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tv   Mahamat Saleh Annadif  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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coming over here. trump paraphernalia get out pretty quickly towards the police line but that is between the. boys and 2nd it really is reflective of what's happening. but there is that fear that certainly in the right wing the right wing channels of communication have been talking about revenge. and instead. saturday when they had a similar. protest as. things the former u.s. vice president joe biden has apologized for his remarks about working with segregationist sentences during his early days in congress rival democratic party white house hopefuls have highlighted his opposition to a federal policy in the 1970 s. to integrate black students into the public school system folks now was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those
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men who are successfully opposed time and again yes i was i regret it i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody but. that misstep to find 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights racial justice in this country i hope not i don't think so. that just isn't an honest assessment of my record and i'm going to let my record of my character stand for self and not be distorted or smeared. still to come here on al-jazeera the netherlands are looking to cause a major upset in the women's world cup final we'll tell you about the build up to their showdown with the usa in the sports news with fara on the other side of this break.
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can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy our look at there is not a magical on has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed salah hina de for talks to al-jazeera. the most. versatile problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a v i'm not a woman over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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the brazilian musician known as the father of the bossanova has died at his home in rio de janiero joie gilberto was 88. the girl from ipanema was a global hit in 1964 a track from his multi-million sally selling grammy winning album that helped popularize the fusion of somebody jazz which became known as the bossa nova sound for a while to say he's left a huge musical legacy. felix contreras hosts the latino show on national public
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radio in the u.s. he says killed it was hugely influential in brazil and beyond. it was one of these kind of people that you can put a marker down and talk about what the world was like before him and what the world was like after him because he had such a profound influence on music on the culture and society there in brazil and what he did was he didn't really create he sort of created something new but more more he transformed it transformed the sound of that you mentioned before he transformed it into something sort of stripped it down to it as it's down to the pulse really and just with his guitar technique and his voice that you hear on the break right there and a little bit of music he transformed it because it's very boisterous very loud very fast it's like an extrovert paradise. bossanova just the complete opposite and that's what he helped establish and decide it would take another generation to really understand his influence and his impact on brazilian music and music in
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general because bossa nova had a huge influence on jazz had a huge influence on popular music there was a special relationship between the united states and brazil and they spoke the same language and the bus in over was one of those things that helped bring those 2 countries together and those those kind of things are some of some of his legacy as well. farming in the shadow of the world's highest mountains has never been easy and climate change is making it even more difficult sabina stressed or not reports from the villages are having to come up with innovative ways to grow their crops because of a lack of water. there is a drought here and garbage district but culture basically doesn't seem to be suffering this canopy of green has been made possible because people here have changed the way they've harmed. the village tap runs only for a few hours a day coming at the mills and i says the farmers don't waste any water every drop
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is trained to do this pool for their crops. as the temperatures have risen so to have the number of pairs i mean. this added. earlier we want over there and we would literally spray the village with chemicals these are much better. she is referring to the eco friendly compost she uses now gone are the chemicals that once made her body ache and gave her headaches i did a few years ago these streams were a constant source of water now it's just a trickle the springs that feed into these streams have all but dried up people here say the monsoon rain patterns have changed the rain still come but they're now followed by long periods of drought at the international center for integrative medicine development easy mode climate change scientists on back the trust us says people across the region should prepare for disasters caused by a changing climate this includes prolonged period of drought intercepted by floods
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from intense monsoons for others it could bring floods from the accident rated ice smells of the himalayan glaciers listen this is also to go through this. picture. later in 2016 nearly 200 nations signed the paris accord that seeks to limit any average global temperature rise to one and a half degrees celsius. but even if that goal is meant scientists predict that by the year 2 to $100.00 at least one 3rd of the glaciers in the region will have melted managing those extremes so that's going to be the most important factor. in the future the decision for know the farmers of this village to pay but they don't know for how long swedish russia topic district and. time for the sports news we've been joined by far thank you so much peter the final of the women's world cup
