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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 27  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 5:32pm-6:03pm +03

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damage came as a paralyzing after a deadlock or it don't put a de corps departed i mean the spawn of the bomb on the on you would do something about it give the doom about him they had their joys you didn't just read can dissolve all munda lose some difference on you would you do something new cabal saw a federal puppet i'll buy a culvert stove would be good i mean use my meters the was a poor said deploy let me use them and let them get the bad to the plaza wait wait gotta be for connla contacts before cornet the memoir geography dillard's on back before what i mean is a multi with undecided deploying a little amp but to really lay a little beast into some punches i'll funded it will see is a lot on cellular suki is so fluid is not on the secular minister must simply of wonderful what a fat little pet i still feel i mean instead of in the uptown front that i must
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acknowledge sundays. for coming to a new song a nap 3 or 4 said define security money in luneta lump russell pa for somalians up to your report for money and your crock a lap dance your but i can flex them and their parking tickets yonder will develop got that there's a difference. lou just put up of what a fast fast. community near but you know shows age appropriate for pluto little reply said the context from your local brown them so you know i mean it's mom for all my antibiotics and mine for fall and it would do some did you know that there was chances or risk of intercommunal violence before it took place in the village of the with the go in the early month of march or late february were you aware that there could be some violence there if you had seen your sister in law lose of on not to need to drop the low key part on kitty you. only
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deposal only would do guatemala. city will look. up to the existing party dissociating or. you have dealership shifted the show in a key city to poor. little business. to . practice on it will be. the shift so to done the ground. does community social decay did. their community their. savior. who are living in we've seen drone footage from the un peacekeeping mission so you knew that these attacks were going to take place or that there was tension and you say that the minister forces did intervene how did they intervene don't have an example.
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so by now. i mean. you know part of it and what does indeed the army on the. do pierre. for dear life. decisions. back at the show's differences come. on i did the does and if you do. the simple math just proved. one of them which would really have the benefits that york. was. told to do. it would have been a little bit. don't. you know.
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when you would just say this is society. and that of a new order of the. not. so. what. forsberg. will. deploy. when you. lose of war. those of us will go on among you just. give it a deep. doo doo wop. forced . to prophesy a long. complex and. in a proper indicative complete d.c.d. . problem. it was obvious to succumb to some of the.
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and i understand you're investigating these cases but i also investigating the municipal itself for its failure to protect the population but also to ensure that you're able to respond more quickly if there is another attack like this reserve it is or. lose adoptee a loved one or kenya prophesied kiam one count on duty and to have been examples. before she supposed. focused on a difficult concept. to me i thought at that. point you. are there not a couple city which would you fit the part to. be that door in new york. i was depressed.
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and force you to lose your money damn. particular credit but i said i'm going to. let that i'm going to perceive. the. human document your coffee and the carter center has been very critical towards the government and the armed groups saying there's a backsliding of this accord but also of the international community because there's been a 6 peace agreements that have been signed and in this one the international community has a role to implement to ensure that this peace deal goes through has the international community failed mali. or jordy. or. it's. really i mean. you're good asked us to talk or. exist you just keep.
