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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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taking us back to the domine to explain why the camp was clear. and this is something i wasn't expecting. a motorway service station transformed by those refusing the government camps. the services allow them to stay but at the same time doing good business charging them for showers. now is 100 persons change the players are to still be full of stands and no no one now only me. can you show us a bit how it looked like at the trucks. so refugees had tents all this place here right this one been here. full of dance. these tracks are the most important rule from greece seaports a crucial way for local companies and multinationals to get their goods into the
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heart of cuba. there is a train coming. so when the tents were here at this place there were no trains coming but yeah because. there is not. to try many times to bring the train as. the refugees represented the problem. for the free. and. there is a ministry here. and you see there. the tribes with many we thought that your your. children. we. were blocking the trains deliberately you knew that if you were blocking the way. you were and the greeks they will start to react. the greek train company voice he
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told us they couldn't move goods for $75.00 days costing them $20000000.00 he lost shipping. i think you domine is the best metaphor for what's happening in europe today in the sense that people refugees who are fleeing from war and from war zones such as syria but also going to stand in iraq became a problem why because we're at the train track and they were blocking the train trip. so it became a problem for for the for a sions for also other countries not only greece because this way was blocked so on the one hand what you can see is. refugees don't have the rights freely on the other hand gourds can move freely as far and as much as they want. but greece is subject to forces beyond its control. the global financial crash
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revealed that greece has taken out a mountain of loans from european banks. at the urging of european leaders europe's financial institutions gave greece the biggest loan in history. and most of that money flowed straight back to the mainly french and german banks who kept encourage them to borrow. but the loan conditions required extreme osteria to state spending cuts so severe that the economy shrunk by a quarter of unemployment reached 27 percent prompting a huge rises was. another condition was must privatisation of greek assets including this with egypt really important. it is one of the most important ports in the mediterranean and 3 simply the greek government has sold 67 percent of the shares to a chinese company called. the docks are quiet today the sell off has prompted
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a battle be the unions they say the troika of the international monetary fund the european central bank and the european commission are experimenting with a new kind of privatization. you would strike over the coming days 20 days today were turned if they strike. the very going where going to trade unionists and me thinking since it's an international you know trying to use me think they very much interested thing the paper they say sure that this news thing these 2 ports which is highly unusual and since they're private i say even the port authority or at least city it's fish features on the part of your knowing that this is the vietnam war getting their forecast for the sort of the headquarters and it will be privatized the day after and this building we've been given to the costco. because costco doesn't recognize unions the doctors fear they will go from being
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skilled employees with secure jobs to temporary workers with no rights. can you explain us what is the difference between the working conditions if the part of paedos which is still all the greek state and the parts which is already all possible they are using to a complex system of suffering thought so there is no direct employment by costco. and precarious employment that means they work. $1215.00 days a month so there is no stable job for them there is no. scheme so for trained professionals there train show that's why there are frequent. action then saying mr we know this maybe also this more that we be subcontracting expanded to other ports in europe the last 6 years greece is an experiment for adroit and in the liberal policies. what they are thinking here they try to export it in other countries in
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their european union. what we have seen in court today was that the biggest historical achievements of the european project. such as collective bargaining such trade union organizing minimal wages all of this is actually disintegrating. many blame the chinese company cost but i'm meeting former greek finance minister yanis varoufakis who has astonishing inside information about europe's part in the deal. seems this is not working. oh yeah this is. amongst the 1st things i did in the ministry they want they to
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was to embark on. a kind of silent negotiation with the chinese authorities and with the costco c.e.o. and we agreed to collective bargaining and were allowing trade unions to present workers for other board if they were given the rest of the port. secondly they agreed on a spectacular investment program of anything between 25300000000 euros within 18 months there would have been a fantastic injection of capital of activity of jobs in the part of the us and finally most importantly they would prepared the chinese government to contribute to contribute to purchase a bond a new bond that we would issue as a minister of finance up to 10000000000 so frankly that would help us a return to the markets and create effective a signal to the rest of the world that this is back now i thought that there was