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kicks off later on sunday holders the united states face european champions the netherlands and o'neill the u.s. are the competitions most successful fied they're looking to win a 4th world title for the level ends it's their 1st time ever in the final the match concludes what's been a record breaking turnin according to fifa ball's governing body says the matches have already reached 850000000 viewers worldwide. the candy store right now this is the absolute best stage i can feel already more anxious and more nervous than in the other games. you know and just you know looking around and seeing in my teammates that kind of excitement anxious focus that you have to have in these moments we are european champions but we have a group we want to have one have more and that we are sending in the final now at the world cup on the highest level of involvement soccer yeah that this to get some
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amazing our reporter paul reese joins us now live from leo and all it's being said the netherlands are began their august going into the match but could they pull off an upset against the u.s. do you think. yes they certainly are the underdogs but if there's any team in world football at the moment this used to upsetting the odds it's the netherlands i mean just to give you some context to the recent achievements of this team the last world cup in 2015 was the 1st time they ever qualified for a world cup they only finished 13th in the entire tournament 2 years later they went on to win the european championships that's a huge achievement for this dutch team they just seem to be going from strength to strength a 1st world cup final in their history here in leon against the usa. of course no matter what the team playing against the usa just is the biggest challenge in
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women's football full stop there 4 times elin pick champions they've won 3 world cups and they've not had not set this tournament on fire but in beating some very good teams sweden spain the hosts france england in the semifinals they've had a serenity about them they simply don't panic in pressure situations and it's very hard to see the relinquishing this chance to win a 4th world cup on the other hand perhaps surprisingly this would be the 1st time they had won back to clark world cup final so that does show that they can be beaten on this stage. and mention france went out of the turn meant is there still much interest there. well france and really got behind their team earlier on in the tournament up to the quarter finals where they face the usa the very influential sports newspaper le keep carried the
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1st 1012 pages on the on the world cup it's died down a bit since then as you might imagine any host nation going out in the cold a final stage the top is going to lose a bit of local interest it's still front page news but it's a lot being given over to the tour de france now on the other hand where this final is is the real center of women's football in front since who are the the champions all the european champions are olympic lyonnais a lot of what seems to be young girls teams here for this final amid the 10s of thousands of dutch usa fans who are here. ok paul reece reporting live for us from leone thanks for now a few hours after that game the file the copa america will be happening in rio host brazil face peru follows what was a dramatic play off for 3rd place between argentina and chile both sides went down to 10 men for half time after lena last seen here in the del were shown straight
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red cards following their shoving match decision confirmed by video assistant referee calls from sergio where and how low before the incident helping argentina into the 21 point. the shock exit of host egypt at the africa cup of nations that cost their coach his job just hours after the defeat to south africa in the last $16.00 of the year where with fact egypt are record 7 time winners of the tourney. a mob would sour and his team mates went down to a single goal scored by them the yaki more church in the 85th minute south africa will face nigeria in the quarter finals nigerians got through by dumping out champions cameroon the super eagles came back from $21.00 down to win $32.00 only on gallo scoring twice and setting up the winner for arsenal's alex it will be. with a combined 16 wimbledon singles and doubles titles between them the power pairing
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of serena williams and andy murray are through to the 2nd round of the mixed doubles after a 6461 win in their 1st i gather it was the 2nd match of the day for both players williams earlier advancing for the singles while murray was eliminated from the men's double. quotes to me it's definitely. own sim's share court will indeed specially this particular stage and like i said whenever your grand slam winner you always learn something. but he is still young and i really. only. we still have a lot. and it's official and the star anthony davis is officially an l.a. lakers player the 26 year old 6 time all star will be paired with le bron james well lakers gave up brandon ingram long the ball and josh hart for the blockbuster trade after a disastrous season l.a.
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will be hoping the 2 will be the lakers back to the top of the n.b.a. they last won the championship and 20 times. ok and that is all your support for that peter back to you thanks very much when we come back i'll have 30 minutes of al-jazeera world news on the other side of this to open a great city or so. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people a bigger. rebel beaks. on. josie.
