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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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for some it and some we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge . this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained and a solved by africans themselves. leaders from at least $53.00 of the continent $65.00 countries i do here to ratify the deal that could be implemented as early as next year. the african continent of free trade agreement is expected to create the walls the largest single market in the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs as breaking a growth but it's not clear whether investors will hold one of the internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services. african entrepreneurs say they agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems the truth is we do have china africa but they're
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nowhere else to get the kind of returns on investment to get conflict so you're confident the investors will come and come to visit all we need to do to fund the war problem was going to put in place policies that will be able to create jobs i live in poverty that are also fears that corruption and we can force make in some countries could model success of what's being billed as a historic free trade agreement but you crease al-jazeera may be share. well still a lot more ahead here on al-jazeera including we'll be looking at what the new african free trade agreement could mean for farmers in kenya plus. on their lap. to the father of boston over brazil loses a musical legend.
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welcomes another look at the international forecast of the weather pretty much as it should be across the middle east barely a cloud in the sky a little more cloud up towards the caspian sea i would towards the black sea might just catch one or 2 showers there just around the cork cysts $2930.00 celsius there for jerusalem and also for beirut's there we go with those showers elsewhere sunshine $47.00 celsius in kuwait city and $46.00 there for baghdad those showers that we have up towards armenia georgia maybe just easing as we go on into monday so see things drying up pretty dry as per usual across the arabian peninsula maybe a little more cloud over towards the red sea and i just see that cloud you might just catch a sport or to rain western parts of yemen certainly but the chance of the the old shower over the next day or 2 showers diminishing as we go on into monday elsewhere
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here in doha we're getting up to 42 degrees celsius with more hot sunshine coming through sunshine a little more pleasant across southern parts of africa but we have got a fair bit of cloud just around the southern cape for a time on sunday that will just sink a little further south which is because on into monday further north it's pretty much wall to wall sunshine all the way. richard problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under $1000.00 refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other boards can move freely as far and as much as they want if you multinational colonialism this is a another moment of the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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talk about here watching al-jazeera with me so robert a reminder of our top stories the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says the current round of negotiations with the taliban have been the most productive so far he made the comments in qatar afghan political figures that the taliban are due to hold talks aimed at ending the civil war. also the french president has vowed to keep the 2015 nuclear deal alive during a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart iran is poised to announce further reductions in its commitments to the deal. but african leaders are in asia to officially launch the continent's free trade zone the agreement is expected to come into effect next year
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bringing most of the african union into a single market. well malcolm webb reports from kenya about what that free trade agreement could be for farmers there. what betty tibet grows here on her farming kenya ends up in more than a dozen african countries beings from these soya plants will make cooking oil our some also be added we. know or more they so we we decided to call soya because there is the. draft and then it is the main class crop for us. the oil from bessie's beans is bottled at this food factory in the town of seeka as well as using locally produced oil its owners sometimes import oil from neighboring countries as well but that's subject to trade tariffs so it costs more the products made in this factory were also subject to trade tariffs in some
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of the african countries that they're exporting to the proponents of a new christian continental free trade agreement say that would soon change. nearly all of the member states of the african union have signed the agreement is due to take effect next year and progressively phase out 97 percent of tar it. at the factory the director told us it'll create jobs and reduce costs if it's implemented there's going to be the single biggest market in the world where there will be free movement of goods and services big. projects like this look very good but they implemented has to be done with a united africa with united thinking united limitation when leaders promise free trade the african union many still pursue protectionist policies at home selling manufactured products across africa's borders often isn't easy it's here at the port of mombasa that goods manufactured outside of africa are imported to the
