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resist attacking them that's why a conservative government unseated a socialist one and was in turn long seated by serious political parties failed to form a national front to face the national emergency for the past 4 and a half years it has seemed that caesar was immune to the political cost of all stare because it was a new political force having never held power before it wasn't responsible for bankrupting the economy but now that greece has graduated from its state of emergency the greeks appear more willing to accept that they too were to blame for overspending their way into debt and ready to come to terms with the global economy again. al-jazeera athens well still ahead here on al-jazeera the african leaders who could be on the verge of creating the world's largest trading bloc plus .
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brazil news is a musical that you look back at the legacy of the known as the father of. the web and sponsored by cattle. welcomes another look at the international forecast of the weather pretty much as it should be across the middle east barely a cloud in the sky a little more cloud up towards the caspian sea i would towards the black sea might just catch wanted to share with them just around the caucuses $2930.00 celsius there for jerusalem and also for beirut there we go with those showers elsewhere hot sunshine $47.00 celsius in kuwait city and $46.00 there for baghdad those showers that we have up towards armenia georgia maybe just easing as we go on into
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monday so just see things drying up pretty dry as per usual across the arabian peninsula maybe a little more cloud over towards the red sea you know just to see that cloud you might just catch a sport or 2 rain western parts of yemen certainly with a chance of the the old shower over the next day or 2 showers diminishing as we go on into monday elsewhere here in doha we're getting up to 42 degrees celsius with more hot sunshine coming through sunshine a little more pleasant across southern parts of africa but we have got a fair bit of cloud just around the southern cape for a time on sunday that will just sink a little further south which is be going into monday further north it's pretty much wall to wall sunshine all the way. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. and american cyber activists develops and used in
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brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because one of the people a bigger brother. rebel beaks. are not just. talk about your watching old was there with the whole robin to remind of all top stories the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says the current round of negotiations with the taliban have been the most productive so far he made the comments in qatar where afghan political figures and the taliban are due to hold talks aimed at ending the civil war. also the french president has failed to keep the 2050 nuclear deal alive
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during a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart iran is poised to announce further reductions of its commitments to the deal. voting is beginning in greece's general election the 1st incident from financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing prime minister alexis tsipras but he says he can still beat the resurgent center right opposition. now the head of sudan's military says that he will protect and implement a power sharing deal with the opposition general abdel fattah says time has come to rebuild the nation after months of violence and upheaval. the 5th of july agreement with freedom and change and other powers is considered a win win situation and we are now late inning the way of the revolution because we will be seeing different practices in our country against corruption and against racism and against the dignity of the citizen and the honorable people of sudan we
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are now starting a phase of building a new sudan where everyone will face a transparent procedure and the law will be above everyone well opposition leaders meanwhile say the deal should be finalized by monday. from early morning until late at night and main squares mosques and on street corners. and sudanese people came together. facing the drums of change and chanting civilian revolution. hailing what some say as the 1st step towards ending decades of dictatorship but i think that i am telling the youth that the revolution is not over the revolution has just started with the internet shut down by the military jump to news of the deal spread mostly by word of mouth and in public meetings held by opposition leaders. the agreement will be signed off
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to its finalized and some heads of state from different countries will be attending the signing that we are expecting this to take place within the upcoming week before says of the freedom and change have already picked their candidates for the announcement of the sovereign council and the prime minister the sovereign council will include 5 military and 5 civilians plus an additional civilian agreed by both sides the council will 1st be led by the military will hand over to civilians in just under 2 years they'll lead it until elections june and 2022. now we have started a new era in the history of sudan that we all have to join and accept we all have to bring stability and in the long suffering of the sudanese people. there are mixed feelings and sit down to some of the details of victory for others it's a surrender. would still have demands and these demands have not yet been met we
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have the blood of the martyrs in the main city inside we still want rights that haven't happened yet. part of the deal includes an investigation into a violent crackdown by security forces which saw more than $100.00 protesters killed. amnesty. international says this agreement must be judged by how those in power now live up to their responsibilities to respect people's fundamental rights something the sudanese people have been deprived of for well over 3 decades amnesty called the deal a testament to the resilience of ordinary people they chose to stand up for they writes alexia brian al jazeera government strikes in syria as italy province of killed a mother and injured her son the area was heavily bombarded joining the early hours of saturday another 13 civilians were killed in strikes at the same area on friday fighting it has intensified over the past few weeks as government forces step up their campaign to recapture the rebels' last stronghold. african leaders in the
