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tv   Flight 990 What Really Happened  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 3:00pm-3:59pm +03

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taking us back to the domine to explain why the camp was clear. and this is something i wasn't expecting. a motorway service station transformed by those refusing the government camps. the services allow them to stay but at the same time doing good business charging them for showers. now is 100 persons change their players or 2 so we are full of chance and know no one now only me. can you show us a bit how it looked like at the tricks. so refugees had tents all this place here right this one here. full of chance. these tracks are the most important tool from greece seaports a crucial way for local companies and multinationals to get their goods into the
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heart of fuel. there is a train coming. so when the tents were here at this place there were no trains coming but yeah because. there is not. there trying many times to bring the train as. the refugees represented the problem. for the 3 of goods and products there is a ministry. and you see there. the tribes with many ways that you or your. children. when you open the border. so you're blocking the trains deliberately you know that if you are blocking the way. you will and the greeks they will start to react. the greek train company oil seed told us they
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couldn't move goods for $75.00 days costing them $20000000.00 in lost shipping. i think you domine is the best metaphor for what's happening in europe today in the sense that people refugees who are fleeing from war and from war zones such as syria but also going to stand in iraq became a problem why because we're at the train track and they were blocking the train trip. so it became a problem for for the for a sions for also other countries not only greece because this way was blocked so on the one hand what you can see is the. refugees don't have the rights to move freely on the other hand towards can move freely as far and as much as they want. but greece is subject to forces beyond its control. to global financial crash
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revealed that greece has taken out a mountain of loans from european banks. at the urging of european leaders europe's financial institutions gave greece the biggest lonely in history. and most of that money flowed straight back to the mainly french and german banks that encourage them to borrow. but the loan conditions required extreme osteria to state spending cuts so severe that the economy shrank by a quarter of unemployment reached 27 percent prompting a huge rise this was. another condition was must privatisation of creek. today the strategically important port. it is one of the most important ports in the mediterranean and recently the greek government has sold 67 percent of the shares to a chinese company called. the docks are quiet today the selloff has prompted
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a better with the unions they say the troika of the international monetary fund the european central bank and the european commission are experimenting with a new kind of privatization. you would strike over the coming of the 20 days today and turned if they strike. the very going where going to trade unionists and me thinking since it's an international you know trying to use me think they very much interested thing the paper they say sure that this news thing there these 2 ports could escape and you should since the private i say even the port authority or at least city it's fish features on the part of your knowing that this is the vietnam war getting their forecasts for the for the headquarters and it will be privatized the day after and this building we've been given to the costco. because costco doesn't recognize unions the doctors fear they will go from being
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skilled employees with secure jobs to temporary workers with no rights. can you explain what is the difference between the working conditions is the part of peter's which is still old but the greek state part which is already all very close for they are using a complex system of self and thoughtless so there is no direct employment by costco . and precarious employment that means they work. 1215 days a month so there is no stable job for them there is no set in schemes of training professional train show that's why there are frequent. action then saying mr we know this maybe also this more that we subcontracting expanded to other ports in europe the last 6 years greece is an experiment for adroit and in the liberal policies. what they are tasting here they tried to export it in other countries in
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the european union. what we have seen in court today was that the biggest historical achievements of the european project. such as collective bargaining such a trade union organizing minimal wages all of this is actually disintegrating. many blame the chinese company cost but i'm meeting former greek finance minister yanis varoufakis who has passed punishing inside information about europe's part in the deal. seems this is not working. yeah this is. amongst the 1st things i did in the ministry they one day 2 was
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to embark upon a. kind of silent negotiation with the chinese authorities and with the costco c.e.o. and we agreed to collective bargaining and were allowing trade unions to present workers for other board if they were given the rest of the port secondly they agreed on a spectacular investment program of anything between 25300000000 euros within 18 months that would have been a fantastic injection of capital of activity of jobs in the port of the us and finally most importantly they would prepared the chinese government to contribute to contribute to purchase a bond a new bond that we would issue as a minister of finance up to 10000000000 so frankly that would help us return to the markets and create effective a signal to the rest of the world that this is back now i thought that there was