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region. most african countries trade more with countries in europe and asia and with each other economists say that free trade agreements alone won't solve that and that they'll be resistance from a powerful few who make fast profits from the status quo the politicians have become beholden to these types of folks and i think you're breaking up much more than might appear at 1st glance you're bringing in a system that's been there since independence the products from the food factory a truck to around the region that this kind of manufacturing and export happens less in africa than any other continent economist say free trade within the continent would change that and create more jobs and income for people like betty but many feel it's still a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya though the head of saddam's military says that he'll protect an implementor per sharing deal with the opposition general
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abdel fatah says time has come to rebuild the nation after months of violence and the people. the 5th of july agreement with freedom and change and other powers is considered a win win situation and we are now lightening the way of the revolution because we will be seeing different practices in our country against corruption and against racism and against the dignity of the citizen and the honorable people of sudan we are now starting a phase of building a new sudan where everyone will face a transparent procedure and the law will be above everyone. opposition leaders meanwhile say the deal should be finalized by monday. brian explains. from early morning until late at night and main squares mosques and on street corners. sudanese people came together. facing the drums of change and chanting
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civilian revolution. hailing what some say as the 1st step towards ending decades of dictatorship. but i think that i am telling the youth that the revolution is not over the revolution has just started with the internet shut down by the military jump to news of the day and spread mostly by word of mouth and in public meetings held by opposition leaders. the agreement will be signed off to its finalized and some heads of state from different countries will be attending the signing we are expecting this to take place within the upcoming week before says of the freedom and change have already picked their candidates for the announcement of the sovereign council and the prime minister the sovereign council will include 5 military and 5 civilians plus an additional civilian agreed by both sides the council will 1st be led by the military will hand over to civilians in just under 2 years they'll lead it until elections june and
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2022. now we've started a new era in the history of sudan that we all have to join and accept we all have to bring stability and in the long suffering of the sudanese people. there are mixed feelings and sit down to some the details of victory for others it's a surrender. would still have demands and these demands have not yet been met we have the blood of the martyrs in the main city inside we still want rights that haven't happened yet. part of the deal includes an investigation into a violent crackdown by sea. here's the forces which saw more than 100 protesters killed. amnesty international says this agreement must be judged by how those in power now live up to their responsibilities to respect people's fundamental rights something the sudanese people have been deprived of for well over 3 decades amnesty
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called the deal a testament to the resilience of ordinary people they chose to stand up for their rights alexia brian al jazeera. well staying on the constant algerian opposition parties on civilians social society figures have called for elections in 6 months so it should be overseen by an independent body various groups got together for a national forum and dialogue on saturday pro-democracy protests began in february which led to the resignation of the long time president the lizzie's beautifully to the troika. that in the seaside resort of. politicians academics and journalists met with the aim of finding a solution to algeria as political crisis talks discussed interim solutions such as the formation of a new cabinet made up of independent professionals as well as the establishment of an independent election commission once formed the visits to the presidential election would take place within 6 months. we agree to have these
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presidential elections that we all have accepted in order for our people to be able to have the 1st democratically elected president and a transparent why the presidential elections will grant a strong legitimacy to the new president so it's for him to cares a gurgly bring the change. for 5 months hundreds of thousands of protesters have demanded a complete overhaul of the leadership entrenched in power for the past 57 years since algeria is independence from france on wednesday interim president abdel kouddous ben salah called for a national dialogue about ranging a presidential election but didn't set a date for when that might be analysts say protesters are likely to continue to reject elections if that organized by the ruling elite. barely hold just yet and. that they want a clear and and selections. some opposition leaders say the interim
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president needs to do more to gain the trust of protesters. log. the release of prisoners of conscience is considered one of the most important steps to prove the sincerity and seriousness of those who are now in charge of the nation but all topics that help achieve the demands of the people should be discussed. whatever is decided at this conference may serve as a roadmap to resolve the armrest but for some in the opposition what's being suggested is a compromise too far and they won't be satisfied until those in the establishment play no part in algeria speak victoria gate and be out as they were the funerals have been held for the 14 russian navy officers killed in a fall on monday the officers died in the barents sea aboard a nuclear powered sub russia was keeping their identities and full details of the accident a secret. former u.s.