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putting finishing touches on what's planned to be the world's largest free trade zone once up and running it will bring all $55.00 members of the african union into a single market of well over a 1000000000 people a major supporter of capital near me. stepped up security in the hurt of the capital underlining the growing concerns not only here in the sahara region of africa but in many other parts of the continent from north to south east to west and in the hurt of africa 2 governments are struggling to contain communal clashes and violent extremism. african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps you hold the fighting. experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that as national organized crime criminals could take advantage of this free movement you know to flow from one
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country to another and it is killed just these or to perpetrate their nefarious activities so definitely do looking for the for the chink in the armor you looking for the weak link if the countries do not have you know security architecture that at some countries risk becoming safe heaven for you know terrorist or criminal organized criminals governments say they're working to stop that from happening. we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves. leaders from at least $53.00 of the continents $65.00 countries are due here to rectify the deal that could be implemented as early as next year. the african continental free trade agreement is expected to create the
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walls largest single market the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs and sprite intimate growth but it's not clear whether investors will look at internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services. african entrepreneurs say they agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems and the truth is we do have change by the know where you get the kind of returns on investment that you get in the future so you're confident the investors will come and come to visit while we need to fund the war problem was going to put in place policies governed able to create jobs i live in poverty there are also fears that corruption and we can force majeure in some countries could model success of what's being billed as a historic free trade agreement but you crease al-jazeera you may share.
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reports from kenya about what the free trade agreement could mean. what betty tibet grows here on her farm in kenya and up in more than a dozen african countries beings from these soya plants will make cooking oil our most i mean. we are no more. so we decided to call soya because there are this is the. draft. and then it is their main quest grow up for us. the oil from bessie's beans is bottled at this food factory in the town of seeka as well as using locally produced oil its owners sometimes import oil from neighboring countries as well but that's subject to trade tariffs and so it costs more the products made in this factory were also subject to trade tariffs in some of the african countries that are exported to the proponents of a new christian continental free trade agreement say that would soon change. nearly
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all of the member states of the african union have signed the agreement is due to take effect next year and progressively phase out 97 percent of tariffs. at the factory the director told us it will create jobs and reduce costs if it's implemented this will be the single biggest market in the world where there will be free movement of goods and services big. projects like this look very good but the implementation has to be done with a united africa with a united thinking united limitation when leaders promise free trade the african union many still pursue protectionist policies at home selling manufactured products across africa's borders often isn't easy it's here at the port of mombasa that goods manufactured outside of africa are imported to the region. most african
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countries trade more with countries in europe and asia and with each other economists say that free trade agreement alone won't solve that and that they'll be resistance from a powerful few who make fast profits from the status quo the politicians have become beholden to these types of folks and i think you're breaking up much more than might appear at 1st glance you're bringing in a system that's been there since independence the products from the food factory a truck to around the region that this kind of manufacturing and export happens less in africa than any other continent economist say free trade within the continent would change that and create more jobs and income for people like betty but many feel it's still a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya funerals have been held for the 14 russian navy officers killed in a fire on monday the officers died in the barents sea on board a nuclear powered sub russia is keeping their identities and full details of the
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accident a secret. brazilian musician and bossa nova pioneer gilberto has died at his home in rio de janeiro at the age of 88. on their map. his version of the girl from an email released in 1964 was a global hit it was part of a grammy winning album that sold millions of copies and helped popularize the bossa nova sound a fusion of somber and jazz artists say he's left a huge legacy behind for brazil and the world feel it's going to matter says host of national public radio is a l.t. latino show in the u.s. he says kill better was hugely influential in brazil and beyond. jobs robert was one of these kind of people you can put a marker down and talk about what the world was like before him and what the world was like after him because he had such
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a profound influence on music on the culture and society there in brazil and what he did was he didn't really create he sort of created something new but more more he transformed it transformed the sound of that you mentioned before he transformed it into something sort of stripped it down to it as it's down to the pulse really and just with his guitar technique and his voice that you hear on the break right there and a little bit of music transformed it because it's very boisterous very loud very fast it's like an extrovert paradise. bossanova just the complete opposite and that's what he helped establish and decide it would take another generation to really understand his influence and his impact on brazilian music and music in general because bossa nova had a huge influence on jazz had a huge influence on popular music there was a special relationship between the united states and brazil and they spoke the same language and the bus in over was one of those things that helped bring those 2