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to. it for. us so put it to put a vision. of what it. would be your see them in the 1st ocean remember something out of there and. then down the. to was. if posed to you for local dodgy men in food you can see a lot on. this loser. how can we find peace in mali and in this a hell. lot of these are. met with you but i'm in the plaza mini. probably 60 to do something to my leave it at that. i didn't have enough to result in a force of difference in security it will soon be in shock. disorganization. and
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there's been unprecedented protests in the streets of bamako. earlier this year against the government saying that he they're not doing enough to protect the population is the government failing its population is president. failing the population as the situation deteriorates. daughter. and interior do stuff there's a lot of them are are doing a lot of and if you can get. your problem a complex does your fault you're prepared to defend magic rock a deceptive to tie literally. will dig up the said duck body with $2.00 and $1.00 of them are there a lot of them in the end but i'll buy extra more important your crock look what i'm on or thought you'd full look to see after the failure looks you want to stick up a few selected ischia complex so back to the bottom are no fadia me likely to
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complexity for couple minutes at the most or not but i'll quote so we've spoken to dogo leaders in salon leaders they say that they've called for help for the 1000000 soldiers to come and help them when these attacks took place but they never did they never came then we spoke to them ali in security forces that they see some of the soldiers are are afraid to go on the ground they call for the men use math for help but the minister never shows up how do you explain that a lot of imagine a c.b.s. show the producer who's. on time to cement the i'm too soft before local garage for a long time the margin is supposed to secure gentle enough time to jaclyn attempts a lot of them again. numbers and missiles and if they didn't there is not a 1000000 through 4 of them enough to keep out a member fed lapid on the continent of africa on your clock for pluto plus you a companion 1000000 of was sitting up of what saddam meant up what if you keep it
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like saddam let that send it by law to be focused. on ned lamont acidic most of you on ned lamont what seems to be sticking a soapbox. over half of the un peacekeeping missions are in former french colonies notably some of them in french speaking africa like the central african republic or here in mali is that just a coincidence. no need for comment but i like to visit her shows. on the new. willy video not the top of the musical saga of war. kill a much what he did to me son depends on offer to pull off a bus killer lead there after bus shot be. known poppy to
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we're looking. for a faceted. no camp problem to move around. and problem to develop a more and problem that's got a lot of democratic you supposed the clue to a lot bellyful allowance or that's possible after the goodness all tools of it get blocked on the wholesale collusion who do then cause policies and thus you will not say. that if you come off a poor kid and processes an astronaut so the pool of water ensure democratic but on spot are over there are 2 long years african bloc at the top of the prom the lot of this the meme if there was no meaning sna no g 5 tell no bar can with these governments in this hell or even here in mali be able to hold power just 0 zero's experience because it but isn't that i mean it's monday. while you blew the post even. close on houston us on our list to figure out
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a man you could be spot on the. lot of distant you don't forgive we're going to miss you on the tele was a. meme see i did izzy a lot. of what you saw in the sort of post of it and if it was said earlier on a party. he does electional the music was let me show him to pay then i suppose you need a 2nd in a slow jam a popular such realistic. their current journalistic encore necessary skill enough so union men want to take it to defeat because except by sound kind of thing. dippy disses unfamiliarly do get on the outs kenya plusa on quite a bizarre idea the shows you need on encore business i did miss on the luck bit millimeter film depicts sudden a buffet it full and croissants just an astronaut's key research they got on to you . just to be seated on the field in the in the security council there are some
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disagreements with the mandate of this u.n. mission that the americans want you to. do more for less it's a $1000000000.00 mission and the french say stay the course what does this mission need personal need you can for continue. and you can let me show will. let me show up what to do more than i want to. say they add up their own portable use put for the new york walk of disappointed. yes. they are sick he does kill us you just know if you don't need you talk with the fossil gen also you know if you fall for loose. moment solemnity thank you very much for talking to. victoria my childhood was not always easy my mother was suffering from severe
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depression through making this film i hope to understand my mother's mental illness and to find out if the conditions for the mentally ill have improved literally millions of people can be treated to receive no help me to change since we all have a duty to change attitudes. mental illness breaking the silence on al-jazeera. luck plug. plug plug. plug plug plug plug. plug
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plug. plug let. the luck. live. in the ghetto 71 a deep thing on italian much and set out on an extraordinary journey from marco polo followed the silk road to santa to the hot of complex carbs empire. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the descent distance echoes of last words under the mind of water and who survives history. couplet on al-jazeera.