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a very good deal and guess what happened. there was a telephone call from berlin to beijing saying keep of greeks wired when we got it in with them and all deals were off because of course china is not going to jeopardize its a relationship with the heart of europe. in order to seal a deal with us currently the greek government is selling 67 percent of the part of the nose and under your deal it was supposed to be $51.00 right yes all those things that we had negotiated the dragon made sure that we're not part of the league just not want any european body for the country to even be to begin to imagine that if they voted people like us in they would get a better deal even for one person. although hugely important for greece is only a tiny part of the 35 year program of privatization across europe. sectors like railways energy paused banking airplanes were all part of the one trillion
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dollars of public assets privatized says $98.00. was the united kingdom under margaret thatcher that led the charge for privatisation in europe. david hall has been studying the impact of it for over 30 years privatisation supposedly reduces prizes improve service and so on what has your experience and your studies show it doesn't reduce prices and it usually doesn't improve services and in many cases it makes services worse. that's the basis on which prostrations always sold but immediately people have experience approaches ation almost the 1st thing that happens is that prices go up prices go up because the private companies are taken over or in the business of restructuring it to generate. returns that the. the public
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company didn't care. which might explain why it's usually made it popular resistance but it's almost always forced through when you tell us well tipping the referendum where clause promoting water privatization the government tried to reintroduce that left that water utilities in private. why the thing that most of the governments in europe but also in latin america and the states still stick to this kind of economic model privatizations are seen as an easy way of getting large amounts of money into government so you can use it either true or to reduce taxes and that's half actually used and that's how again the going governments do it and that's how for example countries like greece are being instructed to use it by the i.m.f. this is this is this is the core purpose of privatization in the great concept system generate revenue to reduce the debt. and once something is in
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private hands it is at the risk of takeover by larger often foreign companies. i mean romania there recently protested against water and held privatization but nothing seems to get them as worked up as their forests. being handed back to private owners they've been heavily exploited by international investment firms and european would processing companies. on the border to be transferred way and yet he's one of the forest that has been decimated. it's be replaceable according to the lawyer representing forest owners who may now have the last intact through a forest landscape where the man has nothing to envy and least for a start. today are they are not protected. how far away is it actually one hour or depend on. their old one hour and
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a half the legal clear cutting mainly happens. in remote places high up in the mountains. romania was a colony of the i was told get real empire and now is the 2nd poorest country in the you get with you again it would appear if they're your project. their relative poverty means cutting gangs can exploit forest the country can't afford to protect. the sea well he's known for it oh yeah you see it. here you can walk so this is it finally and. from here we don't see it.
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it's bigger and it's what we can see here is completely illegal. usually you are not allowed to card to more than $300.00 or forest you cut and how big is this approximately. 15200 pictures of forest but i'm tired of guns and you know we need it now they are still cutting it and they cut to every day since when did this start and what is the scale of this clear cutting in romania the big one it's beginning after 20022003. that was the moment when there's power for kompany or ponder force factorial. in our back onto the austrian company whole stands 543 are now romania as largest processor. they don't cut the woods themselves but they're able to offer a relative fortune to those who will mostly this clearcuts done by people in the
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gang. these forests forged the documents and when they reached the factory they had some documents to show them that into respect any law. but at the factory some didn't even need forged documents. their own mental investigation agency posed as a cutting gang willing to ignore the law something that didn't present a problem for my little bit concerns me using rigidity fever that we have to produce or be you least know what we get it from from our side. you decide what you want to say and. we asked her for an interview but they declined so we turned to france a green activist who has been. one
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of her employees a manager has admitted that if they run at full capacity there's no place for other processes on the market can you tell us once they end up in this factory where do they go this sawmill is actually slicing up the logs they make planks out of it and then they exported worldwide be to china japan arab countries even usa it's a world market a main problem is the fact that there's not much left for us to add to devalue what happens somewhere else the jobs. happen so to say somewhat as all of these exploitation of nature is happening in romania but nothing stays here it actually goes to other countries right yeah you stay in this in this vicious circle ok of selling more and more resources at the price that is being.
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created or fake somewhere else outside of your country and yet you stay in a dependency of those wants to buy your resources. and you destroy your nature and you destroy your livelihood. this makes me wonder whether we can speak about a new kind of relationship which is very similar to the relationship which we had during dollars through again your money. you have the empire you have western europe also in companies german companies french companies are cutting forests all around the mania in the parable of the european union and then they are importing them back to europe. and the empire is using the natural resources not only for us but health care system education water and they are expecting to well you know in order to sow dissent. so could we say that europe is actually polarizing itself.