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countries together and those those kind of things are some of the some of his legacy as well. tibetans around the world celebrated the dalai lama's birthday and as he gets older the question of who will succeed him becomes more pressing as well . oh the dalai lama turns 84 environment charlotte a city in northern india where he lives in self-imposed exile. hundreds of tibetan exiles and refugees help him celebrate you but for you the journey today is a very a species day for us i pray has a long life and stays with us always. the birthday party included children who have never set foot in their country tibet remote and main the biggest territory in the himalayan mountain range is an autonomous region of china parts of a region known as the roof of the world. first day celebrations to india's capital
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thousands of tibetans live in new delhi after escaping what they say is chinese oppression in march tibetans mark 60 years since the uprising against chinese rule the dalai lama's birthday message this year is of compassion religious harmony and the importance of spreading tibet and knowledge he's not just seen by buddhists as a living god but also a symbol of tibetan freedom many tibetans are worried for their future because choosing his successor is my it's impolite to call friction like i'm just afraid because now to venture going everywhere is i'm afraid we're going to lose our culture and everything so we're trying to really preserve our culture to teach the tibetans to the young youngsters and so i hope. that means the same. china says it's held sovereignty over tibet for centuries and describes the dalai lama as a separatist using religion as a front for political influence but the spiritual leaders supporters argue he
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doesn't want independence just more autonomy from china china has such a large economic impact or economic weight and that's enough to scare people off the idea of working to get several governments have a growing edition of that island governments that have extended innovations have suffered. economic record of economic sanctions from the chinese tibetans living in nepal have been banned from celebrating the party government doesn't want to offend neighboring china want china's influence goes beyond its borders tibetans say they'll continue to fight for their culture heritage traditions and human rights both at home and. so to hide out and just into. your children their arms the whole roma these are all top news stories the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says the current road of the goshi asians with the taliban have been the most productive so far he made the comments and afghan
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political figures on the taliban are due to hold talks aimed at ending the civil war we have made substantial progress on all 4 elements and that make the framework that we have agreed to for a peace agreement which is as you know assurances on counterterrorism that important for the united states and the world. would draw all of foreign troops which is important for the taliban interact negotiations that including a dialogue and an agreement on a road map for the political future of afghanistan and a complete comprehensive permanent cease fire. for the 1st time i can say we have had substantial progress on or for the french president has to keep the 2015 nuclear deal alive during a phone call with his iranian counterpart. that has some rouhani have agreed to
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create the conditions for talks to resume by july the 15th iran has warned it will accelerate to very near enrichment. voting is beginning in greece's general election the 1st incident merge from financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing of prime minister alexis tsipras but he says he can still beat the resurgent center right or position refugees and migrants have disembarked the latest charity rescue ship to dock at an italian port in defiance of a government ban the vessel carrying more than 40 people has not been impounded sudan's opposition leaders say a deal with the military on transition to civilian rule should be finalized by monday they've been holding public meetings to explain why they signed the agreement. the brazilian musician and bossa nova pioneer girl better has died at the age of 88 he recorded dozens of albums but it was his 964 version of the girl from ipanema that won him fans worldwide those were the headlines and back with
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more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's rebel geeks to stay with us . this digital technology assisted on this intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. copulations in our pockets it seems we discovered and he didn't mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended for money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only it is in power. now a new generation that will geeks easiness skills to challenge the tech giants. and
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enable a different technological future. one where people are not the product. of the. few the. few. boring filming in worldview that made us all of them and i'll tell you i watch you wash up over gaza you know. why i want to kill one of the god of the public would have caught up on my when i could get out but. i felt like they were now with me when i was there would be coming on all the time i doubt. i. was
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half hour. was. i thought i know the kind of guy. that i want to be it. visit there that being god they want to. stop him on all that they can always and over there what it's going to go so no veil of my skin so i stop them. but i do stay with us
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call this what audition because criticize it if you're going to. run the channel but i'll prob bump it it's going to bump a scottish but i was the boss on come out on it and went on phone with. us both adama out of the they had bought. girl. was a big girl you know for. a sense of oh it's you it's you it's all about it before you joined your fantasy. was a blog days on 7 mice but i said i must be sure i should be g.g. to go to some of the complex where so much to. get a check i'm going to miss for the city to get out of the. little.