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only jews you want to. intrude. are on plans to step up uranium enrichment and the next few hours breaching agreed upon limits but it still wants to see the nuclear deal. and richelle carey this is al jazeera life photo hall so coming up alison's are
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protesters back on the streets in hong kong for an extradition laws change this time taking their message to tourists from mainland china. greeks vote in the 1st general election since the end of financial bailouts. and seeking peace in afghanistan the u.s. calls the latest talks with the taliban the most productive so far as a separate meeting on the country's future kicks off. a ronald reagan and reaching uranium to higher levels in the next few hours and past limits set under the 2015 nuclear deal they announce that was made by the deputy foreign minister at a news conference and tehran in the past hour or on says there will be a further scaling down of commitments to the deal every 60 days but it's still open to. ochs with european countries to try to save the deal. we are
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going to announce that we are not committed to the level of the in breach meant. a letter was sent to. me in which we have. mentioned to cause deadlines of the deal that you're not going to be committed to any longer and again we are going to give another 60 days time and i would like to also explain that the approaches for decreasing the commitment of iran is actually in order to protections the nuclear did give the dorsett a part of his life for us in tehran so course of this was not unexpected nevertheless it was a rather lengthy and detailed press conference about the country's position so what else did we hear from officials. well we heard from the deputy foreign minister who said that diplomacy is not being abandoned by the
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iranians in fact they are trying their best to maintain in this deal and that they're trying to keep it going but that there are steps they're taking to ensure that this deal stays in place because they feel that the european signatories have not up out there on the deal since the united states withdrew last year the spokesperson for the government said that the future of this deal is very important let's hear what else have to say. well because the deal was a good thing because it. was benefiting from this nuclear deal but the americans made the strategic mistake of eckstein from the agreement we're not prepared to stay the nuclear deal at any cost whatever we have been doing until today is protect the deal but it also depends on the saudis to respect this. the future of this deal is certainly important for this government but also the economic situation iran finds itself in since the united states impose
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a series of sanctions on the oil and banking sector this is the reason the iranians have taken the steps and they said in the next 60 days if the europeans again fail to do anything to uphold their end of the deal the 3rd phase of scaling back their commitment to the nuclear agreement will be the restarting of the iraq nuclear reactor under the 2015 agreement the nuclear reactor in the facility was stopped they put cement into it to actually completely shut it down and that is one of the main things that they are thinking about restarting if the europeans fail to actually uphold their end of the deal now we know a bit rainy president has been speaking to his french counterpart emmanuel the one hour phone conversation on saturday evening where we believe that a series of issues were talked about and this really has the iranian somewhat more optimistic about the fact that the europeans will try to do what they can to say
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this right there sort of are live in tehran for a source the thank you. harry is the director of the gulf study center at qatar university he says iran is trying to push its limits to set the agenda for negotiations with the u.s. . iran in 2005 had the directed any deal with the europeans without having washington on board now if there is a negotiation with the europeans without the united states on board this means basically the united states will be out of the the whole deal which washington does not want to be and a trump his plan was very clear this pressure he's made in making iran is to achieve one goal which is bringing back iran to the negotiation table they're onions now they say we are not willing to negotiate i think iranians they want to
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set the scene for the negotiation they want to see what was expected to be presented by the united states they want to see what are the conditions that the united states will be submitting to the iranians so they can go to the negotiation at the end of the day 2 parties have no interest to us collate more and the only exit strategy for them is to go back and to speak to each other now every every side now trying to you know to exceed the limit push as much as they can to get from the other side more concession so they can set the scene for the negotiation and have better deal of what they have now according to the american mystery. protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped this time around being held and how and where tens of thousands are marching towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from
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china about their struggle. voting is underway in greece's general election the 1st since the end of the financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting a defeat for a left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called an early election after his series of party standing lost in the european parliament elections in may new democracy leader to talk us is set to beat him johnson has the latest from athens. the main issue in this election is the economy has been in power for 4 and a half years has nursed greece out of the fiscal adjustment program as it's called it's the austerity program essentially that has been overseen by greece's eurozone partners in august of last year greece was declared fit to approach international money markets again and borrowed from them and that has been successfully happening but what hasn't happened is that greece isn't yet a true success and recovery story the greek economy is growing as