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that the pages of this exercise book code unspeakable memory is compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mustn't. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further tumult and intricate tanev of people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part 2 of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth doesn't i would love for this job to. cover drug deals and 999
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a boeing 767 took off from new york to cairo to my. point. where we don't know everything no one. survive the journey 20 years on al-jazeera world to revisit the case of the fatal egypt air crash flight 990 what really happened on al-jazeera. seen in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the un security council has called on libya's warring sides to commit to a cease fire it's also condemned the airstrikes that hit a migrant attention center near tripoli on choose day at least 60 people were killed according gibraltar has extended the detention of an iranian oil tanker by
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14 days british forces seized the ship on thursday they suspect it was taking on oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran says the seizure is illegal officials in japan alter are examining the cargo and questioning the crew paul brennan has more from london they're being interviewed as witnesses not as potential suspects by a contingent of around 50 royal gibraltar police who are on board that oil tanker conducting those interviews and the investigation of the police out undertaking is to try to establish exactly what the cargo is where it came from or where it was going to what the exact destination was that we're looking at the ships logs and various other documents on board and speaking to the crew as well for that information opposition leaders in sudan are holding a series of public meetings so explain why they signed a para sharing deal with the military giunta on thursday that see sides agree to go
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taitz either ship between the military and civilians until elections can be held. thousands of algeria and some marked their independence day by returning to the streets calling for freedom and democracy it was the 20th consecutive friday they've rallied to demand a purge of the ruling elite. u.s. state of alaska is experiencing a record breaking heat wave causing several massive wildfires the flames have scorched more than $27000.00 texters crazes prime minister alexis it's a process told supporters he could still win sunday's election despite trailing in the polls to the conservative opposition is left wing sarees a party has led the country through years of austerity and surgeons in australia have used nerve transfers to restore with mint and parity the arms and hands of 13 quadriplegic patients a study published in the lancet says patients are now able to feed themselves and
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even rights and now it's back to europe's forgotten colony. 2 2 2 2 2 in part one we saw how the richest countries of europe are extracting the resources of smaller period for countries like greece and romania in what could be described as a colonial with. it's quite interesting to look back the 1st globalization the 8090 s. the late 19th century. where you got a very similar picture of british french german. companies. investing around the world in. some time with the same concept as. just as a starting not. just as then the companies buying up
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the sectors have close links to the state like energy giants e.d.f. owned by the french government and what in full on by sweden but it's not limited to just european companies and governments europe is also facilitating a colonization by larger forces. sociologists and says fine and the abstract idea of making money from money is the real power in the world today. one way in which i would put it is that we're really dealing with with a period that is dominated by a large of extract that is not the language they use it sounds much better if you say privatization and deregulation that's sounds like such a intelligent and and sober way to go about it when you say finance google and all kinds of other sectors are extract sect. that doesn't
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feel so good it feels like something is getting taken out of the financial system it might as well be mining it has to go into other sectors and extract which makes it particularly dangerous unlike say more traditional forms of investment and corporate is that it can extract. not just from the very rich but from anything including very modest step. yet even dogs who once reported the free market are worried. you know central the old also from gary in the empire former politician gosh but thomas campaign for hunger is transition from communism to the free market. but he was 40 fight when that led to millions losing their jobs he puts this recent trend into historical context but the. the so this is the same continent as him
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without responsibility without the political project without the royal navy without the reduced raj without introducing this and that this is just sheer economic and barely growth force being applied. without any kind of responsibility and it kind of. idea about economy future whatever to the weak a conscience so basically i mean this is going to force them will only listen because coal only weighs in many ways twice this is a politics of total irresponsibility it's cheating everything and everybody in the same manner maximizing profits and neglecting strategy. and you know this is not the road you know corrupt company or a little general motors or the old standard oil that had some sort of policy that had some sort of construction and it has been you know threshed out of the
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political for it is and so on so forth these companies today didn't have any policy not even a wrong one not even an evil one they just want they just want the money. much of that money flows through the city of london europe's biggest financial center. but how long london will retain that position is a norse his briton walters in the referendum to leave the e.u. in june 2016. this utterly stunned the british and european establishment who blamed it on the economic losers who they say are also in a fog. but britain was also the pioneer of privatisation in europe especially in places like poor tolbert in wales the last surviving blast furnace of britain's once mighty steel industry this facility was sold off in the eighty's and is now owned by the indian giant.