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a very good lead and guess what happened there was a telephone call from berlin to beijing saying keep of greece while you were negotiating with them and all deals were off because of course china is not going to jeopardize its relationship with the heart of europe. in order to seal a deal with us. currently the greek government is selling 67 percent of the part of the nose and under your deal it was supposed to be $51.00 right yes all those things that we had negotiated the dragon made sure that we're not part of the league just not want any european body from a country to even be to begin to imagine that if they voted people like us in they would get a better deal even for one person. although hugely important for greece is only a tiny part of the 35 year program of privatization across europe. sectors like railways energy poss banking and airlines were all part of the one trillion
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dollars of public assets privatized his $1008.00. because the united kingdom under margaret thatcher that led the charge for privatisation in europe. david hall has been studying the impact of it for over 30 years privatisation supposedly reduces prizes improve service and so on what has your experience and your studies it doesn't reduce prices and it usually doesn't improve services and in many cases it services worse. that's the basis on which prostrations always sold but immediately people have experience approaches ation almost the 1st thing that happens is that prices go up prices go up because the private companies are taken over or in the business of restructuring it to generate. returns that the public
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company didn't get. which might explain why it's usually made it popular resistance but it's almost always forced troops when you tell us well taking the referendum where clause promoting water privatization. the government tried to reintroduce that i left that water utilities in private. why do you think that most of the governments in europe but also in latin america and the states still stick to this kind of economic model privatisations are seen as an easy way of getting large amounts of money into government so you can use it either true or to reduce taxes and that's half actually used and that's how again the going governments do it and that's how for example countries like greece are being instructed to use it by the i.m.f. this is this is this is the core purpose of products as they should in a great concept system generate revenue to reduce the debt. and once
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something is in private hands it is at the risk of takeover by larger often foreign companies. i mean romania there recently protested against water and held privatization but nothing seems to get them as worked up as their forests. being handed back to private owners they've been heavily exploited by international investment firms and european would processing companies. on the border we transfer when he's one of the forest that has been decimated. it's be replaceable according to the lawyer representing forest owners who may now have the last intact through a forest landscape where the man has nothing to envy and least for a start. today are they are not protected. how far away is it actually one hour or depend on. their old one hour and
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a half day legal clear cutting mainly happens in remote places high up in the mountains. romania was a colony of the i was thrown given them and now is the said. in poorest country in the you get with you again it would appear a failure for just. a relative poverty means cutting gangs can exploit forest country can't afford to protect. the seed well he's known for it oh yeah you see it. you can walk so this is it finally and. from here we don't see it.
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it's bigger and it's what we can see here is completely illegal. usually you are not allowed to card to more than $300.00 or forest you cut and how big is this approximately. $15200.00 pictures of forest and tired are gone and you we need it now they are still cutting it they cut to every day since when did this start and what is the scale of this clear cutting in romania the big one it's beginning after 2000 to 2003. that was the moment when there's power for kompany or ponder 1st factory and. in our back on the austrian company whole stench 5 whole for our now romania's largest would processor they don't cut the woods themselves but they are able to offer a relative fortune to those who will mostly this clear cut style done by you know
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when young people in the gang cool. these forests forged the documents and when they reached for factory they had some documents to show them that into to respect any law. but at the factory some didn't even need forged documents. their own mental investigation agency posed as a cutting gang willing to ignore the law something that didn't present a problem for my little bit concerns me using rigidity fever that we have to reduce or be your least not what we get it from from our side. you decide what you want. we ask her for an interview but they declined so we turn to chance a green activist who has been. one
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of their employees a manager has admitted that if they run at full capacity there's no place for other processors on the market can you tell us once they end up in this factory where do they go this sawmill is actually slicing up the logs they make planks out of it and then they exported worldwide be to china japan or countries even usa it's a world market a main problem is the fact that there's not much left for us the added value happens somewhere else the jobs happen so to say some white house all of these exploitation of nature is happening in romania but nothing stays here it actually goes to other countries right yeah you stay in this in this vicious circle ok of selling more and more resources at the price that is being.