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bit. east to sing sing them to grease me up on amazon mission to see sation she was dangerous would be a joy to v.j. day in this kind i'm going to. give my. night you want to go to the mansion on a night on the other can use mr shared with us where he had weird little food processor. that. was. ok. but his shell point i wanted to open by the odd to fish by visual.
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look thank. you will actually. i will. come to. the store. was on a weekend message for social. she'll simply make else imprimis fall i ask you stay up with this. literature is the result. of watching the games live i said to my. father elam wish to allege what you let me through what got us to. name don't wash which is a fear. of the camilla's yellow people because it was a boy. and you can reach the skittish they were there because dang the so moment.
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i was up to his eyes from my promise. to where. i am harlow home i'm a software developer and digital security trainer and i'm the lead architect of a library called informant camp which sits in the center of the camera free app. i mean i think you wrote this code to pull in anything that might exist pretty much
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pretty much because whatever you can why not why not a couple of years ago i was in a class that nathan taught and for a project i had decided that i wanted to sing video and images with of their data points that were exposed in order to you know get a kind of who what when where why and possibly even how of a particular event that you see visually. around the world. there are a number of satellites. that are constantly orbiting our globe and they usually. beam down position info to devices such as our cell phones that have a pretty good accuracy and also have the unintended effect of giving us
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a timestamp as well which we use rather than your phone's clock and order to tell what time it was if you're standing anywhere on earth and can receive g.p.s. signal your device is then able to triangulate where you are in relation to it and several of the sources that you also use to triangulate your position can also be used by camera to further cooperate where you are such as your cell phone tower or even nearby why fight networks. right now there's more photos more videos than ever being put in from social media into court they called open source right in the legal process where they go out and source things off the open web and then use that as evidence for instance but the process of verifying who and what and when it's really this manual labor we have to go back and kind of dig through all of this to kind of piece it together and what we're trying to do is just create that from the start so creating a kind of d.n.a.
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inside the visual media itself such that it's there from the beginning. what's interesting about open source development especially with android software is that just about everything is accessible using an a.p.i. an a.p.i. being an application programming interface is kind of like a door that allows you to access certain. certain facets of the phone and this case especially with camera v. it was an interface to the hardware screens. right the springs. we used to build fix things ourselves and understand how they work and now they're you know almost hermetically sealed behind you know many tiny screws one of which we have to find a special screwdriver for. if you open it up you actually see that it really is simply a computer inside of this case. this is the camera it's quite powerful and it's got
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a jar interface on the back for the motherboard this is where all the data flows and inside here we have the lens and the sensors that focus and capture the light and turn it into you have it right and this is where it then flows into the motherboard through the bus which is then captured into the general purpose c.p.u. that hours the android operating system. so usually when someone talks about taking a picture what they mean is using a photographic sensor to capture a visible light emanating from a subject a person or a place when we talk about taking a picture we're actually talking about capturing a much broader spectrum of energy like infrared spectrum and radio waves and speed and gravity and other atmosphere of energy coming in that you don't perceive with
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your eyes fortunately for us smartphone devices have additional sensor components that can gather things. through talk about taking a picture it's about gathering the full spectrum of the visible and the invisible interim working through the quarter. this is the tricky part to this but maybe i can get a job here fix himself yari have a job thanks that's a tough and different kind of job he. sees android. but now i've been thinking about committing myself to i phone again because the go go go cross compiling on the i phone no i would never use an i phone that sat. there pretty nice. but i am not really
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a fan of. the particular barrier to entry that they place for people who want to get started developing yeah i think on a theoretical level i you know kind of push back against apple because of that i also think about it a star trek or star wars a little bit and there it is star wars i thought it starts. yeah when you think the opposite well i guess if i were to make any. any argument although i definitely do get what you mean i think android lends itself more to federation. than the iowa system does and also quite frankly what it boils down to is i like star trek.