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and her husband gavin worsley when 14 i just broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run the fall of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and knowing there was a far cry can it be kind my rolling all if you lot some of it was because the place because i'm involved only started choice and they just fables and that crowd it all narrative in the media at the top of a lot of political pressure. these people like me can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to face i thought have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. to his
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supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders manning the ramparts against migrant told. to others viktor orbán is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values. people in power investigates the leader taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a 0. stepping up its uranium enrichment will pass the limits of the 2050 nuclear deal by monday morning. hello and welcome to watching all. 0 live from our headquarters here in doha also
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coming up tens of thousands of protesters back on the streets of hong kong this time aiming their message of people arriving from mainland china. greeks vote in their 1st general election since the end of the financial bailouts. also ahead launching a single market among 55 nations african leaders gathering in need to create a new way to trade. iran is starting to enrich uranium to high levels which will exceed the limits set under the 2050 nuclear deal the newly increased level still falls short of the amount required to create nuclear weapons tehran has also warned it will continue to scale down its commitments the deal every 60 days but it says it's still open to talks with the european nations to try to save the agreement that her little girl he has right now the sessions are being designed between the 4 plus one countries
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we're not in a hurry we don't need everything to be done in the next few days but we insist that we assess all solutions that might exist and talk about them. for such a body has more from tehran. diplomacy is not being abandoned that's according to the deputy foreign minister following today's announcement now the rain in some said as of monday morning when the inspectors see the country's latest enrichment levels they will have increased it from the 3.67 percent that's good that was agreed under the 2015 nuclear deal but iran hasn't specified how much higher they will go they said that it will depend on the country's needs now the foreign minister zarif has tweeted his reaction that this these steps are absolutely necessary for iran in order to preserve the country's interests but they are reversible as soon as the remaining signatories the european signatories of the nuclear deal make good on their promise and comply with this nuclear agreement so
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for now iranian officials have given the european countries another 60 days in an attempt to salvage the nuclear deal. france one is formally the french ambassador to tehran he says the u.s. president is desperate to present some success on the international front with a new iran nuclear deal there's no more. image good dancer producer born one needs a balk one tone of. lightly and ritual radium to be of course further enrich to 90 percent of course there are still very far very far from this quantity of your radio and there's no other of course another factor which would be really dense or would be that iran if iran expelled international nuclear inspectors. who are precisely controlling the nature of the
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program the extent of its program this is what north korea did in 2002 and this opened the way to the bomb but to know we have no signal in this direction coming from iran trampy nothing man o'war a noise he wants to use fact basically he wants to fight a deal with iran on the on his own turn the call but this is what you want in this special you are there is then the. electoral campaign you know for the next presidential election he would like very much to put a feather on his skull you know because he has an earth to knowing he has no big fix this you know in the in international affairs norwich sorry no no we're not really are and perhaps iran could be the in the solution and no way for him to present at least
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a visible success protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fights to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped this time around it's being held in kowloon where tens of thousands are marching towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about. mcbride has the latest from hong kong. literally thousands of people swamping the streets of calhoun district homecoming on this demonstration it several hours after the start of this march and the march is still going on the end of the march is the main terminus the 2nd day hong kong to mainland china by high speed rail that is now completely surrounded by thousands of demonstrators thing the whole object of this march according to the organizers was to educate mainland visitors who often come to this part of hong kong to do a lot of market luxury shopping and so on is to tell them all about the extradition
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route we have seen our number of interactions between these protesters and also made on visitors that have been very good natured as they've been handing out leaflets to many of these days i'm visitors who for the most part of being good news to see such a sight of course hong kong is one of the only cities in china where you could hold demonstrations like this the mood has not been so polite towards the police they have kept a largely low profile but according to these protesters they want not just the complete withdrawal of this controversial extradition bill they also want to see an investigation of police tactics despite police did not feel that they've been using minimum force many of these protesters believe that police have been using excessive amounts of force against peaceful protesters and they want a full independent investigation taliban fighters in afghanistan say they killed 8 security personnel in a car bomb explosion but today close to 200 injuries were reported in the central