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created or fixed somewhere else outside of your country and you stay in a dependency of those resources. and you destroy your nature and you destroy your livelihood. this makes me wonder whether we can speak about a new kind of relationship which is very similar to the relationship which we had during dolls through gania mona. you have the empire you have western europe also in companies german companies french companies are cutting forests all around the mania in the pedophile the european union and then they are importing them back to europe. and the empire is using the natural resources not only for us but health care system education water and they are expecting to well you know in order to sort the sense of. so could we say that europe is actually polarizing itself.
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in malaysia plans to abolish the death penalty a dividing the. barrier with more than 1200 prisoners on death row one a one industry. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every year. i'm victoria my childhood was not always easy my mother was suffering from severe depression through making this film i hope to understand my mother's mental illness
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and to find out the conditions for the mentally ill have improved literally millions of people can be treated to receive no help or medications we all have a duty to change attitudes. mental illness breaking the silence on al-jazeera. my. well we're taking you to iran breaking into our coverage of iran senior nuclear negotiator the deputy foreign minister abbas is that out saying what's expected to be more reductions in his country's compliance for the 2015 nuclear deal he's joined by spokesman for the government of the representative of iran's atomic energy organization that's just listening to what they have to say the sions. today is this 7th of july and 1 of the issues not only important for iraq but also
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for the world and the rich you know the issue of international security a debate that. americans have unfairly started and that is another issue which is. a nuclear duo now the whole world and all the countries especially those who are after to international peace they are all worried about this matter and today this conference this press conference. will be dedicated in morse most of the part. will be dedicated to the issues that we had already raised. about nuclear terror and i would like to ask you to.
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to allow as. we talk about this matter for 45 minutes or session is going to be for one hour's shaw if we didn't have time to discuss internal issues we are going to hold and mother says shame during the next week or so that we answer their other issues as well otherwise if you have time we are going to talk about the internal issues as well. so basically initially i would like to announce that today. our agenda is. we are going to. pass a tree point 6 degree and in richmond actually will be did the level of the end richmond would be according to our needs so. in order to use this opportunity to answer your questions. i would like you.
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to give me your list. just as a tradition so. and you can think about your questions with regard to nuclear deal. we'll explain about it and also must come out of monday we'll be talking about that and. our colleagues can. ask course she was. teddy from elna. thank you very much mr achi and come on when they. like to ask mr cheney or maybe i missed a couple panty we have. been witnessing yesterday that. the international agency nuclear agency has been agreed to to the request of
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the americans. this sequence stuff the united states what do you think about it how do you appraise how do you assess the its results and also there are some talks about mr. tuck ron's conversation where the president. has asked for a mind days did a line or. time to speak to other partners in european do you have any assessment of the us. name of god. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and i'm very happy to be vids you here and thank you for. inviting me here. i would like to initially announced as mr robey saida today. we are today.