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so you guys have the the force ready and the camera view up is already sold oh it should be on your home screen so you know for a corner. selects. once promoters activate it it's all the work it sort of works like a little black box recorder for some some other they write like do you guys know what method it is so it's information about the video and the generic to finish unformatted there is datable data here in the united states the word metal data has been all over the news. because of the secret program of the and it's a collecting method data for phone calls. ensure that the data can be used to corroborate what the new image shows or want to witness. tell tells about
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what's happening in the image and it can be used to reveal additional contextual information about poulticing so it works in the background and now you can open your favorite camera app or just the camera that's the default camera on the phone and you can start shooting just the usual way you do this you don't have to do anything different at this point it just it works in the background to records your information and automatically imports all this into a camera view we can go outside and come back. to we are going to do this exercise we're going to use the camera we're going to use. and we're going to document with. you we have a number of people we have 4 members that she will. we have witness on the front i can't miss them we have a pretty unique style. you feel good let's look at the cinema this is the funniest
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movie and that's about i said you know more than one act my good our film about 2 hours on someone you know i mean they are the ones getting the beginning to think it's going to be for something which should not be on the kerry campaign councell guitars you know one thing that's wrong with loads of money to play with to put them into the lead up to some quite tough mission that there's no one no no no. no . they don't part of it either but that one. i just asked like if there were any. likes particular experiences that they've had or situations where the where the functionalities of the immediately thought could be used but it came to office that was sponsored to move it to call for would you if you might say i should. say what's going on here john you know or i think there are some pretty self funded up until i have no idea if it was if a woman would tell me on this you know police you know they just say ok but ask you
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guys i never met him but i have watched. but that's like it's often little that's i think. really. the name of your project kind of infamous now a bigger brother because the vision was the sum total of power of our individual smartphone cameras connected was greater than the big brothers here through surveillance technology through cameras on the street closed circuit surveillance cameras so in the past you know we live when we think about the notion of surveillance we think about the east you know really tall poles with big ominous camera ciena staring down at us from every street corner and i think it's really exciting when we invert that and we think about you know soon valence a circus from the french top down and sue inverts that bottom up right so the suv
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aliens is really how we watch back and you know ultimately we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. in the sunset park and by the group coming in i'll buy off on. the world for the operator so but it is one that i meant you're going to put it sounded domain with about a couple have fights on a complex item oh i don't know if i valued as i can this i mean to buy my zinc. so stressed only going to put this out you've got to brazil you know watch out and we got a lot of people out there how do you feel. i mean this is a humbling you know i just feel like part of a group to do that you know it's going to raise him and like film the police.
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is a crazy you know for you. know. we got we got 48 gig. we loaded. 73 so what would be where i would definitely be at because look how ready so that right there is telling me there's a lot of complaints given by civilians about police misconduct in that precinct and some might say so my the things i. say again i've made to the my pm me aren't here politically so we used the c.c. . we used a y p d map and we also used the n. saw that we gather from people in the street and when he thought i was. i did that i saw. daisy sell a lot of bra. i'm a how the show i'm a shill i'm a shop bell lead and this is something the spreading globally you know people naturally instinctively know that pulling out a cell phone camera you're going to record and this is something that you can now
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do social media and let the world see that's you know a shift in who controls what. but if you don't you'll see still might keep you just most of them will go to see my. local hipness some edge of access for which in talk it just gets them a vote so then is. that from a technological police formation need to. get out of some of the not you put out a lot i just. wish the staff isn't the message they mean by whom we might.
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but let.
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the but. it looks pretty good unless you want to salute original. form that really was reinforced when you. see the phone with us yes yes there's a special one take a look at the many data here. but actually let's see previous themselves. yeah so this one house and cell tower. data and that. but what was interesting and i'm not necessarily sure we have it but. mostly it's the wife by network haha and why that's interesting obviously is because. it puts you like in
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a specific place at best person killer time. and also like the white lie level that that you have there. gives a little bit of sense of your like you know proximity and like even kind of directionality how you're facing in in regards to that life i see you know the just the very fact of having a trajectory for a video from start to finish with direction or you know 9 is i mean 1st and foremost from the gentry perspective what you trust but from the storytelling perspective we can really think about how to leverage that right but the point of i think this entire project is that we want to be able to believe what we see and we want to be able to establish trust with the people who are showing us things that we see so it's not just i don't know instagram for activists this is serious
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business. the. up in the sun i see they're going to inject them into the commercial of the muslim from here in the garbage. most companies market that they can always tell me one thing sam or me composed of it on themselves and gone. on. good evening my name is even holding time. as i me executive director of with this there's one group who is amazing they are just smartest they are the most effective and they are to previous so mind warner is to work with. both. i had to go
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and how does it sound to ya go. and we talk about the stock he. says he goes to. my she. lost her job and categories the form of.