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vice president joe biden has apologized for his remarks about working with segregationist senators joining his early days in congress rival democratic party white house hopefuls have highlighted his opposition to federal policy in the 1970 s. to integrate black students into public schools folks now was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who are successfully opposed time and again yes i was i regret it i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody brought. food that misstep to find 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights racial justice in this country i hope not i don't think so. that just isn't an honest assessment of my record and i'm
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going to let my record of my character stand for self and not be distorted or smeared. the protesters are calling for justice for a 2 year old girl who was raped 2 months ago they were just after the girl's father expressed his doubts about the investigation in a media interview police arrested a suspect this week investigators say the assault happened in a nursery school. more women than ever are joining gaza's workforce jobs. setting up their own businesses to bring by the end facing cultural barriers along the way from gaza rubber. 17 year old mina simoun studies computer programming at school she's also learning from her brother how to make coffee in her mother's cafe because she says she doesn't have much chance of getting a job in gaza it doesn't matter i just read i think women should work because in gaza out there are no job opportunities when i work it means i can provide for my
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family my husband and my son ms mother sabrina started selling her food through a facebook page 2 years ago business became so good customers had to order 2 days in advance after her kitchen cook wrote broke down supreme decided to open her cafe and it's my life it's security for my children it's the sweetest thing and it has a lot of meaning for me i want to expand and open more shops there are 2000000 people in gaza and it's estimated that in 2852 percent of them didn't have a job 2 out of every 3 young people including graduates were unemployed for the same period the number of women who were in work went up by 26 percent even though that's just a small part of the workforce according to the world by up to 80 percent of gaza's economy has been propped up for several years by money from the palestinian authority and foreign aid donations but that funding is dropping gaza's economy
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shrank by 8 percent in 2800. well isn't cousin di started selling her t. shirt designs online in 2014 business expanded she became a mentor for other female entrepreneurs here but. the biggest problem i face is that i'm a woman and being a woman is a big deal in gaza society especially because my profession is in printing people say how come a woman is invading a man's profession the dalia association project is one of several there which supports women who want to start their own businesses. because the society has traditional views it allows a woman to become part of a project but just as a worker the woman cannot be a leader in the society people know she can do it but according to traditions they don't accept it gaza's business woman may be creating jobs they may also be helping to shape the attitudes of gaza's new generation rob matheson al-jazeera gaza.
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brazilian musician and bossa nova pio there shall go battle has died at his home in rio de janeiro at the age of 88. his version of the girl from anybody released in 1964 was a global hit it was part of a grammy winning album that sold millions of copies popularize the bossanova sound a fusion of samba and joe's. is there with the reminder of our top news stories the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says the current round of negotiations with the taliban has been the most productive so far he made the comments in qatar where afghan politicians and the taliban are due to hold talks aimed at ending the war. we have made substantial progress on all 4 elements and that make the framework
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that we have agreed to. for a peace agreement which is as you know assurances on counterterrorism that important for the united states and the war. would draw all of foreign troops which is important for the taliban interact negotiations that including a dialogue and an agreement on a road map for the political future of afghanistan and a complete comprehensive permanent cease fire. for the 1st time i can say we have had substantial progress on all for the french president as ver to keep the 2015 nuclear deal alive during a phone call with his a rainy and cold part model microbe that has so rouhani have agreed to create the conditions for talks to resume by july the 15th iran has warned you remain enrichment. voting is beginning in greece's general election the 1st incident version of financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing
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prime minister alexis tsipras but he says he can still pull off a comeback and beat the resurgent center right opposition. but african leaders in our industry are to officially launch the continent's free trade zone the agreement is expected to come into effect next year bringing most of the african union into a single market. so dollars opposition leaders say a deal with the military on transition to civilian rule should be finalized by monday they've been holding public meetings to explain why they solved the agreement. opposition parties and civil society figures of called for elections in 6 months they say the vote should be overseen by an independent body called follows months of mass protests demanding a complete overhaul of the political elite the stories of course updated on our website through the day back with more news a half enough next people in power. on counting the cost $3.00 decades off the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa
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to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind his decision to buy the s. for an f. 35 stealth bomber counting the cost. have long been regarded the stable fixtures in the region often decided by political uncertainty but king abdullah the 2nd is under growing pressure to reboot a struggling economy institute constitutional reform and stand firmly against a controversial u.s. saudi scheme to resolve the israeli comes to conflict reporter has been finding out why.
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tonight's 2019 king abdullah of jordan is marking the 20th anniversary of his ascension to the strive and his noir subjects have come out to celebrate. oh yes. but away from the festivities not everyone is happy i was half the past. the hashemites monarchy has ruled in georgian 61921 and the country has long been
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seen internationally as a common way says in a politically turbulent region. recently the king abdullah has come under immense domestic pressure to improve an ailing economy and implement democratic reforms. he's also now wrestling with a further problem how to reconcile his country's interests with the so-called deal of the century a controversial scheme devised by saudi arabia and us president donald trump to resolve these really palestinian conflict. if you. feel the wind of courage. that you have a what about of. these plans or what's been leaked of them so far are unlikely to prove popular here the hashemite dynasty who claim that dissent through fatima the daughter of the prophet mohammad august jodi ends of muslim sacred sites
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in jerusalem it's central to the monarchy slid just a messy according to some reports the deal of the century in which involved king abdullah rescinding that guardianship and jordan absorbing law west bank palestinians. giving israel nato to control of palestine and that says the king is unacceptable. but this i think you must. feel. like in. combat. in a big that you've got the idea that there is no good you know i don't know you and puts what. the twitter plans back is threatening to withhold critical financial aid and last king abdullah for the centerline and with many of his subjects already in economic distress after years of a stereotype it's a dynamic with no easy answers. here and. we're in jordan to try and
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understand the political pressures the monarchy is now under and where they might lead. we also want to know how the scheme could affect jordan's delicate demographic balance between the members of its indigenous tribes known as east bank case and palestinians who fled here in the past 6 decades and became citizens. our 1st stop is at the home of tarik tell a professor of modern jordanian history the order is becoming less relevant but still very important states are the source of intelligence that's if you would support which was the americans were. for 6 years now let's assume that even the century doesn't. the danger of that war if.