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this is the 60 days 68 days of our war request. and since all war requests. which included the sale of or oil is not implemented today we are going to take over 2nd this step and then the if if the 1st step. in the 1st list of vietnam start we are not going to be committed to all or result reserves of of investment you or any amount in the 2nd step we are going to announce that we are not committed to the level of the enrichment to day a letter was sent to mr to miss margaret any in which we have. clearly
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. mentioned. they ought to cause the lines of the. of the deal that we're not going to be committed to any longer and. and again we are going to give another 60 days time. and i would like to also explain that the process for decreasing the commitment of iran is actually in order to protect the nuclear and not to notify it so it is a it is possible that we are all were process is going to what we have a started is going to end the exit of iran. from from the deal back to the opportunity that we are true we are giving it will be an opportunity
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for talks and hopefully that some money and if people are not using this opportunity they shouldn't doubt about that determination of iran to leave a nuclear deal. but we believe that nuclear deal is an important international document their nuclear deal has recognized iran as. a power processing technology to nuclear technology including. fuel. nuclear fuel technology we are. we want to canteen new. nuclear deal but we also require all request has to be fulfilled and if not to be are going to revise of a position and if the european countries as they promised on not capable
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of providing or fulfilling what they have promised the irony here is that the americans who have who have left nuclear deal day have referred they have requested international agency. to assess the situation and of course the members of the age day agency any of them can be quest for review this is not an important issue but. the important think the important matter is that there the rest of their. nuke agency members like russia and china did not follow suit but the americans and saw americans are. again alone in this act and. their nuclear
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agency are going to listen to all our argument and iranian have. given. opportunity to diploma diplomacy and all were moving is a very legal it's legal and it is taken within the or the nuclear deal limits because we are actually using all we're only right to within. the din din nuclear do according to article to our number said to $36.00 and at the same time we are going to file our own comp. plained complaint from the americans and the european countries. at the agency and day to remove their actions also
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has caused. all or. commitment or less commitment i think that the conversation telephone conversation between the microphone and brawny was a constructive one and much. harder there have been some talks in bit between to people between the parties and. there are ways there are situation there is a situation in which we can find a way of course it's not going to be easy they're willing is there. mr mokoena understood rouhani had talked to god the last night and there has been an agreement about making going to perch in 80. to provide us to provide conversation but to continue talks between.
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the parties. there has been some debates and talks about this issue and we are hoping that their foreign ministers are going to meet again at any rate the diplomacy. route is open and hoping that iran's request about selling oil is going to be fulfilled. you can put all questions to. miss louie from front is. so my 1st question from mr come on monday. you said that 2nd step is going to be implemented today.
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and old like. piece explain more about this summer she was. there was there any round in. there was any there was a news about the iranian tanker i would like to take i would like you to explain more mists must run where. good morning to you. mr chilcote on monday you can answer my questions or whether we got today ditto. of the. breach meant you didn't experience it going to be 5 percent as it is there any chance that we are giving more time to european or.
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their level of enrichment built race. thank you very much. mr bradby say. today is the 60th day of the deadline and our deadline is over and to day in accordance to do creed that we received from our national security council today we have to take all or 2nd the step which has taken already an ice as i said yet before. if. they're needed. to be time so previously at the time was an issue and now the time and a time frame is not an issue any issue any longer right now as i am talking to you
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. he did changes that we have given ended chu and we're going to deliver 2 agency to their representative in iran. in a matter of few hours the technical war is going to be over and the enrichment over of treif the level of $3.00 is going to be a start to morrow morning when agency it international nuclear agency is going to test a day would see that we have gone over $3.00 we had already talked about that. present situation and they were told that fulfilling. we were told that the what we have to consider is the fulfilling of all or needs the needs that we have in our country is the power plant state reactors and the
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research reactors and in the long term we have other plans will at each of these levels each of these needs basically require different level of impeachment and currently what we are doing is to provide fuel for all or. a nuclear power. reactors. and. the level of. basically the level of enrichment and the storage of the of the fuel is going to be. it's. increasing. this heat for both of them is also going to be. increasing we do have all the. a needs about to be currently don't have any need for there to head around the
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actor. with regard to the. international agency. or assessment is that this is what americans have been doing in the past 30 years. from their point of view. it would have been better that another country would have done this and it's obvious that they are isolated now but we can also anticipate even from right now what will happen what will be the result of what. because of the americans. with regard to nuclear deal. 40 some pull one of them out today. about this story of. a shortage of. their enrichment nuclear.