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it. all to go. i'm going to be like everywhere connectivity this paramount and yet more infrastructure in the pan than some foreign corporation means to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a homegrown solution to connect live units and secure the nation's technological sovereignty to. rebel geeks the citizens network on a jersey of. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks and the
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killing with detail coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go house but our goal have been staying on from around the world sacrificed he said what have to be a the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about. jordan's native tribes called security roughly half the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing economy and concerns over the trumpet administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hashemite kingdom towards angry try on and just 0. mexico's most loved soap exposes the reality of more than life through fiction.
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silk box reveals the drama behind the camera this week the produces focus on the difficulties facing indigenous women and the power superstition still holds over a large section of society. the to be covered up to well it's episode 3 of soapbox mexico on al-jazeera. very good at this has been the best round so far. the u.s. envoy leading negotiations with the afghan taliban talks up big progress ahead of a meeting between rival groups in cattle.
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council raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up a last minute phone call between the french and iranian president iran prepares to step further back from the nuclear deal. also greek start voting in an election that polls predict will and 4 years of leftist rule. and the girls and women making opportunities for themselves in the bleak job market. welcome to the program the current round of negotiations with the taliban has been the most productive so far that's the assessment of u.s. special envoy for afghanistan's army a little sad after the 7th series of talks in doha aimed at ending 18 years of war later on sunday taliban delegates will meet with rival afghan groups none the official represent the government which the taliban is refusing to deal with directly shelob alice sat down with the u.s.
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peace envoy and asked him how things have gone. this week is the 7th round of talks how do you feel about the progress between yourselves and the taliban so far very good been the best round so far can you put a percentage number on the progress you've made this week i rather not do that. i would rather say we have made substantial progress on all 4 elements that make the framework that we have agreed to a peace agreement which is as you know assurances on counterterrorism that's important for the united states and the war. would draw all of foreign troops which is important for the taleban interact can negotiations including a dialogue and an agreement on a road map for the political future of afghanistan and a complete comprehensive permanent cease fire. for the 1st time i can say
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we have had substantial progress on all 4 if you find out that the taliban policing some of these armed groups and that potentially al qaeda is still operating inside afghanistan what can you do at that point they know the. red line of work for ronald reagan. trust but verify so there will have to be verification of about with regard to the commanders that are made do you believe that the political i'm here in doha actually has the power to command the taliban back in afghanistan 60 something 1005. well we don't know that for sure that that's the case the talib here can speak on behalf of every. all over afghanistan but i do believe that they are there are they representative of the leadership they make the point that they are quite united and what their leadership
1:52 pm
decided they were one follows and we will have to see what kind of guarantees can you give to the afghan people that a lot of the achievements that they have seen with with freedom of press and women's rights over the last 20 years will be retained and a new political system that involves the taliban. they need to. learn about each other the taliban say they have to change that afghans need to know this new taliban have to see what has changed and the taliban need to know what this new afghanistan is like and reach some broader understanding mutual acceptance and the terms of an agreement about the future will be negotiated in the interim can negotiation but i believe this is a necessary for a step so i'm delighted that taking place. talks are set to resume in doha we're getting reports of more violence in afghanistan at least 20 people have been injured during an explosion in the central province of girls only those details are
1:53 pm
still coming in that will bring you more on that developing story as we get it but david de rossi is a former director of nato operations at the pentagon he praised the efforts of the u.s. envoy but is concerned the task is too great. if anybody can pull a rabbit out of the had it's me he's probably the most able american capable of dealing with central asia and one of our greatest diplomats of the last generation so but i think the overall situation is not good the american domestic imperative is just to leave we're tired of afghanistan tired of the war but even more more so tired of the lack of progress the afghan government's made to become a truly national government stamp out corruption and and get the gains of all of its people and then the 2nd issue was the fact that you're not sure who actually speaks for the taliban you might come to a deal but that deal doesn't you know may not have the ability to extend itself to
