c. in the 1st place both parties came down from you know from there are demands ideal deal that they had in mind and got to bed and now you have the united states reneging on the same deal that iran was not happy with ask and it to step even back even further so. basically the question here into iran is that
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what should we are for now i'm in the entire nuclear file to the united states iran's you know leverage in the in the region that is basically and very effective the you know it's used as a deterrent means or iran's ballistic missiles that the only basic you know defense means that tehran has these are the questions what what can we offer to tromp and if it's not j.c. if you know it's g c p u it would be of course different from the j.c. pure and iranians were not happy with the j.c. if you're a surely they want to be with another version of it that the trumpet ministration can sell within the united states so iran's choice is not and i think the other question is who can we trust in the united states on a minute the administration violated a deal that is
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a part of international law if it has been endorsed by the u.n. security council that at ministration could not be trusted that's the essence of many of the arguments that has been made here into her and i think there's a as much as there was a consensus to go with for a deal with obama administration the previous administration there is a consensus here nowadays it is felt. in the in the decision making and circles and elites that we shouldn't do that with the trump illustration at least not for now let me bring in lee in berlin here you've heard what both i guess about to say they stated their positions very clearly there doesn't seem to be any common ground right now will there be any common ground under a president like donald trump. well let me start by saying that it is true that
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last year the crisis was kicked off after the trump administration unilaterally basically violated the nuclear deal although iran was sticking to its side of the commitments with the iranian strategy ever since this kind of strategic patience has not been successful it has been basically to bank upon the europeans to help them out to be to provide them with the economic benefits of the deal but giving the power consolation in the international order where the united states is still the predominant power in the international financial banking system the sanctions are imposed on iran have been much more forceful than a lot of observers have been. have been thinking that they might be and so the other part of the iran is strategy is by doing so they would be able to drive a wedge between the europeans and the americans but the reality remains that the europeans will not be able to provide iran with the economic benefits of the deal
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as long as u.s. sanctions are still in place so at the end of the day so europe is basically out of the picture it's basically down to iran and the united states to sit down and talk despite. aspects of the legalities and illegality that my colleague from to iran mentioned this is how the situation is and. that the iranians have been quite successful during the past few weeks and months to show not only to the united states but also to anti iran allies of the united states in the region that the costs of a military confrontation with iran would be very very high and on the other side also that trump himself you know seems not to be interested in a large scale military confrontation and then just a story already out of korea israel running out as i want to bring in jeff stacy in washington d.c. should the iranian simply wait out president of the trump. no they shouldn't
9:44 am
because the tensions are likely to lead to a military exchange well before the president leaves and of course everything could go relatively back to normal were someone like joe biden. to come into this and that would be a good thing but the europeans are not out of the picture there were quiet discussions still going on right up until the enrichment violation was announced and that quiet diplomacy now nst needs to become of quiet behind the scenes and loud out in front of the scenes brokering getting the sides back to the table someone like mccrone could get president trump to listen and release a few of the sanctions in order to get back to the table and iran could think creatively about what else they could do in here because of course if you look at the hoodies for example in yemen they've got increased capabilities and they are
9:45 am
actually in the so the attacks especially most recently on one of the saudi airports you know killed some civilians so there are some things like that that could be added to the deal that would make the entire region more secure and more peaceful and what we want to get back to is an iran that is has normal relations with the world and everyone with it economically viable again and moving away from pushing confrontation around the region and to a new era really and this ironically could even happen during the trumpet ministration we just need to dress up the discussions and the provisions of a new deal slightly differently it's not as difficult as everyone seems to believe it is gentlemen we are out of time i want to thank you all has an idea and for that measure head and jeff stacey and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out is there
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a dot com and further discussion as well face. that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at asia inside story for me in wrong on the whole team here by fellow. can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy our local bar is not a magical one on that has the united nations failed to protect the people and help and the violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed
9:47 am
salah and a d from talks to al jazeera. examining the headline and scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make i'll pass any changes unflinchingly journalism i move toward clean toward police in a certain absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we see people making sacrifices this is what i want the world to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. i'm victoria my childhood was not always easy my mother was suffering from severe depression through making this film i hope to understand my mother's mental illness and to find out if the conditions for the mentally ill have improved literally millions of people can be treated receive no help medications we all have
9:48 am
a duty to change attitudes. mental illness breaking the silence on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. and howard dean in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the un security council has called on libya's warring sides to commit suicide far the demands comes as new footage emerge showing the moments an airstrike as a migrant detention center near tripoli on choose day at least 60 people died in the attack rob reynolds has more from un headquarters in new york. you could put
9:49 am
this in the category of better late than never on wednesday the u.n. security council met for more than 3 hours behind closed doors but was unable to come up with a statement on the airstrike against the migrant detention center in tripoli now they have done so and in addition to condemning the air raid the security council urges all sides in libya to commit to a cease fire it says lasting peace tense the civility in libya will only come through political solutions and the also the council gave something of an admonition to other countries without naming any of them but telling him not to interfere in libyan affairs it said that the council call for full respect for the arms embargo by all member states and called on all countries not to intervene in