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materials on mosul the level of enrichment none of them have anything to do with the. technical aspects that has been grazed n d n d agreement. for. honey from. bush lied about not going on. hello good morning with regard to. the financial handle. no track the action has been there just to until now in this panel and. that is one of the reasons iran has decreased its the commitment and has taken to
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its steps but what do you think about the future of this process. and the old school according to our experience from european they may be wanting to kill time is it were assessment could you also. because. only one question per person please. ok we have another question similar to the miss america to you all please ask your questions on the stocks you will answer all of them. hello to everyone mr off the last. conference last session that you had. you explained that there is
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a difference between what iranian expect and what the european is doing so. you also said talked about oil and. sell of oil what is your anticipation of. what's your anticipation whether or not the european are going to actually do something that is beneficial to all or not show interest. well i'm going to. the last question 1st. if you're a pin. through. it and sakes. could have provided all or needs we are not in this situation today the reason we are starting the next. taking the 2nd this step is precisely
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because the european couldn't implement couldn't fulfill all were requests. and they couldn't do much about selling. selling oil in stakes is an initial it's good as a base between iran and europe but. long chain gulf this mechanism has been too long and there is an old. second point is that it's not going to war unless the european countries by. oil from iran and. dedicate this system this mechanism. as a as basically at times action methods between iran and europe szell. in stakes actually has been launched of course. and branch is working
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now there are. tough members here and there has been. some transaction as just to show that this mechanism is working however until. this is recognized officially by to european union it will not be enough and should not forget that the european countries all are trying to. you know that the fact that the european are trying to make a mechanism and help iran iran to cope with the sanctions it's a good thing but if it doesn't work then then it's no use. most of the european countries who are part of the. this mechanism.
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and there are more countries who are going to join this financial can. reason that we are here is because european failed to fulfill all their demands but they are trying. to help us and that is also another factor the fact that european on trying they're trying to do something good so there have been some conversation both formal and informal and of the are hoping that we will reach. to a better solution otherwise off the 60 days we are going to take another step lead to regard to. what we. explained in our letter. to the letter from mr zarif to greeny we explained that iraq is a completely different. issue because the modernization of iraq has
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been delayed and f d a. rest of the kountry. fail to. return iraq to the timetable that they had developed already off course we are going to return to all were planned. or to go back to our plan and. move forward by ourself of course we have had some good progress is about iraq. and china and britain. party have had situations with you around eons. from the contracts that had to be signed some of them are signed some of them are under discussion mr
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come on monday is going to explain more about it technically we really had good progress but we are still watching closely the process. of of iraq and if. iraq a process is returned to its. to a timetable that we agreed upon it would be good otherwise we are going to make up our own decision but right now because we have had some progresses we are going to see wait and see whether or not these. progresses is going to result in fulfilling all the demands however the iraq iraq will be one of the. one of the moves that we are going to change at the end of the next 60 days about the kind this is there to put your. 2000000000 was 2000000 barrels
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was. its its capacity and that is why it couldn't pass through scannell and that is why it that it went through through. this a nation of. a destination of this tanker was not syria basically. the port in syria which war was named as that this that nation off this tanker doesn't have the capacity for the tanker to to to stop that and there is no law that allows the english government the british government to. confiscate this. this. yes. from our point of view this is
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a piracy we are in contact with the british the british there was them on someone today. for him many street yesterday and he came again. the ambassador or spain ambassador as all szell someone down here talking to them and they are also legal procedures taking. control of course for protecting over national interests we are going to try all the. mechanisms and we are not going to. we're not going to stop trying and if needs to be we are. with regard to the. tango did british say that they are following day european. sanctions but we have been witnessed
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we were witnessed at actually some of the european countries such as this pain. against it and some other countries some other ye european countries have been expressed concerns about the comfort skating's of this oil tanker and do another point of view this is a piracy. that has been taken place by did request of the. of the of the americans. sure there are 2 other colleagues i would like you to ask your questions. mr arace you. you. spoke about mr macro not mr rouhani but.
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with the guard. that rouhani. last night say that. sanctions can be. sanctions can be. initially remained 2 or between 5 plus one countries this point 5 plus one kountry did this expression that he used was the 1st time what did to mean exactly ok. one more comment now you you talked about iraq but. also used spoke about. the 2nd. phase or the 2nd move that you had the missile has some desire you also asked the questions with regard to nuclear deal. yes.
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my colleague will explain about my question. is that iran. the reason for iranian. decrease their commitment to a nuclear deal is because of their european actions and the european have been trying hard to keep iran in their nuclear deal is there any way to say patients about creasing. of all or commit to mend. what will be. did he sold is it possible that actually iran's action is going to.