1:54 pm
the actual ground in afghanistan i think that while trump dislikes being involved overseas he dislikes being seen as work as as weak and he really dislikes being you know this idea that people can say he was manipulated by somebody so i don't think the united states will leave quite as precipitously us as some have announced i think it's a goal that we're working towards but it won't be resolved soon the french president will buckle has admitted to president hassan rouhani that europe hasn't been able to protect his country from u.s. sanctions and that's according to iran's government after a phone call between the 2 leaders still luck holds that they'll do everything possible to prevent the 2050 nuclear deal from collapsing they're looking at ways to resume talks budget lied to 15th now iran is poised to raise its enrichment of uranium breaking another limit set under the deal. so let's look at the ins and
1:55 pm
outs of uranium enrichment the naturally occurring metal that's pulled from the ground only contains about one percent of the type of uranium needed to make reactor fuel or potentially nuclear weapons so it has to be enriched or purified under the 2015 nuclear deal iran was allowed to keep less than 300 kilograms of uranium processed just 3.67 percent iran's already announced it stockpiled more enriched uranium than it's supposed to now it's moving to increase the purity level beyond the 3.67 percent cap to 5 percent and that's still far from what iran possessed before the 2015 per to around 10000 kilos of uranium enriched a 20 percent highly enriched uranium purified at 90 percent is what's usually needed to make weapons world of the jury reports on the inception of the nuclear deal and how it seems to have unraveled. july the 14th
1:56 pm
2015 was supposed to be the start of a new era between iran and western powers the signing of the joint comprehensive plan of action and with it high hopes for iran's economic future iran along with 5 permanent members of the united nations security council britain china russia france the united states plus germany agreed to put a limit on iran's nuclear development in exchange crippling sanctions or at least most of them would be lifted. last may u.s. president donald trump made good on his election campaign promise and pulled out of the deal since then a wide range of u.s. sanctions have been reimposed on iran's oil dependent economy the u.s. government says its maximum pressure policy is aimed at getting around back to the negotiating table. iran's highest authority made his position clear during a. by japan's prime minister last convoy of
1:57 pm
a 4 day week yesterday we believe no problem will be solved through negotiations with the us americans have adopted look similar hostility towards us and they are continuing to eat no liberated nation will accept to negotiate under pressure iran maintains the remaining signatories of the deal have yet to fulfill their end of the bargain due to pressure from the united states which forced president hassan rouhani to trigger a clause in the deal. that journey or announcing the reduction of commitments not be trouble from meet iran is a standing is strong and even put differences aside against u.s. pressures we chose diplomacy over war again days later iran's atomic energy organization announced a 4 fold increase in production of low enriched uranium which meant iran's stockpile would soon exceed the 300 kilograms allowed under the nuclear deal high level diplomatic efforts fail including
1:58 pm
a meeting in vienna where iran's deputy foreign minister declared that the european signatories aren't willing or able to fulfill their ends is. iran finds itself yet again at a crossroads between its own domestic nuclear needs and concerns of the international community that appears to distrust iran's intentions torsos a bari al jazeera to iran. to europe now a voting is under way in greece's general election the 1st since that emerged from financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called the early election after his series of party was trials to the european parliament elections but he says he can pull off a comeback and beat the resurgent center right opposition. well african leaders to put the finishing touches on what's planned to be the world's largest free trade zone up and running it will bring all $55.00 members of the african union into a single market of well over
1:59 pm
a 1000000000 people and interests reports from the capital nearly. stepped up security in the hurt of the capital underlining the growing concerns not only here in the region of africa but in many other parts of the continent from north to south east to west and in the herd of africa to government struggling to contain clashes and violent extremism. african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps the fighting. experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that as national organized crime criminals could take advantage of this free movement you know to flow for one country to another and that is can just his or to perpetrate the. fires activities so definitely going to be looking for the for the chink in the are you looking for the weekly if the countries do not have you know security at some
2:00 pm
countries risk safe heaven for you know terrorist or criminal organized criminals the government say they're walking to stop that from happening for cement and some we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves but. leaders from at least $53.00 of the continents $55.00 countries are due here to ratify the deal that could be implemented as early as next year. the african continent all free trade agreement is expected to create the was the largest single market in the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs as breaking a growth but it's not clear whether investors will overlook the internal strife in many african countries.


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