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periodical trade and to pose so i wonder is it really immigration or economics behind briggs. you know immigration is not just a case of thank heaven i would say can i want jobs are jobs that they've taken because people don't want to him anymore farmers will tell you our farmers cannot get people to go into a field and pick pick sprouts or whatever it might be just because we come out of europe doesn't mean to say you know solve the problem because if you still can't get people to pick the. water pick the fruits then you know that people into doing . what is the importance and significance of the steel factory. and how it all could change if it falls out what things on ordinary citizens for families and so i want well paul childhood pushed to risk all the other downstream suppliers that we've got you know we got trashed which is 50 mile down the road that has
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every single heinz team in this country origination ports over and is then tinned in trust to the effect. in the economy of the all of sense with this would be simply added if anything up until the knock on effect would be incredible you call it shops headdresses pichler stations and self employed people you build as you carpenters all these people rely on the steel works because the people who work if you feed them as well in the field your water to remain. on the referendum. and you think you're going to go. up on it i am very disillusioned with. the. parliamentary processes that go on stage where. the closely just turn me off completely off i walk into walked. into t.t. to play a bigger you know i think. shop i'd like to show that's where i. am
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for a change as much as in the rocky play their history of cheer. and people had nothing to lose. so it isn't the immigration they're angry about but the colonial style extraction britain has practiced on itself for 35 years the efforts of which are all of us in mark's hometown of tredegar which lost its steel mill in 2013. and all of this is now both permanent i don't know if this was what was it before. it was fantasy to farai into things you know on track the pass was and how does this connect that with the steel works because this is santa i mean last night. people can't afford to buy the product so use the same system because now if you look around you see if i take away the task that. this is the
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kind of place supposedly full of hatred for immigrants but it seems that resentment of foreigners has little to do with their anger at the e.u. in the pub i find out what the issue really is prepared for an economics lesson well styled. in a sort of new low in here liberal economic model full employment is not not of vital importance it's fatal to communities like this where full employment and and in industry were so important and the result is poverty crime and and and the only issue in inequalities which are nearly new your liberal new. has caused one major issue which is you've got companies real bigger than countries so we've got a choice for that crossroads jew except that we're going down a road of this neo liberal leaning neo liberalism is a myth of global corporations which then start to rule the world or we're going to
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start go in well actually no i can't be allowed to what we got to get back to is assets that a british assets that the french assets the german are controlled by those states you know the biggest freight. company in this country is german or water companies or electrical cars in the east are all foreign surely the company write their finger after a break ok want to be open to the dangers of globalization nearly burst a wall or big companies will still be hearing you have the opportunity for exploitation that's the way same with the arena well right this would really make a big big difference because they control it whatever. how can this colonial process of dispossession be taking place in such a massive scale without becoming headline news. well this 21st century
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colonialism doesn't ride into town waving a national flag he just seems to happen. but it's actually the result of institutions and rules designed to be shipped and. i'm going to try and unravel this beginning at the port of call if you're going to hurt. the so-called. jungle. which is a refugee camp in. jungle is home to those trying to cross the 20 miles of sea between here and britain i was sitting between the french government's regular attempts to clear it at a time when it's still growing you can still see 3000 people here who are in a kind of limbo. people from syria afghanistan africa iraq and all those countries from war zones on the other hand everything is being done to preserve the flea floating off. to your eternal connects britain to europe and covers over $100000000000.00 of trade
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a year. junkie is the director of public affairs. so while the channel tunnel carries a lot high value the perishable the just in time components for manufacturing the express deliveries the internet retail so companies can actually manage their stock in a constantly moving process that saves them from having warehousing saves them enormous costs and it means that they can have these integrated businesses that operate across the whole of europe in. the fall area after the 5 kilometers is like this. previously we had to the boundary fence sort of thing you see around any factory or any industrial site then. people started to try and break down the fences so the answer was increased the policy says these are the 2 standards high security fence is a very difficult cut very different crime so we now have
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a very sophisticated fencing and surveillance operation. and since october last year we've had no disruption from the migrant crisis so what about the refugees who came from syria from either mainly from greece who are actually also trying justify the better life their future problem is something which is a geopolitical issue so we're broke up and business to drop rates between folks and culling we're not we don't have a role a major role in solving the refugee crisis that's for governments international institutions to move to manage we have a role a responsibility to our customers to our shareholders to our own staff and to anybody who's on our side. your eternal security is now a seamless operation involving french and u.k. forces relationship established only after the pump an issue with the governments in especially for proof for. both questions as to exactly where that with.


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