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make european to actually exit the. exacta nuclear do you got to honda up. i think maybe you were president. ok so that's the reason that you raised the question actually bieber and what has happened there in iraq is that the pipes end it is a via. they filled it with concrete and at that time. actually. we did that because we knew that they can be opened. technically. did not your own. and that we need technically and the new reactor
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is. many times more done the old reactor. and especially because they are also good for post ideation examination which is needed. which is needed but they don't have it right now sure. if you ask this technical question from the agency. about which one we have to continue using they will say that the modernized react will be better because the old one is an older technology the only concern that they have not. although. tony i'm. ended a new reactor. is possible.
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during the design and of course all are on. our own experience don't doubt. for want to be a doing is trying to. do in a way that both of these reactors can. can be used at anytime debt to be one that's right now our preference is to use the current modern reactor. to use it of course a debt has been some contracts that has not been signed but now end up past few weeks we have had some progress and will now we are hoping that the new reactor will be are going to have to new reactor and therefore. even.
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past. had anticipated that i actually had to work on this reactor will be delayed because of the problems that you may face but currency would this situation that the react to how. well. we are able to use any of these reactors. but. we need not try and. that is the main job of this reactor sol we are able to go. forward. for the new reactor at the chinese have been very cooperative of course they are under immense pressure. from the united states i'm sure you have heard about it.
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and of course. but. right now we are going to act according to the way. all or. all or part of us all reeking of either not very. but right now the progress is going well. for me. i see similar questions here and. all the questions will be answered. good day to everyone we had the experience. experience from negotiating. europeans. experience has
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been that every time there has been one voice from iran then we have achieved but totally so. that there are some. some groups who are misusing the information about. nuclear do and sense. because. the nuclear deal is important for every single person in iran what is your assessment of its benefits if insured benefit to do iranian people. would like to. ask the last question 1st well. you say it rightly saw that we need a unique voice
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a young unity voice from inside iran for national matters and this has. this has existed up until now and of course there has been some disagreement but then our own plot and this helps us to recognize all war is weak points and to resolve them i did i don't think that these disagreements are very negative as long as they are not. overshadowing goal or. national interest with regard to the nuclear deal we have also. have had all or unity voices from inside iran and. even when you hear on this side to decrease its commitment to nuclear deal it was supported by
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majority of the people and also the different groups which is which is good to understand or and to be is going to explain more about this whether it got to the question. of mentioning 5 plus one i have to mention explain that europeans because they couldn't fulfill all were demands from the nuclear deal and that is why we took the 2nd the step that doesn't mean that diplomacy has been. suspended nor of course we still there are formal and informal public and. private contacts and between different. different at different levels even at higher levels as you witnessed last
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night because the conversation between mistake my corn on mr ronnie our idea is that there. conversation that is going on between us and 4 plus one in case it is needed. can be can also participate mr rouhani says that there is no. problem with the americans participation provided that this sanctions are lifted and then. of course that doesn't. mean that we are going to have another 5 plus one because from our point of view americans have left they left their nuclear deal and there is a normal norm or 5 plus one but last night when we talked about 4 plus one or
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4 plus one was that difference to the kountry is 4 countries that. that can actually speak with the iranian if americans want to join this it is possible provided that all the sanctions are lifted and this has been discussed with mr micron as well and. hope for leave it that decision taken but both presidents from iran we. want to be able to work on initiatives that will lead to more conversation a more contacts. would like to also complement to question of my friend there are. have been 2 sides to nuclear you. know. some. one group said that nuclear deal is of no use this
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is used shouldn't have signed it. from the beginning this is one side of the argument and right now naturally this group still believes that. nuclear deal shouldn't be there and even if it is gone. ok there is no problem with that the other group say that at any cost we have to stay and a nuclear deal what i believe is that of course despite that different opinions which is the right for right of everyone. and using these. opinions actually based on due these opinions we are going to have.


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