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a weak rate of about 2 percent a year and that is what is forecast for the next 2 years as world new democracy is coming and saying we can no longer afford to grow at this rate the greek economy shrank by a quarter jury and its recession it now has to grow by at least 4 percent and for that to happen greeks have to be given tax cuts corporate tax cuts income tax cuts social security contributions cuts that is the platform they are running on they're saying that city doesn't understand how to make the economy more competitive we do the main response from cesar is how can you possibly trust the person that helped to bankrupt greece in the 1st place voters seem to have now decided that with its new leader new democracy does stand a chance of delivering something new but possibly the new leadership will stand above the rank and file of the party and force them into a reformist program. at least 8 people have been killed in the latest violence in
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afghanistan a car bomb went off in the central province of gazan all those who died were afghan security personnel and at least 49 civilians were injured the government blamed the taliban for the attack that's been carried out as meetings on the country's future are taking place in qatar germany is mediating the gathering in doha at separate from the talks with the united states which have been put on hold for 2 days to accommodate the enter afghan talks around 60 afghan officials. including politicians and women are sitting down with the taliban itself the meeting will pave the way for peace across afghanistan ellabella says following the talks. talks are under way here in door of the doors behind me here delegation about 15 taliban members and more than 60 f. the answer flow when in 1st century borders and ice breaker between the groups as they try to find a roadmap of how to integrate the taliban and the government into one as part of the store so they've been going on nearly in between the americans and the taleban
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over the next 2 days they'll discuss with a par. they move food in and how to get these peace talks moving you will send the taleban have had the servant of talks this weekend or they have focused on the trip with for all of them so that the taliban could get your wits assurances that they will essentially police afghanistan will not allow. attacks. against the lists in the global so they are actually still working through those negotiations they've taken a 2 day break to allow the taliban to meet with the government as they move forward hoping that within a matter of weeks this this be able to move forward into more formal negotiations between the afghan government and that's going. to head on al jazeera we're looking at what the new african free trade agreement could mean for farmers and.
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comparable to the father of bossa nova brazil lose a musical legend. welcome so the look at the international focus with the usual showers across southeast asia 30 of sunshine around but in the heat of the day of course you may well see some lively showers a brewing up kuala lumpur saying $73.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours a k. you always want to see if you shop showers here but that's about half a month's worth 24 hours this time if you are some or show is coming in across the peninsula right down into smart monday and only into choose david as
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a case of spot the difference will be some showers around the gulf of thailand bangkok could see some wet weather and in asia lousy dry as one would expect and that's also the case across a good part of australia but we have seen some wet weather just making its way through the bite pushing down across south australia into victoria ahead of that with high pressure in charge things happen on the quad side lightweights led to some fog and you can see this is the same in sydney over the last couple of days it's certainly been on the quiet side if things should move through as we go on through the next day i'll say that bad a cloud of rain will make its way further east was 16 celsius there to sydney was some rain pushing through but fine and dry by the time we come to choose day. mexico's most loved so exposes the reality of more than life to fiction.
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books reveals the drama behind the camera this week the produces focus on the difficulties facing indigenous women and the power superstition still holds over a large section of society oh ok 2 wounds episode 3 of soap box mexico only al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories right now iran will increase in reaching its uranium levels in the next few hours reaching the limits of the 2015 nuclear deal tehran says it will begin scaling down commitments to the agreement every 60 days but insists it is still open for talks. or just as
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a return to the streets of hong kong and their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped these are live pictures of the crowds there tens tens of thousands of people marching towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about their struggle. voting is underway and race is general election the 1st sense financial bailouts and it opinion polls are predicting defeat for the far left prime minister alexis tsipras the new democracy leader is tipped to be. opposition parties and activists in algeria are demanding elections in 6 months they want an end dependent body to oversee the poll several groups took part in a national forum for dialogue meeting on saturday or democracy protests began in february which led to the resignation of longtime president of tell us he's been afflicted for tori get the reports. in the seaside resort to find baby.


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