9:50 am
the conflict or take any measures that exacerbated. a court in gibraltar has extended the detention of an iranian oil tanker by 14 days british forces seized the ship on thursday they suspect it was taking all to syria in breach of ease sanctions officials in japan also are examining the cargo and questioning the crew iran says the seizure is illegal paul brennan has more from london. there are 2 main strands to this now 1st of all there's the procedural and that is the investigation into the exact nature of the cargo on this ship grace one its origin and most particularly its ultimate destination where exactly was it going and the $28.00 crewmembers who are still on board that ship are now being interviewed as witnesses by the role gibraltar police will tire of that that's likely to take means that the attorney general of gibraltar on friday applied for an extension of the detention of that ship it would have been 72 hours and that would have run out
9:51 am
in the early hours of sunday and it was clearly felt that that wasn't enough time to get to the bottom of it and so they've successfully applied for a 14 day extension so that ship is going nowhere and i spoke on friday to a specialist in the sanctions law who said that the actual process could take very much longer than that i predict a very long long. investigation and if any criminal proceedings follow those are likely it takes some time and because. fully expected iranian authorities to bring a legal challenge us a real war of words frankly is developing over the fate of this ship grace one we know that the iranians were extremely critical and are demanding the return of that cargo the gibraltar also rather bristling at the suggestion from spain
9:52 am
that they were acting simply at the behest of the united states but other countries are also weighing in the russian foreign ministry an ally of iran don't forget has accused the u.k. and the u.s. of bad faith on all of this a statement on friday saying this was a long planned project aimed at aggravate the situation around syria and iran and exuberant comments according to the ministry of russia the foreign ministry by high ranking to u.k. and u.s. officials prove that this action was planned in advance opposition leaders in sudan are holding a series of public meetings to explain why they saying the power sharing deal but the military giunta on thursday that's the sides agreed to won't taint leadership between the military and civilians until elections can be held the u.s. state of alaska is experiencing a record breaking heat wave causing several massive wildfires things have scorched more than 27000 hectares well those are the headlines the news continues after
9:53 am
europe's front bitten colin me stay with us. 2 2
9:54 am
the wind in music stands nice so that by the way you can put it on the audience or to the enter. i'm organizing a big event that the biggest theater in this part of europe and we are marking the 4th anniversary of julian assange as political as i don't like what was happening at the same day today in berlin brussels belgrade paris naples madrid said imo these are older all the all the venues all our people think this case is not just about julian assange it's about transparency it's about democracy in europe. are you nervous about speaking on stage how does this fit in with your normal life this is normal life. they should be. but don't philosophers just sit in the room and write for some of them tell me what
9:55 am
you do sometimes they write books. but they also do this with both refugee said you think you're a new kind of from the us i consider i don't have time to think about myself anymore and most of. the struggles believe me or speak around guns but fuck is this people. where do we get the how from this side we're going to. have thank you so as you know we are going to listen and to have a conversation with you major intellectual. way here. so please welcome them both on state. very hard to thank
9:56 am
what they learnt from julian assange is that you have to be consistent maybe sometimes you have these temptation to feeling that you're not important that the powers are spiraling at the last and laughing when we occupy our spare that they are laughing when we are in a public space but hello we have 2000 people here tonight you know it is at the same time hundreds of thousands watching the lifestream and i think that they kind of just sitting there all men write books even if you want to write about the refugee crisis you cannot do it if you didn't speak to a refugee for instance or if you are writing about the cries of europe or solutions for europe i think you cannot do it if you don't speak with the people and i think we don't have time only to sit in the warm and write about it to be needs because this continent is collapsing thank you thank you thank.
9:57 am
you. the financial crash of 2008 started in america's housing market but devastated europe as it lurched from sovereign debt cries is to it cannot make stagnation. unemployment of 25 percent in some countries led to social unrest and the continent suffered the wars terrorist attacks the years. and that was before over 1000000 refugees decided to walk the balkan route into your. often all this is discussed as forces of nature beyond our control. but there's a philosopher i look for their old cause what if they can only call ups refugees and terrorism are actually all caused by something more fundamental.
9:58 am
i'm going on a journey across europe in search of what for next the crazies tearing our continent apart. to saloniki norton greece if you just visited central square you'd never guess this small charming city is at the epicenter of europe's problems. in 2015 refugees fleeing war and poverty walked into europe to the nearby village of edo mean. germany said they would accept syrians but after more than a 1000000 people came europe panicked and sealed the border trip and also continued to come in for. greece finally cleared the domine camp in may 2015 citing sanitation and safety. but that's not the whole story. we're heading towards
9:59 am
a new refugee camp for the refugees from the many who are moved and we are going to meet most of their. most to face from aleppo and reached the domain or just as the border was closed he spent 3 months there hoping and trying to cross before deltora this clear to camp and would you say are different dishes better here than any domine like what what i what was weather there and what is better here yeah actually. here is with her it's a plausible is. it's what tech tool from the song from winning from the wind for the tent here's a big. one. nobody knows how long we're going to stay and we get information i wonder how long. how long it takes for. this enormous you know.
10:00 am
the place taking us back to domine to explain why the camp was clear. and this is something i wasn't expecting. a motorway service station transformed by dogs refusing the government camps. the services allow them to stay but at the same time doing good business charging them for showers. now is 100 persons change the players are to still be full of dance and no no one now only me. can you show us a bit how it looked like at the trucks. so refugees tense all this place here right this one a venue. full of dance. these tracks are the most important tool from greece seaports a crucial way for local companies and multinationals to get their go.


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