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province of gosney the taliban say an intelligence gathering base was the target. well that attack coincided with the beginning of 2 days of talks between taliban representatives and afghan society groups here in qatar the german government is mediating the talks which separates the negotiations also and but in the taliban and the u.s. america's envoy says suspect substantial progress is being made to end the afghan war charlotte bellus is following the talks. well talks are underway here in doha the doors behind me there are 17 members of the taliban and more than 60 people have been flown in from afghanistan members of the government opposition civil society all meeting here in their personal capacity not professional capacity this is very much seen as an icebreaker where they get to know each other what their priorities are what their red lines are then they can move forward hopefully if things go well over the next 2 days into more formal negotiations with the afghan
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government and the taliban as part of almost a one year kind of peace process that the u.s. has started with the taliban they are primarily focused on a troop withdrawal and also guarantees from the taliban that afghan soil will not be used by groups such as al qaeda to plan or execute attacks of war smalling it's been very positive watching the members of the taliban and afghan delegation having coffee together tea sometimes laughing trying to find common ground on how to move forward now that is in stark contrast to what we have seen me this morning to the military factions in the afghan government and the taliban still very much a war you talk to the taliban to break concessions and they say that is the case until we have an agreement we are still at war that they try to avoid civilian casualties in this they were targeting an afghan intelligence unit they say you know if the government really does care about civilians that they should stop
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fighting so they are saying that this will continue until an agreement in this kind of forum and door is suitable for turning our attention to europe voting underway in the greek general election the 1st since the end of the international financial bailouts and the severe austerity program that came with the opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called the early election after his party's stinging loss in the european parliamentary elections in may the conservative new democracy party is expected to win. john psaropoulos joins us live from athens john a major issue corruption causing political how was handled the problem. well look at the political records said when it came to power that it was going to raise $2.00 to $3000000000.00 euros in new tax revenue from illegal activities and specifically fuel smuggling but a bill that would have handled that never came to parliament it was prepared it was
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drafted but it was never brought to the floor of the legislature. new democracy has a different track record. like use when he was. a ministration minister of public administration back in 2014. 201314 introduced a bill that would have created a type of evaluation process for state employees in the public sector and he declared very triumphant at the time that impunity in the state sector is over anyone in gauging in illegal activities will now on said to the justice system new democracy pass that bill it was never implemented because cesar came to power in 2015 in the bullish did and never replace it with anything that it could implement because caesar was beholden to the state sector unions that rejected any kind of evaluation but me to thank you did show his inclination as a politician he did follow through on 5000. dismissals from the state sector
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in order to bring down the cost of government he showed that he's willing to take political risks and he shouldered those burdens very much alone so on the issue of corruption transparency meritocracy in the state i would say that he took kerry's greater credence in this election and why his serious presentation of itself as the party that led the country out of the austerity program why is that apparently not sort of holding any water with the electorate. well technically caesar is the party that oversaw greece's graduation from its adjustment program as it's called last august and greece is trading on the money markets and bonds are being sold at reasonable interest rates but all sturdy hasn't and did many of the measures that were put in the last 8 years are still in place and growth is weak so cities there hasn't been able to produce a successful economy therefore it hasn't really held much sway with greek voters
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in claiming to be bringing back the good old days the pre-crisis days when you could find a job you could get a bank loan you could take the risk of opening a small business these things are now very much more difficult to achieve cities there hasn't shown that it's been able to pass reforms quickly enough and effectively enough to liberalize the economy and enable people in the private sector to generate wealth it has focused much more on the state on creating new types of welfare support which some people believe it has used rather cynically to buy votes with effectively to give these handouts to its own supporters ok john we'll leave it there many thanks. still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll tell you why this mean.


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