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you broaden the school. to post. neo. bankers given the fact. that. there's not a sturdy. ringback structure. and little welfare state. and . this construction is causing discontent. and therefore they're beginning to protest. those protests are becoming more common and more vocal for months now they have been in regular demonstrations across the capital a man this is said to me come back 22nd for our the last trace of the 4th. hindle fe is from georgians influential benny sapp tripe a former m.p.
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and one of the organizers of the haydock protest movement we caught up with her on the way to an evening rally people know. the unemployment and the poverty. sequences for rock stations and we are there to ask the king we have to share the decision in order for us to accept the consequences we are asking for putting down we're not asking for the king. to leave the country without the asking. that jordan will no longer be a morning. news got out of the shop. protesters at this event insisted the country's current problems will only get worse if the deal of the century is implemented here and will you take yes jim webb or maybe a little don't play but i limited time nor do you and i'm chairman of the.
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some tried and true janie's are worried that the deal would fall. the river road their influence in the country jordan has seen a huge influx of syrian refugees in recent is adding to millions of palestinians already here and the prospect of more west bank palestinians coming threatens to further upset the demographic scales. because the authorities are being forced to respond to the darkening public nuge while we were filming news came through that the cabinet had resigned it was the 3rd government reshuffle in less than a year and the protestors were on impressed. to lead another julie behave.
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we did me i was there all the money. enough for. me but will it but it didn't. it's a sign of how sensitive all these matters are becoming that georgians intelligence services pay very close attention to who is saying halt at least protest rallies. and i got one of the more intimidating tactics is to surround the most vocal demonstrators and any journalists who may be listening and openly film them. the state is clearly uneasy about the many disparate forces now being raised in opposition. jordanians have traditionally been supportive of the monarchy and the stability it brings but for some that support is proving to be conditional from. her.
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from. another day another demo albeit more modest we've come to see. betty he's a controversial figure in jordan like kendall fayez whom we met earlier he's a former m.p. and a tribal leader with strong views what's different is that he's an unashamed anti monarchist today he's wearing his traditional head dress inside out as a form of protest. the line is taken. and then it will be. with me is committed to me with picking. up bedi and the others here are protesting what they see as land confiscation by
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the state he shows a sum up which he claims represents the division of children amongst his stripes in 1917 before the hashemites monarchy took power. i bet he claims much of that land is now populated with refugees from the region which make up more than half of the country's population. but hasn't the whole jordanian population changed since my last so you have the strongest chance but i don't know what you do or don't the tribes have to be getting on the ball. we have the ball and then you get the others will use the bridge. to get it here on. our own. and so what happens is that changing and subject to. major truck this was going to be just this is a this should be subject to negotiation by questioning the legitimacy of the monarchy bedi zeus or challenging the validity of many of its policies this
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includes giving citizenship to anyone who settled here often 1917 among them millions of palestinians and their descendants forced to flee from their homeland from 948 onwards. and in truth of course those palestinians have long since been absorbed into the framework of the country and georgians current economic problems are affecting everyone whatever their origins or place inside. nowhere is impoverishment more obvious than in the jordan valley the breadbasket of the country but also home to some of its most fun rable citizens. we've come to meet some of the poorest families in the valley some of whom live in
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these primitive subsidized houses on small projects of land part of the now crumbling state welfare system. it. may says show how it is a mother of 5 her husband is a day laborer who works an average of 2 days a week. mesa is for state funded maintenance of her home but she's been waiting months for essential repairs and i feel just. one. more profit. so she's just explaining that these are parts of the ceiling that have been falling.


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